Last Nikon 1 recap, I promise

This is the last Nikon 1 recap, I promise:

  • AP:  a senior Nikon official said that Nikon is not worried if Canon announces a mirrorless camera with a larger sensor
  • Nikon expects their new mirrorless cameras to become #1 in Taiwan and Malaysia.
  • All Nikon 1 products are made in China.
  • Nikon J1 is really small - here it is next to a smart phone (from the event in Bulgaria):

  • ISO comparison from 800 to 3,200 between the GF3 and J1 from Cnet Asia:

  • ISO comparisons with different cameras from focus-numerique.
  • DSLRMagazine also has done some Nikon 1 V1 tests.
  • More Nikon J1 image sample comparisons with other mirrorless cameras available at digitalcamerainfo.
  • Some quotes of the imaging-resource interview with Masahiro Suzuki (General Manager, Research & Development Department):

When we started with this development, it was quite some time ago, it was prior to the Micro Four Thirds launch (almost four years ago)

We are quite confident that we achieved almost exactly the same quality as our DSLR

(Oh the Nikon 1 sensor) We developed it; we engineered and developed this sensor inside Nikon. But for the production side, that is done by our partner.

Nikon 1 hands-on:

Motion Snapshot video demo:

Test Nikon V1 : 1200fps, 40fps & 60fps full HD from Rob1 on Vimeo.

More Nikon product videos:

Interview with the product manager of Nikon UK:

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  • Canon User

    It is alright Peter…keep it going!

    • AnoNemo

      Great job Peter. It is not your fault.

      Hey, can you put up a short survey and ask this question:

      Do you think Nikon damaged its reputation with its dslr users by releasing the Nikon 1 system?

      Or ask something more simplified such as whether Nikon damaged its reputation or brand image by releasing the Nikon 1 system.

      Keep it at yes/no level the answer options.

      I would be curious to see the results because no matter where I go the Nikon crowd is angry as hell. I think we need Gordon Ramsay to sort this out. 🙂

      • plug

        I don’t think it is about yes/no opininions posted here. If Nikon has got it right they will gain improved profits which will benefit high-end users such as the majority of users here and they should be grateful for that even if the 1 system is not for them. The high end stuff will appear when it is ready. The only down sides are if it fails with its target market, not us, or if it is so successful that Nikon regard us as of lesser value. Either scenario is, in my opinion unlikely.
        For me new DSLR’s would be nice, but I only print to A3+ so my D700 is excellent. It is new glass that I desire if I do not necessarily need.
        300 f4 repcement please.

        • AnoNemo


          The point I was trying to make is that the Nikon 1 is clearly not targeted to those who spent thousands on Nikon glasses. For those, not telling which direction Nikon is going is not the smartest thing to do.

          At this moment it does look like Nikon abandoned the FX consumers. I would like to know when and what will come so I can make reasonable decisions about where I am going to invest my money. If Nikon thinks the Nikon 1 is the future that’s fine, I will adjust my investments in light of that. But not telling us after that long wait where they are going is just simple wrong.

          I’ve been with Nikon for close to 20yrs but this level of ignorance is just astonishing. I think when Nikon comes out with questionable products 2 years late, such move has an impact on the brand and on your investment (in the glasses). This product would have been great 2 years ago (even 1 year). But then again, Nikon displayed ignorance and as usual it was late in the game. Unfortunately the very same can be said about its speed of addressing the weaknesses of its FX line. That is why I asked this question.

          Besides, we know that this site is visited by mostly those who are a bit more serious about taking quality images. It would be great to see how they think.

          • Steve

            I want an fx camera too. I already have grant money set aside for it. Personally i want it for video and stills. I already have $$$$ tied up in nikon glass or i would switch to canon for video. That being said, my d700 is great. I don’t feel abandoned. And if you want an fx sensor where are you going to go? Canon? Canon users are in the same boat. The d3 line and d700 have ICREDIBLE REPUTATIONS. I would rather have Nikon take their time and come out with a spectacular camera than rush out with some glitchy body. I would put my d700 images up against any images from any dx or fx images taken by other cameras currently on the market.

          • plug

            The point that Nikon are being tactless with their FX users is well made and the total silence is bound to engender anxiety, and consequently frustration and anger. The odd minor leak about specs might be better marketing policy as it at least confirm that new products will appear. They might argue that sales of D700 and D3s might be adversely affected in the meantime, but personally I doubt that.
            The new cameras will come though and will be class-leading.

          • Robert Falconer

            For those, not telling which direction Nikon is going is not the smartest thing to do … At this moment it does look like Nikon abandoned the FX consumers … Nikon 1 is the future that’s fine, I will adjust my investments in light of that … But not telling us after that long wait where they are going is just simple wrong.

            Just because Nikon is on their own schedule, and not the schedule of those upset about it, doesn’t mean they’ve abandoned anyone. And last time I checked, there were still 3+ months left in which to announce a new pro/prosumer DSLR. And if they don’t, it’s probably due to the earthquake/Tsunami that hit Sendai hard.

            I’ve been with Nikon for close to 20yrs but this level of ignorance is just astonishing. I think when Nikon comes out with questionable products 2 years late, such move has an impact on the brand and on your investment (in the glasses). This product would have been great 2 years ago (even 1 year). But then again, Nikon displayed ignorance and as usual it was late in the game. Unfortunately the very same can be said about its speed of addressing the weaknesses of its FX line. That is why I asked this question.

            What weaknesses in the FX line? Best ergonomics, best system, some of the very best glass, best lightmeter & flash system hands down…etc, etc, etc.

            Meanwhile, where’s Canon’s brand new pro/prosumer DSLRs?

            • AnoNemo


              This is a system! just think logically for a second, you have to replace some used D700s. What is the better investment, replacing with the same or replacing with the new generation of the product(s) since 1) we know the D700 is it at the end of its life-cycle and 2) you are asked to do full-HD (1080p) using FX.

              Perhaps this does not make sense to you because I expect that if Nikon would not have released the D3 then you will be still a blind Nikon fan with the D2 series even though your clients leave your business since you cannot deliver what they ask for.

              What are the weaknesses of the Nikon FX line? You seriously asked this question? Ok, it takes 12,000 USD to record HD using FX and to take high resolution pictures (D3 + D3x). Oh, I am sorry you cannot do that because Nikon only has 720p in FX while Canon offers this for 2,699 USD. If this is not an issue then I suggest to sell all your D3 crap and buy only the Nikon 1 system. That has everything you need even pink color.

            • Jabs

              An easy one – if you are faced with a choice between a supposedly $12,000.00 US dollar choice and a roughly $2700.00 US dollar choice with the better specs that YOU want and you don’t know what to do then what is anyone now supposed to tell you or even do for you?

              Should we now chant here “Clueless in Seattle” and then hug everyone or should we just MAKE a choice of brands???


              WOW – a ten cent problem with now a million dollar whine.

              $2700 body plus maybe $2700 of lenses = $5400 (way less than the $12K too) and thus end of whining now as perhaps you have cleverly SOLVED the problem unless you are not somehow interested in a solution.

              Wasn’t that rather easy?

          • Jabs

            You sound like you think of yourself as some overlord who directs Nikon or anyone to do your own personal bidding and now also one who decides their release schedule for them plus what Products they make.

            It must be awfully drafty and windy in your High Tower or Mountain top – Goldfinger!

            You figure it out then, since you claim 20 years of Nikon involvement.


            ‘I want you to DIE, Mr. Bond’ – so said that megalomaniac – just to remind you a little, perhaps!

            How is P-galore treating ya – LOL!

            No offense meant too.

            • AnoNemo

              I said that before, please do not troll my posts. Thank you.

              As a return, I will not go down to your low mental level.


            • Jabs

              ‘If you cannot stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen’ – this is a public forum where anyone can read your posts plus reply, and thus we all have to be ready for the feedback or criticism that comes our way = maturity.

              You are not the only one here who has an opinion bub!!!

        • StickingZoom

          The only down sides are if it fails with its target market, not us, or if it is so successful that Nikon regard us as of lesser value.

          It wont be a failure because the J1/V1 are very cheap in production (at least compared to a DSLR) due to the view simple parts. The EXPEED 3 processor as well as the build in phase detection mechanism in the sensor are both technologies that will appear in all future DSLR’s from Nikon and hence the development costs can be leveraged between the products. Summed up the total cost of these mirrorless cameras from Nikon are low and the sales price is very high, which means the profit per unit is very high. Which also means that even if they don’t sell much (compared to m4/3 and NEX) it will still be profitable.

          From my POV the ONE serie is an enormous cash cow and the customers are the stupid cows to milk. And I don’t think Nikon will be so generous to offer some refund to it’s loyal customers by higher value for money products.

          • FM2Fan

            interesting thought – it would be really interesting to compare the price of the components vs. the strre price of the product. In mass markets this shows clearly, how ambitious the sales efforts are already.

      • The invisible man

        Nikon have a reputation ?

        • AnoNemo

          Nikon had a reputation until they added to the CoolPix line these little gadget Nikon 1 system.

      • I don’t think they damaged their reputation, if they can sell it, I don’t care as long as they keep the pro level products in tact.

        • AnoNemo

          Do you want to run a poll?

          • I don’t think this will be an interesting poll (no offense please).

            • AnoNemo

              Why? I think it would be interesting to know what is the perception. At the end of the day perception is important.

              I have never seen a camera company receiving so much bashing after releasing a new product. This is not good and I wanted to better understand this.

  • Iris Chrome

    That ISO comparison with GF3 should lay any doubts about V1/J1 noise performance to rest.

    • Karlosak

      Except it has no details and is washed out… I would take a bit grainy image with some retained details over this smoothened overprocessed file any time.

      • R!

        I m glad therre is one non blind people here!!!!!

      • Carsten

        Yepp, the NR of the Nikon is much more aggressive. We have to wait until N1 RAW files can be processed in ACR to have a meaningful comparison

        • WoutK89

          They are available on DPReview

          • Steve

            J1 seems to perform almost exactly as you’d expect from the sensor size.The goal posts have not shifted in that respect. But on-sensor pdaf seems to work well and the processor seems to be the best thing about this cam.

    • Phil

      Don’t forget that the GF3 is using a previous generation sensor. A more valid comparison would be against the G3 or GH2.

      The Nikon 1 might look relatively good compared to the m4/3 compacts right now (EP3, GF3) although it still doesn’t match them, but this is because it is a generation ahead in terms of technology. At some point, maybe a year from now, when these cameras have moved ahead while Nikon is still using the same sensor (I expect the current Nikon sensor to be used for at least 2-3 years), it’s going to look a lot worse for Nikon 1.

      So that’s something you should take into account, unless you’re the kind of person who’s happy to switch camera systems every time a competitor comes up with something better from what you have.

      • PHB

        Ah so having told us that a smaller sensor can’t outperform a larger one you are now saying that the reason we should go for the m3/4 format is that even though it is worse now, the next generation may be better.

        The fact is that the only effect of sensor size on a completely new format is to determine the theoretical maximum number of pixels (about 50MP for CX). Which is irrelevant since you won’t get lenses good enough to get close in any case.

        If you have a projector shining on a wall you can make the picture bigger or smaller by moving it backwards and forwards or by changing the lens. But none of that makes the slightest difference to the total amount of light coming off the image. Move the projector away from the wall and the image gets bigger but it also gets dimmer.

        The brightness of your image is determined by the aperture of your lens and the angle of view (i.e. how much falls on the sensor). For a fixed size sensor, focal length is a useful proxy for angle of view but it is still only a proxy.

        • Phil

          “Ah so having told us that a smaller sensor can’t outperform a larger one you are now saying that the reason we should go for the m3/4 format is that even though it is worse now, the next generation may be better.”

          This sentence contains so many untruths/misrepresentations of what I said, that I have to wonder if you actually meant it or are just trolling:
          1. I never said that a smaller sensor cannot outperform a larger sensor. I’m sure if you compare e.g. the one in the D100 with that of the GH2, the GH2 will probably be better.
          2. I didn’t say that the m4/3 sensor of the GF3 is worse than the Nikon 1 either – I actually said exactly the opposite. It’s just that the gap is smaller than if you were comparing sensors of the same generation.
          3. I also didn’t say that some hypothetical m4/3 sensor in the future may be better than the Nikon 1 – on the contrary I said that the very real sensors of the G3 & GH2 are a more valid comparison.

          The rest of your post talking about projectors and sensor size only affecting the maximum number of pixels is not really worth addressing.

    • iamlucky13

      The noise comparison holds absolutely no surprises for me. Not much noise visible, but obviously plenty of noise reduction going on, and more of a “watercolor” look as a result.

      I suspect the Panasonic would retain more detail from a comparable noise reduction technique, partially due to higher signal-to-noise ratio, partially due to the finer diffraction limit when focusing onto a larger sensor.

      • Color from Hi-ISO.

        Nikon 1 better, try. Resolution is nothing for its class.

    • The invisible man

      @ Iris Chrome
      Wait a minute, noise ??
      Is that not the all point for the mirroless camera to eliminate the noise made by the mirror and shutter ?

      • Steve


    • Mock Kenwell

      I would love to see this sensor in a much smaller-bodied, fixed lens LX5, S95, DP2 killer.

      • Karlosak


  • BartyL

    Although I am unlikely to buy one, I think this might be useful to take into music festivals and other events where they don’t allow ‘professional’ equipment. Better image quality than a P&S (I’m assuming), and less likely to attract negative attention from the brain-dead security cretins.

    I would only consider the V1, and the price would have to at least halve. Quality second-hand example might be of interest.

  • Nau

    video is very impressive for such a small device

    • iamlucky13

      It definitely didn’t seem too shabby.

      The 1200 fps sample really amounted to just a novelty, but the 400 fps looked downright reasonable when I watched it full screen.

      The clips highlighted, however, that you need a lot of light to shoot effectively like that. Shooting indoors at less than 1/1200 understandably results in extremely grainy footage.

      I did notice a lot of artifacts in the background due to compression. I can’t say if that’s the fault of the camera or of Vimeo.

      It also seemed pretty slow to re-adjust exposure in some situations, although on the other hand, you really don’t want it to adjust so fast it twitches back and forth as you pan around a room with multiple windows, for example.

  • Theo

    I get really annoyed with all the “small sensor” and “I’m disappointed”… these are very competitive cameras.

    • Lulz

      Lol. And I’m also annoyed that I annoy you! If u like it then buy one but I’ll still call it a pos.

    • frank

      Other than taking it into a concert, the image quality is not something you’d want to print. The video quality is horrible. Look at how it can’t focus or even meter correctly for a while. So it has no mirror. Big deal. Can it use older Nikon lenses (which are better than the digital crap)?

      Just another POS P&S and Nikon has spent a ton of research and money on them. Think it’ll last a year? That’s the life of a Nikon camera these days.

    • C

      I agree with you.

      It is always not targeting pro peoples, but all pro peoples here is blaming at it. Isn’t funny?

      The design of the camera is awesome among MILC. IMO the most ugliest design is NEX. Like a huge can attached on a wood. Peoples just get used to the NEX look but it fact its design is the worst.

      Only thing I would like to improve for 1 is the size of the lens. It is still bigger than my imagination. What a pity.

      • PHB

        No, the amateurs who like to boast about their expensive gear are the ones complaining.

        The real pros on the board seem to be positive.

        Some of us buy gear to use, not to boast.

        • Yagion

          LOL. Funny but true

        • Jabs


          Maybe the most poignant comment here so far to me.


        • Steve

          Amateurs buy gear to use too ! I was really hopeful that this cam would be a take-anywhere, f-mount compatible, second camera to complement a dslr, but it’s too large given the small sensor. The E-Pm1 + Panasonic PZ seems to be a better option, or simply waiting for the G3 sensor to appear in a GF body…can’t be far off. Even an Oly xz-1 seems a pretty good alternative. It’s really hard to be positive about the J1, unless of course you don’t plan to buy one = pros.

          • get a D3100, they’re tiny compared to the D3/D700/D7000

          • Steve

            Frankly, if it was too much smaller it would be too small to hold. Also, it has to be big enough to have some buttons. Lastly, if your whole purpose is to f- mount compatible glass you are right their losing the small factor. Even an 18-55 kit les is going to more than double the size of the camera.

            • Steve

              I had a D3100 but sold it because the DR plateaus so it’s hard to natural highlights.

              I was hoping that the’d have managed to make it really small – like Oly Xz-1 size at least, maybe even Canon s100. Please think – smaller cameras exist and are not impossible to hold.

              You are right about the f-mount adapter – it’s ridiculously heavy even of itself, so that was wishful thinking.

      • I don’t see many pros panning the Nikon 1. It seems that the bitching is coming from gearheads who are probably too cheap to buy a professional body, let alone actually be professional. Professionals knew the Nikon 1 wasn’t for them when the patents started to show a 2.7x sensor last year, and they’re happy to see more Nikon photographers into the fold. The ones bitching are not photographers. It’ll be nice to see them go to Sony (NEX) or Canon (in protest).

        Nikon had a mockup of a “pancake normal zoom” on launch day. Panasonic recently announced the Lumix 14-42mm “X” which is a pancake normal zoom (it’s about the same size as the 20mm f/1.7). My guess is Nikon didn’t launch with it because it would be too costly to have 10-30mm pancake formula as a kit. The target market doesn’t know they want a pancake zoom yet, just like the target market doesn’t know that they’d prefer a 15mm f/1.7 pancake to a 10mm f/2.8 one. On the positive side, I’ll bet anyone the 10mm f/2.8 isn’t the image quality disaster that is the Sony 16mm f/2.8 for the NEX.

        D3100 Dynamic Range. You are kidding right? The DR of the 3100 is better than my old Nikon D70 by miles, and I never had a problem with it. There is something called bracketing and HDR. If you are expecting D3 DR in a high megapixel sensor that small, you’re smoking something. Depending on what I’m shooting, I nearly always trade DR for ISO on my D3, I definitely trade a little ISO-noise for the Active-D.

        Also, the XZ1 and Canon S100 have a 3x smaller sensor than the Nikon 1. The reason Nikon doesn’t do a pocket sensor (a la Pentax Q) is because the lens mount immediately is going to require a bigger body anyway so it makes sense to have a bigger sensor (c.f. Pentax Q). In fact, some might argue that the they should have gone µ4:3 sized since the (smaller) bodies there are sized similarly to the Nikon 1 (the lenses won’t be, but right now µ4:3 system lenses have three years on the Nikon 1).

        As for putting this sensor in a non-ILC body, I see that as happening someday. But doing it now with the EXPEED 3 ASIC to compete against the G11 (it’d be similarly sized) not the S100? You realize that Nikon would also have to shave $200 from the entry price to compete? At that point, Nikon would be losing money on every one of these hypothetical cameras sold.

        It’s an interesting thought for their P&S line. But I think the bigger priorities should be firing Ashton Kutcher and renaming “CoolPix.” 🙂

  • Foolishcfo

    Taiwan and Malaysia can have the mirrorless cameras. Aficionados in the U.S. want pro SLR’s!

    • Or pro mirrorless camera

      • Really, what happened to the pro pocketcam EVILcam that would change the way you shoot from awhile back? This isn’t it. Well ok, it may change the way I shoot, I just won’t like it is all. On the J1, that little R2D2 pop up flash thingie would be knocked off the cam in about a week. Really, what were they thinking?

      • DanO

        +1 This is exactly what I am thinking… A Nikon 1 Pro FF Cam. This N1 system is just the start of something new that could blow our minds. Some people just don’t get it and never will.

        • PHB

          I was going to say ‘no point’ but there might just be one after all.

          The main reason that there is little point to an FX EVIL camera is that it would compete against the D4 and the Nikon 1 at the same time.

          The D4 would match or exceed the FX-EVIL performance above 50mm. The only area where an FX-EVIL system could have an advantage would be at the wide end. And there it would be up against the 14mm f/2.8 and so on. There is some room for improvement, a 14mm f/1.4 or faster would be quite practical with a short focus design. But the same lens would be smaller and cheaper for the CX system so all that the FX-EVIL would give is a couple of extra stops and the ability to support 50MP or higher.

          But then again, think about carrying a 24MP Nikon 1 and a 24MP Nikon 2 (i.e. FX body) in your bag along with just a 85 f/1.4 AFS. You can now take portraits or birder shots by swapping cameras. Now add in a 14 f/1.4 (mirrorless only) and you can now take ultra wide or normal shots. Just two bodies and two prime lenses gives you the whole range from 14mm to 250mm.

          • FM2Fan

            how much would you pay for a 14 1.4? The trouble is: you’ll have a very large first group of lens in such system. This will cost a lot. let us start with a 20mm 1.4 – equally impressive and probably less costly (still beyond 3K USD)

          • Soap

            You’d have:
            38mm equiv.
            230mm equiv.

            Not a traditional definition of “whole range from 144 to 250”. The traditional definition of that would be octaves, creating five steps, looking like:
            50 (56)
            105 (112)
            200 (224)

            While your concept is cool, and gives one lots of options, the hole at “normal” is a biggie. A 2.7 crop factor pairs in a more traditional manner with a 1.5 (DX) crop factor.

            • FM2Fan

              having octaves in between – who cares? it is about the ability to produce something, that is in edmand or generate the demand. the “1” series indicates this clearly – next to the multitulde of coolpixes – their multitude is not any longer cool. too many models already.

              back to lens business: the 14-24 2.8 is heavy already now guess about the 14 1.4 – it will be massive. It is however questionable, if below 20mm a 1.4 is any useful – just consider the impact of light sources – your sensor must be a great device to suppress blooming

            • Soap

              Is there a reason you chose me to dump your rant on?

              The octave system evolved for a reason – it gives one full coverage w/o needless overlap. As I said the hole at “normal” in his four focal length system is a big one IMHO. But that’s all it is – an opinion.

              He was proposing a 14 1.4 which only covered the Nikon 1’s sensor – that would be significantly smaller than the 14 2.8, much less the 14-24.

            • Soap

              Though, on second though.
              He called the 14mm f/1.4 “mirrorless only” – if that is the case there isn’t ultra-wide support.

              So that means either:
              38mm equiv.
              230mm equiv.

              OR (if he means 14 f/1.4 equiv):
              14mm equiv (5mm)
              230mm equiv.

              Either way there is even more holes in coverage.

              Where am I missing, something PHB?

          • By your argument, there was no point to the D700, which competed against the D3 and D300 at the same time.

            We’re entering into a tricky time for the camera makers. On the one hand they have an insatiable need for more new customers, otherwise their growth stops. On the other hand their established customers are demanding more and more niches updated and gaps filled. There is money to be gained in both places, but it’s getting harder to extract. Sort of like oil ;~)

            That said, it’s unlikely that Nikon will push very much further into body proliferation. They’ve got 7 DSLRs, 2 mirrorless, 14 Coolpix as it is.

            • FM2Fan

              dear Soap,

              I’ve just mentioned another point of view. There are people who consider the “octave system” being important to them. Others have not – for example those who can’t afford carrying all the lens.

              Just a practical example – no dumping! – in the good old times I had first a 35mm then the 24mm – that is close to 3:2 and it worked for the use I had just great.

              even today I remain on the 35mm being the standard instead of 50mm so no lineup of primes 24-50-105, rather 24, 35, 85, 135 (but since the old times, 20 years passed).

              Back to the 14 1.4 – yes would be a dream, but as far as I can judge unrealistic a 14 2.0 or a 20 2.0 or a 20 1.4 would be already a great lens.

              If anyone has a lens-design program at hand: please try to correct color aberration tang/sag at 14 1.4 – you will need definitely high refractive index (n larger than 2 for the first convex group) and to correct transmission over at least 2/3s you will also need asph lens. Really VERY expensive.
              That is my only point. Let me know, if we shall discuss the coating too – I’ve been dong this, and
              at large angles of incidence it is tricky.

    • Lty

      I’m from Malaysia n I’m offended by that comment. So going by the American tradition I challenge you to a ceremonial duel called the “lawsuit”, using your African-American rights equalizer whine or as u natives call it “hate-crime”.

      • 12


        Way to rise above the situation.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Wow. Racist and ignorant. You’re quite the catch.

      • TROLOLOL

        LOL awesome comment.

    • plug

      Gosh! Americans are afficionados and superior to others in the world. You must be so wonderful.

  • Lonnie Utah

    Good against the GF3 is one thing. Good against the NEX is something else.

    The NEX is at least two stops better than the V1 when it comes to noise reduction….

    • Andrei

      Is it me or does the Nikon image look more blurry (processed ) then the Panasonic one?

      • Karlosak

        It is not just you 😉

      • Leuf

        It’s not you.

      • Adam Bavier

        I checked the ISO100 raw NEF file from that site and there is some color noise reduction being applied. Under the Noise Reduction/Color Noise Reduction area in Capture NX2, it is showing as 1%. It looks much better and sharper to me when I change it to 0% to remove the noise reduction. Much more in line with what I was expecting.

        • Adam Bavier

          Active D-Lighting is also on which reduced the contrast. Looks even better after removing that. I never turn that feature on in my D300s.

      • Eduardo B.

        I find nikon sharper than panasonic in high iso.

      • Lonnie Utah

        Yeah the images from the two sites seems to contradict each other. I’m not sure what to make of it, but since the Cnet asia image is a crop, and the focus-numerique images are full sized and the full range of iso’s for many cameras, I think I know which site I’m leaning towards believing…

        • Lonnie Utah

          Solved it. The focus-numerique are the G3. The images above are the GF3. My bad.

          To my eyes, the G3 images seem superior…

          • R!

            lumix sensor are superior,they might beat canon’s one if they come out with bigger one!!!!

      • R!

        It is sony/ nikon blurr classic !

    • There could potentially be a minor mis-focus going on too. We need to also keep in mind that these were pre-production cameras. Expect some tweaking to take place in the firmware before they are done.

  • Lonnie Utah
    • I will add this link to the post. Thanks!

  • Foolishcfo

    Taiwan and Malaysia can have the mirrorless cameras. Aficionados in the U.S. want new Nikon pro SLR’s.

  • Art

    I think that in some ways, this is a really exciting camera. Why? Because it has some really cool features such as some of its video capabilities (such as the really incredible slow motion). Just think if those same features were pro-ized. This camera could foreshadow some really exciting features for the D800 / D4.

  • Mark

    I like the concept – small, fast, and decent pixal count and ISO. I will most likely compare it with the P7100 and then chose based on speed, image quality, and general all-round handling.

    There are times I do not want to cart around my D700. The j1 looks like a great second camera.

    Any idea how the lenses translate into 35 mm equiv?


    • I worked it out as x2.73 crop factor.

  • paf

    lol.. Last one, promise, promise?

    I can’t take the torture — pleeaaase!!!

    The 1200 fps video sort of gets old fast… Reminds me of seeing Mercury space program launch footage in slow motion… by the time I got to Mercury 2 I was looking for the remote control…. I am sure someone will do something creative with it though, but for me, I just don’t see the point watching the “snot falling on the birthday cake ” footage from last b-day party in slo mo….

    • justin

      I think Nikon has confused about their products for the last four years they spent on developing this R2D2 thingie, were they making cameras or camcorders? If I need good HD video, I go with the Canon HD…

      They should replace their product planner…like HP fired their CEO for luck of vision and direction!

  • The invisible man

    I think we have more chances to get hit by remains of the satellite than seen the D800/900 before Xmas.

  • SB

    Can someone clarify something for me… Will we be able to mount a “normal” nikon lens from my dslr system to this camera (i.e. my 300 f2.8 becomes a 600 5.6)?

    How good (or bad) will the image quailty be?

    Thanks for any input

    • The invisible man

      @ SB
      Yes, you can mount a Nikkor 600mm f/4 on it, and you will be able to check if Neil Armstrong did a poop on the moon.

    • Jabs


      Don’t pay much attention to the smart ‘A’ people here.

      Nikon has announced that there will be an ‘F3AF style ‘unit that will allow you to mount your AF Nikon’s on there and AF too.

      The crop factor is 2.7 something, but not sure about what it will be with the Nikon lens mount adapter, as it could be a teleconverter or such that changes the ratio between this system and the F-mount systems, so I don’t know yet.

      WOW, a 300mm F2.8 would probably be simply as 300mm x 2.7 and still would probably be F2.8, but not sure yet.

      • Iris Chrome

        I think you’re right, a 300m f/2.8 will effectively be 810mm f/2.8. Same as when you mount a lens on a DX camera. I don’t think the FT1 adapter will be a TC though. Some quality will probably be lost compared to a DSLR but when you consider that a TC degrades image quality, multiplies the f-stop #, has max multiplier of 2 and only works for a handfull of super expensive lenses, Nikon 1 becomes more attractive.

        • Jabs

          @Iris Chrome

          Yeah, you probably are right but still not sure of its’ specs, so was just being cautious.


          I thought that I read that Nikon stated that the ‘G’ series of lenses would work with it and also AF, so maybe then it would be a strictly adapter, but it looks like a TC to me, so hence the caution.

    • Jabs


      Here is what Nikon USA states about the FT 1 Mount adapter themselves.

  • Mr. Kotku

    60 fps at full res! Does anyone know how long that burst will last? Is it jpg only or RAW also? That feature could open up lots of new possibilities.

    • Anonymous

      I think he said thirty frames, at sixty frames a sec, the burst would end after half a second. Is this correct? I wonder if you can manage the frame rate. For instance, stretch it out to fifteen frames a second for four seconds.

  • fred

    First video, power zoom fails to work @5:00

  • Justin

    I think Nikon need to replace their CEO like HP fired their CEO for lack of product vision and direction.

    I am waiting for the Nikon winter discount coupon for the R2D2 like J1 or V1…50% off!

    • R!

      Nikon executives suxxx,look at them happy yakusas faces , no one dare to tell them that their company is sinking deep….

      • FM2Fan

        I think that is definitely WRONG – just check the financial situation vs. the impact by the earthquake in March. Nikon Corp. produces much more than the photography products – it is a innovator.

        I’d like to rephrase as follows: will the mgmt team manage to set the expectations in the market accordingly? The challenge in international businesses is simply: different markets expect different communciation – probably this is a subtle weakness. But hey, nobody is perfect.

  • No wonder there is no new FF camera when Nikon spends their R&D dollars (Yen) on this nonsense.

  • V1nc3nt

    You guys are really like kids whining and crying exactly like if your parents feed you with a healthy organic vegetable rich food but you guys insist to have an lethal big mac

  • bird

    love the video from Rob1, the slow mo is cool, tho and the autofocus seems like something good. don’t you think @@?

  • Robin

    This Sucks!!! Knee-con is giving us all a bad name.

    It’s reduced to such gimmickry, I am ashamed!

    But, today I am a free man, i am free from the shackles of being a Knee-con fanboy.

    Thank you! Knee-con for opening my mind to other game in town. Seriously I prefer redheads to blond’s.

  • Bonetti

    ISO 3200 looks better that my D2XS

  • Ronan

    FOUR YEARS to make this! LOL!!!!!!

  • Jabs


    I think that you secretly love this camera system and thus your numerous postings on it.

    Yeah, me too!

    Thanks for your dedicated efforts here even when people whine like babies.

    I can see their heads perhaps spinning and stuff spouting from their mouths or nostrils and weird sounds come out of them plus maybe smoke coming from their ears – LOL.

    Feed me, FEED me NeeeKONNN – disappointed and idiotic people having fun or perhaps not the brightest bulbs in town – lol

    Maybe when the new D7100 hits town, then new types of whining will replace this juvenile ruckus.

    Keep doing what you do best and get some updated servers perhaps, as you ‘died’ there a few times over this new System’s announcement.

    This web site is thus growing so rapidly and thus thanks again.

    On with the newer releases then.

    • @Jabs, not really – to be honest I don’t see the purpose of a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, but this is just me. If I want to be carrying extra lenses around, I would take a DSLR. For everything else, the Fuji X100 or the Leica M is more than enough (yes, they are expensive but we are not talking about price here).
      You are right about the server – I am adding a second dedicated server tomorrow night. Obviously one server cannot handle the [NR] traffic any longer.

      • Jabs


        Thanks for clearing that up for me.

        I see a tremendous advantage to me personally, as in wanting to use it with an iPad for Presentations via iMovie and the equivalent of Power Point (forgot the name) in the Mac world.

        Small body, HD footage and easily fit in a tiny laptop bag along with an iPad = win for me, anyhow.

        Like the Fuji, don’t care for the Leica, as in too dated and love Nikon FX film or digital bodies only for serious work.

        Tempted by D7000 and now look at DX0’s new mark for A77 – D7000 beats it.

        Me, I am pragmatic and Business focused, so AW100 for dirty or wet places, Nikon 1 for better video and a better system and then L22 for quick casual shots especially in high crime areas or going through security at Airports – lol.

        Upcoming D4 for possible Stock Photography use to now bring my digital images to the level of my older Velvia slide work, so happy all around.

        • Steve

          Probably my biggest complaint is that it doesn’t have some sort of wireless capability or social media way of sharing images. I probably won’t buy one, but I like the where Nikon is going with it.

          • Jabs


            Probably coming up soon, perhaps.

            Look at my link to Pop Photo below for the accessories that they have shown so far – very interesting too.

      • AnoNemo

        NR Admin,
        I think the interchangable lens capability gives more option but then again, often you do not need to change the lens because that’s why you have your dslr.

        I think this particular one from Nikon is DOA.

        • This is why the Fuji X100 makes much more sense to me. If I want to go light, I do not need extra lenses.

          • AnoNemo

            There were some sony and panasonic patents you reported on the photorumors site that described very small size. The sony had a liquid lens if I can recall it correctly. With those tech we are talking about something different.

          • Jabs


            I know this is your Web site and each person has their own right to their individual opinion which all of us must respect, but I beg to differ.

            I have found that there are basically 3 types of photographers.

            a. Those who like to use rangefinder type cameras with small bodies and small lenses while almost never focusing due to their greater DOF from their small optics and even F-stop and lens focal lengths (such as the predominant small wide-angles). Many of these shooters pride themselves on their compositional skills or blending into the background and thus better able to get candid or similar shots prized for their story telling ability at times. I see them as being in love with their cameras and wanting to be incognito and such.
            b. The big body, big lens shooters with fast cameras, fast AF, better viewfinders and cameras which require better reflexes and are also heavier bodies. These photographers know how to frame precisely and often catch the peak of the action and mostly care about getting multiple shots and then use these to tell the story due to many shots actually taken. Some call them machine gun shooters!
            c. The slow and steadfast shooter who measures everything, meters everything and takes most of the day to set up and then gets maybe 1 to 3 shots after all this elaborate setup and shooting. Artists maybe and emotionally involved in their work. They use several different types of cameras including 35mm film or digital, medium format and even large format, but they work slow and carefully.

            To me now – Cameras are for taking pictures and not a passion without some purpose or then it is a mere hobby that brings a particular type of enjoyment or fulfillment to that individual. Cameras that do not focus properly or accurately plus leave me guessing are useless to me, personally. Cameras with fixed lenses are also useless, as my artistic vision is now limited by the limitation of this camera/lens combo and now I have to basically run around like a fool trying to get the right perspective because I can’t change lenses or zoom and render a new or even better perspective, hence lost opportunity.

            I like the Fuji but any camera with a fixed lens is like having no camera to me, as life unfolds in front of me in ways that I have no control of, so part of being prepared is having the focal lengths needed to capture unfolding scenes right in front of me. You can’t do that with any fixed lens camera and hence why SLR’s with various lenses replaced them decades ago.

            I shot street photography years ago in NYC (Manhattan too, especially in SoHo) and when I tried a Leica with a Canon lens, I found myself backing up so far that I could not get any shots whatsoever as the buildings are tall there and the streets are narrow. I then changed to my N4004 and a Nikon 35-70 AF zoom and then got more keepers, but it still was not wide enough, so I then used a F3HP/MD4 with a 24 F2.8 AIS and got more shots especially when I pointed up, as I had special Nikon focusing screens in it that made it much brighter and more precise to focus quickly and accurately than even the Leica.

            Therefore throughout my photographic career, I have learned to shoot with more than one body always and then pre-mount different lenses on each and then switch between the bodies quickly even when using monopods.
            I don’t look for ideals nor believe that there is one all encompassing solution for every situation and thus any fixed lens camera is a waste of my money no matter how great the image results are. I use multiple tools maximized for a particular job and then carry multiple bodies instead of trying for the ‘jack of all trades and master of none’ style bodies, hence I get the shots that people see the scene unfolding in front of them and then go -WOW- while it happens so fast in front of them that they never got the shot themselves, but I did.

            Therefore I remembered my purpose for shooting and buying all this expensive gear. I GOT the shot!

      • Mock Kenwell

        +1 on your body rationale, Peter.

      • Well for someone who is not interested in a dSLR (not you or me), there is a huge advantage to interchangeable lenses in a mirrorless.

        But for most dSLR photographers, they are better served with a smaller pocketable (LX5, XZ1) or a X100, then getting another “system” camera and all the headache purchases that entails.

        Hmm, do I shoot the 25mm f/0.95 on the E-P2 or do I use the my M mount 40 f/1.4 and adapt it? Or maybe I should just carry my D3 and push the ISO. Screw it, I’ll just split the difference and put the 50 1.1 on my M8. [Happened to me recently]

  • Jabs

    I have lost respect for most of you here!

    • Even me?

      • Jabs

        Naw – lol

        I am referring to some of the regulars here who are now bashing this system like babies or spoiled brats who did not get their way or wishes.


        • NoFunBen

          your right, it is sad.
          i bet they dont take very good photos, and its not the camera, they work all day at posting to NR and take so few photos they dont know how to get past P mode on their camera.

          • Jabs


            Nothing more to add to your comment.

            Funny too.

  • InfraRed

    Dear Suzuki-san: with all due respect and not knowing what BOM boundaries marketing put on your effort, I’m afraid to predict that your products are not going togenerate the return that is expected.
    Not to blame you and your teams: you are working with a plan coming from product Marketing and we’re sure you can do much better.
    We sincerely hope you have more room for creativity when you work on next’gen DSLR.
    With my sincere condolences…

    • Steve

      I am a frequent reader of Everyone there said the same thing about the iPod, and iPad when apple announced them. Time will tell.

    • ZoetMB

      You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. We all hate the Coolpix line, but they make lots of money for Nikon and I think this new line will have a significant impact in the market even if it does prove inferior to m4/3 because it’s distinctive and different. I certainly would have personally preferred a larger sensor, but I probably never would have bought even a larger sensor version anyway.

      In the last fiscal year (ending March 2011), Nikon sold 14.26 million Coolpix cameras, giving them a 13.3% share of the P&S market vs. 11.51 million Coolpix cameras in the fiscal year ending March 2010, in spite of the prevalence of better and better Smartphone cameras. And they’re projecting 15.5 million sales for the fiscal year ending March 2012.

      They’re also projecting a big increase in DSLR sales from 4.29 million units in the fiscal year ending 3/11 to 5.4 million sales in the fiscal year ending 3/12. The big question is whether these new cameras are being counted in that category. If they are, that sort of implies that we’re not going to see an actual new DX/FX DSLR released before March. I’ll admit that would be disappointing.

      Having said that, IMO, Nikon’s biggest problem isn’t that it’s been a long time since they released a high-end new model. It’s that the current higher end models are almost never in stock, at least not in the U.S. I realize the tragedy is Japan is probably still affecting things, but this has been a long-term problem. Nikon needs to get their manufacturing act together.

  • Don

    Here’s the question… Will we see the 50% off coupon for N1 crap before we see the D4?

  • Joe E

    Where’s my D800? If you make it for $2K like the A900, I will forgive you for the N1 system.

  • na

    Nikon said this shit is for families who want something better than point and shoot don’t want to how to use a dslr – that is bullshit!!!!!

    If you going to spend 600 to 800us on a camera you are getting serious about photography, than you will want to learn how dslr work.

    The system is not shit, just can find a good enough reason to buy it.

  • Mark D

    Nikon asked their employees not to take vacation for this week just for this camera announcement??? The employees got gipped… to me it’s only a so-so product announcement…

  • Abhinav

    Too much of noise reduction ROLLED in J1 .Why compare it with Panasonic ?if nikon has guts go and compare it with NEX5 or 7 .

  • chuck french

    What a waste of time. C’mon Nikon give us what we want, a replacement for the d700 with 24 megapixels.

  • wow ,Nikon isn’t selling these new toys in India . This is the first time, I have seen they have not launched something , which is launched elsewhere .

    • I’ve noticed that they announced new products in India few weeks later.

  • I prefer the stills in almost all of those motion snapshot thingies. Much more powerful.

  • Simon

    Nikon says they are not worried about Canon mirrorless with larger sensor. So here is the clue. Canon will be relaesing an APS C mirrorless camera soon.

  • Chris P

    I am getting a strong feeling of deja vu. All the shouting and screaming from posters who are clearly committed to another camera system, and Nikon owners who supposedly cannot possibly produce a decent photograph with the ancient D700, about the V1/J1 on this and other sites reminds me of the posts when the D700 appeared. Replace the ‘small sensor’ and ‘too expensive versus model X’ with ‘only 12 Mp’ and ‘too expensive versus the Canon 5DMkII or Sony A900’ and they sound exactly the same. Then as now Nikon went their own way, and it just could be that in a year’s time the new system will have proved to be successful, just as the D700 has been.

    Unfortunately, sometimes Nikon takes notice of the of the babbling and we end up with lenses like the 16-35 and 24-120 f4s. Both with too wide a range to have good performance at both ends and poor edge performance because of the unnecessary VR.

    • NoFunBen

      i like my 24-120 f4
      and i would like vr added to all my lenses
      but i take photos in dark old barns

    • Amen.

      Nikon has always done it’s own thing. This is what it takes to be “revolutionary”. I see nothing wrong with this approach. As a matter of fact, this is why I love Nikon. Like it or not, the Nikon 1 will be insanely popular with it’s TARGET AUDIENCE. Hint-Hint….it’s not many of us on this enthusiast website. The females(friends, family…etc) in my life are already talking about how they want one(wife included) and how sick they look in pink….laugh all you want, but this is what the TARGET AUDIENCE wants and they will come out in droves to buy one.

  • Hans

    Epic fail, Nikon. Epic fail!

    • BetaHal

      A very interesting comparison betwen mirrorless cameras of different brands. Look at the 6400 test pics in detail, I would say that from there you can tell the quality of the sensors.

      To me, ignoring things like color reproduction and noise reduction algorithms, you could order them like that:

      Sony NEX5 > Olympus EP-3 > Nikon 1 > Samsung NX100

      What do you think?

  • Like almost all controversial cameras, the Nikon 1 system will arguably be a big hit.
    What I see in these 2 cameras is top technology with a lot of space to grow and a compact system that will please millions of casual users who don’t think of themselves as ‘pros’ or ‘great photographers’.
    Sure it has flaws, like the lack of a standard hotshoe and the price itsfelf, but nevertheless this system will attract first time consumers like s*it attracts flies.
    It’s amazing how much hate and flaming these 2 cameras are taking, even without anybody ever even tested them personally.
    Of course some of the criticism has valid points but most is just rubbish coming from wanna-be experts (god, the web is full of them… it’s so tiring to try to find some good quality feedback in forums – you have to first dig trough all the crap and misinformation).


    • Jabs

      YUP @ O5iris

      Ignorance spouted at you often is an indication that you may have buried your competition, so their rabid supporters often write nonsense and even lies to deflect the reality of them being blown by or left behind by you.

      Typical knee jerk reaction from idiots, basically.

  • davix

    “We are quite confident that we achieved almost exactly the same quality as our DSLR”

    ok now we have reach the bottom of the ocean..let’s dig a bit more…

  • Admin maybe we should have a new site, The new site will disseminate news about new Nikon DSLR products, and will be about everything else (which appears to be the case lately). This will allow a more “pure” concentration of news about Nikon that most of us here are probably looking for, not the distractions 😉

    • Jojo

      Why not try self control? i.e. not opening the rumors you’re not interested in. We don’t have to read everything. The AF adapter links the 1 system to SLRs so why not have both on the same site?

    • Separating the site will probably not work very well. I did try something similar in the past where I had page two for all other Nikon related news/rumors. Now I moved that to the weekly Nikon news/links post.

  • Alan

    I am…?.. I am disappointed.

    That’s my first impression – and there is only one first impression even if my views should change over time. Disappointed not at the sensor, nor the minimalist looks – these were pretty much fixed in the rumors of what was coming. Disappointed by how big it is, especially some of the lenses. But at least there is recognition that some photographers want viewfinders.

    In one interview Nikon say they have produced what “their customers” wanted. Judging by responses on NR and other sites they must have asked a lot more Coolpix customers than SLR enthusiasts – perhaps that helps us to see the main focus for this system. OK, I agree with some – yes I would like a Nikon NEX7 with D7000 sensor and AF adapter for F mount, but this is clearly a different animal. But let’s make sure we read the book before we write the review.

    Don’t close your minds to small – “smaller but good enough” occurs throughout the history of photography. I look forward to seeing how good IQ can be. Many feel it’s “expensive compared to the competition”, but when prices settle down the J1 will need to be around GF3 / EPL3 prices. It will be like a breath of fresh air for P+S upgraders to have a camera that focuses so well, and so fast – many compacts can’t even cope with a 4 year old in a play park. I’m not sure the intended market group will go for this price structure though, but the Nikon name, marketing, and store presence will undoubtedly help. These Nikons will certainly put pressure on small micro 43 cameras and some “high end” compacts.

    The cameras have some advanced features and I look forward to trying one out. I could certainly see myself using the V1 (has anyone called it “doodlebug” yet?) with the 10mm w/a lens. Nikon clearly intends this to be a system but unfortunately the zooms are big and a lot of the lens prototypes shown seem to be quite large as well. If they gave us something like 8/2.8 and 15/1.8, I would go for those straight away, and supplement them with the AF adapter and lenses I already have like 35/1.8, 50/1.8 as fast short telephotos for occasional use. 85/1.4 would be useful too (hope it would work with Sigma lenses) and the 40/2.8 macro would become a handy 105-ish macro.

    Overall: Shows promise, let’s try it and see. Hopefully we’ll get some more compact lenses later.

  • MJr

    Like the camera or not, but that -Which? first look- is very good.

  • Jabs

    Perhaps here is one definite example of why this Camera System is revolutionary as in can you please show me here any other system with a lens like this.

    Yes I know that Canon is about to or maybe already released a new series of very expensive long lenses with a similar thrust, but read carefully what the makeup of this lens is and then what it can do.

    Maybe, you will need to both finally learn photography and videography for sure now – LOL too.

    Read its’ specs too and all the new technology behind it and then tell us if ANY Manufacturer makes a lens like this?

    Talk (whining or such) is cheap while doing something requires effort and a brain too.

    • FM2Fan

      The high refractive lens is the KEY innovation in the design. n above 2 was not considered being manageable some 5 years ago, simply because color aberration would have been too big. If the 10-100 is fulfilling the promises on the adverts, then it is the winner for anyone who loves video.
      (just a week ago many thought: oh no, this will be too big – no it is not)

      • Jabs

        @FM2fan – love your name too.

        Did you see the two aspheric lens elements too?


  • Guess

    After seeing the 1, I think the D4 will be mirrorless. This will be our full frame mirrorless.

  • Imaging Resource Comparometer has added Nikon J1 images.

    There are images from J1 on controlled scenes and other cameras they tested (it includes Panasonic G3, Canon G12, Olympus XZ-1 and a lots of DLRS). There are ISO progressions.
    Raw files for some J1 images are here:

    • BetaHal

      Thanks, jtra. A very interesting link.

      Well, it seems that we are beginning to get real images from the camera now, so it’s easier to compare its quality to “similar” models from another brands. I do actually work as a video engineer for a broadcasting TV station, so I know a thing or two about testing for image quality. A colleague of mine and I did compare the images called “Multi” from a few cameras, and decided that -if the tests were made adequately, which seems to be the case- you could order them by image quality this way:

      Panasonic DMCG3 -> Nikon D7000 -> Nikon NEX5 ->
      Olympus EP3 -> Nikon J1 -> Iphone

      The most surprising part came from the DMCG3 -D7000 comparison, obviously. Please take a look for yourselves and tell me what do you think.

      • BetaHal

        Oops. I meant SONY Nex5, of course. Wishful thinking, I supose…

        • Jabs

          Or a supposedly ‘Freudian slip’ – lol

  • Jabs

    For those who doubt that this is a new Era and a new System, then perhaps look at these yourself.

    Plus, they are real samples there too.

    New thinking for sure displayed here by Nikon.

    • BetaHal

      I must admit one thing about the cameras and accessories, Jabs:
      They sure are CUTE! 😉

      • Jabs


        Perhaps most people would not like to have you call something cute – lol

        Seriously though, they do look ‘CUTE’ as in totally ‘rad’ (old term), awesome and great looking too. What really surprises me is that most of the posters here have for over 2 years been asking Nikon to make a system exactly like this but only larger now. The accessories are actually outrageously ‘smart’, clever and push the boundaries of functionality to me plus it points to why this is a system of new ideas and technology indeed. LED video lights and a unique port for accessories reminds me of a Mac or something like the thunderbolt interface – for example!

        Thus, I am pleased but now looking forward to how they incorporate these advanced tech and ideas into a larger camera like say a D400, D7100 and even a D4 or perhaps Nikon will make two series of cameras like some bridge Pro cameras with all of this tech scaled up and then the regular Pro FX and DX bodies with some of this tech too.

        I don’t know where they are going personally, but I am happy that they are doing something worthwhile like the new Nikon 1 series and this bodes well for the Nikon lineup despite all the continuing human and natural tragedies still going on there in Japan.

        I am a human and I love people plus love new technical ideas, so I don’t waste time hating or denying new ideas, as I simply ‘vote’ with my money for what I want. The problem here stems from narrow minded idealists who know little about technology themselves except their erroneous quotes from Wikipedia or such and then try to tell us here what Nikon should do, while not even reading the specs of anything released and then now proclaiming this as a disaster or epic fail. You asked for it, now it is here and then you complain = you are an idiot at least – LOL.

        I have seen this type of a reaction too many times to not have red flags go off and thus I see this as the most influential camera introduced so far this year, as it points to the future like nothing else so far. People can talk about every other system and their own wishes, but this new system to me, is a game changer. It just takes time for people to come to grips with the reality that they were WRONG or uninformed or even lack vision.

        To me, the technology in this Nikon 1 series makes the technology in the new technically adept Sony a77 look like a ‘toy’ or the ‘amateur hour’ compared to it, and being an Engineer, I look deeper and know what the terms actually mean or describe, so not clueless nor some rabid fanboy, but an informed and experienced technical person who has done lots of things in my life.

        Nikon basically smacked all the other camera Engineers in the face and said to them – ‘THIS is how you do it’ – equals how I really feel. If I’m wrong, I don’t care as I don’t own Nikon or have any Nikon stock.

        • FM2Fan

          continuing on this thought: Nikon is about to compete Leica rather than Canon with the “1” series, simply because a small versatile camera is what people can expect. Leica was not very innonvative in the M8, M9 – it is still cams having not a single advanced feature, that is based on the fact, that they are digital cams.

          If Nikon continues with a “stripped” down version, then we have the Minox 35 and Leica fans attracted. Of course if and only if the prime lens are just as good as Leicas.

          • Jabs


            Interesting perspective but I was not even thinking about the Leica M8 or M9 in relation to this, but was more thinking Leica-Minolta CLE – lol.

            So you think that this was aimed at Leica then?

            Whoa – interesting.

            Leica’s are really well built, but I see their actual performance as stagnant, dated and even surpassed by the D5100. I don’t know what they are going to do to resurrect themselves, but Leica’s have always been focused on build quality, poshness and exclusivity versus actual performance, so I have no solutions for them.

            I remember when attending Seminars on Technology, that people would try and emphasize that we are not or no longer in the Industrial Era or even say that the Industrial Revolution died decades ago, but many Manufacturers or Industries failed to take heed and as result, are suffering today. Same thing happened to the Automotive Industry like say GM and thus same thing I see in Leica.

            Apple represents the dawn of the popular Digital Era and thus this new system represent the start of that Era to me in photgraphy, in what I would term a photocorder, as I don’t have another name for it since it is new. I see it as a mini-RED style camera and when I said that here, people shot me down, but if you compare the thrusts of both systems, you will see the similarities yourself, perhaps.

            ‘Everything must Change’ – look up the lyrics to that – the one by Quincy Jones and that group of fabulous singers.

          • Jabs


            Also your equating this with a Minox 35 just threw me for a loop, as I never would have thought about that amazing little camera.

            You people are great here and know the history of photography well.

            Much respect to those what know stuff here, then.

            A digital Minox then even if much bigger = great reasoning.

        • per

          I was able to handle the V1 this friday and I must say that I was impressed. The speed and size, the EVF, the package and the controls combined make the V1 into a sexy camera. You get the feeling that Nikon is now in possession of the technology of the future. In addition, they have a new format. The one technical nut that Nikon still need to crack is to come up with a hybrid view finder, because there are a lot of people out there who are not willing to forgo the OVF. If they do this Nikon may look into the future with confidence. CX,DX,FX? Mirrored/mirrorless? It will be up to the customer to decide.

          • Jabs


            Thanks for the info as I am starved for real info on that system before I buy one myself.

            Yeah – an interesting system indeed plus well thought out too, but of course there will be ‘teething pains’ in any new system.

            Wish I was you too and was able to handle it myself – congrats!

  • Mark

    “Guess” makes an interesting comment – that the D4 might be mirror-less.

    Wasn’t the F1 a bit of a revolution? After all, you could see the image as captured.

    Wasn’t Nikon the first major DSLR company to discontinue most of its film and manual lens production?

    So, perhaps the long lead time for the replacements of the D3 and the D700 cameras might suggest Nikon will be introducing revolutionary Pro cameras. That would be nice, thank you very much wingers.

    I love my D700. Onwards to the V1.

    • NoFunBen

      the d4 will be revolutionary.
      worth waiting for

    • Jabs


      Are you perhaps talking about the old Canon F1 pellicle mirror 35mm film body?

  • per

    With the V1, I think that the D4 will have a hybrid viewfinder. The AF-in-the-sensor technology is too good not to incorporate into a pro body. On the other hand, an optical viewfinder is too good to leave out in a a pro body. OVF, and using AF-in-sensor only with back screen? Not quite attractive…hybrid viewfinder it is!

    • Jabs


      Good observations and thus maybe.

  • NoFunBen

    how does the thickness compare to a cell phone?

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