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Who wants a Nikon lens speaker?

You can already have your coffee in one of the many Nikon lens mugs. Now you can also listen to music from this new Nikon lens speaker. This “musical” Nikkor AF-S 55-200mm lens can play tunes from a cell phone or computer line-in connection and supports also Micro SD/TF memory card. It has a built-in battery that […]

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The rumored D800 delay is not Nikon’s fault

I guess some [NR] followers have not read my previous posts or just failed to realize the seriousness of the situation in Thailand which was probably the reason for the Nikon D800 announcement delay. You cannot really blame Nikon or [NR] for that. Here is a quick recap of my posts from the past few weeks: October […]

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The state of the Nikon D800

Since there were no significant leaks up till now, I would say that the Nikon D800 will not be announced this week. Pretty much all the information I have been receiving in the past few days says the same thing – the D800 announcement is postponed (including digicame-inf0 who first mentioned the October 26th announcement date). If something changes in the […]

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Weekly Nikon news flash #133

New spotting scope adapter from Kenko (see this related guest post from few days ago): Check Amazon for pricing Several photography websites were invited to visit the Nikon 1 factory in China. They were not allowed to take pictures and could only publish images given to them by Nikon: Nikon lenses explained: Non-AI, AI, AI-S, and […]

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Nikon 1 V1 and J1 mirrorless cameras now shipping

The Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras are now shipping to retailers worldwide. In the US, B&H and Adorama are still closed and Amazon has a shipping date of November 15. Currently OneCall (Nikon V1 | Nikon J1) and J&R (Nikon V1 | Nikon J1) have the new cameras in stock. Update: Amazon got some kits in stock today.

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Water levels at Rojana Industrial Park in Thailand are currently between 2.6 and 2.87 meters

You can check the water levels at Rojana Industrial Park in Thailand on this website (updated daily). The current level is between 2.6 and 2.87 meters (between 8.5-9.5 feet): Nikon latest report mentioned the level to be “around 2 meters”

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Nikon issued second notice on the damage from the flood in Thailand

Nikon just published a second notice on the damage from the flood in Thailand (see first statement here) – they cannot provide any estimation on the potential damages because they still don’t have access to the factory. There are no reported casualties from Nikon’s employees. As expected, there will be products shortage. No word on […]

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How to convert your Nikon lens into a telescope or a microscope (Nikon lens scope converter)

Today’s guest post is from Fabrizio Belardetti ( who also reviewed the rare Nikkor 19mm f/2.8 Macro lens last year. He will explain how to turn your Nikon G lens into a telescope (or a microscope) with the help of an old Nikon lens scope converter: The Nikon lens scope converter is an unusual item (check those eBay listings), […]

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