But wait, there is more… next month

Nikon will have another announcement in October, 2011. I do not have an exact date yet, but the week of 17-21 looks right. Unfortunately, there will probably not be any full frame DSLR cameras introduced next month. I have no idea what's coming and would like to again lower your expectations by saying that next announcement will not be exciting. If I am wrong, I am sure you will forgive me because you will be busy playing with your new D800/D4. I really prefer this conservative approach which worked pretty well with the red D3100 and the mirrorless camera announcements. If Nikon doesn't announce a full frame camera next month, the chances are very slim for another new product introduction in late November/December (Nikon has done it in the past).

And always remember: no leaks = no announcement!

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  • ambo

    still waiting for my purple d700… come on Nikon … you can do it….

    • Foolishcfo

      No, it will be Barbie Pink. That bitch has everything!

  • I have my own expectations because I was promised that it would be VERY wise to wait until autumn to refresh full frame camera. The recommendation comes from a world-renowned photojournalist who occasionally testing devices are not yet on sale.
    I know you have heard this kind of rumors before but I stick to my own source.

    • broxibear

      Hi Henrik,
      Did your contact give you any indication which full frame camera would be refreshed, ie the flagship model or the smaller one ?

    • Joe


      When did you receive the recommendation though? this summer? or before the earthquake?


      • I vaskede him just before summer, in June. He mentioned testing equipment not yet in trade -and the possibility of extreme high iso. He is used to D3S.

        • Joe

          I think this may not be true any more. It seems like the info leaked previously from those reliable sources in spring/mid summer is no longer accurate.

          There was a period that the info leaked in Asia was very conflicting. I bet Nikon has updated the plan lately and that explains why nothing happened in Aug/September. Some sources from Japan still says there will be FF announcement by the end of this year a few weeks ago, but I doubt if it’s true any more.

    • Henrik, there many he said/she said rumors about a new full frame cameras. I no longer take those seriously. Until I see some real evidence, I say no full frame DSLR any time soon. Nikon will have a huge campaign for their next full frame DSLR and there will be plenty of leaks.

  • simpleguy

    i just read dpreview on the nikon 1 j1 and v1 and the only positive thing about this toystore cameras are this quote

    “Nikon’s Masahiro Suzuki, General Manager, R&D Department, Development HQ, says there were three factors in choosing the sensor size: image quality, responsiveness and ease of use (specifically in terms of portability). He says the sensor was both designed and engineered by Nikon and stressed it is ‘not built by Sony.'”

    maybe this means they are improving their sensor manufacturing skills and we will see a d800/d4 with a beast specs , the only question is

    • Lonnie Utah

      When? Humm, When Hell Freezes Over??

  • cdrross

    How about this take for whats coming…
    A new – Nikon smartphone that will of course have a nice camera and will let you download all the firmware and bug fixes directly.
    We don’t need no stinkin’ DSLR or lens upgrades!

  • Bigus Dickus

    problem is not upgrade, but continual replacement.
    as for me, i am on third replacement cycle with D700. If there would be D800 available, i would sure be more happy.

  • Davix

    True but even if sources says “wait until the end of the year” there is really no indication that new DSLR will show up soon. I told you this is for next year…

  • BetaHal

    One day after the “I Came” announcement, Nikon’s stock ticker is going steadily down…


    • Bjrichus

      September 2008 was a BAD time for Nikon stock holders…

      • BetaHal

        You’re absolutely right, Bjrichus. But it was also a terrible month for many other companies, Canon amongst them (you may want to add 7751:JP to the graph for an interesting comparison.)

        On that September Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy protection, and a few days later stock markets from all over the world had to endure huge drops of their average values. On that month began the world’s worst financial crisis since the Great Depression in 1929.

        • Bjrichus

          Indeed so… sometimes we can forget how widespread and ongoing the impacts of that time have been.

    • Foolishcfo

      Stock may be down but Nikon is still showing healthy investor returns. I guess there is profit in those crappy Coolpix cameras!

  • Anon

    D800 will possibly be announced on CLIQ-show Jan. 2012.

    It will have a new 24mp sensor with high-iso IQ on par with D3s if not even better, and exceptional dynamic range & color fidelity. The D800 will have a 100% viewfinder, yet it will be 200 g. lighter than D700 thanks to carbon fiber parts. It will have GPS geotagging feature, and bluetooth communication with smartphones.

  • The commercial director of Nikon Belgium told my friend to hold off a second D3s purchase until early December. He wouldn’t elaborate for all the tea in China, but he did say ” it ‘ll be a very special new body” – better start saving up for that D4!

    • It’s hard to believe that new FF bodies will not hit soon with the Olympics coming.

      • PHB

        It is also hard to believe that anyone who is not an NPS member will be able to take delivery of one before the Olympics.

        I find it rather interesting that the Nikon 1 has a mag-alloy body as well as the D7000. Looks to me like the mag-alloy body is no longer a distinguishing feature for the top of the range. Might well be that the D400/D800 will be going to carbon fiber, possibly even the D4.

        The plant in Senadi is certainly making something and it does not appear to be D700 or D3s bodies. I guess it could be making D400s as the other plant is committed to the Nikon 1 launch. But that flagship line must be doing something as well…

        I think Peter is misinterpreting the lack of information from his handlers. They just want to have all the buzz centered on the Nikon-1 launch at the moment. Certainly until we see the first hands on reviews.

        Either the guy holding it has really big hands or the camera is tiny. Looks to me like it is the same size as the old Olympus trip.

        • Bjrichus

          PHB said: “I think Peter is misinterpreting the lack of information from his handlers. They just want to have all the buzz centered on the Nikon-1 launch at the moment.”

          That worked out well for them, didn’t it?

        • PeterT

          J1: 61 x 106 x 29,8 mm, 277 g including battery and SD-Card, 234 g only camera

          V1: 76 × 113 × 43,5 mm, 383 g including battery and SD-Card, 294 g only camera


        • To me it’s hard to believe you can’t cover the Olympics with a D3s or D3x.

          • No kidding, The 3x and 3s give you all the performance you need. Are these cameras somehow worse now than they were when covering the Olympics in Vancouver last year? Get a grip people.

            • FM2Fan

              they are not outdated – anyone who thinks so, has a serious problem …

            • Mock Kenwell

              No one thinks they’re outdated. The Olympics have just always been the quintessential springboard for new pro product launches historically. Nikon’s precious “roadmap” that they cling to blindly appears to be quite off, despite their reports that production is “on schedule.” Lack of honesty with your audience and future uncertainty is why their stock took a beating.

          • Anon

            Sure you can, but same logic can be applied for Canon cameras.

            New bodies are produced for the sake of development, and it doesn’t mean the previous generation won’t do the job it was designed for. Even a D90 will give professional-quality results for the Olympics.

        • Ooops

          Have I missed something or was the last series of invite only events merely for the J1 & V1, there certainly doesn’t seem to have been any reviews based on weeks of testing as surely would now be the case, and I didn’t spot any leaks come from those events.. Any thoughts

    • Allan

      Really? I hope so. Can’t wait.

  • D800 not soon enough

    Well if they can’t give us anything real, maybe the fake ones will whet the appetite! http://www.flickr.com/photos/28825537@N06/5435754909/

  • FM2Fan

    Whatever is will be: the on sensor AF system is the future – no question. Having a sensor scaled up to FX format would be “just nice”. Giving it 2 processors and 4K video at 60 fps and HD at 200 fps – that would be really interesting to compete against RED rather than Canon or Sony.

    Please no 3d cam … thank you!

    • R!

      Sony need to cell 3D tv so we going to get some 3D shhhht and rolling coster video bllshht§§!!!!

      • R!

        I juss gat a Lumix G3 ,Its supercool to look cool I still miss GPS and I tune tzo…..

      • Mandrake


        wait what?

  • I’d really love to see the AF-S 85mm f/1.8 being announced next month.

    • I second that!!

      • scurvy hesh

        with a 16 blade aperture!

        • J

          Fuck dat. Just gimme dat 300mm f4 VR or AF-S 80-400 VR.

          😀 Just kidding guys, AF-S 85mm f1.8 would be really sweet! 🙂

          • FM2Fan

            but why do you want one? the 85 1.4 is a great lens …

            • noone said it isn’t, but unfortunately not everyone has $2k to spend on lens… well, at least I don’t.

    • Joteri


  • I’m talking to an oficial Nikon “repairman” and he told me that the launch If the D800 and D4 is expected on january 2014 , so… Take a nap!

    • i saw it.

      No it will not.
      both d800 and d4 have been for a while in the field… even earlier prototypes have been in the last world cup… and with olimpics coming next year, guess who will be making a big advertisement pretty soon?

      • Art

        The fact of the matter is that we all have our “sources”. I know I certainly do — and so far, our sources haven’t panned out very well. My “sources” swore up and down that we were going to have a D4/D800 release in August then they said September. I had this not just from one source but several independent ones. Either way, it didn’t work out. All I do _know_ at this point is that it will happen someday…..

    • Hans

      2014? You must be kidding. There will not be any new Nikon DSLR before 2015! And then – guess what – it will have 12.2 MP.

  • My thought is that I’ll be playing with a D4 at PMA this January. I think it woud be pretty odd for Nikon to miss a product cycle like that. The Oct announcement may not be it (a 300 F4 VR would be nice consolation prize), but I still think we’ll have it before the end of the year.

    Now, just when you can actually get one…

  • Roger

    C’mon you &$:;! just release the fx cameras so eveyone who reads this site can get on with normal things……

  • NikoBlowMe

    I want a HOT PINK one!

    Seriously, Nikon is targeting the “lower end market” according to the interview on DPREVIEW (the coolest camera website there is).

    What else can I say, I am not in that strata.

  • Paul

    okay now I’m bored!

  • s1Lma

    Well, I think the next announcement seems to be clearly d300s replacement as a top DSLR in Nikon line. A year ago d7000 was announced next month after a55 announcement, so, expect to see also the Sony’s 24mp sensor. With newly released 1’s electronics, well, it will be quite cometetive, however, don’t expect low prices.))

    • ISP

      1+++ and maybe FF annoncement at the year or early 2012… just in time for the pro shooters to use it during the olympic ! This senario make sense !

  • OK, here is another perspective;

    So the assumption we are working on that the mirror-less and pocket cameras are making Nikon (and others) the most money right now and that is probably the case. Pro/FF DSLR cameras are not… however…

    A company’s reputation for overall product superiority is based on its Pro/FF line up. Reputation does not directly translate to revenue dollars…but…

    Its the reputation of a companies FF/Pro DSLRs that puts that manufacturer’s mirror-less and pocket cameras on consumer’s short list for purchase candidates.

    This means that there is likely more impact on a companies bottom line from Pro/FF cameras that just the revenue derived from that specific class of camera.

    One could argue that this is an reason to either delay or be ahead of the curve for new FF/Pro product. I would argue that it would be best to be ahead of the curve. as has been the case historically with Nikon. Case in point in my mind would be the D3s. Highest ISO DSLR performer that exists. If brand ‘C’ comes out with a new model that exceeds the D3s (which can happen, how old is the D3s now?) then brand ‘C’ would use that as bragging rights all over their promotional efforts to stomp Nikon and that’s a tuff crown to get back if you loose it even for a short number of months. I suggest Nikon get on the stick and release the Gen 4 series on or before brand ‘C’ releases their next Pro/FF body.

    So whats it going to be Nikon? lets see your FF/Pro magic next month.

  • D800 not soon enough

    If Nikon announce a D4/800 at the end of this year, or start of next year… being an olympic year, what are the odds of stock being available prior to the event? I’m not guessing very high. I doubt they could have been stockpiling with the events in Japan, maybe it’s worth hoping for an announcement just to pick up a cheap D3 series camera next year!
    Either way, I’m pretty sure a jump from the D100 will be an experience and a half. For now I have my F100 to keep my wide angles wide!

  • Sahaja

    Look on the bright side. Nikon seem to have cracked PD AF on the main sensor, so now there should be nothing stopping them making a smallish (FM sized) full frame F-mount DSLR with either an OVF or EVF.

  • Jan

    I am Olympus user. But I have an interest in D-800. This delay makes me think of the recent history of Olympus: a long silence, the PEN M43 and in the end… only the E5. Good but too late. Olympus Today is a beautiful garden of toy mirrorless cameras.
    Many users go to Nikon & Canon from Olympus!
    I hope not to repeat the Olympus story in Nikon.

  • Rahul

    New announcement!! Maybe a 1 pixel camera with 10000 fps and interchangeable lenses, available in 100 colors. For the customers who value interchangeable lens technology and portability.

  • R!

    When the next full frame will come out , I th ink It’s gona be a lot of heart attack!!!

  • Yagion

    You thought you were greatly disappointed when Nikon announced Coolpix instead of DSLR? Think about Canon fanboys… even NO ANNOUNCEMENT on Sep 22!!! Thanks to CanonRumors Admin for creating false expectation. What’s funny is that he in the end pretends that he knew but forgot to update. How could a rumor site admin forget to update something like that. I would cover my face with a paper bag if I were him.

    CR admin:
    “I apologize, it’s my fault for not updating the post appropriately, I simply forgot.”

  • Steve Starr

    I seriously doubt if Nikon will release a D800 with Best Buy taking orders for the D700 that is in their warehouse. With Best Buy bordering on a being NPD dealer (Nikon Pro Dealer vs. NID or Nikon Imaging Dealer), I doubt if they would find a D800 replacement so soon after them warehousing the D700 to make them happy. Maybe a D700x or something.

    I visited 3 dealers in the LA area yesterday. One got downgraded to a NID dealer from a NPD. He said he can only go as high as a D700 or what Best Buy can get. Can’t get a D3-D4 unless he buys up some $30-$50K worth of gear to stock in store to get his NPD back and in this economy it didn’t look promising. The other NPD said when the D3 came out, they took deposits on them and operated from on a “First come. First served basis.”

    As to Canon, the NID dealer said he could get anything he wanted from them, but Nikon has shut him off on high-end gear with their new to him NID status. He wasn’t too happy with their new management system and thinks it will hurt their overall sales since merchandise may become even more limited and even the local NPD dealers are limited in pro stock they buy.

  • Davide

    Nikon is not going to release a D800 before releasing a D4,
    In order to be competitive a D800 should be better than a 5d mk2 and the new sony etc..
    Which means that they would cannibalise their own high end market!

    • Anon

      This subject has been discussed. Nikon may choose to differentiate two products. I mean different targets, different sensors & functions…

  • Hi Admin,

    Did you hear anything about the Capture NX3? I read on the Flick group that the Color Effect Pro 4 launched by Nik Software is not compatible with the Capture NX2. This means the new Capture NX program should be on its way.


    • Yes, I actually have a post on that but did not have time to finish it. Maybe this will be the October announcement.

      • Abhay Naik

        Waiting impatiently to read your article….

    • Steve Starr

      Capture NX2 has a new version update out to cover the two new mirrorless ones, version 2.2.8 I think it was that I grabbed off the Nikon website. I thought they would move to CNX3 for those two. Seems remote they are doing any FX release soon if the best they have is some CNX2 update even with their new cameras.

      Nik Color Effect Pro 3 was bundled with the Corel Photoshop X4 upgrade I got for $64 with the Corel 15-20% coupon. Not a bad deal. Won’t work with Photoshop as a filter as they did something so the program will only work with the Corel PSP X4 software as a filter for it alone. Don’t know if they will bump it up to CEP 4 though.

  • the good stuff better be out before london 2012

  • Orange Julius

    I just had my Nikon D3 and D700 serviced at NPS and I showed interest in an upgrading to a Nikon D3s… Without telling me all the ins and outs – they couldn’t and if they could they were not allowed – I should just wait until later this year as Nikon would come up with something completely new worth waiting 🙂 The tsunami etc.in Japan has delayed new product introduction by 2-3 month so…

    BTW everybody seems so unhappy with Nikon lately… Anyone interested in selling a Nikon D3X or NIkon D3S as you seem so unsatisfied with Nikon!!!

    • 120-300 os

      you are totally right i like the d3s also nice present if sombody changes to something new the iso is perfect for me

  • Orange Julius

    … and then Nikon releases the Nikon D4 and Nikon D800 and the complaining starts about their price tags…

  • Sahaja

    If the sensor in the V1 is so good, they can scale it up to APS-C, put it in a D400 and noone will need a D4 or D800 ~ so Nikon can get away with releasing only 1 DSLR later this year and everyone will be happy 🙂

  • Bubba

    Ashton Kooter autographed Coolpix printers.

  • Do you all expect D4/D800 (or what ever then names will be) before the D400 (or what ever the name will be)? I am more interested in D400 forecast than the others…

  • Do you all expect D4/D800 (or what ever then names will be) before the D400 (or what ever the name will be)? I am more interested in D400 forecast than the others…

  • Ian Bunch

    Fed up of waiting for a new Nikon DSLR. I’m going to sleep now. Wake me up when it arrives. I’m expecting 24mp and some serious wow, otherwise I’m not to be disturbed

  • Time to switch to Canon. This waiting is b.s.

  • Alex

    maybe we’re lucky and finally see new nikon dslrs in the last weeks of october…at least announced!
    canon has something coming up on oct 26th and the invitation has three important letters on them: EOS!
    lets wait and see…

  • Minime

    Ok, I know all you big boys are itchin’ to get your hands on those big FF’s. This thread was originally about a new DX lens for those who like the Japanese prefer their eqipment to come in small packages. So lets have some fun and see who can guess what the new DX lens is. I’m going for a 14mm f2,8.

  • Enrico

    wake up nikon! what are you waiting for???

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