Another press event on August 24th

In addition to Nikon and Sony, there will be another press event on August 24th for Joe McNally's exhibition at the Time Warner Center called “Faces of Ground Zero, Portraits of The Heroes of September 11, 2011”:

Joe McNally wrote this on his blog today:

"This has been a bit of a saga, folks, and I’ll be blogging about it through the show dates."

As I mentioned already, this exhibition is sponsored by Nikon:

"Nikon is the exclusive photographic equipment sponsor of the Faces of Ground Zero - 10th Anniversary Exhibition at Time Warner Center"

The exhibition will include more than 50 life-size portraits and an "exclusive video" will be making its debut (possible [NR] interpretation: new high MP pro body from Nikon with video capabilities?).

The press conference will be on August 24th, 9-11am at the Time Warner Center in NYC. Keep me informed if you are visiting the event (it's free).

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  • ren konrad

    thats the d800 and d4. lol

    • Victor Hassleblood

      No, if anything it’ll be the D911.

      • Sh

        ha ha ha ha, excelent !!!! made me the day 🙂

        • ja


      • Global

        “Too soon. Too soon.”

        I hope it is the D4.

      • KT

        It’ll be the first Nikon pro body to be available in multiple colors, red, white and blue, maybe even available in a limited edition engraved with Rudy’s signature.

  • james

    So confused…

    • Johnathan Wild

      This isn’t a press event, its a press release! Its just letting the press know that there is an exhibit going on from a certain date to a certain date. Its not like there is going to be an opening ceremony with free wine and cheese, except maybe from the people who are bitching that the D4 and D700 replacement didn’t come out. And this isn’t news, we have known about this for weeks now!

      • no, there will be an “event” from 9-11 am, see Joe’s blog post

  • Aside from potentially pointing to a new DSLRs, I think this is great for photography. Such a high-profile project will demonstrate the worth of this kind of editorial portraiture to a large audience. Excited!

    • preston

      Agree completely. Displays the value of a true professional photographer in an age where their abilities are becoming less valued.

  • The invisible man

    I bet it won’t be many people flying this September 11th !
    Tickets must be cheap !

  • Do you guys seriously think an exhibition about such a sensitive event would be used to show an exclusive video to launch a new camera? Come on…

    • nikonlover


    • chuck


    • twoomy

      agreed x 3. What are we expecting to see at this photographer’s exhibition? A Nikon booth just to the right with a dozen reps showing of D4’s? That seems silly and awfully strange.

    • Kon_head

      It would be disrespectful to the 911 victims if Nikon use this event for commercial product launch. Definitely a non-event for gear heads.

    • iamlucky13

      Definitely not. I was thinking exactly the same thing reading this.

      However, the announcement does say Nikon is a sponsor of the event. Big media events like these are usually either put together by a media outlet as a special production, or organized independently and funded by sponsors.

      Part of Nikon’s sponsorship may have been to provide new cameras for the photographers involved in the project, and they may figure the date the images taken on those cameras are first shown is a good day to announce the cameras.

      • PHB

        Maybe people are looking at this all wrong.

        The first pictures were made using a unique one off camera by a manufacturer that no longer exists and with a process that no longer exists.

        So doing ten years later would require a different technical approach entirely.

        I suspect these will be retinal prints captured digitally with some bleeding edge technolgy that wont be in stores for another five years if them. That or they used multiple cameras and stitching. But matchint that Land process will be no trivial matter.

        • Anonymous


        • Jabs


          Actually Polaroid is BACK in the Instant camera and film Business right now.

    • TaoTeJared

      Are you naive or just kidding? This is completely the perfect set up for a release. Top photog, tragic event, back stories, behind the scenes and all captured with a D4/D800. Show off image quality, video, and documenting a part of American history.

      If you actually read what McNally is doing, it is quite wonderful. THIS is a McNally Show that is sponsored by Nikon. This would not exist without either. Nikon is a sponsor and obviously felt what he was doing was special enough to allow him to use a new product and launch an event all around his project. It also will bring much more attention to the people who went into the flames. Without Nikon, what do you think the event would be?

      • Victor Hassleblood

        There will be signs underneath each print.

        I am a hero
        I am …

        … and so on. Hopefully Nikon or their ad agency does not have such bad taste. That reminds me of something. Recently I saw a special offer at an Exxon petrol station, selling six packs as 5 + 1 offer. Pure genius ! ! !

        • broxibear

          Hi Victor,
          Ultimately it’s about selling cameras, in India they use Bollywood stars and in South Korea boy bands.
          Joe McNally is a marketing tool for Nikon, it’s good for Joe McNally and it’s good for Nikon.
          Business is business as they say. If Nikon sell more cameras by adding text like ” I AM REBORN” under an image of the new building being built on the WTC site then that’s whay they’ll do.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            I AM AWARE.

            But still there is a difference between the concept of an ad campaign and the one of a sponsored exhibition. I hope sponsoring and displayed images don’t melt till it looks like a print campaign.

            Anyhow, what does this exhibition really mean for the chances of new gear? IMO nothing at all. Nikon could use it either way. Latest cameras probably just translates to cameras from the current lineup. To read something into it is wishful thinking.

    • charles incharge

      you think companies are above using such an event to advertise?

  • ZinhaEq

    Last few weeks with rumors about Nikon DSLRs have been like giving birth to a child (I guess)…

    • The invisible man

      I don’t mind to be the father !

    • Kon_head

      Most likely a stillborn

      • Sick, but funny nonetheless

      • ShaoLynx

        Do you mean a ”stills-born”?
        Nah, forget it, it’ll pack video as well, so lots of noise and moving images, just like a healthy newly born… and this one promises to be very talented indeed, proof of its fine lineage. And maybe I should write ”these ones” because it could be twins, fraternal twins that is…

        • ShaoLynx

          Just to make sure: with noise, I mean: sound, ok?

  • “…The heroes of September 11 2011” nice typo…

    • that’s what the banner says 🙂

      • jps

        I don’t think it was a typo. They are apparently celebrating the heroes of 9/11 and where they are today…

  • I hope they publish the photos for this exhibition online (for those who can’t go in person to see it). The Sept-Oct issue of American Photo has an article titled ‘The Sky is Falling’ interviewing photographers who were in NY on 9/11.

    PS: Oh and I do home Nikon is going to release the D3s/D7oo successor.

    • Jabs

      Look for a photo spread on maybe NikonUSA’s web site AFTER the event and all over the media plus maybe they will use those images to advertise the new camera(s) and camera systems.

      They did not sponsor it exclusively because they are patriotic – LOL.

  • I would think this exhibition would be more appropriate to start on September 11, not August 24 unless…

    • The invisible man

      maybe too many things going on sept 11th

    • +1

      Like most people here, I’m holding my breath for a new FX… but really do hate that Nikon is [potentially] combining the release of a camera with a 9/11 memorial. I know people who died on that day & combining it with anything remotely commercial is in such bad taste. Surely Joe McNally has other work he could showcase, no?

      • Allan M

        With all respect: So you cant use new tech. when doing a movie about WW2 – just think about it, the world is not a still only our camera is.

        • iris chrome

          There is a difference though between using new tech and equipment and between using the event to advertise for a new product and thus profiting from it.

          • Yep. What Iris said.

    • Anonymous

      Unless, unless they want to use the project to announce two new full frame cameras, one of which has IQ comparable to a 20″x24″ Polaroid! And not step on the toes of the solemness of 9/11/11.
      I don’t find this distasteful at all. In fact, I see it as deeply moving and respectful (as demonstrated by Joe’s writings and moving photography). Fireman calls wife at home and calmly asks for help? That is a story that should be shared, and if Nikon can help do that, they should. If the tools that Joe uses to share those stories are special, then they are special and should also be shared. Who doesn’t want to know what Joe is shooting with, down to the flash settings on his camera and lenses he used?
      I’m proud of Freedom Tower and I’ll be proud of the new D4. I hope the IQ compares favorably to the large format cameras, if it does, I might bypass the D800 and go for the big 4!

  • Cold

    Wouldn’t the fact its life size portraits argue in favor of a new D3 or new D700 replacement? Seems like a good camera with a higher megapixel count would be necessary for something like that.

    • Mike

      But the D3x would be more than capable of doing this.

    • Nah, d70 would do the job, but the only mention of life size portraits was “original life-size Polaroids”.

  • pabs

    While I would love to hear about new DSLR’s such as the D700 replacement it would seem that Nikon’s ability to keep a lid on it and not have any really credible leaks makes it an unlkely event or they have better security and discipline than any other organization.

  • The invisible man

    By the way, 5 more days !

    • The invisible man

      432.000 seconds….

      • goose

        7200 minutes, just to be a little short on digits 😀

  • Leaking Starfish

    My heavy duty, carbon fiber sock tethers just arrived. Gonna lace those bitches up extra tight.

    • The invisible man

      ????????????? are you in the right forum ?

      • Leaking Starfish

        You bet I am, and I’m not gonna allow the Nikon Announcement to knock my socks off. I’m prepared.

        • ja

          like it

      • Anand

        +1000 to The Invisible man!

  • Stepper

    I think I saw a documentary about this a couple of years ago. If this is the same guy then I believe he is using (seriously) the worlds biggest poloroid camera to take these life sized portraits. IIRC the camera is so big that the full body, life sized portraits are shot one-to-one.

    So unfortunately Nikon may have nothing to do with the equipment actually used for the shots. This could simply be an event proudly sponsored by Nikon Coolpix.

    • Stepper
      • Alfonso

        Thank you for this link, very interesting.

        That big camera is very simple, not to much electronics or computer power in it. Big contrast with what the forum is waiting from Nikon. May help us to reflect a little about what is important in photography.

    • binary_eye

      Yes, the life-size Polaroids were the photos in the original exhibition. But there are new photos taken with a digital camera. I suggest reading at least the first paragraph of the press release.

      • Not one word in that paragraph about the size of the new prints.

  • Don

    It just has to be a new D4 on August 24th. Nikon wouldn’t go to all this trouble to sponsor an event and place their Nikon photos alongside those very sharp life size images unless the Nikon camera they were showcasing had great new photo and video abilities which stood up very well in such a direct comparison. So the new D4 will have HD video and great IQ.

  • eduardo B.

    Admin, before the others DLSR’s release, has ever happend to not get any solid leak information ike this time?

    • for the past 4 years only the last 40mm macro lens did not have any leaks before the announcement

      • I think that when you look back on this, you’ll find that there were leaks. And I think you’re also ignoring a few things, too: what clear leak was there about a D3s, for example? By clear leak, I mean something that you’d give strong substantiation to prior to the actual announcement.

        • Thom, I reported the Nikon D3 a month before the announcement:

          The first picture came few days before the release, but the exact specs were know before that. This is not the cae this time. We don’t even know the model name.

          • Really? You’re going to claim you were “right” about the D3s from those two links? The only thing you were right about in those two links was that there would be a model called D3s in a certain time frame. You missed the specifics (1080P, 14 fps). That puts the upcoming D4 and D700 followups in almost exactly the same position, AFAIC: you’ll be right that they will be announced this fall, but you might not be right on any of the specifics ;~). Now tell me how that’s different than the D3s (or several other products for that matter)?

            But more to the point, there are certain persistent rumors floating around that seem to have multiple sources: 18mp, two FX bodies, etc. I strongly suspect that some of them may turn out to have been leading indicators. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m sitting on a photo that I don’t believe I can show without generally revealing where the leak might have occurred. I’m pretty sure we’re very near the launch of what’s in that photo.

            As for model name, there has been a persistent rumor that the D700 followup will be called the D400. If that turns out to be true, will you then continue to claim that there weren’t any leaks before announcement? ;~)

            Don’t be so paranoid. You don’t have to bat 100%. You don’t even have to bat 50%. Rumors aren’t rumors if they’re always true ;~).

            My point is basically this: there’s information out there. Right now it is near impossible to tell the real information from the fantasy. That’s a little unusual, but not unheard of. There’s been contraction in some of the subsidiaries, the quake changed the way a lot of companies were interacting with subsidiaries because in the traditional Japanese way you wouldn’t want to tell someone “I don’t know yet.” So I have no doubt that in a company that tries to be tight like Nikon, they simply delayed their usual information releases until they had specifics. They very well may be still trying to nail down some specifics.

            The interesting thing is that Sony (and to a large degree Olympus) has taken a completely different approach lately. Sony personnel are leaking like sieves. It seems intentional. That also seems risky to me, and it backfired a bit for Olympus as it turned out they basically have the same sensor in the same bodies, but did manage to address focus speed. The NEX 7, for instance, looks like an overhyped camera. I can’t imagine which lens I’d use with it to get 24mp goodness out of it, for example.

            • My point was that with the D3s we knew at least a month in advance that it’s coming, we knew the model name and the exact date. Later I got the rest of the details including pictures few days before the announcement. We don’t know any of those now, ok maybe we know the date.

            • Jabs

              @Thom Hogan

              You wrote – You missed the specifics (1080P, 14 fps).

              My comment
              – the SPECIFICS to what?

              The D4 or the D3s, as we are talking about a D3s HERE and not about some unknown or now unreleased item, or was that a Freudian SLIP?


              HINT – the D3s has neither 1080P nor a 14fps framing rate, so YOU might have blown YOUR NDA in some Freudian slip or did you NOT?

            • Did get excited Jabs, I was citing NR’s statement of D3s specifications (which turned out to be wrong). I’ll repeat what I have to repeat every few months: I am not under NDA with Nikon. I have no direct knowledge of what they’re about to announce.

              As for Admin, sure we knew that a D3s was coming (though nothing about it), but I’m pretty sure we knew in advance that the D4 is coming, too ;~). That’s my point. The rumor mill said Aug 24th, and you even cited that. Now you’ve backed off from that prediction because you don’t see Coolpix. I’ve cited a second announcement date that’s possible, as well. If one of those turn out to be the actual announcement date, then we knew about it in advance, didn’t we? ;~)

              The rumor mill and even the words out of Nikon employees has been “two more DSLRs in 2011.” So that leaves us D300s, D700, or D3 replacements or something new. I’m betting against something new (I don’t think Nikon employees would have said “DSLR” in context of the mirrorless camera; in the context of one conversation, that’s the way I read their statement: 2 DSLRs not including any mirrorless camera).

              So let me be clear. By the end of September (remember, I think there’s another announcement in late September), we’ll be looking at some new DSLRs from Nikon and we’ll look back at all the little bits and pieces we heard along the way (some of which you’ve reported), and we’ll see that some, maybe even much, of that information was correct. Thus, that would mean that there were leaks.

              I’ve been wrong before, and I’ll be wrong again, but I’ll be very surprised if I’m wrong about what I just wrote.

            • broxibear

              Hi Thom,
              You wrote “I’m sitting on a photo that I don’t believe I can show without generally revealing where the leak might have occurred. I’m pretty sure we’re very near the launch of what’s in that photo.”
              That’s fair enough, I don’t want anyone to get into trouble over a leaked image of a camera…but can’t you just describe the camera in the photograph ?
              ie is it basically a D3 with extra buttons, does the body look smaller, can you see carbon fibre used instead of plastic, is it a completely new shape ?
              Surely that won’t identify the source ?

            • I agree, Thom can at least tell us if it is a D3s or D700 replacement.

            • Jabs

              I actually was asking you where you got that information from, but upon reading the full comment by the Administrator, then I saw the reference and left it alone.

              Guessing and then being right = and oxymoron, as in this is a Rumors web site.

              I don’t get involved in people slapping themselves on their own backs – LOL

              Too big a stretch and too bruising to one’s ego and thus too mature for that type of a childish or sophomoric banter = adult MALE here.

              I was not trying to insult you nor imply much, but was asking for clarification PLUS razzing you – lol

            • The image is of a D700 replacement.

        • broxibear

          Hi Thom,
          “The image is of a D700 replacement.” Cool… everyone’s curious as to what it’s like so why not enlighten us ?
          No one’s saying post the photograph, just describe the camera.
          Unless I’ve missed something I don’t see any issues with that ?

  • Waiting for good news like you folks!

    Nikon, do a 20mp + Body for us who works for adverting companys, less than $8.000,00 with video.


    • The invisible man

      $8.000,00 sound cheap, what about $500.000.000,00 ?

    • Bob Howland

      Does it have to be built like a D3s or would the D700 level of ruggedness be adequate?

  • NikoDoby

    There are enough threads already about August 24th. Thread closed!

    • kyoshinikon


  • someone could be interested discovering that they’re talkin on Nikon release also on Canon Rumors website, saying basically nothing news but adding more hype on what will happen on 24. Also, 23 will be a topic date for some Canon announcement. sick.
    all news are from 18 August.

  • Levi

    Looks like a high-megapixel D700 replacement. Unless Nikon wants to up megapixel count on the D4. We shall see. This makes me feel a lot better after all the mirror-less / coolpix news though.

  • Just Testing to see if posting is really closed by Doby!

    • The invisible man

      @busy and bored
      what was it ? (with appropriate words) ?

      • No obscenities from me, ever!! … just trying to see if someone can indeed stop the madness!!!
        Reference : quote from NikoDoby: “There are enough threads already about August 24th. Thread closed!”

  • Shane

    I personally think the d700 replacement will be announced on the 24th with high mp.
    Just have to wait n see

    Thx admin for the info but we all know Nikon aren’t giving nothin away this time leak wise

    • The invisible man

      I love you Shane

    • Bob Howland

      I don’t know if you’re right or not, but it has never made sense that the high-res studio/landscape camera had to be as ruggedly built as the photojournalist/sports photographer camera that gets horribly abused every day.

      • The invisible man

        All my cameras and lenses still look like new even if they have ##### pictures taken with it !

        I even put grease on the bayonet to avoid the brass to show after a while.

        The reward is the possibility to sell at 90% or more the price I paid for it.

  • Anand

    I am with the admin here now… seems that there won’t be a new DSLR next week. At least not by Nikon.

    Here are my reasonings:

    1. No leaks. None whatsoever! In this day an age, I would think that feat would be nearly impossible for someone to master.

    2. The mirrorless is a new technology for Nikon and a new product line….certainly warrants a big event. Not so sure if the big guns are warranted for this..but perhaps they are doing something different.

    3. While the D700 has been out everywhere (this does put a kink in my theory), I think it may be just because of the Tsunami effect and Nikon ramping up to produce the new mirrorless cameras.

    4. Since Canon is not on track to produce a new camera…I feel that Nikon and Canon both are trying to milk the cow for the last few drops! Though D700 not being available anywhere certainly throws a wrench into this argument for Nikon.

    Ahhh…feels good…I let it all out…let out my fear of No new DSLR next week!!!!! Now I can go back and enjoy my life and not have to check NR 10 million times a day! 🙂

    P.S. I am still on the “Hope and Change” bandwagon….D800 come out come out whereever you are! 🙂

  • 9-11 i am driving to maine

    • The invisible man

      Lobsters party ?

      • Raff

        At least half of the fun out of this website comes from the Invisible man!
        You are great!

        Cheers mate!!

        • Ole

          I am also going to miss The Invisible Man after all the new products have been launched 😉

          • Raff

            Now it’s clear!!

            Nikon are delaying the FX launch not to stop the Invisible Man’s comments!! I guess they are enjoing them as well!

            Invisible Man, could you please reassure the Nikon board that you will keep posting your great comments even after the D4 and D800 release!

            : )

            • The invisible man

              Thanks guys,
              I will still be on NR, new lenses will come (I hope the 300mm f/4 VR or a 200mm f/2.8 VR

  • Ric

    Video edited with the new Capture NX3!

    WHOOT! the 24th is going to be awesome.

    • rhlpetrus

      And … how long to even open a 1min video? 😉

      • Ric

        long enough for you Mister.

  • Trevor

    Does the EXIF on that picture by Joe say D4 by any chance? 😉

    But, I do agree that using an even like 9/11 to release a new camera would be tacky. However, following-up on the event with the fact that all images were taken with a D4 would be awesome. It ends on 9/12, so perhaps a 9/13 announcement of the D4?

    That would give the mirrorless announcement on 8/24 time to sink in.

    • Allan M

      No – one of them are say Nikon D3x

      These one: 2011_FGZ_UPDATE_Bill_Butler_0137

    • Mock Kenwell

      A good agency could easily spin it without making it seem tacky.

  • It sounds like great photography. I hope I gat a chance to see it. The timing sure seems to indicate Nikon wants to make a splash next week. I’m sure we’ll see something interesting. (an updated 80-400 sure Would be nice to go along with the new bodies.)

  • Shane

    Nikon rep here in Ireland yesterday said hand on heart there are no dslrs next week it’s all hype!!!!.

    Hope his lying lol

  • Are you referring to me by chance 🙂 ?

  • Dean

    Picture of D800…

    Is this fake???

    • Dean
    • yes, it is – this is probably the oldest fake D800, it came just weeks after the D700 announcement

    • Madetech

      Hi Dean, fake in my book. Shutter buttons are usually black in the semi-pro and pro bodies. The top lcd looks too small as well. I also think that the viewfinder housing is not high enough. Not to mention the second shutter button (too awkward to use without a grip).

      I could be wrong…

  • One More Thought

    I just can’t believe that Nikon would not use this McNally exhibit to show off at least one new DSLR. It would be amazing upon Nikon’s part to miss this gold opportunity.

    Any new camera doesn’t have to be ready to ship; it just needs to be announced. There’s typically a lag time anyway, and with the shortage of D3s and D700 cameras already, I don’t think they would miss many sales of existing models by announcing their new ones before shipping is imminent.

  • theo martin

    If I put all together what I read here on NR during the last days/weeks :

    The „9/11-ten-years-later exhibition“ announcement from Nikon says Joe McNally was using the “latest cameras”.

    – „latest“ in advertising language normally doesn’t mean our current (a few years old) products (like D3s, D7000) but our (upcoming) brand new products.

    – „cameras“ is plural, so they are talking about at least 2 cameras.

    – the „9/11-ten-years-later exhibition“ of course is a huge opportunity for Nikon to launch new DSLR products, because it will receive worldwide interest over a longer period of time. And hey, Nikon will be smart and reverent enough to sponsor this exhibition, but to do the presentation of the new DSLRs somehow separated from the exhibition.

    – referring to the IQ of the 10 years old polaroid life-size pictures (made with the biggest camera in the world), Nikon mentions that the new digital images „show the subjects in incredible detail“. Doesn’t sound that like: (nearly) as good (or even better) as the old huge pictures? Doesn’t that sound like: look how incredible good our latest DSLR is?

    – if I remember right, Joe McNally did a D3 promo. Right? He is a serious photographer with a very good reputation in commercial and non- commercial photography. Why shouldn’t Nikon work again with him on promo work for the newest product?

    – what about the second camera? I think, thats the one, they shot the interview videos with. Nikon got very excited about video since they launched the D7000 (which is good, but not pro enough). Time to show that Nikon now as well has a real pro dslr-video camera (and of course way better than the Canon 7D, the Canon 5D MKII and the Nikon D7000).

    – so my guess is, we are going to see the D4 (24mp) and the D800 (18mp)

    – what about the exif data of the image from Joe that says its shot with a D3x? Hey, why shouldn’t he did some of the shots with his D3x?

    – but what about the mirrorless? There was this note on NR somewhere, that Chase Jarvis was working on something for Nikon. (He did the D7000 camera road test for Nikon.) Well, I think he is the man to do the introductory work for Nikon’s mirrorless camera. Chase Jarvis has a different image than Joe McNally. Jarvis’ image (more hip, modern, stylish… whatever) seems more connected to the younger people. Remember, he published „The best camera is the one that’s with you“, a whole book with pictures taken with an iPhone. Who could better represent a new Nikon p&s camera with a somehow enthusiastic/professional ambition?

    – a secondary object: The launch of the D4 and D800 will open up a big new gap between the currently best consumer/midrange DSLR (D7000) and the upcoming new pro-line (as it ever was before). And this gap will be wide enough to put the successor of the D300s in, probably in 1012. And finally we will see the top of the new pro line, the D4x, at the end of 2012.

    – last thought: Why no leaks this time? Maybe simply because Nikon learned. Apple proves since years that this IS possible.

    (sorry for my poor english)

    • I disagree with a few of your points but they are well made and your English is very good.

  • rhlpetrus

    Hmm, it seems the rumors’soruces are really quiet if this is the latest you have on the 24th …

    😉 No problem, our cameras are all working fine, but maybe they’ll drop dead at 24:00 on the 24th … 😉

  • FrancoDMD

    I bet you this is an HD video made with the new Mirrorless camera like that other company did for their camera comercial for the SuperBowl (was it Fuji?? can’t remember) to prove how high quality it can be.

    • Tony

      I think the same.

  • Pixelhunter

    I hope the D900 is coming soon in sight. It has been so much fun to witness your exciting and funny conversation about the new D800 that I hope it just goes on once a strong and healthy baby is born on August 24th. I presume it will 🙂 Thxs folks wherever you are waiting, dreaming, sparing money on this globe!

  • Don’t you guys think also that if Joe McNally was not using a new camera he would have come out and say sorry guys, it’s all done with the current D3s/x? Instead he said he will blog about it next week. Remember also that Nikon likes to use the same people to promote their new stuff (for example Chase Jrvis, Bob Krist) and Joe already did the D3 promo back in 2007.

    • Rahul

      Your point is valid Admin. I think both D4 and the mirror-less would be announced soon. I feel that Nikon can delay the launch of D800 because it can have a negative impact on the sales of D4.
      I don’t think that mirrorless + D4 + D800 + coolpix announcement can happen on a single day.

    • rhlpetrus

      Always the optimist! 😉

    • broxibear

      Hi Peter,
      The reason for a press release is to attract media attention, if Joe McNally wanted to maximize that attention why not just say on his blog, and in the press release “images and exclusive interviews shot with the next generation Nikon cameras” ?
      If there’s going to be a new Nikon camera associated with this event then why not make the most of it ?…no one’s naming it, you’re not showing images of it before Nikon themselves…so why not just say ? You still have to attend the event to find out so what’s the big deal ?
      Unless Chase and Joe are having a fight over which one gets more publicity by announcing a new Nikon first lol ?
      I don’t care anymore…I just want it over with lol.

      • well, Nikon said that in their press release:

        along with new digital images and exclusive video interviews shot with the latest Nikon cameras…

        • broxibear

          The latest dslr is the D5100…is he using that ? Apparently you can use the swivel screen to hold your cup of coffee…I might sell my D3 just to have that feature.
          I bet Canon or Sony don’t have that…or do they lol ?

        • Mock Kenwell

          I’ve been thinking that it’s possible that the Tsunami forced Nikon to retool a lot of what it does, affecting manufacturing, process, and the flow of information. It is possible that this has allowed them to remain more secretive than they have been in the past—hence, no leaks.

          Either that or there are no DSLRs coming…

    • Jabs


      Nikon’s got everyone’s attention and thus TWO disasters = the analogy or the parallel.

      Disaster 1 = World Trade Center destruction plus people’s lives and partially recorded with an exotic Polaroid camera.

      Disaster 2 = Earthquake and tsunami in Japan and destroyed lots of the infrastructure in the Japanese Camera Industry and people’s lives.

      Hope 1 – New use of World Trade Center area in lower Manhattan plus a chronicle of the lives of some survivors or even victims of the World Trade Center and since it was photographed THEN with a remnant of a DYING breed of camera (Polaroid Instant cameras), then here’s to a new re-invigorated Polaroid – who is BACK in the Instant camera Business and the spirit of ‘CAN DO’ also for New Yorkers and the Media Industry located THERE.

      Hope 2 – (speculation on my part) – Nikon is BACK in Sendai and producing a NEW Pro camera(s) or re-initiating the Production of the D4/D800 (or whatever they call them) and now Nikon is producing the Show as a sign of its’ rebirth after that massive tragedy. The NEW pictures will be taken by something NEW and symbolic by Nikon and perhaps be superior to the old ones done with the huge Polaroid or might be just something new (camera or gear) that is symbolic of the REBIRTH of Nikon in Sendai.

      HENCE, at least three symbolic gestures.

      1. Malaysia – Mirrorless camera producers
      2. Sendai is BACK = continue producing D4’s and recoup the lost D4 bodies and lenses lost in the disaster.
      3. Like America and especially New Yorkers, plus Polaroid – they have to bounce back from losses.changes and MOVE forward and regain their former drive for excellence and innovation.

      That’s how I see it.

      *** WE ARE BACK-kkkkkk ***

      Turn on the lights on Broadway – The SHOW must go on = New York’s way.

      On Broadway – by The Drifters and then by George Benson = clues (LOL)

  • Dandydon

    What’s the chance Joe McNally shot all of these with the new mirrorless?
    What’s the chance he shot them all with his old D4x?

    I’m just saying….

    • Dandydon

      uhh…sorry “old D3x”

  • What will haapen 11-09-2011? Why heroes from future?

    • theo martin

      activities on important anniversary celebrations/days of remembrance often start days/weeks before that date, don’t they? especially media (tv, newspapers, radio etc. often try to be the first one)

  • The invisible man

    Here is a video (CNN) about people in NY who are using film photography.

    • rhlpetrus

      Maybe I’ll bring my M3 up from the grave (not really a grave) … . Then again, not, no more wet darkrooms for me.

  • ericnl

    admin: if you yourself don’t like “Nikon News & Rumors”, did you think about maybe calling it “Nikon Rumors & News”. it is only a small difference, but it has a completely different ring to it. also the abbreviation is better: NRN

  • Walkthru

    I can’t help but think that the 24th will be the launch date for the new FX replacements.

    Let’s not forget that Joe’s exhibition is “another” press event marked down for that day – could it be that the “other” press events are for the launch, and that Joe’s exhibition will be a quiet showcase of the new cameras abilities & quality, without being too irreverent to the whole upcoming 9/11 anniversary?

  • The text talks about; the original 50 polaroid life size photos. It doesn’t say that the new photos are life sized… I don’t get how NR admin translate that into that the new images are in that kind of size. And also, the Nikon D3s is still the latest pro body capable of capturing video even if it’s old… Remember that it took Nikon seven years from the (at that time) revolutionary Nikon D1 until they where able to produce the Nikon D3 that later was updated to D3s. During those seven years they had nothing to show! And before you start 😉 No I don’t count cameras unable to produce acceptable photos in higher iso’s than iso 400 worth anything at all! So it might just be a couple of more years until Nikon comes with the D4 or anything close to it… But as all of you I hope it will be announced next week 🙂

    • d1x,d2x,d2hs,d200,d70,d40, All great cameras in their time.

  • I am not sure – it says “more than 50 life size photos revealing where the heroes are today” which means new images

    • DCN

      I think it says just the original 50 with new images and never before seen images, I do not read into it that there are any new life size images.

    • One More Thought

      NR Admin: you are correct. The text reads:
      “This special exhibition will feature the original life-size Polaroids, along with new digital images and exclusive video interviews shot with Nikon D-SLR cameras revealing where the subjects are today and how 9/11 affected their lives.”

      There is no ambiguity; I don’t know how anyone could interpret this to mean anything other than the fact that there are new images beyond the originals taken 10 years ago.

      Given that there will be new images, I really believe that at a minimum there will be a D4 announcement. I just can’t see Nikon passing up this opportunity.

      This is not a trivial exhibit. And would Nikon have Joe shoot this with their existing lineup, only to debut a D4 about a month later? It wouldn’t make any sense.

      Nikon can announce the D4 and then ship months later. They did that with the D3.

      To me, one of the best indicators that we’ll see at least a D4 is the McNally show.

      • There is no ambiguity that there are new images, and there in no assertion that the new images are life sized.

  • I’m flying on 9/11 this year. Eek.

    • Johnathan Wild

      Don’t worry, there’s no super tall buildings left in nyc.

  • NikonTheAvenger

    August 24 is fast arriving. In addition to Nikon press event, I too have a press event the same day. My own Press event! Press the shutter event that is, and try to catch some good news on the fly from Nikonrumors that day hoping to see a D4, D400 and Mirrorless announced. I personally think that Nikon will not release a D700 replacement next week, probably next year March or April 2012.

  • Anonymous
  • Be2

    D800x.. this would be unsual, oh wait maybe D3xs?

  • shane

    Not sure if anyone is familiar with Japanease terminoligy but alike the chinease they take it quiet seriously as regards for instance its about 3 yeas now since the Nikon d700 and d3 were released ok so bare with with me on this…. so if Nikon waited to 2012 for these releases obviously it be 4 years in which the Japanease have a habit of skipping this number 4 as it means and signifies death to them so we could have a d5 instead of a d4 also?.

    Thisis a wild theory but nobody mentioned it b4 on Nikon Rumours so it might have some bearing…….

    • broxibear

      Hi shane,
      The number “4” and it’s associated superstitions in Japan have been highlighted a few times here.
      Yes it’s an unlucky number in Japanese culture, as the number “13” is in the West, but I doubt it’ll affect Nikon’s model numbering since it hasn’t in the past.
      They made the S4, F4, P4 and L4…there’s probably more and I don’t think it’s an issue.

  • Jabs

    Perhaps, I have a different perspective on this.
    I used to live in New York City (Brooklyn) and actually saw the World Trade Center under construction when going to work via the Brooklyn Bridge on the Subway PLUS I worked in the World Trade Center briefly and had a relative who actually was working there on the day of the tragedy, but was late then and was therefore stuck on the Subway and thus now alive from that bad habit of her being ‘fashionable late’.

    I even photographed the World Trade Center a lot and thus I see this as a symbolic release as in NEW HOPE, a new era of cameras and thus a D4 is coming and perhaps being used to now show HOW photography has emerged or evolved from this massive older camera to now a smaller yet better camera ten years later. It is like a changing of the guard and also we fail to see this basic symbolism.

    Nikon and Japan in general suffered a catastrophic loss far more complex in HUMAN life loss than what America suffered in human loss and NATIONAL pride or sorrow. This reminds me of the symbolism of RISING from the ashes of a tragedy and now coming out fully swinging again.

    Sendai was destroyed
    The World Trade Center was destroyed

    BOTH are rising or coming back after such devastation.

    That is what I see as the analogy in this symbol.

    I have not been able to go to New York City since 2001, as maybe too painful for me.

    WHO was this person who worked there and now suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being saved while the majority of her co-workers perished?

    MY sister!

  • plug

    Off topic perhaps, but in relation to your digiscoping article recently: I have just been visiting the British Birdfair at Rutland Water, UK, and all the major camera manafacturers exhibit here. Nikon, behind glass only, have an EDG scope with VR!
    The guy said it was just a concept but might help when digiscoping. Have you heard of this before? Will it be introduced?

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