Last Nikon 1 recap, I promise

This is the last Nikon 1 recap, I promise:

  • AP:  a senior Nikon official said that Nikon is not worried if Canon announces a mirrorless camera with a larger sensor
  • Nikon expects their new mirrorless cameras to become #1 in Taiwan and Malaysia.
  • All Nikon 1 products are made in China.
  • Nikon J1 is really small - here it is next to a smart phone (from the event in Bulgaria):

  • ISO comparison from 800 to 3,200 between the GF3 and J1 from Cnet Asia:

  • ISO comparisons with different cameras from focus-numerique.
  • DSLRMagazine also has done some Nikon 1 V1 tests.
  • More Nikon J1 image sample comparisons with other mirrorless cameras available at digitalcamerainfo.
  • Some quotes of the imaging-resource interview with Masahiro Suzuki (General Manager, Research & Development Department):

When we started with this development, it was quite some time ago, it was prior to the Micro Four Thirds launch (almost four years ago)

We are quite confident that we achieved almost exactly the same quality as our DSLR

(Oh the Nikon 1 sensor) We developed it; we engineered and developed this sensor inside Nikon. But for the production side, that is done by our partner.

Nikon 1 hands-on:

Motion Snapshot video demo:

Test Nikon V1 : 1200fps, 40fps & 60fps full HD from Rob1 on Vimeo.

More Nikon product videos:

Interview with the product manager of Nikon UK:

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  • Photonut

    – as expected: useless at higher ISO

    – Nikon started the development before m4/3? Based on the specs I truly believe that!! And apparently no one at Nikon had the guts to pull the plug on the project once m4/3 became available…

  • Jaye

    Nikon’s biggest problem with the 1 system is that they made micro four-thirds look even better in terms of being the best middle ground system. Nikon should of made the sensor like a 2.2 or 1.9 crop sensor and I guarantee there would be a lot less groaning!

  • delacroix

    “We are quite confident that we achieved almost exactly the same quality as our DSLR”


    just look at 100 iso , the nikon has the softest pictures

  • Anon

    What a weird week – Nikonians bashing Nikon camera!

  • its Tiny cameras but has amazing sophisticated, i will waiting for the best camera mirrorless sophistication in a future..

  • nikon made in china you really have to be kidding me NEVER NEVER NEVER

  • Mike

    Those samples of other mirrorless solutions compared to the 1 series are just absolutely miles ahead in comparison to the noisy 1 series. What a huge letdown – very noisy sensor and small aperture sizes on the available lenses. Not exactly cheap either. One can get a D3100 with a 35mm f/1.8 for the same price as a J1… why anyone would buy this is beyond me.

  • Stefan

    I don’t get how they spend more than 4 years making this, but….
    Guys, relax, it’s just a camera for “chix” and moms that have little to no interest in or knowledge about sensor sizes, lenses, etc. Seriously, many girls do not care about specifications at all! I know I’m being prejudice, but I’m just saying that the majority have no interest in the newest and most advanced imaging technology. It’s a bit like the sony vaio of cameras. As long as it works, can take pictures, comes in different colours, looks slightly more “pro” than the point-and-shoot and is sort-of-stylish, it’s alright. The price tag may is too steep, but I’m sure many girls think it looks more trendy as its smaller and “cuter” than a nikon d3100, and would therefore prefer it. I am sure that this website is mainly visited by men (70%-80% or more), and to us specifications is everything! Camera styling is maybe of 3rd or 4th priority when we buy a camera. To many girls, it is the complete opposite.
    I suggest we just ignore this, as no nikonians have any interest in this camera as it isn’t made for us.

    The only peculiar thing is that they completely exclude us by releasing something that we know is rubbish, instead of releasing a range of aps-c or full frame sensor pocketable cameras in different price levels and different styling. Something similar to the new Sony nex5n and Sony Nex7, but with a lovely nikon mount and controls (depending on the price class) with options of lens converters. Heck, they could just make some new pink pancake zoom lenses for the chicks. It’d be more of a win-win situation.

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