Another Nikon 1 recap

None of the press images I've seen so far included a picture of the back of the Nikon 1. B&H has one on their V1 product listing:

The Nikon 1 V1 model has a metal (magnesium alloy?) body:

The most detailed Nikon 1 announcement coverage so far is from DCWatch. Here are few pictures of some possible future accessories for the Nikon 1 system (see also this list of future lenses):

Nikon 1 samples on flickr:

Two more Nikon 1 promotional videos:

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  • Raspy McNasty

    if it were only apsc at least! ughh, it looks so clean and nice
    nikon just cant get it right

    • Banned

      I also wish it had been DX format so I could have used my $1000’s worth of lenses. I will not invest in a new system just for a compact. And people who start with this new system will be reluctant to move up to a DSLR since none of their lenses will be compatible. In addition to that it has a much smaller sensor than the 4/3 system and yet the body is bigger.

      What a FAIL!

      • People who purchase this won’t care about sensor size – they’ll look at reviews of picture quality.

        • broxibear

          Hi Joel C,
          I don’t think buyers in this market are particularly interested in reviews about picture quality either.
          What they are interested in are how it looks and how much it costs. I keep saying this, aesthetically speaking they’re nowhere near as desirable as the competition from Sony, Panasonic or Olympus.
          There’s no articulated screen and there’s no touchscreen…I don’t think making it pink and saying women will love it is enough.

          • Jabs


            Perhaps you do not get it – THIS camera SYSTEM reminds me of an iPod, iPhone or the various ‘iDevices’ from Apple, as is a simple style, lots of colors, amazing functionality as in things work together and there are many options.

            Do yourself a favor and LOOK at the USA apple web site and look at their Store.

            It is a NEW Era of thinking in photography wherein the ideas of Video and Photography are melded together seamlessly and thus Nikon does get it, like in the past when they laughed at the F3 and FA while these became landmark cameras moving FORWARD and not like the Sony, Fuji and Olympus who are looking backwards for emotional or sentimental value.

            This camera to ME, looks better than almost anything out there as in MODERN from its’ sleek simplicity and almost metallic look plus one version is similar in structure to a D7000, as in having a solid metal body.

            I don’t know of any other manufacturer who has a similar lineup of cameras that look like an Apple product which is what people are actually buying today in America.

            Look here




            Do you NOW see the similarities as in MODERN and who these are geared towards plus these groups of people already spend lots on money on Apple’s Products making Apple the most valuable US Company today.

            Perhaps this puts things into perspective or not.

            • paf

              apparently at least one person came….

            • Anonymous

              Very nicely articulated. I strongly believe Nikon’s creative team and marketing research have created another system that the targeted segment wants. Maybe it is creating a new desire.

            • OM

              Good Job Nikon! even though I’m not getting one but i think it will be a successful hit. Its just simple and marketed very well.

              Girls don’t care much for specs and performance zomg full frame sensor yadada2. For a small carry around, I don’t care either, as long as the picture is pretty good and convenient.

              design looks superb and simple, just like the iPod. It may not be the best small interchangeable lens but it certainly has its appeal.

              let the haters hate, and all the tech geeek scream. At the end of the day its the photographer not the camera.

            • Not Surprised

              This looks ugly as hell.

              And no, it does not look like an iPod.
              Unless you are talking about the really ugly ones from 10 years ago.

              It looks goofy.

            • Not Surprised

              And where’s the grip?????

            • I think there’s something wrong with YOUR capslock button, Jabs. BTW, it’s totally lame when people say x, y, z is awesome because it’s like Apple. Totally played out line of reasoning. Nobody’s like Apple, except for… Apple. 🙂

            • Jabs

              LOL at the responses here and thanks.

              The problem today is that here at NikonRumors many have clamored for the very same things released in this Nikon 1 series and because it is not DX or FX, then they reject the very ideas that they have moaned and groaned for here about ‘Nikon not getting it’.

              However, I do read the posts here and this is exactly what most of the whiners here have been asking for but of course not in a new CX format. New cameras are to be introduced shortly, it seems, so perhaps be patient. The implied and talked bout D7100 seems to include some of this tech, so there is perhaps your answer to the Canon 5DMK2 and now we hear of Canon’s upcoming announcement and in hindsight we probably now know why Sony was teasing us for months as well as perhaps why Nikon did not release this system on August 24th – maybe to not compete with or even blunt the thrusts (as in fake them out) of their competitors who already knew of this upcoming camera system.
              Smart and crafty indeed!

              I sometimes use CAPS for emphasis and I am thus not shouting at you, so please bear with me or forgive me. I have years of real Industrial experience and have been involved with the roll out of one of the world’s most successful item in my field, hence my perspectives have been honed by years of doing things and not mere talking.

              Analytic mind here and not ashamed to use my brain even if people disagree with me or it seems weird. Therefore an independent thinker who is not afraid to challenge the status quo or popular thought, as I think outside of the box and that is my strength. NOT interested in being popular but follow trends as in a Consultant and worker in my Industry.

              Apple got laughed at a while back because of their simpler and colorful designs said to be a dumbing down of things, but people apparently love them and now they are the number one Company in Capital Market value in America, proving that indeed they get it and people BUY their products plus relate to them clearly.

              I see all Nikon’s competitors shaking in their boots, as this is a revolutionary camera SYSTEM and like the RED cameras that shook up the establishment in the Cinema world, I expect Nikon to now again do the same. I also heard ‘whispers’ of RED and Nikon working together and thus my constant statements here as to watch RED and then see what Nikon does from this. DO you really think that RED makes all of their lenses by themselves, especially when Nikon was and still is known for making some of the best Cinematic lenses in the world – look up their ED Cinematic lenses, if you doubt me. Look up the amount of conversions of the old 300mm F2.0 ED-IF for a clue. Knowledge perhaps replaces whining!

              End of rant – lol

            • Jabs


            • Jabs

              DO any of you know what a “Product RED” is – in America that is?

              Now for Nikon to go completely ‘crazy’ and then offer free engraving on some of these cameras – LOL

              Then we would have Nikon groupies waiting in lines around new Nikon Stores (Hey, Nikon already had Nikon Stores as in Nikon House – in America) trying to touch and use their cameras and Nikon Geeks teaching them the art of photography and videography – lol

              Totally awesome dude – narly!

              Awwwww – let me stop

            • Jabs

              Last Comment perhaps:

              Many here might think that ‘I AM COMING’ refers to an orgasm, but perhaps it refers to the birth of a new idea after a long period of gestation, as in childbirth or the awful pain of child birth as the woman moans, cries and groans plus pushes to get this birth over and stop the pain.

              How many of you have seen childbirth yourself – not in videos, on Facebook, Vimeo or UTube for example, but in real life as in there with your wife in the Hospital or Midwife’s House while it occurs plus with you looking at and even assisting her throughout the whole process or ordeal?

              I have several times and thus much respect to women from that.

              Maybe that slogan was lost in the translation or even a double entendre’ – lol

              Perhaps here is a fresh take on that:
              The new era in photography being ushered in by Nikon finally came after years of the idea gestating in the womb or minds of its’ creators or the Designers and Engineers charged with bringing this about = similar to childbirth or epic in proportions – lol.

            • fxed

              @Jabs – Bull shoot.

              @paf – Funny x 10

              @anonymous – Creative team on this one = out to lunch.
              Marketing research to whom? A homeless
              wino in the Bowery.
              @OM – Iv’e never heard someone admit they accept
              mediocre as a part of their expectations in life.

            • Stev

              I have to say you are the biggest fanboy ever you arnt even looking at the compention really. You can get any of the competitors cameras for a cheaper price with. Panas new zoom lens is smaller and more compacted than this whole syetem is. I dont think nikons compeditors are shaking in thier boots.
              I just dont see this cameras target audience breaking out of compact travel zooms and cell phones.

              I dont think Apple is domed down any more than windows is either… I almost feel that Steve Jobs would be insulted being compared to nikon 1.

            • Jabs

              Most of you here obviously do not live in America, hence you LOST the plot, as in clueless.

              Apple now represents what Microsoft wanted to be and when Apple started on their bold initiative both Sony and Microsoft plus Dell and HP laughed at them.

              And yes, I know they sell zillions more Windows stuff than Apple too, but who is at the cutting edge in customer perception and the execution of products now?

              WHAT? – iTunes, OS-X, iPhone, iPod, Ipod Nano and an App Store – Oh geez, that will never work they said or was their reaction then, years ago.

              Now we have the iPad running over the netbook and even challenging laptops here in America and Intel trying to now force Ultrabooks down our throats – lol

              Reality now – Apple rules and they all are talking or now trying to be just like Apple = Steve Jobs is a genius and way smarter than Bill Gates.

              Earth to you!
              I am now evaluating WIndow8 Developer Preview in both 32bit and 64bit flavors on a desktop plus laptop computer, so you tell me what has really occurred then in the market place?

              1. Dell has lost sales and even direction
              2. HP is trying to offload their entire PC Business and dumped their WebOS Tablets in a fire sale recently
              3. Microsoft is trying to push a Metro interface (have you seen or used this mess yourself?) to try and mimic or ape both Android and iOS plus Mac OS-X Lion.

              While Apple is cleaning all of their clocks with what many call overpriced and dumbed down gear.

              Let us see what Apple releases in a few days, as in maybe iPhone 5 and iPad 3 or whatever.

              Like I said before, I am glad none of you work for me and I think, so would Nikon – lol.

              I use gear and buy gear, so I don’t guess mainly – hence informed Technology specialists.

              You probably follow trends while Apple and Nikon make trends = your not knowing what is clearly occurring, perhaps!

            • Jabs


              You mean the bull got shot or even castrated?

              You figure that out pal while I laugh.

              Naw – not B.S

            • Jabs


              Name one of the cameras on the market that can do what this new Nikon System of cameras can do – NAME it for us here?

              List it here feature for feature then???

              Have you seen the accessories or do you really understand the specifications, as in way beyond even a D3s and D3X in some things?

              Maybe, I have an unfair advantage as in my Engineering background actually allows me to grasp and understand the Technology plus I use Nikon gear daily, as in being a photographer and videographer from the 80’s using Sony Video gear plus Nikon Pro and semi-Pro gear – all that I own.

              Earth to you and others here –
              IF the Nikon D3s is considered the best AF system and the best at ‘follow focus’ or AF tracking, then since this beats it, then NOTHING on the market equals it, as in NEW Era of photography and videography in this gear.

              Not a mere fanboy, though I love Nikon, but a ‘technocrat’ perhaps as in KNOW the stuff and use the stuff plus not clueless too – lol.

            • Jabs


              Exactly – new category to fill a desire unmet by others = a real breakthrough for a new market.

              Hope it succeeds too.

            • Ren Kockwell

              Jesus Jabs. You occasionally bring up a good point, but the rest of us have to wade through so much:
              1. Responding to yourself—dude, stop this. It makes you appear to be a troll.
              2. Really poor understanding of how your responses will be received—you come off as terribly arrogant, single-minded and condescending. Please assess the context of your comments.”Earth to you? Do you understand?” Makes you sound like an ass.
              3. Constant reminiscing about the old days—many of the rest of us were there as well, but Christ almighty, give it a rest.

            • Jabs

              Okays buddee, I’ll dumb it down fer ya and make it real seemple plus throw in a few whots dat and why fers plus doooh’s and other simpler terms to now make you understand me.

              Know what ah mean Vern!

              Ok – do you need me to be more like Forrest Gump or do you prefer Homer Simpson.

              An idiot with a name mocking another idiot and he complains about me – LOL

              Yeah right – weez all toast now – more like yo speed right bwaas!

              Hiya Jethro Bodine – Brain surgeon and overall nice hick!


            • Grayson

              Speaking of Apple, I would like think NIkon deserves some recognition for finally redesigning most of their site to resemble something similar to the Apple site. Excellent, and exceedingly more comfortable to navigate and look at than previous incarnations.

            • Jabs

              Here is some more proof that you have been left behind?


              Look and perhaps learn that this is now the future.

      • EnPassant

        Depends on what lenses you have? The 40, 60 and 85 mm macro lenses could be useful as well as the 35/1.8, 50/1.8 and 1.4 and even 85/1.4.

      • PJS

        You CAN use your Nikon glass on the V series:

      • Flash

        The Cx really has nothing to do with your DX, your DX is just as good as before. I am sure someday there will be a mirrorless DX body which you can use, but you probably will not want to anyways as your DSLR is real nice.

        • Not Surprised

          If they turn this into a tiny travel DSLR, instead of a piece of pop candy, and make it $600, I’ll consider one.

          For what it is — they really need to build out the specs/functions. I don’t know why they would make such an expensive entry-level camera. Cheap entry-level. Expensive features-rich.

          Where are the features?

  • Rob


    • steve

      Yawn ? You may not be interested but you have see the importance of such a massive miss. Who’s gonna pay almost US$1,000 for a cmera that only has four modes on the dial – why no custom like C1, C2, etc. This shows Nikon has lost the plot. Hardly a yawn.

  • iamlucky13

    Admin, there’s a picture of the back of the V1 here:

    And the J1 here:

    Are these not what you were looking for?

  • Rob

    Firstly, I think anyone who assumed Nikon was creating this camera to target pro users needs a reset. Firstly, the only reason that rumor existed was, well because of a rumor. Think it through carefully, from a business standpoint, and targeting pro users doesn’t make sense. There have been plenty of other posters who have explained why in detail so will not do so again here.

    Secondly, none of the other makers ‘got it right’ first time around. At some point the product needs to be put into the hands of the consumer so the maker can get solid, real world feedback on what’s working and what’s not. Now if they don’t take some (and I say some because everyone will have individual wants and needs, which all can’t be met) of the feedback and apply it to version 2, building upon what might turn out to be a solid base, then we have an issue. But my bet is on Nikon doing it right and we will be a nicely tweaked version 2 that will have everyone that was quick to jump ship coming back to Nikon.

    Finally, all of you who are willing to shed all your Nikon gear and switch to a different brand simply because of this, so be it. Even without the release of the D4 and D800 yet, Nikon still has two of the best cameras for their respective markets in the D3s and D700. I still fail to see the logic behind the jumpers’ thinking, but good luck and all the best on the other side. Besides, this new mirrorless may end up being a solid camera but we have yet to see actual hands on results. So essentially everyone complaining is basing their opinion solely on what’s on paper. But we should all know that 25mp and ISO up to a gazillion do not guarantee great results. Would l like the same performance as my D3s except with a 25mp sensor. Well doh! But am I happy with the results I get with it’s 12.1mp sensor. Hell ya!!

    • iamlucky13

      I agree with all of your points. Yet I’m still disappointed.

      First of all, because as logical as Nikon’s decision to target consumers primarily over enthusiasts is, it still means this camera isn’t what I had hoped for. My dream was an APS-C class mirrorless, but I still could have been interested in this “CX” sensor.

      However, even considering that, a lot of things about this camera don’t make sense to me. I’ll repeat a previous post of mine to an update already shuffled off the main page:

      – Are there manual focus rings on the lenses? I don’t see them. Manual focusing point-and-shoot style sucks.

      – What happened to compactness? The 10-100 is the same diameter and only 1/8″ shorter and 1.6 oz lighter than the 18-200 VR.

      – Who in the world wants an electronic zoom? That’s a compromise that is endured in compacts, not sought.

      – The J1 is limited to 1/60 flash sync.

      – Not that it matters. You won’t get much daytime fill with a guide number of 5 meters – it’s weaker than the flash on the tiny Canon S95.

      – The external flash for the V1 has less power (GN 8.5m) than even the pop-up flash on the D40 (GN 12m).

      – Would it have killed Nikon to mold a grip around the camera? Because of lens protrusion, it’s not any more pocketable without a grip than with one.

      – Oh wait…I see. Nikon will SELL you a grip (not a battery grip, just a piece of molded plastic) for $120!

      – At $650 and $900, they’re about the same prices as the D3100 and D5100. Ok, size is supposed to be a feature of its own value, but the other feature compromises are too numerous, in my opinion.

      On the plus side, at least they have manual modes, shoot RAW, and appear to have pretty good high ISO performance considering the sensor size. The high framerates are also intriguing.

      Nikon SLR’s are still just as good today as they were yesterday, so I’ll be the last person to ditch Nikon in that category, but it looks like if I want a mirrorless companion, the 1 Nikon system is a mediocre fit, at best.

      • Bip

        “At $650 and $900, they’re about the same prices as the D3100 and D5100. Ok, size is supposed to be a feature of its own value, but the other feature compromises are too numerous, in my opinion.”

        A group of my female friends each bough a D3000, D3100, D5000, D5100 over the last few years. They were excited about it because at that time DSLR was the “in-trend” thing. The excitement goes aways when they realise how “heavy” it was to bring with them on vacation. Most of these cameras have less than a few hundred clicks.

        Most of them welcome the introduction of these two CX cameras and are certainly willing to “trade-in” the entry level DSLR they have for either one of these. To them, size does matter!

        I think Nikon got it right, just not for you, me and a bunch of other people who expected different things.

      • Jabs

        This camera system is basically an iNikon

        WAIT for the more serious stuff while other people perhaps lap this up and use it along with their iPods and Nanos of similar colors.

        Awwwww – its’ so coooool – WOW = their possible reaction.

        • Frank

          @Jabs. I see your argument. It does seem like Nikon is taking a different marketing approach similar to Apple’s website.

          I disagree that their campaign will be as effective though. While the look and feel of the product pages are similar, and the appeal to emotions and memories are similar, the language itself “feels” kludgy. There are too many different concepts going on at once that require the average reader to grasp why they need the new system/camera.

          To me, Nikon the average camera description content up there, rearranged the formatting, threw in a slight “human” spin, and thought it would work. The tone just doesn’t seem genuine, there wasn’t enough commitment to go “full apple,” and the resulting hybrid marketing/product description page just doesn’t have the focus necessary to make me crave the new camera.

          So to your orginal point, I agree with your assessment of Nikon’s strategic shift in marketing to the iPod-craving crowd, using tactics similar to Apple, but I do not feel like they executed the shift well and as a result will not realize the sales potential of their new product line.

          • Jabs


            Thanks and agreed.

            Apple has been doing this sort of iMadness for how long and Nikon for how long?

            Nikon is therefore new to it and Apple are pros at it, so maybe give them (Nikon) time and let us see what direction this thing takes. Even if it fails, the clear forward thrust of the concepts and ideas are sure to influence most of the Digital camera market just like Apple did for Music, Cell phones and now Publishing.

            That is how I see it, even if I can’t always articulate it well here – lol

            HECK, it’s a web site bub – lol.

            I love technical progress no matter WHO or where it comes from.

    • Bip


  • Ronan

    Apple took over Nikon LOL!

    • Jabs


      YUP or Nikon is aping Apple but with great functionality too -lol

  • broxibear

    It’s the first shot I’ve seen of the bottom plate, they’re made in China and so are the lenses.
    So what’s been happening at the Sendai plant ?
    Thom thought the mirrorless cameras were being made there but that’s obviously wrong, can’t be D3 series or D700 because there’s no stock around…maybe it is just lying empty ?

    • Please don’t misquote me. I most certainly wrote the opposite: the Nikon 1 was not being made at the Sendai plant and I asked what was. I think we’ll find out at next month’s announcement ;~).

      • On some of the images you can clearly see “Made in China”.
        Thom, it seems (for now at least) that next month announcement will not be for a full frame DSLR.

        • broxibear

          Hey Peter,
          The lenses are also made in China.

        • Thomas

          Yes, all the cameras and lenses I used today were made in China. Disappointing but not surprising. 🙁

          • Everything is made in China! 🙂

      • broxibear

        Hi Thom,
        Sorry if I misquoted you, but I was sure you posted here a few months ago saying the mirrorless was being made at the Sendai plant…you also talked about the car park ?
        Anyway, it’s not that important…do you still belive something is happening in the Sendai plant or is it empty ?

  • Ruben

    Wow. good job on setting the exposure on that vid…
    100% blown out, and no CC? Barely saw a single pure black there.

    • Geoff

      Being a left-brained person I was afraid to ask that thinking it could be some artsy thing. I agree with you.

  • I can’t wait to attach my 14-24mm 2.8 lens on… oh wait. That doesn’t work :{
    The thing I can’t understand is why Nikon (and Canon) are pushing these interchangeable cameras when they spent the last 4-5 years pushing consumers to the entry level DSLR’s.
    Also, either you want it to fit in your pocket or you don’t. I don’t want it to fit in my pocket if I have to put an “interchangeable lens” in another pocket.

    • BornOptimist

      “I can’t wait to attach my 14-24mm 2.8 lens on… oh wait. That doesn’t work :{”
      When the cameras are available, sure you can use your 14-24.
      Just buy the adapter, and it will work 100% on this camera.

  • Raspy McNasty

    In all honesty. I would completely buy a camera that looks similar to this + aperature/shutter dials front and back
    full frame sensor, bigger thicker size, weather sealed

    it would be a street photogs wet dream

    • MysterF

      Leica M9?

      • Raspy McNasty

        The problem is M-mount lenses are too expensive for a hobby such as street photography

        the nikon system could use such a model id be willing to shell out 3000
        and im already invested in N-glass

        • Jabs

          M9 is too expensive but of course very well built, but with worse performance than even a cheap D5100 or D7000 = stuck in the past and clueless too.

  • Catalin Sandu

    You have to love Google Translate: “Makoto Kimura, President of the bacteria Nikon” 🙂

    • Yagion


    • jdsl

      +1000, ROFL!!!

      • OM


    • I too came to say my favorite line was:

      “Beginning of the presentation, the bacteria were greeted President Makoto Kimura Nikon”


    • Jabs

      LOL – and what ‘bacteria’ was that – VD?

      Google indeed – computers cannot think!

  • You can see my pictures and my 1200fps video here :

    • broxibear

      Hi Robin P.,
      What did you think of the cameras compared to GFs and NExs ?…that’s if you’ve used the GF, PEN and NEXs ?
      I know the V1 has a metal body but how do they feel in your hand ?

  • Midnight Lost Child

    If this new camera is a mirror less system why does it have a viewfinder? Wont people just switch it to live view mode and use the much larger lcd screen?

    • Shootus

      If this new camera is a mirror less system why does it have a viewfinder? Won’’’t people just switch it to live view mode and use the much larger lcd screen?

      Why in the world would they do that? The viewfinder has better resolution, fills your whole field of view, isn’t blasted into uselessness by daylight, steadies the camera instead of dangling it at the end of your arm, etc etc etc etc etc.

      • MysterF


      • Bip

        I thought the same way until I came across various articles that say otherwise. Not that they have to be correct, but I thought they have merits.

        The technology has come a long way. For the oldschooled, we might not be used to it yet. Below are some of the arguements (on top of my head): –

        1.) One of the benefit of using LCD screen is to have 100% view of what you would capture.
        2.) The other one is the image will be “what you see is what you get”. In a VF, you often have to press the step down button to get the true sense of DOF.
        3.) it could help with composition. You can step back and see the whole scene.
        4.) it has various functions/add-ons to help with taking a better picture.
        5.) it does help to take away a bit of straint on the eyes.

        2 – 4 above of course has to be supported by using a tripod. There is no shortcut around that.

        • fred

          1) The EVF is 100%.
          2) The EVF is showing the image through the stopped-down lens.
          3) I can step back whether I have an EVF or a screen.
          4) My functions and add-ons shouldn’t be obstructing my view; they should be under my fingers.
          5) I don’t know of any evidence to support this.

          Fact: Serious photographers want viewfinders.

          • regular

            6/ The EVF has a very bad resolution, and you can not estimate where the focus is really.

            I tested the V1 on Nikon’s booth at their special event in front of Paris’ Museum of Modern Art. That was not what I would define as an unforgettable experience.

            • BornOptimist

              The EVF is a 1.4MP lcd panel, while the 3″ is a 920kP, so you do the math. Which one is highest resolution?

              One of the reasons EVF fails is because of low frame rate readout from the sensor, so the image viewed on the EVF is lagging the real thing. By incrasing the readout frame rate, the “feeling” will be much better, but it can never compete with a good optical viewfinder.

  • Zatrapa2010

    Patience Luke, It’s near the D4, D800 and D400 arrive. Use the force.

  • Sam

    It’s clear that the Nikon 1 was made to aim squarely at the consumer market, and the low end at that based on the ad material they’ve shown. It looks like it’s aimed at a fashion concious female market. The price unfortunately is extremely high for it to be competitve in the market these cameras are aiming at.

    • Yagion


  • Yagion

    ISO 1600 is looking very impressive from the sample pictures, if you ask me

    So, I would say it’s a really nice system for non-pros looking for something compact but still take nice pictures.

    • Lonnie Utah

      I’ll disagree. Lot’s of luminance noise (when compared to the 1600 iso images from my nex-5) and not really sharp at all. Those look more like the iso6400 images out of my nex…

    • grayscale

      Rats, I was hoping for a breakthrough..
      The noise level is alright, but the effective resolution seem quit low.
      Which is exactly what should be expected from a modern sensor of this size.

  • Tommy

    That video recording kit looks neat! Too bad the camera is useless.

  • RichST

    Oh gosh, if the video on quesabesde is any indication it’s really poor, I’m wondering if any of their other video modes are implemented better. The sensor is built for video/speed, I was expecting the quality to be excellent

  • JG

    I honestly like the way the V1 looks. To me it looks like a rangefinder camera. I was almost prompt to buy it because I like doing street photography and lets be honest here, the best way to scare people off is lugging around a DSLR.

  • broxibear

    Do you think part of Nikon’s marketing for these new mirrorless cameras is to post praise and positive comments on nikonrumors ? (I don’t mean you Peter/admin)
    Big hands indeed ?

  • EnPassant

    The last video clearly show the target group for this camera. Middleclass and higher who can afford a DSLR but mostly want to use their camera as a photo- and videorecorder making pics’n’clips from their own life, and want something better than the ordinary compacts, but still relatively small, not as bulky and ugly as DSLRs, and is very easy to use.
    Small size, very good video and easy to use have propably been the guidelines for making this camera. It is not made for advanced photographers who want a lot of external controls. It’s simply a little more advanced point-and-shoot with the possibility to change lenses. In light of that the specs doesn’t look so bad. The question is if the targeted group will fall or it?

    • Jabs

      Yep – a ‘photocorder’ or one combining a video and photo Recorder for the new generation of Internet connected smartphone and Tablet users.

      Think iPad, iPod and iPhone users or the various Android smartphone and Tablet users plus even the upcoming Windows 8 and Windows based smartphones.

      Not your traditional DSLR users!

      New Era in digital cameras then.

      We have been left behind – LOL.

  • Mark

    Some pictures of the exterior of V1 and J1 –
    They are “Made in China”

  • After reading the various posts here supporting these Nikons and explaining the market Nikon is targeting with them, I’m again very glad I happened across this site well over a year ago. Some of the analysis here is strikingly good and very thought-provoking.

    I agree that the form factor and weight could attract a segment of the market that would be loyal to those attributes. Also, the “Apple factor” and colorful design could well attract the fashion-conscious audience, includnig females.

    Regarding image quality, this 10 MP has to be better than my 2004 KonicaMinolta A2 (8MP, small sensor) and my 2003 Minolta 7HI (5MP, small sensor) used to be. And I have images selling in a gallery that are 16×20 enlargements made from them that look wonderful. You can see some of them on my home page:

    Those raw files take more work to enlarge well but they enlarge very well if handled properly. So I’m not worried about image quality on a much newer sensor of slightly higher megapixel and approved by Nikon unless it’s very low light shooting or very high enlargement. This could potentially be the carry-anywhere raw-format spare pocket camera that I’ve been wanting for some time now.

    Finally, the price is high but I trust Nikon for quality until they prove otherwise. And the price for these cameras is literally nothing compared to a Leica M9 — or even to the old Nikon rangefinders that some people here would rather see Nikon make but which obviously have little or no demand compared to consumer-oriented high quality cameras. These two models from Nikon are encouraging to see, but I do need to see what good reviewers feel the image quality is before I buy.

    • Jabs

      @Robert Ash


      Great portfolio and wise words.

      Seems like you have been shooting for a while and thus nice style too.

      This new system will probably beat your old gear, but who knows – Too early to tell.

      After all, its’ a small sensor in a unique package aimed at a specific crowd or group who mainly shoot and use/deal with plus post small files.

      • @ Jabs,

        Thanks 🙂 Yes, I’ve been shooting awhile and try to do some different things with the images, keeps it interesting 🙂

        Actually, that KonicaMinolta A2 cameras was perfect for me – it shot Raw format, had 18-200mm equivalent lens so covered 80%+ of my shooting needs, and was a one-piece – easy to carry, no extra lens to lose. Plus you could nail the exposure using the LCD and flip up the viewfinder to shoot a low angles easily.

        The V1 isn’t all of that, but maybe we’ll see how close it gets 🙂

        • Jabs

          @Robert Ash

          Are you saying that you used that Konica-Minolta to shoot your displayed images on your Web site?

          I am not familiar with that camera, so perhaps I go look it up myself.

          The only Konica-Minolta that I faintly remember was the Hexar or something similar.

          Oh well, whatever works for you.

          • Hi Jabs,

            “@Robert Ash
            Are you saying that you used that Konica-Minolta to shoot your displayed images on your Web site?”

            A number of the images on my website, yes, I captured them with the A2. The images on my site come from a number of cameras in total — Minolta 7HI, KonicaMinolta A2, Nikon D200, D300 and D7000. Most of the images are D200/D300 because my D7000 is still pretty new 🙂 Each time I upgrade, my new camera becomes my primary and the prior one becomes my secondary.

            So the D7000 is my primary now. I captured the image “A View of Majesty” with that one, won my first Merit Award for a landscape in print competition with that image (it was also the first landscape I’d ever entered into a print competition, which felt even better!).

            • Jabs

              @Robert Ash

              Thanks for the replies and taking time to answer me.

              Have a good one!

        • Jabs
          • Yes, that’s it. And mine still works perfectly. The only problem is that newer Raw processing software like DxO Optics Pro can’t recognize its raw file format any more, but thankfully Lightroom and Photoshop still can.

            • Jabs

              @Robert Ash

              Hopefully they do support your camera.

              I use 64bit Linux often and Raw Therapee and DcRaw plus others usually open almost anything.

  • Flash

    The J1 is missing quite a bit from the V1, it makes the V1 a bargain in comparison.

    IMHO i if Nikon keeps plugging away at the Cx system it will be pretty nice is a flew years. Till then it will be purchased by the fashion types, unpaid beta tester types and Nikon fan boys. Maybe then I might get one.

    I hope they make a new Fx model or two.

  • I would like to see what this thing can do with the new 50mm 1.8

    • Jabs


      Or even with that 40mm F2.8 Micro-Nikkor that was recently tested here by The LabelGuy plus maybe also the 35mm DX prime lens too.

      40 X 2.7 = 108mm or about a 105 Micro-Nikkor too.


  • alex

    what i’m interested is the new AF system
    if that works as they say it’ll change everything about compact/mirrorless cameras

    • ditto

    • Jabs




      Yes’seree – lol

  • Johan

    I like small cameras. If the V1 would have had manual controls and if the pancake would have been f2.0 then I would have bought it, if the iq and iso performance looked good… Could have been a fun complement my dslrs, especiallt with a tele attached. But too many unfullfilled ifs…

    Guess it is back to waiting for that well overdue DX prime. How come they launch this one with a wide angle prime when they never cared to make one for DX cameras. Very strange. Especially since the audience for N1 will be into zoom lenses anyway.

  • In addition to more sample results from the N1 I would like to see an independent evaluation of the lenses comparing them to what is available from Olympus and Sony. I’m personally in the market for a mirrorless camera system and now that Nikon has made this announcement they are on the road to winning my business. I’m really excited that Nikon has decided to enter this market, and if the results stack-up I think that they will do well.

  • Shepard

    I am not seeing too much that has impressed me with the V1 cameras. Price is too high, as previously mentioned; they require a new lens system, can’t use the DX lenses w/o an adapter, if at all, and the IQ is not outstanding in the field.

    I have been a Nikon user since 1970, but Nikon ever since the Nikon F, they have been behind the times. They were behind Canon in the AF lens area, they are behind in the video, which is not too important to me, and they are certainly behind in the small compact mirrorless area as well. The plus side for them is that at least they have glass available for the V1, unlike Sony’s very good IQ NEX series.

  • JorPet

    Funny reading the comments here. It doesn’t have a big enough sensor, it doesn’t take my lenses, it doesn’t blah, blah, blah.

    Folks, this isn’t for anyone who frequents a blog called Nikon Rumors. This is for gadget freaks that aren’t into photography. For those who want a camera that they can accessorize over time and be able to do just about anything that a DSLR can do at half the price and a third the size and weight. I suspect that the target marketit 3-4 times the size of the DSLR market, so it makes incredible sense for Nikon to come out with this. Pixel peepers and snobbish Photo Geeks need not apply.

    Take a look at the images from an iPhone 4. They are better than most DSLR images from two generations ago. They have a pin hole lens and a sensor the size of a bread crumb. Compared to what the target audience is using currently (their phone mostly) this will produce IQ that is light years ahead of what they currently shoot. 90% of their images are headed for Facebook, so having massive files that get whittled down to low res is pointless. RAW, even if it is available isn’t going to be used (heck 99% of DSLR shooters don’t use RAW). The occasional 4×6 print will be impressive and they can always print at 8×10 without a problem. They will be thrilled.

    12 MP is enough to blow up into a bus wrap, the 10 MP this camera produces will be way more than enough the targeted audience.

    • Jabs


      Exactly and lost on many here too.

    • cruser2469

      yeah, but at that retail? NOT!

      • JorPet


        This camera is for people who spend $500 each year on a new iPad. Then spend another $2,000 a year buying gadgets for that new iPod. Then buy a new phone every year and another $500 for gadgets for it. The price of this isn’t going to phase them in the least.

        The crowd here really does not get the non-photog gadget geek crowd.

        • Jabs



          They don’t know that Apple’s fan base is really rich, highly educated and also have meticulous tastes – either. Color coordinated rich Geeks then or the new fashionistas!

          Shhhhh – don’t wake them up!


          People probably don’t know where the cutting edge is today and still perhaps think that Micro 4/3rds is it – uninformed or live in other countries besides America, perhaps!

          Ask them this – How many iPhones do they sell yearly at up to maybe $900 US and how many iPads do they sell in America at upwards of $900 US plus they often buy “Smart covers”, HDMI connectors, new iPhone/iPad capable printers from HP and now Canon, plus all the speakers, monitors, headphones and covers in exotic materials or even the rubber bumpers to protect your iPhone’s screen from your carelessness or such ???

          Clueless too.

          • JorPet

            I’m not really implying that it will be the “Apple set” that buys these, though some will. There is a whole Android group that does the same thing and they go for ugly sub-par products each year… 😀

            • Jabs


              I did not see you as implying that – lol

              Yeah ‘beauty’ is in the eye of the beholder too.

              I have had a few ‘ugly’ cameras in my time or what people would now call U.G.L.Y, but it never stopped me from using them, hence don’t care.

              Ever heard of the N2000 or N2020 or even the N4004AF body or even the despised F4 series and the F3AF plus all its’ lenses and the TC 16AF – I had them all and loved them too even when people (many Pros) pointed, snickered and stared.

              Even had the hated 28 – 50 F3.5 zoom, the fantastic but cheap and ugly Series E 75 -150 F3.5 zoom, the older 80 to 200 F4.5 with the 52mm filters and the zoom ring that drops or creeps when you point it down, but it took great pictures.

              I also had the 50 to 300 F4.5 ED zoom with that huge 95mm filter threads that forced me to buy B+W (The German Filter company) filters and even polarizers (two too – regular or linear polarizers for F3’s and circular polarizers for F4), so been there and done that already.

              I look at the images coming out of a camera FIRST and all else is secondary to me, hence photographer and not one who looks at my equipment as a ‘wife’ or such.

              It works well or it does not and then gets sold.

              Had an M3 or something similar and ‘exclusive’ (lol) and a rare Canon Hansa lens and when I first loaded some Fuij 50D into the thing, the bottom dropped and surprised me, as I bought it to see about some Collector Market value. It’s probably worth a lot of money today, but who cares – it could not make any money for me then, so I dumped it in disgust after learning to properly load the thing and then taking pictures with it.

              Heck, the cheap N2000 blew it away too!

              Sold it after maybe one week to my brother as he is a Leica and Canon geek and I am an F3 and F4 shooter, hence same stance today. Practical person and not gear ‘worshipper’, perhaps.

          • paf

            wow.. bubba.. your passion for Apple is spooky, border lining fanaticism. Time maybe for some vacation away from the ipad? No?

        • paf

          “The crowd here really does not get the non-photog gadget geek crowd”

          But why should they? They want something different than non-photo gadget geek crowd quality P&S so naturally this kind of stuff will be frowned upon.

          What you see in these comments is a group of people who are very passionate about Nikon cameras and want Nikon to succeed. There are hard core followers here who rival those of Apple’s fans that were left disappointed with these specs and prices — so darn right they will be vocal. The crowd here doesn’t need to get the non-geek crowd – the crowd here wishes they could find what they are looking for in this camera. And until Nikon will listen to their most faithful followers and feeds them the “crack”, the crowd here will continue to be discontent!

          Also while I agree with you that marketing strategy might be somewhat comparable to Apple’s, I think you hinge your opinion on one assumption — the fact that the market will receive this product as such.

          Nikon does not have the same market presence and it will not be this shiny sleek yet very unique piece of hardware that you will stand in line 24hrs before the doors open just so that you can take it to nearest Starbucks to be seen “ipadding”. So while Nikon might wish it was so, the product will be shelved right between Samsung Panasonic and Sony’s lineup at Best Buy or posted among thousand of pages of an online catalog. It will never be seen as the proverbial “ipod” — Nikon just does not have the same presence and brand recognition. Apple does, Sony does, but not Nikon. Ironically, due to the zombie base of fanatics, if you were to take the same product and put a fapple logo on it, it would sell like hot cakes — but that just the power Apple has right now.

          In the camera market, at the end of the day, it will be the pro lines that will leave an impression on the consumer, just like 20, 30 years ago. Today’s Nikon’s strategy is a fail from the beginning — in order to be like Apple they have to walk like Apple and talk like Apple — the will have to own retail space and have unique look and feel to give them their recognition. Until that happens, comparing Nikon to Apple is — well, simply a wishful thinking by Nikon’s execs.

          • Jabs


            I happen to have been using or knowing about Apple’s since the original Lisa came out as in seen its’ introduction at a Park Avenue Dealer location in NYC, years ago and heard the Lisa ‘speak’ and was about to be the original Mac, but instead later bought an Amiga, as it was in color versus the grayscale Mac.

            Apple has come along way since then and got laughed at when they went OS-X and into the Walkman, Cell phone and now Publishing categories with an E-Book reader named the iPad.

            Nikon has been making gear for over 60 years and have made their share of revolutions and breakthroughs, hence a parallel between them and Apple from that.

            Apple is indeed Apple and Nikon is indeed Nikon – so what?

            The Revolutionary departure from convention is thus what they have in common NOW and not the actual products, as that would be silly to say that.

            • paf

              To call this product revolutionary is nothing short of … well, unreasonable.

              Mirrorless? Market has got plenty of them. Don’t see the “La Revolucion” here…

              Faster chip? 60 fps at 2.1 MP? That’s called natural progress – after all you wouldn’t buy a 386 today wold you? Not much of revolution here – it’s not like this is “out the box” thinking.

              Nikon earned their reputation by putting high quality product with solid, useful (well, most of the time) features that photographers needed. Much of the success was because they were constant in their modular and scalable products developing one HUGE photo system. Over the years they were innovative but within the boundaries of their system – and personally, I can’t count this product as part of the Nikon photo system. Just because the camera mounts Nikon SLR lenses doesn’t make it part of the system! Maybe one day it will develop into a system of its own, but it will be a new system, abandoning the highly functional and scalable idea that still has room for growth and modernization.

              This is not a revolution – this is nothing but a deviation to expand into other markets. To glorify this into a revolution is doing injustice to true innovation.

            • Jabs


              There are many different types of revolutions and people’s perceptions often differ about them.

              There are revolutions in performance
              Revolutions in new directions
              Revolutions in influence
              Even Revolutions in idiocy plus many others

              I see this as a revolution in a new direction as in a new system to answer a real need for a different size or even type of camera.
              I love and use the Nikon system for decades and respect it, but there comes a time when it no longer relates to what people are now using at certain levels and thus fresh and different ideas are required for their needs.

              This does not negate nor trivialize the older system but brings to the table what Nikon themselves said – we are going in a new direction. They did not say that they are abandoning their older systems, but merely now we can clearly ascertain – they are adding to it as a new format and thus I welcome that and the boldness of them to even try that risky move.

              We now have three distinct systems from Nikon – FX, DX and now CX.

              It’s about time is my reaction.

              All other cameras to me before this, were attempting to combine the various different formats into one perhaps cohesive mess but they all failed for various reasons. Thus, fresh ideas in a systematic way were what was really needed and Nikon indeed had several cohesive systems even in the film days – Remember the Nikonos as a separate system then?

              That is how I see this – designed from the ground up to carve a new niche as in made for its’ purpose and not crafted from an existing system and thus the best of its’ own world.

              Apple has done that repeatedly lately and now Nikon has just done that like they did in the past too, hence my Apple tie in as an example mainly of fresh thinking.

              The problem here seems to be people wanting an Nex or a Micro 4/3rds which would mean that Nikon would have to pay royalties to the crafters of the idea and in essence become their slaves as in tied up in Patents and then be stupid.

              This system then is different and answers many of the very complaints here but now they want another system such as a DX or FX body, because they perhaps fear that this system represents Nikon abandoning them in favor of this new system. It’s an addition and not a replacement for either the FX or DX or now three distinct systems geared towards three different users of gear.

              That’s the revolution!

  • Sumoq

    I just saw high ISO IQ from V1. It is in fact better than E-P3 above 1600. E-P3’s lower ISO seem to have little more detail, but not by much IMHO. However, V1 IQ is not as good as G3. Obviously NEX-5n produces much better IQ overall. I was thinking about going for E-PL3, but I am now interested in V1 or J1 base on the ISO examples from the link.

  • cruser2469

    Nice job giving lower end consumers features they don’t understand, will never use at an advanced user price! Call it what it is, a camcorder that also takes pics! If Nikon had come out with an APS-C ILC, would it had retailed for $2,000. There is a huge market for ILC’s….EVERYBODY ALREADY INVESTED IN THE NIKON SYSTEM THAT WANT’S A QUALITY SECOND CAMERA!!!!! I guess I’ll hold on to my Nex a little longer. NIKON, COMPETE. GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME!!!

  • happy

    this camera is perfect for travel.. perfect for family use.. i only wish i was a little cheaper..

  • LogiEng

    Nikon 1 Press Announcement and Hand on prototype preview (Thai)

    Preview : Nikon 1 Sample File [Thai]

  • broxibear

    I was under the impression that Nikon was using a small sensor because they wanted a smaller camera…but the camera isn’t small, it’s bigger than the micro 4/3 cameras.
    Anyone have any ideas on why they did that ?
    Here’s some size comparisons

    • I have the feeling that the proportions are not correct, I think the Nikon 1 is smaller

      • broxibear
        • Jabs


          It is not the size that makes it great or not, but the features that rise above all other cameras that is lost on most here.

          FEATURES and the execution = New Era in photography.

          A system like RED but smaller and cheaper plus lower resolution = perfect for its’ intended audience and NOT us DSLR photographers.

          It does what Micro 4/3rd promised and never delivered, as they still are worse than a real DSLR plus who wants to use ancient M-mount lenses today?

          I have yet to see a Micro 4/3rd camera or system that I would buy over an old Nikon D40 r D60.

          Sony also has NO Micro 4/3rd’s cameras as they only have small pellicle mirror cameras and NOT Micro 4/3rds bodies, as in most here apparently confused on the issues.

          Micro 4/3rds is a Standard that includes the sensor size in a smaller body without a mirror that moves out of the way before you take a picture = clueless posters here.

          The Micro 4/3rds was supposed to replace traditional DSLR’s and so far, it sells well alongside traditional DSLR’s but cannot replace them, as in no capability to do that from a small sensor and lousy cameras with few accessories and a worse lens choice as in nothing much available.

          Micro 4/3rds seems to have been Leica and its’ partners trying to dethrone Nikon and Canon plus make them irrelevant, but it failed from that aspect. Micro 4/3rds was supposed to give new life and relevance to the OLD Leica mount and thus bring it into the 21st century with the equivalent of a digital rangefinder standard or a digital M3 or such but now made by many Manufacturers just like they did in the past.

          Perspectives then, perhaps!

          This is like what Nikon did to Leica and its’ various partners in the 1950’s when the Nikon F was introduced and blew them away, as it was a real SYSTEM.

          • Thomas

            I used both cameras today in Osaka and was not impressed with the feel or the industrial design. They may sell well in their target market (and Nikon may bring out some higher end models too), but the look/feel/ergonomics of the current two bodies are not impressive.

            • broxibear

              Hi Thomas,
              You’re one of the few who’s posting here that has held one so I hope you don’t mind me asking a few questions.
              Did they feel as if they had the same build quality of the lower end Nikon dslrs or did the materials feel cheaper ? In the pictures they look very plastic.
              Do you think the industrial design as you described it will attract people or put them off ?

        • MB

          Panasonic GF3 107.7 x 67.1 x 32.5 mm / 4.24 x 2.64 x 1.28 in 264 g
          Nikon J1 106 x 61 x 29.8 mm / 4.2 x 2.4 x 1.2 in 234 g
          Olympus P-M1 109.5 x 63.7 x 34.0 mm / 4.31 x 2.51 x 1.34 in 217 g
          More or less the same … even with the lens … but IQ, functionality and price is on Micro 4/3 side.
          And by the way Leica Mount is just an option on Micro 4/3 and very welcome one for many users, an option that Nikon will never have.

          • Jabs

            Thanks for the size comparisons.

            You need the Leica lenses because the Micro 4/3rd systems basically have no lenses of any wide variety.

            Old Leica lens live by reputation now plus their great build quality or even mechanical feel and not the same standards of modern lenses which are largely better plus have better coatings.

            Show me any old Leica M-mount lens anywhere near the quality of a cheap 40mm F2.8 Micro-Nikkor?

            You like many, are trying to turn a clear defect in that System into some type of an asset by there being Leica adapters or such.

            Where are the long lenses and the specialized lenses?

            SAME for the better Nex System – no lens choices to speak of!

            Supposed some Company now makes alternate lenses licensed by Nikon to mount on that ‘F’ adapter or even CX series lenses?

            With this ‘F’ adapter, both the Nex and the Micro 4/3rds systems are in a deficient position lens-wise now as Nikon has released more lenses over the years than probably all Manufacturers of photography gear.


  • Tom

    sorry Nikon but you failed…
    – No F-mount (new dedicated lenses? cool – but why new mount…)
    – small sensor (even Sony can put ~DX size sensor for Nex cameras)
    – no deditcated controls for PSAM modes
    – price

    It is just a another toy cam, totally for amateurs… (Sony Nex series will crush nikon in 4/3 market… wake up Nikon!)

    • Thomas

      It’s impossible to put F-mount on a camera like this. Look into a Nikon DSLR, the distance from the lens mount to the sensor is far too much to be used in a camera like this. This is why Sony also does not use the Alpha mount on their NEX cameras.

      Nikon is going to release an F-mount adapter in December. Rumor has it that the adapter will allow AF with AF-S and AF-I lenses. I used these cameras today and spoke to a Nikon rep about them. The rep was unable to confirm that the adapter will allow AF. Personally I doubt it as the amount of power needed for AF-S or AF-I would drain these cameras’ small batteries pretty fast.

      • Jabs


        Glad that you actually held and used the new Nikon’s.

        Ever heard of the TC-16AF that was made and released at the same time as the F3AF?

        Well I bought one along with the F3AF, the 80mm F2.8 and the 200mm F3.5 ED-IF AF

        Guess what?

        It AF’s with other AIS Nikkor lenses about F3.5 or was that F5.6 and above – as in used it.

        It had a Micro motor in it plus small lenses that moved, and thus why I said here constantly, this adapter reminds me of the old F3AF’s TC-16AF unit.

        Looks like an updated version of it plus the contacts in the body look just like an F3AF = Nikon recycling Tech in their Patent Portfolio, perhaps.

    • MB

      What on earth are you talking about?

      F mount has 46.5 mm clearance from the mount to the sensor so it would be very stupid to put it on a camera that aims to be small. (Nikon will make an adapter that may even have a built in motor though)

      Sensor is smaller than DX because the aim was to make a small camera, but it is many times larger than most compact cameras (wonder is Fuji X100 and Leica X1 are compact) and it is the best component of this system IMHO (next to Expeed3).

      No dedicated controls was a stupid thing to do I agree and the price is way to high.

      But how can Sony crush Nikon in 4/3 market when neither is making any?

      • Jabs


        LOL – how true as neither are in the Micro 4/3rds market.

  • Thomas

    Generally speaking I really like Nikon. I have owned and used multiple systems over a period of many years and Nikon is my current and definitely favorite.

    That said, I was able to use both of these new cameras and several lenses today at Nikon’s service center in Osaka and I was pretty underwhelmed from an industrial design perspective. People who are comparing these to Apple’s designs have clearly not yet held these cameras. They are nothing at all like an Apple-designed product.

    The silver J1 is aluminum (according to the Nikon rep I was speaking to). It feels reasonable from a quality perspective but when you consider the price it wasn’t as good as I hoped. The colored J1 bodies feel very “plasticy”. The V1 feels like plastic too though there may be something else underneath. All the lenses are plastic and do not have a quality feel to them.

    I didn’t have time to extensively test image quality or even to use the cameras more than for a few test shots. Image quality could easily be far better than the industrial design, I really can’t say. There are some interesting features though, and I certainly wish Nikon well with their target market.

    The rep said that the F mount adapter will come out in December along with a few more lenses and maybe some other options.

  • i guess im all alone here then. Im working in my own studio, using a D3S .
    But when it comes to family travel, i could use a small camera like this, it does its job, and i can change lenses if i please, at the same time, i only have to lug around 1 kg, insted of 5-10 kg.
    I welcome the idear, its not a replacement in any kind for my work setup, but it could be a fun allround camera.

    • MB

      My thoughts exactly if only Nikon had made V1 with more controls, standard hot shoe, hand grip and better design overall and at least one usable (not way to slow) lens.
      This way and at this price this 1 is no go for me.
      I hate to say it but Olympus and Panasonic are currently way better options for compact and portable camera system.

  • Jabs

    Perhaps another Nikon first on the new Nikon V1:

    Two shutters!

    Nikon has announced the V1 enthusiast small sensor mirrorless camera. Built around what the company is calling a ‘CX’ format 10MP CMOS sensors, the cameras is part of the company’s new Nikon 1 line. The V1 is intended as the higher-end model in the lineup and features magnesium alloy construction and a 1.4M dot electronic viewfinder. It also has an accessory port allowing the connection of the SB-N5 mini speedlight or GP-N100 GPS unit. Unlike the J1, it can switch between mechanical and electronic shutter.


    I also posted this here in another area to answer someone else too – LOL

  • Brian Richards

    I think people are missing the point with this camera.

    At $1,000, this has the potential to beat any consumer video cam at that price point. The CMOS sensor is not as bad as some make it out to be. A large one is used on the highly regarded RED camera. Sizes of 1/2″ are used on some very good pro cameras. Granted, the V1 does not use a pro codec, but still a 1″ sensor on a consumer video camera does raise my eyebrows. How that 1″ is used is still up in the air, but if it uses most of the sensor, then we can get more shallow DOF than most video cameras and still get some good DOF for macro.

    Thom Hogan answered a couple of questions for me. With his samples he is not seeing a rolling shutter problem, but those are samples. And how the sensor is used has yet to be determined.

    For a soccer mom, or football dad, this could be a very good choice. As Thom points out, smack a 85mm f.18 on that (using the available adapter) and these folks have that low-light telephoto they’ve been looking for. Dad can make those football scholarship audition tapes look pretty good.

    Coaches will love the 400 fps and 1200 fps modes to help analyze motion.

    As for the Expeed 3 processor on the consumer pocket shooter, I’m wondering what Nikon has in store for their larger DSLRs. It might have an even better CPU.

    — Brian

    • Jabs



      Exactly too.

      • paf

        I’d think that soccer mom or dad would prefer to buy more reasonably priced product and pocket the rest to spend on soccer uniforms — but that’s just my logic. So no, i don’t buy this argument.

        As to analyzing motion at 1200 fps — that’s a good one. I love this argument. I just hope that the coach won’t be sitting there analyzing it frame by frame cause it will take helluva long time to get through the footage….

        Sounds more like trying to justify the extra $$ with those unlikely scenarios — in reality 60fps will do just fine for mom or the soccer coach and that’s pretty much widely available. These arguments sound kind of the same reason why “Uncle Bob” got himself a DSLR — for sure his pictures will be better if he had that 6lb brick hanging from his neck…

        • paf

          meant to reply to Brain, no Jabs.

          • Jabs


            Yeah, I never saw this as replying to me – lol

            Perhaps you have never seen high speed footage and even high speed playback equipment.

            Most high end gear has 40 to 60X playback speeds often called shuttling or an expanded fast forward or even reverse play mode.

            You record at one speed and then playback at a slower speed to now analyze the video and not playback on a frame by frame basis, hence why they commented like that perhaps.

            Playing back on a frame by frame basis would really waste your time – lol.

            • paf

              I think I saw enough to draw my own conclusions – you shouldn’t assume.

              And my point still stands – what’s the point of recording at 1200 so that you can speed up the playback to a fraction of the original frame rate at the cost of lower resolution?

              Anyway — this is not getting us anywhere, so …

              Cheerios! Off to another topic.

            • Jabs

              At nobody in particular here – maybe!

              It is quite obvious that you do not know what high speed footage is used for, either how it is made nor have you ever seen the Professional applications of this technology nor even ever seen a Professional Video Deck.

              If you did, then your ignorant questions would have been answered and then not ask about this frame by frame nonsense.

              Idiots acting like trolls to now confuse the real Pros – lol

              Go google Sony Broadcast for a clue!

              Foolish and uninformed pretenders!

              How many frames are there in a 30 second video shot at 1200 fps = you are an idiot and clueless too, but a happy and clueless fool, perhaps.

              Get real, as you cannot fool nor snow (B.S) those who know the real details or how things actually work.


        • Brian Richards


          News for you, the Titanic sunk.

          The soccer mom’s buying this camera don’t live in your neighborhood.

          Just because this camera doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense to somebody else. And it doesn’t mean they are poorly informed, either.

          As I wrote earlier, some people are missing the point on this camera.

          I think what this camera is missing for you is one of those vacuum devices that makes your self-esteem 2 inches larger.

          Have a great day!


          • paf

            lol… Sorry to hear about your complex.

            Also, apparently you have no clue what a soccer mom is – but I that’s ok as you might not been exposed to a certain social classes.

            Just to clue you in what happens in my neighborhood the camera is left on the kitchen counter for the nanny/sitter to take pictures of the kids at play or sports. The only thing of importance is to ensure that the nanny knows how to turn that darn thing on and press the record button.

            But then again, replying to your post is to dignify “a low blow” with an answer so I will stop here.

            Nonetheless, thanks for the good laugh!

  • Leaking Starfish

    Jabs, you have been drinking too much Koolaid, here’s a site for you Fanboi

    • Jabs

      @Leaking Starfish


      I am game, as life is filled with ironies and things often beyond our own control.

      You thus cannot wish away progress nor bury your head in the sand when faced with sound reasoning or even new products that clearly redefine new paths.

      WHAT did that US comedian say – you might be a moron or a redneck or both – LOL

      Jeff Foxworthy, I think!

      Apple laughs to the bank while idiots argue the merits or demerits of either them or Windows, while I use both systems and then ignore people.

      Sorry pal – but not either a Macaholic nor a Windooze person or devotee, but actually I prefer 64bit Linux over both though I use all three – so crawl back into some hole and I also don’t drink Kool-Aid – LOL

      Funny comment though, but adult here and thus don’t care.

      Enjoy your day while perhaps Nikon and Apple redefine things and people argue about that incessantly as in lost in space.

      Me, I want an iPad and also a Nikon1 V1 – so you can call me whatever you want or laugh all you want, but my Business demands fresh thinking and since I cannot express my ideas with nothing or make Presentations with dreams, then guess what?

      Can you imagine what the footage from this new Nikon looks like when imported into iMovie and shown on an iPad = what I’m thinking while you are probably stuck in the past and now trying to determine if I am a moron or not.

      Maybe you never thought of that as the Kool-Aid perhaps dulled your senses – lol

      Who cares?

      Two can play this elaborate shell game too pal.

      Enjoy your day or night then!

      Here is a web site for you then

      Linux with a Mac-like interface too.

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