After “I AM COMING” meet the “THE BIG HANDS”

Those post cards were received today in Europe with links to the website The speculation is that the sender is Nikon, especially since they have done something similar in the past.

Now I want to hear all the "Big hands" jokes 🙂

The first two "Big hands" videos are already on YouTube:

Via Journaldugeek

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  • Q

    With a small sensor all hands look big. I already have big hands, all I need is a big camera. Not a small camera with a tiny sensor.

  • none

    Worst ad campaign ever!

    • It’s interesting that this is a European-focused campaign—no billboards or sculptures for those of us stateside, at least not on the big hands website. : (

      So now we know why 77% of the posts on this site are whining complaints—Nikon knows that the 82% American userbase of NR isn’t the core market for this product.

  • scurvy hesh

    you know what they say about big hands!

    • Johnny Cochran

      They wear big gloves? Oh wait, if the glove does not fit, you must acquit!

  • EnPassant

    What’s wrong with small hands? Never heard of “small is beautiful”?

  • bob2

    Nikon is bucking the small trend by announcing the new D4 with super oversized battery grip. Perfect for a set of giant hands. If your hands aren’t big enough, you are not pro enough to own one. Comes with a small trailer with horn/siren so nobody gets hurt–that’s the “I am coming” warning part.

  • Bart B

    Didn’t anybody notice that the hands have flat parts on the fingers where the camera should be … This add campaign isn’t over yet … 😉 And the distance between the hands is in every city the same …

    • Mark V

      Yeah I expect that they will actually put something in the hands for the ad campaign after the announcement.

  • Stereohans

    Big hands for a tiny camera. LOL! But it seems to be NOT smaller than the Sony Nex. After all WHO needs a thing like this with a small sensor and a comparativly bid body. If this is evolution I can live perfectly without it!

    Greetz, Hans

  • Fubar

    It’d be real damn funny if it turned out to be Canon…

  • Nikon show me the image samples as the video quality, than, you have the pros final word.

  • weird, “Big Hands” but seems they were holding ‘small’ camera, prolly the mirrorless?

  • lS

    May be another big earthquake soon in Japan.

  • Mark V

    I can’t imagine the announcement being anything other than a mirrorless or compact just based on the layout of the hands. I’m pretty sure zero people hold a DSLR that way, however I would bet plenty of people would hold a point and shoot sized camera that way. I guess we look to October perhaps. Given how little has come out about the mirrorless, it may make more sense that we haven’t heard anything on the DSLR front because they have really buckled down on their leaks.

  • Hash Me

    Which camera were the movie and time-lapse shot with? What if it were the new mirrorless?

  • Jacob

    A sensor so small, it will make your hands look bigger…lol

  • Joe

    So expensive you’ll need big hands to carry all that money to the store if you want to buy this new camera…

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