will be down for maintenance tonight

One dedicated server can no longer handle the NikonRumors traffic. My hosting company will be adding a second server tonight. Two servers with a front-end load balancer should be able to handle the expected traffic spike for the D800/D4 announcement (whenever that would be). Tonight at 11:00 pm (EST) will be down for approximately 30 minutes. I have also removed the PhotoRumors and LeicaRumors RSS feeds from the main page - they were significantly slowing the page load time and causing extra server overload. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • Up $#!t’s creek

    thats not money well spent, there’s not going to be a d800/d4

    • Vandyu

      Love the picture. Actually got a laugh and remembered that occasionally there is humor in this place and not just the constant moaning and grumbling because Nikon hasn’t announced the next FF models. That gets so old.

      • Not Surprised

        I’m actually quite happy with the Nikon 1 news — extremely compact, ready for the next generations of sensors — very forward thinking. Pancake lenses Nikon — make the pancakes lenses!

        Admin at NR has done a great job. He should ask for $1 donations through a Phone App or something.

        • Nicole

          Please may I second your thoughts & congratulations? Well done indeed Admin. ๐Ÿ™‚

          May I also add that I’m still quite content with my D3s, as I am with my F,F2,F3,F4 & F5. All are supremely capable cameras.

          For those who have to gripe, please remember that the lens and the photographer have more effect upon the photograph than just the camera.

    • Kon_head

      Save the money for now, no Ds for another year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • distanted

    Either way, he’s going to need a second server to handle either the frenzy over new DSLR announcements or the sheer volume of people sharing their intent to switch over to Canon if there is no DSLR announcement.

    • Tiger1050-rider

      Go on then change to Canon.
      I was out on a shoot with a few canonistas yesterday. One of them had a new 7d. What a total mess ergonomically. It was so dfferent from his previous body (400d). So many things required him to use them menus. Things that are so easy on a Nikon.
      His camera might have more pixels than my D700 but I had a lot more fun taking picture of Red Kites than he did.
      Even the other Canon fans felt sorry for him. mind you, one of them has given up trying to use Continuious AF on his 5d2. Now he is having fun again using MF.

  • As the second seems to be here just to sustain the load of spike some cloud servers (on amazon for instance) could be used, it would scale, and you could only use it when needed.


    • I can try the cloud later on, but my understanding is that it works only for static files.

  • Nice picture. :))

  • Paranoia san

    This is indicating a D4 announcement tomorrow..

  • pethunia

    Inconveniences need not be apologied, NR~! Good luck with this procedure.

  • Lty

    Admin we apologize for causing you to set up a second server due to just the sheer amount of whinyness cramming it up ><. Sorry.

    • no need to apologize, I knew this time will come, I just did not expected it that soon

      • So you DO know something! Spill it! That’s what this site is all about.

        • All I know is that there will not be any FX DSLR in October, because we would have leaks by now. That’s all really and I could be wrong.

          • where_is_our_d800…

            there was close to zero leak prior to the D3 annoucement AFAIK. could that be the case for D4 also?

          • Adminโ€”

            It’s going to be hard to get leaks for a product that will never be released. According to some very well informed (if not poorly behaved) folks on this site, they have made it startlingly clear that the D4/D800 are never going to see the light of day.

            I thought the maintenance was going to be you unplugging the server, since Nikon is obviously announcing tomorrow that they have fired all their plants and burned all their people.

            Those cretins.

  • First post from my macbook air 11.6 I5, good maintenance!

  • Diehard KR Fan

    is this just a rumor or is the site really going down? what is the rumor percentage of this rumor?

  • NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! I need my rumors! Lie to me about the D4 and D800 and their specs if you must!!

  • whatever happened to the older posts on the bottom?? i was on vaca maybe i missed it

    • I removed those yesterday. The links were actually RSS feeds that were taking a lot of resources, since they were updated dynamically every time the page was refreshed. You will have to visit each of the sites for the latest posts or subscribe to the RSS feeds directly.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        I miss those RSS feeds at the bottom too, but NR loads much faster on the iPhone now, so that’s a plus. I just assumed you put the disclaimers there because some big company was stomping all over you

        Thanks for the efforts you make to keep this site up and running Peter. It’s like having coffee… I need a fixe every day, but too much and I’ll go hyper ๐Ÿ˜€

        Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! Go D4!, Go D4! …. done.

  • Good luck with the switch over tonight, Peter. All hail [NR].

  • Karlosak

    Maybe admin smells something and the D800/D4 announcement is imminent… One can always hope ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    How am I going to sleep if I can’t whine out on Nikon Rumors tonight? Damn you Nikon!!!!! Bring on the camera already. I’m so used to checking for news here that I really don’t know where else to go. What is gonna happen when the D800 finally comes? Im going to be too busy making photos and videos to check NR? EXPEED3, Godspeed! I love the feature in the new V1 that let’s you snap a frame during a video recording. That’s great tech. Truly silent autofocus would be nice too. I’m looking forward to some innovative features on the D800, on top of outstanding IQ and responsiveness. Here’s to a surprise announcement in October. Not that I actually think that will happen, that won’t stop me from hoping…
    Nikon Rumors, it’s so much more than rumors. I am comings? I’m still laughing.

  • The invisible man

    Whoooo…..Peter have a date !

  • I believe we’re still on daylight saving time so it should be EDT.

  • rudymnv

    I just want to thank you admin, for your effort, and for providing good information to community! Cheers!

    • and thank you all for being NR readers

  • texasjoe

    @ADMIN with these new servers will you be putting back the photo/leica rss feeds?

    • I am afraid not, this was the main resource hog of this site. I cannot even believe that people were reading those. Maybe I can think of a different way of displaying them (static links instead of RSS). How many of you were checking those links at the botom of the page?

      • Peter, try KB Advanced RSS Widget for WordPress. It only updates every hour so it won’t bog down your server on each page load.

        • I’d love to see a solution as well. But when I think about it, I’m probably more interested in lightning fast load times instead of the extra RSS feeds. Even now, the site is a bit sluggish.

          I did click on those links from time to time, and read them somewhat regularly (once or twice a week). I do think the list of the last 10-20 articles from NR was nice as well, and I definitely hope that makes its way back to the site somehow.

      • texajoe

        I would always read them. So I wouldn’t actually go to the page but still know if there was anything wanted to check out… :-/

        • I will see if I can find a better way of displaying those links at the bottom of the page.

      • Jabs


        Firefox 6.02 has a feature wherein you can Subscribe to an RSS feed.

        Just put an RSS link for those who do not have or use Firefox, instead of putting the entire FEED itself there.

        • I already have a RSS feed buttons (for posts and comments on the top right and bottom of the main page)

          • Jabs


            Thanks, I see them now but never really looked before as more interested in the immediate content.

            Talk about my narrow focus – lol

      • Ke

        If there’s anyway of getting them back I think it’d be a plus. They were useful.

  • broxibear

    Intersesting interview with Masahiro Suzuki, General Manager R&D, Nikon Imaging…

    • venancio

      thanks broxibear, made me rethink the N1 system with respect to my needs for a travel gear… while the need for D800 is still there, the N1 will be gauged by its performance against different types of “systems” – X10 to X200 (maybe), NEX 5n and 7, other micro 4/3… the last quarter of the year is getting exciting…

    • nek wellrock

      thanks BB…..neat read.

    • Jabs


      Thank you very much for that link.

      Verifies what I have stated here constantly about Nikon and why the D3X cleans the clock of other cameras.

      It’s the processing sub-system and not just the sensor.

      Now Nikon has acknowledged that they have moved from analog to digital sensor readout and also two processing cores plus now 24 digital channels versus 12 analog channels previously, and thus a monster of a camera system.

      Can you imagine what a D7100 does and then also what a more expensive D4 does?

      1/16000 of a second shutter speed with two shutters perhaps too, 2K Cinema resolution, 16fps and 1/2000 sec flash sync plus more like a RED system. Maybe even RAW video too!!!

      Oh well, let us see soon while we dream!

      RED has moved to 4K to 8K Cinema, so now the lower end maybe moves to 2K.

      • broxibear

        Hey Jabs,
        It’s interesting that all the things you’ve stated are about video.
        I’ve always thought that with the D3 series Nikon reached as far as they could go with still images. Yes you got an extra stop with the D3s after 3200 and the extra MP with the D3x, but as far as I’m concerned those are very fine differences.
        I’m not expecting much more as far as stills are concerned but the big differences with the D4 series will be video.
        I think that’s one of the reasons I’m not particularly excited about the D4, I don’t shoot video. Don’t get me wrong it’ll be interesting to see what Nikon do with their D4 but it has no real affect on me as a photographer.
        I hope Canon and Nikon don’t forget photographers in their race towards film makers.

        • Jabs


          LOL – about Nikon reaching the ‘zenith’ of still image in the D3 series.

          Naw – too early for that as only year 2011 and thus what about the future?

          I see the D3 series as the beginning of slide film like Velvia 50D really being passed and thus a different perspective, perhaps.

          I see a march towards 24bit RAW files and eventually 32 bit RAW files from the current 16bit, but jpegs being done away with or now a secondary output option with a better codec as now standard. Iakso see a march away from USB 2 to maybe USB 3 and Thunderbolt plus a newer and better Wireless standard for cameras.

          The importance of a higher bit structure in images comes home to you clearly when you look at OpenEXR files in Linux 64bit and then go, so that is what they do in the Movies at the high end especially when we now are in a 3D world from Avatar the Movie.

          Have you seen the stills from the RED series of cameras?

          Then you might understand the Nikon 1 plus perhaps learn where both Nikon and Canon are possibly going soon too.

          People clamor here about Sony and others similar, but compared to where I see Nikon and Canon possibly going, then I see them as now occupying the amateur market with glorified and useless or over-hyped specs while they (Nikon and Canon) go after the real Pros with real new ideas and outrageous performance plus even prices.

          The REAL problem though is (to me) – will these Pros recognize the need to change plus accept this change and the new challenges? Almost every new and exciting change brings about new and better features but the downside is often more work or more accurate image capture and processing, so newer tripods/heads, filters and even techniques will have to be learned to differentiate yourself from the ‘amateur creep’, perhaps or what they say about everyone having a smartphone and able to do what was not common years ago, but to now do it easily and quickly – HENCE, you have to basically step up your game or be left behind in disgust. The amateurs and recent cameras do now easily what mainly Pros alone could do years ago is what is occurring, so you have to stay ahead of them or now become irrelevant in a changing world.

          This is the Digital Era and not the Industrial Era, which died years ago but lost on many like Leica and such.

          That is one of the main reasons why there is all the bellyaching here – they are scared because they know they are being left behind, so instead of trying to embrace change, they want to maintain the status quo as in Sony Nex or Fuji X100’s old fashioned ideas. Sentimental people, perhaps!

          You either move forward professionally in Technology or you are last years news or someone else has ran over you and now you become yesterday’s blues.

          Ask the Book Publishers and the Music Industry plus now maybe the Television and Cable Industries what happened to them after Apple showed them how to think and act digitally in a changed world of technology?

          Some still do not get it even today and thus they die or try to maintain a dead horse = The Murdoch Empire, for example.

          HEY pal, the horse is already DEAD – lost on them too and now mere like dinosaurs. Embrace change or be ran over by change!

  • pabs

    At 11 pm tonight, Nikon will announce the forthcoming release of their new DSLR’s, including the D800 and D4

  • Rosco

    “How many of you were checking those links at the botom of the page? ”

    Every time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Guys, I’ve heard a rumor that is doubling the server capacity in anticipation of a lot of web traffic…I say the D800 is finally coming.
    Admin can you confirm this, or is it just a rumor? LOL

    • No, I am just getting ready. No idea when the D4/D800 will come out (probably not in October).

      • yeah, probably not in October….

        Because it’s going to happen tonight!!!

  • Jรธrgen

    I AM down

  • enesunkie

    A front end load balancer. That sounds like something that would help with the handling/traction of my car. I wonder if they make them for my make and model?

  • nik

    good. no more mirrorless crap.

  • Ralph

    Additional server capacity for the D800/D4 anouncement!!! Talk about the last of the great believers. I do admire the optimism, congratulations.

  • R R

    D800/D4 announcement? I have lost every bit of excitement left in me for this..

    we will get probably another purple coolpix now with a translator, mp3 player and probably GPS so that tourists dont get lost or something.. cause thats where Nikon gets their money.

  • D

    Admin, can you confirm or deny signing any NDAs? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I was never under NDA and I will never be. Nikon will never give me any info before a release because it will end up online 3 minutes later.

      • AnoNemo

        That is why Nikon is a bit retard. I mean I bet more people come here than to their PR websites. More people learn here about Nikon than anywhere else. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • D

        “NDA? Never …”

        That … is always the only appropriate response. He he

        Play it like Apple. Be as secretive as possible. Deny everything. It’s the reason people sleep outside their stores to get the latest iThing.

        It would be rad if Nikon had Nikon Stores one day.

  • samot

    And the successor’s are here…. the wait is over. Be ready for some really revolutionary stuff… as well as the retail price…

  • The invisible man

    I was wondering why it took so long to load the NR main page the last 2 weeks !
    Well, thank you for fixing it !

    • Is it faster now?

      • The invisible man

        I don’t know yet…I’m still loading the front page.

      • Jabs


        Yes, it is faster but you eventually need an Octo-core (8 core) new AMD Opteron being released in a little while.

  • Kevin

    Thank you NR for all of your efforts to keep us informed!

  • The invisible man

    12 more days until the Paris photo event.
    Let’s hope……

    • InfraRed

      Je doute qu’il se passe quoi que ce soit… Paris, la France, l’Europe…: tout cela n’a pas grande importance pour Nikon. La Chine, OUI!
      Soyons realiste: qui en Europe achetera une appareil photo rose?

      [Ain’t gonna happen! Nikon doesn’t care about Paris, France, Europe.
      It’s all about China. Let’s be realistic: who in Europe will buy a pink camera?]

      • Ananymous

        le garsons will buy the pink camera. ๐Ÿ™‚ Based on the “parades” you have many will buy.

        • The invisible man

          les “garรงons”

  • Iris Chrome

    Get well soon Nikon Rumors! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • pdc

      Get well soon Nikon.

  • Just a wondering if you have considered to host with direct? Leave all the traffic load to them? They offer a vip service if you have large pockets,LOL

    Thanks for everything


    • I talked to them few months ago – they require you to have a dedicated developer which I do no have.

  • BetaHal

    Though a tad bit old, I found this that you may want to take a look to this link: It’s a supposed leak from the design of the upcoming Canon mirrorless camera (which, interestingly, includes an optical viewfinder).

    Hey, admin! What about a post asking us, Nikon Rumor readers, about what would we want for future (mirrorless or not) Nikon bodies? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • BetaHal

      By the way, has just released its own review of the J1 and V1 Nikon cameras. Here’s the link:

      • This is interesting! If the price tag of this camera with kit lens reaches $1.100,00 will be a great add on on bag! Let’s wait and see!

      • Jabs


        Your second link showed the Testers to be basically blind as a bat and hating new tech or even Nikon.

        Stone age people perhaps!

        The cameras are low end cameras and they perform well and then you have basically idiots trying to compare them to cameras in a class above them in megapixel size and then when they make their conclusions, the FACTS or images do not support their claims = ignorant rants from people with a clear agenda.

        Sour grapes perhaps!

        Get a real photographer and lock these little cameras down on a TRIPOD as the majority of shots that I have seen from the new Nikon 1 system have all been either slightly out of focus or showing abundant subject movement – meaning the camera operator shook because the bodies are so small.

        • BetaHal

          You have a point, there, Jabs. But I think that the problem is that eoshd’s webmaster is strongly partial to mirrorless cameras for advanced or enthusiast photographers. To see what I mean, look at this another interesting article:

          • Jabs


            I am glad that you did not take my observations as a personal attack – LOL.

            I see that crap all the time, so I overlook them, as adult here.

            Dreams cloud one’s vision as we are all humans and fickle too.

            Have a good one and thanks for the links – very informative too.

            Takes all types of people to make the world go round as they say and thus I leave people to their own personal opinions and then try to hone mine with the facts as I see them. Wrong often but right quite a bit is how I would like to be and then don’t want anyone to rely on me for thoughts as they too have a brain – USE it then, is what I believe as it is not a mere parking lot – lol.

    • Jabs


      Thanks – great link and great info.

      So Nikon and Canon are not dead or either clueless – lol

      On with the technological march now.

      Revenge of the two Titans then.

  • The expected traffic spike, LOL. I suppose the longer the wait, the less guilty I will feel about replacing my D700. Canon is playing the same game. It kind of makes one wonder.

    • Maybe Nikon’s strategy is to stay silent long enough that the whiners that threaten abandonment finally do it. Nikon’s gonna starve them out.

      I think it’s a great strategy. The sooner they’re gone, the sooner Nikon will start phase 2, sending personalized emails to our inbox sharing the roadmap for the next 36 months. I can’t wait!!!

  • JD

    Admin – here’s a great tip for speeding up WordPress:

    Using nginx either as a proxy in front of apache or fully replacing apache with nginx can make servers able to serve a whole lot more requests per server. Combined with WP Super Cache (that you probably already use) this can squeeze out a lot more performance from WordPress.

  • Scott

    So, what about a new Dx body? Any time soon?

  • During maintenance time on the server i listen to this.

    It makes you relax a bit…. welcome home J1 and V1

  • scott

    Any sign of new lenses being released? I want to pull the trigger on a 300mm f/4, but I keep hearing/reading “wait, wait…”

  • PhotoCat

    All I know is when Nikon announces the replacement for the D700, you will need to add more servers for the website by the 6-pack!

    Word out.


  • The invisible man

    Here is few tips for your date tonight.

    – Take some potraits of her with a Leica (no Coolpix please)
    – Tell her that you know The Invisible Man and had seen him.
    – Tell her “comme vous รชtes jolie, vous ressemblez ร  mon 14-24mm Nikkor”
    – Tell her that you own 2 great tele, a 600mm f/4 and an other one….

    Good luck !

    • Jabs

      Then she will possibly say that you are certifiable crazy if you saw an invisible person and then come towards her with a big stick – LOL

      You figure it out.

  • peterw

    … Yes, lovely Gigondas that is. … huhu, good Rock Fort… but… why not skip the D4 / D400 crap and pass to D5 and D500? … You say? … Yes off course it will sell. … No, nobody will miss that… They’ve never seen anything… A promisse breach? Come on…

    … Oh, uh, I see this rumor site is on line again… Got to hang up… Yes, love you too. See you in Februari…

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