Few more Coolpix details

Some last minute updates on the upcoming Coolpix cameras:

  • Nikon Coolpix P7100 will have a 4 way VR (previous model had 5 way VR). Continuous shooting speed: 1.2 fps. AF speed: 0.16, shooting time lag: 0.22. Overall increase of camera's responsiveness. New special effect: defocus during exposure, zoom exposure, cross process and creative monochrome. Zoom memory function. Built-in ND filter will have 3 stops reduction of shutter speed.
  • Nikon Coolpix S1200pj camera will let you upload video to YouTube via iPhone with cable connection. The projector will be brighter than its predecessor (up to 60 in. display).
  • Nikon Coolpix S8200 will have 16MP and 14x zoom starting at 25mm, ability to record images during video.
All new Coolpix cameras will be available for sale in September.
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  • Vladi

    still not as good as g12 or s95, dissapointed…

    • Roy

      I agree. I debated about replacing my G10 with P7100. Not now.

    • Bondi Beach

      Could you elaborate what features you see as “behind the pack”? Image quality seemed the achilles heal (apart from responsiveness and dodgy firmware) of the previous iteration, is that your feeling?

    • Comment from kid again??? disappoint!!! lol.

  • John

    P7100 – What is the point?
    S8200 – Is this an upgrade from the S8100 or how will it compare to the current S9100?

    • P7100 – Camera for Bob Christ.

  • JUst A Thought

    This stuff has not been announced yet – another few hours to go. How come all of a sudden this site has a flood of info on the yet to be announced gear?

    • some of the Coolpix info was reported weeks

      • Just A Thought

        Thanks. Great that you have been updating the site all day – it’s like a weeks worth of new posts – another 24 hours and you can maybe get some needed rest…

  • Mike

    Nikon is getting so much buzz over these new coolpix cameras that http://www.nikon.ca appears to be getting a bit of a denial of service. I’m sure it’s because everyone wants to read about coolpix cameras and not a D700 replacement 🙂

  • Mary

    Is the added 1080i HD video on the P7100 and indicator this model was mainly to address performance issues?

  • Dan

    sorry admin, but no one cares

    • Zorro


      • Mike

        +1. None of this is fact yet. As informed as admin is, we know nothing of image quality. The fact that they have stayed with a 10mp sensor, albeit a tiny one, is a good thing. They recognize that more does not equal better. It further intimates that perhaps they have improved the image pipeline, so the P7100 has improved IQ over the P7000. Let’s wait until we’re dealing eithfacrs before we judge.

        Admin, thanks for your hard work as usual and getting us all that you can!

        • Mike

          Correction: “… dealing with facts….”. Tee hee

  • Bjrichus

    Not much to see here people…

    Move right along….

    • upset

      i have to agree

    • paf

      grumble, grumble, grumble…. (shuffles feet and silently slips down the hall)

  • malez

    i predict devastrating sales for these three models.

    doesn’t the nikon company have a department to monitor
    market trends or something?

    • JonMcg

      Well, you’re probably wrong here… Consumers don’t quite “shop” point and shoots to quite the same degree as DSLR’s and Nikon’s name alone is good for these cameras to sell quite well all alone.. Not to mention that the performance had here is probably decent enough…

      I’m SO bummed it appears all were going to get today is these Non-Coolpix cams… What a waste..

      • malez

        It seems to me that the competitors in the compact zone, canon sony panasonic olympus, looks much more attractive and they’ve been released for quite sometime.

  • Kenzowolf

    That’s all? Without DSLR?!

    • I’ve said it many times before – Nikon will never announce pro DSLR cameras and Coolpixes on the same date. Another announcement is definitely coming but I am afraid it could be for the mirrorless.

      • Roy

        Why “afraid?” This is a new market for them, which brings some new energy.

      • Worminator

        Do you have dates for any other upcoming announcements though? Stuff like the micro 40mm can be just announced cold, but something like the D4 gets plenty of advance planning, lots of invitations sent out etc. If we don’t have any clues now, it means it must be at least a month away…

      • Sam V

        Technically, we know what seems to be nearly everything about the Coolpix cams today, the 23rd. At midnight it will be the 24th and be a new date!

        At this point I wouldn’t be surprised by much, but theres no way the load is blown and tomorrow will bring nothing new.

        My 2 cents.

    • malez

      I was afraid Nikon would anounce a new mirrorless system instead of a new dslr.

      and so they give me coolpixs. Damn…

      these things are anything but cool.

  • pabs

    Is this what Nikon employees were to miss their vacation for??? These are non-starters. What is so fantastic about more Coolpix? What a let down!!!!

    • tub33

      Exactly. Why have a press event for a bunch of Coolpix cameras? Even if they’re good I can’t imagine why any photographer or journalist would go to an event for Coolpixes… Are these events just for the purchasing managers at Best Buy?

    • Just A Thought

      “Is this what Nikon employees were to miss their vacation for???”

      Well somebody had to help move the plant to Malaysia

  • I am glad I did not get my hopes high for a D4 or a Dx00. More coolpix stuff as usual.
    I don’t think we will go into 2012 without a full frame DSLR. But I am probably wrong.

  • D4beef

    How come Thom Hogan has not come up to “predict” all the Coolpix cameras to be announced tomorrow?

  • mary nipples

    i have to admit, i’m let down. this is meh news to me.

  • big deal all the wait for this??

  • King of Swaziland

    Yes! Moar Coolpix!! I’m so exci….

  • Henry

    The plan….. $3000 for D800
    Now…… $600 for coolpix and $2400 for beer
    One year to save another $3000….!!!!
    Is not to bad….!!!!!

    • Just A Thought

      “$600 for coolpix and $2400 for beer”

      P A R T Y is at Henry’s place……

    • Invited me. 🙂

    • paf

      Plan C
      $2400 for beer at Henry’s
      $390 for Canon S95
      $210 for a ticket for me to your party

      … and I ain’t leaving till the beer is finished!

      • Henry

        Jajajajajajaja…, really, the last two years buying lenses for
        FX system.., and now nice coolpix cameras
        ,… I need a beer in an industrial size….!!!!

  • Rich

    I enjoy Nikon Rumors, but after the let down in February and waiting through spring and then summer just to get some more point and shoot models Im bummed. I think Im better off just waiting to be surprised when I see Nikon releases something new (rather than waisting time on rumors.) Still hoping something comes out soon, who knows?

    I am stressed about replacing my D200 bodies and told myself I would switch to Canon if the D800 didn’t happen. But I don’t think I can get myself to do that. Although, why should I be loyal to a company that really doesn’t seem to get what it’s costumers want? The D800 or at least D7oos should have come out before the earthquake. I remember it took Nikon 4 years to put out a full frame sensor after the first 1Ds came out. Seems like thats the story about matching the 5d markII.

    I see people saying why cant you get along with the D700. I don’t want to pay for something that is outdated. My plan was to move up to the D800 and buy a D400 when it came out as a back up. But it looks like I’ll be buying a D7000 now to get me by and then use it as a back up later. I know who cares stop crying, well it does suck when your loyal to a company that could give a crap. Hope to eat my words, really do.

    • Roy

      I’m old enough to remember when new film cameras didn’t come out that frequently and you’d own a body for years. You had to manually focus, which separated photographers pretty significantly. I think we are getting too dependent on the technology. Be zen. Enjoy what you have

      • Rich

        Im old enough to remember those days, my first camera was a manual focus Minolta. I rolled my Bw film by hand than processed it, then moved on to the darkroom. That was 20 years ago with film. The difference is that now I compete with other photographers and were not all shooting the same films. My D200’s have reached the maximum shutter counts and have taken a beating in the 5 years Ive owned them. One of them has a vertical grip being held closed with Duct tape. Its time to upgrade. My old F4s is still going. Thats whats sucks about the digital era, your camera is basically a computer with a lens (and we all no how long computers last.) I wish I could be zen right now my friend but this is a big deal for me and part of my livelihood.

        • Roy

          The Canon fans are freaking out in their forums. The tsunami, I think, had a greater impact than has been let on. I’m guessing we’ll see a lot more news in 2012 than in 2011.

          • Rich

            I hope so Roy, working on the zen!

    • Mark


      I, too, enjoy NR. It offers an insight, albeit a speculative one, into possible releases by Nikon. These insights are hazy but with comments hopefully let us add value with our own comments which, hopefully, give some relief to that hazy image. But the image always remains hazy until Nikon, or a certain leak, clears away the haze to reveal the contents of the next Nikon release.

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Admin is not clairvoyant. If he (she?) was, he’d be burnt at the stake. If Admin gave up, we’d lose a useful insight into our favourite camera manufacturer. He puts a lot of agreeable effort into this site.

      Can Nikon deliver under the circumstances of last spring where its factories were literally shaken up? It would take, I think, an Herculean effort. Wait until the end of next year before you write-off Nikon. It’s only fair.

      Finally, I bought a D700 at the end of last Christmas. It is a camera that I, with decades of film and pro-camera experience, have yet to find limiting. Far from being outdated, it will bring you the world, limited, of course, only by your own abilities and imagination.

      If, however, you believe your abilities and imagination can only be released using the next version of the D700, perhaps, then, you have inside knowledge from Nikon as to the D800(?)’s specs. Perhaps you could contribute that knowledge to Admin. I’m sure he’d love a great contribution.


      • Rich


        A lot of my clients want large files 100 megabytes or more and Im having to interpolate my files to achieve that with the D200 and I would have to with the D700 as well and while thats a great camera, It’s not a good business move to buy one right now. Being limited creatively has nothing to do with it. It’s about investing in equipment thats going to keep me competitive with other photographers and not having to upgrade for as long as possible. Do I know that the d800 will have the resolution I need? No. But I know Im not going to spend that kind of money for 12mp. If it works for you thats great Im happy for you.

        As for NR, I said I enjoy coming here but as for reliable info it’s been hit and miss. Nothing against administration he runs a great website and does his best. I understand this a rumor site. My frustration has to do with me and Nikon, no one else.

        • Tony

          +1. You’re the man.

  • DaveyJ

    Nikon reputation ALONE is what sells the Coolpix line. So it would seem they better get cracking on a DSLR that can build reputation ’cause it sure isn’t this…….

  • Roy

    I’m crossing fingers the interchangeable mirrorless system is announced and shocks us all into joy.

  • SGN

    Admin, is it possible that the DSLRs would be shown to the press… photojournalists and potential users today – under NDA, and announced to the public later??? I seem to think reading something of the sort here…. and that would still explain the Aug 24 holiday restrictions….

    And are there precedents of lens releases with coolpixes?

    • I doubt that. Nikon will want maximum press attention. The earliest possible announcement date is next week.

      • Joe


        Do you know if it’s still true that Nikon blocked their employee from taking vacation in August? It’s just hard to explain why Nikon did this only for a few Coolpix models. I just don’t get this at all.

        • This was a rumor reported back in January. Many things changed since. Nikon WILL have another press release in the next few weeks.

    • MacSKY

      Exactlty what I was just wondering. Isn’t one of the large European dealers holding some sort of preview that required an NDA? Why on earth would Nikon require that for consumer Coolpix?

  • Alex

    What’s wrong with Nikon announcing the specs of their upcoming D4/Dx00/mirrorless along with their Coolpix, and show off some sample pictures for tease?

    Then by the time September (PMA) rolls around they’ll have a production model ready for demo at the announcement as a “follow up” and starts shipping them by December?

    This will certainly steal the show. This is after all, an “announcement”. There’s no rule to dictate what Nikon can or wants to announce. Just because they’ve never done it doesn’t mean they won’t. This way it satisfies both markets; as the Coolpix market probably wouldn’t care so much about the Pro/enthusiast market and vice-versa (like the behaviour seen here on NR)

    • Alex

      Ehh, was only supposed to bold the “tease”. Didn’t know why it bolded the rest of the post. :/

    • the PMA show this year in January 2012

  • If Nikon doesn’t release the D4 tonight I’m officially quitting photography for good. Not worth taking pictures without an update in the Pro DSLR range.

  • Nuck Fikon

    I have a lot if beer money now also. Oh well I guess it’s time to go to Hasselblad. 60mp = winning.

    • Worminator

      At the rate things are going you’ll have that on APS-C in 3 years.

      Meanwhile there’s the 645D…

  • coco

    So i guess nikon want to be another casio, just make point and shoot cameras from now on

  • NG42

    Disappointing. Tonight is Sony’s night.

    • Worminator

      as of this moment there is no official news from Sony either

      11:45am Tokyo time. Maybe they go with 12 noon?

  • What if Nikon changed the name of their pro line of DSLRs from “DXXX” to “Coolpix”. We would be hitting the jackpot right now. I’m just going to keep telling myself that lie.

  • Capture nxFAIL

    There is a gap in the market that the 5d is feeding off.

  • Gilbert Irwin

    D800 at midnight! 🙂

  • Rob

    No GPS on their flagship coolpix?

  • Anonymous

    I love Nikon Rumors! Thanks Peter for this fantastic forum. I read these posts more than the NY Times, even when the East Coast was gently rolled by an earthquake. many funny posts here and some insight into human behavior too (whiners!).
    When I boughty first Hasselblad, it never ocurred to me that I would want a better one, or one with new features. I stuck with my Hasselblad for a long time cause i really loved that camera, especially the lens. Finally i admit that “film is dead” and purchased a digital Nikon D7000. It works great! I am really looking forward to the D800 and feel certain it will come soon, maybe not this week but soon. Clearly it has been under development for some time. I’d say Nikon is pretty good at keeping secrets!

  • One More Thought

    It is disappointing, but it’s not the end of the world.

    I do agree that there does not seem to be much need for any press event for the P&S line. I believe most who buy these cams do so just by walking into a Best Buy or Target or Walmart and seeing which one strikes their fancy. I don’t think the buyer of a P&S for a few hundred dollars or even less even follows the industry or announcements like these.

    There is no doubt that the 24th will belong to Sony in terms of generating buzz.

  • Gilbert Irwin

    00:00 here folks!

  • Worminator

    nikon.co.jp is down, it’s 12 noon in Japan

    • Worminator

      forget that…

  • Leaking Starfish

    25mm? WTF………………………………like banging your sister.

  • iamnomad


  • throbbing member

    what’s the point of rumors a few hours before the actual announcement? rumors a few weeks in advance, neat. on the eve of release – not much of a coup.

  • BartyL

    ‘Cmon Nikon, when will the P7100 be updated?! It’s already a few hours old!!

  • Christino

    Nothing, so far!

  • I literally could care less. Frankly this is very disappointing and disconcerting. Nikon knew their first press release would get the most hype…….but hey the day/night/day is still young.

  • Trevor

    and the press releases are on Nikon.com at exactly 12am. Wow.

  • Kingyo

    remember that movie MAD MAX : Beyond Thunderdome..where those weird people living near a small stream by the desert kept clinging on to the hope of some plane captain guy one day coming back to fly them back to civilization..and Mel Gibson shows up..and they all think he’s the captain guy there to save them..but he’s all like..No..I’m not the guy..and there ain’t nothing out there…
    ..well that’s what this announcement was like.. Thanks 🙂

    • NG42

      HaHa! That’s funny Kingyo. Well said. And I agree. With the leaked pics of the new Panasonic lens and all the stuff Sony is coming out with- these cameras are a huge letdown.

  • Leaking Starfish

    8200 is a nifty camera (25mm, 16 mpx CMOS, HD Video and stills) But once again, the damn thing is useless because they left out RAW. AAAAARGH.

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