Weekly Nikon news flash #124

  • "I am pole dancer" video shot at a Nikon booth in Milano (NSFW):

Nikon gear in action:

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  • Discontinued

    The 2nd vid is done nicely. I am not into climbing, but I consider spending tonight on the balcony in my sleeping bag. F##king city, f##king clients. I did not have enough nature in 2011.

    • Dweeb

      Those half dome shots are fracking insane.

      • PHB

        Fracking half dome? Now that would be insane. Is there any gas near there anyways?

  • Regarding the Nikkor 100 cm mirror lens –

    What part of – ALL Text and pictures in this ad are COPYRIGHTED. This means you may NOT copy them and re-use them in ANY publication of any kind, or on the internet for ANY purpose.

    Did you fail to understand Peter? 😉

    • Anand

      Actually, according to my understanding…NR can use that because he is reporting it. Correct me if I am wrong, but copyright laws actually allow for journalism and derivative works. 🙂

    • Robin, I happened to be an eBay affiliate and this is from their TOS:

      Intellectual Property.
      Promotional Content.Provided your application to a Program is accepted, ePN grants you a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable (unless ePN or the Advertiser approved your use of Agents) worldwide, royalty-free license for the duration of your participation in that Program, to display Links and Promotional Content in accordance with this Agreement, the Program Terms and the Code of Conduct for the limited purposes of promoting the Participating Sites and Content.

      To be sure I am not in violation, I did contact eBay to ask them if I can include a picture from an existing listing on my blog.

      • Worminator

        There is probably some fine print somewhere that says that photos posted to eBay listings or uploaded to the ebay site become property of eBay.

        In other words, the guy who posted the listing can say what he wants, but it is probably eBay’s rather than his decision to make.

      • gt

        In other words, shut it robin. not only are you wrong, you’re condescension was rude and inappropriate.

  • Anand

    Now I know why I like nikon….:) Love the pole dancing! Go Nikon!!!!!!!!!!! haha

    • Worminator

      Boss: “We need something to help promote Nikon cameras.”

      Office Worker: “I know! Pole dancers!”

      Boss: “Great idea! Let’s get pole dancers!”

      • Banned

        Worminator, fine brand of humor, this is the best humorous message of the week. NOT.

        • NisseHult

          Made me laugh.

  • D7000 semi-pro! Love my two D7k’s, they deserve all the praise they get. Even after I receive my D4 and D800, we’re keeping both D7k’s for long telephoto work as well as macro. In my opinion, the D7K is the D300s replacement….even though the D400(if there is one) will out-class the D7k as far as the body is concerned.

    The D7000 is the best APS-C camera you can buy, currently……and a steal at only $1200 for the body only.

    • Ronan


    • Dexter0508

      + + + + 😉

  • Daniel

    Will the 1000mm f6,3 autofocus on my D40x?

    • The invisible man

      If you have $60,000.00 to buy that crap, you can buy a D3x to go with it !

      • Jabs

        No – invisible man!

        It is an antique representing the culmination of the older Nikon’s supreme accomplishments all preserved for “posterity” – LOL.

        Je suis intellegente’ (yeah right), eh vous ete – WHAT? – is that quoi for what in French?

        Yeah – how to be an antiquities ‘expuurt’ fascinated with old stuff and then be a grand collector of rare things.

        Gotta love E-Bay!

        Almost as bad (or is that enlightened) as your invisible claims.

        It’s a ‘jethro moment’, fer shere yessiree bwaas – lol -)

        OK – back from me being a sarcastic nut!

        • The invisible D900

          My lenses are like my girlfriends, when it get to old and it’s hard to focus on, it’s time for an upgrade !

          • Jabs

            @The invisible dreamer – lol

            Yeah, and what about when YOU get old, does she trade you in or put you up for sale on E-Bay?

            Women are better than lenses but lens keep quiet mostly – LOL.

            Shhhhh – be vewwwy, vewwwy, vewwwy cayeful as we are hunting wabbits – Elmer Fudd – lol.

            I love women and use lenses but lenses don’t talk back or get angry with you – lol

        • ShaoLynx

          Avez-vous un problème avec les gens d’origine française?

          • The invisible D900

            No, only with French people !

  • The invisible man

    About mirrorless…..
    (I already post it but it’s sooooo good !)
    The 2 (cutes) girls are twins. The suposed mirror is just a window.
    Enjoy !

    • venancio

      maybe the pink lady is a vampire… no reflection…

    • AnoNemo

      @The invisible man
      … in the mirror!

  • AnoNemo


  • Worminator

    EISA Awards

    Step 1: each member company submit a product they want to win an award
    Step 2: EISA makes up enough categories so there is an award for each company
    Step 3: any possible conflict is resolved by either making a new category or asking the company to submit a different product instead
    Step 4: “awards” list is published.

    • NisseHult

      If there is a conflict EISA asks for a little sweetener, then it will be easier to decide..

  • AnoNemo

    Nikon wants to deliver “magic” for the masses… just think about this concept … and (?) those who want more than XXmp/1080p can buy which 1 FF Nikon?

  • The base-jumping in that Yosemite video is pretty amazing. Not sure I’d do it, but my kudos to the people who do. Took quite some inventiveness to create such jumping outfits. Would not like to have been a tester for the pre-production models 🙂

    • Actually, term was probably ‘face-jumping’ not ‘base-jumping.’ Either way, it’s pretty amazing.

      • Lol.

        Face-Dumping turned Base-Jumping.

        • AnoNemo

          and for you the earth still looks like a plate

    • Ric

      Basejumping in Yosemite is illegal.

  • Saad SS

    Regarding the NikonImages photo contest, I created an account and uploaded 3-4 images. The link posted here offers no instructions on how to submit/upload photos.
    Any idea where/how I could upload?

    • I guess you have to submit your photo to the “2011 Contest” category.

  • “Nikon gear in action:”

    For stills. It seems he’s using a 5DII for video (3:51).

  • Anonymous

    D7000 wins the EISA award? Guess I don’t need that FF so much after all. And now I can stop checking Nikon Rumors every ten minutes.

    What a paradox, I’m on vacation and want summer to last as long as possible yet I’m nerding for a new Nikon FX mirrorless announcement to come as soon as possible. Open the time rift, I’m jumping in.
    Or, as my wife likes to say,
    “Can we get this over with? “

  • The invisible D900

    I checked the D7000 at the store yesterday, compared to the D90, the D7000 does not worth the extra $$$$ .
    Now, if you have a D40, it maybe time to upgrade !

    • Victor Hassleblood

      ? ? ? ? What exactly did you check in a store ? ? ? ?

      The D7000 is a steal. It has not only higher res in both, video and stills, it also provides cleaner and sharper stills judged at 100%. I never had a D90 in my hands, but I suppose it isn’t any better than D300 or D700. Am I right or am I right?

      • The invisible D900

        Yes you’re right and right !
        But what I mean that it does not justify the $500 extra compared to the D90.
        The D90 give much better pictures than the D300.

        • gt

          disagree. better ISO performance, higher res, AF-fine tune, better body construction, U1 and U2 modes, better metering (2016 pixel metering system rather than the D90’s 420 pixel metering system), more focus points, dual SD slots, 1080 hd video, 14BIT RAW….

          D7000 is worth $500 additional dollars. I would never recommend anyone in this market to spring for a D90 at this point.

          Of course, it is largely a personal opinion….I just happen to find your opinion…wrong.

          • The invisible D900

            I don’t do video
            My D90 expose perfectly
            Up to 800 ISO, D7000 is not better (see online tests)

            If you offer to exchange my D90 for a D7000 (or if the D7000 was FX) I will for get the D7000, but for now, the difference between both does not improve pictures so much.

            • gt

              if you already own the D90, then I guess stick with it. Wait for the D400 or D800. unless a small body is important to you

          • kyoshinikon

            Actually I find that the D7000 has a much larger dynamic range so if you shoot in really crappy light you have so much more you can do in camera raw… Ironic because my D90 is still my prime shooter even though I have a D7000

    • Jabs

      @The invisible D900

      The D7000 is so far ahead of the older D90, that I would not use a D90 over a D7000. The dynamic range, sharpness, color clarity and video is so much better.

      GET better lenses and shoot better more revealing subjects in high brightness or low brightness situations and then be amazed.

      The D7000 is more like a D700 in response or an FX Nikon PRO body, while the D90 is yesterday’s tech, though great – left behind by newer Nikon gear.

      Even the D5100 is better than the D90 by far.

    • The D7000’s dynamic range is amazing — 13.9 stops. That’s higher than the published dynamic range of any other digital that I’m personally aware of. The D7000’s resolution is remarkable. None other than Hanson Fong told me after a print competition that my D7000 image looked like it was shot with a 4×5 film camera (won a Merit Award, too, which is even better:)). And that was with a DX lens!

      It also has a very useful Live View switch right by the LCD so you can switch in and out of Live View with one stroke of your thumb. Finally, the D7000 has a leveling feature that allows you to see on your Live View or in your viewfinder when you camera is exactly level, either horizontally or vertically. These two features alone plus the wide dynamic range have been worth the extra money to me. Now my D300 is my second camera and my D200 sits on the shelf unused.

  • broxibear
  • Just heard from WELL INFORMED NOT TO BE MENTIONED NIKON GUY this afternoon on one of the bigest open air photograficamarket in the Netherlands that NIKON RUMORS is wrong so guest what……. THERE WILL BE A D4 AND NOT ONLY A MIRRORLESS !

  • Jabs

    Reality to me, as a Nikon USER for decades:

    When Canon or any other 35mm DSLR camera manufacturer can give this type of a photo file like the below link, then I will buy them gladly – until then, I will stick to my Nikon’s.

    You might call it ‘fanboyism’, but I call it as I see it.


  • broxibear

    Interesting that Kai over at DigitalRev decided to post a video today called “Nikon D3S Re-Review – Then & Now” where he looks again at the D3s with a small acknowledgement that a D4 is inevitable.
    Did someone say NDA lol ?

    • There is no way that an online retailer will be under Nikon NDA, dpreview probably but not Digitalrev. If there is a new DSLR announced next week, I don’t expect many people to have seen it before, just like the last 40mm macro lens.

      • broxibear

        Hey Peter,
        There’s no “probably” about dpreview, they’ve signed more NDAs than they have reviews on their site…I’m surprised their site isn’t subscription only and exclusively viewable on kindle.

        • I keep repeating this, but they did not have the 40mm macro lens for review. Nobody has seen this lens yet. What’s up with that? This was a real “announcement on paper only”.

          • Jabs


            A Launch TEST perhaps by Nikon, perhaps to see if they can pinpoint who or what is leaking their information or how tight their security is.

            Could also be a Launch Tease – to confound us or their competitors as everyone watches the other person = Nikon has been around for years and is NOT dumb or stupid.

            I already told you that I am behind the scenes but not in the camera Business of Field, so I know how it works in America!

            Usually – lol.

          • Jabs


            The versatile AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G will be available in August for an estimated selling price of $279.95. For more information, please visit http://www.nikonusa.com.

        • Broxibear, I believe this is your D4: http://photo.net/casual-conversations-forum/00ZDe0?unified_p=1
          BTW, photo.net is not a big fan of NR, but they certainly like a piece of the D4 action 🙂 Let’s see if they will remove this post.

          • broxibear

            That’s pretty pathetic.
            Somebody called Bela Laszlo Molnar http://photo.net/photodb/user?user_id=831118 has just taken my design, added a couple of things and is calling it his “dream NIKON D4” and claiming it as their own.

            • I am banned from this forum (they will even delete any links to NR posted by paying members!) but maybe you can tell them what I think. Try to add a link to NR. I can bet it will be deleted in 5min 🙂 Maybe I should ask all NR reader to login a leave a link to the Nikon D4 giveaway, lol.

            • broxibear

              “I am banned from this forum” lol.
              I don’t care enough to complain, what’s really funny is this guy’s bio which says “Nature is always honest, beautiful, even as a volcano, or an ocean wave that washing out the shore lines. People is not as simple as nature.”.
              Yes, and people are not as honest either…are they Bela ? lol

            • They banned me before I even started NR. If I had paying members, I would let them post links to whatever site they want. They also don’t miss any chance to trow a punch at NR. They are not important enough for me to care :).

            • tub33

              The photo.net admins hate all rumor sites but especially NR. The Nikon admins lock down any threads once anyone starts talking about a rumor. They won’t even allow you to tell someone to come here to NR where you are free to talk about what you want.

            • Yeah, not sure what is their problem. I have multiple readers complaining to me that their comments on photo.net are getting deleted every time time they mention the words Nikon and Rumors in one sentence which I find hilarious. But then again, I don’t see a reason for anyone to visit this website anyway. The only reason they survived so long is because of their domain name. You can put a pile of shit on photo.net and people will still visit it 🙂

            • kyoshinikon

              They actually seem a bit canon biased…

            • broxibear

              I sent them an email for an explanation, I wasn’t going to but now they’ve added a bigger image and Bela Laszlo Molnar is thanking people for liking “his” render ?
              If you want to do a render then do your own Bela Laszlo Molnar !

            • Let me know their answer broxibear. BTW, I am sure Google will pick up the name Bela Laszlo Molnar and will start displaying this thread in their search results.

      • Jabs


        From actually being involved in Product roll-outs in my field, there are various forms of NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreements.

        1. One, you are given a Product to Review and then ORDERED to not either tell anyone or disclose that you have been given this Product prior to and Official Release.

        2. If you are a Wholesaler and it is required that you have to handle the actual Product prior to an Official launch and also keep it in stock in your warehouse, then there are different restrictions. Some Manufacturers deliver sealed containers without keys or such to you and you cannot open it until they approve, while others allow you to put it in your Inventory systems (a source of many leaks) and others allow you to display them to other NON-Retail persons or Companies BUT not their competitors or agents and Advertising Agencies.

        3. The Internet and Retail Businesses have other restrictions as they are where consumers purchase these items plus the audience is bigger and very savvy plus connected, as in leaks like a sieve (lol).

        When I was involved in a revolutionary item, I was field testing it and then providing Engineering feedback before the product was formally introduced but being a Manufacturer’s Representative, I had already been told to NOT acknowledge the existence of this new item. Today, this item is now the world’s best seller in its’ field and I can’t say what it is here either.

        You talk, and you are out of the Business, as confidentiality is paramount and more so in this Internet age. The D4 has already been in testing for perhaps 2 to 3 years in disguise and perhaps now in its’ final Production form already out in the field prior to the earthquake, but YOU don’t know where to look and no one would really tell you, perhaps. Remember when I posted the Nikon CRM link, then perhaps go back and read it, as Nikon THEN changed its’ way and since the earthquake/tsunami, you might have missed how many died then including some of the very ‘leakers’ of information too, perhaps. Ever heard of Corporate Espionage or people who’s sole job is to get ‘spy shots’ of upcoming items – look at Brenda Pirdy or Purdy and Company at the automotive web sites, as they get all those pictures of upcoming things.

        Nikon got smarter and the ‘spies’ got disrupted or died, it seems!

        • Jabs


          Good points, but we often forget that Nikon is the leader and Sony is trying to perhaps flush them out by revealing much and then squash them with specs, perhaps or goad them to reveal much – LOL.

          It is called being in the cat-bird seat and holding your cards close to your chest, as Sony supplies sensors to Nikon and ALSO is a competitor, so hence an intense rivalry.

          I agree with Nikon’s stance, as I have seen the exact same thing from Nikon when they tussled with Canon with the F1n versus the F3HP.

          Nikon won that round easily, as my brother had a F1n and I tried it before I bought any 35mm film camera plus he shot with Leica’s too before me and my other brother was a Nikon FM2 shooter. I bypassed both of them and bought an F3HP and MD4 combination and then when they handled it, they both shut up, after me a beginner shot better than them – two experienced shooters = CHOOSE wisely in equipment. I also bought an FA as I liked the 1/250 fill flash ability and 1/4000 sec shutter speed but hated the FM2, as it is too slow for me and I also got an MD-15 motor drive instead of the older MD-12 that fit both the FM2 and newer FA, but the MD-15 had electrical controls/contacts and the more important to me – Nikon electronic release port that used the same release as the F3 series plus was faster than the MD-12, as in instant reaction at shutter presses. Electronics versus electro-mechanical.

          Same with when Minolta brought out its’ Maxxum series and had a revolutionary approach to AF as in built into the body (I think) and tried to run over Nikon.

          It died.

          Sony inherited that mindset, perhaps and is like the new kid on the block trying to take down the Sensei or Master (Nikon).

          Nikon is wily and not about to cede an inch to anyone, so you figure it out after the dust settles.

          I expect Nikon to beat them hands down and thus wait and see.

          Everyone over the years who has challenged Nikon, has won in the short term and lost in the long term.

          They are quite brilliant and thus most Pro shooters love them. On the amateur or consumer end, Nikon has often been reticent or don’t seem to care. That I think is about to change with their new mirrorless SYSTEM and others are scared, so Nikon is being secretive for a reason. Probably revolutionary like the F3, FA and D3 = Nikon’s finest cameras to date – to me!

  • Tony

    Evil Canon

    Canon EOS Rebel T3 SLR Digital Camera w/ 18-55mm lens Plus 75-300mm AND 55-250mm Telephoto Lens with Canon PIXMA Pro 9000 Mark II Photo Printer $562 ($400 MIR)

    They are selling them at this price for months now.

    • Jabs

      Buy a camera and get a FREE printer, or buy a printer and get a FREE camera – lol.

      The D7000 and D5100 are killing ’em, maybe.

  • broxibear

    Remember all those Nikon tattoos?… well here’s video of one of them having a Nikon tattoo done http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3o4kXmdC7-g
    Nothing wrong with tattoos but a Nikon tattoo ?

  • studbike

    I’m calling BS on the nikon vs canon debate being linked so self esteem. the real problem with these debates is that nikons rule and canons suck.

  • Self-esteem? From a Canon user? Shome mishstake shurely!



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