Nikon Sweden executive: no new full frame cameras in October

Swedish Nikon executive Lasse Pettersson answered this question during a live Q&A interview yesterday about the new Nikon mirrorless cameras (about 22:45 minutes into this clip):

Reporter: "The question everybody asks; when will the D4 or D800 be released?
Lasse Pettersson: [Jokingly] "Later!"
Reporter: "Will they be announced at the event in October?"
Lasse Pettersson: "No, I do not believe so."

This is also the info I have been receiving.

Embedded full interview:

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  • Anonymous

    Just another guy with an opinion. We all know there are as many opinions as there are blip-holes.

  • Selling all my bodys and going back to D70s 1/500 flash bye bye! o/

  • 120-300 os

    Well Nikon canon also no news new cameras but finaly opening canon experience shop in Bogota Colombia please nikon do the same but do it in my town Medellin please than i and lot of pro shooters neat a travel to the old world europe or to north america.

  • jetelinho

    Reporter: “Will they be HAVE BEEN announced EVER?”
    JET: “No, I do not believe so.”

    … & WHAT ABOUT THE SINGLE LENGTH LENSES at f/1,8 or f/2,0????????

    ´THANKS´ for letting us wait for further unspecified period of time, unlike the bodies, the application on new lens is more then justified considering the date of the issuance of the ´current´generation …!!!

  • Thank God!
    Now I can go and buy D700 without any worry about instant release of D800 after that.

  • Dweeb

    If all they’re going to do is put 18MP in a D700, bump the price a thousand bucks, and keep that one on the market 5 years, then who cares?

    • Sounds like a bargain — and a sweet buy — to me.

      Sign me up.

    • Ke

      There’s no way a megapixel increase will be the only thing changed.

      It will have to have a lot of video options to compete with Canon, then they’ll be all the other bits like improved dynamic range, less noise at higher ISO, faster focusing, etc.

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