Alternative ways to follow NikonRumors next week

In case [NR]'s server starts to overheat next week, here are some alternative ways to follow the latest news and updates:

And while we are talking about social networking, give some Google love to [NR] by clicking the +1:


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  • Jabs

    Oh – an alternate plan – good idea too since this web site has gotten so popular.

    Keep up the good work Administrator

    • with the D7000 announcement everything went fine, but you never know

      • Jabs


        ADD a SSD (solid state drive) of high capacity (use two) in RAID0 (zero) and a Nvidia Telsa card (expensive) and these will increase your throughput easily.

        Add VM’s (virtual machines) as in VMware or such and USE 64bit Linux like OpenSUSE, RedHat or Ubuntu Server or Fedora = problem solved.

        Get an upcoming AMD Opteron Bulldozer 8 core and above processor in your next server and add VM’s to do the ‘trick’. VM’s isolate parts of your web site and aids in load balancing too.

        Send me a check – LOL.

        • Jabs, my current server is Dual Quadcore Xeon E5310 @ 1.6Ghz, 8Gb RAM, 2x500Gb SATA HD in software RAID 1. I also run an additional caching software. My problem are the mysql queries. I may have to get a second server for the database very soon – too many SQL requests, some of them take a long time. Let’s see how it will go next week. I did not have any issues when the D7000 was announced last year and I had much higher traffic than now.

          • As the site grows, you should scale horizontally, not vertically.. Think lots of little servers instead of one or two massive ones.

            Also, for your db load – you may want to look into putting results in memcache. When the queries are stored in memory, it can decrease the load on your db exponentially.

          • NikonRumorFan

            Hi NR Admin,

            For future expansion for web server or sql server, you might want to take a look at cloud sever solution.

            No Hardware cost, no electricity bill, premium load balancing to handle million of requests.

            Well, but data traffic cost is not very cheap ( around 10-20 cent/GB).

            Some product below:



            -Big fan Of YourWebsite-

            • Yes, I am planning to use AWS for all static files, this should take some load off the server.

          • Jabs


            Yes, I remember your specs plus you having your own server, hence my recommendations.

            64bit LINUX = speed that either Macs or Windows cannot deliver, so far.

            AMD Bulldozer = better for HPC or High Performance Computing, as in database flies on Linux using AMD processors as Intel is speed and NOT database throughput as its specialty. AMD basically handles MORE requests per second often especially when the core count rises and then you assign each VM to a core and blow Intel away.

            Get a Tyan board ( and TWO quad or octo-core Bulldozer (upcoming, as in soon) and then USE 64bit Linux Server as that is what most Web sites use themselves PLUS VM’s or virtual machines, as that renders flexibility and greater throughput speeds plus the isolation of the VM’s gives you protection from viruses or such and if something does go wrong, you don’t need to reboot the whole server BUT just the VM = sense.

            USE VM’s from VMware or even VM appliances or even Linux pre-built appliances or Virtual Box ( and roll your own.

            The solid state drives will blow away your mechanical drives as they are so much faster especially in RAID 0 but way more expensive and thus divide your system into two parts.

            Operating system = part one on SSD of about 256 to 512 megs each in RAID 0 for speed.

            Data system = part two on SATA 3 or SAS drives of multi-terabyte sizes in RAID 1 to 5 or even 10 and then watch things really fly.

            Cloud computing gives you no or little benefits to me, except perhaps manageability and that is where Tyan comes in, as their boards have built-in management features as a NATIVE way and thus you control things yourself.

            Why pay for what you can do yourself better plus react to quicker? Have you seen the recent cloud failures and how this has put many out of Business or at least crippled their Business processes = NO THANKS!

            • Jabs, the simple truth is that the more technology you use, the more maintenance it requires. Unfortunately I do not have the time, otherwise I would love to everything myself. I now have a support team from the hosting company that takes care of almost all potential issues. Thanks again for all the advise.

          • FM-2 fan

            Maybe you reach out to the MYSQL (Oracle) people here to help you tuning the MYSQL. Going for the latest release is highly recommended.

            There must be MYSQL aware people here … guys where are you?

            • Jabs

              @FM-2 fan.

              Actually, I believe that MySQL is Open source and NOT from Oracle


            • FM-2 fan

              There might be people in the community and/or Oracle – my comment is not related to ownership or IPRs.

              LAMP … is open … BTW why virtualise such system? First analyse it to see, what it is doing right now and then decide.

            • Jabs

              @FM-2 fan

              You virtualize to maximize throughput and up time plus to isolate the various elements of the web site from each other = lessened risk of viruses taking you down completely, as you just reboot the VM (virtual machine not the whole server if something goes awry) and also you get increased HITS capability within the SAME server = newer techniques with multi-core processors with REAL 64bit extensions like only AMD has had for years in the X-86 world as in AMD64 and Intel has always been 32+32 = 64 to THEM or EMT64 wannabe, and thus useless in virtualization. Intel JUST licensed the AMD ‘REAL’ 64bit extensions after losing that dispute via a billion dollar lawsuit and now needs to bring some processors out that can do what AMD has been able to do for years and years = Engineer here.

              Look at WHO makes the processors in the TOP 500 HPC (High Performance Computing) servers worldwide and then WHY?

          • Jabs
  • Sing

    Sing up for the email?

    I’ll warm up my voice then. 😛

    • Anand

      I didn’t realize Admin was a fan of singing!!!!

      I guess I am outta luck then…I can’t sing to save my life! 😛

  • Zorro

    Why would the NR server overheat next week?

    • Zorro

      Nothing on the way to get excited about.

      • Ninja

        Well either 1) people are hyped about mirrorless; 2) pissed for no D800. Your pick.

        • R R

          hahahha AGREE

      • Dweeb

        Like waiting for a new Mac desktop and getting a lousy phone instead.

  • I’ve been singing loud, but still no emails have come through. This thing must be broken, either that or my singing voice is! screeeeeeecchhh!!!!!!!!!!!
    Enough of this, I’m going out to take some shots with my testing unit. Beautiful!
    Wow, this new D*** is awesome.

  • AM

    Two days to go!

    • gt

      Can someone answer me this: what PURPOSE does the secrecy serve? what benefit is this to nikon?

  • rhlpetrus

    Just signed up for the e-mail notification, so that the refresh key doesn’t get crushed ;).


    • just fyi: the emails have few minutes delay 🙂

  • Any chance you guys would consider posting your updates to Google+ as well? Love te site and would adore being able to follow and discuss all the juicy tidbits there as well

    • For now Google allows only individuals to have + profiles. Once they allow websites and other organizations to create Google+ profiles, I will do it.

      • I am sure I’ll be lambasted by all the socialites of the world, but I have many reasons and strong intentions to avoid google MeToo™ for…..well, ever. The last thing I need is another social network, and the last thing I want is one that’s operated by the company that wants to sell your privacy to the highest bidder.

        As for the announcements this week—

        I am baffled so far by the breadth of the rumors. It has been crazy to hear from week to week the rumors sliding from one end of the scale to the other. I’m really eager to see the next generation of cameras (who here on NR isn’t), but don’t personally have a ton of need for coolpix or mirrorless. I unloaded a D3s late last year (and thankfully made a decent profit on the sale) so I wouldn’t be stuck holding that bag when the replacement launched. I have the D7k right now, and it’s a great little machine. But there’s no doubt I’d love to reclaim the low light performance of the D700/D3s while welcoming an upgrade to the newest improvements in IQ, a la D800/D4.

        Here’s to hoping Nikon has simply been incredibly adept at silence, secrecy, and stealth on this round of pro bodies.

        • enesunkie

          I don’t think there has been a situation in the relatively short life of NR that days before an announcement , we do not even know whether a $5000+ pro DSLR (D4) will be announced OR a $500+ consumer camera (Mirrorless) will be announced OR a semi-pro DX body (D400) OR a compact FX body (D800) OR just another point and shoot.
          Nikon is getting much better at keeping secrets.

          • Worminator

            No kidding.

            A shot of the mirrorless mount. D700 going out of stock worldwide. Announcement on the 24th. That’s all we have.

          • tdot

            it must be a japanese / cultural thing, because AFAIK every american firm with 2 interconnected neurons has figured out that the vast free coverage from sites like NR (and social/viral marketing in general) is worth its weight in gold as far as sales and word-of-mouth go. So I guess i’m thinking, if I were nikon, I would not be so focused on keeping secrets, rather, trying to deliberately leak them the way I want…

            perhaps this is why I don’t run a big company.

          • enesunkie

            Maybe our worst fears 🙁 Just a Coolpix.

      • Ray

        I’d love to help out and +1 you on Google but I still can’t find a stupid invite. 🙁

        Oh well, twitter it is!

        • You don’t need a Google+ account in order to give a +1, you just have to login at Google.

  • gobsmacker

    No problem! If it makes a difference, I’ll be over at the Sony Rumors site intently following the announcements of Sony’s latest Canikon killers! LOL.

    • Your belly’s showing.

      • gobsmacker

        Yokozuna Chiyonofuji says “it is not nice to make fun of a Grand Champion.”

  • Bens

    Almost just 2 days to go ! Damn, where are the leaks !!!


    • Bens

      oops sorry for the added link. Dunno how it got there … i guess im overheating from waiting

  • Sly Larive

    What?! No google plus?? 🙂 I find I’m liking plus more and more of late. The handling of photos is much better.

    Want an invite?

    • I have Google+, but it’s my personal account. I cannot create one for [NR] yet.

      • Tenki
        • Google will kick him out if they found out.

          • Trust me, Facebook kicked me out already once for using a private account for this blog. I lost 5k “friends”.

            • Tenki

              I don’t think so because Google didn’t say that they will delete accout if it already created but not represent one person.


              Your profile and name must represent one person.
              Google Profiles doesn’t support profiles for couples or groups of people. Additionally, you can’t create a profile for a non-person entity such as a pet or business. Google may continue to allow existing profiles that don’t meet these criteria, as long as the profile names are unchanged.

              Sorry I never use Facebook so I don’t know why did they dick you out… somebody report ?

            • Tenki

              sorry let me do a correction – i should use ”suspend” , not “delete”. thanks!

            • Facebook pulled the plug on my account without any warning. They did the same with CanonRumors and few other sites that were not using real names. I tried to contact them, but never heard back from them. Now I have a [NR] fan page instead of personal account and life is good again 🙂

            • Tenki

              Ok I understood 🙂

              like you said , use a “real” name for a “personal” account to create a “fan page”.

              so, hope you can try the same simple way (maybe a little different…) in G+ , wish you sucess !

  • Captain Stoobing

    Dunno about you cats, but I’m subscribed to – that’s where it’s at! 🙂

    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      I tried to subscribe to but the site is down. There were so many visitors their servers were destroyed through spontaneous combustion. The specs of the upcoming coolpix camera is so mind blowing that Pedro, coolpixrumor’s admin, also died via spontaneous human combustion.

      I’ll have to try my luck at

  • Cheers from Brazil Peter! Waiting the D800… Or … 5D Mark III on tuesday!

  • One More Thought

    The lack of info is interesting…contrast that with Sony, where we seem to pretty much know everything already re their announcement on the same day.

    However, this could be Nikon’s new strategy…to really surprise the market.

    Even w/ regard to the supposed sure thing to be released…aka the mirrorless entry…we’ve had very little leak…certainly not even close to the same amount as with the new Sony equipment.

  • kyoshinikon

    I connect via rockmelt as it allows me to see what is up via the feed without going to the site

  • Ric

    Admin. Will you have a NX Rumors alernate site? The NX3 annoucement on the 24th is gonna blow your mind.

  • You should make a 1-800 number we can call: “Hello, here is the latest information on the latest Nikon cameras, they are as follow, D4, D4X, D400, and D800, all equiped with 120fps video capability, 24mp sensors, 200k ISO and are all priced affordably at $3000. Please stay on hold to reserve yours right now and we’ll have it shipped to you tomorrow.”

    Something like that ; )

  • Caleb

    This website is a joke if you can’t get any real or even possibly solid info about models or specs days before a release! So where are the rumors? Tens or hundreds of thousands of people work for them and know everything. This is your site’s whole purpose & you can find out nothing???

    It starts looking like you work for Nikon & just give out what info they want. Was interested before, but what is the point of Nikonrumors if you have no substantive rumors? Especially at a time like this when it matters.

    Regards, followers loosing interest in site!

    • You sound desperate and rude, try sneaking into Nikon headquarters tomorrow and find us a rumor.

    • PeterT

      Forgot your good upbringing? This site has shown very good performance in the past. We all are a bit confused about the lack of information at the moment but perhaps there is simply nothing big to talk about…

    • Eaksoy

      Dude not cool.

      No rumors might also mean no new stuff. Not what you were hoping for? Oh well, ciao bella then, but for now we’re sticking around here, rumors or not, this is the site I trust for all around Nikon news.

    • Don’t know what you’re talking about. Who’s leaving the site? You are the only one complaining. You can’t really blame the admin for Nikon being secret, and what about the past? This site had plenty of correct rumors and often even dates.

      If you don’t like the site, no one is forcing you to read it.

    • I’ve said it on several occasions already – the lack of rumors usually means no new products. Of course there were some surprises in the past, but this is still the general rule. Let’s also don’t forget what happen in Japan just few months ago. Many things have changed.
      Also, if I did not report the date August 24th few weeks ago, you wouldn’t even know to come here today and look for more info, right?

    • zoetmb

      Immature and rude responses like yours are the joke. I find this site very informative, even when I think any given rumor might be wrong. While I agree that it’s a little frustrating not knowing what’s coming, what difference does it make? What you don’t find out today, you’ll find out soon. You can’t buy anything yet anyway. Availability of Nikon bodies is generally months after announcement and consumers lenses are generally a month after announcement. Pro-lenses sometimes don’t show up at retail for a year after announcement.

      And it’s not “loosing” interest, it’s “losing” interest. And speak for yourself: you have no idea whether other “followers” are losing interest in the site. And if you are losing interest, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Chris P

    Perhaps the announcement of the 24th is an announcement that the whole thing is a non event to get back at Nikonrumours for their success in the past 🙂

  • gobsmacker

    Okay, so now the Canon Rumors site says that Canon will be making a new product announcement on August 23rd….apparently a trio of new compacts. I guess the Canon PR people must have decided they had to do something….anything….to counter the Nikon and Sony moves. Is this a cut-throat camera business or what? They must all be especially desperate this year to get their new stuff out in the stores in time for Christmas.

  • Nikon Syndrome

    One more way: Google’s cache (though depending on their update rate)

  • Timbo

    Whats the schedule for Wednesday? At what time of day will this mythical announcement be made by Nikon?

    • The announcement should happen Tuesday at midnight for the US or Wednesday morning in Europe.

  • Worminator

    So what does hitting +1 Google actually do for this site, Admin? Genuinely curious.

    • Google is probably going to use this data to calculate the page rank of each site.

  • Worminator

    We should have a poll or something: what do you think will be announced on the 24th?

    On one hand I’m thinking “everything”, Nikon goes all out and unveils everything for the upcoming season: coolpix, mirrorless system, high end FX body, pro FX body, 2 or 3 AFS FX primes. (35/2, 28/2.8, 24/2.8). In one big, worldwide bash.

    If not, then I’m betting on the D4 and a couple of FX lenses.

    D3 was announced Aug 23 2007. It’s time is up.

  • Ian

    Any idea if they are planning to replace the existing TC-14EII and TC-17EII teleconverters?

    I quess the announcement will be for

    -Mirrorless + 2-3 lenses for that new mount
    -If there will be a DSLR -> D4
    -If there will be DSLR lenses -> AF-S 80-400mm 4.5-5.6G VR
    AF-S 24-70 2.8G VR

    Canon refreshed their long telephoto lenses 300-600, so maybe Nikon will follow and make the existing designs lighter.. and more expensive

  • Im almost certain we will all be very dissapointed. A boring D4 with almost only a little better high iso and more video-crap. There will be no improvement in Dynamic Range… I just know it.. The only thing that needs improvement will NOT be improved. Im switching to.. well havent decided yet, but it will NOT be Canon. They are years behind..

  • It’ll began… 🙂

  • I can feel the warm glow already.

  • ericnl

    you expect a lot of traffic next week? what is happening next week?

    this week we are expecting the Aug 24th announcements,
    but anything happening next week is news to me.
    care to share the rumours?

    • The invisible D900

      Are you trying to play smart like that “Invisible man” ?

      • ericnl

        not “trying” to be 😉

  • The invisible D900

    2 days left……

    • Art

      Sort of. Actually, we should know tomorrow night (for us in the United States). By 9:00pm MT, it is if I figured it out right noon of the next day in Japan.

      For those in Asia or Europe, you are already ahead of us anyway so it will be today instead of tomorrow for you…..

  • Marko

    But honestly, from a photographer prospective, what do you want that your d3s/x d700 isn’t capable of ?

    I’m just hoping for CNX3 and f4 series of lenses frankly. As for bodies I’m happy already.

    • Anonymous

      My D700 is 0nly 12mp. It can’t do even a double-spread page without an upsize on native resolution. The threshold is 18mp for 300dpi.

      D700 is ok, but I need better resolution.

      • The invisible D900


      • nobody

        +1, the D700 is great as is. But sometimes 12mp is not enough.

        And IMO 24mp would be better than 18 to have a bit of leeway for cropping with a double page.

    • Period

      @ Marko
      …and what do you want from a button sensor mirrorless, that other P&S are not capable of???

      • Don’t know what you guys are talking about. My D700 is amazing and can be blown up large without any problems. Double page spreads look great but try blowing it up to 24×20 and you’ll get knocked on your ass. Chasing mp is pointless but always a great way for people to blame they’re shitty performance on their cameras. Psyched to see what’s coming next for FX but I’m not running to the bank anytime soon.

    • GaMo

      I’m hoping for lower ISO as well. Something along the lines of ISO 50 with the same excellence in high ISO range. Would be great to use with my studio toys. I get kind of bored using a neutral density gray filter.

  • Bjrichus

    “You +1’d this publicly.”

    So now the world of Google knows about my desire for Nikon Rumors…. Hope that things go well on Wednesday.

  • Mandrake

    Well where is it??

  • Period

    Had Nikon leaked at least a little, there wouldn’t be the danger of server overload. But as nobody knows what to expect (is it something for me or not) everybody is curious what actually comes. Thus everybody will consult the best source for that kinda news which is NR. So NR’s server will be put to the test…

  • frumpy tumescence

    “I’ve said it on several occasions already – the lack of rumors usually means no new products.”

    that’s what i was afraid of. we’re getting the mirrorless catastrophe and maybe a couple of P&Ss. possibly a printer.

    two days out and absolutely nothing about new DSLRs… if anything, this has been piquing my interest in getting an NEX-7 if the 24/1.8 ends up being a great performer.

  • benS

    tick tock tick tock >>> damn i need a sleeping pill.. err make that two. I already took one and im still wide awake…

  • Psycho McCrazy

    Its already 23rd Aug here in Japan (0000 hrs :P)

    Oh, by the by, the local camera store here has instant cash discounts on the D300s and the D700. Should that say something?

    • Nikon Syndrome

      It has begun. Maybe, possibly, probably, hopefully 🙂

      D800 + D400

      • Victor Hassleblood

        = DD1200?

  • David

    And Bryan Peterson was saying D800 for sure just couple of weeks ago….

    • Nikon Syndrome

      Yes, but he said “late September”, not “late August”. So we may have to wait for another month…

  • Elmo

    Would it be possible that Nikon employees read all this postings here?
    I wonder what will go on in their mind!!

    Previously been said by the forum owner : the lack of rumors usually means no new products!!!

    Sad but soooo true

  • Nikon Syndrome

    Some recent talk about Nikon annoncements for whom interested:

  • Jonny Ray

    Here’s a thought: If the previous rumor from a Nikon Rep that 2 cameras would be announced “by the end of August” is to believed (, and this week we only see Coolpix and Mirrorless announcements…

    Hasn’t there been a pattern in the past where Pro or general DSLR announcements were made 1 week after Coolpix announcements? If I’m not mistaken, 1 week after the 24th is August 31st, so that would still *technically* fall under the supposed Nikon Rep’s “end of August” statement…..

    …just a thought.

  • Anand

    Sorry Admin I haven’t checked into your site today 500 times already. I have been busy trying to get the HP Touchpad…if I get least I won’t feel so bad if there are no DSLRs this week! 😛

    • tdot

      really? after how awesome HP laptops are not, you think they’ll do better at a touchpad?

      I own no tablet and truth be told i’d love to own an ipad (it’d be the 1st apple product after my iphone), but seriously, I avoid HP like the plague after being forced to use their EliteBooks at work (so many died that our large office of thousands of workers completely cut all ties with HP!)

      • Rahul

        If you are not aware, HP has decided to move away from webOS and has slashed to price of touchpad to $99 from $499.

        • Kon_head

          Really? I want one at $99. Where??

          • Kon_head

            Darn, all sold out at

  • broxibear

    Joe MccccNally has updated his blog about his exhibition, and a couple of images taken on a D2x and D3s…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !
    Also did a quick search on what Chase the girls Jarvis might be posting, google images threw up this image, is it him ?

    • Bart B

      Yups, it’s him 🙂

      • Kon_head

        Cheese Jarvis 🙂

  • Sensei

    Why would the site overheat? because of a mirrorless camera? I dont think so, this must be among Nikons lamest press events. Who cares? =/ I wanted the d700 replacement.

  • MK

    well i can tell that you don’t care. thanks so much for your consideration in sharing this valuable information with the internet. forget the D700 replacement; i want a unicorn!

  • Djscoe

    My life isn’t going to end and I won’t be all ticked off if the D800 doesn’t come soon but I will be disappointed. I almost bought a D700 last year but there were rumors that the D800 was coming so I waited. I want to move to FF and the D800 is going to be my move….when it comes…..IF it comes.

  • Not that this is big news but did the D3X just vanish from the Nikon Outlet Store or is my Firefox screwy?

  • jk

    It sure seems to be an awful lot of worry over something they will never control. So go outside and enjoy life, maybe take a info shot of their day…….the clock you keep watching never stops. Go raise some positive efforts for those who can’t, here or in Japan or go help an elderly or sick neighbor/s.

    To those who will respond, count the seconds here on the site and how it could be used. The cameras will come when they come…….have a great day.

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