Nikon 1 mirrorless camera roadmap (sort of)

Dpreview posted some images of future Nikon 1 lenses and accessories:

  • Portrait prime lens
  • Landscape wide-angle zoom
  • High-power zoom lens (For travel)
  • Super-telephoto zoom (For sports)
  • Close-up (Macro lens)
  • Pocket-size (thin-normal zoom lens)
  • Pocket-size (thin-normal zoom lens)
  • Portrait prime lens
  • Projector accessory (of course!)
  • External mic and LCD finder
  • LED video light with bracket

It's rare for Nikon to show any kind of a roadmap for future products.

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  • BenS

    Better than CoolPix … I hope 🙂

    • ken

      what is coolpix? and why do u hope it´s better than it?

      • BenS

        my lady carries a Coolpix camera . Thinking this mirrorless would replace the Coolpix

  • onezilla

    Time for an “after” poll to see who’s thinking of buying now that we can see it for real.
    I’m intrigued but still on the fence.
    I’ve waited this long, I can wait some more I think.

  • Bigus Dickus

    flash not even tiltable? Wtf. Nikon s*cks

    • dgreene196

      According to Nikon’s website, the flash rotates vertically 90 degrees and horizontally 180 degrees to the right or the left. It’s not a particularly strong flash, but, for the price, that’s some nice flexibility.

      I wish the SB-400 had any horizontal movement at all.

    • onezilla

      Are you talking about the speedlight? Then yes, tiltable – when pointing forward with stops at 60°, 75°, and 90°. Can also rotate L and R 180°.
      I just hope they or someone comes up with an adapter to Nikon’s other speedlights.

      • Camaman

        Wow, that is quite a advancement in flash offerings if true! 🙂
        Flash without at least vertical tilt defeats its main purpose IMO.

    • ken

      what is it `sucking´ then, according to you?

    • ken

      what is it sucking?

  • coco

    nice, come up with a 3000 dollars lens and don’t give us a fucking body to use it, wtf

    what u try to do, nikon?? give Pentax a second chance? Proof that the best thing you are doing is copy and fail?? or you just don’t give a fuck anymore because you believe the world will end at 2012?????

    people who use micro mirror less camera will either quit photography within 3 years or upgrade to a dslr, why fuck the loyal customer just to please some dicks who don’t even know how cameras work

    • Rob

      Because “dicks who don’t even know how cameras work” provide the majority of Nikon’s revenue and profit. Without “dicks who don’t even know how cameras work” Nikon wouldn’t have the budget to make their top-end DSLRs and lenses as good as they are. You should thank Nikon for focusing on “dicks who don’t even know how cameras work,” as you benefit from it.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing one of these with F-mount lenses attached. Just for kicks, you know?

    • ken

      why do u want kicks ? dosent it hurt?

  • Charles

    Don’t take that as a roadmap. Nikon has showcased futuristic products in the past that never made it to market. Think of it more as their brainstorming session for future products. Show off what they are thinking of to try and draw people into the system without having to give any promises or timelines.

  • Brian

    Nikon is now a Toy Store.

  • NoFunBen

    This gives us a hint of what the d4 and d800 will do.

    video and stills at the same time.
    new auto-focus

    • Paul

      That’s only possible with mirror-less or translucent mirror cameras.

  • fred

    Thank gawd this camera got released. Now we can finally get rid of the mirrorless comments like “where’s the mirrorless camera” “I want mirrorless camera” “wah wah wah, I want my mirrorless”

    • Jeremy

      +1 lol.

  • There is a lot of Accessories.

    GPS is not GP-1, It’s GP-N100. FT1 Mount adaptor is good looking on 24-70.

  • Camaman

    Pretty cool accessories. And those lenses look great in silver. They almost look metal. 🙂
    V1 looks like a mini Leica! :-D:-D

    I don’t get the need for another “High power zoom for travel” ??
    They got 10-100mm…
    Silver “travel” one one looks smaller, 10-50mm??

  • Mandrake

    The real question is…..will there be an adapter to use these lenses on my Sony Nex?

    • preston

      Not sure if you’re kidding or not, so I’ll answer seriously.

      No, because the image circle of these won’t cover the larger sensor of the nex.

    • Anonymous

      Goes to show how uninformed you are, but then you are a troll and that is expected out of you.

  • Rob

    I want an adapter to a full size hot shoe, so I can put a SB-900 on that thing.

    • HappyGuy

      I want an adapter to a full size hot shoe, so I can put a SB-900 on that thing.

      I think you mean so that you can mount the V1/J1 on the SB-900. Check their relative weights to see what I mean. The SB-900 is 528.7 grams, the larger V1 is 383 grams, and the smaller J1 is 277 grams.

      That means you would mount the camera to the flash, not the other way around. 🙂

      • Paul

        Yup, I want commander control.
        Maybe the SU-800 at least?

        • Flashboy

          The actual important question: is it compatible with the Pocket Wizard TT1

  • dragossani

    One razor-sharp, prime, pancace 12mm f/0.95 lens and this will all make sense.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it will be great. However, an 18/1.0 would suit me better 🙂

    • Paul

      I’ll take a 13mm f/2

  • yo

    the roadmap is just BS. the reception for this system has been abysmal and the nikon community is just about to throw chairs at nikon so they are trying to make it seem like they have something exciting in the works lens wise after the titanic hit the ice.

    too little too late.

  • HappyGuy

    Oh what fools these mortals be!

    Nobody needs a 12mm/0.95 anything. This is exactly what Nikon needed.

  • PM

    Anyone know if the F-mount adpater will support AF and VR?

    • kamote

      yes… VR works but AF support for AF-S and AF-I lenses

      third party support remains questionable after the issue of live view on some lenses.

      • MF

        Hmm.. If i had extra money to spend…

        …But then i would by a Leica

  • Jeff Curtner

    Check this out, 2 1/2 years later five of the six prototypes they showed are realized already, leaving the Macro lens to be introduced.

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