Fake Nikon mirrorless pictures

That's not it!

Many readers have sent me links and images in the past few days of pictures/drawings of the Nikon mirrorless camera. They are all fake, which is why I did not post them online. The initial two mockups from [NR] are the closest representation of the design of the new cameras. The V1 version will have an I-shape grip and J1 will have no grip. Both cameras will have the Nikon logo on left top. The mic holes will be placed above the mount. There will be no traditional flash hot shoe on both models. Except the lens release, there will be no other buttons on the front. The EVF will be exactly as shown here:

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  • John

    Looks dull

    • I wouldn’t want to be a NR admin at times like these. The majority of the fanbase wants a little more than that. Well at least Neehkone survived the tsunami and earthquake. Or is it Neycoon? I’m a bit confused after the recent discussions on the correct pronounciation.

      • Ric


        • Neekon!

          • stillvideos


            • Dustin

              Nippon Kogaku

      • ShaoLynx

        We are the knights who say: Ni… kon.
        Maybe this helps in a funny way :-).

  • Eric Kallen

    I wonder how well this new camera body (the V1) will work with long AF-S telephotos. With a 2.7 “magnification” factor the 300mm/4 AFS would appear to act like an 810mm/4. This could be a great birding combination.

    • JB

      Or the 600mm becomes a 1620mm f/4.0….

      Hmmmmmm…. just can’t believe it would be very good

      • PHB

        Are the optics of the atmosphere up to a perfect diffraction limited lens of that length?

        It would be great for astrophotography of course.

  • No D4, No D800. I would start yelling and screaming that Nikon has finally lost all bering and will loose what is left of their professional photography customers. However, I have to reason that there are very few pro photographers left when you consider U.S. Presswire successfully publishing pictures of pro sports given to them free by photographers who don’t care. Print magazines and newspapers loosing their readership, and commercial uses going video. I guess if I were running Nikon I would target the amateur and enthusiasts too. Is my D3 the last of the breed; built for the rough and tumble of the newsroom? Sad to see.

    • Banned

      Stop the whining for a minute. Those pros are perfectly content with the current offering and even if they didn’t like it, where would they go? Canon hasn’t had a new body in a long time and with Nikon they work hand in hand to release the same stuff at the same time.

      • Bip


        • +2


          Nikon has the best still cameras for PJ and sports already in the D3S and the highest resolution/dynamic range FX camera in the D3X. For Nikon to drop them without a reason would be a bad decision business wise. Until they have a sniff of a Canon product that can equal the D3S, you probably won’t see a D4.

      • Not whining.

        I started with Nikon with an old F2 in 1980. Ever since then I have waited on the edge of my seat for new technology from Nikon. I enjoyed the coming out of the F4, F5, etc. It is a fun passtime.

        However, it took a D3 to pull my F5 out of my hands and will probably take a D5 to pull the D3. I saw no reason to upgrade from the D3 to the D3s but was happy to see it come out. I had 8,000 reasons not to upgrade to the D3x but was happy to see it come out too.

        But you have to admit, this big mirrorless announcement is a real yawner. Wake me up when something good happens.

    • binary_eye

      Nikon has been targeting amateurs and enthusiasts for a long, long time. They’ve also been targeting professionals, and they’ve also been targeting consumers. Surprise, surprise, they have more than one market.

      If you’re waiting for pro gear, be patient. The D3S may not be brand-spankin’-new, but it’s still the best action/reportage body available. And if you don’t recall, the 24/1.4G, 35/1.4G, and 85/1.4G were all introduced last year. And several other pro lenses were updated (200/2, 300/2.8, 200-400/4). Please don’t argue Nikon has abandoned the pro market.

      • stillvideos

        I don’t believe it to be pro nikon users that are complaining here 😉

      • Never said Nikon has abandoned the pro market. What I said is that the pro market is abandoning Nikon (and Canon as well) because the pro market is dying a slow and agonizing death. There are far fewer news rooms to order pro camera’s in bulk. That is what saddens me. I think truly rugged pro camera releases will be fewer and farther between.

    • PHB

      You think that Nikon was going to update the line top down? Thats not how you do PR, you start with the small announcements and work up to the climax.

      This blog fills up with more poseurs, measurebators and boasters by the week.

    • Bip

      What’s wrong with the D3S?

    • Robert Falconer

      However, I have to reason that there are very few pro photographers left when you consider U.S. Presswire successfully publishing pictures of pro sports given to them free by photographers who don’t care.

      Exception, not the rule.

      The demand for high-end DSLRs has hardly diminished, from what I can see.

  • Banned

    Why they didn’t include a flash hotshoe is beyond me. A nice little SB-600 in bounce mode would help a lot, even in compact travel situations. Pretty stupid. just like the rest of this camera anyway.

    • Dandydon

      Why no hot shoe? Easy. They can make more money with a propriatary interface.

    • xagent

      “Why they didn’t include a flash hotshoe is beyond me.”

      So they can upgrade the camera next year and convince everyone to upgrade.

    • John

      Who’d want to put a SB-600 on such a small camera?

      • VJ

        Somehow, I know start imagining the camera with an SB-900 and a 70-200/2.8…

    • Eric

      Pray for CLS

  • Lulz

    I for one am sick of hearing about this stupid device!

    • Could not have said it any better. Its not Aps-c or bigger, therefore NOT INTERESTING!

      • Ren Kockwell

        Overcompensate much?

  • SAM
    • broxibear

      Is that a porn site ?…I think I know who runs that lol.

  • Stop this mirrorless freakship! DSLRs and rangefinders are worthy cameras. When I hear ‘mirrorless’, I think about rangefinder, not about these stupid point and shoots with interchangeable lenses. Now we (advanced users) are sick of this marketing idiocy. Stop it! EVILs are inconvenient in handling, focusing, operation and composing. Period. I can’t sacrifice 2 kilogram setup to lightness of those p&s, because it is INCONVENIENT! Go to the gym or do some another kind of sports, weakling freak.

  • Outkasted

    One would expect Nikon mirror-less cameras design to at least mimic those of other retro camera models to at least cash in on the retro look mirrorless market. challenging both Leica/ Fuji. Many believe the sensor will be from Fuji with Nikon Specs with the X1 design that nikon designed

  • broxibear

    The fake one looks better…oh dear.

    • John

      Yes, exactly what I was thinking. The fake one looks way more cool than the “mock-up”.

  • vinman

    They’ve taken the “light-proof box” concept a little too far if the camera actually looks like this – IMHO. It better be one darned excellent performer to overcome the fact it looks like an aluminum brick. Otherwise, I don’t really have a horse in this race so I don’t much care. I’m looking for a nice compact camera, but I’m thinking the upcoming Fuji X10 will fill the bill nicely. I can’t see myself buying into a second lens line-up since I’ve got all fast G glass, and with the 14-24 covering the wide end, it’ll become a 35ish when adapted to this body. Then again, my 50/1.4 will be a 170ish 1.4! I’ll still wait to see some real performance reports…

  • Eric

    While the lack of flash hot-shoe could be overcome by some kind of iTTL/CLS for strobist purposes, I’m really surprised and disappointed by the lack of dial on the front and top of the body.
    How the hell are you supposed to set aperture/shutter speed/ISO easily if there only are controls on the rear? With some lame touchscreen? By digging into some menus?
    No thanks.
    Do you guys think of any configuration that wouldn’t suck in any mode except full auto?
    I really would have hoped for some P7100-like controls.

  • yo

    I’m hoping the entire thing is a fake 🙂 including the teeny weeny sensor.

  • Gustavo Osborne

    These cameras may not be for you, but it doesn´t mean there isn´t a huge market for them. The small sensor is because Nikon wanted small lenses. You can put this thing in your pocket!
    I already have big cameras with big lenses, this is what I was missing.

  • a pity.. that pic crossed out on top looks kinda sweet. as long as the iq is nice and there’s a really small 50(eq) 1.8/1.4 with decent manual focus i ll be interested

  • People have way too much time on their hands coming up with these bogus photos.

  • Yhannoby

    It would be nice if they could bring back old school look just like Nikon FM2N.

  • Eskimo Nikonian

    I am somewhat confounded why Nikon would come out with a proprietary mirrorless standard. Micro 4/3 is an established format which has a great deal of industry support. The Evil could hit the market with dozens of lens already available (without an adapter). As it is, only a very few lenses will be available at launch. I suppose there is some consolation in that 4/3 and micro 4/3 lenses (perhaps not the latter because of the flange distance) should be adaptable along with just about every 35mm lens out there, provided Nikon or third party vendors support it (micro 4/3 adapters already widely available).
    I suppose Nikon could be concerned they would lose sales because other manufacturers lens could be attached…but I would imagine they would actually pick up sales because micro 4/3 Nikon lens would be compatible with an already huge installed base of Olympus, Panasonic, etc. cameras.
    And my last concern is availability of FX bodies is limited enough as it is without Nikon coming out with an entirely new family of products. They are a relatively small company who, it would appear, is trying to do a lot of things at the cost of certain market segments.
    Bottom line, if I were to buy a mirrorless system, it would be a Panasonic, Olympus or even an APS-C Sony because there will be so much more lens support. News flash, consumers are increasingly migrating to iPhones and Android phones for capture and the trend will only get worse as phone camera sensors improve.
    Flame away.

    • Ak

      no, M4/3 lenses won’t AF on Nikon camera even with adapter. I don’t think even manual focus would work. M4/3 lenses focus with wire

      • Eskimo Nikonian

        Good photographers don’t need AF. I own a Panasonic AG-AF100 M4/3 video camera and manual focus works fine. And of course manual focus will work on any lens with a manual focus ring. Ak, do you live in Alaska? If so, that would be an amazing coincidence.

  • Lulz

    I for one am sick of hearing about this thing. I don’t care and nikon could do better.

  • happysnapper63

    As a compact camera system I cant see the point in something where the lens does not retract and where additional lenses have to be carried. But it might make some users feel as if they are “doing things more properly” than say using a P500.

    But if the image quality is good, upto ISO 800, I will get one, and it will go in my bag, it will be used on a loose head tripod with my 500mm attached. Plus I cant wait to use the “sweet” central element of my DX lenses, in the way I do FX circle lenses now.

    Fed up with all the FX crap, FX is of no use to me and I do not care if they never issue another one. The real life pros I know are not after new cameras, the current specs exceed requirements already (I do not know any pro videographers though), one is still using his D2 along side his D3S, for location work, and he has his medium format for most of his work anyway.

    Nikon is a large corporation with many executives and shareholders making money, I have no allegence, I don’t care if they have a body with all the “top of the league” numbers, it does not harm me emotionally. They make money by selling us lot product, but they dont actually sell us product they sell the need for features and numbers, then they offer product that meets the need. Usually the need is actually beyond anything really needed for actual normal use. Abit like a car that can go faster than the national speed limit.

    Of course there are those who buy photographic kit so they can play “top trumps” with their acquaintences, which is a sort of valid use of funds if you have them, in that is is a more legitimate use of funds than buying class A drugs, although probably more addictive. Worst of all are those who play “top trumps” based upon models their “chosen manufacturer” offers rather than the kit they actually buy and use. When Nikon produces a D4 the glow does not make your D300S a better camera v a Canon, Pentax or Sony model………but for some it seems to make them more comfortable with the noise at ISO400 for everything must be OK really as Nikon produce the D4.

    • Tom Christiansen

      But if the image quality is good, upto ISO 800, I will get one, and it will go in my bag, it will be used on a loose head tripod with my 500mm attached. Plus I cant wait to use the “sweet” central element of my DX lenses, in the way I do FX circle lenses now.

      That isn’t going to work. The pixel density is going to kill you, because you need better and better glass to keep up with the increase in pixel density. That would require the equivalent of 74 megapixels on a full frame sensor. That’s even worse than putting a TC-17E on a DX crop camera.

      I wouldn’t bet on that being as wonderful as you wish it would be. Sure, there may be absolutely nothing better than the exotic telephotos like your 500/4, but there has to be a limit somewhere. And people using lesser lenses that yours will be even more disappointed.

      That’s why these itty bitty lenses have to be sharper than great big ones. Have you ever tried using a lens designed for a much bigger format on a smaller one? You have to look at resolution in line pairs per millimeter. The smaller the format, the sharper the lens has to be, and the other way around. At the end of the day, consider how many times the recording medium has to be enlarged to make an 8×10″ print. If you start with a piece of 8×10″ film, then it doesn’t. With 4×5″ film, it needs to be doubled in both directions for four times the area, etc. As you get smaller and smaller, your tolerances become tighter and tighter. A 35mm frame needs to be blown up to about 60 times the area to make an 8×10″ print, or almost 8 times in both directions. Now start with your 1/2.7× crop. It in turn has only 14% of the area of even a 35mm frame, so now you have to blow it up 2.7× more in each dimension for 7.3× the area.

      It just doesn’t scale, sharpnesswise. Note enough lpmm.

  • Monkey Nigh Mow


  • andy

    I’d have to laugh if all the rumors involving the Nikon MILC were fake. And they actually released an APS-C or FF camera.

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