Nikon related news/links

  • MUC Nikon iLive remote control app for the iPhone just got approved and is now available.
  • Mypicturetown now offers paid storage - the email I got said "20GB for just a few cents a day".
  • Nikon D3X DSLR camera received the EISA Award.
  • Adobe has announced release candidates of Photoshop Camera Raw 5.5 and DNG Converter 5.5 with Nikon D300s and D3000 support.
  • Correcting rolling shutter from DSLR cameras (via

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  • Anonymous

    cool story hansel

  • Hi !

    THANK GOD 4 the mac !

  • silverfire

    Would you please refrain from posting so much iPhone content?

    There are some of us out there who don’t masturbate to the very thought of Apple :X

    • rad

      Yes, well some of us do! Some of us are Apple users and this is great for us to know. So stop player hating on us because we have seen the light or have the money to do so, whichever reason why you’re not on Mac.

      • Ennan

        I’m not a mac user but I do own a iPod touch and find information on these apps very useful.

        Admin – please continue to post info on any Nikon related software whether it’s for the iPhone, Mac or PC!

        • Anonymous

          Well actually, I waited for about 5 months, just so I can get my 17″ MacBook Pro. I love it ! This machine is amazing for video editing and especially photography with the NVIDIA GRAPHICS !

    • MacLover

      Stop complain’in!
      Apple is awesome cause they don’t use stupid lock-in formats like microsoft, and they never try and prevent competitors from trying to develop apps fo their platform.

      YoU need to stop being a follower and get an iphone. Be an individual like the rest of us.

      • Anonymous

        HEHE, that was funny. I LOVE MY NEW 17″ MACBOOK PRO !!!!

  • regular

    Wow, that’s progress! moviemakers now need to spend another bucket of $$$ and tens of hours to compensate rolling shutter effect. :-]

  • alex

    the plugin is $500 for After Effects compatible hosts or the Nuke compositor. was released about 3 weeks ago but was announced since ~ april. it won’t fix the jello completely and always, but reduces the effect a lot most of the time, at least for the regular viewer.

  • Dweeb

    Probably won’t be buying one soon, but that Horseman VCC looks great. Always wanted to see how my Hasselblad lenses performed on the Nikon chip.

  • yea right, just what people need. another post processing step, another conversion. but as long as it makes people buy new dslrs it makes market moving 🙂

  • kimble

    wonder how much they paid for the eisa award, a modified d3 with 24mp sensor with an award? what about make it camera of the century as well?

  • liels

    On the Horseman bellows, does anyone know:

    is what lenses are usable/available for this? Standard F-mount? If so, how much scope for movements. Standard large format lensboard lenses? Are the electrical contacts passed through the bellows? Focal plane shutter? TTL metering?

  • Zoetmb

    Nikon should buy an OEM version of the correction software and integrate it into their cameras or at the very least into whatever software they provide for video capture.

    And as far as Apple goes, any software that’s of relevance to Nikon users, whether it’s for Mac, iPhone, PC, Motorola, MS-DOS, Nokia or whatever, should be posted. If it’s not of relevance to you, because you don’t have the platform, then don’t look at it.

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