BTW, there were no Coolpix cameras announcement this week

Which will make next week even more interesting...

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  • Anonymous

    Tick Tock

  • if someone sold a pill that could knock me out until wednesday, I would take it.

    • BartyL

      Oh there are plenty of those to be had, and more ‘interesting’ ones as well.

      In fact, if you took enough of the ‘right’ kind of thing, you might convince yourself you are already the owner of a pair of D4s and a dreamscape of lenses, then the waiting would be over. ‘Course to maintain the illusion you would need to keep taking them. Less savoury illusions would be inevitable.

  • kede

    Scoubidoobiscoubidoowaaaa I’m a wizzard!!

    • BartyL

      Brian Hirschfeld needs your help…

  • Ric

    can only mean that Capture NX3 is imminent

    • Hahaha. You’re hilarious with your NX3 posts. Seriously, hilarious! Btw, I’m waiting too….. NX2 is the first step in my complicated workflow. Give me a D4 and NX4 and I’ll be in heaven.

      • Ric

        Thanks. I’m not in the market for a D400, D800 or D4. I have a D300 which as of now is plenty of camera for me. NX3 is the ONLY thing I want out of Nikon. I wish they would just announce either, yes we are working on a new version or we’re out of the software business so we can move on.

        When the D900 is out in 3 years then I might upgrade. Then again I’ll need to get at least 3 FF lenses.

        I do find the this whole speculation/rumors/wishes entertaining.

        I”ll keep banging the NX3 drum until…………….until…………crap, I don’t know how long.

      • learn your self capture one and forget that crappy nik software

        • Ric

          care to mail me $400?

  • FX DX

    I feel like Cartman in this episode of SouthPark:

    • nikonlover

      yeah lol! with the difference that we don’t know exactly what will be announced ;/

  • Bullsnot

    Dammit! I need a new coolpix! My D7000 is getting long in the tooth already…

  • Rockadell

    NIKON D400 !

  • Someone say Nikon D3200?!

  • Landscape Photo

    No Coolpix means no FX, unfortunately. Right?

  • The images are inconsistent I find. Mine changes to often…

    • aetas

      The image should not change if you have added the avatar and use the same email address.

      • True, though I do use the same email.

  • Anonymous

    Is all the hype about a stupid 2.6x mirrorless? I can’t believe it. 23 August 2007 was a landmark date for Nikon announcing their first FF, D3. So, 24 August will be one day past 4th anniversary. Perfect timing for D4 & (D800 or D400) !

    • rhlpetrus

      The stupid mirrorless means the 3rd mount Nikon has developed, ever. It also means a market that has grown exponentially in the last 3 years. Nikon need to be able to finance their lines. The D700/D3/D3x likely don’t pay themselves back so easily.

  • Maybe Nikon will announce the Coolpix cameras the day before?

  • Most probably mirrorless at least ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hmm any probability of mirrorless together with pro bodies? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • JonMcg

    I’ve flat out stopped even participating in your threads due to the “extreme” control you enforce there… I’ve done deep searches, not found the topic I’ve been interested in, started a thread only to have it shut down due to the admin thinking the topic has been covered… This has happened multiple times which would probably explain why the forums here really can’t quite get off the ground as they should..

    I’m sorry and don’t mean to flame but I sincerely am turned off by the way they are run…

  • Mirrorless Meh

    If it is just the mirrorless cam a lot of people will say: “meh”

    • Geoff

      I might even say BOO ! ;- )

    • Bart B

      I will say: ‘Yeah’

    • Anonymous

      If it turns out to be D4 mirrorless, or D809 mirrorless, I’ll be saying meh, yee ha ha.

  • HalbVoll

    Where’s the beef?

  • SGN

    Don’t know if this is relevant here, but it seems Canon is going to announce only compacts (and no G series) this week – No DSLR.

  • Ole

    22nd: Coolpix announcement
    23rd: EVIL announcement
    24th: D400 announcement
    25th: D800 announcement
    26th: D4 announcement

    • NikonD80Still

      that’s probably your wish. you will be disappointed.

  • J

    Admin, how about lenses? Any word on those?

    I’d really like to see 300mm f4 with VR or new version of 80-400. Damn.

  • Tom Rockwell

    I’m disappointed, I was expecting a new Coolpix

  • BenS

    Does anyone think Nikon would use a PRO like JOE McNALLY to launch their mirrorless camera ? Neither Nikon or Joe are that stupid unless this mirrorless thing is so revolutionary that it is worth being used by a PRO like Joe. There has to be something BIG coming that is worth Joe’s time.

    • Elton

      Yes. A PRO will shoot with what his sponsor asks him to shoot with if it does the job. 720p is fine for the flat panel displays in his exhibit. A PRO will help his sponsor promote their products. A PRO can get great work with lots of different tools. Nikon will help promote Joe’s exhibition because Nikon supports Joe’s work. They don’t need a new product announcement to support Joe.

      • Elton

        That said, a D4 announcement and a mirrorless announcement on Wednesday wouldn’t surprise me.

  • one camera is coming : mirrorless. but there can be more. not d800.

    d800 next year.

    how do i know? i work at nikon ๐Ÿ™‚

    • NikonD80Still

      got the picture ๐Ÿ™‚ i think your the most correct ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Dan

        nikon d400?

      • send it over ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Rahul

        If the D800 comes next year then it might have D4’s sensor which will be excellent. I think it would be a very logical move by Nikon. This way D800 will not impact sales of D4. If Nikon announces D800 this year then rest assured that its sensor will not be as good as that of D4.

        • a d400 may come. i only asked d800. but mirrorless camera will be the best mirrorless.

          i am waiting d800, for buying d700 cheap ๐Ÿ™‚ i guees d800 will be about 3.500 $.

    • JonMcg

      But there can be more? What does this mean? Can you clarify?

  • rhlpetrus

    Maybe there will be no announcement in August …

  • B2

    I’m betting for Nikonos/Mirorless/Coolpixes next week, D700x + D4 in September

  • MB

    Most probable in my opinion? Coolpixes!
    Not so probable? Nikon has been so secretive about DSLR stuff lately that they might as well announce new D800 out of the blue, it is ready for some time I am sure.
    Least probable? Mirrorless. According to some previous (and not so ecstatic as recent) rumors it should be announced in October, and that should have some symbolism in it too because new mount is supposed to be called Nikon O mount, especially now that Q is taken.

  • BenS

    Almost just 2 days to go ! Damn, where are the leaks !!!

  • Kevin

    If all we get is a mirrorless camera and no FF on the 24th, I swear there’s gonna be a few riots going on in a few cities around the world….

    • burak


  • 120-300 F2:8 OS

    Hear no Evil See no Evil this is Evil Knievel mirror the less camera Ha ha.
    tik tok tick tack D??????????? D$ ?

  • jake

    the D4 and the D800 or D700x will be announced in Sep and the rumored Mirroless ILC will be announced on 24th of this month.

    I think almost all rumors saying the same.
    I am kind of disappointed since I want a D400 , currently shooting with D700, D7000 + EOS5D2.

  • nrt

    I know (well, 90%) from a very trusted source, that they will announce the D4 to be available to buy in Oct and the D800 will be announced next year.

    There you go. Big wait over.

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