The last post on the “I am Nikon” campaign

Update: is now live.

"Nikon is launching a pan-European advertising campaign, called “I am Nikon”, which aims to connect the brand’s heritage of professionalism, authenticity and innovation to an audience of aspiring photographers. The campaign will appear throughout Europe and South Africa, with the first TV ad airing on UK television over the Easter weekend from 2 to 5 April 2010 on ITV, Channel Four and Channel Five."

Read the whole article @ MarketingWeek. This campaign was created by by Jung von Matt/Spree advertising agency (the company that registered some of the IamNikon domain names). still redirects to the default Nikon Europe site. No new products were announced today.

Update: The last card from France of course says "I am Nikon". It contained also a second flyer about the new campaign (thanks Romain Heuillard for the pictures):

Update #2 - new video on YouTube:

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  • Grumps, I do not find your comment rude at all. This is the type of criticism I would expect. I still stand behind my decision to cover this Nikon countdown. Remember that up till Monday everything was just a rumor and nobody knew for sure if a new product would be announced – my post on Thursday last week suggested that this could be a new advertising campaign, but again – this was just a rumor:
    The news about Nikon working on a G11 killer came online at the same time and there was a chance that the this campaign was for a new P&S camera:
    Just imaging that I did not cover this campaign and then there was a new camera announced on Monday…
    I still believe that most of the negative voting came from readers that were disappointed that there was no new camera announcement. Anyway, this is all history and for now I do not really have any good rumors to post. Maybe I will just run another giveaway 🙂

    • just look at the first post (card#1):
      it was well accepted by the readers, then things started to go downhill. Why?

      • zzddrr

        Why don’t you put up a poll and ask whether people are satisfied with Nikon’s latest show?

        • Alex

          I think NR has a valid point, a lot of these rumors are not going to amount to much when the end result comes, but he should report them anyway, so we can speculate with the most information. No point complaining about them after the fact with the knowledge of hind sight. I don’t think any of us expected to see a D900 this time, but we can always hope anyway!

    • I vote for another giveaway 😀

  • Ren Kockwell

    @zzddrr, kevin and jabs: Get a room and hug it out. Lots of sexual tension going on here.

    All I can say is this. You’re high if you think Nikon loses money on its DSLRs. That’s just a stupid thing to say. And since Canon eats Nikon’s lunch in the compact market, you’d be equally stupid not to care about Nikon’s compact strategy and marketing. Coolpixes are all derivative, mediocre and boring cameras. There is no excuse other than complacency, timidity and lack of foresight why Nikon didn’t develop the GRD, G11, LX3, S90 or DP2. They don’t respect these audiences enough.

    I’m happy with everything about Nikon’s DSLR strategy except its speed and the holes in its prime glass. But you can’t have everything. I want and could actually use more MP, but not at the expense of near-perfect AF and low-light smoothness. I’ll wait until the technology can catch up.

    And to those of you shooting landscapes with digital, who are you shooting this for? Most sources I know that pay for landscape shots don’t want your digital crap. If you need that kind of tonality and resolution and were even mildly serious and knowledgeable, you’d get an MF or LF camera, shoot film and scan. And you’d still be getting off way cheaper than a comparable digital investment. Then check back in 5 years and see if digital has yet caught up to those formats.

    Jumping ship for video or megapixels is just dumb. You jump ship for crap glass, incompetent operation or unreliable gear.

    • zzddrr

      Ren Kockwell; what an earth are you talking about sexual tensions? Are you ok?

      BTW, the lack of megapixel in the Nikon dslr line dates back to 2007. Many expected a bit more than the 12MP D3 but iso performance was fantastic. Since then Nikon only served the iso peepers. Ok we do not want to mention the D3x here. Read the comments above.

      OTOH, if I need resolution I currently use a good roll of Velvia which by far still outperforms the 12MP under the right light conditions, setting, scanning, and processing.

      Now, did Darth Wader or Master Yoda help Canon to make 21MP when Nikon only was able to make 12MP? Also, if you haven’t noticed Canon did not have to introduce more MP because Nikon couldn’t match it. Ok, again D3x but the difference is only 3MP and the fact that the Nikon 24MP sensor was made by Sony. Ok, in this case Master Kenoby helped sony to make that happen. 🙂

      I still have lots of great Nikon lenses and I apologise but 12MP does not cut it for me. I am not the only one with that. If Nikon does not value us then keep the 12MP or even better make it 8 or 6MP come out and tell us and we will leave no questions about it. In fact, I am hoping that sony will fix its shortcomings because they have the potential to grow up and become a serious contender in this game.

  • Kevin

    It all really boils down to whether or not Nikon is already prepared to kill the D3x when the camera is already a huge success. Releasing a Nikon D4 to take over the D3x makes very very little sense financially. In reality the D3s, D4 and D3x could actually live together profitably all depending on the numbers. This is why I’m very confident we’ll see 16-18mp. I’m seriously leaning at 18mp since its a 50% increase over the current D3/D3s and would see to make the most sense.

    The current D3x sensor in a D4 makes ZERO sense. They would need to redesign the sensor completely to be usable in a D4 application. Meaning higher ISO speed capabilities. You can’t simply take the D3x sensor and expect it to wonderously be 10x better at higher ISO speeds. I can use mine at ISO 3200 with no problems and the images are still very sharp with limited noise levels. I would be thinking the D4 would be aiming at ISO 6400-12800. I don’t think Nikon would push ISO 25k+ in this camera at the time being as once again it makes no sense from a business perspective.

    The other reason a 24mp D4 makes no sense is the basic reasoning that the D4x will have at least 50% more pixels which would equate into 36mp. The problem remains that they need separation from the D4 and D4x in order to sell both. I mean if you have a 24mp D4 then I can see a 29-32mp D4x selling at all. You would easily need something in the terms of 36-48mp to make people jump up and spend the extra money.

    What makes sense to me is something like this…..

    D3s @ 12mp
    D4 @ 18mp
    D3x @ 24mp
    D4x @ 32mp
    D800 @ 18mp

    I think many people would have to agree this is quite realistic from just about every aspect imaginable. Financially it makes sense since the D3s, D4 and D3x could all still be viable in the market all at the same time. I’m just not positive if a simple increase from 24 to 32 megapixels is going to make D3x shooters such as myself, willing to buy a D4x unless something drastically is altered in that camera to make it so much better. The D3x as it stands now, is already one amazing camera and I’d honestly be shocked if the Canon 1Ds Mark IV can even match it in terms of overall IQ.

    It’s not just Nikon in this bind, Canon is in the same spot too. Will the 1Ds Mark IV sell well at 29-32mp with the 5d Mark II being at 21mp. The vast majority of mid level professionals love the 5D Mark II even though it’s not a superb camera just because it has 21mp. The fact is I’d take my backup D700 over my old 5D Mark II any day of the week.

    Just look at the numbers on the cameras I posted. They seem quite theoretically possible from just about all aspects. Right now though a 24mp D4 doesn’t make any sense in terms of production or financial viability as it would compete directly with other cameras. The fact also still remains that 90% of photographers out there DO NOT need ultra high resolution cameras. I mean how much further can Canon and Nikon push it.

    I’d also disagree with you on the 4/3rd system. I see the 4/3rd system eventually virtually replacing most of the compact camera market. There is a huge market segment right now that want to buy a DSLR but don’t like the bulk that comes with it and aren’t satisfied with their compacts. A 4/3rd system is great over a compact for the average every day person. I have one myself and love it just for that. I mean hell try carrying around a D3x and D3s in public, its annoying.

    I will make this blunt. No one company is ever going to dominate every single aspect of the photography market. It’s just impossible to make this happen. Every company canon, nikon, sony, etc will always have products superior and inferior to others in all categories imagineable.

    Right now there is simply no disputing that the products available to professions from Nikon is above and beyond significantly better than what the competition has. Many would even continue to argue that the D300s is still better than the 7D. All I’m saying is don’t expect Nikon to be capable of doing it all to make everyone happy since it simply can’t and won’t happen. I love Nikon simply because they afford me the opportunity to use some amazing equipment that just so happens to simplify my life, make my job a lot easier and allow me to earn more money. My situation is likely different than yours though or that of the millions of Nikonians out there.

    • zzddrr


      1) You love Nikon because you were able to justify the overpriced D3x.

      2) I did not say that the new D4 would use the same 24MP D3x sensor. Sony is already on this issue believe me.

      3) A 24MP backlit sensor in a D4 would have most likely same or better performance as the D3s today.

      4) The new piece I expect in the D4 will be a) 16bit, b) only SD card slots (SDXC or HC or whatever), c) no mechanical shutter, d) new AMOLED touchscreen with 30% more resolution, and e) LI Polimer battery tech (or whatever is that)

      5) It must come in pink colors!


  • Kevin

    It’s not overpriced. It really depends on what you do for a living. Obviously your business is not in the position that needs such a camera where as mine does. I spent just under $13,000 on both the D3s and D3x. However in my estimation I really don’t have a need for a new camera body for a very long time. I’m thinking easily 4-5 years before something comes out to make me require it. The D3x is in the same price bracket as the 1Ds series has been. To me this is about not having the necessity to purchase a new body for several years so financially from a business perspective it makes sense to me. I learned while shooting with Canon that use mid level bodies that had a lower shelf life just didn’t make sense.

    Second why the hell would you want SD cards only. Most info I’ve seen online has been saying that SD card failure rate is much higher than Compact Flash. The only downside to compact flash is it’s more expensive. Tell me again how having dual compact flash card slots is bad just because you want to be cheap.

    You are still day dreaming on a 24mp sensor though which won’t happen. Seriously 36-48mp D4x. There is simply no way Nikon will push out anything past 18mp for the D4. Why do you think Canon capped the 1D Mark IV where it did. They easily could have made that a 21mp+ camera had they really wanted to. You just don’t seem to consider that the numbers you are thinking about don’t make any physical sense.

    The numbers I am providing make sense in all ways possible.

    D3s 12mp
    D4 18mp
    D3x 24mp
    D4x 32mp
    D800 18mp

    I don’t understand why you can’t seem to grasp this concept. If they release a 24mp D4 you’d be seriously expecting a monster 36mp+ D4x that would most likely see a MSRP above $10,000. The moral of the story you aren’t going to get your high res camera for cheap.

    • Anonymous

      What has happened to the 2 digit model numbers (Dxx). Has this been replaced by the Dxxxx?

      • Hey-nonny-mouse

        They ran out of digits…

    • Nikon doesn’t need a pro-body D4 first to introduce 18mp model, because all of these models used to excel at one aspect. It could be resolution (D3X) or sensitivity (D3 & D3s).

      What will the 18mp D4 being a somewhat lesser resolution and worse hi-ISO performer excel at? A sport, action, wedding, etc professional would likely chose to buy D3s even a D4 existed tomorrow. They wouldn’t wish to trade the ability to use ISO 6400 for 22% more linear resolution. At the opposite side, a D3x owner may not wish to sacrifice the resolution power for less noisy images only noticeable above ISO 3200. So for which professional photographer will the “jack of all trades, master of nothing” type D4 serve?

      A 18 mp sensor will most likely suit a D700 type body to urgently fill the long-awaited need. I support the idea of 18mp because most likely lenses that a $3000 buyer likely owns will be away from fully exploiting the 24mp sensor. 18mp seems to be a sweet spot for most needs.

      Yes, D800 to be a 5D II killer. It will also have video for marketing purposes. Nothing else needed. Unlike the niche-product of D3x, it will sell to masses. And Nikon will also profit from new FX lens sales for people moving from DX camp.

    • zzddrr

      1) As I said before you were able to justify the D3x price. It is like I would tell you that XY mechanic uses $10k diagnostic tools to check your car. You wouldn’t buy something like that unless you need it for your work. It is a tool and an expensive one. My problem with Nikon’s approach is that they totally forgot about the enthuasiasts, those who can afford with a push the D3 but cannot justify the D3x. Also, what about the D700 class crowd. That’s a massive group as well. These two groups spend much more on Nikon stuff (as a group) than the D3x small group alone.

      2) SD card – it will be cheaper and will reach the reliability of the other standard. Also, much cheaper to buy and you can buy at any gas station and most of the other cameras use that even from Nikon. Not to mention the size and manufacturing cost difference. Nikon definately has look at all possible options to reduce the size of the D4. The SD uses less than half the space of an CF.

      A sidenote, did you notice that the new Pentax 40MP comes with only SD?

      3) 18MP D4 will not be competitive. Nikon may use a firmware that will reduce the resolution to desired levels that can be set by the end user. (Nikon has to enable more flexibility for the end user.) This will increase FPS etc. Also keep in mind that the D4 will have to be on the market for the next 3 years. 3 years from today 18MP will be peanuts.

      4) Cost, cost, and cost. Nikon loves to migrate the top sensor downstream. You will have limited options of migrating 18MP when your competition is already at 24MP. I am talking about Sony. Sony has 2 cameras out there with 24MP and my assumption is that they will improve them. Then what will Nikon do if the lower cost 24MP sony cameras outperform the mighty new D4 in less than 6 months after its release?

  • grumps

    NR you’ve made valid explanations… Thank you!

    Kevin, you speak a lot of sense, people will simple argue, agree, and disagree for the sake of doing so. At this time, I’d love to see a D4 hit the market. If not for anything else, just to get things moving!

  • Yeah.. more presure to Nikon. Pentax show the new medium format 40Mpix, US$9,400 🙂

  • Jørgen

    I AM meaning the commercial was cool.

  • Kock Renwell

    wtf? lol!

    • Gorgonzola

      Kock Renwell < 😀 AHAHAHAH!!!!!!

      • Rock Kenwell

        I am amused.

        • Anonymous

          me too. REN KOCKWELL is good as well. Think it can’t be taken any further**. Liked it. Good laugh.
          At least some sign that humor didn’t become something of perfect absence here.

          **Or is another variation out there?

  • Gorgonzola

    PENTAX 645D niiceeee… always been a fan of pentax still have the PENTAX ASAHI K1000 legend camera…..

  • Rock Kenwell

    I’ve suggested a D1000 to Nikon R&D.
    6mp, ISO 100-400 and Hi-1 (800)
    2 mode settings: “Halp” and “Pro” (the latter being for me, the Halp function for everyone else for who ‘Auto’ is even too compliacted and ‘Help’ too intimidating.

    The second key setting is a LOL setting where all your images come out as if taken on a Canon.
    A possible D2000 may feature a ROFL button which simulates Canon AF mode.

    What is most remarkable about the D1000 though is that no matter what you take a picture of, on the LCD dispaly you’ll alway see… Me!

    • Hendrixx


  • Dweeb

    Thanks for spreading this advertising offal from Nikon in the year’s most unpopular post. I’d rather read an update on the 70-200 flake lense. Looks like they got away with that one.

    • Hey-nonny-mouse

      The year is yet young!

      Title of the post should have been:
      “I am the last post on the “I am Nikon” campaign” 🙂

  • It’s time for some DSLR news I think….

  • It’s pointless to produce a 18mp D4 first. For whom will this D4 for? Nikon has already got 2 pro-bodies that excel at different areas, D3s & D3x. They will serve for long years if not for lifetime.

    But missing gap is the long-awaited D800. Possibly 18-20 mp resolution, D700 type body, having video function, and to be bundled with a new all-purpose lens, either 24-120mm f4 or 28-300mm f3.5-6.3, all compact enough not to outbalance the body (like all kit lenses). The bundled price should be around $4000.

    Then 18 months later, a 24mp D900 will follow like the same logic & sequence with D2x-D200-D300.

    • Will there be complaints anymore if the camera above is announced today within a reasonable price range? Will it interfere with Nikon’s other products?

      D200-D300-D90 owners: Happy to get a first reasonable chance moving to FX. (D700 was questionable due to its limited advantages at low-ISO side).

      D300s owners: If recently purchased for video, it’s ok because of a lower price. If purchased for wildlife, it’s still a reasonable purchase due to the reach achieved by cheaper & less bulky lenses.

      D700 owners: They may keep going with it, or chose to get a D800 is if they need video or higher resolution at a little trade for very high ISO setting.

      D700 potential buyers: Happy, since 2nd hand D700 prices may drop by %10-20.

      D700s expecting people: They like the D700, but complain for the lack of video. So a D800 with video will fit into their expectation.

      D3x owners: Not a big threat since they will still be keeping on the high point for at least one year. The price will have been justified.

      D3s owners: It’s a professional product with superior sensitivity, frame rate, and video. They won’t care much with the new camera’s introduction

      Entry level dslr like D3000 & D5000 buyers or owners: Somewhat a far reach due to price tag. It will neither effect the sales rate or cause any regret.

      From other brands: A D800 will likely be such a success that, it may even cause migration especially from some Canon owners and potential buyers.

  • Martin

    I agree, we need some juicy rumors. Make something-up Admin…for the love of Aliens…I can stand it.

    Is it really this quiet on the rumor mill?

  • Jabs

    Another guesstimation to add here.
    I see the camera market splitting into low cost P&S cameras below $200.00 US list price maximum and then the 4/3rd systems eventually taking up the lower end DSLR ranks with perhaps a range of $300 to $400, then the 35mm DX format DSLR’s going above that, as I think that the current 4/3rd systems are too expensive plus cell phones, Tablets, Iphones and such are encroaching on the usability market and cost of this bracket.
    We are being squeezed into various markets wherein people need instant results and an ability to upload and share results quickly. I eventually see the 4/3rds market replacing the upper or high end P&S cameras and things like IPads, cellphones and other multimedia Tablets/Pads/E-Readers with cameras as replacing the higher end compact P&S cameras.
    DSLR’s will become rarer and for serious shooters with many companies leaving the market to concentrate on other sectors as people change their habits and uses for photographic equipment.
    I also see professional DSLR’s getting more expensive and encroaching on the medium format market more but they will probably fight back with cheaper autofocus cameras from say Mamiya and Pentax with more DSLR features. Nikon and Canon will have to probably consolidate their camera lines into fewer models and increase their resolution and add more professional video features to keep the pros, but things indeed are changing rapidly. The biggest threat to photography now, from my perspective is the Apple I-Pad and the slew of photo/video enabled Tablet/E-Readers coming in the next few months that will change the landscape.
    Many here keep squawking about their 32 megapixel dreams while not seemingly grounded in any reality whatsoever.
    COST is the big factor overlooked while unaware of the dumbing down of the photographic Industry in general. When things move to in-camera abilities away from the skill of a good photographer, then things get dumbed down or become the norm and less skill to do this is required, as now the camera does it almost as good.
    We keep asking for more megapixels while forgetting that you need a sharper lens to use on these cameras and that escalates the cost of the whole system.
    How do we move forward without destroying everything?

  • Kevin

    A D800 makes no sense when you look at the timeline. The D700 has been here only for a short while and a full new body upgrade to a D800 makes no sense at all. A D700s does though.

    An 18mp D4 would do well in that $5,000 price bracket. Seeing as how a D800 will likely be $3200 or so when released anyways. Last I checked the 1D Mark IV is in that same resolution on a crop sensor so that number is justified.

    The problem with all of you, quite seriously, is that you think you need high resolution when you don’t. If you could just get over that you’d all be fine. Hell I’d take all you by the hand and let you shoot with my camera and your own just so you could see this.

    18mp Sensors will not be peanuts in a few years time. What you think Canon and Nikon are going to start putting 40mp sensors in every DSLR. There really is a point where the necessity for more MP simply is not there and that limit is already being approached. I think even if Nikon and Canon do produce a 32mp camera we won’t be seeing that limit increased for at least 3-4 years.


    IF a Nikon D4 is released with a 24mp sensor a Nikon D4x would need be to released with a minimum of 36mp and probably closer to 40mp for many photographers to be willing to justify spending $5,000-$6,000 as opposed to a camera that could easily be in the $10,000-$12,000 range. I will tell you right now to all get off your high horse as Nikon is not going to give you a $2,500 5D Mark II. If that 5D Mark II had half the features of the 7D canon would easily be asking $4,000 plus for it.

    I would also expect any D800 in the future that is pushing the higher resolution will be in the $3,500-$4,000 price bracket. What you expect them to give you a 18mp camera with wickedly fast ISO speeds and then match the 5D Mark II price. Not a chance.

    I also love how you state Nikon is losing customers year after year where as the opposite is actually happening. They’ve stolen so many canon shooters in the past couple years that it’s really not even funny. Canon needs to stop the bleeding on the high end market and I hate to say it but the 5D Mark II has them screwd for a long time.

    • I agree with you on some aspects but with the existence of D3x & D3s, who wants a D4? What’s missing with the above cameras, so that a D4 will bring solution? There’s no need for a D4 at least in 2-3 years. But when technology matures, if they can make a D3x with D3s properties, yes then they can call it D4, bu not now. Then a 36mp D4x may follow at the limits of lens resolution that more will may bring diminishing returns.

      “A D800 makes no sense when you look at the timeline.”

      No, a D800 must be out soon.

      The D700 has been here only for a short while and a full new body upgrade to a D800 makes no sense at all.”

      Is 18 months a short while?

      “A D700s does though.”

      D700s means a D700 + video, but nothing else. A D800 will already merge all components in one solution. Therefore D700s is also pointless if there’s no D700x at the same time. Simply 18mp D800 only or (12mp D700s + 24 D700x)

      • Gustav

        I’m afraid you haven’t really supported your argument vary well. A D700s is pointless if there’s no D700x? That makes no sense. Half the complainers here want video, and the other half want more res. So Nikon can’t please half the people here with a D700s? The D3s came after the D3x – not at the same time – because they serve two completely different markets. Just like a D700s and D700x would serve two different markets.

  • Kevin

    It’s very simple.

    D700s has video and improved ISO performance sharing the same sensor as the D3s.

    D800 will use the D4 chip and will come out after the D4 is released.

    Seriously go look on wiki for the Nikon time schedule. 18 months is seriously not enough time to warrant the release of a newer body. almost always at least 24 months between announcements. A D4 won’t be announced until at least this Fall is my thinking.

    • Saying D700s to have D3s sensor is no different than a D700x with the D3x sensor. D3s was released just a couple of months ago. If it’s possible tomorrow, than a D700x is plausible the same amount.

      IMO, after the announcement of a 14mp Coolpix, it would be funny to introduce another 12mp dSLR; it’s late for that reason, the river is flowing. And it’s yet early to stick the same D3s sensor on a cheaper body. If you agree on this, D700x has more priority.

      Isn’t it contradicting? 6 months could be enough to put the leading model’s sensor on a D700, but 18 months could be still early for even 18mp. I can sense real double standard, even some hypocrisy here.

      Nikon doesn’t always need the highest model to introduce novelty. The first video-camera was a prosumer D90, then we saw it on D300s & D3s. Same applies at other areas. It’s very logical to see a 18mp sensor on D800 before anything else. Again, what’s missing with D3s or D3x, so that a D4 will bring solution tomorrow?

      18 months is the usual timeframe for upgrades. D800 is the most urgent & anticipated camera upon anything else, because it can merge multiple disciplines and expectations in one model for a reasonable price & weight. 18mp D800 is far ok for both someone who wants video, and somewhat ok for someone who wants hi-res. It will be a volume product.

  • Gustav

    Wow, I can’t believe this thread is still going. I’d almost be willing to concede to the “I need more res” people if they’d admit to two things –

    1. Nikon is allowed to market their brand name, without a product to go with it. Lots of companies do this because it works. And when they do release a new product, more people will notice because they recognize the Nikon name from brand advertising.
    2. The Nikon exec that recent said “DSLR users will be happy” was obviously talking about something other than this marketing campaign, therefore your impatience shouldn’t be directed as anger to a campaign completely unrelated to you.

    • Anonymous

      The prob is not an unrelated campaign.

      It rather is that it sometimes feels as if the company is unrelated too.
      Can’t see why else things should heat up the way they did.

      Obviously expectations are much higher and did not get satisfied by the last releases.

  • Jabs

    An unusual thread here?
    This place has come alive or fell apart, according to your perspective – LOL!
    We perhaps now need a POLL that tries to find out why people want a higher megapixel camera?

    1. Is it because Canon introduced the 5dMk2, or is it Sony’s A900 and A850 or perhaps Nikon’s D3X drove many into some sort of a frenzy with its’ outrageous IQ and resolution, or are you merely jealous or envious of Canon’s moves into higher resolution lately?
    2. Do you need this resolution for your work or as a bragging tool?
    3. Will you be able to afford GREAT IQ in a great body with VIDEO above 20 megapixels or even above 32 megapixels – as NONE exist yet?

    And don’t fuss at me, as I personally don’t care – it’s YOUR MONEY and not mine!

  • zzddrr, last warning – I am tired of deleting your comments, please no personal attacks. Last warning also to few other readers – you know who you are. Changing you name will not help, I still know that the message was sent from the same person, it’s 2010. Last warning, really.

    • Anonymous

      Here is another one you should please delete:
      “Anonymous Posted March 8, 2010 at 7:34 pm”

      And I think it is just about time to close the “Post A Comment” and reply options on this one.
      It really has turned into a freak show and nobody is adding any new aspects for a quite a while by now.

    • zzddrr

      You may want to read the entire thread and you may very offensive posts. Perhaps, those can explain when one responds using similar tone 🙂

      BTW, why did you leave this on so long? Didn’t you notice that people are pissed? Many of us pointed out that this will lead to disaster. And it did. Just read through it.

  • Geoff_K

    If they are only coming out with a D700s with video, why stop selling the D700 ? They had both the D300 and D300s ?

    If you cannot order it now at AAFES and BestBuy is stopping sales in August (per the post here), surely they have something to replace that class of camera.

    • Kevin

      You can only buy a D3s now and not a D3, does that answer your question.

    • Gustav

      Uhm… no they didn’t. The D300 went away very quickly after the D300s was introduced.

  • Kevin

    No the D700s still does not make sense, think about this financially ok seriously and think of what Nikon has Done in the past. That is taking the D3 sensor and putting into a smaller body. It also doesn’t make any sense since well it would kill 95% of D3x sales. The D3x is still selling you know, it’s hard for some to believe but to many people $8,000 for a top end camera isn’t that bad.

    For some reason the D700 D3 and D3x were all able to do very well in the same market.

    Would the same hold true with a D700x, D3s and D3x. I would say no since 1/3rd of that market would vanish.

    You just don’t think logically at all. There is no reason for Nikon to screw themselves such as Canon has done. Canon will have major issues trying to sell their high end bodies. The 1D sales are going to be crap for the forseeable future. The 1D Mark IV is having issues with the 7D taking sales and the 1Ds Mark IV will have issues with people not wanting to pay the extra $6,000 plus over the 5D Mark II.

    if they introduce a 24mp compact body they will screw the company for years to come just because there are many cheap photographers out there that think they need an ultra high resolution camera when they don’t. I seriously doubt the D3x will be anything more than 32mp. You make it sound like Nikon and Canon have it easy trying to cram pixels on a sensor that is significantly smaller than the medium format cameras.

    Needless to say there is no D800 this year. Maybe a release at the end of the year but nobody will physically have that camera until at least 2011. Ironically enough the same kind of time period that a 5D replacement could be around. Hmmmm doesn’t that seem to make more sense.

    • Anonymous

      In business, photographers are forced to hold their position. One vital item is what they are shooting with. I see why you are so anxious about the idea of D700x, even anything coming close to it. Then all the “cheap” photog crowd will get one 😉

      The later it arrives, the longer time you warrant before feeling obliged to shell out for MF digital. eg. the new 40mp Pentax for only 9K. Didn’t the same happen with D300? First D90 arrived. Now any “idiot” can purchase a D5000 which gives same results…

      Just relax, a good photograph is rarely measured by the camera shot with. Does anybody care which brush, paint or canvas Monet or Van Gogh used?

  • kpuo

    Image quality is so yesterday – I want laser beams to incinerate annoying clients.

  • Chris

    ROFL – I was sayd, its just for a Coolpix – not for a DSLR….

  • Jabs

    Greetings All,
    One of the problems of On-Line forums is the establishment of this herd mentality that you must go along with the ‘dominant themes’ or assessments of this place, posters or people attack you for your deviations from their ideas, ideals or goals.
    It is as though people expect everyone to either share their view or be cowered into a corner like some idiot, all because one perhaps stands in the way of majority rule or one puts an entirely different spin on a particular thought or even complaint.
    People often fail to realize that these are public places and not you own personal sounding board for whatever ails you or what you see as missing from a manufacturer’s lineup.
    You fail to realize that differences are what make the world viable and that herd mentality actually stifles growth and innovation. In our zeal to push our own points, we often get so carried away that we swarm on the ones pointing out a fallacy in your argument and then expect this person to run away so you can have your forum all onto yourself or those who support your stances!
    That is sad and so childish a game played by many here that it ruins the forum, increases the tension here as perhaps baby-minded posters cannot deal with a little disappointment in life. They expect Nikon or any other manufacturer to give them their isolated wishes and then pull ‘hissy fits’ or tantrums here while they spoil a place of discussion with their often repeated mantras as to what they wish.
    The Administrator here has been gracious to spend a lot of time finding data for us to read and think about, yet he is cursed now for including facts or even rumors. What sense does this make?
    I think that perhaps some of our worlds are too small or maybe we perceive ourselves as THE WORLD and need to go find something to do in life instead of pontificating on a web site.
    Having a discussion is one thing, but trying to artificially dominate it is another and shows perhaps why humans have such trouble getting along with each other today.
    I come here to relax and not to confront people who seem bent on telling us the shortfalls of everything while seemingly unaware that nothing in life is perfect.

    Just my perspective and since one human being, I don’t really count as much.

  • Jabs

    Greetings KPUO,
    Thank you for your reply.
    Religion is a proper worship of God alone and comes from God via His Prophets and Messengers, so not about herd mentality.
    The problem stems from immaturity, tribalism, ‘ethnocentricity’ and racism plus cowardice. Many look to the Internet for the equivalent of storage information for their own brains and when they are unable to process this information internally, they latch on to some equivalent guru and/or their opinion. An opinion may or may not be fact, so sometimes people use this as some rallying call for pushing their own desires or beliefs as now ‘facts’. It is like living in your own head and then expanding your reach to include whatever you read on the Internet. Lazy and co-dependent people are like that as they develop herd mentality to offset their own incapacities and thus it often is a cover for crass stupidity or an inability to think on their own. You quote nonsense because perhaps the person seems credible to you but being unable to decipher the details yourself, you now quote another person in idolatry of them and their stances.
    Religion is truth from God while herd mentality is a human weakness as wisdom is replaced with going with the flow because of the on-line reputation of someone and now they wish to associate with that person in order to attain strength or even bragging rights.
    Herd mentality is the opposite of natural human independent thought in certain things , as our natures being similar, will have our innate ways pointing us to our varied similarities but since each one of us is created by God as a unique individual, then what we follow in life often points to us as worshipping that person or their opinions.
    Big difference!

    • Anonymous


  • AnonymousCoward

    I am happy to buy zzddrr’s kit.

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