Nikon D700 back in stock

Nikon D700 is now back in stock at B&H and Amazon:

The D700 was out of stock for several weeks in all major US online retailers (and many other countries).

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  • Waiting for Godot

    D800 ?

    • Canon User

      I love this site! it is a roller coaster!

    • jo1

      I left Nikon because of no reasonable priced 2x Megapixel camera with good image quality and good shift lenses three years ago and bought by beloved 5D II

      It turns out that I was so right!!

      I would have been unhappy for the last years knowing the quality the 5D II can proof with excellent lenses. I read here somewhere in the forum that the lenses with Canon mount are crappy – hm – mine are good – it may depend on the quality grade one is buying – anyhow – I would expect Nikon to do some more dramatic changes then the real Nikon shooters wold like to see – the mirror less design will come sooner then a D800 – Nikon is no company I trust any more – and it proofs that I was right.

      • kyoshinikon

        Too bad I dumped a 5Dmk2 for nikon and never regretted it!

        • you obviously don’t shoot video..unless you are on the d5100…its the only nikon worth a dam for video.

          • Iris Chrome

            If you want the best equipment to shoot stills, get a DSLR. If you want the best equipment to shoot video, you don’t.

            • distanted

              Do you even shoot professional video? The 5D Mark II was the first camera to shoot video on a 35mm sized sensor for under $10,000. It quickly found it’s way into the wedding video industry and the music video and motion picture industry because it could output video that was cinematic looking for less than the cost of most ‘prosumer’ camcorders. Only now is the industry finally catching up by offering single 35mm sensors on camcorders costing $5000.

            • Bigus Dickus

              if by motion industry you mean TV industry which is now stuffed with youtube documentary then yes.
              cinema is something else then your mdII.
              as for wedding video goes, all has changed only so, that now we are flowed with crappy videos they have more DOF and are more often out of focus
              mkii is good but i would never use DSLR video for anything then music video which is supposedly OOF and jumpy

            • distanted

              @Smallus Phallus,
              You seem to be saying the TV industry and Wedding Video industry are beneath your standards. I’m not exactly sure what you were trying to say about the Motion Picture industry (much of your rant eludes me), but if you were suggesting Hollywood isn’t using the 5DII, why don’t you gooogle the 5DII and Hollywood? My point is not to praise the 5DII, but to point out that a <$3,000 DSLR can shoot video well enough to be used to shoot an entire episode of House. If Nikon did nothing else but add the 5DII's video features to a D700, I'd snatch it up in a heart beat.

      • SWolf

        If you are so happy with your 5d II, then what do you want on a nikon rumors website?

        • LOL

          Silly, nikon is way behind in terms of video for cinematography and their highest mpx count which is not much higher than the 5D MK II is only available on the d3x that costs more than an elephant. Nikon’s pro line up are all out dated… d3s was a silly update (only 720p on a so called pro camera with 12.1 mpx lol). Its a shame when you compare it with the much cheaper 5D mark 2 altogether. There is no content. d700 is their holy grail that they decided not to work on it further… Its like they did us all a favor “We have finally provided the market with an affordable fx camera… We Have Done Our Part….” The bottom line… Nikon got complacent they’re only focusing more on the lower end market cause obviously the demand is there… and yea they’re in a business to make lots and lots of money !! which is why u always see those lower end cams being introduced… And I doubt any announcement from nikon is going to be any game changer (2k video, or maybe xlr inputs, 40 mpx). Perhaps they might fuse a projector with their “pro” line and call it “revolutionary”…

          • Dexter0508

            hater ๐Ÿ˜› this are the canonfanboys who love to pixelpeep who come across our NikonRumor site because CanonRumor(sorry Peter) is full of Crap ๐Ÿ˜› they should call it “Crappy Rumor” instead! hahaha!

          • Hi, dude! ๐Ÿ™‚ While you tell us nonsense, Nikon has proven that it have the best AF system and lower ISO. I want to remember you have an embarrassing display also.
            Please take with you this racist things and I leave you salivating starting tomorrow, 24 August.
            Nikon D3 has the best AF sistem in town for the moment. So…get out of here! Fatality! (MK) ๐Ÿ˜€

            • AnoNemo

              NR Admin,

              Please remove the comments of this Mircea Ciuca. There is absolutely no need for mentioning race.

            • Canon User

              Reply to below post of AnoNemo;

              Lighten up dude.

              Mircea Ciuca’s remark on “race” meant that Canon being the inferior “race”, lol!

      • Bip

        Funny…. I own both brands…. including a D700 and a 5DII (I inherited a set of Canon lenses from my uncle, that’s why), and both have 24-70mm lenses; and apart from the video capability, nowhere in hell the 5DII is a better camera.

      • LOL and JO1. you guys are funny. The D700 is a real, well built professional tool with a beautiful imager… Still in the Digital world it is getting a bit long in the tooth and I also desire a replacement. Not that I need it. Im just tired of renting D700s for assignments because I dont want to pay 2200 dollars for one right now(I’ll buy a used one when the price drops though!) Also, if you think video is the only difference between the D3s and D3 then you are sadly mistaken. You must have never had the joy of using one. Its ok, Canon is still reputable company and while the 1ds series is well built professional cameras, the 5ds are hollow feeling with anemic sounding shutters. Probably ok for filming music videos of your friends garage band, or doing landscapes, but not reliable to be used heavily. And before you start know that I used to work in camera sales. I know what comes back for repairs! They are not know to be the most reliable cameras when confronted with harsh conditions. Also the feeling you get when you use them doesn’t really inspire confidence. That said they are reasonably priced for the features (something Canon is good at) and Canon has really accommodating repair rates. Something Nikon still taxes when you compare the two. Still I’ve had to send my Canon lenses in for the stupidest repairs that I wouldn’t have experienced with my Nikon gear so it might be a wash. I’m glad you are happy with your decision but your comments are lol. You seem to forget (or not know) who brought DSLR video to the forefront, Nikon. Sure Canon has a better video set up right now. But tecnology will leap frog again. Nikon>Canon, Canon>Nikon and on and on again… Fools like you will keep swapping systems because you have a technology fetish and have to use the latest whiz bang camera. The smart ones like me keep a few favorite lenses from each line and buy cameras that suit our photography. I myself am in the market for a lightly used D3 or 1ds MkII. They are still great professional cameras and are about to drop in price once all the new models come out. Happy shooting, If that what you do…

  • Daf

    Damned sneaky if the low stock levels were done on purpose for hype around the 24th.
    Somehow doubt it though.

    • It took from March to June to get my D700 repaired for a lack of parts coming from Japan. If parts weren’t available, that means they weren’t making any. Assuming something new is coming, this may be the last spurt of production.

      • Sahaja

        Don’t they maintain parts even after a camera is out of production?

        I don’t know what Nikon’s policy is – but Sony claim they maintain parts for their products for at least 7 years from the date of final production. I imagine Nikon do something similar.

        Anyway I don’t think lack of parts for repairing a particular model in the US indicates that that camera is out of production – just that there is a hiccup in the parts supply chain or in restocking procedures.

      • Daf

        The whole Earthquake/Tsunami thing was bit of a wildcard when it came to stock levels. Could still be playing a part.

  • Remedy

    So much for the D800 ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Banned

      That’s what I’ve been saying, it’s in and out of stock because that’s the way things are. Not an indication of a new model coming out at all.

  • NikonTheAvenger

    Any word on rebate Peter?

  • Ric


    • Ric

      vox.scooby doo

      • Banned

        Prout prout coucouille.

        • Ric

          no habla

  • low

    kill this pos dslr already!! what a hunk of junk..i doubt these cameras take good images anymore now that we have new dslrs on the horizon…cant wait!

    • Banned

      lol yea I’m sure. Mine has been sitting there for 6 months cause I don’t have time to use it, I’ll probably get the new one, I’m sure it will go take photos on its own while I take care of my business.

    • sirin

      hi, Low! i could do the killing of all d700s you need to get rid of, just send them all to me.

    • The D700 is hardly a “POS” or a “hunk of junk”. Why would a camera not take good images anymore simply because there is new technology out there. I guess famous established photographers like Joe McNally still use thee POS cameras to make shots like this:

      • preston

        um, he was obviously being sarcastic. get a sense of humor please.

        • I’m sorry if I didn’t get the sarcasm. I am now going down to the store to see if they sell the sense of humor. I hope it’s in stock.

          • Chase

            You might hold off a bit. I heard they were bringing out a successor to the last model of sense of humor. It’s just a rumor, though.

            • distanted

              They better be or I’m switching to Vulcan…

      • Am assuming you’re not a native English speaker and missed the sarcasm there. Low wasn’t *really* saying that the D700 is a PoS or hunk of junk. He was making fun of gearheads that might think that, tho’.

        By the way, tried checking out your page, but Google said, “ contains malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site.” Might want to check that out.

        • Thanks for the heads-up on the malware. Looking into it now.

          Try not to assume too much because my name is foreign. Sarcasm isn’t always easily detected via text. And I agree, gearheads are douchebags. Cheers.

        • jake

          we all know it but many of us want a new camera since the D700 is too long in the tooth already , or many of us already have it.
          I want a D7000 like a FX Nikon, I love my D700 but compared to my D7000 ,it shows its age…….it is very old in digital camera world.

  • Tiem

    So, where is the successor

  • Francis

    HAHA… this is getting funnier each day.
    Nikon is playing some game with you all

    • Just A Thought

      “Nikon is playing some game with you all”

      Nah.. Nikon has not made “one” single post on this Nikon Rumors site. Nikon Rumors is not associated with Nikon.

      That implies that the good folks here are the one’s playing some game on themselves…The Medical term for it is Mass Hysteria….It also happens in the stock market – next round expected in and about 2014.

  • J C

    Nikon is trolling all of us….

  • Orlando

    Funny how Amazon has 3 in stock and B&H has ZERO. I wouldnt call that “back in stock.” Maybe we do get the D800 in the upcoming days…

  • Sly Larive

    I understand that there are ways to interpret “latest Nikon cameras” but I’ll be laughing my arse off when Joe McNally comes on stand with 2 new coolpix in hand, in front of hundreds of dignitaries and goes on to say how thrilled he was that Nikon gave him the Best of the best tools to recapture the memories and glory of the heroes of 9/11!!

    • Sahaja

      Maybe they will have him launch an FM4

  • John

    Remember not too long ago when everyone was out of stock Best Buy had that deal for $2,200ish? I should have bought one and sold it now.


  • oh, wow – they sold out in just few minutes after posting that

    • Much like the $99 HP Touchpad.

  • AndreasLaust


    It also says “Temporarily unavailable” about both D3s and D3x – I’m looking forward to a D4 anytime soon.

  • Already bought the 3 D700 left in stock!

    • really?

      • NikonTheAvenger

        This is exactly why Nikon could milk their current line up longer. Before I could blink, think and go to B&H it’s already sold out.

  • Art

    Yes. I’m convinced it is a typo. They really are posting the D800 but they were too busy to update the web page with all the cool features such as 4 stops of additional dynamic range, 8 stops of additional low noise ISO, 60fps RAW video, continuous video auto-focus, etc.

    • Banned

      And a $99 price tag.

    • JED

      “8 stops of additional low noise ISO”

      What does that mean???
      Noise so low that you stop 8 times trying to figure out what ISO it is??

  • Worminator

    In Japan, it’s listed as out of stock at the manufacturer, will ship it out to you when we get them. It is not listed as discontinued.

    So, perhaps Nikon stopped production for a while to ramp up a D4 or whatever new professional body they have planned. Or it was simply a function of moving production lines from Japan to Malaysia.

    • JorPet

      The D700 won’t be put of production for awhile yet. Even when they do release the D800, it will be $4,000 and the D700 will drop to about $2,000. That spread will leave a place for the D700 for a while.

      • Worminator

        That’s the conventional wisdom, yes, but it depends on the margins on the D700 … it might make Nikon more money to design a cheaper, smaller FX camera and sell that instead of discounting the D700.

  • kede

    Art, If only it is real

  • NYC_Eng

    And poof there it goes back to being out of stock..

  • Whyyyyyy? oh Whyyyyyyyy????

    I will give up the hope for the D800 in this year ๐Ÿ™

  • Anna Seed

    I’ll be getting another D700 when my current one passes 3 years. It does everything I need and I’ve no need for 24 megapixels filling up my hard drive and slowing down my computer. I’m more interested in a small mirrorless camera to carry around in my bag.

  • ericnl

    the D700 has just been in stock in the Netherlands over these past weeks.

    today, finally, it seems like it’s drying out: no body/lens combo’s in stock any more at the three largest retailers: one has a body only “on order”, the other one only the “international body” in stock, and the third shop seems to have body only stock (don’t know how many though, could be just one).

    I do need a new full frame camera pretty soon, but will just have to hold out a little longer to be able to buy the successor (hopefully soon).

  • BH Photo:

    The D700 is listed as “Temporarily out of stock”, and there is a button for, “Notify When in Stock”

    The D3X is listed as “Temporarily unavailable” , but there is a button for, “Notify When in Stock”

    The D3S listed as “Temporarily unavailable”, and there is not a button for, “Notify When in Stock”

    Maybe the D4 is around the corner, and the D4X and D800 are 2012..

  • It will all become clear in 2 days. Won’t it??

    Will either have a coolpix, Dx00 or a D4. In the meantime, there are those who are pulling their hair out.

  • One More Thought

    This is not definitive. B&H is already out of stock again; Amazon is out of stock; only one of their affiliates has it in stock.

    Any models that these retailers received could have just been clearing inventory out. Plus, let’s face it: even if a D800 is announced on the 24th, Nikon will probably still continue to ship remaining D700 inventory. One, to sell it; two, because the D800 likely won’t be in stores anytime soon even if announced; three, because it will be difficult to get your hands on a D800 when it first ships.

    When the D7000 came out, you could still get the D90, for instance. A d800 announcement is not going to mean the D700 is going to be out of stock everywhere immediately.

    So I wouldn’t read much into this…

  • Steve Starr

    This is interesting. Just got my new Summer 2011 Really Right Stuff catalog in the mail and I had to go online to find out about plates in their downloadable alrger catalog that has them in it.

    In the Really Right Stuff catalog for 2011, on page 46 of the downloadable 2011 Catalog PDF under Body Plates -> Nikon they show a BD4 or BD4-L for the Nikon D4 to be released in mid 2011.

    That must mean they already have the body design in their hands, or Nikon gave them the dimensions for one, for them to design a mounting plate for it.

    No D800 shown though. Probably why Best Buy has them in their warehouse and they sometimes pop up in B&H, Adorama, and Amazon. Sounds like they aren’t changing that one yet.

    But a new D4 seems to be the call.

  • Alex

    Looks like all of Nikon’s and Canon’s Pro/Semipro camera are not in stock or temporarily unavailable at B&H…


  • Coolpix’s….there’s nothing cool about coolpix’s.

  • DFive

    Im happy with my D3S that I got in FEB 2010, Even if the D4 comes out I’ll wait for the end of cycle or when they release the D4S or any minor update ( just to get the bugs out etc… ).
    So for ME I’m expecting 2013 for my next Pro Body purchase…. whatever it may be ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ( besides feeling a little broke since I got my LEICA M9-P with 50 1.4 Combo last month…. hahaha )


  • Chase

    That’s bush league, Nikon. BUSH LEAGUE.

  • jake

    oh sad , this means no D800 or D700X in this year?
    a bad news.

    • JED

      Does nobody even read any more?

  • The thing that kills me about all this is that Bestbuy had them for like $2269 for a while there… if it so turns out that we’re waiting on a D800 for some extended period of time and I passed up on a $400 sale I’m gonna kill somebody. lol

  • Lulz

    L.M.F.A.O well played nikon! Good lord how much did the hype make them.

  • Wonder which would get released sooner
    d800 or d8000

  • Paul

    B&H and Amazon are such TEASES

  • Dandydon

    Too late. Already bought the F6 and a nice film scanner.
    Do they give MP equivilents for differnt types of film based on the resolution of the film?

  • Dandydon

    Digital is just a passing fad. It can’t last much longer. (s)

  • Joaquim Prado

    Ok! Now this is wierd! I think nikon is trying to fooling us along with their dealers!

    • Thom Rockjorn

      an upside down D700

      • Oh yeah! This is is the latest Nikon FF gear! Now i see …


    • Nikon D700 – the picture is from 2008

      • I know Peter Peter, just teasing! =P Catch from Mcnallyยดs Blog!

  • Iris Chrome

    Amazon has stock now. What a ride! Weeeeee

  • BenS

    I still say there is something BIG coming from Nikon. No one would spend so much resources just to launch a ps like Coolpix.

    Or maybe that BIG thing is a big disappointment.

    Oh well , i still have my D80 + 24-70 f2.8.. yeah !

  • clemilein

    The D700 will not be replaced tomorrow – the D300s will !!! In the last few days I have in a number of shops seen that the price for the D300s has decreased to 1.099 Euro. That is about 500 Euros less than I have paid two years ago. The price for the D700 is still the same. Tomorrow we will see the D400.

  • With Sony going all-out on their “state of the art” DX announcements this week (i.e A77), it would be total suicide if Nikon were to announce anything DX. I think the “two FX bodies” rumor will turn out to be true — pros with big investments in Nikkor glass aren’t going to give a damn about Sony DX announcements (no matter how enticing the technology). In fact, on the heels of the Sony DX tsunami, *any* FX announcement will get a huge bump for free, both on the web and in print — thank you Sony!

    OTOH, I’d love to see what a D400 might look like… ๐Ÿ™

    • Nikon Syndrome

      D400 = Diffraction limited @ f/8 if it will use the same 24mp sensor from A77.

  • DaveyJ

    The D400 and the D800 I believe are the most awaited Nikon DSLRs? Reading Nikon Rumors I get a heavy lean towards D800 being by far more lusted after than the DX D400. Has this site been captured by the FX rules over DX minded photogs? I am equally curious about them both and see the need for both. Chances are though I would throw down the cash for a greatly improved D400 DX rather than a FX D800. Yes we are anxiously awaiting the Nikon announcements like they were still “on schedule”. I always wonder if all the secrecy does Nikon that much good?

    • Kamil


      Itโ€™s bigger than that.

      Itโ€™s the launch of something totally new, and I think itโ€™s something youโ€™re really going to enjoy, so I hope youโ€™ll check back then for the first-ever โ€œNew Launch Wednesday.โ€

      New cameras coming… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Big Announce Wednesday is for the new mirrorless. It all makes sanse: you dont need to cancel people vacation and sxhedule internal training seminars for yet another product iteration (be it FX or Dx), but you have to train sales and technical service people when launching new products.

      New pro camera will probably be announced shortly after.

      My 2 cents

      • …moreover he claims it is smth totally new, thet will be enjoyed by a large audience. It is not D4 ๐Ÿ™


        • Anonymous

          Mirrorless on Wednesday, followed by D4 and D800 some days after.

    • benS

      Eveyrone is calling it BIG … can help but think what Nikon really has up its sleeves ! Can wait any longer … will someone please give me the pill !!!

    • Djscoe

      He replies to a comment asking about Nikon D4 or D800 that it’s something THEY (Kelby) are doing.

  • Walkthru

    Rip Van Winkle…….sound familiar?

  • Djabag

    All we know, is that we really don’t know anything on the release of the new DSLRs !

    Nikon is also doing there job by the book, and say nothing till they have something to announce .

  • Christoph Ohlrogge

    I was just thinking… even if they would release a successor tomorrow, I couldn’t afford it right now… so why am I even visiting this site?

  • marko

    Its either CNX3 or a fusion of LR/PS with CNX.

  • henry

    Even if they don’t announce D800 Wednesday, I hope the new camera will be one helluva camera. That way I can hope some of those features will trickle down to D800 for a “reasonable” price. This is exciting!!!

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