Better pictures of the Nikon Coolpix P7100 camera

I just received a better set of images of the new Nikon Coolpix P7100 camera (see specs):

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  • billy goat

    Finally – A Canon G9 killer!

    • Ren Kockwell

      F/2.8 to an incredibly slow F/5.6 and no RAW. Welcome to 2006 Nikon.

  • thom wellknock

    WHOA hold up Nikon…..10 whole MP’s? Hold your horses these Nikon..that might too many in today’s market!!!! R you sure Nikon you just need 10 mp?

    I would like to see Nikon using all 5 dials at the same time!!!!

    IS this what we been waiting for? Please Mary!! Wake me up when you see a large camera with 18plus MP and 1080p….and it is new and says…Nikon D800, D4…or something in that region.

    • grantourismo

      Couldn´t agree more, We want to se a new camera, today sony will release the best aps-c camera yet, the A77, and what will nikon announce, some shitty cheap compacts, man oh man =(

    • Global

      18MP?? You’re ridiculous.

      10MP is exactly what the market wants. I would do 8MP if it had improved low-light. 18MP in a camera this size would completely ruin the quality. The Canon S95 is an EXCELLENT camera and it is only 10MP and it still struggles. If it was 18MP it would have been garbage.

      Nikon did the right thing! Kudos, Nikon. I hope those are good MPs.

      • KT

        I think the post was referring to the much-anticipated but not-yet-delivered D4 when he was talking about a large camera with 18 MP, not the P7100 which will be an over-kill with 18 MP

      • Pragma_1976

        Absolutely right Global.

        Worn out reading junk from people sounding off.

        if the P7100 has improved performance over he P7000 thats all REAL shooters want. Go away with your with 18mp, go away with your with bollickey touchscreen, this camera is deliberately large for mens hands to navigate and has a 10mp sensor with decent noise chareteristics and power consumption.

        • Pragma_1976

          …its a point and shoot with some flexibility thats all…its not supposed to compete with SLR’s – save for the size, weight and space. I have literally treked mountains with bags full of lenses and if I never see my kit bag again it will be too soon.

          you can’t take DSLR’s into many live gig, sports or entertainment situations so this might just aallow me to crack off one or two shots i wouldn’t otherwise have.

          And who wants to bring a DSLR on a long night out? you look like a show-off and run the risk of losing the poxy thing with a few pints on ya.

          This is a point and shoot with above average flexibility – thats all. And it will be very welcome in my (largeish) pocket.

  • Helo

    I think we all agree that we do not want to see anymore post UNLESS it is directly related to the New Nikon DSLR that I should already be reading about….I am so so so sad. I need some weed.

    • Just A Thought

      “I am so so so sad. I need some weed.”

      Nonsense…well except for the weed part…care to share.

      Look the P7100 is clearly a top of the line Nikon camera. It would make a perfect camera for a Wedding photog. Light body which can be carried all day without fatigue. 10MP should result in low noise. Perfect zoom range for weddings. Heck you buy approx five P7100 for the price of a single old tech D700. You can shoot video with the P7100. Now wedding photogs can also offer wedding videos to customers. You setup multiple P7100 in the church on tripods and trigger them to start video taping via a remote trigger. One photog can now replace many.

      Sports photography just calls out for the P7100. Shoot Baseball or Hockey easlit with the P7100’s zoom range. The low cost permits photogs to setup remote cameras – say at the top of the Batter’s cage. The price is cheap enough that any photog can afford multiple cameras. Shooting auto motorsports also come to mid where the P7100 seems like a natural fit.

      Concert photogs will love the P71000. Good hi-IOS. Very light and much smaller than a typical DSLR with 70-210mm f2.8 lens. Zoom range allows wide group shots and the 200mm tele end allows for great closeups of the Guitarist or Bassist or Drummer. A side benefit is that camera is much smaller than a typical DSLR and so will likely pass thru security checks – might have to tape up the Nikon name – maybe find some “happy face smiley” stickers to put on it. Just tell the security guy that the lens in not removable and look how tiny this thing is and they’ll let you right in while the guy behind you with a couple of D700s gets told to put his cameras in his car trunk or else go home. A smaller camera would let one move around the crowds easier than if you are burdened with a couple of heavy and large DSLRs with big and heavy lenses. I wonder if Nikon will realese different colors for concert photogs – Purple, Red or Yellow would perfect for getting thru security. Photog gets to shoot the concert while the Security guys get a good laugh at the red or purple camera.

      The Landscape photogs will love the built in ND filter. and small size and weight when out hiking in the woods.

      The only people who will not like the P7100 are the Studio photogs shooting Food. But they all use really high end “huge” Medium Format Digital cameras and they don’t appreciate the fact that size does not matter – it’s how you use it or how you perform before you use that counts….

      Another big benefit is the price of the P7100. If you bought the big expensive DSLR (say the D700 replacement when it’s released) you would have nothing left with which to buy any weed. Buy a P7100 and you can use the difference in price to spend on weed. I’m sure your photography would benefit from the extra weed and you would enjoy yourself that much more.

      • Johnnybasha

        I’m a pro photog and would never use one of these for an actual job.

        If I paid a wedding photog the hundreds/thousands it cost for his services and he showed up with one I’d send him home.

        Sports. Yeah its got 200mm (still not enough for sports) but it’s at f5.6 at that range.

        Concerts, no. Would do fine but why sacrifice if you have a D-SLR?

        It’s for a tag along or, what I like, to take this on vacation and leave the D3s and D3x and the weight at home for a pro and a really nice PS for an amateur.

  • i dont get it i lookes like P7000 Whats tge diference?

  • Ricardo

    Great!! Another camera I wont ever buy.

  • pabs

    All this hype over Coolpix and a submersible camera that’s limited to 33 ft down???? I think I’m just gonna wait for dppreview reports. I don’t blame Nikon completely, they never said what we were hoping to hear. I’m just frustrated with the lack of any transparencty from them. I know they’ve had hard times but them also state crap like the tsunami won’t affect there time line. It’s all non-sense. Wake me up when there is a credible release date for the D800.

    • Canon User

      Who are you to deserve a transparency? Who are you to deserve a wake up call? What if there is no D800, you will never wake up?? Lol!

      • pabs

        I am not a Canon use, you putz. And where did I say I deserve transparancy. What a jerk!

        • Canon User

          Lol, peace man. Read your original post again and be enlightened 🙂

    • Transparency? Who are you? the UN?

  • Sly Larive

    Damn, I knew I should have bought a D700 from all the folks who were afraid to lose out!

    I’m disappointed that no new DSLR will be announced, supposedly, but I’ll live with my D7000 for a while longer.

  • Roy

    We don’t know much about this camera. How fast is it? How are the pics? I wouldn’t dismiss it until we know what’s under the hood. Yes, we’d like more cameras, but I won’t dismiss it until I read poor reviews.

  • Roy

    Bam. I write a post and then more stats out. 1.2 fps. Sad.

  • Worminator

    It’s 9:20am Tokyo time. No official announcements on any of Nikon’s webpages, dpreview still blank.

    Still room to hope for something.

  • Wally

    No Raw = Looser!

    • Half

      What is looser about no raw? Or are you not familiar with the word loser? I’m perplexed.

  • Nikonos

    Kinda like the idea of a dedicated exposure compensation dial…

  • Nice to see a real exposure compensation dial as well as all the other necessary controls on the outside. Just like a real camera. If the new mirrorless system has this I will buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Bill

    I think the time has come. Nikon has done it. This is what I’m looking for in a P&S other than waiting for the outstanding DSLR!!

  • Thom Rockjorn

    I wish Nikon creates an adapter so we can mount the 18-200 on one of these awesome coolpixes.

  • P

    My new android phone can record in full HD. This unit only handle 720p?

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