Nikon D3S and Nikkor 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II lens receive EISA awards

Nikon D3S is the best professional camera and Nikkor 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II is the best professional lens according to 2010-2011 EISA awards.

Reasons for selection after the break:

"The Nikon D3S is so sensitive that it can focus and shoot in conditions in which even the human eye has difficulty seeing. Although high ISO settings are a feature of most modern D-SLR cameras, the quality achieved with D3S high ISO settings is unsurpassed in terms of low noise levels and richness of detail. Together with its extremely fast EXPEED image processing, excellent battery life and high-quality construction, the D3S is the perfect D-SLR for professional sports, action and low-light photography."

"Nikon's AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II gives photographers a guarantee of excellent image quality, even in the most difficult lighting conditions. The fast f/2.8 maximum aperture allows photographers to work in a wide variety of situations, offering the ability to shoot with faster shutter speeds and to have smooth backgrounds with attractive bokeh. The lens has three ED glass elements to eliminate chromatic aberration and Nikon's Nano Crystal Coat reduces internal reflection. The AF-S NIKKOR is equipped with Nikon’s VR II vibration reduction system, making it a natural choice for photographers specialising in nature, wildlife and fast-action sports."


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  • Gary

    and i thought that the results were quite obvious.. really.

  • dd

    d4 pls

  • Kingyo

    yawn! These already won the “Best Equipment I Cannot Afford 2010-2011”-Award

    • ambo


      • Global


    • felipe


    • Kevin


    • kururu

      lol +1000

    • PaulRivers


  • Texasjoe

    I want the 14 – 24 2.8. I want all the 2.8 lenses.

    • I want it all. I want it all! I want it now!

      • Texasjoe

        I have to wait for income tax return time to get the 24-70 2.8. That’s if my wife would let me.

  • Vlad

    The D3s is an incredible body, the award is well deserved. Not sure I share the sentiments of other Nikon users who wish for the D4, because frankly, the D3s does everything I can ask for. I don’t do large prints, if I was, I’d opt for the D3x flavor.

    • Phillip

      But I prefer D700 format factor. If they can put D3x into D700 body, that’s gonna be the camera for me. BTW I don’t need video function at all.

      • Yes, exactly !

        And bundle it with either 24-120mm or 28-300mm, you’re done…

      • I too would like a D3s in D700 format and *hope* that Nikon will produce one. I would like to have video capability as well though. It would be fun if Nikon took a cue from the Pentax and had a video format that used the full 2X3 format of the CMOS sensor as well as HD video.

        • X

          It will be funny for Nikon to bring any other 12mp FX body after the launch of 14 & 16mp DX. I’m afraid D3s was the last example of this line.

          Now it’s the turn to catch the competition in pixel count & video.

          The only chance to see D3s sort of sensitivity in D700 type body may be after a 18mp D4.

        • X

          It’s the time for a D800 that will please the majority of photographers merging 4 different & sometimes contradicting traits in one camera at a reasonable price point:

          1- resolution & low-iso DR
          2- high-iso cleaniness
          3- AF speed and frame rate
          4- full-HD video

    • dd

      d3s lost significant amount of details starting on iso6400

      • HAHAAH! You’re either on crack or shoot jpgs.

        The d3s is as clean as anything at 6400. In fact, so is my d700.

        Where the D3s shines is that 25,600 is still good and 51,200 is just as good. Those two speeds are as good or better than 12,800 on my D700. 102400 is pretty crappy, but every other ISO is not just useable, it’s good! …provided you’re shooting raw.

      • RP

        D3s ISO is truly a professional tool in it’s own right. I shoot fast moving sport sometimes in very poor indoor light and outdoor evening low light and I’ve sold many (100’s) of prints where the ISO setting has had to go up to 8000 to freeze the action – and that’s printing 10×8 inch prints on site with a dye sub printer, the results are outstanding for real world event photography. I’ve also taken images from elevated positions of large public events – festivals etc. – for regional and national press, some of which have been taken at dusk with the D3s in DX Crop mode, a 300 F2.8 lens with the nikon 1.7 teleconvertor equiv of approx. 780mm lens hand held at ISO 8000 and (VR on) and my clients have been very pleased with the results. So as you can see I’m a stalwart supporter of the D3s ISO performance.

      • X

        Who needs anything above ISO 1600, especially with fast lenses? Where do you find such dark corners for photographing? I don’t get the stratospheric-high-iso obsession. Give clean ISO 100K, then you’ll moan why 200K has some chromatic noise πŸ™‚

        D700 noise level is far enough for 99% of photographers, but the point where Nikon is lagging behind competition is obviously resolution ! Nikon’s own DX will soon pass in this regard πŸ˜‰ Nikon must stop this ultra high-iso madness & instead bring some hi-res FX with D700-like ISO.

        • X

          Pls. don’t say D3x; this monster is out of reach for 99% of photographers too…

        • Bonetti

          I Work At night Clubs And I need Hi ISO Over 1,600 .Capturing Ambient light Is one of the Requirements for my Shoots

    • Nicole

      I agree. The D3s is a wonderful camera, and I am extremely happy with mine. I had to wait 3 months for it after ordering, but it was worth every minute. πŸ™‚

  • cirtap

    Dear Nikon…Where is my new D4?

    I can dream along with me…

    24mp plus…Full Frame…8fps FX 12fps DX…100 iso – 12,800iso….

    1920X1080p 60fps.

    And clocking in at $6,000 dollars…I WISH!!!

    • Francesco

      Me too !!!!


    • ha

      It’s called D3x. currently the highest professional 35mm dslr in the world and it has been for a few years edging out the 1dsIII. The A900 has a few more pixels but it isn’t pro built or featured. Since 2007, nikon has had the low light crown and since 2008 nikon has had the MP crown. Bottom line is if you’ve shot nikon for the last 3 years you had nothing but the best.

      • Anon

        If by ‘the best’ you mean those destinct categories (low light professional) and (high MP professional). They do not rule in all categories (see D3000, D5000) in MP count or ISO range/preformance. So your ‘shot nikon’ should read ‘shot these two cameras’ and then your statement would be correct. And honestly, anything is better than Sony (noisy ISO 800s pretty much across the product line). I don’t know who’s making their algorithms, but he/she/they should be fired.

        • hah

          read: professional.

          There is nothing professional about the D5000 πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      well, this was the first step from Nikon to create a nightvision camera. The next iteration will be the D3u or an underwater version also at 12Mp. There are plenty of letters left in the alphabet so Nikon can come D3a, D3b, D3c etc. all of them at 12Mp and get the same award for some unique feature.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t it interesting that Nikon is unable to release a new dslr for over 10 months now. Yes, the last one was coincidentally the D3s back in 2009 October….and since it is more often out of stock than it is available. For sure, availability did not play role in the award giveaway.

      BTW, who else competes in the nightvision category? Canon? (maybe) Give me a break, basically two companies both of them from Japan trying to play competition?

      Let me guess, next year Nikon will win again. If not then Canon. See it is easy to guess 50-50%. πŸ™‚

      • X

        Nikon must be busy with implementing the full-HD video which delayed everything. They first ignored, but then realized the market demand with the success of 5d II.

        Now same thing is true about resolution.

  • Victor Hassleblood

    Looks as if comments on that post are again doomed to become very boring and being as predictable as night and day.

    Night = Nikon smokes any Canon at low noise and high ISO. It is the best out there.

    Day = I want more MP. Why can’t Nikon do it. Others can.

    Something like that, just with much much more words. It has all been said a thousand times before. Guys, could we please just skip this for once and wait for some rumors/ news/ releases.

    • IndyGeoff

      The rumor is, some of us want a D700 body size with somewhere around 20MP. The hope is, Nikon is listening. The dream is, it will cost under $3500. ;- >

  • I Am Nikon


    Best DSLR on the Planet.

    Haters are still gonna hate though.

    • +1

    • Anonymous

      No, D3X !!!


    • Anthony

      The D3s actually gets a lot of respect from Canon people on POTN.

      Now, if Nikon could actually replace their steampunk 85mm f/1.8 prime with one to match Canon’s, that would be something. The new 85 f/1.4 isn’t it — it’s more analogous to the 85L cannonball in the >$1200 range.

      • Anthony

        And, BTW, WTF is an EISA award? Will it be superseded by a PCI award, then by a PCIe award?

  • not a rumor

    Not a rumor …

  • Anonymous

    Q: Why didn’t D3x get the award?
    A: Though better than D3s, it was too expensive.

    • D3x has already got the same award last year. It was a flagship model which sold in negligible amounts. Now, we are waiting for the D700x/D800 with excitement.

      The rumors say it will be 24.6 mp & go up to ISO 25600 ! & have 1080p video. Its price will be around $3000 and will sell to masses. Who won’t like to buy this? It’s a candidate to become a legend, and may be backordered for a long while.

      • Broxibear

        So the D3s won this year, the D3x won in 2009 and the D3 won in 2008 ?
        I wonder if Nikon would rather have won the European Camera and European Advanced SLR sections instead since that’s where the bigger profits and sales are ?
        I don’t see a D4 release until just before the London Olympics around May 2012.

        • Not from me

          I dont see a D4 release at all, a follow up of the D3S will be there before the Olympics but it will not be named D4 and the D3X is the last of the dinosaurs…and it was the only one.

          • hah

            It doesn’t matter. The D3 is in a 4 year cycle. That is it came 4 years after the prior model and therefore it’s replacement will come 4 years later. D3 came out in 2007. Add 4 years and that is 2011. probably for the fall. The D3s is simply a sensor improvement to fend off the 1Ds4 which it did.

            • Victor Hassleblood

              I really don’t get this cycle talk and crystal ball reading. It is a kind of fashion here on NR, just as if these “cycles” would already repeat themselves ever since Adam bit the peach and would be some everlasting law of nature, proven by archaeology.

              This is just sooo (white) american. Since you guys have next to no history your archaeologists go even crazy when they dig out something from the 1950’s.

              A (V)DSLR-release-pattern/cycle-sience is just silly and is operating from a very thin (data-)base.

              What do you make of it, when relatively new lenses get an upgrade from VR to VR II (sometimes even an entire new optical design) whereas others and much older screwdrivers don’t get touched? What’s the cycle? What does the crystal ball tell you and what the archaeologists?

              you are probably even right with the D4. I just had to say this and think it is a valid point. Nothing personal.

            • Wow, offending white Americans AND ignoring simple logic. You’re on a roll.

            • Victor Hassleblood


              sorry man. That was rather meant to be funny than offensive. I surely didn’t mean to get you going again.

              Now for simple logic: that it might be a little too simple was exactly my (valid) point.

        • hah

          nikon would rather win all. But the pro market carries more prestige to the brand and helps them make further inroads after the slumber of the last decade.

  • trollwatch

    21 comments and nobody switching to Canon yet?

    Must be a day off at troll camp…

    @Victor Hassleblood:
    Thanks, you read my mind.

    • Al0n


  • Bravo πŸ™‚

  • AHC

    Got them both.. and I certainly can’t ask for more. Just need a smaller FF body for backup/walkaround.. will def snap D700/5DmkII if no news on upgrade after Photokina.

  • ha

    no surprise here. with it’s choice of a cropped sensor and noisy high MP images, canon’s 1D4 ruled itself out for the next 4 years. Sports and wedding photographers need low light performance like the D3s. Full frame is the way to go and the D3S shows why. Imagine now the D4 due next year. Just wow.

    • Eric Pepin

      If a wedding photographer cant make beautiful top class images with a 1dm4 he should retire, period. I dont wanna say the old any camera will do bull but how many photogs use the 5dm2, old 5d, d700 and d300 for wedding photography, the 1dm4 is above all of those.

  • plug

    OMG! I’ve bought both within the last month. Results have been great if the weight is noticeable.

  • D3s is acceptable for award.

    But i couldn’t refuse call of 200 f2. It handles up to TC2 (400f2.8) very well. It is like 200-400 f2-2.8 zoom with very little hassle :-). Much better deal for me then 300 f2.8.

    • Cold Hands Luke

      200 f/2 with a 2xTC makes a 400 f/4, not f/2.8. Just sayin’

    • hah

      little hassle? except for maybe a dislodged joint from such heavy lens.

  • Dweeb

    And the D70 (the worst camera Nickon ever made) is Pop Photo’s Camera of the Year! These awards are nothing but marketing BSt. I bet the EISA people get a good seat at Kneekons table during Photokina.

  • JP


  • DaWolf

    Readin about the criteria for selection of this Camera+Lens for the award, it looks like “Speed” beats “Megapixels” πŸ™‚

    • I would hazard to guess that’s because it’s a something like a 10-1 issue. For every person who truly needs higher MP, there are 10 that need better high-ISO/low-light capabilities. This isn’t to say there isn’t a real need for higher MP, only that it’s far outweighed by the low light requirements of many photographers.

      You wouldn’t know that by reading the internet. But then again, the internet is rarely wrong:,102/

  • Anonymous

    you get these awards by giving kickbacks. It does look suspicious that two reasons why this got the awards are exactly what Nikon pushed.

    Great let’s move on with this goddamn 12Mp tech shall we? Since 2005 Nikon does not give us anything else just 12Mp. Not even a phone πŸ™‚ At least Nokia provides a phone with the 12Mp πŸ™‚

    • Segura

      Fool. Nikon has a D3x with 24MP. Where have you been?
      Obviously you are not a pro and have no use for more than 12MP, if you were, you would have a D3x by now.

  • Anonymous

    it is very clear that Nikon cannot produce more than 12Megapixels witghout the help of sony.

  • Anonymous

    Nikon sucks, the d3s is not perfect enough because blind people cannot use it. πŸ™‚

  • NikorRyan

    I would love to concur on the D3s…if only I could find one to buy (US model, not scalped at $500 bucks or more over normal price). Nikon production sucks.

  • le_eiji

    The D3s sensor is Nikon’s self made 12MP sensor, which is much much cheaper than the 24MP Sony sensor of D3x. In general, sensor with lower Mega Pixel count is much easier to make. ISO capabilities aside, there is really no competition here. Resolution, Dynamic range, Color depth, etc D3x sensor wins hands down. Sony is ahead of everybody by far. If Sony stops making an FX sensor as has been rumored, Nikon will be in deep trouble.

    • Eric Pepin

      if nikon releases a bunch of FF high MP cameras using sony sensors im sure sony will be perfectly happy to keep selling said sensors to nikon. If not nikon could still go to companies like kodak which make amazing sensors as well ala m9 from leica.

  • ArthurCH

    Congratiolations Nikon, well done!

  • brave new world

    I still don’t understand, why many comments refer to HD video. The Red cameras deliver more and if you’ve once seen a 2K movie then you’ll want it …

    Why not going for a 12-16 MPX for high ISO and 2K video &&
    another model for 20+ MPX and HD video (but higher fps)?

    BTW – D5000 is not a professional camera??? It doesn’t look like one, but
    the image quality is good and it is light-weight. Quite relaxing compared to a FX body …
    If in doubt: try a D5000 and the 24 1:1.4 – portrait shooting is one of the domains for such combo (I own and use it – the ergonomics is debatable, but results are everything …)

  • brave new world

    forget the leica 1.3 crop models … too slow … if you have time and sufficient light for the viewfinder, but if NOT, then you have a real challenge …

  • Broxibear

    Take them with a pinch of salt I guess.
    It’s not just these awards that are a little dubious but magazines and online review sites are starting to contradict each other about the same equipment?
    The indepth dpreview test on the Sony NEX5 is not complimentary 655%, EISA have given it an award and What Digital Camera gave it a 90% Gold Award ?
    The word agenda comes to mind…but who’s got one I don’t know ?

    • Broxibear

      OOpa that should be 65% not 655% lol

  • FP

    D3s for me only exists on my imagination since I can’t find one to buy. Out of stock in BH since may….. This is what is making me mad, not the 12mp.
    Anyway, I’m Nikon all the way!! I think it is worth the wait!!

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