Weekly Nikon news flash #129

With the Nikon 1 announcement this week, there was not much else going on in Nikon's world:

  • MyShutterCount will tell you how many times you "clicked" your digital camera. A reader sent me a screenshots as a proof that his Nikon D2x clicked 691,701 times and is still going. Can someone beat this? Check also this website for camera shutter life expectancy.

  • Pentax 645D compared to the Nikon D3x.
  • There is a rumor of a new Nikon Solutions Expo at the end of 2012 in Cologne, Germany.
  • There is a long thread on an Italian forum about a Facebook picture from Francesco Cappellari where Michele Di Francesco (from Nikon Italy) and Francesco Iovine, (director of the magazine "Il Fotografo") reportedly present the D800 at an unknown event:

One of the comments says: "Francesco Cappellari: Guys I can't tell anything more, the other news are reserved for the meeting members". Another comment later said that this was all a joke. here is a detailed video of the Facebook post:

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  • Minime

    I don’t know why anyone would want to compare the 645D to a D3x. Without even reading TFA, I’ll take a stab at the conclusion. The 645D yields higher IQ and larger prints and best used in landscapes, product and other areas where speed is not an issue. The D3x is better at doing everything else. Gee, not much different than comparing a medium format film camera to a 135 format film camera of yesteryear.

    • Ralph

      I just bought a 645D and I find it perfectly fine most of the time. Its not a high frame rate sports camera and its not much good for wildlife photography. But the D3x isnt really much good for either of those either, I use a D7000 for those two. Even as a travel camera the D3x is no better, its nealry as heavy as the 645D. I use my 645D for portrait, landscape and most travel work. I use the D7000 for wildlife and sports. The D3x has no place for me, its too heavy for what it is. The D700x was my hope for a long time but I think Ive made the right decision changing to a 645D and D7000 combo.

      • Jabs


        You might want to reread your claims about the Pentax both being not good and good for landscape use.

        Maybe a typo or such???

        Not clear to me what you are saying!

        • Jabs

          Sorry but meant the confusing claims of wildlife, and landscape plus saying that the D3X is almost the same weight as the Pentax YET, you chose it.

          Please elaborate or explain these conflicting (to me) claims.

          I understand the way that you like a DX body for the greater reach, but what about better resolution.

          You seem to be fixated on money issues in your choices and not better performance, to me anyway.

          Your choices then, but your arguments don’t follow logically to me.

          OK – you like a Pentax 645D and a D7000 = fine with me.

          Last comment:
          Many people actually shoot sports with both a D3s and a D3X, but maybe I would not do it myself except when I would be shooting certain scenes for say a Magazine cover or a ‘Coffee Table’ style book like how some motorcycle shooters use a D3s to get on the track action with a 600mm F4 plus then get the stills of clean race bikes before the race with a D3X and maybe a 24-70 F2.8 or a PC-E Macro lens and thus use both cameras for different purposes as now they don’t have to use two basically different functioning bodies and kill their productivity from switching between them as the action unfolds.

  • Rob

    Some of the submitted shutter counts are obviously fake, which completely skews the averages. You can still look at the graph and approximate the median though.

  • Ronan

    Over 1.5 million actuations on my old D2H. It died a year(ish) ago. I was it’s 5th owner 🙂

    At the end, the shutter simply got stuck one day. I brought it to Nikon but replacing it was more expensive than grabbing a used one on ebay. At the end, i sold it for parts since i was shooting D3 and D300.

    • That’s what I call getting your money’s worth. Check in some forums dudes are selling bodies with 4k clicks on them. I guess they like shiny new gear to not take many pictures with.

  • Ben C. K.

    You can also see the shutter actuation number of a photo if you upload it to Flickr. It’s in the EXIF data under Image Number I believe.

  • NR Admin


  • texajoe

    Test passed. Icon failed.

  • Kon_head

    O it is coming, just a matter of when… 2012, 2013, 2014……

  • Mike

    I have a feeling you have never used an M9 for any appreciable length of time. The results can be absolutely stunning, image quality from an M9 and any of the Leica lenses is top notch.

    • Ronan

      M9 is crap. M lenses are superb.

  • Drew Hoover

    The Pentax and D3X comparison is stupid. Medium format is a totally different realm than FX/35mm. You would never use those two cameras/formats interchangeably.

  • Drew Hoover

    Also, the idea that the D3x is the “top model” or flagship is silly. I would argue that Nikon has two flagships, the D3s and D3x. The D3x is only the “top model” if you are MP obsessed. It sounds like Pentax fanboys wrote the article to feel good about their brand.

    • PHB

      The D3x is not Nikon’ most advanced model, it only manages 1600 ISO rather than the 12,800 the D3s achieves.

      But ‘MP obsessed’, what other reason would there be for getting the Pentax?

      The D3x does not manage as many pixels as the Pentax but other than that it has the Pentax beat on all the relevant specs.

      A bigger sensor does not collect more light than a small one, its the lens. The Pentax lenses are f/2.8, the Nikon lenses are f/1.4. Getting the coverage on the MF lens is expensive.

      Judge the lens plus the body as a combo and the D3x is crushing the Pentax on everything but the raw MP and for much less money.

      Sensor size does not matter provided that you have ‘enough’. A D4x with the same sensor resolution as the Nikon1 would have 48MP and offer ISO 3200.

      • GeofFx

        You didn’t look at the pictures did you? The Pentax is “crushing” the Nikon at every ISO up to 800. Most people I know take the majority of their pictures at an ISO value of less than 1000.

        • Jabs


          Actually all the pictures are lousy as in learn to focus, use a polarizer and some filters IF you claim to be a professional = pretenders or idiots!

          I do expect the Pentax 645D to beat a D3X in resolution, but the camera is basically useless to me and thus I would buy a better camera like the Mamiya Series –


          The Pentax system is not flexible enough for what real photographers do with a CAMERA system and thus clueless braggarts trying to merely put down Nikon.

          How are you going to run a Business with a few lenses and no revolving back?

          Are you serious or merely suffering from something nameless – LOL?

          People really are jealous of this great D3X for sure.

          BTW, the D3X has greater dynamic range plus 16bit RAW available, as far as I remember and not mentioned in that rant, PLUS the D3X is basically a Studio camera and thus where are the Studio shots with proper lighting, matte boxes, gels, snoots, umbrellas and such?


          Most ‘spec heads’ are basically clueless braggarts divorced from the reality of what people actually do with an expensive Professional TOOL.

          Learn that, please!

          • GeofFx

            Hmm.. Jabs sounds pretty tough. I better be careful not to disagree with him.

            • Jabs


              I am disappointed in your description of me as ‘tough’, as that sounds like a thug, a bully or even a ‘mobster’ type of a person and perhaps over reaction on my part to your response.

              I actually looked at the files and read the report and thus my comments.

              1. The camera has two tripod mount holes – meaning that if you are trying to take a shot and need a vertical and horizontal (portrait and landscape, basically) shot of the same object, then you are now stuck. This means that you now have to remove the camera from the tripod and then reposition, perhaps leading to two different views of the same object from subject displacement. That makes it a worthless medium format DSLR as in the Studio as this is critical, but since the D3X does not have a rotating back, then touche’.

              2. Most landscape photographers use polarizers and ND (neutral density) filters or even combinations of these functions in one filter to remove or minimize the sheen or reflection on leaves and upon examining their images, it was obvious that they did not use that type of a filter. Lousy landscape shooters then!

              3. They failed on at least two counts and thus a useless test from a photographic standpoint, hence why I said – GET a real photographer now – instead of a ‘web zealot’ with an agenda too.

              I look at the details and then analyze their conclusions and nothing really matched, so mere bellyaching to me with their lousy tests and images too.

              You have a Studio camera and you test it outside of its’ environment and make lousy images and then what am I to now conclude – that you are competent? NO!

              They did not use any Studio gear that showed their ability to use and understand that plus they defeated the purpose of their now useless rant about what camera is better when comparing two different camera types. Does that make any sense whatsoever? They might as well have said – I prefer the Pentax to the D3X and be done with it – at least that would have been honest instead of that elaborate basically ‘hoax’ or ‘pretend’ test to now justify their disdain for another form of camera.

              Do you race a Ferrari Formula 1 car up Pikes Peak, Colorado instead of a Subaru WRX = their test to me?

              That’s how I see that.

  • Dormant

    You don’t have to upload photos to a website to see the shutter count. It’s in the EXIF data, and there are many utilities available to examine the EXIF data.

    I use exiftool, which shows that, after more than 44,000 actuations, I’ve only ever deleted 11 images in-camera.

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    mirror load balancer not updated.

    too bad.

  • broxibear

    Did the blog crash…all my comments have gone ?
    New Server playing up.

    • AnoNemo

      It is interesting because when I pull up the site my comments are there then 2 minutes later I go back and they are missing. Also, in the case when I can see my comments I can post otherwise I cannot even post (and I had to fill out the form). It is like two different sites with some posts on both some on just one site.

      I hope this help.

      • There are some issues with the database sync between both servers. If you have left your comment on server 1 and then access server 2, your comment may not be there. My hosting company is working on this.

        • AnoNemo

          NR Admin,

          No problem, take your time. The reason why I posted my observations because I thought they would help.

        • AnoNemo

          NR Admin,

          My observations and comments:

          1) I can see some speed improvement but I think the google ads are slowing it down a bit. I am not sure this is region dependent (let’s say your ads in the US come up faster than if you were in the UK)

          2) Post somewhere an update so visitors will know that improvements and changes and lost posts will happen in the next couple of days until everything is sorted out.

          3) Don’t waste time getting the lost posts back.

          4) Great job! Thanks

  • big eater

    I think the Nikon 1 and the Pentax (or Mamiya) 645 would be the perfect duo. One for web-only pix and video, the other for serious commercial work. How could you go wrong?

    • get D700, better for both cases and cheaper. Spend rest moneys on light and lenses.

  • This is one of Broxibear’s missing comments:

    Did anyone watch CSI New York last week, it was the 10th anniversary of 9/11 episode ?
    All the CSI shows use Nikon cameras, in this episode they show a few shots of them using a D3x, but there’s another camera being used that I suspect may be the D4.
    I’ve watched it in 720p, paused it and it’s not a D3x. It has different buttons at the rear, they look square not circular, and there’s a different button next to the play button top left.
    Don’t confuse this camera with the D3x you see in later scenes, the scene I’m talking about is around 7 mins in when Hill Harper is photographing the crime scene.
    i don’t have the video tools to screen grab that particular shot, so if someone out there could check it out that would be cool. Thanks.
    Someone else also mentioned a mysterious Nikon in the first episode of the new series of Hawaii Five-0…I’ve not seen this so don’t know anything further about it.

    • broxibear, I watch the video but not in HD and could not spot anything unusual on the Nikon in the CSI episode. Maybe you can screen capture the hi-res image and post a link here?

  • mikils

    oh boy,the italian forum is, for some reason, written in english, sort of; while I shudder and cringe, I feel I must apologize on behalf of my countrymen for the unbelievably bad english most of the posts are written in.

    • this is google translation 🙂

      • mikils

        Whew! Then My Country’s honor is safe! Then it should be Google duty to apologize…

  • Nikon’s official stance on shutter count software:

    There is no way to accurately tell the total number of times your camera shutter has released. While there are third party software applications designed to read a cameras shutter count, this number is not always accurate because the shutter release times may be reset by firmware updates, or reset in the Service department if certain parts are replaced or other operations are performed.

    • D7000 User

      I just checked my pictures before & after service from Nikon (Sensor Cleaning).

      Nikon Service Dept updated firmware to 1.02. Shutter count was NOT reset.

    • Dr Motmot

      If you shoot video with your DSLR, how does this affect the shutter count?

  • R!

    Damn where are all the homies at?????? I guess no pro body means no body!!!!!!!!

  • R!

    By the way thank you Nikon rumors and Admin to let us say what we want and discuss about photography in our own ways on that forum.Nikon rumors rules!!!!!!!

  • R!

    what did I say wrong????Maybe we need to stick on the subject ,well I avrage 1000 shots a month ,5000 shots when I’m very busy;always upgrade the firmware and I never keep a Digital Camera more than 2 yrs so I can change my gears without loosing to much .I think that the critical thing for the shutters mechanic and for the sensor is high speed shooting because of the heating of the sensor and processor and the fluidity of the mirror moovment.

  • MysterF

    “113) Submitted by jjlv
    Clicks: 8,388,607
    Shutter still alive: Yes”

    • Rob

      117 submitted his shutter dead at 8 million exactly. Obviously they are both fake, and 113 was influenced by the first fake (or vice-versa if it’s highest = newest).

  • Ren Kockwell

    And another day goes by without any FX info, making a 2011 announcement all the more bleak.

  • jose

    fex weeks ago i read in this post the new developing for expeed 3 , a new image processor, I think the news fx camera will come with this processor.

  • Dweeb

    “Your email is never published nor shared. Required fields are marked *”

    But your posts are deleted. Oh happy Nikon Rumours fans. Praise pink useless cameras from the Japanese emperor. Is the internet corrupt? Yes says my experience. Posts are deleted without explanation when the message from those in the know don’t co-incide with the web registration owner.

    Nikon has nothing. Rumours have been BS from last year. Track record has not been good. When you have advertisers to feed truth gEts dumped down the drain.

    • If you scroll up and see my pervious comment you will understand why some comments are missing, relax, I am not deleting your comments

  • Dweeb

    News Flash. You have something to say we and Nikon don’t like we delete you. Our site income and Nikon (Nikonians) demand it.

    • Rob

      News flash: he has every right to delete any comment he wants. It’s his site. Yet he’s NOT deleting your comments. Go somewhere else.

    • Blame Canada!

      • Neo-Colonialist

        with their beady little eyes
        and their heads all full of lies.


    • Rob

      I think you should delete his comments just for not reading what you wrote earlier. 🙂

  • Beblue

    On myshuttercount i got 9 313 shutter, but i does over 40 000. But this summer it burning and over the waranty, they replace almost electronic control inside, and the counter was back at 0.

  • Raydom

    “Vista previa” para Mac muestra la información sobre número de disparos, al menos sobre imágenes Raw, en Herramientas> Inspector> Información adicional> Nikon> ShutterCount: xxxxx
    “Preview” software for Mac can show ShutterCount info in Tools> Inspector> Additional info> Nikon> ShutterCount: xxxxx, at least for Raw files

  • R R

    I think the number of shutter actuations is what the warranty covers or what Nikon calculates is its life expectancy (not sure).. in my case my D3x is around 3 years old (maybe more) and its going for its 280,000 actuation (aprox, I read it from flickr few weeks ago) Nikon says its shutter should last 300,000 actuations. And my D700 which I also bought as soon as it came out is now 140,000 something actuations.. (150,000 actuations says Nikon on this one) so .. I am a bit worried to be honest.

    I have the feeling some people here in Nikon rumors dislike the D3x , calling it MP obsessed camera etc There is a reason why that camera exists, there is a market of photographers out there that are required by our clients (mainly magazines in my case) to use a lot of megapixels, is NOT a matter of thinking that a D3x is superior to other cameras, sometimes when I shoot simultaneously with my D700 and D3x images look almost the same in the monitor, but when you zoom in, crop or print (magazines or other things alike) you see the difference. Is not that one needs to learn how to take good pictures with a 10 megapixels camera for example.. no … the fact of the matter is that some clients demand a good picture , with more than 21 MP … and that in my area of work is a reality.

    So i just wish some people would stop bashing D3x users, 24 MP are useful, beautiful, great dynamic range (unparalleled if you ask me) and the D3x even with its top 1600 ISO doesnt bother me since the highest ISO I shoot is 200 ! ( mostly studio work or fashion catalogues.)

    Maybe not many D3x users in this forum, but I am one.. and I am worried that my camera is old with many shutter actuations, and that my D700 is too.. and since my clients demand for lots of MP , my only choice in the Nikon line up is to buy another D3x to back up my old D3x since .. I fear I am going to be in a remote beautiful beach in the middle of nowhere like Tulum , with a Brasilian model in front of my camera and see my shutter die ( I saw the shutter die in my N90s a long time ago) , I fear that.. but I know I would finish the job with my D700… but I also know that my client was paying for 24.5 MP .. and I am pretty sure hes is not gonna like it.

    I dont think about sending my camera to Nikon services just now , since here in my country is SLOW… and if I dont have my D3x even for a week .. the risk of losing an important job is far to important. (you dont know who may come knocking at the door)

    That is the reason I long for a D800 with more than 12 MP , my GF uses the D7000 and its is simply beautiful, great dynamic range too, but I dislike the DX format (very little separation between the planes INMO) I have 12 FX lenses all f2.8 or faster (except one) … a D800 with something like 16 MP or more would be more than welcome, and it is a moment in my photographic life that in order to be ready for a possible D3x problem I urgently want to get a new camera.. and since I see no D800/900 or D4 .. I am saving steady and very focused to which ever comes first : the D4 or D800… or if my savings reach 8,000 usd before the new Nikon DSLR comes out, then I´ll now what I am going to do. ( I would hate it though if a new 24.5 MP D800 around $3,000 with video comes out! and I already bought another D3x)

    every professional photographer should have a back up camera and right now in the Nikon Line up ¨The only true back up body to the D3x .. is another D3x¨

    I have one, I love it.. and I want something as good or better. (not all of us need high ISO performance)

    sometimes I wonder.. is Nikon listening? Does the pro DSLR market is it really so bad in terms of money profits, that Nikon rather make all those toys they recently presented instead of focusing on a sure seller like the D800?

    I dont know..

    just my thoughts.

    • R R

      note I present my own experience cause I think thats what it all about, Nikon should know what their users are going trough.. this is my experience, mine only, I share it with you for informative purposes only. I think the gap between 12 MP and 24.5 MP in the full frame DSLR Nikon Line Up is something Nikon should attend soon.

      • Your D3X is barley broken in. I wouldn’t worry worry about your shutter count if I were you. Those cameras will easily do double what you currently have. My D2Hs was over 700,000 when I sold it and its still being used by a guy that loves it. I’m sure he is well over 800,000. I have seen many Pro Nikon Bodies do well over the stated count. Cant say that Canon has the same track record but thankfully they have the best repair service/price in the business. Also replacing a shutter on these cameras is a small price compared to what you put into it. Tell you what. Why don’t you send that hunk of junk D3X to me. I will give it a great retirement photographing aspiring models. In the mean time I’m sure you can make do with your lowly D700. Or god forbid a few rolls of 120!

      • FM2Fan

        aboslutely OK – the D3x is still very expensive, but image quality is just stunning. I’d say: D3S, D3X, D700 and D7000 offer great choice to everyone, who wants to take images using the f-mount lenses. anyone, who wants to “know better” should try these first to make up his mind.

        D3x has been a milestone and remains a remarkable camera.

      • R R—

        Thanks for taking time to just share what is really on your mind. It’s nice to hear the real reasons behind your frustration without the hyperbole.

        For the record—I’m 100% jealous of you and your D3x. I’d own one in a heartbeat, but an $8k body just isn’t in the cards for me right now, especially when 50% of my work is in low light, and I’m almost always shooting fast and furious. Smaller file sizes and faster frame rates/higher buffer is my main requirement.

        Of course Nikon is going to replace the D3s and very likely the D700. They’ll also have a replacement for the D3x at some point in the next year or two.

        As for your personal predicament, these are never easy decisions to make, especially if you are 1) heavily dependent on your gear, and 2) cash strapped for replacement/backup gear. I think most of the people on this site — even the pro shooters — can empathize with your situation due to current or prior circumstances in their lives. We’ve all been in that limbo state of whether to buy or wait, and many of us are there now.

        That said, there are some practical things you can do. At ISO 200 and below, why not carry a D7k in your bag? Sure, it’s no D3x, but it is similar pixel pitch, and can do pretty well in a pinch. Of course, I realize it looks a little small compared to the D3x (magazine photography = keeping up appearances), but it’s a backup. Besides, if your images speak for themselves, any client worth keeping will keep their mouth shut if you have to fall back to that. Additionally, the D700 — as you have pointed — is a phenomenal machine, and can produce stunning results compared even to the 5dmkII.

        The reality is that every camera maker’s schedule seems to have been knocked off track due to the tsunami earlier this spring. No company is going to publicly report that their production has gone to the dogs, and maybe they shouldn’t be expected to. If you can’t trust that they’re doing the absolute best they can to get their pro line back up to speed, then it honestly might be better for you to switch to a system that is less taxing on your financial situation (assuming these alternative solutions don’t work for you).

        By the way, do you have any links to your work? You’ve made me curious…

      • broxibear

        Hi RR,
        “note I present my own experience cause I think thats what it all about”
        You’re right, one of the reasons I come here is to hear the different views.
        It annoys me when people think all professional photographers are the same, they’re not. We all have different ways of working, different needs from our equipment and different ways of using equipment…one feature might be vital to one where it’s irrelevant to another.
        I’m sure you’ll figure out your D3x problem.

    • Jabs


      Nice personal story and an envious position to be in, indeed. The D3X is indeed the best FX or full frame camera on the market by a wide margin and costly too, so many bash it as they are perhaps jealous or expect Nikon to now make a cheap Canon 5DMK2 clone while cleverly forgetting that Canon’s high end equivalent of a D3X cost about the same as the D3X and is what the D3X is really aimed at. The D3X beats it easily and maybe because of that some fans of other brands talk bad about it, so who cares.

      You really have a predicament but don’t worry as maybe you can RENT a D3X for about a month from America (the Company that advertises here) and then send in your D3X for a check up just to be safe. [Maybe you can send your D3X in for service to the same Company (for them to get it serviced) that you rent one from after you get the rental unit, if service really is slow in your country or area?]

      Actually, you do need a second D3X but they are expensive, so I understand your point. I used to worry about my F3’s breaking down and leaving me camera less then, so I bought several F3 models to cover that possibility, but now that cameras are so expensive, you are thus faced with different choices. It is not like Nikon now has several 24meg bodies, so you indeed are stuck with the D3X as the only choice.

      For comparison – my F3HP cost then about $450 US new, my F3T slightly used and boxed cost about $900 US, my F3AF system including the two lenses and the TC-16AF adapter cost $1600 US slightly used and all boxed. All these prices were body only minus MD4 motor drives and MN2 Nicads. Big differences then compared to almost $8,000 US now, hence perspective on today’s reality.

      Perhaps the earthquake and tsunami plus the continuing weather related issues in Japan have made it very difficult for Nikon to make many current Pro body or their replacements, so now you seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place. What a great place to be with such great gear, but just relax and either rent if you can or buy another body and then when new gear comes out (say D4X), evaluate and then buy it as the D3X will be great for a while.

      You can sell the older D3X, keep the newer D3X and then use this newer camera as your primary camera then. You probably will not like a D800 or whatever they call it, after being spoiled by the top of the line Nikon like a D3X – lol.

      It’s not like the camera or shutter now dies when you have reached the rated shutter actuation limit, as most Nikon Pro bodies are designed to exceed that easily! Relax then.

    • Do you have nikon professional services in your country? They could arrange renting of backup d3x while they change shutter in yours.
      I understand that you are worry. Shutter can get broken any time after 100k imho. On my D3 it went at around 130k i think. My friends D3 was over 200k when first shutter broke, but the replaced shutter died in around 50k so you never know

  • roger

    My ShutterCount is rubbish, i just put a photo in which i can clearly read the shutter count in CS5 and myshuttercount says there are no details on it? what a rubbish piece of software

  • peter

    unzipped and played with exiftool. Yikes, I am going to have a lot to study for a long time. Thank you very much!!

    Still loving the site, would go here every day but someone got caught screwing around on the Internet in my work group once too often and we’ve been barred from the Internet loud enough that I am just going to stay off of it at work. Policy of “Intermittent usage” or not, just going to leave the reviewing to my mornings. Back hurts too much to sleep anyways.

    The mystery and imagination are running wild about whatever the D4 holds. Must win lottery, must win lottery, must win lottery …

  • Jabs


    Here is a Nikon 1 unboxing link, but I did not watch it yet, so no idea of the quality.


  • broxibear

    Canon rumors posted yesterday that a 1Ds4 and 5D Mark III in 2011 looked unlikely, it’s starting to look the same for Nikon.
    The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) January 10th – 13th 2012 sounds the most plausible next date for a major announcement…they’re running out of time for this year.
    A few different places have mentioned a D7100 and a new lens before 2012 but I really don’t see anything else.
    Still can’t get any information about what’s going on at the Sendai plant, no one seems to know anything ?

    • KT

      I had the same thought when I saw the CanonRumors post. I would even speculate that the next FX pro body (could be two if we are in luck) would likely come around next year’s photokina. I’m not all that optimistic about a pre Olympic announcement any more. I think the mirrrorless stuff, like it or not, is all we are going to get this year. The way technology matures, you are not going to see such a giant leap from what the D3s can achieve today. Nikon thinks the D3s/D3x are good enough for another Olympics or 2 and they are probably right.

      • broxibear

        Hi KT,
        I still think you’ll get the D4 and D400 before the Olympics, if I were going to bet money on it I’d say May 2012 at the latest..D800 I’m not so confident about.
        I agree the giant leap in stills isn’t going to happen, as I said on another post maybe a stop over the D3s on high iso and more mp…video is where you’ll see the big changes. You’ll see the super fast chips that are in the mirrorless in the new dslrs, they’ll be doing their magic on video, but video is irrelevant to all those photographers at the Olympics…they’re not allowed to shoot video footage.
        Are you hoping for a new body KT ?

        • KT

          I’m looking for a lightly used D3s that I can buy and use for 1-2 years. That’s my guesstimate for how long it will take for the D4/D800 to become widely available and without the initial price markup you will see for the first 6 months following their release

    • AnoNemo


      I’ve been saying the same for over 6 months now that we may not see anything FX from Nikon in 2011.

      It is really sad because as RR’s example (above) showed it would not be a bad idea if we’d get a little “hint” from Nikon when we can expect a replacement. I think Nikon is making a big mistake because I know 5-10 people who just ordered 5DIIs and just to have a backup high res camera. They hate it but they said that first it is hard to get a new D3x and they do not want and/or have the money to invest another 8 grand. This is really sad and it just creates business for Canon. I do not understand what is happening but more and more I have the same feeling that Nikon no longer cares about the FX segment. Otherwise we’d heard something.

      NR Admin is right because there are no rumors at all so that means another 1-2 month wait. This takes us to the end of the year so for those who wanted a new FX before the holidays will not have it for sure.

      • broxibear

        Hi AnoNemo,
        I don’t think it’s because Nikon don’t care about FX users, they’ve obviously run into some sort of problem.
        Whether that’s a production problem because of the earthquake or a design problem who knows ?
        It’s a good time to buy a Mark II at the moment. Here in the UK there is plenty of stock and many retailers have not only dropped the price, but are offering free items…one place is giving away a free Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod with every Mark II body.
        Even if Nikon announced a D4 today you wouldn’t get one until 2012 because the demand would be so great…good job I’m not waiting for one lol.

        • broxibear

          P.S. Just to demonstrate how quickly things change canon rumors and others just posted an invite to a Canon event on Oct 26th that includes some sort of EOS ?

          • AnoNemo

            I am not sure that has to do with new camera gear. I think it may have to do something with easy printing.

  • broxibear

    The inevitable death of consumer DSLRs has officially begun…
    “Last week, Nikon casually kicked a small, DSLR-shaped pebble off a cliff when it announced its Nikon 1 camera. In doing so, one of the major names in consumer cameras has started an avalanche that could potentially wipe the consumer-grade DSLR from the market.”

    • AnoNemo

      heh heh, it is like Ferrari started to make Renault Twingos with electric engine and tries to sell them for the price of a Lexus.

    • Wow, I can’t believe it — a sensational headline in the media. Who could have seen that coming?

      This article is pretty silly, really. The biggest reason consumers ask me every week which DSLR they should get is because they are blown away with the quality I achieve with my DSLRs, and they want the same ability. Sure, mirrorless will bridge the gap between point and shoot and DSLR, but the only way it’ll truly replace them is if the IQ matches or exceeds the DSLR images today.

      And if these mirrorless cameras ever do replace consumer DSLRs officially — given the quality is equal or better — then who cares? Are we so attached to a name?

      • AnoNemo

        I guess the article was more about the trend and about how late the big guns respond and what Nikon delivered. Also, I find it a bit ironic. That is because not too long ago Nikon denied this segment.

      • PHB

        I disagree, I think that the Nikon 1 will kill off the DX consumer DSLRs over the next 5-10 years.

        The prosumer interest will mostly move up the range to the FX format as the cost differential between DX and FX goes down.

        If you have D3100 money to spend on a camera and lenses it is hard to see how the CX range is not going to be the better option in two or three years time. I would wager that for the price of the D3100 equivalent and one lens you will be able to get a CX with three lenses by then. You can already get the J1 plus two lenses for less than the D3100 with one.

        The CX range is not going to be challenging the F-mount lens range for some time. It might be five years before we see a CX ‘magic trio’. But that does not mean that they won’t be wiping the floor with the equivalent priced consumer DX lenses.

        We may well see an FX EVIL body about then. It would be a fairly small change to the electronics. It is not going to compete with the DSLR format for sports photography but it will win at the wide end.

        I can’t see FX EVIL killing the professional DSLR market but it could easily become a must-have second or third body.

  • Jabs

    I hate to be one to say – ‘I told you so’, but I told you months ago to get an AMD Opteron system with more cores than Intel, as then you would have been able to merely use VM’s (Virtual machines) for all the parts of this Web site on ONE Server and not have to deal with the headaches of Multi-Server content syncing.

    They have a new AMD Server processor coming in a few months that will have up to 16 cores and thus investigate that, please.

    More independent real 64bit cores in AMD versus Intel’s pseudo 64bit cores made up of two co-joined 32bit cores is what your problem really is.

    You need processing power from many cores and not processing CPU speed.

    Investigate Nvidia Telsa or other similar such solutions from AMD, as in high end graphic cards that speed up transactions and throughput – AMD Open CL for example.

    Go to or send your Associates to http://www.tyan.com, and also ask them to investigate the specialized PCI-E HD’s and not the SSD’s.

  • broxibear

    Poor old Thom, he couldn’t take it any longer and designed his own version of what the Nikon mirrorless should have been http://www.bythom.com/Images/nikonz1.jpg lol.

    • So, not sure how Thom feels about stuff being lifted directly from his site in long form, but this seems to be the best medicine a doctor could prescribe (thanks, Thom):

      “Sept 22 (commentary)–“Everyone’s looking for redemption in a new camera. The old ones work pretty well.” –Thom Hogan, 2011.

      “Yes, I mean you. Quick, how many different cameras have you bought in the past two years? Is your photography any better? [CLASSIC!]

      “Second quote: “If you want a sports car, buy a sports car; if you want a econo-compact car, buy that. Don’t tell me that everything has to be a pickup truck or SUV.” –Thom Hogan, 2011.

      “The Nikon 1 is not a sports car, pickup truck, or SUV. If you need one of those, buy the appropriate model of your choice, but it isn’t a V1 or J1. Those are econo-compact cars.

      “Third quote: “Why not watch the movie before you write the review?” –Thom Hogan, 2011.

      “It seems that not only is the Nikon 1 the worst thing since sliced bread (and not a sports car or SUV ;~), but now all future Nikon cameras are suspect, too. Yep, you heard it here first: the D4 will be a dud. The emails coming into my In Box say so, and they must be right.

      “If you got one of the above lines in my email response to you yesterday, you need to calm down and actually evaluate what Nikon has on the market: adequate compacts, an interesting mirrorless product of still unknown capability, and six damned good DSLRs that’ll go head to head with their competitors. The Nikon 1 announcement only changed one of those things. The appropriate response if the Nikon 1 isn’t interesting to you is “ho hum, I wonder what they’ll introduce next?” (Hint: it’ll be an update to one of those damned good DSLRs, and it should be soon.)

      Oh, and one more thing: if you’re a guy (and most of you are), you weren’t really the target (especially for the J1). Complaining about the product just confirms that Nikon didn’t accidentally hit innocent bystanders while aiming at their target.

      And distilled for those with the short attention spans:

      “Yes, I mean you. Quick, how many different cameras have you bought in the past two years? Is your photography any better…you need to calm down…”

    • AnoNemo

      I think Thom is bit sarcastic about Nikon. Look, the fact it took 4 long years for Nikon to deliver this 1 series … imagine how long we have to wait for the next gen of FX.

      • I don’t think he’s being sarcastic at all. “Yes, I mean you.” That’s pretty dang straightforward.

        Thom may have his qualms with Nikon’s mirrorless offering, but I think it’s pretty clear that what he has said all along holds true: if you are whining about your gear, it’s likely an excuse for poor skills.

        And so far the pro Nikon DSLRs are exactly on schedule. It’s not like they’re on a quarterly schedule — if they come middle of next year, they’ll technically be on time. Everyone needs to take a breath, chew a few Tums, and most importantly get out and take some smashing pictures that will make YOU some money and the rest of US jealous.

        • AnoNemo

          So what is the schedule? 4-6-8-10-12 years?
          The problem is that there is a serious demand for a refresh which is ignored. Of course you can use the tools that are available. It is like use the stone hammer instead of the competition’s sledge hammer. You can get the job done. I think we should go back and improve our painting skills as we do not need these fancy cameras. So, I think Nikon has plenty of time to wait. Nikon should not care about for a second that people invested seriously in their system and in this great economic climate they have nothing better to do just guess how they should budget. Very wise way of thinking. I think Nikon is doing it right. Let the bastards wait another year or two or more is better.

          In the meantime a fricken’ top quality smartphone has better video capabilities than any of the Nikon FX cameras because none can capture 1080p. (I know, I know video is nothing. I just wanted to make a point.)

          Yes, I think Nikon can wait as long as it wants. I will make more money with my paintings. 🙂

          • Jabs

            @ YOU

            It appears that you mainly are the one who complains here constantly and thus here is an additional wake up call for YOU.

            There is no smartphone on Earth that has any decent HD footage, as they look great on their small screens BUT not on anything else unless you are used to crap.

            There is no 1080p HD smartphone footage that can equal much less surpass the 720p footage from a D3s, as real videographers KNOW how to upscale their footage, as everyone mixes and matches footage of various sizes in the Pro ranks, as that is what EDITING is all about.

            NO smartphone can equal a D3100 HD footage and that is the lowest of the lows in Nikon DSLR’s.

            No smartphone can equal either a J1 or a V1, a CoolPix S9100 or an AWL100 in HD footage, so please quit the useless rants as there is NO basis to your claims except some apparently phony concern for Nikon.

            The D7000 has been a best seller for over a YEAR and the D5100 is also a best seller and the smaller D3100 probably sells more than both of them combined.

            Give it a rest PLEASE!

            Nikon is LATE but doing fine apparently, so please temper your obsession with some reality, will ya.

            You definitely must be an amateur or even expert Nikon gear INVESTOR and not a shooter for sure, cause most of your comments are based upon erroneous assumptions.

            BUY gold and platinum instead and leave the photography and videography gear to those who want to make money with their gear making images and not look upon it as an investment.

            Geez – give it a rest – please, pretty please with chocolate and roses on it too – OK!


            • AnoNemo

              I bet that you cannot anything more to your long and interesting comment. 🙂

              I guess you misunderstood my comment about the HD smartphones. (BTW The samsung galaxy S II has 1080p if I am not mistaken.) My point was that the pace how these smartphones evolve is amazing and I think it will sooner become a threat to P&S and even for the Nikon 1 than we think. (At least from the convenience and price point)

              I am not saying that Nikon is not doing fine. I am saying that Nikon is slow to address the needs of FX users or at least to provide an estimate when we can expect something. I can survive with my current tech but I would like to know how to budget.

              For example, I am not sure whether it makes sense sending to Nikon my D700 to replace the shutter and wait 1-2 months to have them fix it. Or simply save that money against its replacement or a D4. It’s been a long wait and I think we are the point where we should know about what is coming so we can budget and plan.

            • jose

              In Add yopu must consider that Japan was under the worst disaster in their history after the end of the second world war.- That should means a two or three month of delayed for Nikon.

            • AnoNemo

              Aha, but they were able to come to market with this Nikon 1.

              Look, if they still have problems with the disaster just say so. Even better, they must disclose this because 1) people can understand and 2) shareholders would not sue them for not disclosing material fact that can negatively impact the business. In fact they said they fully recovered. So I do not buy the disaster theory anymore.

              Nikon is too secretive and not an honest company. Just couple of weeks ago their UK product manager said that no mirrorless. Then all of the sudden they just got a mirrorless. Can you believe what they say now?

            • Jesus_sti

              Nikon 1 is made in China …

            • Jabs


              I actually understand your thrusts, complaints and even your comments plus perhaps the rationale behind them.

              However, you obviously are not a Businessman nor do you run a Corporation yourself.

              If I tell you clearly what I am doing, then what will prevent you from trumping me when we basically share several suppliers – as in often using identical or similar components?

              You are looking for a Road map like what Intel, AMD and others give you, but many times these Road maps are actually disinformation or slight twists of the truth made public to confuse or fool each other plus disguise the real thrusts of each Manufacturer.

              Basically LIE to them and fool them often, so they believe that you are going a certain direction and then mix some truth in there so that you don’t get sued PLUS a few disclaimers to allow changes or excuses as to why you did not go that way and now you have a way out plus an excuse!

              It is called trumping your competition via publicity.

              Go look at what Sony did recently and learn from that, perhaps plus look at what people are now saying about the A77.

              Under promise and then over deliver is a better strategy when you make excellent gear like Nikon’s Pro gear.

              We basically have independent Contract Manufacturers now who make lots of gear for many different and competing brands in the same Factories by the same employees in Assembly lines, so no real surprises or secrets anymore except for ethics and NDA’s.

              That is what you do not understand as happening in today’s world except maybe in the high end Pro DSLR ranks which Nikon makes by hand assembly – mainly of computer designed and manufactured components by themselves or others.

              Clear enough?

    • Jabs


      Basically a Coolpix P7000 or P7100 without a viewfinder.


      Already done then and looks better too.

  • R!


    • Jabs


      Who now would you fool by erasing Canon and writing Nikon on it.

      Yourself of course and thus – LOL.

      A great irony indeed.

      Let’s all buy an old VW bug and put a Rolls-Royce grill on it too and get a chauffeur to drive us around while we sit in the back seat of this two door car!

      Pass the grey poupon (mustard) too Charles – lol

      Since the rear window of the old bug does not roll down, then maybe you are dreaming – WAKE up, then!


  • Jabs

    What has this world come to where we don’t evaluate things ourselves lastly but merely hang on to the words of a web site wanna-be GURU and then now debate the merits or demerits of someone’s else’s opinion not even laced with much reality or facts?

    Studies are right in their assessment of the Internet as now being the repository of our brains, as in NOT using it yourself to think and decide but instead look to the Internet to THINK for you and also decide.

    We need lives and some convictions or even an ability to decide and not fear being wrong or right, but really be selective in deciding based upon our own individual needs plus wants.

    Network 24 sure is alive and kicking, but only thing is all the people have been pacified and now are like Internet enabled ‘goons’ – lol.

    Lots of data collected and assimilated but no apparent understanding of it, so now mere carbon life form computers in effect.

    You figure it out!

    • Jabber

      Where did you read about those studies? The internet perhaps? Get off your high horse man.

  • broxibear

    Kirin Brewery Co. resumed beer production on Monday in it’s Sendai plant after the March earthquake, Kirin and Nikon are the two biggest employers in Sendai.
    The first international flight from Sendai Airport took off on Sunday, it gives you some idea of how long things are taking http://www.tokyotimes.jp/post/en/2442/Disaster-stricken+Sendai+Airport+resumes+international+flights.html

  • Hmm

    The sample pictures of the Pentax are contrary to the review, even discounting its obviously desperately biased pro-Pentax language. The D3X, pixel for pixel, is absolutely sharper. My own pics from a D3X I rented for a month are sharper still, mind you, so I wonder if the reviewer understood how to better hold or stabilise a camera the Pentax images might also be sharper.

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