Four Nikon 1 world’s first

  • Nikon 1 J1 is the world’s smallest mirrorless camera (as of August 5, 2011)
  • Nikon 1 V1 is the world’s smallest and lightest mirrorless camera with an EVF (as of August 5, 2011)
  • Nikon 1 has the world’s shortest shooting time lag (as of August 5, 2011)
  • Nikon 1 has the World’s fastest continuous shooting at 10 fps (as of September 5, 2011)
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  • nimrod

    wow 10 FPS !!!

    • first first and first

      yet nobody gives a *****

    • Dr Motmot

      Move along, nothing to see here.

    • Tony

      If focus is locked, it could do 60fps. That is WOW x WOW x WOW.

    • Rory

      I think Nikon is on to something, here.
      However, right now it’s kind of like mopeds and fat girls:

      Useful, and fun, even
      …unless your friends find out!

  • Yhannoby

    uhmmmm. no comment. i am still waiting for my D800

    • Yup, boring….

    • The invisible man

      I’m still waiting for a 14-24mm that works.

      • Stepper


      • Anonymous

        maybe the lens doesn’t like you because you complain too much. Go and get a Canon or a Sony system.

        • Lonnie Utah

          Not bad advice. They’d both be better than this POS…

      • gt

        wtf. only the greatest wide angle lens ever made.
        proof positive that this site is populated photographic failures.

        • The invisible man

          Mine (new) is front focusing (tested on D90 D7000 D5100).

          Sent to Nikon for repair, came back with the same problem.
          (all my other lenses works great)

          BTW, take pictures in LIVE VIEW to check if your lens is back or front focusing.

          • kyoshinikon

            I never had that issue with mine… And I freaking love that lens! Your D7000 has lens finetuning to fix the problem anyway…

            Canon and Sony oddly dosn’t even have a single wide angle that comes close to it in sharpness except the 17mm Tiltshift (the 8-15mm doesn’t count)

            • The invisible man

              I agree, when I use it in live view, pictures are fantastic, almost as sharp as my 105mm micro AF-s

      • Shawn

        You might want to check out this article. There might not be anything wrong with the lens, you might just need to adjust the sensor on the body.

  • devorama

    How is it the fastest at something before it is released? It was shooting 10fps on September 5th, but the NEX-5N shoots 10fps and it’s already out. Also, this isn’t smaller than the Pentax Q, is it? This says smallest as of August 5th. Maybe they compared their pre-production cameras to cameras that were already released as of those dates?

    • steve

      It’s BS and they have to do it because they know it’s simply not gonna be competitive with the other mirrorless cams out there. I honestly think one of the major selling points will be the lenses and bodies having matching colours. Some idiots with too much money will love that.

      I watched a video at Engadget where an exec is asked to remove the lens and show the sensor. His response to the comment, it’s quite small, was to repeat some marketing mantra about being designed from the ground up blah blah which of course is bs because it is f-mount compatible.

      If it was US$400-450 it would be amazing, but at US$650, it’s laughable.

      • rhlpetrus

        My guess J1 will be under 500 pretty soon, with V1 at about 650. Nikon cannot ignore the competition, they are not alone.

      • Andrew

        steve – think before you talk (or write!). It is ok for you to dislike a product because of your personal preference. But you have no business calling people “idiots” simply because they do not think the way you do.

        You stated that at “$450” it would be amazing. Some people may disagree with you. The pre-release speculation was above $900; to someone that has more disposable case, $650 is a great price. To someone that has no cash, even $100 is too much to pay. So my point is, express your opinion, but don’t insult others.

        • Andrew

          correction… “disposable cash” not “disposable case”

        • Sam

          Actually he’s absolutely right. That price is far too high when compared to its interchangeable lens competitors. It needs to be priced lower to stand a chance with most of the maket EXCEPT those looking to buy a colourful lens and camera that don’t worry too much about sensor size, IQ etc. It’s one of those things where the company will make a product that has “the biggest this, the fastest that” thinking it will appeal to consumers chasing numbers.

      • You know that high-end pocket cameras with no interchangeable lenses and a sensor that is 3-4x smaller start at the $400-$450 price point you mention right?

        You know that the Pentax Q, built on a sensor that is 7x smaller than the Nikon 1 starts at $800?

        Live in reality for a second.

    • Jasper The Dog

      I think the fastest fps refers to the 60fps full resolution locked autofocus, not the 10 fps AF mode

    • Yes, I think there were some mistranslations because Nikon product literature in the U.S. doesn’t make this claim.

      The claims probably were:

      Nikon 1 J1 is the world’s smallest mirrorless camera *WITH A BUILT-IN FLASH*
      Nikon 1 V1 is the world’s smallest and lightest mirrorless camera with an EVF
      Nikon 1 has the world’s fastest focusing camera [includes time to focus and shutter speed lag, conditions of the test are put in the footnote]
      Nikon 1 has the word’s fastest continuous shooting of *FULL-SIZED STILLS* at 10 fps (with focus tracking) *AND* 60 FPS without.

      When modified, those claims are true—Pentax Q, Nikon 3Ds (which shoots 12fps of abbreviated stills), and Sony NEX 5n (the Nikon 1 does a little north of 10fps when focus tracking is enabled).

  • grumps

    JUNK JUNK JUNK! Most expensive and disappointing pieces Nikon has released. No wonder it is losing market share.

    • Epitaph

      Nikon was losing market share in Japan because of a LACK of mirrorless.

      • Bjrichus

        Indeed they are losing share, because the schoolkids who think they are really cool fashionistas by wearing odd colored socks or gaudy striped shirts and carrying a pink camera are buying some other toy gadget brand…

        These are NOT for pro or serious photographers or enthusiasts…

        • The invisible man

          The good think about the pink one is that it will be on sale 50% off in few months !

  • TC

    They are keeping the sensor small so as not to lose sales of their DSLRs. But they will still lose sales of their DSLRs, only it will be to Sony, Fuji, Samsung, Panasonic, Leica or Olympus. The worst camera system since APS film.

    From the comments on this and other sites, 95%+ of people out there think this is a ridiculous launch. When it is so obvious to the world at large what a disaster this will be, why is not obvious to the management at Nikon?

    • But they will still lose sales of their DSLRs, only it will be to Sony, Fuji, Samsung, Panasonic, Leica or Olympus.

      Yeah those Fuji, Leica and Panasonic DSLR sales are really shaking up the market. Canon is not even a contender… in fact, there’s no brand called Canon… it’s just a conspiracy.

    • Melvin

      If you only knew the ridiculous politics, egos, and self-indulgence that happens in multi-billion dollar corporations. Add to that the fact that market research is done by employees with hidden agendas, usually those with no experience with proper product management and marketing, but is not shy to gloat and show off their marketing “skills”. It’s not hard to look around other corporations and see the same thing happen, things that are so painfully obvious to the general consumer. This is my daily reality: I advise on market conditions, nobody listens. Product is released, fails in the market, I am asked to fix it. 🙁

      • Funduro

        You have a good comment there. When Motorola had the original Razor designed they took the team to another location away from all the establish yes and no men so they could be free to build a a great product at that time. I consider Nikon to be a very conservative company in a very conservative country. Sony used to be cutting edge design and innovations then the founder passed away.

  • Camaman

    The pink one is awesome I must say!
    Completely ping lens, even the ring? Hong Kong ladies will love that! I think Nikon knows what they are doing.
    They want ladies in on it first, then we’ll see other more serious models strat to emerge next year and then they will replace the mirrors in their serious cameras.

    The age of the Dxxx, Dxx,Dx naming is soon to be replaced with Nikon 1, Nikon 2, Nikon 3… As many before have been replaced and forgotten (almost) 🙂
    Trick is they have no limit how high they can go.

  • AnoNemo

    Oh dear….My nightmare just became reality…this is really it. I think it is time to look around! In this category my Nikon lenses will sit just fine on a NEX-7.

    I asked for truce 2 days ago and I still think we should not bash Nikon. But again those who have invested 1000s of dollars or euros in Nikon lenses maybe angry. Or! FU Nikon tell us honestly where you’re going.

  • Yhannoby

    worlds first ugliest looking mirrorless camera. lol

  • simpleguy

    yes NIKON , you CAME , you came SHORT
    common , everybody knows this is just a profit toy , put out the freaking next dslr allready , this is not gonna impress no one , a 2.7x crop toy that does speedy things automaticly , im sure its not gonna impress your competitors (CANON) , and certainly not us , your customers , W E W A N T ……. D S L R ! 🙁

  • Michael

    I don’t understand why people get so upset about a consumer camera. I really don’t get it what the amount of $$$ one has invested in Nikon glass has to do with this Nikon 1.

    Considering the mode dial, it is 100% a consumer camera. It is tiny, has stunning looks, and fills the gap between point-and-shoot and micro 4/3. What is the problem? This is a great idea if you ask me, and has nothing to do with Nikon’s pro equipment.

    • Adam Maas

      Too expensive, too little sensor. Same issue as the Pentax Q, just with a sensor that sucks a lot less.

      Why would I get one of these over a GF3 or E-PL3? Both of which offer smaller lenses and a much larger sensor with proven IQ. Or a NEX-5N, which has IQ which rivals a D7000.

      • Robert Falconer

        Or a NEX-5N, which has IQ which rivals a D7000.

        Sensor in the NEX-5N might rival the D7000, but absolutely nothing else about the camera does. Not for a serious shooter, anyway.

      • Why would I get one of these…?

        Yes, why would you? You’ve known for over a year now that the Nikon 1 would have a small sensor and you still waited? Why?

        The fact is you (and me, I have owned a µ4:3 as a second camera since it came out) are not relevant. We don’t buy cameras in enough numbers to justify Nikon making a whole new mount and spending the PR/advertising $ to launch it.

        If they made the camera you wanted (a Sony NEX with a Nikon F-mount adapter), nobody would buy it. You’d be complaining that it’s too expensive, too big, and the lenses for it do not deserve the Nikkor brand name (Sony has no such problem dragging their non-existent name through mud: look at their 16mm f/2.8 and their dependence on Zeiss for branding). You wouldn’t buy it.

        And for every one of you or me out there, there are two(!) women who will be buying this camera (one of them in pink so they just paid $900 for two lenses + $30 premium for the pink accessories) or a small-camera competitor (Olympus E-PM1 or Panasonic GF3). Look at the numbers: 10% of dSLR purchases are women, 35% of mirrorless ILC purchases are women, 51% of the world are women. Just that market alone is probably 10,000x the entire NikonRumors readership and influence.

        You need to look at the bright side. I haven’t seen Ashton Kutcher in a single promo in the rollout of the Nikon 1. At least they didn’t call this the “CoolPix.”

    • the gap between point-and-shoot and micro 4/3

      lol… sorry, I had to laugh. There must be a pot of gold there too.

      • You know I don’t remember the dSLR sales of Olympus and Panasonic actually breaking any records until they got rid of the mirror and called it µ4:3.

        Apparently from Sony, Panasonic, and Olympus’s gains in ILC marketshare, there actually IS a pot of gold for a small ILC camera. From the way things are trending (Sony NEX sales down ever since the E-PL2 and GF2… bound to take a nosedive with the E-PM1 and GF3), I expect staking out a sensor size which pretty much guarantees you will have the smallest ILC cameras on the market with a quality 3-4x better than the best compact P&S is a very, very smart decision.

    • Robert Falconer

      I agree with you almost 100% – though I think Nikon would have been wiser to put a Micro 4/3 sensor into this thing…and it certainly would have fit. A smaller sensor doesn’t benefit them in the long run, I don’t think.

      That aside – the introduction of a new consumer P&S Nikon has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with their DSLR plans. I don’t know why folks are having a heated debate over apples vs oranges.

      • Walkthru

        More like apples vs caviar – the gulf between these and a DSLR is enormous. So many people on this forum who think that this is the end for DSLR’s – it is mind-numbing to think that some people can be so short-sighted.

        Have patience, the DSLR’s turn will come (eventually).

  • Gord

    This is not what I have expected. I don’t like that system. Specs seem fine for me in some ways, but I don’t like the overall look. it just seems cheap to me. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m a big fan of Nikon. They make great DSLR products. I even switched from Canon to Nikon a few months ago and sold everything I had of my Canon stuff. I am very happy with my Nikon equipment now. But for that mirrorless thing I think I will go for a Panasonic. I really like their point-and-shoot cameras and own two of them. I think for the future my way will be Nikon for pro DSLR gear and Panasonic for compact and mirrorless cameras.

  • Nau

    new Nikon movement – get pink camera and try putting it on the biggest Nikkor lens you can get your hands on !!! 🙂 that doesnt even need photoshop to look funny : )

    • tony

      just thinking about it made me laugh xD

  • Happy

    I think it is the perfect size. It will be a great buy when they lower the price a bit

  • Happysnapper63

    Lots of posts and lambasting from folks not interested in this market segment. If your (not targeted at any individual) waiting a D800 or D4 or D400 why are you expressing an opinion regarding Nikon’s foray into this segment of the market ? A market, whether we like it or not, that will continue to grow.

    If your a true Pro you will know that your current kit is not holding you back and hence you will not be clamouring for D800s and D4s. A lot of folks want a high end announcement so the price will drop for the current high end models.

    The phsyical sensor size does not matter if the image quality is good enough. Too much “how long is the bonnet/hood of your car” going on. A poorly performing sensor of whatever size is of course no good.

    Lets wait for posts from folks interested in this kind of camera and how it compares to the competition. But we will probably not get any, because the customer base just buys cameras and takes photos, rather than spending their time posturing and positioning around kit.

    I hope it works well, based upon coolpix I fear not, but if it does, I want body only, then we will see how it compares with a “reached challenged” full frame for wild life, when it has a 500mm stuck on the front, tripod mounted and set ready for the target to appear where expected, this will not be in poor light because a shot “without light” is of no use to man nor beast, thats why we are always looking for “the light”. I will have my DSLRs with me also for grabbing the unexpected and fly by shots whist I am waiting. DSLRS would also be used for normal shooting and sports action etc.

    • Anonymous

      Great post in the midst of trolls and non-photographers bitching.

    • Rob

      > If your a true Pro you will know that your current kit is not holding you back >and hence you will not be clamouring for D800s and D4s.

      Whatever. Nikon doesn’t have a full frame 1080 movie camera, and Canon is killing them in video. The specs of these cameras reflect that they not only don’t understand that, they are actively investing away from what video users want.

      CMOS and tiny sensor and 30fps. Joy. Rolling shutter AND no DOF AND it has that Soap Opera/Daytime TV commercial look.

      >The phsyical sensor size does not matter if the image quality is good enough.

      Er, sensor size isn’t a vanity thing, it’s a properties of light thing. It defines depth of field and light sensitivity. Coupled with lenses that have at *best* f2.8, they’re going to have terrible DOF. That’s the definition of poor image quality.

      The stills they take are going to look like they came from high-end phones.

      Oh, and what do you plan to plug your existing flashes into?

      • Jabs

        The Camera has TWO shutters

        An electronic one of I think 1/16,000 sec and a mechanical shutter = probably NO rolling shutter issues.

        Learn to read first and then complain!

        • rob

          The rolling shutter effect is the result of how CMOS sensors function. Since the sensor is CMOS, and not CCD, it will roll.

          Your 1/16,000 comment is silly. You can’t run your shutter faster than your framerate.

          The mechanical shutter will not be in operation during movie recording. That’s just for stills. Just like how they work in the existing lines of DSLR video-capable cameras.

          It doesn’t sound like you know the basics of these things, so maybe you should learn them first before commenting on complaints.

          • RGIsrael

            >>Your 1/16,000 comment is silly. You can’t run your shutter faster than your framerate.

            I phrased that badly. You’ll never use 1/16k because you can’t light it. When running video/film you use a shutter speed appropriate for your framerate. 1/48th for film look, 1/30 or 1/60 for video.

        • Jabs

          Here is the PROOF of the V1 having two shutters and that it can switch between them.

          Nikon has announced the V1 enthusiast small sensor mirrorless camera. Built around what the company is calling a ‘CX’ format 10MP CMOS sensors, the cameras is part of the company’s new Nikon 1 line. The V1 is intended as the higher-end model in the lineup and features magnesium alloy construction and a 1.4M dot electronic viewfinder. It also has an accessory port allowing the connection of the SB-N5 mini speedlight or GP-N100 GPS unit. Unlike the J1, it can switch between mechanical and electronic shutter.

      • i don’t understand all this complaining…

        no one’s asking you to replace your dslr with this thing, and if your thinking along those lines you’re looking at it the wrong way. in fact, i feel it sits better BESIDE the dslr than the rest of the mirrorless cameras as there is a more tangible difference in size/weight. wait for the system to mature and the primes to start rolling out then we ll have a (truly)small system camera with a good feature set and raw that will SUPPLEMENT the dslr when you re just going out without the intention of shooting.

        why in the world would you want a mirrorless camera to do exactly what a dslr does anyway?! makes no sense… yet this is what everyone complaining is asking for..

        as life goes on i keep finding myself in situations where its impossible to bring my d700 or even the F3 with a pancake. i’d gladly welcome this system when its abit more established and they add a 50mm eqv..

        Do remember that every mirrorless system is starting their own new lens mounts, all of which with a flange distance shorter than that of any SLR. you re no longer ‘bound’, if you will, by the nikon F mount. if the NEX7 suits you, go for it and get a nikon f adapter.. i just don’t see the point of getting a mirrorless that does the same thing your dslr would without providing any tangible benefit wrt to size..

      • The reason that Canon has 1080i video and the Nikon D3S tops out at 720p video is because the ASIC in the Nikon is a half generation behind the Canon. There was a year where Nikon dSLRs had 720p video and Canon had none at all, if you recall. The Canons still cannot do focus tracking when taking video, but the Nikon low-end dSLRs have no problem (though there is noise and hunting, the former because of the lens design, and the latter because of the limited CPU and the nature of contrast-detect AF).

        The Nikon 1 is the only camera that shoots both 1080/30p and 1080/60i. It also shoots 400fps and 1100fps video. This can take 60fps full-sized stills. It shoots 30fps “best shot” and >10fps with continuous tracking AF. It does focus tracking on stills and video in-sensor using phase-detect and contrast-detect AFing, allowing it to focus much quicker and with no “hunting” during capture. It can take full-resolution stills while doing video (taking advantage of the second core in the ASIC).

        It uses the next-generation ASIC, so we are pretty much looking at Nikon leapfrogging Canon in video-mode in the dSLR, just as before Canon leapfrogged Nikon with 1080i. Expect to see the following video features that will be in no Canon camera at time of Nikon’s launch: 1080/30p AND 1080/60i, full resolution stills while video capture with no break, 400fps and 1100 fps high speed video, phase-detect AF tracking during video capture, etc. The live view on the new Nikon dSLRs will be nothing short of amazing.

        I expect Canon to catch up to Nikon in all fronts except the phase-detect AF tracking. This is a big deal as I expect “HD lenses” with power-zoom and ultra-quiet focusing to be an excuse for both vendors to sell a new line of premium lenses with the same optical formulas as their current ones. Nikon will probably have a one year of undisputed sales in a new line of “PZ” Nikkors before Canon even comes out with a camera that could take advantage of it.

        (Your rolling shutter complaint really reveals your ignorance, btw.)

    • Robert Falconer

      +2 = very well said.

      Just one caveat: The phsyical sensor size does not matter if the image quality is good enough.

      That’s certainly true to an extent – but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Sensor size can and often does make a difference. Again, it depends on one’s application.

      • Some examples which Robert is referring to [when sensor size affects image quality]:

        1. Diffraction effects at small apertures
        2. Desire a smaller depth-of-field for documentary photography
        3. Noise levels for photography in available-darkness at higher ISO

  • DeepC

    This what happens when someone prides himself too much and they think they can sell any shitttt to public. Shame on you nikon. $650 🙂 what are you thinking? Why should I not buy inexpensive Nex-3 with 2.5times bigger sensor?

    • Rob

      Because you’re not in the market for either one. Your argument is pointless. It’s called marketing.

    • Robert Falconer

      Why should I not buy inexpensive Nex-3 with 2.5times bigger sensor?

      And you’re free to do so.

  • Zim

    I want a D400. If I want a pocket camera it will be a iPhone or a Canon. I learned long ago that pocket Nikons are junk.

  • Jabs

    You know what really is weird here – most of you are really clueless as to what this new series of cameras is all about.

    I read just about all of your various complaints here and this ONE Series of new Nikon’s actually answers your complaints, quests and dreams while most of you are too uninformed as in dense, to even understand what this new camera series brings to the table.


    It is the equivalent of the RED Epic series in a smaller package and thus a NEW Era in digital photography.

    I am glad that I don’t have ‘idiots’ like most of you working for me, as I could give you the most up to date item on Earth and because you are basically clueless, you would not see much, if any value in it.

    This camera is absolutely amazing and with so much new Technology, it probably will take you six months to figure out WHY and then what?

    Geezz- denseness is sure contagious as in idiots on parade.

    Sorry to be RUDE, but perhaps you wait for the images and videos to now trickle in as some of the specs are even beyond a D3 or D3X and thus perhaps too complicated for most of you to grasp.

    Do you grasp the concepts of these new cameras or are did you get blindsided by the sensor size and colors?

    We really need Technical knowledge and analytic skills for sure – worldwide!

    Outrageous Cinema/Video camera with great STILL image capture like the RED Epic, but now in a smaller package and cheaper = what it is!

    • simpleguy

      are you seriously comparing RED EPIC to this ????? , R U INSANE IN THE BRAIN ??????

      flight number 643 is requesting to land earth calling jabs or whatever is your name

      • Jabs

        Earth to YOU – “Equivalent” as in the CONCEPT.

        Equivalent as in the same thrust!

        Equivalent as in the RED Epic does Cinema and also Stills which are extracted from the Cinema footage.

        You probably do NOT understand English or your Reading Comprehension perhaps is at the Kindergarten Level.

        Equivalent DOES NOT mean that it has the same EXACT specs, as that would be stupid of anyone to say that.

        Equivalent and ‘THE SAME’ are not similar in that sense!

        The RED Epic has an APS-C or DX sensor and about maybe 14+ megapixels and this has a much smaller sensor, less megapixels BUT similar thrusts, as in learn English or get a brain perhaps, if English indeed is your native language.

        Geez – Naysayers are some of the dimmest persons on Earth!

        ALL they see is the negative in everything and thus perhaps dumb as spit and as useful as a ROCK in the sea for flotation!

        Get real, please.

        ‘Haters’ also usually are often clueless to the possibilities in much, as they are so incensed with getting their own selfish wishes, that denseness sets in as they close their already small minds to NEW ideas and new executions of things.

        You give them what they cry about here ALL day at Nikon Rumors and then they don’t have the brain or thoughts to recognize that YOU just gave them what they asked for = complaining morons ‘with EYES shut wide’.

        Again, sorry to be rude but you deserve it!

        • Tony

          You take it really hard, do you…..

        • simpleguy

          i really dont belive i am continuing this stupid conversation but just to point out again ,i know fair well that “Equivalent” does not the same , but just to point out the CLEAR Differences

          RED ONE – was the first digital video camera to record 2k and 4k footage , it could record 24fps and 48fps , and yes it has a big body thats for sure its cmos sensor was in a 24.4 mm by 13.7 size and could record up to 4096 by 2304 resolution .

          THE RED EPIC – has a 30mm X 15 sensor size , it can record up to 5k resoultion (5120 x 2700) , and can record until 120fps and in 2k until 300fps , and they also improved dynamic range to include 18 stops with a special hdr mode .

          WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A stills camera that can also record video , and the only improvement in this toystore consumer new j1 v1 , is that it can reach 60i and 60p while taking continues pictures , i know very well that consumer is not meant to compete with the pro i am just stating the obvious , everyone is waiting for the new nikon pro dslr’s and for people are waiting including me for a very long time and instead of a FF dslr , all they give us is a reduced size and sensor toy camera while we wait

          THE ONLY F***KING similarity about your comparing it to the RED development is that the body was reduced in size significantly all else was improved and expended not the opposite

          so before you start talking s**t again DUMBtwat just zip it

      • Jabs

        Here is the PROOF of the two shutters on the new Nikon V1

        Mechanical Shutter
        • 1/4000 sec. –30 sec.
        • Bulb
        Electronic Shutter
        • 1/16000 sec. –30 sec.
        • Bulb

        Care to take your foot out of your mouth now???

        • nah

          it doesn’t have TWO shutters…it has a shutter and shutter simulation [like that of a cell phone camera]

    • Personally I’m quite impressed. I really wasn’t expecting to be either. I’ve been using my lady friends EP2 a bit lately when we go on little day trips and I like it quite a bit. Was even considering getting the EP3 but the specs on this look great and I’m sure all my nikon lenses will like this better than the pen.
      Traveling to Asia soon, after being there before I’m guessing they’ll go gaga over these. Of course when the new D700 replacement or D3 comes out I’ll get those for work but for an above average small camera this is amazing.

  • Dormant

    Imagine going to buy the latest 6mm f1.5 and being told “we’ve only got it in pink”.

    Are the lenses compatible with bodies of a different hue anyway?

  • Zatrapa2010

    Please, don’t comment about the D800 or D400, don’t f…k with the same, please.

  • grayscale

    Cool! Phase detection is employed directly on the sensor!
    Are they the first to do this? Interesting.
    I really don’t understand the all upset people.
    This is not for professional use, Its and easy way to get some nice photos.
    I’m sure the sensor will do better than anything else its size. They obviously have developed it from the ground up since they have phase detection integrated.
    I really don’t want more than 10mp for a camera like this.
    I would like to buy body only with the 10mm prime.
    Hope this is possible.
    I will admit, it is pricey, and the ep3 is tempting too

    • grayscale

      Also, with the phase detection on the sensor configuration (if it’s good phase detection) you wouldn’t need to have an SLT type camera like Sony for continuous AF. I can see this technology included in SLRs while still having an optical VF and flip mirror(switching between sensor PD and Traditional PD placement). Or, maybe just have a really high quality OLED VF with no mirror at all……
      Wait, hmmmm I guess that is what this was supposed to be, minus the bigger sensor 🙂
      Anyway, there should be some interesting configurations coming from nikon in the future.

    • No, the Fuji is the first to do this. They licensed the patent from Nikon last year. The most famous Fuji with this hybrid AF is the X100.

      Currently it is not possible (yet) to buy the body with only the 10mm prime ($250). I’d imagine that will continue for a while. My guess is the body-only configurations will start selling with the next generation (8-12 months from now).

      You are correct that SLT cameras are pretty much dead with this design. That’s probably why Nikon never bothered.

      My guess is the hybrid AF will be integrated into the live view and improve the AF during video recording, but Nikon will not replace the mirror with a EVF on their dSLR models. Anyone who shoots dSLRs knows that EVFs are too slow framerate, too much lag, too much blackout, and have poor dynamic range and color vs. an optical finder. On higher end cameras, they might go for the hybrid viewfinder design of the Fuji X100 (You could flip to an EVF when shooting video).

      At the end of the day, you have to justify all that space in the box for something—so no way is the mirror going away completely.

  • Eric Pepin

    Id consider the V1 with pancake together for $699. Beyond that I dont see the point.

    • grayscale

      Yeah, after the initial excitement and checking the kit prices, It really is too expensive. Unless it has some breakthrough performance on it’s sensor. It really should be bigger.. I mean, what does 10mm work out to in 35mm terms? is a quality wide angle lens possible on this camera?

      • A little north of 27mm, so it’s wide-angle but not ultra-wide.

  • I’m not against the idea of a smaller sensor. The issue I have with the new cameras and lenses announced by Nikon today is that they don’t exploit the advantages of the smaller format. Despite the smaller sensor, the camera bodies are no smaller than those of the competition. Nor are the lenses more compact, lighter or even just brighter at the same size than some of their m4/3 counterparts. I’ve made a diagram comparing the size of the J1 and V1 kit with the Panasonic GF3 with the pancake zoom and the NEX-5N:

    • rhlpetrus

      This is just the beginning re lenses. Nikon will do more and likely 3rd party makers will enter the game if it becomes successful enough. My bet is that it will, as prices get to a more competitive level.

  • Bart B

    Coolpix is dead, long live the Nikon 1 🙂

    I really like this new 1″ image sensor segment and it’s possibilities. It will be an ideal ILC for families, women and starter enthusiast photographers. I’m sure it will sell well if they lower their initial launch price.

    I’ll ask for a Nikon V1 from Santa 🙂

  • sirin

    it’s really funny how the dslr crowd is complaining about a consumer product.

    • Jabs

      I see them as neither the DSLR crowd, the P&S crowd or the ILC crowd, but mere idiots who love to complain as in clueless.

      When Nikon eventually release anything else, they will still complain, as they are like ’empty barrels’ = they make the MOST noise.

      B.S. artists then who get their kicks from complaining and are trying to ruin this great Web site and turn it into the equivalent of what they do to dpreviews and other such Web sites.

      Ignore the morons as if you gave them gold or platinum, they would say – WHERE is the T-bone steak to go along with it – complainers are usually jerks, as they usually do not have anything to do but complain, complain plus more complaints and usually NO constructive criticisms, but just throw crap at everything like little babies throwing ‘hissy fits’ to relieve themselves – LOL!

  • Dave – just Dave

    I for one am very excited about this announcement! Now that this is finally behind us all maybe Nikon can focus their attention on their real cameras and give us all the D4/D800/D400 news we have all been waiting for. SOON, please Nikon.

    • 120-300 os

      Dave just Dave you are right and this all is not bad for all the woman in the world sorry for the pro ladies yes now come out with Dslrs soon.
      But one old james Bond said ones i ´ll have all the time of the world.
      To be or not to be waiting for the next gen Nikon Dslrs.

  • I must confess this is actually an interesting camera. I think many amateurs will prefer this to a D3100 or even a D5100…

  • Nikon, welcome in the point and shoot interchangeable lens era! 🙂

  • rhlpetrus

    Most people here are after the next BIG thing (D800 or D4) so this looks irrelevant. It’s not:

    – May be the first full-fledged PD/CD AF off sensor out there that works at dlsr level or better (full-frame coverage, more points)

    – Many video modes/integration with stills (check the promo video)

    – Lots of appeal for the younger people:

    – Prices a bit high on launch but should come down quickly, my guess is 500 for J1 and 650 for V1 after 6 months.

  • jim shorts

    They can not even make a halfway descent advanced point and shoot camera. they think this is gonna be good. They look horrible and use a sensor that is way to small. Please spare me the B.S about sensor size not being important. Sony,olympus, panasonic and maybe even canon ( who I know say they are not interested) are already way ahead of nikon. Leave it to two of the most conservative camera companies (pentax) to screw this up. No way Nikon, as a pro you barely have my DSLR business.

  • mindust

    I find this camera line quite interesting actually. Fits my needs if it does everything it claims to be, it perfectly complements my D700 and its trinity of primes. Bigger sensor than the top of line P&S, short shutter lag, fast autofocus, and does video (whole 29 minutes worth), no need to lug around a camcorder with the bigger and much heavier DSLR. Might be the perfect travel setup and everyday general bring along use. Loved the idea of the Olympus PEN, but that AF is way too slow. Fuji X100/200 looks promising, but fixed lens. I think Nikon fill the niche quite nicely, now, the pricing is another thing…

    • Robert Falconer

      Agreed. This camera definitely has some intriguing tech and features…and the built-in EVF is great.

      It will be interesting to see if the sensor design is advanced enough to punch into the 4/3’s class for IQ. Low light performance will be a good test of that.

      I, too, would like to see Nikon introduce a Fuji X100/200 competitor.

    • Jawolken

      “Loved the idea of the Olympus PEN, but that AF is way too slow. ”

      Have you even tried the most recent versions of the PEN? The AF is EXTREMELY fast…..First gen PEN were laggy as hell (I own one), but the EP3, EPL3 and EPM1 have a new and very, very fast AF system…..

      Just saying…

  • Jabs

    The REALITY of the new Nikon 1 Series or a wakeup call for most of you here.

    Nothing more to say!!!

  • Jabs

    In case you fail to click through, then here is the link to the Content.

    If this does not wake YOU up to this Revolution, then I am sorry for you and not interested in ANY argument here, as in busy studying about this awesome camera while you whine.

  • Robert Falconer

    Having read through dpreview’s hands on impression of these new cameras (which I would advise everyone to read here >>, it’s clear that the V1/J1 cameras employ some pretty impressive specs. Here are a few highlights:

    – Not only is [the new sensor] capable of extraordinary shooting speeds (full resolution images can be captured at an astonishing 60 frames per second), it also incorporates a ‘Hybrid’ autofocus system that employs both Phase and Contrast Detection focus methods. The result is, according to Nikon, the fastest autofocus of any camera the company has ever made – including its professional flagship DSLR, the D3S. Not only that, the 1 system cameras can shoot at 10 frames per second while maintaining focus on a moving subject.

    We have seen on-sensor phase-detection systems before but Suzuki says the Nikon 1’s system is ‘much more advanced than the Fuji sensor.’ Indeed, he says the system is the fastest of any Nikon camera ‘in terms of speed and responsiveness.’

    – The camera’s shooting speed is supported by an all-new image processor, branded as EXPEED 3. This allows the camera to achieve a remarkable data throughput of 600 MP/sec, which Nikon claims is the ‘fastest in the world’. A slide at the press launch event graphically made this point ( – in terms of sheer data processing speed, the Nikon 1 system cameras outpace the D3S by a considerable margin.

    – It’s capable of recording Full HD movies (1920 x 1080 resolution) at 60i or 30p, and full-resolution stills can be captured at a press of the shutter button without interrupting recording. This is the first camera we can think of that gives the user the choice of how the video output is packaged (60i and 30p are essentially the same data presented differently), depending on whether you want to just view the footage or edit it. The phase-detection AF system means the cameras can also track a moving subject during video shooting. All-in-all the 1 system represents an impressive convergance of stills and video capabilities into a single camera.

    – The V1 uses an aluminium/magnesium alloy body

    The real question will be the cameras’ use of a sensor that is 1/2 the size of current Micro 4/3s cameras and 1/3 the size of APS-C camera sensors. Small size usually means poor high-ISO performance.

    I guess we’ll find out soon enough if Nikon has laid a clutch of eggs here.

    What I find intriguing is whether some of this tech offers a glimpse into what will show up in the D4/D800 cameras…and I’m guessing it will.

    • Jabs

      Do you remember what the Indian Film makers said about that D7100?

      Well, apparently Nikon has indeed used this Tech in their upcoming new DSLR’s and thus wait and see.

      People here seldom EVER read any specs. or read them and then try disinformation tactics here, so their problem.

      People here asked for a specific type of AF, more points, more AF capability in both Video and Stills plus like the RED series, they wanted stills from Videos at higher framing rates.

      GUESS what?

      This camera gives us that, yet they bellyache and talk crap.


      They asked for the functionality of the Nex series in video Live View and this blows it away from specs. too – hence let us wait and see what it really CAN do.

      Yeah – posted the information from dpreviews just before you too – LOL.

    • Jabs

      It is also reported that the new Expeed 3 consists of two cores, as in a dual core processor or even two individual proceesors.

      Perhaps one core optimized for Video and the other for Stills.


      We ask for something and then we get it – LOL.

      Foolish complainers!

  • Jabs

    AND yes, the Sensor is made and Manufactured by Nikon too.

    Perhaps that is why Nikon has been so secretive and cagey.

    NOW, on to the D7100 or whatever they call that next revolution.

  • Jabs

    I also now believe that this is the camera that they shot those amazing images of some of the races at Deagu, South Korea where Usain Bolt got disqualified in the 100 and then the Jamaican team won the 4X100 race in a world record.

    Now, to see if that’s a fact or maybe another new Nikon DSLR was used.

  • Sam

    Some of the tech innovations are good, the EXPEED 3 engine is good, the speed is impressive as is the AF. But it just doesn’t belong on this camera, all this tech has priced it out of the market its aiming for.

    This tech should be on DSLRs and leave it there. This camera needs to be cheaper to be successful.

    The other problem I can see with this is that the sensor size and lenses they’ve made means that there are no 3rd party lenses for it (yet). In the future there will inevitably be more MP and higher ISO and with a sensor that small Nikon will have to be very careful about IQ to keep the spec sheet up with the competition without ruining the IQ. And let’s be honest here, Nikon is chasing the numbers with this camera, claiming four “world firsts”.

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