iamcomings.com is now live

Finally a teaser from Nikon - the website iamcomings.com is now live:

The domain iamcomings.com is registered to the The New Media Edge, a marketing/PR company in SE Asia. Nikon is not on the list of their clients.

Several Nikon websites were down in the past few hours - an updated is definitely on the way for their mirrorless camera introduction.

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  • goose

    finally. when nikon is done, ill be glad to smother my face with their new release.

  • MB

    Somebody is having great sex…

  • i came already so what

  • D700

    “Comings” ?! Not even proper english.

  • Frustration

    Have anyone noticed that it is still counting down, after the official announcement of the V1 and J1. Why is this?

  • Still it is ticking!!

  • Angler13

    Perhapse http://www.iamcomings.com is an additional super secret ‘release’? Maybe the mirrorless cameras weren’t the ‘climax’? I wonder if there is a new pro camera that will be ‘coming’. Wat a surprise ‘explosion’ that would be! This is ‘nuts’… ‘intercourse’.

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