Nikon Rumors giveaway #1

I have been busy with the PhotoRumors blog lately (no worries, I will not abandon my first born child NR) and I have been postponing this for a while, but here it is now: the first NikonRumors giveaway.

What do I win?

A ThinkTank Photo Streetwalker backpack (without the content of course):


The best part?

The good people of ThinkTank Photo agreed to ship this backpack anywhere in the world, so this is not one of those "US only" giveaways.

How do I win?

  1. I am assuming that by now you are already registered at the Nikon Rumors Forum.
  2. Find an online review for the ThinkTank Photo Streetwalker backpack. Any review will be fine as long as it is for that specific product.
  3. I know some of you like to post "first!" comment on this blog. Now is you time to shine...
  4. Go to this post on the Nikon Rumors forum, post the word "first!" and the link to the ThinkTank Photo Streetwalker backpack review. The first person that replies to this topic in the Nikon Rumors forum will win the backpack. Remember that you will have to write the word "first" and then paste the review link (only the world "first" or only the link won't do it). If the first entry is not complete, the second entry will win, and so on... Good luck!

What if I didn't win?

You can always get a free bag from ThinkTank Photo with a purchase of $49.50 or more.


What else?

While you are on, check out their new Multimedia Wired Up Collection.

Fine print: You must be at least 18 years of age. The contest is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. is not responsible for anything. Special thanks to ThinkTank Photo for sponsoring this giveaway.
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  • mantom
  • Pavel
    • You were suppose to post this in the forum, not in the blog.
      Somebody got there before you.
      I will have more of those, so stay tuned.

      • “3. I know some of you like to post “first!” comment on this blog. Now is you time to shine…”

        You were kinda asking for it there

  • davey
    • Canon Rumors


  • Niloy
  • Anonymous

    Sounds exciting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Libby

    Nice of you to do this. People need to read instructions though 😉

  • Ninth!

  • Ronan

    An easy way to filter idiots!

    • WoutK89

      it has begun!!! 😛 Just kidding

  • First!

    …to read the instructions all the way through…(too bad I jumped online 4 hours late)

  • Anonymous


    What do I win? 😀

  • Cluebat

    What the hell? There are people do not like this, and don’t want more postings? What is wrong with your miserly people?!

  • What we don’t like, at least what seems to me, is the fact that the first person who happens to come to the website and see it wins. Why not pick a random person from all who entered, of course only those who followed all the instructions. I certainly won’t come to the website more often to see if there are more “me first” contests. It just does not feel right to conduct contests this way. Others will no doubt disagree. But the high number of don’t like clicks makes me think I might be right.

    • This is exactly what I had in mind – random, quick and transparent selection of the winner, everything else would be subjective.

      • It’s your site, so you obviously have the right to do what you think is best. But a whole lot of people will feel left out because they were at work, or were taking the kids for a walk (or the dog) and they were too late to even bother trying. Aren’t contests designed to bring attention to the site and to get people excited about participating?

        BTW, I don’t feel left out. I won a whole Think Tank outfit several years ago when a Canadian photojournalism magazine held a contest. So I’m happy for the winner, they make good stuff.

  • I apologize for a second post so quickly, but the last thing we want to do is to encourage the immature “First” posts.

    • I have been deleting the “first” posts lately and I will continue to do so (except this post).

      • Tradition

        But it can be a subcultural tradition, you know. Like saying grace before a meal. Now let us all bow our heads and say “FIRST!” before posting..


      • moregan17

        I feel that is the appropriate action… anything off topic should be deleted.

  • Mark J

    This is kind of a lame giveaway admin. I mean come on, first person to find a review and link to it in the forums? Having a drawing of users who commented and found a review would have been much better. Or since this is a photography blog, maybe even a contest involving a photo. As is, this just came down to whomever was first to browse and read this article/contest.

    • WoutK89

      And the photos will all become property of NR Admin, right? 😉

  • Zoetmb

    I agree it was a lame contest. Who cares who was first?

    But as for the people who didn’t do it right, as I used to write on the cover of user manuals that I used to write:


  • Jack

    what bag are they giving away for the $50 purchase?

  • Bizarre Postings

    The bizarre postings lately are diminishing the reputation of this site and its owner. I don’t want to call it junk.. theres a lot of good substance. But what this blog has been demonstrating lately is.. hmm.. rather… lack of discipline. GOOD follow-through. But a serious lack of professionalism and discipline. I know its really early in the life of this blog, but the fact that the owner has gotten so much right — and done so much right — has set a standard that should be carried forward without receding into gimmicks or cheesy posts. A post a day doesn’t necessarily have to be junk just to kill time between rumors — it can simply be “Nothing hot enough to post today — am working on the meaty stuff you expect from me, but which doesn’t come every day — meanwhile here is a product review:” and link it to something that can help generate money. Phony rumors will tarnish your reputation. And bad contests will alienate your base. Overall the site is going well, but you need to have a strategy past the start-up into a maturity phase.

    • Bizarre postings? I would not go so far, but thanks for your feedback. Phony rumors can be helpfully – just read the discussion thread.

  • A lot of you continue to amaze me. You find fault with everything Nikon or nikon rumors does and yet you continue to visit here.

    • WoutK89

      Isn’t it the same deal with soccer, or in European talk, since I am Dutch, football hooligans, they complain when their team is losing and still they come back? 😉

  • telecomm

    Yeah, I think the contest would be better with a random draw from eligible entries received in, say, a 12 hour period, or something like that. Anyone who doesn’t read the blog full-time just sees a contest that’s already over. Not exactly a compelling read.

    • WoutK89

      Well, 12 hours is a bit short then, 12 hours is an overnight difference between USA and europe alone, make it a fair contest and say 36 hours then!

  • Ian

    Is the owner of this site 17 years old or something?

  • France

    Random draw of people posting links would have been nicer. You may find it objective, short and sweet, but it could be the first poster had an inside contact…. This really sucks the bag! Especially since I am a big Think Tank fan, owning two of their belts!

  • Thank you all for your feedback. There are many ways to organize a giveaway. There is no right or wrong way of doing it. Anyway, this project is done. What’s next? Nikon Rumors Photo Wiki…. yes, you heard that right… coming soon to a browser near you.

  • Do you think this bag will fit a Nikon 300 2.8 AFS II

  • Djonah

    sweet! to bad that the giveaway has allready finished 😀

  • Chris Lilley

    Last! I guess.
    Thanks for making it international rather than US-only, the thought was appreciated….

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