Poll: are you going to buy the new Nikon mirrorless camera?

A quick poll: are you going to buy the upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera?

To refresh your memory, here are the Nikon V1 and J1 rumored specs:

  • The Nikon-F adaptor for their mirrorless camera will support autofocus with AF-S and AF-I lenses (AF-I is the older integrated autofocus technology before AF-S, read more here).
  • The available mirrorless camera video modes will be: 1928×1080 at 60fps and 30fps plus 1280×760 at 60fps. The continuous shooting rate will be 10fps.
  • The camera will have both phase and contrast AF detection
  • 10.1MP
  • ISO range: 100-3200 (with H1-6400)
  • CCD sensor (not sure about that) – the whole mirrorless line will be called CX, similar to DX and FX
  • Both cameras will have 2.7x crop factor
  • 3 in. LCD screen
  • The J1 model will have a built-in flash
  • The V1 will not have a built-in flash but it will have a multi-accessory port which will support external flash and a GPS device
  • There will be no traditional flash hot shoe on both models
  • There will be a F-mount adapter
  • Both cameras will probably be made of plastic
  • Full HD movie with many additional features
  • EXPEED 3 processor with 600 megapixels per second processing power
  • The four mirrorless lenses are (most with choice of colors, except the 10-100mm):
    • 10mm f/2.8 pancake lens
    • 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens (very short and portable)
    • 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6 VR
    • 30-110mm VR
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  • Its really surprising that nothing in DSLRs have come out. A 3-4 year cycle for electronic goods is not good for Nikon.

    • matgay

      i already ordered the 24mp nex7. nikon’s midget sensor is a joke.

      • Joe

        You’ve done the right thing. Only a 24 mp DX sensor will unleash your potential and lead you to total creativity. It’s the single most important thing in photography. It will turn all your negligible snaps into true masterpieces.

        • sirin

          you’re joking, right? the single most important thing in photography is the brand. even schoolkids know that – especially the ones with iphones.

          • Monkey Nigh Mow

            I’m dreaming of a 24MP iPhone™.

            • no-nikon-no

              just plug the mini hdmi of nex7 into your iphone.

            • Monkey Nigh Mow

              YEh MOAR BULK FTW!

          • Joe

            > you’re joking, right?

            Obviously: yes. Sorry for those who didn’t understand that. 😀

        • Rob

          Har Har. So you recommend people got worse cameras? Better equipment might not always make you take better pictures, but worse equipment certainly can make your pictures worse.

          • Joe

            People who like blurry, noisy pixel-soup in files with enormous size will certainly disagree with you. 😉

        • Banned

          @Joe, if I need a new camera, give me the choice between a POS small camera with a mini sensor and similarly sized camera with a DX sensor and I’ll take the latter any day of the week. It has nothing to do with creativity, just logic.

          • Worminator

            In logical terms, that’s a false dichotomy. Nobody is holding a gun to your head making your chose one or the other.

            If you want a large sensor, Nikon has plenty of cameras already for you to choose from, including some small dSLRs. It makes sense for Nikon to leverage the advantages of a smaller sensor (that is still far larger than most compacts) for their compact ILC.

            • Monkey Nigh Mow

              Here I was thinking it was a antonymic pair and it turns out it’s a plain ol’ false dichotomy. 🙁


          • Rob

            He’s trolling. NOBODY is that stupid.

            • Monkey Nigh Mow

              Not trolling, just using obvious sarcasm to make a point.

              So obvious trolling. 😉

      • Steve

        I’m gonna try the Nex5n – similar image quality as D5100 and can use my Nikon glass with an adapter. Yes, manual everything, with focus peaking though, but then I often use manual everything on a dlsr. I just wish Sony would release more e-mount glass – a 16-80 and a 10-20 please !

  • Nine

    No, im still waiting for the D4

  • Correction: Its really surprising that nothing new in pro DSLRs have come out. A 3-4 year cycle for pro electronic goods is not good for Nikon.

    • El Cabong

      Surprising, because…?

      Canon’s 1D Mark IV was their last pro body, released in 2009, the same year as the D3s, Nikon’s last. The D700 isn’t much older than the 5D mkii (and both toe the enthusiast/pro line despite their popularity with pros). The only other competitor might be Sony, who haven’t done much with full frame bodies (having released only two, the last in the same year as the D3s) and have greatly diversified their consumer offerings (unlike Nikon and Canon).

      Nikon has also released a great number of updated pro lenses (most notably the f/1.4 primes) in the past few years, which is arguably much more significant than ungraded bodies, since this was a key area in which they lagged behind Canon.

      Nikon’s competition in the pro DSLR sector is lacking. Thus, so is the pressure to release new equipment.

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        In that case… CANON BRING OUT THE 5DIII!!!11one

  • yo

    please send this to Thom Hogan. He totally thinks a small sensor is the way to go for nikon and that that is what users want. obviously he misses the point that the nikon EVIL system really only competes against a superzoom camera…with the superzoom camera winning :).

    • Craig

      I think you miss Thom Hogan’s point. If you read closely, he believes Nikon needs to be competitive in the highly profitable compact and what I will refer to as other small sensor cameras so they can continue to make the comparatively small volume, high end toys the pros and enthusiasts lust after.

      Further, the idea is the compact and small sensor cameras will provide some users who want to move up the line to higher end goods.

      • Bip

        May be Nikon is copying Apple’s strategy: –

        You first start with Coolpix (for Apple: an iPod), then a mirrorless (for Apple: iPhone), then a mid range DSLR like a D7000 (for Apple: an iMac), or higher (for Apple: MacBook Pro). Before you know it, you have a whole range of Nikon lenses (Apple products).

        • Sky

          Only it doesn’t have Apple design, Apple usability, Apple expandability (or however you call an ability to expand your toy usefulness), and demand of Apple products.

          Nikon strategy isn’t anything alike Apple strategy. No more than Sony strategy is.

          • ausserirdischegesund

            To me it *is* the usability that makes Nikon DSLRs shine. The moment I picked up a Nikon body I knew it felt right in my hand, and I prefered it to handling a Canon. I love the Nikon user interface, from the cheap D40 to the more professional bodies. And I think it is one reason for Nikon’s success in that market.

            I guess I am not the only one who thinks that way.

            • Sky

              Ok, so now take Nikon compact or look at Nikon mirrorless camera design. Nikon knows how to make well-handling cameras only because it did nearly identical DSLR bodies for ages. Everything else Nikon does doesn’t have good ergonomics IMO. They forgot how to design new ergonomic cameras from scratch. While Sony shown this with NEX7, or even to a degree Pentax did with it’s Q system (take a closer look at it’s body – it has more & better placed buttons than any mockup of Nikon mirrorless we’ve seen so far).

      • AnoNemo


        I think the this new Nikon MirrorLess will not be as compact as many thinks here. I was just looking at the lens mount and the massive gap between the sensor and the mount + the depth where the sensor sits. I think this is not going to be much smaller than the NEX-3c.

        If that’s the case then Nikon has a serious problem at hand when it comes to “compactness”.

        • BornOptimist

          Sony has no problem with compactness on their NEX serie. They have a problem getting the lenses compact. Next week we can probably see some comparisons between a NEX-3C and a Nikon CX with lenses – I’m quite confident that the CX camera will be significantly smaller.

          • AnoNemo


            I am not sure about that. I think it will be approx the same size as the NEX.

            I took some measurements (not accurate) of the leaked mount images and now I am inclined to say that maybe an APS-C size sensor would also fit there.

            Now if Nikon truly made this mount for only 2.7x lenses then they have a design issue. This could have been done in a much smaller package.

    • Pdf Ninja

      I think it’s important to distinguish between consumer mirrorless (like GF-3) and enthusiast mirrorless (like NEX-7). Hopefully Nikon will do both, eventually. However, without the consumer sales, camera companies wouldn’t have enough funding for the serious equipment. Obviously us visitors here are biased toward the high-end gear.

      But there’s a business side to it. Companies are under pressure to find a niche, which in this case could be the compact camera with superior image quality. Many people would be happy with an S95 size and m4/3 image quality, if it’s at the right price.

      Nikon will have to deal with the same issues as Sony, because initially the lens selection will be ridiculously limited, with a single pancake that isn’t exactly mind blowing. m4/3 is so ahead with lenses it’ll take time to catch up. The big problem I see with Nikon is if they can’t keep the price low, because consumer grade mirrorless at the price of D7000/NEX-7 will be very hard to justify.

      Obviously us serious photographers would prefer fast primes and larger sensor for subject separation and low light. No question that a lot of us will be unhappy with the f/5.6 zooms offerings. That doesn’t necessarily translate to a commercial failure. This thing needs to be priced right, otherwise people will just buy the E-PL3.

  • I’m still waiting for FX replacement.

  • Boyan

    My answer is not only no, it is HELL NO. If I want small and compact I want it pocketable, which means G12-sized at most, ideally S95-sized. It makes little difference to me if I have to carry around a mirrorless, 3100, 5100, or 7100. As long as I need a bag for it I might was well get the best quality, which means that I will never choose a mirrorless with a small sensor over one of the smaller DSLRs. If it has a APS-C sensor the equation may change.

    • Bip

      Assuming there is 1,000 members or may be 2,000, of this site made regular comments about WANTING a new high-end DSLR (D3S, D700, D300S replacements). We all want a new toy, that is the reason why we are here, to get the latest scoop of our possible toys.

      What about the million and million of others who do not come to this site, and wouldn’t care if a new high-end DSLR is introduced? A small P&S or mirrorless suits them just fine. Look around you, where you work, where you study, how many people own a DSLR compared to a P&S. Of those people who own a DSLR, how many of them are D300 and above?

      If I were to speculate, 0f the 2,000 members, may be 10% – 20% can afford to buy the D3S replacement, 30%-40% D700 replacement and the rest D300S replacement, and if you compared that to a million others who are happy with just a colourful coolpix, a red D3100, or the possible release of a mirrorless, I would have done what Nikon is doing.

      • Hamuga

        He didn’t say no one wants the camera, just that he does not want the camera, and gave reasons why he didn’t.

        • Bip

          He is one of the 65% voters who voted no. So, it applies to other 65% nah-voters, and those who thought the same but didn’t vote, too.

  • Not interested, give me a D400.

  • Daf

    Would love a good carry it everywhere camera, but the small sensor is a concern. Zack Arias makes a very compelling case for the X100 even though I’m not keen on the fixed lens (I’d like to do candid street stuff and it’s not long enough).

    Saved up to replace my D200 with the 400/800 and would prefer to see how much that costs me before getting a small camera.

    • Bip

      Do you know it for a fact that this mirrorless is going to be suckie or just your own speculation (simply because the sensor is smaller!)?

      • RR

        Small sensor = crap

        • PHB

          And your expertise in the area would be ?

          The camera phone sensors are so small that the optics can’t resolve due to diffraction and the quantum limit due to light having a particular wavelength.

          The DX sensor on DSLRs is compromised because the format is designed fo 35 mm film and the mirror sweep compromises wide angle lenses. But even so it is totally a non issue unless you are paying $1500 or more for wide angle lenses or you want an 85mm portrait equiv lens with great bokeh.

          The cx format is good for 24mp max. But that is enough for a compact supplement to an fx rig.

          • Boyan

            The camera phone sensors are so small that the optics can’t resolve due to diffraction and the quantum limit due to light having a particular wavelength.

            This particular sentence is just a collection of random buzzwords that proves that you have no clue what you are talking about 🙂

            • Steve

              Actually Boyan, it is correct science. You are, unfortunately, ignorant. Get an education.

        • Bip

          Using the same logic that 2.7 crop (if it is confirmed a 2.7 crop) has a smaller sensor than APSC, therefore 2.7 crop must be crappy….

          Then you must also mean the following: –

          APSC/1.5 or 1.6 crop has a smaller sensor than FX/35mm, that makes APSC crappy…. (are you just happen to wait for the release of a new DX DSLR? If yes, read on…..)

          FX/35mm has a smaller sensor than medium format, that makes FX crappy…. (are you just happen to wait for the release of a new FX DSLR? If yes, read on…..)

          Medium format has a smaller sensor than large format, that makes medium format crappy…..

          If your logic holds true, the D3S, D3X, D700, D300S replacements are all crappy DSLRs because they do have relatively smaller sensors than a large format.

          • Steve

            I’ve got to agree, small sensors are crap; low dynamic range, loads of noise etc. I think anything smaller than 1/1.8″ to be pretty much junk unless I just want snaps for Facebook. However, that is a huge market ideal for P&s cameras.

            The Nikon mirrorless seems to be heading for similar image quality, portability etc as a GF3 but priced liked a G3. Gotta wait and see but at the mo, I’m not hopeful at all.

            And no 7-13 ? I’m a no, not buying.

          • jdsl

            small sensors are crap!

            • Monkey Nigh Mow

              small sensors are lame too.

        • RR

          Regardless of the technical dada da.. Etc. My point is a picture with good separation between the planes, that is the subject isolated from the back ground or forgorund is more pleasent to the eyes, since depth of field is a great tool for telling a story in a photograph. That is pictures where everything is in focus (small sensors tend to do this) your eyes have a hard time trying to decide what to “read” first the trees in the background, the flowers in the forground, the plane passing by in the sky.. Or the naked model in the middle.. Too much information! I think that if Nikon intends for this system to use F lenses, this system is certainly not going to take adavantages of a nice 35mm f1.4G lens for example where the separation among the planes is simply what that lens was made for. Why put this lens on this mirrorles crap if its going to look like an 85mm (or close) with everything in focus? It remains f1.4 so you can shoot in the dark though.. But in an artistic sense? mmm

          Also with options out there that do use an APS-C sensor like Olympus, I think the Nikon mirrorles is going to have a hard time to compete. I personaly prefer an APS-C sensor that preserves a bit of the separation of the planes that a 35mm f1.4G can deliver, even more making it only a 50mm which is still a practical use lens.

          So yes.. Following that logic, the bigger the better, thats the reason medium format cameras exist and bigger. I tought the whole idea of a mirrorless system was to take advantage of that.. NOT having a mirror and maybe focusing during video recording but taking the advantage of the already avaylable DX and FX lenses.. Not a whole new line with a ridiculous crop factor.

          (pardon my English)

          • R!


          • binary_eye

            35/1.4 on a 2.7 crop would allow more subject isolation than you think. It would be equivalent to 95/3.8 on FX or 63/2.5 on DX. There are plenty of people shooting at those equivalents (70-200/2.8 on DX or 70-200/4 on FX, 24-105/4 or 24-120/4 on FX) and they aren’t complaining about a lack of depth of field.

            Obviously, if you want shallow depth of field like a 35/1.4 or 85/1.4 provides on FX, you need an FX body. But for many purposes, f/1.4 on FX is way too shallow to be useful by a couple stops.

            • RR

              Certainly would not be the equivalent to a 95mm f3.8 , get your facts right before posting! f stop DOESNT change!

              Sometimes I regret posting here, these forum is packed with people that “think” they know but dont know SHIT

            • nacho


              Thats why he said “equivalent”… guess what, focal lenght doesn’t change either!

              DOF, or “background separation”, is a function of the physical size of the aperture. So, for example, a 100mm f/2.8 should give you the same DOF as a 50mm f/1.4… not the same FOV but the same DOF.

              Of course that doesn’t mean that both lenses gather the same amount of light!, but we’re talking about depth of field here…

              Now, a 35mm aperture (about the size of a 50mm f/1.4) should give you the same DOF on any sensor size. Think about it, remember?, it’s a function of the aperture physical size, not, focal lenght of the lens.

              Soooo, a 35mm f/1.4 on a 2.7 crop camera has the aproximate FOV and DOF of a, let’s say, 85mm f/3.4 and the light gathering abilities of a f/1.4 lens on a FX camera.

            • binary_eye

              RR: Yes, in terms of depth of field, a 35/1.4 on a 2.7x crop would indeed be equivalent to a 95/3.8 on FX. And no, the aperture doesn’t change. That’s why it’s exactly 25mm for both.

            • Anonymous

              A ninety- five at f 3.8 will give you good separation on a CX sensor. You will have it at that focal length.

          • R R

            @ Nacho

            Thats why he said “equivalent”… guess what, focal lenght doesn’t change either!


        • Ben

          I have to agree with RR in every count, I think this is a matter for NR admin, there should be a way to evaluate comments or to validate in someway a community in a form that respected posters as RR woudnt have to deal with posts from people that dont understand fully the topic or simply are new to the site.

          I do feel some arrogance from RR but he is right all the way trough in my opinion.

          I feel you RR and I certainly hope Nikon is listening.

          • binary_eye

            If anyone doesn’t fully understand the topic, it’s RR.

            In terms of depth of field, 35/1.4 on a 2.7 crop is equivalent to 95/3.8 on FX. Just like 35/1.4 is equivalent to 53/2.1 on DX. It’s very simple math.

            • Steve

              Goodness me !

              A 35 f1.4 lens will have the same dof no matter what the crop factor is. It’s the fov that changes.

              Now if you want to replace the 35 f/1.4 with an equivalent….well, that’s a different matter, and impossible, because such a lens doesn’t exist.

              What idiot is gonna put a FF lens on a 2.7x crop body ? The whole point of the smaller sensor is smaller lenses.

              At least re-frame this discussion for the dx 35 f/1.8.

      • Daf

        Not my own speculation but based on the (granted rumoured) stats given above.

        I won’t go into the science of it – but as others have said above – when you put more Mpx into a smaller area – then yes there will be side affects and on the whole not good ones.

        So a
        10 Mpx FX > 10Mpx DX > 10Mpx x2.7 crop
        in terms of overall quality.

        There are several APS-C sensor carry-everywhere type cameras (i.e. more compact than SLR) or even 4/3rds which I would likely favour over a x2.7 crop when judging by picture quality.
        Especially when considering low-light stuff which I am likely to do.

    • Anonymous

      Ahh, get closer! That’s what I paid many thousands of dollars for in Art school. Get closer. Engage the subject. Engage and record. I think I have a new motto.

  • Mandrake

    I would say yes if body only came in around $300. If it’s around $1K that is too much for a P&S sensor on steroids.

  • Awboater

    I would only consider it if it had an APS-C sensor.

    • RR

      me too, such small sensor with no separation wihin the planes, almost everything in focus even at f2.8? No thanks

      This is for tourists.

      • JY

        That’s exactly where the money is coming from.

        Pro won’t upgrade their gears often enough for the manufacturers to make enough profits.

        I am not a pro, but i own a grip d700 + all the pro 2.8 zoom covering 14-200mm. I love them, but they are heavy. I would love to have a good quality P&S for dinner with family/friends that I can hide inside my wife purse or my jacket.

        This mirrorless camera fit my need nicely.

        • R!


          • JY

            M4/3, the lenses still a bit too bulky to me.

            At this stage, i have no idea what the size of nikon’s lenses gonna be though. I am hopeful there gonna be a small one that fit in my jacket’s pocket 🙂

            • LGO

              You may want to look at Panasonic’s new “X series of m4/3 lenses. The new Panasonic “X” 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom lens is as small as its 20mm f/1.7 pancake prime lens.

              This new “X” series of lenses may just counter and neutralize Nikon’s reason for using a small sensor so that it will have smaller and lighter lenses. By using “X” lenses, the user will have a camera that is of the same size and weight as Nikon’s mirrorless yet have a substantially bigger sensor.

              The only thing that is holding back the m4/3 camera is the lackluster performance of its sensor but this will change.

              Combined this new sensor change with the global shutter that Panasonic and Olympus is expected to release by next year while selling at a lower price, Nikon will face an uphill battle among the enthusiast who will see beyond the Nikon brand.

            • matgay

              whats the point of having such a midget camera sensor , but the mount is still the same size as a full frame mount? the mount should be a midget mount with midget lenses too.

        • bart b

          +1 :^)

    • I have only two Nikon lenses; most of my investment is in Canon lenses (my mentor used Canon), but for the sake of argument if I had Nikon lenses, then yes, I would buy a DX version. I would sell all my m4/3 kit and my Voigtlander Nokton and reinvest in this body and more DX lenses. A CSC that shoots DX is a good complement to a DSLR.

      My point in voting Hell No was only that I have no need for a camera that would have a sensor that would make normal DX lenses into super telephoto lenses unless you’re birding or perving.

  • scurvy hesh

    ….Pats ol’ trusty Nikon F4 (loaded with EPR)

    • lolly

      Nikon F5 (loaded with whatever I can get) 😉

      • scurvy hesh

        I feel you bro. I have been scooping up whatever film I can find these days. Pretty pumped on that EPR. I got a 100′ roll of it for free a few weeks ago. I would have gladly paid for it. Would love to see nikon make a film/digital hybrid, Or even a digital insert that fit in any 35mm camera. but I’m not going to be rude about it here….A boy can dream though! While I’m blathering about now I just had a thought about this system and its diminutive sensor. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the great innovation is that Nikon took this Mirrorless concept to a Smartphone? Maybe about the size of an Evo with ability to upload direct to your favorite image hosting site? maybe fitted with a nice slim pancake or a basic lens that fits flush with the body? I think that would be very innovative indeed!

        • broxibear

          Hi scurvy hesh,
          Where on the globe are you?
          silverprint.co.uk does International shipping and they sell all sorts of film.

          • scurvy hesh

            Hey Broxi. I’m in the Emerald City. Thanks for the link! I always like checking out new sites to get gear. I currently order most of My film from Freestyle and Adorama but will definitely peep it out.

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          You’re weird.

          • Scurvy hesh

            Like Andy Griffith once said: “somes got it, somes ain’t”

            • Monkey Nigh Mow


          • scurvy hesh

            Don’t worry about it Monkey. grown ups are talking.

      • R!

        F6 FOR ACTION R8 FOR SUNDAY!!!!!!! FUJI 100 REALA!!!!!!

        • scurvy hesh

          I like me an R8!

  • broxibear

    Too little too late for me…Bought a GF1 earlier in the year.

    • Bip

      Good…. one less competition to get a mirrorless

      • jdsl

        there won’t be any competition. you can get 10 if you want 🙂

        • Bip

          Not from the bear, not from you, but I am sure there will be from million others who will be interested.

    • R!

      BEST CHOICE:metal body no gimmick touch screen all kind of adaptators and with a nikon one Its a joy to use AIS: enjoy smart boy !!

      • R!

        I got myself a 50 f 1.8 AIS IT GAVE ME A 100 F1.8,UNBEATEN FOR FAST ACTION FREEZING!!!!!!!

        • R!


          • R!

            And I don’t even talk about leica lenses on it for filming.The micro 4/3 is the best compromise because APSC lenses will always be to big and under M4/3 Its to small sensors for noise and to add full frame lenses because of the resolution.
            I use a DSLR and a M4/3 as a combo depends of my shooting : ACTION,STREET PHOTOGRAPHY ETC…(find out your self or pay me like ken and tom aahh aahh !!!)

            • fred


            • Monkey Nigh Mow

              Talking to yourself are you “R!”?

  • Well my D300S is in the shop and I’m looking to replace it with either a D400 or D800 which ever comes out first. In fact, I’d buy the D400 is that comes out in SEP and the D800 in the summer for the 2012 Olympics. I just need a new BODY.

  • Iris Chrome

    Maybe I’m an idiot but I still have faith in Nikon and that their new mirrorless camera will be revolutionary. I’m definitely interested in the new mirrorless however I wouldn’t say that I will definitely buy it just yet. Ask me again once it’s officially unveiled…. and maybe again once it’s been out for a month or two.

    • Carlos R B

      Nikon is not a revolutionary company…is an excellent evolutionary one…sony is known by innovation…not nikon.

      • Sky

        Even Pentax is more revolutionary. They invented tiny, small-sensor mirrorless camera! Don’t forget about it, and don’t strip Pentax from well-deserved applause for such a risky move.

        The Pentax Q isn’t a commercial success, likely Nikon won’t be either, but never the less: They are who made a small revolution, first thing of it’s tiny kind. Nikon will just follow the path made by others.

    • RichST

      My sentiments too. The camera intrigues me but given the specs we know now I can’t see what all new it brings to the table (other than an incredibly fast EXPEED processor that sounds like it is just going to go to an incredible waste). Some of these specs just aren’t quite right, it’s either the EXPEED speed or the use of a CCD, I don’t know what, but something is missing here. I’m still waiting for the “new features” which we may not know about until the debut, which is the only reason I voted ‘Don’t know yet’. If, as Peggy Lee would say, is that all there is, I have to admit the Sony NEX cameras or the sexy Fuji X10 sound better right now

  • Erez

    Thom talks about making cameras more user friendly and a part of that is size.
    It’s not like he could have tested this camera against others or even know the specs. I support his idea and I would love a smaller camera which also means cheaper and smaller gear.
    In any case this camera could still surprise in it’s quality and features, which might be better than the list suggests. I’m keeping an open mind…

    You should also consider that in previous polls this site’s readers clearly seem to be more advanced and demanding than the general crowd, and it’s no surprise that a camera which isn’t targeted for pros would not tempt us. Most wouldn’t even buy a D400 according to poles.

    Bottom line: This camera is aimed towards the crowd that doesn’t even know about this site, so the poll’s result is meaningless…
    Especially if you consider a lot of the visitors are pissed at Nikon for skipping August 🙂

    • Bip

      + 1,000,000!

      On behalf of the million and million of other, I salute you!

  • Here is another quick poll you might want to consider, just for fun:

    – I am going to buy new Nikon DSLR if:

    (then a various selection of technical specs, price, date of availability, etc)


  • Timo

    Actually with a compact pancake 10mm f2.8 and mabye upcoming compact ultra wide angle optics, I might be interested (if it’s not too pricy).

  • Todd

    NO, but I will buy an 80-400mm replacement and a “D400” right now.

    • Todd

      Wait…they don’t exist yet. Never mind.

  • Does the F-mount adaptor take AI-s lenses?

  • Rob Ueberfeldt

    I might wait for the full specs before I decide. I’m keen though, sold my D90 last month and I’m looking at all the nice compact options (G12, Fuji, P7100, Panosonic, etc) If the mirrorless is in the same price range as m3/4 or the Sony gear I will go Nikon. In other words a compact will do but if I’m going to spend money on lenses again they might as well be Nikkors.

  • Aaron Shepard

    I think the reason for the small sensor becomes clear if you look at Sony’s 18-200 lens for their NEX system. It’s as big and bulky as Nikon’s 18-200 for DX. There’s no point at all in owning a camera that small if it looks like a bump on the lens.

    As for those people who “don’t understand” why there are no DSLRs out by this time, do you really need to be reminded that there was a major earthquake and tidal wave in Japan just a few months ago? Are people’s memories really so short? Or are we just so wrapped up in our lust for consumer products that we fail to notice such trifles?


    • scurvy hesh

      Yes their memories are very short. Especially in America and the UK.

    • no-nikon-no

      id gladly buy a toxic fukushima mirrorless if it was 50% off. 🙂

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        Your life might be 50% off too. :X

  • alvix

    ..bought the gh-2 ..excellent camera…will wait til nikon come up with something not 2.7x …

  • Roy

    If the sensor was near APS-C size, I would buy one. It won’t be, so I bought a Olympus E-PL2 as a bit of a test.

  • Ahmad Ihsan

    I’ll stick with my D700 for another year or so and invest on lenses. as well as get the Fuji X10 instead of any mirrorless solutions

  • Needs to be an “eventually” option.

    I know I won’t buy it at first, I’ve got better things to spend the money on. But if the lenses are compact enough, yeah, I’ll get one to be my P&S for vacation.

  • Nick

    Could someone please explain the point of this camera system to me? It appears to be a P&S with interchangeable lenses. If that’s the case, and you’re going to need to carry the equipment in a bag, why wouldn’t you just buy an SLR? People buy a P&S for its portability and ease of use. Or am I completely missing something?

    • scurvy hesh

      Maybe that it might actually be a BAD ASS Smartphone?!?!?

      • Nick

        Phone??? Yeah, like I wanna carry around a brick in my pocket all day :o/

        • Scurvy hesh

          Have you seen the size of some smartphones?? Some of them are bricks! Anyways, no one knows how big or small this camera is going to be and judging by the size of the sensor this sounds like it could be possible. Ever check what the top cameras used on Flickr?? The iPhone is one of the top “cameras” posted. Im sure nikon is taking note and knows the pocket camera will go the way of the wristwatch. Remember tbose things? Yeah we have phones for that now too. This is just me talking out of my ass, but if I was nikon, I would look very close at this unrealized possibility.

          • Nick

            That’s an interesting point actually. I heard a rumor that the next iPhone might have an 8Mp camera. It is a rumor, but it makes sense that phone cameras will continue to improve and may well eventually make the P&S the next wrist watches. So you think Nikon needs to move into the smart phone market?

            • scurvy hesh

              I think it would be a smart move. They could really clean house if they could come out with a sweet droid phone fitted with a Nikon imaging platform. They already have great brand recognition and if it allows for a lot of creative control and the ability to work seamlessly with your favorite hosting site then it might be a home run.

    • JY

      it will still a compact p&s with a much bigger sensor compare to G12 or P7100, yet smaller than DX but offer you the choice of lenses in smaller package than DSLR lenses. On top of that, you still can use existing nikkor lenses (although it won’t be “compact” anymore).

      I think people failed to see that although it is smaller than DX sensor, it is BIGGER than the already very good P&S such as G12 and P7100 and the ability to change lenses (in compact size).

      • Rob Ueberfeldt


        • scurvy hesh

          Well we will see… I am still thinking the Nikon Mirrorless will have a rather small body. For example, the Nex Body’s aren’t really bigger than the G12. In fact I would say they are smaller and they are using the APS sensor. The lenses on the other hand make the Nex look like the Proboscis Monkey of the camera world. As far as using F mount lenses That will be via adapter and not really a fair example as that is not how the camera is going to ship stock.

  • kenneth Ng

    Waiting for the D700 replacement plus I think the sony makes a better mirroless camera as of now especially with their new Nex-7

  • DanielJH

    If it can match the ISO performance of a D90 and be the size/price reported so far, with those video modes, I will probably spring for it as a companion to my D7000… The 7000 is too big to carry around everywhere and the M4/3 models are no more portable…unless you are a girl and have a purse…

    I just wish they had a f/1.8 35mm equivalent pancake… Then I’d say for sure.

    If it doesn’t stack up on release I will have my eye on the S95 replacement for my take-anywhere camera.

  • nick


  • If the mirrorless came with d7000 sensor (but what the size of lenses for this sensor?) and 60 fps video maybe… So… NO!

    I´m gonna spend $3.000,00 on a D800/900 but not $900,00 ~ $1.200,00 in a tiny, fragile, piece of plastic.

    Sorry Nikon.

  • jdsl


  • NIKON needs to get off their stupid as$$$ and start catering to us REAL professionals! Hey NIKON YOU hear me???? Fix your auto focus ! It sucks! I love nikon and have been loyal for many many years but here lately Im stating to re think it! I do not believe I’m the only one here thats in that boat too! WAKE UP NIKON!!!!!!!

    • JY

      “Fix your auto focus ! It sucks!”

      Totally agree, please switch to Canon. I heard they have the best AF in the market and ISO performance too…

    • Hi, I think this guy try to promoted himself.

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      Nikon AF sucks?

      Ok you’re obviously a troll or you haven’t worked out how to get your rear command d-pad thing out of lock.

  • I would consider an Olympus.

  • gallon

    Can’t say right now. Will need to see final specs. Want to read a few reviews, read the comments, etc.

    We don’t even know the full spec set yet. We don’t know if Nikon has been withholding any technical secrets. None of us here know what interesting features this camera will bring.

    • Phb

      Need to see price.

      At $400 for body only it is one heck of a good teleconverter substitute. I would rather carry a 70-200 and a cx body than a D700 200-400 plus 1.4x teleconverter. And the performance looks like it will be the same as the d700 is only a stop better and you give that up to the teleconverter.

      Need to see how it performs as well.

      At $400 body only it would be a no brainer, at $1000 it would be brain damaged.

  • pdc

    No, because the IQ of the CX system is going to be inadequate for me most of the time. The camera is positioned at the consumer MILC entry level. However, Nikon now has an opportunity to seize the professional mirrorless market through quickly creating an EX system based on an exact doubling of the CX system dimensions. This could draw in all FX lens owners without crippling the DX market.

    • Phb

      I suspect the pro mirror less market is practically non existent.

      FX in total is less revenue than any DX consumer model and less units than the D300 series. It is a loss leader and will be till the D9000 launches.

      But longer term, sure. Just drop an fx sensor in the cx electronics. All the software is already done. It can use FX teles and just bring out some wide primes with a short focus design.

      But even so, I would still need my DSLR and want a CX as well.

  • sean sebastian

    I would like a d400 if it is ever going to be announced. No mirrorless for me.

  • john

    I figure a mirrorless camera would be good for one of my kids. But the Olympus models will get first look over once the Nikon is out to compare. The p7000 sucked bad enough to make me wonder about first line products from Nikon.

  • Think about it, Mirror-less camera no click no shutter sound hum like frying bacon with no sound….. LOL their goes the Freeze frame!


    ok I’m done with my rant

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      Nice bubbles.

  • SF_Strider

    Absolutly NO~~

    I’m going for D400/D7000 & GF670 now. For EVIL I will like to buy Ricoh GXR to play M-mount lenses instead of buy a Nikon EVIL~ as GXR may have FF module in the future~ ^^

    For convenience, I will use DC or Prosumer instead.

  • Fubar

    Should add an option “Yes, if the sensor size is DX or FX”

  • if i were to buy a tiny-sensored compact camera, i certainly wouldn’t want to fiddle around with changing lenses, let alone spending $900-1300 for one. (even more money if i want more lenses — and what’s the point of buying into an interchangeable compact if you’re not going to buy multiple lenses?)

    even the slightly-expensive $600 fuji X10 has beautiful styling, a sensor that can be throttled back to 6MPs for better noise/low-light performance, and (unlike the nikon mirrorless’ slow zooms) offers F2-2.8 throughout its zoom range.

    what’s the point, when one can get more performance and comparable size for less money?

  • paf

    Dear Nikon.

    Given your success with Coolpix- I’d rather learn how to paint before I consider buying a compact camera with your logo on it.

    After spending well into 5 digits on your equipment over the last decade, I am sticking to my N75 for light, high quality setup. Until I see a replacement for my D200 in FX under 1799 USD, I will continue to watch as Sony racks up new user base.



    P.S. My painting skills are getting better each day….

  • Ronan

    No. All my digital work is done with the X100 (and will be replaced by a GOOD, ie not sony crap, mirrorless interchangable camera that accepts my M mount glass).

    Most of my work is done with a Leica M6 and my 4×5 field camera.

    I get 100MP scans from the 4×5 and i really can’t ask more than that.

    I used to own D3, D300, D2x, D2h and the line of professional Nikon glass. Do i miss it? Yes sometimes, but i was SICK of playing the digital game where every 3-6 month you felt your rig was outdated. No it doesn’t affect my workflow, but it sure makes you feel 😐 after spending a small fortune.

    • fred

      Funny, I own a ton of Nikon equipment, and I never feel it’s outdated.

    • broxibear

      Hi Ronan,
      “i was SICK of playing the digital game where every 3-6 month you felt your rig was outdated.”
      Marketing companies are paid huge sums by camera manufacturers to make you feel that way…otherwise few would upgrade.
      Take the D3 which you had, the reality is that if you don’t need video and the extra stop after 3200 iso, then there is no reason to upgrade to the D3s. But the marketing was pushing the high iso capability as if it was like going from video to blueray…after 3200 the D3s is better by a stop, some say 1.5 stops but I’m not convinced of that.
      Spending a small fortune is a pain…wasn’t that long ago I thought buying a 501cm kit for £2000 was a massive amount, now I’m spending double that on a dslr ?…it’s crazy.

    • Anonymous

      Wondering what you scan those 4 x5 sheets with? Are you happy with the results? Scanning is a lot of work and for me, complicated and frustrating.

  • Jade Watcher


    “Will the Sun rise tomorrow?”

  • Strangely, 72 comments before mine and no one underlines the crucial issue: what new winning feature would mirrorless camera bring but for the size? I feel as Nikon as well failed to think of it. Size benefit is minor advancement many won’t care for. Mirrorless camera must bring something else new to be relevant beyond temporary fashion.
    Ex. I’d be interested in mirrorless D700* where some space freed up by the mirror is used for some form of active sensor cooling: trading mirror for better dynamic range and less noise.

    • no-nikon-no

      nex7 = can use any lens with adapters

      nex zeiss24mm = leaf shutter
      mirrorless = no mirror slap, no mirror wait
      **the above two somewhat offset camera shake stabilization
      much much less lag to liveview lcd or evf

      if compact size doesnt mean anything,
      would you carry a camera around that was 5x as big as a dslr, but it costs 5x less? then trade in your dslr for a large format camera 🙂

      You say: “Size benefit is minor advancement many won’t care for.”???
      Canikon has lost 35% of market share because of this thinking, while sony share has doubled thanks to mirrorless compactless.

      • no-nikon-no

        and video 🙂 unless youre stuck in 1980.

        • no-nikon-no

          3million dot oled evf
          electronic shutter
          12fps, can your dslr do that???

    • KnightPhoto

      Hmmm…. Didja notice any other Mirrorless with PDAF?
      That ALONE sounds pretty interesting. And PDAF with the Nikkor adapter too?

      Hmmm… Which other Mirrorless can do that – oh that’s right, NONE of them 😉

      • liker

        pdaf is overhyped. pdaf is useless for higher quality manual focus lenses. what makes the nex7 so sweet? leica lenses.

      • no-nikon-no

        i’ll settle for cdaf 🙂

  • Jafu

    I voted maybe.

    It depends what that 10m pixel sensor can do.
    If it support half of:
    * Clean 16bit or more raw.
    * If it had built in HDR both still and video.
    * Fast very accurate video focus with face recognition.
    * Cheap to add support for my existing AF-S,G lens.
    * Support for take 10 pictures +/- when I press the button.
    * Support for taking panoramas.
    * Some support for taking night (long exposure) shots.

    I would buy it with a prime and a super zoom.
    Keep it in my car.
    Take it on vacations where I leave behind the big gear.
    Use it with my 80-200 for some telephoto shots (200-500 F2.8 would be fun).

    Background isolation is dumb on vacation shots. (“That blur behind my wife is India”)

  • cndlpwr

    I don’t know about you all, but I’m looking forward to putting my 200 f/2 VR with 1.4 TC on the front of this baby and filming the neighbors in the next county from the comfort of my deck.

    How else are you going to get an equivalent 756mm f/ 2.8 optic that allows full HD 60p video?

    Now the smaller sensor isn’t looking so bad, is it? It’s hard to be an effective voyeur when your long distance spy cam has the DOF of a bra strap.

  • MarkR

    Yet another reason for me NOT to buy the Nikon mirrorless is that because of the 2.7X crop factor, even the widest lens for them, a 10mm will effectively be 27mm(35mm format) focal length.

    I’m not buying into any system that’s going to limit my wide angle shooting. Most of the time, I’m using 20-24mm for both work & play.

  • Antoine Palade

    I just would have liked a D7000 in a mirrorless format: no mirror hump, 2.4MP EVF (a la NEX7), metal retro body, flat black leatherette covering with no or minimal grip, no red Giugiaro bit on the grip, same sensor as D7000, same controls as D7000, articulated 3 inch OLED, APSC sensor, of course, takes same lenses as D7000, and a couple of fast pancake primes. That’s it. I would gladly sell my D7000 for that: a replacement, no a complimentary model. How difficult would that have been?… Oh, Nikon…..

    • fred


  • Flash

    I want a small digital camera, to have all the time with me. The current cell phones are just not good enough even to post shots to the web for me.

    Perceived build quality, as well as real reliability and service. If it has interchangeable lens it is a big plus but not required. Good Dynamic range and good IQ are needed. I like flash so real high ISO is not required; in board wireless flash control is a plus. Quality JPG for quick web postings are needed. Of the announced cameras the Fuji x10 and Pens are the only ones I am considering. The Fuji is saying the x10 is extremely well built. I have used Pens and they seem right.

    I have used the Nex 5 a bit and did not like it. Their also was some QC problem with one of the ones I was using, but the Sony or the store made good. I don’t know about the Nex 7 though, but that will not be out for quite awhile yet. I don’t absolutely require a viewfinder, sometimes I do not even use it with a SLR if I have a prime.

    I do not care to attach a Fx lens to a Nikon camera with a 2.7 crop; I see absolutely no advantage there other then to play with some Nikon lens for a day or two. The 10mm pancake and one of the longer zooms looks promising.

    What Nikon must do to sell me a Cx model.

    1. The case most be metal or carbon fiber, not the reported plastic case.

    2. It needs to be absolutely under $ 1,500 with the pancake and 30 – 110 zoom.

    3. Not over heat.

    4. Have good perceived build quality.

    4. Be light and small. There is no need to get a compact that is almost the same size as my slr. It should weigh less then half of a D700.

    5. IQ of the camera and lens should be good. Along with good jpegs.

    6. Battery should last and replacements be available.

    7. It most feel right when using.

    If it has the above I might get one. Even if I do not I will still look forward to getting a D800 in the spring, if the price does not go up to much from the D700.

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