Nikon’s mirrorless interchangeable lens camera will be announced on August 24th

The latest information indicates that Nikon will announce only their mirrorless camera on August 24th (in addition to the new Coolpix cameras). This makes sense since the mirrorless mount pictured above was the only real leak in the past few weeks. I don't have the technical specs yet, but here are some more details on the upcoming interchangeable lens camera from Nikon:

  • There is a good chance that more than one version/model of the new mirrorless camera wil be announced at the same time
  • The camera body will be very small, very compact, with a clean industrial design
  • Built-in high resolution EVF
  • Many video features
  • Compatible with F-mount lenses
  • The sensor will be slightly smaller than Micro Four Thirds (probably 17mm in diameter, 2.6x crop factor)
  • Four lenses to be released, one of them will be a pancake, the second will be a super zoom
  • Phase and contrast-detect AF
  • Camera code/project name: X810

See mockups of the camera here.

It seems that another press event is already scheduled for September. There are already some "new product launching seminars" planned the end of September in at least one country. I do not have an exact date, but I think September 19-23 would be a good guess.

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  • I need a mirror 😉

    • I litterally started tearing up after reading this because I was laughing so hard.

      • Excuse my extra “t”. **literally**

      • jo

        I’m tearing up, but because this means more waiting for my D800 …

    • Jojo

      Never mind mannie, I’m sure your hair will be O.K. on the night

  • MichavdB

    Looking at what Sony’s doing with their NEX models, I actually think Nikon might have a chance at a good product here.

    • hexx

      have you seen news about nex7? not sure how nikon would compete with that one with small sensor. all nex cameras use aps-c sensors.

      • MichavdB

        I have, hence my comment. I think they have mount issues and as a result their lenses are too big. While the bodies are small and look nice and trendy (personally I hate how they feel in my hands, but that’s irrelevant), the lenses are big. If you carry something that size, I think an APS-C body is preferable, because you need to compromise less.

  • They are coming ! One by one… Thanks for the update.

  • Mato34

    Admin, four lenses to be released on the 24th? Or just planned right now?

    • my guess is that they will announce 4 lenses that will available in the next few months

      • Mato34

        Thanks 🙂

        Not too bad I think, but relasing two models and four lenses on 24th would have been something big.


      • When they announce the mirrorless camera, they will announce three lenses for it. So technically, I expect seven lens announcements from Nikon in the next two months.

        • nobody

          And the other four lenses to be announced are which ones in your opinion?

        • PHB

          We might well see quite a few lenses appearing for the new EVIL system in short order. The beauty of the EVIL design is that there is no mirror sweep to get in the way. That means that it is not necessary to use a retrofocus design.

          Not only is a retrofocus design a lot more complex than a short focus design, it means that the design has to be adjusted significantly for each focal length. So the 24mm and 35mm F-mount lenses have to be very different. Leica’s primes are much more consistent in their design approach. That is how a small supplier managed to serve a niche market with superlative, low volume lenses for such a long time.

          I don’t expect much in the first round of releases to excite the professional, but later on, things should get interesting.

          And please, can we actually see how the camera performs before people write it off? I tend to think that the folk at Nikon know rather more about the pros and cons of sensor size than the average blog poster.

        • Thom, I am pretty sure that they will announce 4 new lenses with their mirrorless camera, not 3.

          • You may be right. Wide, Normal, Kit Zoom, Telephoto Zoom. But I haven’t been hearing anything lately about the wide.

        • AnoNemo

          Are you still saying that next week we will see dslrs from Nikon?

          At this point I am inclined to say that Nikon will NOT and I repeat NOT release any FF dslrs until 2012. They have to wait for sony to make some sensors for them.

          • I we don’t see DSLRs from Nikon in the August announcement, we will in the September announcement. Again, Sendai is making something right now, and it’s not D700 bodies.

            In thinking about this, Sony’s announcements in the same two day period are problematic for Nikon. They mostly target the D300/D700 type user. I doubt Nikon thinks they can out shout Sony, so a D700 follow-up on that date would be an issue. But even the mirrorless announcement at the same time as the NEX 7, NEX 5c, VG-20 is a bit problematic in that respect. Nikon risks the “knife to a gun fight” problem I’ve written about before.

            But my sources seem unanimous on one thing: two new DSLRs in 2011, not 2012. The only question has been and with NR Rumors switch here, which cameras when? There are only two dates I’ve heard: August 24th and September 21st. Another issue for Nikon: the 1DsIV will be announced shortly, too. Nikon’s not going to sit on D300s, D700, and D3s replacements with Sony and Canon making moves in that region.

            Finally, we have the year-forward estimates to look at. I don’t think Nikon can achieve 26% more sales with their current lineup. They can’t deliver four of those as it is. The numbers seem to clearly indicate a drop of new product in the Oct-Dec quarter, which would be consistent with Aug/Sept announcements (and we’ve seen that pattern in forward estimates before, which were preceded by Aug announcements).

            • AnoNemo

              Remember what I argued with you couple of days ago? The sony vs nikon announcement on the same day? I listed the products for sony (2 dslrs, 2 NEXs, 1 dedicated Video, at least 3 NEX lenses, and 1-2 dslr lenses with viewfinder and some other accessories.)
              As you now pointed out “knife to a gun fight”….

              I do not know what if Nikon does not announce the 2 dslrs next week they will look pretty bad. Not because we have to wait another month but it’s been sooooooooo long. Nikon got to move its fat ass fast.

              Besides, even if they announce something the average Joe has to wait another 6 months to get hold of one.

              I really hope Sony will bring out some kick ass quality that will force Nikon to get its act together.

        • Mr Thom,

          May I Have Your Autograph 🙂

  • xaphod

    noooooo– do not want! dislike! minus one! undig!

    sigh. still waiting for any FX camera to be updated… for over a year…

    • dave

      Just a year? To listen to some of the chatter in this forum you’d think folks have been waiting for a D800 since before the D700 was announced.

      • Jeremy

        Which means some are already whining about the missing D900. 🙂

        • Sports

          I’m waiting for the D900S.

      • twoomy

        Six months after the D700 was announced, to be closer to the mark. Rumors were swirling back in 2008 about a D700x that would be the small-model equivalent of the D3X. Prototypes were supposedly out in the field.

        And then… everything dried up. And it feels even drier right now.

  • what about the dslrs?

  • D40-owner

    IF the lenses are small
    IF the image quality is at least the same at ISO800 as the D40 was
    IF it has decent control ergonomics
    IF it has full manual still/video
    IF AF is fast
    IF it allows RAW

    … then it may sell well among serious shooters.
    As for casual shooters, it doesn’t matter, for them aestethics is everything.
    When FC Porto won the Europa League, and they did the victorious ride in the city in an open bus, one of the players (Alvaro Pereira) was shooting video of the crowds from the top of the bus WITH AN IPAD!!! That says it all…. Fashion wins with most people.

    • Three out of six isn’t bad, is it? ;~)

      • MichavdB

        Really? Just 3? I was expecting they’d get 1 through 3 and #6 right…

      • PeterT

        IF it only is fast AF
        IF it only is decent control ergonomics and
        IF it only is full manual still / video

        THEN it is bad 🙁

        • Steve

          More likely the following 3:

          IF the lenses are small
          IF it has decent control ergonomics
          IF it allows RAW

  • Zim

    So no D4, D800, D400?

  • am i being forced to switch to canon? where’s the d700 replacement?!

    • twoomy

      Sony maybe! 🙂 Canon seems even slower than Nikon for getting the next generation of high-end equipment out there. It’s like they all have a pact to milk this generation for another year.

      • Ke

        That A77 does look good.

    • Mandrake

      lol….where’s the 5D MK III??

  • Geoff

    Barf …. DSLR or bust

  • David

    F-mount compatible?!

    If that’s so, might be a handy back-up camera to use the lenses with, particularly if desperate for reach – the 70-300 VR on a 2.6x crop would be same FoV as 180-780, and even the humble 55-200 becomes a 140-520, since DX lenses would obviously be useable with the even smaller crop.

  • Benjo

    Couldn’t care less. It’s been 3 years since an FX announcement!

    • binary_eye

      No, it’s been less than two years since an FX announcement (22 months, to be exact).

      • Benjo

        Blasted D3s, forgot all about it as I don’t shoot things that move.

  • SDiggity

    Epic fail.

    • Reck Konwell

      Sad +1

    • Fubar


  • Dweeb

    I wonder if true this means Sendai are not really up and running and this camera will be a Thailand product. Just a guess.

    • NikonTheAvenger

      They can manufacture mirrorless and dx’s in Thailand or Malaysia but please keep the FX model in Japan including pro lenses.

    • @Dweeb: you’re on the right track. I’ve been asking what Sendai has been up to since March. As best as I can make out they went back to clearing D700 and D3s builds in April through June. In July/August, D700’s stopped coming out of the plant, which would indicate that they’re building something else. I somehow doubt that it’s the mirrorless camera, and it’s not the D4.

      So the question is this: if they started making the D700 replacement sometime in July, how long would they have to build in order to meet initial delivery expectations? The answer is three to four months.

      For the record, if NR Rumors is correct, then Nikon changed plans recently and flipped the mirrorless/D700 followup announcements. I highly doubt that. I’ll stay on record as saying D800/D4 on August 24th and mirrorless on Sept 21st.

      • twoomy

        Good on you for sticking to your guns! I certainly hope you’re correct.

        • Palpak

          Be here Thom on Aug 24 and you will either crow or eat crow.

      • Marvin Gardens


      • Art

        This is going to be an interesting bout: NR v.s. Thom Hogan!

        Anybody willing to take bets?

        (I hope and pray you are right Thom!)

        • broxibear

          Hi Art,
          I’m betting they’re both wrong lol !

          • There’s always a chance of that. One thing currently working in NR Rumors favor is that I’m not aware of any pros being invited to next week’s announcement. Not that Nikon always does that, but I’d think it likely for a D700/D3 followup announcement.

            I won’t be here long to eat crow on the 24th, though, as I have an 18-hour plane ride to catch shortly thereafter.

            FWIW, too many people put too much energy into these announcements (including me, though mostly because if I didn’t write something somewhere my In box would have about 2000 “when” queries in it every week). It’s very clear to me that we’ll get two serious cameras announced late summer/early fall. I couldn’t really care what date they’re announced on (well, I guess I’d care if the date happened to be when I was in the jungle somewhere ;~).

            • Brian

              No new DSLR until 2012. Been saying it since the Earthquake.

            • @Brian: If Nikon doesn’t ship the mirrorless camera and D700 replacement in 2011, I don’t see how they make the numbers they just announced in their forecast.

        • Mato34

          Mine goes for both being right!!

          Don’t ask me how… 😛

        • I would say the changes are 50/50, so there is still hope for a full frame DSLR.

        • Maybe the Sony announcement on August 24th made Nikon change their mind? Everything is still possible.

      • Joe


        So *ONLY* mirrorless will be announced on Aug 24th? Is it confirmed?

        From what I heard two weeks ago (not from Thom’s site), Aug 24th was still expected to be the D4/D800 DSLR release date.

        Unless Nikon changed the plan in the last minute……….

        • I think so, the fact that we don’t have any other leaks so far also makes me believe that only the mirrorless will be announced next week. I could be wrong of course.

          • Joe

            Correct me if I am mistaken. I think it’s the same situation as the D3 release in 2007? Nobody really knew about that FF camera before the announcement? All people knew was the D300 only.

            And for the last two lens announcement, I think there wasn’t any leak at all too?

      • PHB

        The Tsunami may well have thrown the original rollout plans out the window. If Nikon was stuck with three months downtime while the supply chain got its act together, the obvious thing to do would be to shut down the existing lines and reconfigure them to make the next thing.

        A D800 launch this year still looks a little unlikely to me, but who knows, the D700 is definitely in need of some sort of refresh. Whether thats a full upgrade to a D800 body or an interim upgrade to a D700x.

        • RR

          D700x would be very nice indeed, I hope someone at Nikon is listening.

          #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon !

      • Thom, the wild card here are the new Coolpix cameras. If Nikon announces the Coolpix cameras this week, I will agree with you that we may see pro level DSLRs next week. So far there is no indication that this would be the case, which means that the new Coolpix cameras will come out next week. Adding the mirrorless to the Coolpix announcement makes sense, but Nikon will NOT announce Coolpix cameras with full frame DSLRs on the same date. If they do, this will be a precedent that will be studied in the history books later on 🙂

        • @NR Admin: you are correct. We should see the P7100, weatherproof Coolpix, new projector Coolpix (when will they give up on that?), and perhaps some what, S#300 models, first. In a normal Nikon launch sequence, they’d announce those the week after financials (this week) and a DSLR the following week. Worst case, they’d have a two-day presentation: Coolpix Day One, DSLRs, Day Two. I can find no indication that either is happening at the moment, though Coolpix have at times been just announced via press release.

          • Thom, Nikon haven’t done a two day press event in a long time (not even sure if they ever did two days in a row) but of course this doesn’t mean anything and they may do just that next week. For now I will stick with the mirrorless announcement for next week, but this could change in the next few days.

          • PHB

            They have to have both out in the same week, otherwise their sales guys are going to be talking to retailers twice about their new products in the same market sector.

            This is going to be about Xmas orders.

            I agree that there is no chance of the D4 being launched with the EVIL camera. But don’t discount the possibility of a consumer/prosumer DSLR.

            Either Nikon has to launch a D800 with the D4 or if the plan is to reheat the D700 with a D700s/x then they need to knock down expectations now.

            • In the US, NikonUSA already has their reps talking to dealers about Christmas orders. Basically they’re trying to lock in commitments to product through the end of the year right now (e.g. Oct, Nov, Dec, as Sept is already in the books). As more than one dealer said to me: how do I do that without knowing about new Coolpix, mirrorless, DSLR, or lenses? With Sony, the dealers are getting briefed about new products showing up through the end of the year. With Nikon, they are not. Obviously, Nikon is announcing something on the 24th, but they are trying to lock in overall sales commitments with dealers without telling them ANYTHING about what that might be.

    • BornOptimist

      Sendai is only used for proffessional cameras. This mirrorless camera is not, nor has it even been designed for proffessional use, so this has nothing to do with the state of the Sendai plant. The “closest to proffessional plant” this could have been planned for is the D300 factory in Taiwan, but Malaysia or China is more in line with what can be expected.

  • NikonTheAvenger

    F mount compatible but will not meter i guess by just looking at the mount.

    • dave

      My guess is that they’ll have some sort of an adapter to get F-Mount lenses the propper distance from the sensor. That adapter would also provide all the electrical contacts. Even if there is no adapter, you’ll still be able to meter with current glass, just not the fancy matrix metering.

      • There’s not many legacy lenses I’d want to put on it. Sort of defeats the purpose of the camera, actually. And with a ~2.7x change in angle of view, that means even a lowly little 50mm f/1.8D becomes an 135mm lens, which I’ll bet is about is about as much as you can handhold reliably with such a small camera. Even the 35mm f/1.8 DX works out to 95mm.

        Note that the knock on the Sony NEX is that the system becomes all lens, no body. That problem will be extremely acerbated on Nikon’s mirrorless with legacy lenses.

        I suppose it would have been interesting to drag one of these cameras with me to Africa next month with, oh, say the 135mm f/2 on it, but I sincerely doubt Nikon will have cameras by then, let alone an adapter.

        • Imagine with the 600VR…
          Could be an answer to small birds at distance, thought.

        • PHB

          Agreed, but the lens I would want to put on is an 80-400 (or 70-200 or 200-400). And then we are not so much talking about a lens mounted on the camera as a sensor mounted on the end of the lens. So what you would want is a trigger grip that connects onto the tripod mount on the lens.

          Putting a lens of less than 50mm on the EVIL camera is going to be an act of shear perversity as its taking the penalty for the DSLR system without any of the benefit.

        • John

          Plus the resolution of these lenses will likely not be up to what the sensor will want, especially anywhere near wide open.

  • d

    Bullshit! Where’s my D800!

  • JonMcg

    Looks like maybe it’ll be a nice product but what a shame if Nikon doesn’t release a new FX body. I’m sure this will cost them a few customers while those waiting go ahead and jump ship to the other brand… Sigh..

    • Benk

      Jump ship to Canon for what? Better video? They have full frame camera? And it’s several years old as well. Maybe I’m missing something, but in terms of camera bodies, what does Canon have right at this moment that Nikon doesn’t?

      • NisseHult

        Good FF video!

      • Jabs


        A few various VIDEO speeds or framing rates = all that they have now.

      • Jabs

        @Benk – reply 2

        Canon has two full frame DSLR’s and both are ancient technically plus the D3s video looks way better to me than the 5DMK2, even though it is 720p – even the D3100, D5100 and D7000 video looks cleaner and better to me than the 5D, though they are not FF.

        Canon is well KNOWN for Prosumer video and Nikon is NOT = their success, as in name brand recognition PLUS they already have had a brilliant EOS lens based Video system and eco-system, and thus people use that PLUS their 5D MK2 = brilliant strategy, but I look for results alone and thus prefer Nikon’s files – you can easily upscale 720p to 1080p.

        I like the 5DMK2, but their older FF body is way better even though they have the same megapixel rating and focuses way faster but costs or lists for the price of a D3X.

        Ask yourself how many PRO FF bodies have Canon released SINCE the original D3 came out?

  • dast

    if that should be real: f… you nikon

    • Dweeb

      Damn Straight. We’ve been Coolpixed too many times.

      • “We’ve been Coolpixed too many times.”
        ^^ best comment so far!

        • Dan

          +1, i will be fuming on the 24th if theres no new DSLR, all i want is a d800 or d400

        • Mato34



    • RR


      #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon !

  • Dear Nikon,

    If you announce the D4 and D4x I will sell my D3s and D700 and get them both. They are long overdue.


    P.s A 50mm 1.2G wouldn’t hurt anyone either. Or a new 135mm f2G. Just saying.

    • @BH,

      I would prefer that they perfect their current 50mm f/1.4, so that it is tack sharp wide open. The AF 50mm f/1.4 D and the AF-S 50mm f/1.4 G are less than stellar performers when shot wide open. I want fast, accurate AF at 1.4 with good resolution, high contrast, great colors, and sharpness; I want the lens that I already paid for twice! A 50mm f/1.2G would only be a Canon “Me-Too” version that only performs when stopped down to 1.4 or 1.8, for three times the cost of a 1.4; no thanks!

      As for a 135mm f/2 G, you need to add the VR II to it, in order to make the ultimate FF low light portraiture lens that gives you the working distance needed to ensure the subject’s privacy of space. I think some wedding photogs would hop all over that lens if you just added VR.

  • Ritchie

    If Nikon doesn’t release a new fx slr body to compete with canon 5dmk2/3 I am changing to canon/Sony . Fed up waiting waiting when nothing happens

  • I am frustrate!

  • Booooooooooring………

  • alvix

    2,6x crop factor…mmhh…no shallow dof on video … :(( at least at reasonable distance..

  • Art


    I want my D800.

    I could give a damn about MTV.

  • Yawn (out loud)!

  • Robbert

    Slightly smaller? It’s much smaller then 4/3…

  • Grrr

    Is it April 1 already? C’mon Nikon… you are losing revenue while your competitors keep moving forward and your loyal devotees get depressed.

    • Ke

      Canon isn’t doing too well either.

    • RR

      I am getting depressed and questioning my loyalty

      #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon !

  • Paul

    oh well I guess I will stick with my old D200 . Nikon wont get any money from me this year!

  • Mark

    F-mount compatible? If it is f-mount compatible, this means they’ll be producing f-mount lenses that are small to fit on such a minuscule camera. These f-mount lenses will, of course, be mountable on every other DSLR then, since they have the same mount. But they won’t cover ny of the other sensors. If they would still cover all the other sensors, thatd be very cool.

    This sucks. It’s dumb. I hope Mcnalley’s show is not revolved around this. The logic to believe that is so is flawed. Nikon has obviously become much more tight-lipped lately. Maybe we can all still be hopeful that another, much more pertinent announcement will also be involved. I doubt Mcnalley would go from D3 to mirrorless announcements. This blows if this is the case.


  • Jabs


    1. Lock down your web site from too many visitors crashing it, drive by opportunists looking to infect people caught up in NEW releases and not paying attention plus UPDATE your site with the Latest Releases and Fixes.

    2. Spelling mistake
    There is a good change that more than one version/model of the new mirrorless camera wil be announced at the same time

    Should have been –
    There is a good chanCe that more than one version/model of the new (mirror-less sometimes used) camera will be announced at the same time

    3. The Dx4 = Pro model of the new M-mount as in micro-Pro camera system in a size like perhaps the old FM, FM2 or even N2000 body size.

    4. It probably meters with F mount lenses just like they metered and AF the F3AF system through the old TC16-AF, hence similar contacts as that body (had one).

    5. Great site, but Nikon has a D4 range probably waiting to be introduced as soon as they can – being made in their Sendai Plant.

    6. This NEW system is what is being made in Malaysia

    7. The Panorama is from Korea and TinEye did not find it anywhere else, hence it could be from a D4.

    • Jabs, I am running the latest software on NR, I usually update 2-3 days after a new release is out. I checked with my host and they said they site can handle 4-5 times the regular traffic, I hope this will be enough. If not I will need to purchase a second server.

  • KayPiO

    Bull shit !! All ARE BULL SHIT !!! Listen to the customers….my foot !!
    If there is no DSLR this 24th…. Jedi…here I come….Darth Vader is always lying……!

  • Ryan

    I just want an affordable FX camera d90 esque

    • Ke

      Me too. I don’t want weather proofing, magnesium alloy bodies, swivel screens or video, or whatever.

      Just give me a middle of the road body, an AF motor & FX sensor.

  • Many of kids here, scream for expensive toy. Very annoying, lol.

    • Mark

      They don’t wNt an expensive toy. They want a masterful piece of equipment. And it’s well deserved. Its like being forced to sit back and watch as the whole world evolves around you and all you can do is sit and watch.

      • Reck Konwell

        Or you could stand up, get out (or in) and shoot good and inspirational pictures … A lot of people have done it without “next-gen” gear. Nobody forces you to wait sitting and watching …

  • simpleguy

    who the F*** GIVES rats ass about mirrorless camera with 2.6x crop factor
    NIKON go home , if you dont want to listen to us , your customers
    this is just a waste of investment and technology , waste of time , no body needs this
    it should be called cameraless NOT mirrorless

    • MK

      technically nobody needs a camera, unless you’re a pro trying to earn a living. welcome to the real world where there are people who are not pros taking pictures. using your logic, compact cameras would not exist at all in the marketplace. damn man… get off the computer and go outside. maybe a nice relaxing walk to calm your mind.

  • I’m going to be highly disappointed if the 2.6 crop is the only sensor available. I’d really love to pick up a Nikon version of the Sony NEX for more casual shooting, but 2.6 gives you about as much creative latitude as a point and shoot when it comes to depth of field.

  • studbike

    I spent so many months getting excited about this camera, and now it’s been so long and I’ve invested so much money in other dslr equipment that I’m not sure if i’m even going to care about this. The sensor is tiny compared to dx, so on that front alone it seems there are better choices for my task at hand for a camera like this: shooting people and cityscapes in available light. And even if it takes my f mount lenses, they will be ridiculously big. My d40x with my 45mm pancake is already handhold able. This camera (with its pancake) will have to be truly pocketable for me to reconsider it.

  • Yawn…standing down from alert status…nothing to see here…move along…

  • HMeYe

    waiting to see the specs of the new P7100 …. GPS ? full HD video ? Articulated screen ? better controls ? …..

  • grumps

    I actually agree, I hope to add to your comment that although the APS-C Sensor is way way better than anything smaller, handling the camera to get images more than average, requires more effort than using say the M9, D700, 5D2, or even the D5000., and then again not even close!

    Zeiss Lenses also need to adjust their priorities slightly to have their lenses more compatible with Digital Ms. The Sony mount that is too close to the sensor is a real issue, in the long run, you can pass it the greatest optics but it can never take full advantage of it. As of writing this, Canon’s E mount is best. Of course we are talking about compromise.

    Size, handling and great optics is what it needs. I hope again Fuji can enter the market after it’s X100 with something great! They always have in the history of cameras. The new Pentax ultra small is just a novelty cam at best!

  • So the new DSLRs are coming in September now? Stop pulling my carrot away!

  • canapé

    there’s one thing I don’t understand: have the d700, d3, d3s, d3x, d300, etc an expiration date? do they stop working because they are “old” technology? does any other brand have anything that basically kick nikon’s ass in that segment? (don’t tell me nikon doesn’t have a 5d2, because canon doesn’t have a d700 either, you just can’t have aproduct to fit every single photographer… unless until someone listens to thom hogan and do a modular camera, but then someone will surely need (want) something that is not offered). what the hell are you guys trying to take pictures of that you can’t take with those comeras?
    sure, everyone wants something with the IQ of a 645d, but the high iso of the d3s, the ergonomics of the d700 (or a k-5), the size of a d7000, the weight of a coolpix and the price of last year’s rebel. go build your own camera. or better yet, go out and take some pictures with the camera you have NOW. but stop complaining that every single camera released (or rumored) is not the one you want.


    btw, my Pentax K10d is almost 5 years old and still works fine, you guys must have serious problems with your nikons is you complain that much….

    • ericnl

      no, but if you are a DX format shooter about to switch to full frame, you will be an idiot to do that now, then you wait for the replacements.

      or in my case: when you have sold the 5DmkII to switch back to Nikon, then you wait for the replacements.

    • Art

      Well, my D300 is having issues with the electronics that control the mirror. On a handful of shots, the mirror will not go up giving me a nice picture of — black.

      This is a known and common issue for D300s and personally I’d much rather buy a D800 for a few grand than spend a few hundred dollars getting this fixed. (Especially since it is intermittent and since I shoot mostly landscapes which means that I can usually reshoot if I have to.)

      So, yes. My camera is not working properly simply because it is old.

    • Jabs

      @canape –
      Correct, but we don’t need to listen to Tom or Thom (no disrespect meant), as the company RED is what inspires him perhaps. You got it backwards – TRY digital medium format bodies.

      Look and learn, yourself !

      Thus modular cameras have already been made digitally and then from the past 35mm film days:

      Nikon F
      Nikon F2
      Nikon F3HP and non-HP
      Nikon F3AF
      Nikon F3P, F3H
      Nikon F4 and F4s
      Nikon F5

      Canon F1
      Canon new F1
      Canon ‘pellicle mirror’ high speed body
      and many others by Canon.

    • no, need a new camera because my cameras are falling apart because they have been used to death whilst waiting for a proper update

    • D700guy

      Not everyone is in the same boat.
      Some of us really do need a repleacement.
      I myself sold my D300 (backup rig) and my D700 is having ISO issues.
      What I would really like right now is a D3s, but buying one when something potentially phenominal is about to be announced would be something I would regret.

      I shoot 3 – 4 times a week, and while I am not a pro who makes a living at photography, I shoot as though I were.

      I am very due for a new camera body and if the timing were such that new models were not emminent, I would indeed buy a D3s. Even now though, those are as rare as a D4 is.

      So, rather than lecture people who really do have reasons to own a updated model, why not listen to some of the concerns we have and understand a few of them.

      • broxibear

        Hi D700guy,
        “Not everyone is in the same boat” these might be the most sane words I’ve read here (apart from my own obviously lol ?)

  • Where is my FF?
    Oh My God Nikon! Waiting for a High Resolution Affordable Full Frame Sensor and you came with this little crap?

    Canon User have already de 5D mk II 21 MP Full HD Video for the last 3 years, what are you waiting for?


    • kyoshinikon

      Luckily we’ve had the higher fps , better low light, higher featured (excluding video and mpx) D700

      • Kyoshi San Konichiwa, guenki?

        Yes the D700 is gorgeous, and better for events, weddings, sports. But for studio work/advertising, 21 MP and video are a must for today business.

        If my job was only sports, weddings, events, i will not worry about that features. But i really need more resolution and better video features. The D7000 is amazing for Studio/Advertising Work, the only flaw, is the APS-C sensor for DOF, and the light sensitivity.


  • Nikon Owner Man

    I don’t have any interest in a Toy Cam. I want a real Cam, the D800

  • The invisible man

    I’ll get drunk tonight and then look at miself in the mirror….

    • Your DSLR’s mirror?

  • Oh noes. I feared this because we had no real leaks about anything else. On the other hand, there still might be hope for new FX bodies during this announcement or soon after. Maybe Nikon is only allowing more leaked info on the mirrorless since it’s cover was already blown and keeping the other bodies/lenses under a right lid?

    • Art

      I think this qualifies as …. Wishful thinking. Even so, I’m right there with you.

      • Oh, it totally is wishfull thinking. Just trying to find the silver lining amd not get too dissapointed………yet.

  • kyoshinikon

    Better than a concert… 🙁

    After knowing their coolpix lineup I’m not too hyped…

  • distanted

    I am…worried.

  • Mike_g

    Just what we need, another awkward little piece of crap camera! Too small to hold, too big to put in your pocket, and a sensor the size of the one in my phone!!!

    Guess I need to check the Canon and Sony rumors…

    • John

      Uh, the 2.6x crop sensor is way, way bigger than the one in your phone.

  • D700guy

    This just plain sucks. Absolutely sucks!

  • mphoto

    MMMM. This feels like last year, all over again.

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