Better pictures of the Nikon Coolpix P7100 camera

I just received a better set of images of the new Nikon Coolpix P7100 camera (see specs):

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  • dgreene196

    Does it have enough buttons and dials?

    • nikonabuser

      they just need to replace the “Ok” button with a “Great” one.

    • If they can make compact camera better in low-light.

      I think we need ISO dial.

    • Hhom Togan

      Believe it or not, I would love a digital SLR with knobs than with the actual system, it would be 10x faster than with the actual system.

  • Gotta tell yeah, looks like Nikon has finally made a decent P&S!

    • z

      But people seem to like rangefinder style VF now.. Just move an inch to the left and it should be perfect. Can’t nikon see that?

  • jimmy bottoms

    meh. i fear the announcement is going to be this and a couple of printers…

    • BornOptimist

      There are not many things I feel sure about, but printers will not be announced by Nikon tomorrow. I’m 100% sure about that.

    • Hhom Togan

      If they are announcing printers that would be HUGE news because Nikon doesn’t manufactures printers. Now imagine if they said they are going announce c a l c u l a t o r s W O W.

  • David C.

    C’mon Nikon, you have room there to fit in at least 3-4 more dials – JEEZE!

    • BornOptimist

      Nothing wrong with manual controls/buttons. It’s lack of them that is worth whining about (like those pesky touchscreens).

      • Bob

        I guess you missed the sarcasm….

    • AnoNemo

      Jeez, this has more buttons and dials than a bloody aircraft cockpit. What were they thinking? I wonder why Nikon cannot closely look at its old FM2 and replace the film compartment with a a sensor and the necessary electronics. No need for new buttons/dials etc. and I bet it would better sell than this CoolCrap

      • Funny looking

        At least Nikon got a Packman button on there. Does your aircraft have that?

        • *Laughing a lot*

          Well, now you can play pacman on awful lighting situations…

      • If you want no buttons + dials Coolpix, I think you need P300.

  • R!

    Instead of copying the canon G12 , they better copy the 5D II quick!!!!!!

    • Mike

      That would be a downgrade of current products.

    • Carsten

      Yepp, same cluttered design with this ugly Canon dial. Too ugly to carry

    • preston

      people have been saying that for over 2 years.

  • Paul Fiction

    even if the pix are 50mp… WHO CARES!?!!

  • preston

    strange large knob/dial on the front. would you use the middle finger of right hand to spin that? gotta say that this does look waaaaay better than the P7000 though. .

    • PatCL

      hopefully it’s a manual focus override for video.

    • Erm, this looks almost identical to the P7000. The back has just swapped a few buttons around and the front has that new dial (whatever that does).

      • preston

        Sorry, I should have been more specific. I agree with you that it is almost identical in terms of function. My 2nd statement was meant to refer purely to the style. It looks to have better grip (all around with a less smooth and slippery metal than the P7000) and more natural curves to the viewfinder. I really didn’t care for the aesthetic design of the P7000, but this update seems to have improved on it.

  • rhlpetrus

    Looks like a real camera, let’s hope it’s plagued by the AF and other issues as P7000 was initially. But I’m still waiting for the ML system with larger sensor.

    • rhlpetrus

      Ops, “NOT plagued …”.

      • Just A Thought

        Your first version made me laugh – far funnier than the revision

  • Mike

    I like it. Looks like the flash and view finder are directly over the lens too…. one of Thom Hogan’s criticisms of the P7000.

  • looks like a little tank hope it does well

  • the exposure compensation dial looks like a good thing – at least in theory

  • Mr D Humpty

    If I see a coolpix tomorrow I will stamp on it! Alot of people will be mad.
    Nikon are 3 years behind the Canon 5Dii!
    Nikon get your act together.

    • bob

      Or, you could say that the 5Dii is 3 years behind the D3s/D700. Poorer high ISO noise/banding; antiquated AF system; amateur build/not weather-sealed, no built-in flash; slower frame rate; etc., etc.. Shall we go on?

      • shoddy LCD screeen, i agree for all of the above, the 5D 2 is a compromise, but everyone says: it has video !! OMG !!

        • 5D MKII sounds primitive compared to Nikon Cameras, the only advantage is the resolution at base ISO and Full HD movie.

          My D7000 kicks the Canon Ass. But i still wish a D800 soon.

          • Just A Thought

            “My D7000 kicks the Canon Ass”

            I guess that’s a better use for the D7K, than say going out taking photos with it.

        • preston

          and those ‘everyone’ are the people that made it hugely outsell the D700, so those few features it had over the D700 (video OMG) should not be discounted.

  • Carlos R B

    So, a fixed P7000? is that it?

  • FX DX

    I am really mad at Nikon.

  • Nat

    Ummm….yeah? Who cares?

    Great another camera for my mom.

  • David R

    Hehehehehe… well guess I’ll have to wait another year… fuck it.

  • toecutter

    Is it an articulated screen?

  • Max Archer

    Wow, that wheel on the front looks a lot like the focus wheels on the Nikon Rangedfinders, that’s really cool if they took inspiration from it.

    • Dormant

      You sure it’s not just a connector for the Nikon Remote etc?

      • PatCL

        i think it has something to do with focus or a focus override maybe? If P7000 needs improvement(for me) they should have added an override on focusing. MF on macro mode sucks because you are only allowed to use the arrow selector keys that took so long to go infinity up to the closest focusing distance. and in video, focus area changes is so slow, i sometimes think there wasn’t any AF but there is AF :/ it’s just.. you know, slow.

        that’s why i think an AF-override is needed! 😛

  • yoyo


  • BornOptimist

    How about a lens mount on this one, and say a 2.6x crop sensor?
    If the optical viewfinder is anything like the other P&S, they could dump it all together, or replace it with a high resolution fast framerate EVF.

  • InfraRed

    I’m ready to put all my Nikon gear on eBay and switch to another brand. All these press events for a couple of P&S? I’m falling off my chair…

    • Joshua

      Good riddance to bad rubbish I say. Don’t let the door hit you on the a$$ on the way out. Love these empty threats from people that don’t know the first thing about taking a good picture. More like camera collectors!

    • Ric

      I double dog dare you.

    • Hammer

      Don’t let the floor hit you on your way down.

      • InfraRed


    • AnoNemo

      Hey, have you guys noticed in any studio environment or even outdoors Nikon FX shooting 1080p. Unfortunately all those cameras are 5DIIs and zero Nikon period. There is no Nikon camera after 3 yrs of the 5DII that is capable of recording 1080P. So yes, most likely when a client requires that res then you have no choice… do the math. But I guess Nikon thinks 720p=1080p

      • No Nikon cam that does 1080p? What about the d3100, D5100 and D7000?

      • are you a photographer or a videographer ? i’ve seen 5Dmk2 video and it looks pretty modest quality wise. also, i’ve talked to professional videographers and they said the same, you just can’t compare the 5D to a native professional video camera.

    • nikonlover

      what are you selling?

    • Hhom Togan

      Great do it please, although I dunno If anyone wants to buy your D40, 18-55mm and 55-200mm with UV filters.

  • broxibear

    I find it strange that Nikon decided that their P7000 needed an update of this sort.
    It was pretty much a failure of a product, here in the UK the initial price was around £475, the price quickly plummeted to around £300, with many retailers giving you free accesories with it like batteries, bags and SD cards.
    I don’t know what the logic behind this update is ?

    • AnoNemo

      Some a-hole senior Nikon execs pet-project. Look at the new rugged CoolCrap, it is also a genious idea of some at Nikon but the real Nikon users want to take under water a dslr…. I guess Nikon did not get the memo.

    • Hhom Togan

      To piss the internet off, they know the favorite sport of people in the net is whinning so they are giving you all a good reason to do it 😉

    • Vladi

      well they copy canon with the design, so why not copy canon and update the model every 12 months? im pretty sure g13 is just round the corner.
      the only problem is nikon is about 2 generations behind canon…

    • BornOptimist

      Broxibear, you answered your own question. If a model does not sell well, you have to do something about it. Nikon is not the reference point in P&S segment, but they need a decent model in this segment as well, so it’s required to modify the models every 12 month (I say modify, not upgrade).
      I also believe there are less Nikon-work, and more rebranding of a reference-design we see here. That’s why there are so many similiar looking/spec-wise p&s on the marked.

  • paf


    Way to go Nikon. Another PoS .. er, I mean P&S camera.

    Let’s hope that’s not what the August hype was about.

  • ericnl

    although I’m really in need, and as such waiting for, the D800, I was also looking to get a P&S on the side. I was first thinking about the recently announced FujiFilm F600EXR, but after seeing this I will wait for the side by side comparisons of the quality of the photos (low light, high iso noise??).
    at least it seems to have all the manual control options I like (like the exposure correction dial that I love on the x100, which only goes two stops up and down), come to think of it: I will await a shoot-out between the Fuji F600EXR, the Fuji X10, and the Nikon P7100. 🙂

  • Ryan

    Looks pretty good. They added a tilt screen, 1080 video, and an couple extra button for more custom options.
    As long as they get it out the door perfect, it should be a great camera.
    Gotta wonder if the sensor has been improved at all, noise wise.

  • Martin L

    Why doesn’t Nikon use this chassis as a basis for their mirrorless camera? Why can’t they stick a larger sensor in this body?

    • Ke

      I agree with that last part. They should have ditched the mirrorless thing & just stuck that sensor in this. That way you have a compact a sensor bigger than any other on the market, rather then a mirrorless with the smallest.

  • Rikard Andersson

    Thats it…. switching to Canon.

    • Ric

      Can I have your glass?

    • bob

      Sell all your Nikon stuff. That’ll teach Nikon a lesson.

    • Hhom Togan

      No, please… switch to Sony, the likes of you only deserve a Sony DSLR.

  • Eric Calabros

    If D800 is gonna get such so called “upgrade” too, we should gather in Tahrir square, i think 🙂

  • Felipe

    C´mon Nikon! Give us the D800 now! I need to get my filming on and all these Canon 5D Mark II owners are light years ahead! Get your act together NOW Nikon!

    • Hhom Togan

      C´mon Felipe!!! Stop whinning about things that are irrelevant to 99.9% of us and get your act together! Orale!

  • BetaHal

    It sure looks like Nikon is having some serious trouble with developing their new Full frame DSLRs or their new mirrorless camera.

    Maybe their production lines were severely damaged after the Fukushima incident, and now they’re trying to get some extra time to put their act together, I don’t know… In any case, I don’t think that creating great expectation among their user base and then releasing yet another Coolpix series is going to do them any favor.

  • John

    What exactly did Nikon change going from the P7000 to P7100????

    • Hhom Togan

      If you notice carefully after the “7” there is a “100” instead of “000”.

      • preston

        LOL! Nice one Hhom!
        ok I have to ask since it looks like you are sticking with that name. Are you trying to be a parody of Thom or not? Cause I really don’t see any relation to your posts and his insightful writings. (please don’t take offense, cause I do like your comments, as seen by my honest compliment above, but I’m just wondering why the name. .)

      • Walkthru


  • MB

    Articulated LCD P100 style is clearly visible and I like that.
    It seams to me Nikon overdone it with the buttons and dials on this one …
    I never liked the jog dial on rear side, it was too close to my thumb and I rotated it accidentally too many times so it would be better for me if it was replaced with the buttons and it functions with this new front dial.
    Built in NDR filter and HDR as rumored earlier I like, let just hope the firmware on this new P7100 is bug free.
    I just wonder how well it will sell in this new mirror-less interchangeable lens camera world.

  • UA

    So does it have built-in pacman game?

    I really try to figure out what that top left corner button does.. a flash chasing pacman, hmm?

    I’m just glad that there is no new FX nor DX or any DSLRs. Bought D700 a while ago and it’s just absolutely fantastic. Would be a bummer to see new model already.

    This actually looks like a decent point and shoot. If the optics are great and software from D3100, it will be a very good hangaround camera. f/2.8@35mm equivalent would make this interesting for me. The viewfinder looks stupid though.

    But no back illuminated sensor? The latest such sensor on P&S from Nikon has a very decent ISO1600 performance. Stepping on DX-sized DSLR toes there.

    • MB

      P7000 has back illuminated sensor so this new P7100 will have it too.
      P100, P300, P500, S8100 to name a few also have back illuminated sensors so nothing new there really.

    • Assuming it’s the same function as on the P7000 the top left button releases the pop up flash.

  • paul

    now that we have this to lookfoward to, who would really need or want the D800? Nikon must be afraid that the P7100 will canabalize the D800. Burp!!

  • Leaking Starfish

    What is so hard about making it start at 24mm equiv? That would make is so much more useful.

    • MB

      For as little as 300$ you can have WC-E75A Wide-Angle Converter and P7x00 will start at 21mm equiv!
      I wonder again what future this kind of camera has these days?

  • Nah, there’s no pent up demand here for a new DSLR body…. we were all just eagerly awaiting the next revolutionary Coolpix P&S model. Yay.

  • Jote

    Unless Canon comes up with a G12 successor with 200mm and P7100 supports exposure bracketing + timer then I might be pretty much sold on P7100.

  • bob

    I really like the Pac-Man button on the upper left corner. Great dual purpose machine–camera and arcade all in one!

  • D700guy

    ooooh, ahhhh, ohhhh!!

  • Mike

    Wow…the front dial and the grip (and many dials too) look exactly like my fantastic Contax G2, not sure about the build and image quality though.

  • Koybashi

    If anyone seriously thinks that the D700 is alot better than the 5Dii don’t be fooled.
    The 5Dii has taken the film world by storm, Nikon is years behind. Commercial clients
    Are demanding film with stills shoots. Hollywood loves the 5dii. Etc

    Nikon get your act together!

  • Wow! Those are 5 dials right? :)) I want two more! Now!

  • Pierre

    I want a waterproof camera with FULL FD …..something better than GO PRO….

    But with intervalometer…..for TimeLapse !

    but not something stupid like the Nikon P5000 with 30 secondes minimum !!!

  • R!

    they should have add another wheel on top that spin like the rapers chains ,pfff whatever!!!! same sensor that the panasonic FZ50 have 4 yrs ago!!!

  • I think it’s nice looking, how long do they take to be shipped to the UK, now it’s been announced?

  • R!

    It’s the D3x curse Nikon wanted us to pay 7000$ for 20+mpx and now they re loosing the market to give amateurs better camera than pro , I m glad I still on APSC….and Nikon I tell you what:I got a set of all second hand lens counting the 28 f 1,4 AFD and I’m going to buy the next full frame in hongkong and I’m not buying any more lenses !

    • Hhom Togan

      Sorry to burst your bubble mate, but us pros don’t have any problem buying D3x’s cameras because we can afford them 😉 hence the “pro” label :).

      If you want a cheapie cheap cameras with prehistoric AF but with tons of “megapickles” from 2 different brands you can choose, 1 has discontinued them.

  • Rob Ellis

    Nice move, Nikon. 😉

  • Johnnyblues

    That was it?

  • Will it have a CCD Sensor, that’s important to me? 🙂

  • I think there is one more dial at the bottom! But we don’t see this one yet because of no leaked pictures with the tripod mount of the P7100. :))

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