iamcomings.com is now live

Finally a teaser from Nikon - the website iamcomings.com is now live:

The domain iamcomings.com is registered to the The New Media Edge, a marketing/PR company in SE Asia. Nikon is not on the list of their clients.

Several Nikon websites were down in the past few hours - an updated is definitely on the way for their mirrorless camera introduction.

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  • scurvy hesh

    I am oh, oh, oh, slow down girl! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • Ren Kockwell


      • Not Surprised

        Says, Ren “Kockwell” — Nikon user.

        • Steve

          Eh ? I missed the sexual reference. Actually, I thought it was like that feeling you get when you know you release a massive turd.

  • Dandydon

    Ok, coming they are, but you have to push all the right buttons!
    If you hold down the F1 key and the WB at the same time and turn the front and rear… yes the rear…. thumb wheel…. then… maybe they will.

  • Adrian Cumming

    Looks like its multiple “coming” as the url is plural “www.iamcomings.com”!!

    • Mr Comings

      I’m sueing ! How dare they use my name !

    • Samuel

      No, i don’t think, bco then the text in the Logo would also have an “s”.
      I think, the url was just occupied… (and they didn’t had the time or didn’t want to spend the money, to buy it from the owner…)

  • Carlos R B

    And apparantely, many nikon users are going….somewhere else

    • Steve

      Yep, can’t see how this will sell compared to m43 or nex. I’ll be switching systems soon – thank goodness for Ebay ! One great thing about Nikon – high re-sale value !

      • Mock Kenwell

        See ya! More cameras for us and less d-bags like you threatening to switch every 5 minutes.

        • Steve

          Oh yeah, I forgot about the shortage of lenses – how kind of me to help you out eh ? Actually, I’ve been with Nikon for many years and this is the first time I’ve said I’m switching. I will miss Nikon rumors though. Such nice easy going ppl here.

          • Harry

            Steve, if you think that Nikon is troublesome, try updating the Canon Rebel software to Windows 7. No way. It took me a day to find out that no such thing exists and that a card reader is needed. So, no simple convenient UBS connection, but a major nuisance of transfering a memory card between the camera and a card reader.

  • K

    dang it takes a long time for nikon to come

    • Multiple

      But Nikon is finally making up for the long time coming with “iamcomings”, with the emphasis on “s”!

    • plug

      You have to get the nikkors off first.

      • Ruben

        ok, I lolled :-0

      • Fishnose

        Now THAT is good :o)

      • Dr Motmot

        Hilarious! After spending the morning working on employment law, that has made my day!

    • R!

      this is Tantric shhh yu got to wait a maximum of time before you come sometime you just missed the orgasm that’s why Its so stupid;;;!!!,,,,,,?????,

  • Ric

    Will you have to take this Nycon camera out to a fancy dinner before it will put out a pic?

  • Well after all, since these three words together are so provocative, the slogan message will likely be all the more effective…

  • broxibear

    Hey Peter,
    Didn’t Thom say there was a couple of dslr announcements this week ?
    Personally I’m starting to think no dslr announcements until 2012, do you know if these mirrorless cameras are made in Japan or elsewhere ?

    • Twoomy

      Thom says just about everything. But you don’t have to believe it all.

    • That’s what he said 🙂 I am not aware of any DSLRs coming any time soon. I think next Nikon announcement is again not going to be a DSLR. No idea where the mirrorless camera is made but I think it will not be in Japan.

  • Release

    Nikon should press the shutter release already. Ha ha ha ha.

  • Kevin

    well at least we know that nikon spends alot of resources on marketing and does not tolerate premature releases of their products

    • millermilk

      Nikon is coming…
      BUT at what time?? Bangok time? Tokio time?
      (London time would mean wednesday, around 6 p.m.) ??

  • Dave R.

    I took it apart with a SWF decompiler. The flash is pulling a count straight from: http://www.newmedia-campaigns.com/demo/bogo_countdown.php and contains no actual further information about the full site when the countdown expires. Oh well.

    • thanks, I unsuccessfully tried to guess some random URLs with the hope to get more info

      • Dandydon

        You are good, but there is no way you would have guessed this one.

  • Dandydon

    Hey, is that a mirrorless in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

    • RR


  • ambo

    sweet.. this is a blessing.. i can’t afford new FX at the moment.. let them hold the launch of whatever Dxxx until i can… take your time Nikon, perfect whatever new technology you got first to give it extra ooomph … i’m not going anywhere ..

  • Chris P

    There is an old saying ‘Any publicity is good publicity’, and look how much talk has been generated on here by the ‘I Am Coming’ slogan. On a less serious note, can you think of a better slogan to convey the idea that whatever is being introduced is what the advertising industry calls ‘sexy’?

    • Steve

      “I am coming” says “we’re not there yet” and I think for many ppl Nikon will be “neither here nor there”, even when they do get the product out. Afterall, there’s probably a good reason no other manuf is making 1″ sensor cams.

  • coco

    less than two days to being disappointed by nikon again, can’t wait motherfuckers!!!

  • Up $#!t’s creek

    ironically, when this is all said and done, only one of will be left satisfied…

  • nau

    admin, are u planing to review AW100 any time soon ???

    i’m on the market for new underwater camera and it looks like aw is on top of the list for now…

    • yes, it will be a guest review, should be online in the next week or so

  • Nikon after you come, take a moment to look at what your competition is doing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ts6AYgbqok&feature=youtu.be&hd=1

  • Hard as a Rockwell

    Frankly, all this waiting is giving me a big case of blueballs. Stop teasing us Nikon. What I’m really looking for is a happy ending (oh yea, and more paypal donations on my website) 🙂

  • Blckcat

    Don’t come.

    • R!

      I can hold it for one more year I am……

  • Joe

    OK Nikon, I want a new D4 or D800 so I can “shoot” my load.

  • Joe

    With a campaign slogan like “I am comings”, this should be their pitchman…..

    • You made my day :_)

    • R!

      Don’t advertise my photo shoot please people might copy my style thank you.

  • BenS

    Damn ! Alot of people are gonna mock this IAMCOMINGS.COM. Sound like porn. Wtef is Nikon marketing up to. Damn ! What the hell are they thinking … Nikon just went Rated X …

  • Capture nxFAIL

    i am comings, la! ^,^

    This has to be done by their south east asian team Y0.

    • the “la” is mainly used by us Singaporeans, so since this is from a Thai agency, you don’t get the singlish “la”, but they get to make the “s” grammar mistake 🙂

    • R!

      The important thing It’s to get the kleenex before you come…..

  • In my previous life as an internet applications engineer, I would be fired if I have to take down a few websites just to perform new updates to the website – in fact, we were working on sites for a major silicon valley company, including regional ones, and to take down a website for a new product launch is UNTHINKABLE….

    Apple doesn’t take down a few sites because they launch a new iPhone….

    I don’t see the logic too of using “iamcomings” – it’s grammatically wrong and smacks of a heck-care attitude. “Oh iamcoming.com is already taken by some pregnancy site which we forgot to check beforehand so let’s put an ‘s’ behind so that we don’t have to stay overtime to rethink our marketing tagline”.

    All will be forgiven if what is “comings” is a D800 🙂

    • foo

      Bad example… Apple regularly take down their sites when there is a major product refresh or when they launch a new product. Usually their sites are brought down for a significant amount of time and replaced with a “We’ll be back soon” message until an official announcement is made.

  • Kri

    This is the last straw. Iv’e been contemplating to change to Canon for a while. If its D800, thank you Nikon, if its not, hello Canon, goodbye Nikon.

    • PB PM

      Really? The 5D MkIII isn’t coming any sooner than the D800, so what’s the rush?

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        He wants MOAR MP!!!!!!!!!!111oneeleven

      • R!

        wrong I think the 6D will be here next month ,Canon here I come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not.

        • NikCanon

          He prefers

          Canon’s more subtle “Delighting you always”


          Nikon’s outright “I am comings!”

          • Release

            What is the world coming to?

            I now cannot watch Canon’s TV ad of

            “Canon – delighting you always”

            without recalling

            Nikon’s “I am comings” campaign.

            Between these two, someone should squeeze the shutter release already!

            • CaNikon

              Subtle eh? Make sure shutter is set on 30 seconds, or better yet on BULB!

            • NikCanon

              Pros always set aperture wide open!

  • Johnny

    Other than the colors, is there any real reason to believe this is part of a Nikon promotion?

    • The count down time is right and Nikon does have “I am…” marketing campaign. Also, it is created by a PR agency, so unless there is a new type of condom coming on the 21st, this is for the Nikon mirrorless camera.

      • Johnny

        I just noticed they changed their ICANN whois information to private registration…

        Anyways, my point was that anyone can register a domain and put any information they want for the registration information. (I know, not likely in this case.) Anyone can register “iamcomings-iphone.com” and put Steve Jobs as the registrant.

        It also makes no sense to create a domain one week before a product launch, and have that domain name be something that would be completely useless after the launch.

        Unless there is a huge iamcomings.com marketing campaign that I missed somewhere, this website seems pointless.

      • BenS

        You almost got it Admin. Actually it is a new camera exclusive for porn shots and movies 🙂

        • sirin

          not just face detection!

  • Davix

    Oh well, Nikon is coming… but it’s a fake orgasm…no DSLR only a mirrorless crap. LOL

  • Monkey Nigh Mow

    Honestly all this hype for a P&S with exchangeable lenses?! What the?!

    • R!


    • RR

      Following the philosophy from some [NR] readers, that say that producing point and shoot toys like the recent GI Joe piece of shit camera that recently came out will bring money to Nikon and make it a stronger company, maybe Nikon now will turn in to the porn industry and make sex toys in order to “make money” since some folks here seem to think thats whats important for a company.

  • Erwan

    Hello kids,

    Please stop whining that the next gen dslr is not yet annnounced and admit you do not take any pictures with the digital cameras you own except macro shots and hdr. Always wanting the next thing just for the sake of looking like a pro photog won’t make you take any more inspired shoots.

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      Hi Dad.

      Why are you here?

      • Erwan

        Because I’m a Nikon marketing staff

    • Davix

      interesting point, what is your problem with macro shots and HDR? You french people are always so ‘donneur de lecons”

      • Erwan

        I’m American.

  • Oopps

    Seems like they Came, and then went..
    or is this site also down due to an imminent new product launch….

  • Moth Flopwell

    I AM COMING to a Colossal Failure Near You!!!

    This is going to be as bad as those damn 1/2 ass movie project cameras…that NO one else produced.

    IF NR is right…at 10mp and over priced 700 plus….save your funds for Sony NEX 7…at 24mp.

    I don’t get Nikon anyone…They lost me.

  • Red Hot Chili Fadger

    That’s youporn, folks.

  • David

    S is for Soon.
    iamcomingsoon is taken by Jesus.

    And there has not been a new model of Jesus in two thousand years!

    • Fishnose

      Well then it’s time for a new model, isn’t it. Digital at last!!

  • Steffen Hokland

    Maybe Nikon should hire an english speaking pun-proficient person…

  • fred

    Isn’t the annoucement time unusual ? The count-down leads to 2 AM in Tokyo (on 22th already), 7PM in europe (at GMT+2), and 1PM in New-York.

    Not that I really care, but it’s intriguing… maybe there is a bug in the flash code ?

    • sh

      12am in SEA (GMT+8)

  • Cumm fuzz

    This is it. A dedicated porn camera for all the commers and new-commers cumm shooters out there.
    I have a marketing hint btw: if they made the countdown longer (like months or years) everybody would be able to see the humor in the new camera. As it is now, its just your everyday hummiliation.

  • Bored

    Nikon may say they are comming, but we are like the girl waiting endlessly because he really can’t and we’ve since lost all interest.

  • NiknWontRepairMyGray

    After “I am coming” is “I came”, which means “I busted”

  • i am waiting

    • R!

      It s the best : I AM WAITING!!!!!!!

    • RR


      I am trying to make that a trendo topic (how naive of me though) in twitter, since for more than a year now, every Nikon related post I tweet or retweet with a:

      #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon

      Only if all of us would do it, and it would truly become a popular thing in twitter, maybe Nikon would realize its time to make the D800 or the D4 instead of making TOYS ! Like the mirrorles crap and the GI Joe point and shoot that recently came out

      All this waiting for the D800 , has gone from frustration, dissapointment, to good old anger!

  • MDSK

    Anagram= Minicams Go

  • Delacroix

    A lot of noise for nothing, mirorless Nikon have a small sensor. Sony Nex use same sensor as Nikon reflex for the price and the weight of the little mirorless Nikon . it’ s the brother of the coolpix , thats all.

  • broxibear

    Here’s the advertising company that came up with the ” I AM” campaign for Nikon http://www.jvm.com/de/cases/#/24/i-am-nikon/ I can’t imagine they would hand it over to another ad agency, I think iamcomings is a fake.

    • broxibear

      oops…hit the “i” button then English or else it’ll be in German.

  • Black

    I’m coming too baby! YES! JUST A LITTLE HARDE…..
    wrong thread.

    • plug

      Careful! You might contract coolpox!

  • Loiv

    Just saw this viral campaign : http://thebighands.com/

    Probably from nikon, for the “small” body that makes your hands look big 🙂

  • RR

    #IAmWaiting #IAmDissapointed #IAmTiredOfToysInsteadOfCameras #IAmANGRY

    Please RT

    Oh wait this is [NR] never mind..

  • One More Thought

    I almost have to believe this is not from Nikon…who would choose the URL “iamcomings.com?” That is such a poor choice and open to such obvious ridicule.

    First off, why not purchase iamcoming.com? When you type in that URL, you are directed to a page with other advertiser links on it,mostly about pregnancy…it doesn’t seem that it would be too difficult to purchase that URL from its current owner.

    Second, of course, one could argue with the phrase I am coming there is the sexual innuendo, and that this is a poor choice of a URL or marketing slogan anyway.

    Third, what the heck is iamcomings? That “s” on the end is so awkward…it just makes it seem like bad grammar.

    I just don’t see Nikon making this type of a mistake…

    • That was my thinking – this all seems very amateurish. If it’s actually from Nikon it’s poor.

  • stev

    The new mirrorless call name is XL lol that would be funny… oh man the camera geek jokes galore

  • iamcoming.com is already taken, so they just added an “s” on the end.

  • Jeff

    Can’t wait. I heard Nikon will be rolling out the new Nikon D4xxx. Press conference won’t last longer than 3 minutes 🙂

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