Nikon Sweden executive: no new full frame cameras in October

Swedish Nikon executive Lasse Pettersson answered this question during a live Q&A interview yesterday about the new Nikon mirrorless cameras (about 22:45 minutes into this clip):

Reporter: "The question everybody asks; when will the D4 or D800 be released?
Lasse Pettersson: [Jokingly] "Later!"
Reporter: "Will they be announced at the event in October?"
Lasse Pettersson: "No, I do not believe so."

This is also the info I have been receiving.

Embedded full interview:

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  • Ther eis no way in h-e double hockey sticks that any Nikon exec is going to be quoted admitting ANY new product before announcement. No way. Not going to happen.

    • andrew

      yeah, this means nothing. Of course they’re not going to say yes or maybe. No is the only thing they can say.

      • jk

        Who says: “h-e double hockey sticks”????

        • Andy P

          I think I might start.

        • magoo

          “Who says: “h-e double hockey sticks”????”

          haha…come to think of it..i think this dude named “bikinchris” said it one time…it was pretty cool when he did it.

          • I learned that from Radar Orielly on M.A.S.H.

            • Totally cool chris, I think it should be the next in saying.

              ‘It has begun’ is out and we can now all start watching M.A.S.H. again. Love it!

    • JorPet

      Exactly. You don’t become a top level executive by saying things that give away possible information to your competitors. I take this to mean exactly, “Not that I’m going to tell you about”.

      I am starting to doubt we will see a DSLR announced this year, but I have nothing to back that up. They could announce three for all I know.

      • Nek Mockwell

        Tell Al Gore(manbearpig)

      • Frank

        The quote means nothing…I agree. But, here is something that does mean something. We have seen NOTHING interesting from Nikon in forever. I have been putting off getting a new camera for two years now because everyone expected the D700 replacement to be coming. Well, the D700 is practically an antique in tech-years. I give up. I’m going to Canon and it’s all Nikon’s own damned fault.

        • Robert Falconer

          I give up. I’m going to Canon and it’s all Nikon’s own damned fault.

          I have it on good authority that the very next day after you do that, Nikon plans to announce the D4/D800. They’re actually waiting for you to make the switch just to spite you. 🙂

          • Chris P

            So exactly what camera has Canon introduced in the last six months that is going to prompt you to change systems now? Another point, if you have a D700, which I doubt, and think that the camera is the reason you are not producing good photographic work I am sorry to have to tell you that it isn’t the camera, it’s you.

            • Lty

              like +5

            • A Thought

              He’s a Nikon hater pretending to be a Nikon user

          • docLEXfisti

            I agree. A friend of mine is waiting for a replacement as well for almost 2 years now. I tell him of the things he’s missing out on, just because of waiting for a few more MP and a cleaner higher ISO … in the meantime, I have shot 35.000 pictures with my D700 and I love it more every day 😀

            I even bought a new 85 just before it got replaced, I’m so in love with Nikon’s top.quality.lenses … all working ace with the D700.

            NO need to wait. The good stuph is already here.

            • Tony5787

              I’m waiting for the D4 so I can afford a D3 lol college is expensive…

        • rts

          That is to bad you wasted all that time. The D700 is a fantastic camera that I will be using for years to come.

        • send over your glass…

          • stillvideos

            i think he’s got an used sigma 18-200 on that d700.. so do you really want it?

            I’m buying a second d700 next month. Even if the d800 comes out or not.

            the 700 is a great camera it’s served me well.. And it has made me able to afford a second backup plus some new glass (24g and the 105vr). Thumbs up nikon keep on making great cameras as you always have.

        • Walkthru

          Goodbye !!!! – go & haunt Canon Rumors, and await their full frame replacements (which will all be about the same time as Nikons) and start your whining there when things don’t happen quickly enough for YOUR liking.

          • A Thought


            • Thank you. You saved me the extra wear and tear on my +, 1, and 0 keys.

        • ‘Frank’ly my dear, I don’t give a damn

          Then reread ‘Chris P’ comment

        • sirin

          – We have seen NOTHING interesting from Nikon in forever.

          D7000 is only about a year old, dude.
          and neither Canon nor Sony have released anything worth looking at since then.

          • Jesus_sti

            + 10 … D7000 is one of the best !

  • sade

    Good to know!

    • He is just uninformed.
      Well Sweden is socialistic country with like 10 people. Why would they even tell him what is going on? Then they can right away tell everybody.

      • chris

        how ignorant of you

        • D4ve

          Hilarious actually.

          • Troll

            He shoots Casio, actually

            • Cos

              No, he shoots old Kiev 6×6

      • palme

        And that “socialistic” country is b_tt f___ing US when it comes to economic balance..

        • D4ve

          Feel better now?

        • Remedy

          No wonder, with only 10 people of population there can’t be many problems.

          • Martijn

            well, if nikon had the US debt as R&D, all your dreams would already have become true

        • ballance yes. only government have moneys, everybody is poor, regardless how much they work or if they work at all

          • baard

            hi, i live in socialistic norway. I have 5 weeks vacation, last year I was in switzerland, spain, france, sweden on vacation. I went to uneversity for free, I have free health cear…. i own a hous, a cabin, a d1, s2, d300, d2x, d700, sigma 500, 600vr, 70-200, 90 mm 1.4… and more… This year we got our 2nd child, so we only had vacation at my wifes parents. My wife have one year maturnity leave, i have 3 months. But I guess I am poor… since I live in a socialistic contry… btw my salery is avarage…. I like beein poor in a socialistic contry… 🙂

            • jason

              the hardships of a socialist country… such a tough life…feel for you.. 😛

            • baard

              tanx, i hope someone will come and liberate us soon… both my wife in i get full salery during maturnity leave… it so hard doing nothing but bonding with your child and still get norwegian socialistic kroner(kroner is the currency in norway)… please save us, hope the govorment dosent read this i migth get sensured very socialisticly with a free vacation to italy.

            • jacob

              All these benefits, you must be working for the Norwegian

            • e

              Right now, about 9.1 % of the US has lots of time off!


            • commies are back on it? Lie your sell all you want. I have sister there so i know what i am talking about. For office mouses doing fine on average it is perfect,once you want to achieve anything, all you get is problems and not much pay.

            • baard

              harold> you and your sister see ghosts on broad day ligth… my father works in the oil buisiness… my mother is self employd in her own shop, my brother is on wellfare, he had a stroke at 35… but he still own his own apartment, with his girlfried who is working in a kindergarden… btw my brother has a d2x, d3, a 300vr, the 70-200vrII, i only have the first version…. I still like living in a socialistic contry… btw I work in a 100% privet company. If you work in a privet company you normally earn more than people in a govermental workplace…. it’s sad how a lot of the fox news lovers is brained washed… if you like to wake up, you can come and visit me… you are welcome…

            • jen

              I had tenants living in my house from Norway for 4 years and just went back to Norway last month. They are now begging NATO to send them back to US now. Gee, wonder why they bought 5 Nikon Dslr’s to take back to Norway? Because Norway is a rip off. They stocked up on clothes , appliances, electronics, etc that they cannot afford in Norway. They wanted to take back their Convertible but Socialist NORWAY was going to tax them $180,000.

            • baard

              ofcurse people buy from where it cheaper… actually norwegians need to work less than americans to buy the same in their own contry, and still we pay more tax… But its like that all over the world… norwegians go to sweden to by cheap wood, sweds go to denmark, danish people go to germany, germans go to poland… its stupid to compare prices between contries… you have to compare how mouch you need to work to buy an item… petrol in norway is redicusilly expensive for an american worker in norway, but still we need to work less for a gallon… most of the gallon is tax… and the tax benefits poor people in norway… they get free uneversity, health care, 5 weeks vacation, even free housings, the list is too long… i love living in a socialistc contry.. 🙂

            • hybris

              Btw u forgot to tell about the norwegian oil, the reason why norway is so rich.
              norway was a poor ficher and farmer contry before they found oil.

            • baard

              well In one of my previous post I stated that my father works in the oil industry…
              btw, sweds, and dannish people are not laging fare behind norway and they do not have oil. the point is that a contry use what ever recurses they have. Norway have a lot of waterfalls so we have cheap energy… we have a looong cost with a lot of fjords, so guess what… we fish…. norway was not poor before oil, back then sweden was our “big brother”. what the socialistic norway has done with the oil is making sure its wealth go to the people not to “jr ewing”…. but socialistic sweden do the same, but alas not with oil… btw norway has alway been big in shipping, its been a big part of norwegian income… actually shipping was norway bigges contribution during WWI and WWII…

      • sirin

        Sweden is #5 on the quality of life index.
        USA is #13.
        get over it.

        • Jesus_sti

          Canada is #2 (2011) … We are socialist country to ! Socialist doesn’t mean cummunist

          • Mock Kenwell

            You all realize the U.S.A. is also a socialist country, right?

            • I wish we were!

            • Mock Kenwell

              Social Security? Medicare? U.S. Post Office? Any of this ring a bell? That ain’t pure capitalism.

      • A Thought

        ignorant and hilarious… where do you live? Mars?

  • Well, if nothing comes, that means more time to set aside for when something comes.

    • Distanted

      That’s my plan, keep saving until the next Nikon comes…or I can buy a small Island with a castle.

      • ericnl

        reality shows me that it does not make me save more, but spend more.
        I’m looking at buying an iPad now to bridge the gap until the D800 release. costing me 20% of the expected price of the camera…

  • No problem, just announce a D400 with improved or equal Sony A770 specs and i’ll be quit for the first few years…

    • Foolishcfo

      I’d rather see the D400 before the D800 as well. First, Nikon needs to get a rudder so that it’s ship stops drifting aimlessly!

    • No! Please not 24MP in D400 !

      • +1

        though I am not in the market for a D400, I think that 24mp would cause several dx lenses to be outresolved: for example the 17-55, propably the 16-85 and for shure the 18-200. I don’t know about the 12- and 10-24, but I doubt that they would perform well. It will mostly make sence for wildlife guys etc using the supertelefoto primes but if you can afford one of these, you propably don’t have to go dx?

        Now seeing that Nikon was self-confident enough to actually install a ”only” 10mp sensor in a consumer camera (well done Nikon :)) I highly doubt that they are going to follow the mp race. Either we see a refined d7000 sensor or something self developed in pair with the self developed d4 sensor.

        Anyway that’s all speculation but again: 24mp would have nothing to do with what Nikon has been doing by now.

        • AnoNemo

          You do not that nowadays you can set the camera to lower resolution in case you get dizzy from the extra pixels. 😉

          • AnoNemo

            I meant “you do know that nowadays….

            This new keyboard is killing me. 🙂

            • iris chrome

              With RAW?

          • I wouldn’t get at all dizzy by 24mp as long as they are on a full frame sensor ;). But this is as much as I will ever need and that only in one special case: 180dpi prints in A0 when shooting the background image for architectural renderings that have to be printed large for competions or university. That’s about it and it only happens approx. 6 times a year.

            For everything else the d700(for me) is the most amazing camera ever done in all aspects except for the 96% viewfinder which at least on mine seems to be much worse than my d90 viewfinder.

            • AnoNemo

              Read the DXO Mark test on the A77, 5DII, and D700. These new sony sensors did improve over the years. I wonder what they can do on an FX.

            • Raff

              @ AnoNemo

              Yes, the sensors did improve.
              But the value related to “Sports (Low Light ISO) for the A77 is only 801. The D7k is 1167.

              Overall the values of A77 sensor are worse than D7k!!

              Which means that a potential D400 mounting the 24MP Sony sensor would be worse than a D7k!!

              I bet either D400 will mount a different sensor, or it’s still a long way before we see it!

              Or, we will never see it … and just be happy with D7k…

        • PHB

          If you are not in the market for the camera, why on earth presume to propose the specs?

          The D400 is for use with the professional Nikon lenses. You will be able to get 24MP resolution over most of the frame with the f/2.8 zooms and the primes.

          Unlike the D300, the D400 is not going to be so much of an all-round camera. It will beat the consumer DX cameras by some margin but the DX wide lenses are going to be the limiting factor at the wide end.

        • As a underwaterphotographer i’m very much in favour of DX: i do a lot of macro photography and then a 1.5 crop is great too. Furthermore there is this fantastic Tokina 10-17mm fisheyelens with extreme close focus and there is no substitute for FX so far. So i guess UW photographers like this kind of camera too! BTW, 24 MP is also somewhat over the top with me. the D7000 sensor would do it for me as well.

      • Just yesterday I shot the D700 alongside the D7k. Let me reconfirm to myself and everyone here—there is NO CONTEST. The D7k breaks apart so quickly even at 200-400 ISO, where the D700 can handle itself quite well even at 1000 ISO and above.

        So if the D7k is inferior IQ (even though the ISO range is better than the D700), then where will that put a 24mp DX sensor? I’m sorry, but I just don’t see a 24mp sensor that doesn’t show noticeable downsides vs. the 16mp sensor.

        • gt

          I did the exact same comparison. Side by side images shot from my tripod. The D700 wins, but you’re exaggerating.

          The difference is not visible at ISO 200 or 400 (unless you’re an idiotic 400% pixel peeper). The difference is visible at approximately ISO 1600+. At that point, noise and desaturation become an issue on the D7000.

        • AnoNemo

          I assume the different sensor size between the FX and DX can explain your findings?

          • gt

            yes, the differences are related to pixel density and sensor size. but he’s wrong. If I showed you side by side photos of a D7000 and D700 image both shot at ISO 400, you would not be able to tell the difference. I literally conducted this test on a few photographer friends using 8 x 10″ prints. They actually couldn’t spot the difference until ISO 1600.

            misinformation and consumer whoring

            • gt

              I should add at ISO 1600, the prints only had nuanced differences. at ISO 3200, it was more pronounced. Noise visible, colors muted on the D7000 version.

              All shots were done at F5.6.

              If you’re upgrading to full frame it should be for two reasons:
              1. you want ISO 1600+ to be beautiful and clean
              2. you want more control over your depth of field

              Wanting clean images at ISO 200 and upgrading just for that is stupidity.

            • Raff

              A big plus of the D700 over the D7k is the bigger viewfinder!

            • Andrew

              gt, thanks for the rebuttal! Ron Adair for me has lost all credibility in this post. Anyone who has read all the reviews on the D7000 know it is a great camera. And at $1,200, it is an awesome deal.

            • @gt

              I’m sorry, but where did I “exaggerate” the differences?

              First: I don’t shoot for flickr. I shoot for commercial clients, stock, and the occasional family and wedding shoot (only 2-3 per year these days). Commercial clients need clean images at billboard and poster sizes. Stock demands clean images at 12mp and higher, and yes, they pixel peep — if it doesn’t pass quality control, it doesn’t make it into the library. For the families and weddings, I’m making prints sometimes 20″ x 30″ and even 30″ x 40″. 8″ x 10″ prints are nice, but I’m shooting for a crowd that wants more than a facebook profile pic or a desk print.

              Second: DPReview shows the D700/D3 has a clear 1 1/2 – 2 stop improvement in ISO over the D7k, and a massive 3 – 4 stop advantage in sharpness in their D7k review. This correlates precisely with my statements above. These are not small differences. The D3s has an even greater lead, with 2.5 – 3 stops advantage in ISO. And we’re not even discussing color fidelity here. Again, how is this exaggerated?

              Third: I always treat my raw files, and perform the necessary image adjustments so that contrast, color, and overall image balance is correct for final output. Many photographers (too many) shoot raw, then take the image straight out of camera and assess noise performance. This is great for tests, but misleading for real word results as everyone knows that the RAW file is akin to the negative — it contains way more information than should end up in the final output. By compressing the histogram, you inevitably reveal more of the ‘flaws’, such as noise and color deficiencies. So yes, even at ISOs 200 and 400, you can get artifacts which are unacceptable.

              I hope this clears up the intent of my statements. I have quantified my claims, so I invite anyone wanting to offer a rebuttal or response to do the same.

            • @AnoNemo:

              Yes, the difference in pixel density does indeed explain the disparity in IQ between both cameras. That’s why my initial argument offered a comparison between the D700 and the D7k. This, I believe, will be akin to the differences between the D7k and any camera housing the 24mp APS-C Sony sensor.

              In a bid to stop the bleeding due to Nikon’s exemplary high ISO standards, camera manufacturers have scrambled to offer high ISO specs, knowing that most consumers will look at the numbers rather than the results. You can believe that the 25k ISO from one manufacturer is not equal to the 25k from Nikon’s D3s. And yet, purchases still hinge on these printed stats (in lieu of real understanding).

              Even Nikon isn’t immune. The 25k ISO from the D7k != 25k ISO from the D3/D700.

            • @Andrew:

              I did not say the D7k was not a great camera, contrary to your insinuation, nor have I declared it a poor value. To the contrary — it’s the best performing APS-C DSLR to date on many levels, and a great value to boot. That’s why I own one myself.

              I will openly admit that you’ve likely read many more reviews than I regarding the D7k. Do you own one? I do. I am speaking from personal experience, not speculation based on rumors or reviews.

              To the point of my lost credibility: has DP Review also lost credibility in your opinion since their own D7k comparisons back up my statements of lesser IQ compared to the D700?

              Many of you seem to think that I’m claiming the D7k is crap, and the D700 is flawless. To the contrary — I have often pushed the D700 AND the D3s past their limits in IQ, and would love even more advancements in high ISO performance, dynamic range, and color fidelity. Oh, and if you can throw in more resolution as well, I’m happy to use it all up.

              Likewise, I’ve gotten some great images and video from the D7k.

              My point is simply that the D7k is still a ways off from even the D700 in image quality (a camera which is now approaching 4 years old), let alone the D3s.

              Essentially, if you think stuffing more MP into the DX sensor is going to yield better results than the currently inferior D7k 16mp sensor, you’re dreaming.

            • @Ron,

              I do agree with you. But, I also know that the differences between the D700 and D7K are really close, especially when you consider the pixel pitch between the two. It’s actually very very impressive what Nikon was able to achieve in the D7Ks sensor.

              Also, I don’t think you’ll ever have anybody even remotely compare the D7K to the D3s, as they are not even close in any way (other than DR at base- ISO-400). We don’t need to discuss those differences, as everybody here knows there is NO contest. The D3s is totally on it’s own in the world with zero answer from Canon or anybody else. Canon hasn’t even answered the D3 yet. I do expect this to change soon with the new 1 series, but that will get destroyed by the D4. Canon is even talking about lowering resolution to try and compete with Nikon in Nikon’s game. But alas, nobody plays the SnR, saturation and DR game like Nikon.

              With the new developments in the Nikon 1, we have a lot to look forward to in the new DSLRs. I also think the Nikon 1 was a very smart move and will be a HUGE hit for that target market, which is 5% of us on this site (hence all the bitching people). It will make Nikon profitable(which is good for 100% of the people on here). The 1 is a sheik, sophisticated system that will do really well, especially when Nikon adjusts prices to reflect what the market will actually bear and starts to grow the system to the level the u4/3 system is currently (as well as third party offerings). IMHO, the Nikon 1’s sensor is actually very impressive, considering it’s pixel pitch. There is a little more smearing than I would like to see at high-ISOs, bit it’s actually not as bad as people are making it put to be. Wait until we see the actual production models and get some real hands-on reviews (I will be doing a full review, myself). I think people will actually start to see the system for what it really is – a camera system for non-DSLR users that want a sheik/sophisticated, yet small system. It will also prove to be a great 2.7x teleconverter, which is what I plan on using one for as well as my small travel system.

        • StillNikonFan

          I shot a high school soccer game at night with a very so-so stadium lighting the other day using d7k. I had to go as high as ISO 6400 even with an f2.8 lens to get a reasonable shutter speed. The results were very good, especially after post processing with DxO Optics Pro. In fact they were so good, I was amazed. I thought I would have to use FF to get such results, — not any more. And with a 1.5 crop factor this is just a great combo for sports. And BTW, I haven’t run out of buffer space either.

      • Eric

        I hope a 24MP would come with a 6MB RAW mode (4 pixels -> 1 big pixel) for wider dynamic range and a better Signal/Noise ratio.
        I remember seeing this feature for another camera, but I don’t remember which one.

        • What kind of raw would be that?

          • Martijn

            its true, some other camera’s use that too. it has the RGB mixed so it can shoot in lower res, and with much better ISO

            • Soap

              If I may be so bold as to speak for Pavlos, his point was pixel-merging is a great idea – but you don’t do it in raw, you do it in post.

            • PHB

              Yep, you do it in post and you end up with much less noise than you would for a native sensor at the target resolution.

              The more information you start with, the better you can make the final result. Since the sensors are Bayer anyway, even a RAW file is not a direct mapping of measurement to pixel.

              It would be interesting to compare output from the D3 and D3x downsampled to the same 12MP with a good post processor. I suspect many would be surprised at the results.

            • Soap

              Nope, raw is truly raw.
              Half of the difference you see between raw processing engines is how they demsaic the Bayer.

    • Mandrake

      With a DXO score of 800 for ISO I hope the D300 replacement is significantly better than the A77.

    • Ditto. I am looking for D400 with higher ISO range and two data cards. Do that I would be happy to buy.

      • Raff

        Get a D7K!!

        : )

    • Comments about resolution always open up huge threads, why????

      Neekon have always put image quality above big numbers on spec sheets.

      If they choose to put a 24MP sensor in a DX body you can bet they have done their homework, if they choose not to you can also bet they have done their homework. Rest assured, Neekon will put whichever sensor gives the best outcome, period

      Can the person who cannot get whatever sized print they NEED out of their camera, please raise your hand.

      added after reading thread

  • I doubt anyone outside Japan knows anything. The English press releases always strike me as written by a native Japanese speaker and haven’t even gotten a perfunctory review buy a native English speaker. Particularly with long announcement to ship time gaps, I’ll bet the Swedish – and US and UK and French, etc – marketing and sales folks don’t know squat until we do (or very shortly before).

    • PHB

      I think there are people who make a good living writing PRs in that particular style for English/US PR firms working on Japanese accounts.

  • The invisible man

    Nikon, just keep your damn D800/900, I have soooo much fun with my D5100 !

  • What about new primes? :-/ (I already beat for a D400 in october). (:|

    • Lty

      Nikon has some very nice primes already ~_~ ‘cept for the lens flare issue in the newer ones…..

  • PhotosRock

    It’s kinda lame that they won’t release the new full frame camera this month. I’m getting kindof frustrated with Nikon, and I’m sure if they don’t have something to compete with the 5D mkIII when it comes out, a lot of photographers are going to jump ship.

    • One More Thought

      Yes, but where’s the 5diii? Canon seems to be pushing release back as well…

      As noted on this site, it seems that Nikon and Canon seem to march in lock step…

    • Kurt Low

      Hahaha, go ahead guys, ciao! But my DSLR strap will still be Black with gold words vividly. I will switch only if Nikon has HUGE GAP with Canon tech, far behind, but I don’t see it and it’s not possible to happen. Switch gear, you loose the $, not prudent decision at all.

    • And then when the Nikon is released, blowing the Canon out of the water in actually IQ, all that Canon gear is going to flood the market when they all clamor to come back. Or not. Canonites can do as they please—if they think spec sheets tell the whole story, they probably aren’t the most observant folks in the field.

  • Zim

    Yes bring on the D400

    • The invisible man

      D400=D7000, sorry !

      • @TIM

        If you mean to say that the D400 has been discontinued and the D7k is the new semi-pro camera, then I think you’re dead wrong.

        The D7k is a great camera, no doubt. But the autofocus is nowhere near as dependable as the D700/D300s, nor is the build quality of the same level.

        The D7k is an improvement on the D90. Expect to see the same pattern of upgrades/improvements on the coming D400 and D800. It is highly improbable that we’ll be seeing a discontinuation of the Dx00 DX line.

        • The invisible man

          @Ron Adair
          We’ll see……

          • I wish you lived nearby, and I’d bet you a chocolate shake. 🙂

        • The AF of the D7000 is dependable, at least if you use it to take photos like I do…now if you run open heart surgery with it I don’t know, but really I used it in April to capture sunrise at Bryce canyon with freezing cold temperature, boots in the snow and a blowing wind that would make your blood system break well before the D7000 AF, and no problem.

          • Raff

            +1 for Bryce Canyon!! (my favourite national park)

            : )

          • I shoot people, mostly—moving targets, with all types of lighting, and I can tell you that my complaints have nothing to do with a camera sitting on a tripod in sub-zero temperatures with stationary targets. That sounds like a dream compared to a child flying back and forth on a swing, a model walking with a strong backlight, or a kid running through tall grass.

            In these situations, the D7k feels slow and inaccurate. It’s not unusable, just not as good as the D700.

            • @Ron,
              With all due respect, the D7k is very accurate and very fast. Maybe you’ve got a bad copy or one that needs AF-fine tune or even using the wrong AF mode? My 2 D7000s are just as fast and accurate as the D700. In some ways, I actually prefer the D7k over the D700 and I’m extremely critical as well as being a perfectionist. Deadly accurate on Single Servo/Single Point AF mode. Of course, my D7Ks all needed AF Fine-Tune with most lenses, but so did the D700 and D3s. ALL phase detection AF need some level of fine-tuning, unlike contrast detection AF. Once properly fine-tuned, I rarely have a focus error.

              With regards to high-iso handling, the two are very close, even at ISO-3200. At ISO-6400 they are still close in SnR with the slight edge going to the D700(obviously), especially in saturation as well as being slightly sharper. After proper noise reduction in PP, I bet you would barely notice the difference. I frequently use shots at ISO-6400 with ease, with my D7Ks. In the right conditions, even ISO-12500 is impressive on the D7K. I’ve shot many things in near total darkness at ISO-12500 and after De-Noising, was almost totally usable(depending on what it was used for). In the interest of full disclosure, I’m talking about shooting in RAW with noise reduction disabled in RAW conversion, then properly De-Noised in PP. You retain more detail if you don’t use Nikon’s Noise Reduction methods and use a good NR plugin like Topaz Labs’ De-Noise.

              Here is an example of the D7K @ ISO-6400 :

            • By ISO- 12500, I meant ISO-12800.

  • broxibear

    Nikon has defended its new CX format and would not worry if Canon launched a compact system camera (CSC) with a larger imaging sensor, a senior Nikon official has said…
    “In an interview with Amateur Photographer (AP), Ken Kusakari, product planning manager at Nikon UK, today defended the sensor’s physical dimensions.
    Asked if Nikon would be concerned if Canon launched a CSC with a larger, APS-C-size sensor, for example, Kusakari said: ‘We do not fear it.’
    Nikon claims its new system offers the ‘perfect balance between system size, speed, light sensitivity, resolution and depth-of-field’.
    Yoshizo Mori, general manager of development operations at Nikon Japan, who was in charge of the sensor’s development, said that faster image processing would not have been possible in a larger sized sensor, meaning that functions such Smart Photo Selector could not have been included.”

    • So Nikon, we are sacrificing DOF and IQ in favor of “Smart Photo Selector”???

      If you had any doubt that these mirrorless were aimed just at point&shooter’s with money, now you have proof.

      • R R


    • Mandrake

      LOL! Smart Photo Selector! Well we can’t exclude that.

    • AnoNemo

      What on earth is this Smart Photo Selector? Is this some new buzzword from some Japanese engineer who grew up on sake and couldn’t learn English? The last buzzword they came up with was the CoolPix and we know how that went down.

      Nikon should move now and deliver these FX cameras. Or at least they should come clean and tell us what to expect and when. I do not mind waiting but we invested in a serious system by buying those Nikon FX lenses. They would look ridiculous on a NEX-7 for sure. 🙂

      • broxibear

        The Smart Photo Selector ?…
        Basically when you’re using the mirrorless to take an image you hit this button, the Smart Photo Selector then connects to the internet, it searches through Google and finds the nearest professional photographer to your location using GPS, it sends a text message to that professional photographer with the GPS location, said professional photographer then arrives and takes the image using his dslr, he then transfers the image to your mirrorless with the optional cable that didn’t come with the mirrorless and costs extra…hey presto you’ve got the shot…and that’s Smart Photo Selector.

        • AnoNemo

          Has anyone told the Nikon engineers that the GPS doesn’t work indoors?

          So it’s like a call-girl service. These Nikon people are getting naughty. 🙂

        • Foolishcfo

          Thats the most intelligent thing I’ve heard about the mirror less cameras. I’m counting on you to write Nikon’s user manuals from now on! 🙂

      • I liked Broxibear’s answer, but…

        Smart Photo Selector is apparently an upgrade to BSS (best shot selector). The camera takes 20 shots, keeps the one it figures out is best, plus four more. HOW it does that, we don’t yet know. But BSS looked at edge acuity and contrast.

        • AnoNemo


          So we no longer have to watch how we take pictures. I can see the next innovation here; let’s make a camera for blind people.

        • Art

          It is possible of course that it could have additional technology to sort out photos with people with red-eye. This could work really well except for the small segment of the population who regularly take pictures of demons.

        • Leuf

          Didn’t BSS just take the largest file size? The biggest jpg is the one that is sharpest and you don’t have to do any processing to figure it out. Even a PC would take a little while to actually analyze the photos. Color me highly skeptical on this new version.

        • Andrew

          Thom – I like your answer. So with “Smart Phono”, consumers will no longer take bad pictures. If they aid for the face and end up shooting the foot, those pictures will come out nice and pristine.

  • Manuel

    And… in novenber??

  • this is sickening giving me ulcers all this waiting

  • There is a lot of people waiting for the D800 etc (?? I wonder just how many will actually buy one ?), most of them will just want to upgrade so they have they latest kit available, well all of you who want a great camera just wait until the newer models arrive then go out and buy a used D700 at knock down prices, its still the best camera available.

    • ericnl

      the ADMIN could actually make a poll similar to the one that he has out now…

      Are you going to buy the new Nikon D4/D400/D800?
      Not sure yet.

      no competition between the three cameras, just a way to see if people just want to know the specs, or that they are actually waiting for the announcement so they can (finally) buy it…

      • Markus

        The point is, that most clicked no out of frustration due to the fact that their was no FF/follow up of the D300S released.

        I bet that a lot would love the mirrorless cameras’ if they could afford it

        • ericnl

          I didn’t click NO out of frustration, but because for that amount I’d rather buy a FujiFilm X10 or even 2x a smaller point and shoot (F600exr). I already have DSLRs, Polaroid cameras, a Bronica 6×6. I just really don’t see how the Nikon1 would be filling a gap in my collection, but I do quite fancy that X10.

      • That would be interesting, especially if people would be honest about their answers.

    • Midnight Lost Child

      I’ve never bought a refurbished or used Nikon so maybe someone can enlighten me on this matter. I had a D200 for work then around 160k actuations it died and the company decided to replace it instead of fixing it and we got 2 D300. So I know nothing about the cost of fixing them, keep this in mind.

      You could buy a used D700 when its replacement comes out but by then most should be near their maximum actuation count before death. I mean you only get a simi-pro camera if you are going to use it! It’s not like buying a D3000 from a tourist, even if they have owned it for 4 years its probably been used half a much as it was designed for.

      Nikons do really well at keeping their value for resale even when an upgrade is out. So how much would it be to buy a used D700 and also have to pay to get it fixed 2 months down the road?

      • dino B

        shutter replacement is around $300 -$400 cad which is one of the first thing that fails

    • Well I know I am waiting for the D800 and I can’t see why people would want to upgrade their D90/D7000 or D300/300s to a D700 (which would be the natural evolution). It isn’t really much of a step up and in certain ways a step down from the D7000. Generally I feel that 3-4 years is a good time to upgrade yours camera currently, though this might change, as MP count has reached a point where it is no longer important and if the D800 has similar ISO abilities as the D3s (which I would hope), then most people won’t need better ISO. Video seems to be finally getting to a decent point with the A77 (which it hasn’t been yet on ANY DSLR (I include the D5mk2). Yes, cameras will bring out new core features but they unless they improve the picture I am not sure there is going to be a drastic need to upgrade again for a few years.

  • Don’t forget something very important: D3X, D3S and D700 are hi-end camera, for profesional use; don’t expect Nikon to update this class in the same way like consumer ones. 😉 Canon?: the same. Wake-up and buy in the meantime the red D3100. 🙂

  • Nikon execs are not going to say anything about new releases, until they are announced. Look at the UK exec that said the mirrorless was not even on the table, then Nikon announced the Nikon 1 a month or so later.

    I appreciate Admin posting this info, it’s always good to hear what Nikon execs are saying, even if they are talking out of the side of their mouth.

    • AnoNemo

      It is actually really sad that the a-holes like these Nikon execs in the UK and Sweden are nothing else just puppets. These execs don’t pull the shot.

      The bottom line is that they just screwed up their own marketing efforts by saying bs. Who on earth would trust in these people? I mean at least Sony learned to give some kind of roadmap and cut the bs out. You know what to expect from sony and approx. when to expect those new products. What do we know about Nikon? Well, they tell better stories than JK Rowling in her 6 books about the Wizzard dude. 🙂

      • If Nikon is going to announce a new FF camera next month, all subsidiaries around the world will know about it right now because they have to get training, marketing material, website changes, etc. I think they get a heads up from Japan at least two months in advance.

        • But the point is: even if he has gotten a heads up a month ago, he wouldn’t tell us that the new FX is coming soon. They have the guts to lie to their customers.

        • AnoNemo

          Nah, these people are so clever that they do not need training. Besides, it was just a month ago when the UK dude was saying people did not ask for mirrorless.

          I think Nikon is really making idiots out of these people. I think it is bad comm strategy

        • R R

          Nikon executives love and know how to profit from speculation.. the master that art.

          But to be honest.. I really think there is not going to be a D800 nor D4.. and I am simply disappointed, BUt what I like about NR is the fact that people who are angry about not having a D700 replacement, manifest their need for a FF camera with decent video , etc etc and this Nikon definitely knows.. they know what exactly has to be a in a D800 to be a huge seller, (put the iPad release to shame! maybe I am exaggerating) but they know WHAT WE NEED .. and its either one of two things .. 1- They cant deliver the goods for what ever reason like the tsunami or 2- their marketing people making shit decisions thats is making people want to jump boat to Canon by pushing way to far all this waiting.

          I truly love that people complained a lot about the new toys released recently.. its evident what the people want, and Nikon followers are not as tolerant as before, we would wait for ever for a new Nikon product but now, is not only Canon out there as an option, I am sure some people consider even Sony.

          so.. in a way I do take offense by Nikon not responding to Nikon users, Y have been using Nikon for almost 18 years now.. and I have never been this angry before about Nikon not releasing a new product. My D3x is dying and my D700 too.. its the HD DSLR video era which I havent touched.. and yes that makes me angry, If there is no announcement of a new FF DSLR soon .. I am probably going to get another D3x (sell the house , the dog or what ever) but thats the camera that puts food on my table , I think that the only TRUE back up body to the D3x in the Nikon line up, is ONLY another D3x.

          so disappointed…

          BTW: Ron Adair.. you may want to check the spelling on this one fool.

          • broxibear

            Hi R R,
            It’s interesting what you say about the anger towards Nikon, it’s something I’ve posted about and it’s something I see again and again on various sites.
            At the start of the year the anger was manifesting as comments on blogs like this and on forums, but recently it’s changed…it’s now the in the articles themselves. You’ve got the writers of the blogs venting their anger, today Peter/admin posted a video from Kai at digitalrev where he vents his anger at Canon.
            There seems to be a lot of photographers like yourself who are waiting for the new model but can’t do any forward planning because they’ve no idea when a product is coming out or what capability or price it will be.
            It’s all very well to keep quiet about a camera like the J1 and announce it overnight with real information beforehand but you can’t do that with people who make a living using your equipment.
            I genuinely feel sorry for photographers whose equipment is starting to break down, they have no idea when any new models will be out…and to make thing worse they can’t buy a replacement for their current gear because there’s no stock.
            The only suggestion I have is what I did, don’t buy new models straight away, wait a year if possible, so that when the next model cycle happens you’re not waiting…you still have a year or more of usage left. It’s not going to work for everyone especially if you’re waiting for a specific feature like video but it works for me.
            We all know people from Nikon read these type of blogs, and we know they post here too…they need to take some time to listen to the issues photographers are having due to their stock and announcement policy. There’s a difference between those who just want the latest camera and those need it for a specific reason.
            I’m lucky that I’m not upgrading my D3 equipment any time soon, I fear that even if a D4 or D800 is announced later this year or in January stock is going to be very limited…and limited stock means long backorders and yet more anger.

            • For all the bashing Ken Rockwell receives on this site, (and all the quotations Thom gets here) their sound logic and reasoning sure seems seem to miss a lot of heads here.

              Namely, their suggestions to buy a new camera now if you need a camera now is one that could save a lot of suffering. Thom, for instance, argues logically that your failure to get a decent print from the camera you have today is the fault of you, el fotografo, and not some fatal shortcoming of the camera.

              Likewise, it isn’t Nikon’s fault that you guys waited a year or two (or five) to buy that newest magical box of silicon and circuits that is yet to be announced — the fault is yours. There are some terrific options available today, options that photographers of all types and sizes have been using for years to capture incredible images while you guys are still holding onto your panties crying that you can’t have xx megapixels for <$1,200.

              If you are NEEDING a new camera today, you will find a way to get one — today. If, however, you are simply COVETING shiny new gear (like the rest of us), odds are you're looking for a spec sheet that'll help you muster the conviction to part with a chunk of your long term retirement fund so you can finally have the gear equal to your magnificent ability as a photographer. That's ok. We're all looking for an excuse to blow this cash that's burning a hole in our pocket. But to claim that you are justified in your pious anger against Nikon because you failed to employ your rational, thinking brain is pretty queer.

  • I feel like a mushroom, in the dark with heaps of manure to keep me company.

    • Jeremy

      To a mushroom that sounds pretty sweet.

      • harkabir

        sounds pretty sweet to a Nikon user as well, bro

  • The Neo-Colonialist

    That’s it! I’ve had enought! I’m sticking with my Nycon. 🙂

    October announcement is for NX3! Whoot you son’s of a silly person

  • Marcos M

    Nikon is getting behind Canon. On Nov 3rd, Canon has a huge announcement that people believe will be a “Nikon Killer” in terms of DSLR video capabilities. Another company, RED, also will release their long awaited Scarlett DSMC (Digital Still & Motion Camera). Some people think they did this on purpose to undermine Canon’s announcement.

    I’m a pro photog with a lot of Nikon glass that has gotten into video docs and short films in the last year. I’, VERY close to switching to a different platform for video simply because there is no Nikon FX camera with 1080p capability out there. I shoot a D7000, but it has no 30 FPS in 1080p, let alone 60 FPS. Longing for Nikon to make a splash in video-DLSR, and if no announcements are made by the year’s end, I will probably sell of my Nikon gear and consider RED or (can’t believe I’m saying this) Canon.

    • LOL

      why would Canon need to bring out a “Nikon Killer” for DSLR?

      Canon are already beating Nikon in that area. The only thing I can think of is some full time AF for video (that actually works).

      • Are you kidding man? The Nikon D3S is alone in the market. How Canon can beat this camera? Canon, leader only in video market, will attack for sure D3S, but wait until spring and you will see “The return of Nikon”. 🙂

    • 10MP

      That’s what I did. I bought a Canon 5D Mark2 with a Novoflex Nikon/Canon EOS Adapter so that I can still use all of my nikon & zeiss glass. It’s the best decision I ever made. The one caveat is that you lose autofocus capability, however it has greatly improved my photo skills because it’s forced me to really learn and know the ins and outs of each of my lenses and therefore improved my ability to achieve tack sharp focus and ideal DOF much more than with auto-focus. I never realized how inaccurate auto-focus can be, even with micro adjust…You should definitely look into it. You can get the adapter at B&H or just do a search for nikon to canon eos adapter. You can now even use all of Nikon’s G lenses too!

      • Mock Kenwell

        I switched too—at work. The 5D works fine for the most part, and we’ve kept all our Nikon glass, but frankly, I can’t wait to switch back.

    • JV

      What lenses do you have and how much, for each?

    • Ke

      Nikon is getting behind Canon.

      No it’s not. Nikon is gaining marketshare, Canon is losing it.

    • gt

      stop tying your camera brand to your self worth

      • Kurt Low

        +1 for you.

  • I told you, just in january new FF bodys.

    In the meantime a suggestion: simplify your set o lenses, sell the ones you don´t use, and take lot´s of photos. Save your money for the next generation if you don´t need now for your work. If you need now for your work, don´t worry buy a D700 and D3s the work will pay no?


  • No brand will ever say they’re announcing a new product soon. At least I think so, that would hurt their current model sales. November is still a fine date ^^

    • AnoNemo

      I do not think it can hurt the Nikon FF sales:

      1) Nikon does not have an FF that can capture 1080p

      2) Besides, it is really hard to find a new Nikon FF and when you find one it is overpriced

      I am not sure what Nikon is upto but the two problems above are kind of serious for many and if I were Nikon I would not hesitate to address them. Besides, pissing off your loyal customers with the crap they delivered this year and what they are saying is not a smartest thing.

      And I do not buy the natural disaster argument. There are other high-tech companies that were able to announce new products.

      • If you can’t find one, you aren’t looking very hard. Amazon has been carrying the D3s in stock for $5199.95 for a while now as well as the D700 for $2699.95. They don’t shoot 1080p but they are pretty good at taking photographs. Maybe Nikon believes that if you can afford a D3s for photography then you can probably afford a $100 1080p camcorder. I’m not sure as I’ve never used the video function on my D300s.

        • +1 on the stock situation, at least at amazon germany every nikon professional camera is available. And btw my local camera shop has always had either a d700 or a d3s on its vitrine. Just checked and there was the same situation.

          • AnoNemo

            Not all countries have the same supply of FF gear from Nikon. When they do, it is gone quickly and ofter overpriced.

  • If I were a chairman, I’d feel pretty bad to not saying a word to the people who brought their money to my company, who invested an arm and a leg into system and who exercises patience in await for renovation of current lineup. Why it is so hard to tell where our ship is heading and when we’ll see distant bank on the horizon? Isn’t this scary to be a passenger of the ship without the course? This silence is nothing but dishonor.

    • That´s true man! +1.000.000

    • *bank – I meant shore. Sorry my crappy English.

    • Neo-Colonialist

      Yea! Shame on Apple. For that matter shame on all corporations

      • AnoNemo

        With apple actually you have a proper roadmap and you can easily see what apple will do. Nikon does not even have a decent product life cycle as you can see the 4 years pro cycle is now off. The D700 is guess. There is no 1080p in FX and you pay 7-8,000 for an FX that is more than 20mp.

        I said that the other day and I repeat it again. The 7-8000 dslrs are over! Sony destroyed and will destroy that category. That is why we do not see anything yet in the FX category. Mark my words, sony will price it very aggressively its new FX cameras and that is why Nikon did not deliever anything yet. How on earth will they sell the overpriced products when you will be able to get almost the same performance at the fraction of the price?

        One thing for sure, the next sony FX will have an improved sensor. If that’s the case then try to sell the tank sized 24mp D3x at 8 grand. It will not happen.

        • You guys should calm down. Just a half year ago there was a devastating earthquake and tsunami and there is still an ongoing nuclear catastrophy going on in Japan. It is not business as usual and only an i***t would think that we are going to see announcements according to the normal product launch cicle. The stuff we are waiting for is made in Japan, in the Sendai plant which is affected by the catastrophy being only ~100km away from Fukushima.

          Ithink that we are going to be really lucky if there is any FF announcement before 2012.

          • AnoNemo

            That’s what we heard last year. We will be happy next year.

            Look, if they were able to deliver this slap in the face product then at least they should come out and tell us that this is when we expect something new and we did not forget about you. So far it looks like these coolcrap Nikon 1 will be the norm from Nikon. What about those who are loyal and waited years? Just tell us what direction they are going and we’ll know what to do with our Nikon gear.

          • Okay, but what about public relations? Why this painful silence? I invested money in camera, lenses and looking for pair of SB900 strobes. These are not just tools, I gave a credit of trust to Nikon. Being not a son of a millionaire, I feel pretty constrained to not to see further direction, I don’t wish to wander in the dakrness and sure many people don’t. I switched from Canon because of this reason and now what, the same old story at the dark side? Tell us, Nikon, that you will do the worthy stuff and we will wait for that day to come, don’t remain silent. Then again, if there were enough room to develop new camera system from a scratch despite earthquake, tsunami and radioactive pollution in Japan, WHERE THE HELL MY D800? Don’t forget Leica R’s death, Nikon, or do you have the memory so short?

  • Hyrules

    A D400 DX with 16 – 24 mp would make me happy. I have 4 DX lenses and would not be interested in going full frame right now. Otherwise i’m not that into the D7000 which has interesting specs.

  • Kurt Low

    I don’t understand why people will keep on saying wanna switch RED, go ahead instead dudes. If you are not satisfy with D700, upgrade to D3s/D3x. If you are so much needed a Full HD1080 for your job, get a professional Video recording gears. If you have budget constraint, please just wait, you can’t blame Nikon. And if you’re in Budget constraint and wanna switch, you make me LMAO. Do the math of the amount you will be loosing from selling.

    I don’t see the point here. Made my day.

    • JV


  • Steve Starr

    I suspect Nikon may be holding out for feedback on their mirrorless. Maybe also waiting for Sony to crank out some more of their new OLED displays that seem to do better as viewing screens in daylight as well. Sony mentioned Oct. as the release date for those.

    Personally, I wouldn’t be opposed to some high MP count mirrorless DSLR of some sort. I’d like a croppable sensor of at least 30MP too. When is another matter.

    Okay. Bring out the new RF wirelesss strobes with iTTL-BL and in the D4 body too. Need to ditch the Pocket Wizards thing for outdoors.

    • AnoNemo

      Feedback for Nikon on the their mirrorless.

      1) Crap
      2) Expensive
      3) Not smaller than a NEX
      4) CoolPix on steroid

  • nikon

    He is just trying to lower our expectation. When it is released in Oct, we will feel even better.

  • cruser2469

    Nikon can’t leave the Expeed 3 out on the market for long without following with the DSLR’s. To do so gives Canon a huge advantage to tear down that processor and smoke it while Nikon sits on their hands doing nothing. I believe the DSLR’s are coming before X-Mas, they have to!!!!

    • Thom wHO?

      You can bet for it. Unless one ff (D800) will be release before end of the year. And there will be no rumors untill a few days before.

  • Up $#!t’s creek

    if this is the case (i am in agreement with everyone here that his word means nothing) i am really starting to believe Nikon is losing sync with its customers and their needs. Lots of the comments mention that the current lot of equipment is adequate, it is, except if you own one generation below and the gains are not worth the expense. So yes we can get by on the equipment we have, but we want to spoil ourselves with something new and not something just slightly better

    I also agree with Thom’s comments in regards to the logistical nightmare Nikon created matching lenses and bodies on the 1 line. The camera bodies are overpriced to the and the expense of the lenses isnt quite right. The current low end dx lenses are cheaper through the full range than what the 1 lenses are and is a coolpix user really going to need f2.8? personally unless it wasnt considerably cheaper than a d3100/5100 no point in passing it off as a ‘pro’ system. I think nikon should have opted with onc color of lenses to suit all the bodies – such as silver and reduced lens costs.

    • AnoNemo

      Look, Nikon constantly has lens shortages for the FX line. Try to imagine that they have to make now these lovely pink lenses for this little piece of turd cameras.

    • EnPassant

      At some markets at least P7100 is more expensive than D3100. Is it not then reasonable a camera that is a step up from P7100 cost even more? Especially if it incorporates new technology. Besides even at the lower end (as in less functions, not necessarily low cost) of the market there are both poor and rich customers. Some of the latter have already bought their compact, compared to FX DSLRs, mirrorless with the name Leica M9.

  • D700guy

    You don’t say!!
    Gosh! Ya coulda knocked me over with a feather when I read that!!

  • Steve B

    I switched from a D300 to a D7000 in October last year as a stop gap while waiting for either a D800 (if fast enough fps) or a D4. I’d love a D3S right now, but I crop too much for a 12MP sensor to work for me. In the mean time, the D7000 is very good indeed. My thoughts are that there is no way Nikon does not come out with one or more new pro bodies before the 2012 Olympics. Any thoughts on how long in advance a new body would need to be in the hands of a pro before the Olympics begin?

  • jonas (from SWEDEN)

    Even if Sweden is a small country it was one of few in Europe with the BIG HANDS! …
    So, I think Nikon will not forget Sweden … and yes I don’t think he/nikon will answer a question like that completely true.

    By the way after the last 2 elections, Sweden has a right wing PM.

  • paul

    blah, blah. blah, blah. I won’t believe anything-positive or negative rumors-until there is an official announcement from Nikon, which everyone knows will be announced sometime this century.

  • jonas (from SWEDEN)

    (Lasse Pettersson: [Jokingly] “Later!”
    Reporter: “Will they be announced at the event in October?”
    Lasse Pettersson: “No, I do not believe so.”)

    The question from the reporter was: “Will they be announced at the event in October, and released in 2012?”

    So, is he saying “No,” to the release date (2012) or the announcement date (October 2011)?

    PS my previous post was a response to this:
    Harold Ellis
    Posted September 23, 2011 at 11:10 am | Permalink
    He is just uninformed.
    Well Sweden is socialistic country with like 10 people. Why would they even tell him what is going on? Then they can right away tell everybody.

  • Michael Devonport

    Guys and Gals,

    You got to understand if Nikon, is going to release any DSLR’s, they have to release the cameras with in two to three weeks because they want the cameras in peoples hands by Christmas. If you do not hear any release date by the end of October, that means there will be no DSLR’s for this year.

    • Karlosak

      It doesn’t work this way with the “pro” line. If I remember correctly, the D3x was announced in December.

  • George

    He didn’t just say “No”, he added “I don’t believe so”, which sounds like he doesn’t really know.

  • Michael Devonport

    Well, looks like democracy does not run well on this web site. I place a comment that stated: If Nikon does not release any information by the end of October, there will be no DSLR’s for Christmas, because they have to have time make the cameras and ship them out to the stores. Most major companies start to release information by mid October . For example toy companies.

  • R!

    The problem with nikon & sony , is the same that the one leica had with panasonic:
    2 company can’t compete and develop products together.Canon is taking all the advantage of this and now dominate the market.

  • Joe Bodego

    I’ve said it here many times, Nikon is quite happy with it;s current line of full frame camera and see no reason to upgrade the D3 or the D700. Nikon would instead focus on the Point and shoot market where the real money is. Not everyday does someone go out and drop 5-10 thousand dollars on a camera but people do snap up these point and shoot models everyday. The biggest reason is the ultra high end photographers in the field that accounts for the majority of full frame sales have made it clear to nikon that they are quite happy with their gear and plan not to abandon the mighty D3x or the D700. Get it in your heads guys, these ultra high end photographers are what matters to nikon when it comes to full frame upgrades, not you the prosumer or hobbyist. The upgrades are coming but not until this high end photographers check the box on their secret survey. For now, they are happy and why not they are creating some amazing work with the current high end.

  • I’m still guessing that the October announce is lenses and an update to one of the DX cameras (mostly likely a D3150 or D7100).

    • D3100 update – maybe, the only issue I have with that is that Nikon just announced the red D3100. D7000 replacement won’t happen till the summer of 2012 I think.

      • Up $#!t’s creek

        interchangeable skins…

      • Robert Falconer

        Too soon for a D7000 update, IMO.

        • Eric Calabros

          Maybe a dark blue D3125 🙂

      • No, Nikon could simply take the few things that they did differently with the D5100 (mostly video) and add them to the D7000 and call it a D7100. More easily than almost anything else.

        • AnoNemo


          What is the benefit here for Nikon that prevents them to release a new FX? I guess they do not like to sell products.

          The only logical explanation is that they do not want to release it because there is no competition here. I bet once sony changes the balance these gangsters (Nikon and Canon) will release similar products.

      • EnPassant

        An update of D7000 with the new sensor used in NEX-5N and the new functions in D5100 would be nice!

    • AnoNemo


      I guess it would be much more wise is to ask people at Sony. We now know that Nikon most likely cannot deliver its FX line without the new sony sensor. Otherwise they would have delivered it by now. So, let’s try to find out when the new sony FX come add 3 months to that date and we’ll know when Nikon will finally gives us a new FX camera.

      It is really disappoint of this behavior. The bad news for Nikon is that many people now holding back their lens purchases. Why would you buy new lenses when you do not know what crap Nikon will throw at us.

      • We don’t know that at all. Nikon just produced a sensor that looks quite good for its photosite size. They could simply do one of two things: use the same photosite size and scale up or change the sensel to be larger.

        Nikon has produced four sensors in the last four years, two of which were clear winners, one of which is highly competitive, and the last of which is looking to be another winner. I don’t think they need Sony at all. The delay in FX is just as easily explained by “took a bit longer to get the sensor up to speed” as anything else. Given the quake, that actually sounds about right. The timing was bad for a new sensor going into sampling–wafers were in short supply, fabs weren’t powered 24/7, etc.

        I’m with you on the rest. Nikon has caused themselves some artificial pain. The low-supply-not-meeting-demand thing coupled with new-stuff-is-late means they’ve left a lot of money on the table. They seem to be betting they can pick it up later, but it doesn’t work that way in consumer goods, even prosumer and pro goods.

        While they’re on the clock, they’re not over the clock until sometime early next year. Failure to deliver at least one of the three expected products (plus lenses) by January would be a big mistake by Nikon, I think. That said, on the other hand, I’m personally willing to wait. I’d rather they get it right than rush it. The D3s/D3x can’t be beat by anything out there right now. The f/2.8 lenses for the most part ditto. Of course, those aren’t actually on the shelves in most places, but I think you get my point: the real pro isn’t suffering with Nikon’s delays (yet).

        On the third hand (hmm, how many hands do I have), the Nikon “core” is enthusiasts–D7000 through D700 users. Only one of those products has substantively iterated in what seems like a lifetime, so it’s causing stress amongst the faithful. Not a good thing to do to your most loyal customers.

        • AnoNemo

          I fully agree with you. Nikon just shoot itself in the foot.

          The delivery of the DOA Nikon 1 is the slap in the face to those who have thousands invested in Nikon products.

          BTW, this little thing is really risky and I think because Nikon was and is incompetent delivering new products on time they missed the boat long time ago.

          It will be fun to read the Nikon manuals where Nikon will advise the proud buyer these pink gnomes to please use your iPhone 5 to share your images quickly.

          So the proposition was to deliver a small and expensive gadget that pissed of the most valuable Nikon user. I am sorry but even manual functions of these little “tool of the day” are hidden under layers of menus.

          So where is Nikon going? It seems to me not one of the idiot Nikon engineers had the brain to buy an iPhone. If they did, then we would have seen something small and interesting but they just gave a good idea for Apple. This little system will be dead as the coolpix.

          In the meantime, we still cannot see the Nikon commitment to cater for its most valuable customers. Perhaps the coolpix and nikon 1 buyers are the target. Good luck for Nikon to compete with heavy weight players as Sony, Pana, and even Apple.

  • PeterO

    I just don’t get it. Why wouldn’t Nikon let its loyal customers know that it has certain lenses under development. It’s not like the other brands are suddenly going to scramble to make the same lens. I just bought a used Nikon lens so no new money to Nikon. Nikon loses. As for DSLR’s, why not give a general idea of when an upgrade is coming. Sure, keep the techy stuff secret and wow us when it’s launched. I’m waiting for a D400. Money is already saved and I am not going to get a D300s suspecting that the 400 is around the corner. Nikon loses again.

    Why so much anger over the 1 system? It’s like Mac Pro users getting pissed because a new tiny ipod is announced. I don’t need Nikon’s new sytem, I won’t buy it, I don’t care.

    Seeing the promos for the new system, it’s obvious that there were a lot of people involved and it wasn’t all thrown together last week. How is it possible that there were no leaks? Obviously Nikon’s marketing philosphy is ancient and most assuredly not friendly to its established custmers. Look at the 1 sytem ads: buying this camera will fulfil your life (like a thousand other ads we are bombarded with every day – see the brilliant doc “Art & Copy”).

    Nikon just doesn’t get it. Aside from the “I’m gonna jump ship” people, we Nikonites who need a specific piece of equipment (it is just a tool after all) just want to know when.

    End Rant

    • broxibear

      Hi PeterO,
      You posted something really interesting, something I’ve been noticed too “Why so much anger over the 1 system?”
      The anger isn’t just the where’s my D4/800 anger, it feels like an anger at the company for making what some websites have called a “toy” camera. It feels as if the people posting are saying Nikon are damaging “brand Nikon”, not by bringing out a mirrorless, but for bringing out one that they consider not good enough, not up to the usual Nikon standard.
      Of all the various camera launches from different manufacturers I’ve never seen this type anger towards a product, the P7000 got a bit of a hammering but most of that was after it was tested…the J1 and V1 are getting it based on spec sheets, looks and sensor size.
      It’s almost the opposite reaction the Fuji X100 received amongst ordinary users.
      I bet the Nikon marketing are scratching their heads and wandering what they did wrong…I know you’re reading this guys…lol !

      • AnoNemo

        You are absolutely right.

        Nikon delivered again a slap in the face. Many people with thousands of invested in Nikon lens do not want to see a water down Nikon image as a pro brand. It is like putting a Ferrari label on a Hyundai car. (You just want to puke from the thought of it.)

        Nikon has been playing with the fire for a time now with the CoolPix that irritates many who value the Nikon brand. And now these two little pieces of jokes in pink and whatever color.

        I start thinking that the people who designed these have a serious identity problem. I would send them to a shrink for a regular checkup.

      • Bjrichus

        I suspect the anger (and I too am angry about the V1/J1 products), is because there is terrific brand loyalty and those of us who have been using Nikon for several decades now (I purchased my first new Nikon SLR in 1977), feel badly cheated.

        One other here even said he felt dishonored by what amounts to a multi year wait for new FF products and then we get consumer release after consumer release… Product cycles are now down at between 12 and 18 months, not 4 or more years as they were a decade ago. If Nikon don’t realize this, they will lose many previously loyal customers as several generations of other product brands go by.

        Then in about 2013, will Nikon release something that might have looked good in late 2011?

        Far too late to market…….

        • AnoNemo

          I agree with you. The only thing I would add is to question the wisdom of the designers and the entire Nikon 1 concept. What is wrong with these people at Nikon?

          Think about this for a second:
          1) Who is the target market for these little gnomes? Oh people who want to move up from a coolcrap.
          2) Oups, I guess Nikon did not get the memo that nowadays cell phones hitting almost the same resolution as these two ugly beasts.
          3) Oups, the very same people they want to convince to buy these will sooner buy the iPhone 5 with a phone and data plan than spending twice us much on something that is
          a) Larger
          b) heavier
          c) has zero connectivity so they would have to use their iPhones anyway to share the images of the cats and dogs on Facebook

          See, this is a DOA product. There was a reason why sony and m43 selected larger size sensors to ensure they will be able differentiate.

          And I do not want to mention the slap in the face for those who are the point of replacing the 3-4 years old FX cameras with thousands of lens investments (but I mentioned that before so let’s not repeat it.)

          • Bjrichus

            The target buyer is the Japanese teen who wears odd striped socks because it is cool, reads Anime and goes shopping for the latest gadget once a month.

            It’s not for an enthusiast/pro level user.

      • Broxibear, the anger is because the Nikon 1 targeted audience did not ask for another camera. They had plenty of choices already between m4/3, NEX, NX, Pentax, etc. On the full frame camera market, you have only few models that are currently available (or unavailable). The FX people are generally those who visit the web and post comments. Obviously once they see something different than FX, they will complain. An average consumer doesn’t come to [NR], they go to Nikon 1 has some unique features, but it’s nothing revolutionary. It could have been if it was released 2 years ago. I am sure the Nikon 1 will be a best seller and Nikon will make some cash from it. I think Fuji had a better approach with their X100 camera – it was really different, the Nikon 1 is not. In 6 months the competition will catch up with the fast frame rate and processor. I don’t think anyone will challenge the X100 any time soon.

        • scurvy hesh

          Except that it would be pretty revolutionary in a DSLR. Which will most likely be the next iteration of the technology in the Nikon 1. I think it is very telling of what we will expect to see and I’m pretty pumped. And that’s where the difference is because none of those guys can make a full featured SLR to compete with the Nikon sytem. Not even your favorite brand Sony Ano.

          • I agree, the next DSLR from Nikon will be a beast, which is why I don’t see a reason (personally) to buy the Nikon 1.

            • AnoNemo

              Nah, Nikon gave up on dslrs. They run out of black pain and they only make d3100 in red.

              I am very disappointed about the direction Nikon took lately. I do not care about these pink cameras…. these are terrible products from some sick minded Nikon engineers. Who needs a pink hello kitty camera? This is just disgusting. Nikon went to the lowest level possible.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Agreed. We’re not the audience of the 1 and yet we could have been. The vast bulk of folks here are looking for their D800. The foolish decision to create ‘S’ upgrades for every pro cam BUT the D700 was the touchstone for this anger. That has been compounded by being forced to watch the long cavalcade of releases aimed at the lowest common denominator. People who don’t care about cameras have been offered 40-50 choices in that timeframe, while we have been offered none. Even the P7100—a cam we could have liked—was a fairly miserable fail. We all rationally know the Coolpix line makes Nikon money to fund R&D for our believed DSLRs, but is one pocket niche cam too much to ask? A cam to get Nikon’s cred back? A cam we can actually brag about? Much smaller companies have gone after our niche (Fuji, Sigma, Oly, Pentax, Ricoh), and none have hit home runs, so why does Nikon shun us as a group? It seems unfair, unwise and yeah, it’s more than a little frustrating way to treat your faithful.

      • PeterO

        Hi broxibear, AnoNemo et al,

        I just asked my teenage daughter (who will be studying Marketing in university next year) what she thought of the 1 system. “That’s really swag, yeah sick, I’d get one of those and that pink is great.” What about the quality of pictures it produces, I asked. ” Well if I cared about photography, I’d check it out, but I’d get one just to have”.

        There’s your answer ladies and gentleman. This is less about photography and more about “bling”. Nikon probably knew exactly who would buy this system. The quality of the pictures is secondary to the “I gotta have one of those”.

        As for downgrading their image, I don’t think that matters as much anymore. The general population still think that that Canon and Nikon are tops.

        • AnoNemo

          There is one problem with your daughters argument. She is most likely will not pay for this crap. You have to shell out the money and not her.

          Besides, she might get one but in the long-run (1-2 years) from today iPhone 6 or HTC or Nokia will have smartphones that will outperform this crap. So why would your daughter carry something like just to use her phone to share the images?

          This is a DOA product. They may sell a lot in the next 1-2 years but it will be dead. I see this as the new CoolPix line. That’s the problem with that.

        • broxibear

          Hi PeterO,
          What you say about your daughter and there being a market for this type of camera is right, the market exists and I fully understand that…but what AnoNemo says about price is really important.
          It would be interesting to put a GF3, NEX-C3, E-PL3 and J1 infront of your daughter and see which one she would choose then…especially when you point out that the if she bought a red GF3 she’d still have £130 left over to spend on something else ?

          • PeterO

            Hi broxibear and AnoNemo,

            You are dead on about the price. I know my daughter all too well and her (and her generation’s) need to upgrade to the newest, latest thing is the most important thing. Price is secondary. Last year she absolutely needed to have a iPhone 4. When we told her how much it cost and what the monthly costs would be, she quickly changed her mind.

            Thanks broxibear, I’ll report back about her reaction to the other cameras you mentioned. I personally think the 1 system is overpriced and that close to Christmas there will be rebates and sales.

            • PeterO

              Hi broxibear & AnoNemo,

              The results are in: Teenage daughter was asked what she thought of the following 4 cameras: GF3 – ugly, chunky, cheap. Nex 3 – old fashioned, don’t like. E PL3 – looks lower quality but nice design. J1 – sleek, pretty, high performance camera. When I told her that the J1 costs $200 (CDN) more than the other cameras, she quickly decided she can live with the E PL 3.

              I believe Nikon is going to have a hard time convincing those families at whom they’re aiming this system to pay a premium for it. Certainly here in Canada I don’t believe that they won’t be selling it in big numbers. Personally I have yet to see anyone using a mirrorless camera. Perhaps in Japan it may be fashionable, but in other parts of the world…not so much.

              Note to Nikon: If you actually do read these blogs (which I doubt), we your customers are in a relationship with you. Every succesful relationship thrives because of good communication. From reading the comments here and in other forums, you would think that we are beggars constantly pleading to know what’s going on. In my conversations with people at Nikon Canada, their answer is always: “we’ll find out about new products just before you do”. Ouch.

            • broxibear

              Thanks for the marketing info PeterO…it’s what I expected, although to me the Olympus looks better quality, everyone’s got their own view ?
              Here in the UK the price differences between the Nikon and it’s rivals is steep.
              I was having a conversation with Peter/admin and I said to him that there’s nothing wrong with the Nikon mirrorless cameras, they’re good cameras, but when you put them next to the rivals, consider the prices, they don’t look so great.
              P.S. people from Nikon do read this blog.
              Thanks again for taking the time to ask your daughter about the mirrorless cameras.

            • AnoNemo

              PeterO and Broxibear,

              As expected the price issue. Now, you jut have to point out that an iPhone 5 will have 8MP and this has 10MP. Which one would she chose?

              I think this line will display a really rapid price erosion. In less than 24 months it will be at the CoolPix level when it comes to price and in quality perception.

              I 100% agree with you about the terrible communication Nikon has. It is one of the worse I have ever seen. These interviews with the Nikon execs from the UK, Sweden, and Japan just made things worse. Now everyone knows that the a-hole Japanese do not trust in their country offices. Now, try to imagine how and who makes decisions… I can see more pink crap coming from Nikon.

              To sum up, Nikon clearly lost touch with those who are the loyal Nikon users (e.g. those who patiently waitng and those who use Nikons for decades). The bad news for Nikon is that once you break trust it is hard to get it back.

  • broxibear

    Possibility of ‘pro’ Nikon 1 not ruled out…
    “Simon Iddon, Product Manager at Nikon UK, explained how the company has been listening to feedback since Wednesday. “We understand there are people, DSLR enthusiasts, that have an opinion and we’re completely aware of it,” he said. “Wherever we can we’ll listen to every piece of feedback and it will get fed back in terms of future developments.”
    Overall however, Simon seems to be pleased with the reception the V1 and J1 have received, “The feedback’s been very positive, and the target audience for this has given us really strong feedback in terms of what it’ll deliver for them, we’re very excited about the launch,” he explained.”

    • AnoNemo

      Oh yes, it will take Nikon another 3-4 years to realize what people have been saying for the last 3-4 years.

      PUT A GODDAMN SENSOR IN THE FM2 BODY YOU MORONS AT NIKON! I mean, it’s been years people are saying this and Nikon listened…. They put the smallest piece of crap in this Ni-con 1 body that is actually larger than the sony NEX.

      In the meantime, they talk rubbish. We do not know when they want to address the outdated FX line.

      • Easy with the language please.

        • AnoNemo

          Ok. 🙂

          • Eric Calabros

            We need to hear this civilized OK from many others here

    • Bjrichus

      “If DSLR users feel a little short changed by the new 1 system, Nikon is keen to point out that they are not the main audience for the cameras. Nikon 1 is a different area, it’s for someone who wants better image quality, for someone who wants to invest in a system that will grow,” Iddon said.

      This says that the entire system (not just these two bodies and a few lenses) is not aimed at professional users. Did I read that right? I wonder if Simon or an underling would be brave enough to confirm this for us – even via email to [NR] admin to re-post if not directly?

      “If that’s something that people would like, then Nikon will always that on board and consider what the next option is,” he said, “but, if it was going to be the same as a DSLR then we couldn’t have launched a product because we already have great DSLRs and are investing heavily in these.”

      So all the anger about these two new cameras is entirely mis-directed as they were never aimed at enthusiast/pro level users in he first place? We all just git it wrong because we who have brand loyalty wanted something else? Sounds like a “blame the user” excuse to me, most likely because Nikon marketing did a very poor job of expectation setting in advance.

      Oh how the mighty have fallen (on big hands?)…..

      • Bjrichus

        Whoops.. a couple of typos… Didn’t mean “git”, but you all knew that I meant to type “get” ….

      • In answer to your comments, Brian (but aimed more at the whiners as a whole)….

        Yeah, I’m sure the fury of NR readers has nothing to do with the fact that there’s a fair number of narcissistic naysayers and egomaniacal emo (especially def. #2) freaks that are the photographers of the 21st scentury. (as in it’s seriously starting to stink around here)

        I’m sure Nikon toils tirelessly to apologetically place every camera they produce before us as a servant places a feast before her king—and only pray that we find favor in their humble offering so as to not cause them to endure the torture of our displeasure.

        Give me a break. Photographers sound more and more like sniveling little leeches each day that passes.

        I’m guessing Nikon would prefer the switchers go sooner than later. That way Nikon will either no longer need to endure the constant grating sound of their shrieking sobs, or the sniveling switchers will realize the grass isn’t so green where the Sun is rarely known to shine.

        Nikon made some cameras. Buy them, or don’t. We probably won’t ever care why, either way.

    • Mock Kenwell

      I hoped against hope for this Nikon release, but now I see that a truly pocketable removable lens system is an impossibility. The 1 with the pancake is just as big (and thicker–the most crucial dimension in a pocket cam) as the GF, Pen & NEX bodies with their pancakes (give or take). Therefore, I will be looking for a DP2, Fuji x100, x10 type of successor. I’d love to see Nikon make a smaller version of the 1 series, with the same sensor, and a faster fixed lens to blow the LX5 and S95 out of the water.

  • COY

    A danish photographer is going to test a new Nikon dslr soon. Hopefully it’s the D4!

    • AnoNemo

      I no longer believe in Nikon! Even when they ask a question.

      It’s time for them to shut up and deliver.

  • garibaldi

    hang on ,wasn,t it an email from a sales rep that said 2 FX cameras were going to be announced in august . you cannot beleive any of them , they are not going to confirm a stupid question like that anyway .
    when some specs starty to get leaked ,then we will be onto something ,until then ,I dont think so.

  • BetaHal

    Excellent tip, broxbear! A must read IMHO…

  • Nek Mockwell

    Very interesting read,…..

    I just sold my e-510 though,…it and a 14-42 and 70-300 were my original run about kit.

    I think the world of Olympus, was my first two real cameras…but 4/3 people are miffed about being left in the wind when m4/3 showed up.

    I got 250 bucks for that kit from adorama,…and I still feel I cheated them.

    • broxibear

      Hi Nek Mockwell,
      It’s a really interesing read.
      I posted many times, when the Nikon mirrorless was first talked about, that I hope they go micro 4/3 and not with their own new lens mount.
      Think of all those Panasonic and Olympus owners that would have bought Nikkor micro 4/3 lenses, or those who’d buy a Nikon micro 4/3 body but keep their Panasonic/Olympus lenses ?
      If Canon had any balls they would make their mirrorless micro 4/3. Having Canon,Panasonic and Olympus all with interchangable lenses and bodies would make the Nikon mirrorless irrelevant…instead Canon will just follow Nikon.

      • Bjrichus

        After reading that, I am left with a deep sense of foreboding….

        If M4/3 is “it”, then as they say, is this the moment Nikon “jumped the shark?”


      • Mock Kenwell

        Interesting read, but flawed and biased IMO. Saying that M4/3 is an established format with a bevy of lenses is forgetting how long that took to happen. Further, I see M4/3 as a jack of all trades format, master of none. Smaller than a crop sensor DSLR, but not quite portable, reasonable IQ but not close to FF. Annoying operational lag and AF. I’m glad it’s there to compete with DSLRs and keep them honest, but am wholly unimpressed with the size vs IQ compromise it makes.

        Once I have to sling it over my shoulder, a few ounces and mms mean nothing, especially at the expense of IQ and shallow DOF. So for me, it’s a DSLR over the shoulder and a serious compact in the pocket. I have no use for a “tweener” compromise like the M4/3. But some do. Different strokes!

        • Sounds pretty straightforward to me.

  • Ole

    Do you happen to know who it is?

    Ole – from Denmark

  • ChrisSin

    “I dont think so” = yes!

  • Moloko Drencrom

    The best part of these posts is all the “I’m switching to Canon.” comments. Yes, since Nikon hasn’t yet replaced their 3 year old D700, it makes total sense to switch to a 3 year old 5D MK II. You guys are such rebels. The rest of us can only display envy at such a bold statement.

  • That’s it. I’m switching to Hasselblad.

  • Gard G

    Enough of this waiting. I’m switching to Graflex.

  • 2 cents

    That’s it! I’m tired of waiting. I’m going to take my current camera and current lenses and get out and use them till they fall apart. D$#@ you Nikon! Making me learn all about light and shadows and aperture and shutter speed. I’ve only got a D7000 to work with, I mean, sheesh, making me almost work for my shots. So frustrating! I’ve been waiting for the new cameras for like, what, 10 months since I bought the (then) latest one? Unbelievable! Way to go Nikon.


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