Nikon press releases distributed in Europe included only Coolpix cameras

Reportedly the press releases distributed by Nikon in Europe for the 24th included only the new Coolpix point and shoot models. Even the mirrorless camera was not included. There is still a chance that Nikon will send out another press release tomorrow or they may just announce new products directly on their website without notifying the press (if there are other products).

There is still a very good chance for a second announcement in September.

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  • R!

    SENSOR’S SIZE OF COOLPIXS: 1/2,3 !!!!!!! CUSTOMER NOTE: 2,3/10 .

    • R!


  • grantourismo

    Well that´s it, like gordon ramsay says “I´VE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!” If Nikon fails to announce at least one new ff in september i´ll change system to sony, i know i´m not the only one that´ll change system if they keep dissapointing their customers, Sone are the ones making the sensors anyways, maybe Nikon can´t do it on their own and sony delays the making of a new ff sensor for Nikon so they can claim all the glory for them self!

    • Could you describe in a sentence how the available nikon models limit your creative endeavors, and what could be added in order for you to see such a change that you could justify spending a few thousand dollars ?

      • Jabs


        ONE sentence

        D3x versus A900 – any Sony versus D5100 or D7000 plus the fabulous D3s with a sensor made by Nikon = show us where Nikon is beat by Sony.

        • Jabs

          Sorry but the post was aimed at ‘grantourismo’

          It’s Gran Turismo too.

        • Kevin

          rich man boys need to flaunt their toys too, leave them alone!

          personally i would like to see 80-400mm replacement…

        • Sky

          A77? *eyerolls*

        • Sky

          “any Sony versus D5100” – ok… that’s actually easy. D5100 looses with shitton of Canon cameras and several Sony, including A55, A33, A35, A580, list goes on.

      • banksy

        Creative endeavors? The majority of these people aren’t creative. They just buy equipment and post MTF charts of expensive lenses and recite the manufacturing process of a sensor. They seem to be unaware that creativity comes from doing with what you already have. Instead it’s all about the gear.

      • Jay

        LOL, that is the stupidest reason to switch. Patience…. learn it.

    • And why did Nikon disappoint? They didn’t say they will announce a new FX body in August, it’s just the speculation and hype generated by the photo community. What exactly did Nikon do wrong?

      • another anonymous

        don’t you see that? they do not announce new revolutionary dslr bodies 2 times per year!!! 😉

        • another anonymous

          ok, wrong way, but that’s the point

    • MJr

      Man, is your current Nikon thàt disappointing ? I get wanting to stay on the same level as the ‘competition’, but no worries they’ll catch up (and surpass) sooner or later.

      The longer they work on the new generations, the better they’ll be, the longer you won’t have to upgrade, and the longer you can enjoy what you have without using ‘the old model’, and finally the more justified upgrading eventually will be.

      If you want to have a camera that will be obsolete sooner than later buy a Canon ###D, or any m4/3 camera no ?

      • Sky

        “no worries they’ll catch up (and surpass) sooner or later.” – Yea, I guess that’s exactly what Canon, Sony and Pentax system users think (there’s no hope for olympus though, lol)

    • Man, that sounds like a really intelligent plan. Good thinking. Have fun. Let us know how well that works out for you.

    • Really, grantourismo? That much suffering?

      Well, I still shoot with my D70 (seventy), for the last five years, since I was aiming to get good lens (which I did) before purchasing new camera.
      My need for upgrade surely is no less real.

      However, while I have high hopes for new FX DSLR from Nikon and planning to get it, “even” D700 will allow to take superb pictures and easily one of the best cameras in the world. I don’t think delay in new perfection from our camera maker deserves any drama, especially considering what Japan had to go through recently.

      Besides, nobody promised and bet money on it that (any) manufacturer must come up with the new product within certain time.

    • sirin

      so you just admitted that you need more gear to compensate for a lack of meaning in your photos.
      now everyone knows.

    • Radek

      I also had enough. I want to buy ff and been waiting for new Nikon long time. If Nikon fails to announce new ff in 2-3 months I’ll change system to Sony too :/

      • Sky

        Sony releases 3 FF cameras next year ^^
        but anyway – I don’t get it – why switch to Sony (who didn’t released any new FF in this or last year) ? Canon seems to be one with most possible FF camera coming in first, isn’t it?

  • Terje N

    Maybe the new FX body(s) is just slipping behind initial schedule due to technical issues that still need to be worked out. Probably very likely since they are trying to introduce new technology and break new ground in the D4. It may be better for Nikon wait a few months than announce a product that that they can’t deliver as promised or get delayed after announcement.

  • xatnep

    yeeeaah, cooolpix!

  • I_saw_crying_wolves

    I am glad I didn’t sell my D700. I probably wouldn’t sell it until I can pre-order the D700-successor on amazon or somewhere else, if Nikon would be bothered to release it at all!

  • Dandydon

    There is NO way Nikon would can a Coolpix only release a “Big Announcement”? Isn’t that what they called it? Also, there is no way the Joe McNally exhibit opening on the 24th is just coincidental… and I can’t believe he actually shot it with his old D3ses and D3xes.

    BTW, what was the new Coolpix announcement? What did the press release say?

    A P8000? P9000? Where’s the builtin projector?

    How many Coolpix users are impatiently waiting for the next release?

    • One More Thought

      I would tend to agree. Nikon may be keeping this super secret because the new FF cam(s) are going to be so revolutionary. The better the camera, the bigger the surprise they want to pull off.

      It does seem odd to make such a big deal on a Coolpix only announcement, and not just because the Coolpix line is the most basic line of cameras they have. It’s also about marketing. Most people who buy the Coolpix cameras or any P&S don’t even pay attention to the rumors, the new releases, etc. They mostly go into a store and buy whatever strikes their fancy at that moment.

      So I do agree that it seems a bit of a waste to spend so much marketing capital on a coolpix announcement.

    • benS

      + 1000000

  • Dandydon

    Ok, that’s it. I’m buying a F6.

    • D700guy

      I already have an F6, and while the color is out of this world, and its mechanics are superb, the overall image quality is not as good as what i achieve with my D700.

      • Ronan

        Well my Leica M6 + range of leica lenses beat your D700.

        After scanning, i’m left with 25MP scans (and i’m nowhere maxing out the settings).

        BTW iv owned D3 and D300, they are amazing, but film, for my B&W street work… Leica M’s.

        I also own a X100, and its high ISO is better than the D700 😛

        • Bikinchris

          it soinds like something that guy wrote about liking his D700 really hurt your feelings. Wow.

          As for the announcement, I am perplexed by the tight lips from Nikon. I have never seen so little information before. Unless we are getting it and no one believes it.

        • Jabs


          You are dreaming.

          I shot an F3HP with both a 35-70 F2.8 AF lens and a 75-150 F3.5 series E zoom along with my brother shooting Black and white film along the streets of New York City once and my F3HP owned all of his Leicas and Canon new F1n plus my own collector Leica = reality.

          I shot AgfaPan 25 or 50, Fuji Neopan 100 and 400 plus used red, green, orange filters with polarizers and everything was sharper on my Nikons EVEN when I used a cheap N4004 too. Faster shutter speeds, better fill-flash as in TTL, better viewfinder, shoots quicker and he missed most of the shots that I got, so I gave him my precious Leica and never looked back.

          Leica has great contrast in B+W but the proper filters plus a Nikon or B+W (German filter manufacturer) polarizers = owned them and so said everyone at the Labs in NYC, when the Contact sheets came back.

          Leica’s represent HOW it was in the 50’s and not today’s reality from MY USE of both systems.

          A lowly D3100 will own a Leica except the S2 which is owned by a D3s and a D3X = get real (LOL).

        • Jabs

          Baloney on the X-100 beating any Nikon FF, as it can’t touch even a D5100 much less a D7000 or even a D90 = stop dreaming as I doubt you have either or have used any of them yourself.

          Don’t jive us here as some REAL photographers are here and good at it too.

          You can get above 25meg scans from almost anything.

          I once scanned a magazine cover with the picture of a car on an HP flatbed scanner and got a file size of over 35meg, so WHAT?

          A D3X file size can be up to about 135 megs, so get real.

          It all depends on WHAT you save it as – .tiff or .tga or even eps = grow up!

          • Some real lens swinging going on here….

          • Sky

            Jabs – you terrify me with your ignorance and system talibism. Mr. REAL photographer. ROTFL.

  • jayson71

    Perhaps the best thing to do is to go out into the world and take photographs!

  • Pierre

    Ok…..let’s wait for the new Sony now …..for video !

    If Canon arrive with a new 5DMK III before Nikon…..bye bye Nikon for me… !!!

    • The Bear Jew

      Bye bye to my friend Pierre! !!!

  • Thom is betting that we’ll get FX DSLRs in this week’s announcement. It’s going to be interesting 😀

    • Sky

      He has bet for shitton of stuff and lost countless times.

      I wouldn’t believe any predictions of this guy, especially in matters he doesn’t know thing about, though writes a lot.

      Don’t be a sheep.

  • sirin

    wow. seriously, wow. two pages of agonizing pain. relax fellas, it’s just gear. i’m pretty sure for each person here there’s a lot in photography they haven’t tried yet. i’m doing my baby steps in medium format film on my new Mamiya and LOVE IT.

    just go outside and shoot some photos.

    • Asks

      Says the guy with medium format.

      • toecutter


    • R R

      I just hope my 3 plus year old shutters on my D3x and D700 dont die on me while exploring the boundaries of creativity…

      I NEED A NEW FF CAMERA! and the way it seems to be going its going to be another D3x.. (jokes aside) I need the high MP

      I guess I will not have Video for a long long time..

      #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon #IAmStartitingToGetPissedOff

  • benS

    From a Nikon employee .. ” W t !@#$% , Nikon cancelled my vacation leave just to announce some Coolpix !!! Where is my lawyer !!! “

    • Kon_head

      +1 +1 +1
      Vacation cancelled for this? “-)

  • This is from’s page on Facebook just now:

    Looks like Canon is making some announcements tonight, then Nikon and Sony on Wednesday. Going to be a fun week :)”

    • Anonymous

      It Has Begun!

  • R R

    honestly this post makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time …

  • Somehow I’m doubting the purpose of these press releases. I think they’re a red herring so we focus on them, rather then the fact Nikon released them so leisurely to the public after having everything under wraps so heavily. If I were Nikon, I’d wait till the very last moment/during the announcement to send of press releases on the new DSLRs, and have the coolpix PR’s act as a distraction.

  • Remedy

    So much for the D4 😀

  • grantourismo

    I do have a d700 today, amazing camera, i need more pixels, thats the only problem, ,I want a ff body from nikon with at least 18mp then i´d be more than happy.D3x is priced at 60 000sek here in sweden,that´s 10 000 .

  • Brian

    If I’m not mistaken, hasn’t nikon tightened up their announce/ship times for the most part since the d3/300 were announced(apart from this 40mm dx). The d3 was announced in aug and available in nov, but the d300s and the d700 were available about a month after announcement. Maybe nikon will keep the for year release cycle of the d4 by shipping in November again, but announce it in late sept.

  • fxed

    Now it’s September. The whiners will be happy with this rumor, it will give them another month to cry for a camera they want but more than likely can’t afford. So to those who threaten to switch to Canon, Sony or whatever; I call. Now it’s time for you to crap or get off the pot.

  • I sold my D700 a few weeks ago and got a D7000 to hold me over until the next FX is available. I too agree that it’s doubtful that all this buzz and forewarning of press conferences worldwide would be about…a new coolpix or three. Really??

    I suppose it could be the mirrorless but the gearhead in me wants new FX cameras! It could happen, it might not.

    Anyone remember the statement made by a Nikon exec a bit ago about not delaying planned product rollouts and the like? They said that they were pressing on despite the difficulties brought on by the disaster. It’s a perfect opportunity to do so because if your competitors decide they need to add time to their schedules, you’ll have a leg up on them. Never let up and go for it. Now I hope that’s what they’ve decided to do.

    Of course if they do wait until next month to introduce the D4, I guess I can wait. 😉

    • Dr Motmot

      What if it is a mirrorless FX DSLR? Is that possible?

      • Ke

        Possible technology wise, yes, but it’s not going to happen any time soon from Nikon.

      • Ke

        Oh wait, just saw that you wrote mirrorless *DSLR*. No, not possible. If it didn’t have a mirror it wouldn’t be a SLR by definition.

  • Zim

    Guess I’ll keep using my D300s. Great camera.

  • Jules

    Seriously what is the point of this site? Its less than 24 hours before announcement we still have no idea what is being released. I know it’s not admins fault but from now on i think i will just check the Nikon site everyday and wait for them to announce it. There doesn’t seem to be any advantage in waiting on here, its a bit of a let-down.

    • Coolpix only?

      • getanalogue

        Coolpix? So what.
        Have D7000 and print 1m x 1,5m without any problems. Who cares about FF? Most of people whining here will never buy a FF Nikon.
        Go out and shoot.

    • Ninpou

      “Seriously what is the point of this site? ”

      For entertainment purposes only. (^_^)

    • @Jules

      I think that plan is the best for you. Wouldn’t want to upset your indigestion any further. 🙂

      But seriously, if you don’t derive any enjoyment from visiting a website, I recommend you drop it from your life. Much less to worry about. Read a book, take a photo, or build something fantastic with your spare time. You’ll be no worse off.

  • C_Q_C

    mmm The week ain’t over yet, there would be 2 announcement days this week ( 23th and 24th ) and ther is still the big german show in september, at which there seem always to be surprises from all Brnads..

    • C_Q_C

      Oops, not Germany of course… : That one was Vegas and was cancelled…

  • nrt

    I smell a rat, this is false post in order to keep traffic on the website up.

    I am 90% sure from reliable sources that it will be a D4 to buy oct and D800 will be announced next year

    • Read the post again, now tell me what does it say?

  • Mike Devonport

    How about this Nikon will have announcement in July 2012. :))))))))))

  • Mike Devonport

    Well all I have to say in the words of P. T. Barnum, “There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute”. Words to live by.

    The problem is not Nikon. The problem is with Nikon Rumors. Nikon Rumors, get the smalls amount of information and runs with it.. They do not check their facts before they release the information to us. What happens when the information is wrong? Most of the people on this site get upset and can I understand their frustration. The solution would be for Nikon Rumors, to get the right amount of facts before they release the information to us. How many people on this site, would like to see the right amount of facts before the information is release? There is going to some people out there going tell us or telling me that this is a Rumor web site “you take it or leave it”. Well I’m going to take it and I’m going to dish it out. Thats my solution.

  • simpleguy

    suckpix and cameraless , we want new FF dslr’s , just announce something allready nikon 🙁

  • Lonnie Utah

    Face it nikonions, Since Nikon gets their sensors from Sony, you aren’t getting full frame cameras until sony announces what they are doing with their FF cams next year. Do you really think that Sony would let nikon steal their thunder by putting out a new FF cam with a fancy new sensor before they released it themselves? No way, it’s not smart business. Yet this is the corner that Nikon has backed themselves into by not having the manufacturing capacity to develop and produce their own microchips and semi-conductors.

    So keep dreaming, nikonions, I’ll be picking up my new A77 for Christmas…

    • That’s nice, except for one small caveat. Nikon designed the sensors in the D700, D3 and D3s. The D3s being the best(DR and SnR) FF sensor on the market today. Sony had nothing to do with these chips.

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