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  • Nikon D700 is no longer available through the Army, Air Force Exchange System (AAFES) - the camera is no longer listed as available (Nikon equipment purchased through AAFES is shipped directly from Nikon). We had similar reports in the past - see here, here and here. In addition, Best Buy company computers are showing a mid-August date as end-of-life for the Nikon D700 (not sure how this works, but this could mean that they would have to return unsold stock and couldn't sell the product after that date).

  • Update - I just added this video on how to make a Nikon D90 limited (pink) edition:

  • Nikon's "I am.." video on YouTube:

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  • D700x/D800/D900 sounds close! 😀

  • Geoff

    One can only hope. Why cancel a camera as nice as the D700 unless you have a replacement lined up ?

    • Jose

      Because they don’t like to beat the new camera with a very low prices for d700 on sale.

  • Bob

    And think they are using the D300s for video too. I went to Indy this weekend to look at the D300s. They were sold out. They said they have been selling really well. For the the heck of it I played around with the 7D. It sucked. The Nikon D300s demo just felt so much better. A local newspaper photographer told me he put in a proposal for 3 more D300s. It is a nice camera. They are getting another shipment in this week. I’m tired of waiting.

    • Geoff

      I am tired of waiting and if they tossed the 7D focusing into and updated 5D Mark II, then I could be tempted to switch brands. My lens investment is minor AND in DX lenses anyway, so repurchasing would be necessary.

      I am going to try and hold out to see what FF Nikon replaces it with.

  • Alex Wong

    Is that a 12-24/4 I’m seeing being used for video?

    • Enrique

      Great site Patrick. I can’t seem to find the Merlin vs Flycam video.

  • I think there is a holdup because they are waiting for SONY to come out with a better sensor (one that can do better video). We also need to remember that if new models keep popping out too frequently, the current line would lose value much faster than normal. Having said all of this, I want to replace my D200 with something newer and cannot wait.

    • ArtTwisted

      I would not get the D300, its not a MAJOR improvement over the D200, if you need the quality get a D90 for now which has the same sensor as the 300 and wait for the D400 or whatever its called

      • Bob

        It is a huge improvement over the D200.

        • humenbean

          the d300 isn’t that great of a difference from the 200. it has a moderatly better sensor. The d200 actually has one of the most accurate auto exposure built in sensors to date. And the d90 actually has a better sensor for the record. The only reason to get the d300 over the 90 would be the durability factor. I have shot pleanty with the d90 and the d300 and there is little to no difference. If you need FPS that might be the only real arguement.

          • Bob

            I’m not talking about the D300. I’m talking D300s.
            All there camera’s are good. I would buy the D300s and I probably will this week or next

  • Zorro

    I’d rather hear that the D3000 is no longer available to make way for the rumored D40s.

    • Anonymous


  • Steve

    I was considering switching brands and buying the Canon 5D Mark II. After playing with it and the Nikon D700 this weekend, I’ll stick with Nikon. The D700 produced much better photos and the AF system is far more advanced. I took some very smooth and glossy images with the D700 and the noise free images at ISO 3200 impressed me. The Canon felt cheap and the shutter was loud; awful ergonomics. I can’t wait to purchase the D700 upgrade.

  • NikonShooter4Fun

    I also am getting a super bad case of the DSLR Jitters. I was at Best Buy this past weekend and picked up and played with a Canon 7D. I only spent about 3 minutes with the 7D, that was all I needed and I came to the following conclusion.

    It feels very inferior to my Nikon D700, I don’t like the looks, the feel, the placement of the buttons and controls etc. The menu seemed very odd, but I am a die hard Nikon user but I must admit I want a new body and I want it SOON. It is awful bad when you go to looking at other brands. Like I said it took me about 3 minutes of handling this 7D and I thought to myself, I will just continue to be patient and wait for Nikon and continue watching The Canon just wasn’t in the same league as the build quality of the Nikon, or is it that I am spoiled on Nikon’s quality and superior ergonomics. I think so. No, I know so…..

    Just seen where Panasonic is releasing new HD 4/3rd cameras. I really want a FX with video and if something doesn’t happen before the rebate or sale ends, You will see me ordering a D3s and some more lens. So as far as the competition they may have Nikon beet on specifications and Video, but the bodies were a major letdown in my honest opinion. Sorry, I just didn’t like how the Canon felt in my hands so here we are: Waiting on Nikon. Trust me, I really believe with all my heart it will be worth it when it does begin. Probably as soon as I get the D3s a newer better D800 will be announced, but Hey, the D700 is by no means a hunk of junk.

    • A.

      feel better?

    • Steve

      I was growing impatient waiting for the D700 upgrade, so I flirted with the idea of getting the Canon 5D Mark II. After testing it, I’ll wait for the D700 upgrade. The build quality, ergonomics and picture quality of the 5D Mark II are inferior.

  • Infidelity is running rampant.

  • Charles

    The music made that video unwatchable.

  • Mehmet

    In Nikon’s new lens page, it shows that new 16-35mm doesn’t have ED glass. However, it has. Even you can see it from the name of the lens. :DD

    • Rthomas

      Something else that they didn’t fix with the new lens page: the DX 35mm f/1.8 (normal) is STILL listed as a wide-angle. Do they know their products, or not? Sigh.

  • i just don`t get it guys, why are you waiting for a D700 upgrade so much ?!? the camera has a year and a half since started selling , many bought it less than a year and you wait so much for a replacement ?!? would you upgrade the camera for the newer model with minor improvements ? other thing i don`t get it : you want a d700 upgrade but you checked the 5Dmk2 who was released 2 months later than d700 !!! this looks like a bit trolling to me… be serious !

    • preston

      i think many are only flirting with the 5dII for the video. Nobody is complaining about d700’s picture quality (except maybe the low MP’s).

      • i think switching the whole system for a video issue is lame. want video, get a video camera…

        i think D700 in a nice camera , not perfect but is best for it`s money

  • longtimenikonshooter

    Baby D3s is coming our way.

    • Louis Rosenthal

      I REALLY REALLY hope so!! i want pretty much those “crazy-high” ISOs because i all out push all limits with pretty much anything i buy.

      and well… if it’s not affordable i’ll have to resort to violence so i can take the pictures i want 😉

  • zzddrr

    I think we are not going to see a new pro level dslr anytime soon. I mean we should have had some credible leaks. All we have is just guessing. I think Nikon does have something but it does not want to release it yet.

  • benS

    Interesting, but of there is no new or upgraded DSLR body coming soon then why all these “rebates, unavailability, end of life” are happening ?

    Its only logical that there should be un upgraded body or a new body coming soon.

  • benS

    Interesting, but if there is no new or upgraded DSLR body coming soon then why are all these “rebates, unavailability, end of life” happening ?

    Its only logical that there should be an upgraded body or a new body coming soon.

  • Anonymous
  • disco

    sooooo, what was this “I am….” BS all about again?

  • Mynameisdave

    Wahahaa 😀 what a bad pimp job. THIS guy definitely has no single handyman gene at all

  • Bob

    I hope that Nikon will release a Nikon D700 with the D3s sensor and full HD video. That’s the camera I’m waiting for. I still work on film (F6 and medium format) and I bought a D5000 to learn the digital workflow.

  • James

    Hmm too many users posting liking D700 over 5DMKII.

    This is something strange i think…..

    • Anonymous

      Agreed ! ! !
      I’m Nikon-User but this kind of viral-marketing sucks.
      Really had enough of this Nikon-is-so-much-better-talk, that frequently gets placed here by either fanatics or marketing-pros. It just makes me wanna shift.
      I desperately want some serious replacements. No more Video-upgrades to non-full-HD please and no-more high-iso-insanity please. Go and give me MP without noise at iso 100 – 400, go and give me the FX-quality I need, to sell my old HB cameras and lenses and make it cheaper than the current D3X. Gimme a D700X.

  • tomik

    Has there ever been an occasion of DSLR announcement that has not leaked at some point before the announcement?
    Pres conferences should be over soon…. is the times listed are UK times. So…..?:-)

  • Shedeep

    Hmm too many users posting liking D700 over 5DMKII.

  • me

    I liked that video for the most part, but what I don’t like is the fact that the darn music is so frickin’ loud then when the voices come on they’re as quiet as a mouse making me turn the volume up, then when the music comes on it’s blasting so loud I need to turn it down, then I do it all over again. The sound producer definitely wouldn’t win best sound engineer Oscar for that one.

    • me

      By the way, I was talking about the video with the photographer and the models.

      The DigitalRev video was pretty hysterical mainly because the guy does things exactly like how I do them…haphazardly. On another note all the DigitalRev videos are done very well and very informative.

  • Bob

    Nikon is selling a lot of cameras right now. The D300s is selling well. I’m sure the D3s is too. Plus their powershot, lower end DSLS and the pocket cameras are too.
    They just need something in the $2500 to $3,000 range.

  • I really hope Nikon releases new DSLRs soon with upgraded video capabilities. Yes, I’m buying for the video capabilities. Been using the D90 since it came out (on the film series at and I love it, but the bitrate is so low compared to the Canon cameras. The current Nikon DSLR cameras video capture are all virtually useless in low light as the noise gets out of control.

    Please Nikon release something new soon. Otherwise we’re gonna have to buy one of the 5D cameras which I’d really rather not. 1) I have too many Nikon lenses, and 2) the lcd on the nikon works while an external monitor is plugged in. It doesn’t on the canon cams. Big deal for me as I use a wireless monitor.

  • Seppl

    “…Best Buy company computers are showing a mid-August date as end-of-life for the Nikon D700 …”

    JESUS all D700’s will self destruct in mid August!!

    And I wanted to buy one, silly me!

  • ednafzger

    D700sxs or what ever they call it let it come true

  • Increase

    Online retailer increased price of D700 in the netherlands, few days back in stock, now out of stock and price increased. Was it too cheap at below 1800 euro’s and the see room for a bigger margin?

    I don’t know….seems like the fat lady will not sing for the D700 yet…..

  • Segura

    Amazon is now showing the discount on the D300s and 18-200mm combo. is the link. $2069.97. It did show up in my Gold Box recommendations for 5% off, so $1966 for the combo for me

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