Nikon rep: two DSLRs will be announced by the end of August

This is the email I received from a reader describing a recent Nikon event organized for major authorized dealers in a country I will not mention online in order not to get anyone in trouble:

They essentially explain what happened with Nikon since March 11th (earthquake, tsunami, Fukushima, etc.) and what major decisions have been taken since concerning the product plants situated in the area.

They told us that most of the machines have been moved to a new plant in Malaysia and most of the employees have been moved as well with some monetary compensation. Then, some photo slides of the Malaysian plant have been shown. The new facility is already producing cameras and lenses. Expect to see "Made in Malaysia" Nikon product very soon.

Now, as you can imagine, everybody asked for the D700 and D3 replacement schedule. Here is what the Nikon rep said: "Two new FX bodies will be announced by the end of August. Availability in Fall." Even though the rep wasn't explicit about which current cameras are going to be replaced, it was quite clear they were talking about "old body designs" (guess D700 and D3). Nevertheless, the two FX cameras will be aimed at different customers who have different needs: one camera for "expert" photographers, the other for "pro" photographers. Technical spec and form factors will be significantly different as well.

Could it be that the camera for the "expert" photographers is actually the previously rumored D400? In any case, the major announcement scheduled for the end of August seems to be on track and has not be delayed by the recent tragedy in Japan. All information so far points to the announcement of two new DSLR cameras. The Nikon Coolpix line will also be upgraded, probably somewhere in the middle of August.

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  • Alec

    I knew it, new mirrorless fullframe for expert and D800, 16mpix

    • The invisible man.

      No, 3 sensors (RGB) DLSR ! cool !

      • Ren Kockwell

        Ugh. Don’t start that again.

  • NiknWontRepairMyGray

    Pro = Professional photographers.

    Expert = People that only talks about specs and speculate about future models. Nikon is gonna release a dslr with top spec, on paper, but doesn’t shoot photos at all. Perfect for the “experts”. It is also perfect for people that reviews/critique a camera without even touching it, a la Ken Rockwell.

    • Vladi

      LOL great comment. Im pretty sure its quite a lot of us who prefer talking/speculating about unreleased Nikon cameras than going out there and shooting some photos.

    • Notapro

      And how about you, pro or expert?

      I think you are not a pro, even expert…coz you don’t have a website like Mr. Rockwell :p

      • NiknWontRepairMyGray

        I’m a Leica expert 🙂

        • Rockbiter

          …a la Ken Rockwell. 😉

      • LOL, Very great comment.

        • Blurry

          The difference between the two versions is as follows:

          EXPERT BODY
          comes in a plastic box that you can store without getting damaged. The camera has a sealed airtight bubble around it like those you find on tv changers and couches. Also every time you take a photo the actuations reset to one and a memory card comes preloaded with brick walls,cats and creepy street photography that borders on an invasion of privacy. upon registering your warranty you receive an email that includes the wording for a for sale ad..FOR SALE: one actuation, mint condition, still have original box and manual. Reason for selling: I am upgrading.

          EXPERT BODY:

          It comes with a fashionable worn look and the sensor is from a D70. The box disintegrates after you open it and half of the accessories are missing.

          • Blurry

            Ahhh the second one is PRO BODY!

          • Hey the D70 sensor is still pretty nice! been looking at all my old shots and am considering buying another one again for the flash sync alone.

    • “Nikon is gonna release a dslr with top spec, on paper, but doesn’t shoot photos at all.”

      Mr. Shinto, the genius at Nikon behind the initiative, predicted that the “Expert” market will never even know this new camera doesn’t work:

      Expert: “Hey, my camera takes better photos than yours!”

      Pro: “Ummmm, that’s just a cardboard box with an embossed nikon logo you’re holding there. It doesn’t actually produce any photos. It doesn’t even have a battery. You know this, right?”

      Expert: “You’re stupid. The battery-free nano-solar-cell perpetual power generator is its main FEATURE, imbecile. And the new space-age body material makes it super light for trekking. Try reading this spec sheet I found on the internetz sometime. You’re just jealous cuz this baby’s got 88 megapixels! Have fun with your camera that only creates visible prints!!!”

      Pro: 😀

      Expert: “Just wait ’til I figure out how to attach this new f/0.02 8mm-600mm Fourth Dimension™ lens, then we’ll see who’s laughing…”

      Nikon: “Shinto, your plan was genius! All the forums full of “experts” really were our best asset, just as you insisted.”

      #emperorsnewclothes #herewegoagain

      • Bip

        Well said!

      • NiknWontRepairMyGray

        After this dialogue with the Pros, the expert would then go on forums to discuss with other experts about the manufacturing defects of their latest gear.

      • Narna

        Rofl, thats just gold.

        But I question the usefulness of a nano-solar-cell perpetual power generator for black cat in a coal mine photos.


        really nice, well done to u 🙂 btw – do not forget the Pro to mention that eventhough it is a mirror camera, it is as quite as tranquility … (noice approx. 0 dB …) … yeah & the weight of 8-600 is only approx 350 g, G.N, VR IV (simply a jump of 2 gens …), Af-s, abs, 4×4, esp, 6 cylinder, 6 airbags etc. …

        • MRPhotoau

          6 cylinder, don’t think so. Definitely come with a blown 454 mate at a bare minimum.

          • The engine is the newest in technology: all those specs in our patented metal formulation creates the stunning invisiblock. “So clean, you can see right through it.”

            • Jabs

              You guys are hilarious – da coming iCamera – pretentious with pearl inserts, platinum or titanium parts and carbon fiber in an unfinished manner plus diamond inserts and built for the nouveau riche’ or trendy ‘airheads’.

              Yeah – bling to be seen in or draw attention to yourself.

              Nikon does make excellent products and people fail to realize this as they often want an idealized body with specs ‘out of this world’ all for two bucks – lol

              Yeah right!

            • Jesus_sti

              Camera to bling already exist … it’s a Leica …

            • Jabs


              Shhh – don’t wake them up, they might shoot you – lol

      • Deserves to be on “What the duck” !
        Or…… are you the Duck in disguise?

        • I am not the duck. But I thank thee. 🙂

    • Bip

      You are absolutely right!

      • I think this absolutely moron. LOL

    • The invisible man.

      PRO= people who are serious about photography (as a job or hobby)
      EXPERT= people who are playing with cameras (as a job or hobby)

  • nadie

    d9000 = ~d300 like body, dx 24mpx,
    d400 = ~d300 like body, fx, d3s sensor (d400 H)
    d800 = ~d700 like body, fx 18~24 mpx (d400 X)
    d4 = 18~24 mpx
    d4x = 30+ mpx

    • Mim

      sorry dude, d300 and d700 have like bodies already
      wtf you spouting there?

      • randyravener

        spouting bullshit i presume.

    • PhotoCat


      Regarding your line up speculation (see below), it makes great sense, that or something close to that road map would serve nikon well.

      I say this would would work:

      d9000 = ~d7000 like body, dx something more than 16MP (18MP at least)
      d400 = ~d300 like body, fx, D700 sensor (add video most likely)
      d800 = ~d700 like body, fx 18~24 mpx

      “Posted July 19, 2011 at 7:25 pm | Permalink
      d9000 = ~d300 like body, dx 24mpx,
      d400 = ~d300 like body, fx, d3s sensor (d400 H)
      d800 = ~d700 like body, fx 18~24 mpx (d400 X)
      d4 = 18~24 mpx
      d4x = 30+ mpx”

  • Hhom Togan

    Anyone have been to this country(Malaysia)? Is it like some countries in Africa?

    • !?!?!

      I don’t want to sound rude here, but I’m laughing my ass off.

      C’mon dude… you really never heard about Malaysia ?

      FYI, Malaysia is the 3rd largest economy in ASEAN and the 29th largest economy in the world.

      P.S. They still have their Twin Towers (Petronas Towers) in Kuala Lumpur, by the way.

      • sirin

        congrads, you just got trolled.

        • Jo


        • Troll?

          What’s a troll??

          • Jesus_sti

            You never seen Harry Poter or LOTR ?

            • Troll?

              What’s a Lot R?

            • Hamuga

              Leicas on the Roll.

      • Let me welcome you. I am located in Malaysia, its a beautiful HOT country

    • Bip

      wow…… and I thought we are in the internet era.

      I suggest you pack your camera and make a trip to South-east Asia, including Malaysia.

      • Lty

        Just don’t go this year please ~_~ election year so a lot of unrest within the country (Malaysia). The place has some nice colonial towns and sick dives sites (underwater-photog ftw).

    • gho57

      I guess you must hav live sumwhere where it is very hard to get internet, harder than the africa..

    • pagkalamia

      Its a country located in south east asia,

    • The invisible man.

      Not at all, Malaysia is a very modern country, they even have a Nikon factory !

      • Just A Thought

        “Not at all, Malaysia is a very modern country, they even have a Nikon factory !”

        What does that tell you about most Western countries, with no Nikon factory to found ??? 3rd world countries???

        • The invisible man.

          In some ways 3rd countries are doing better than us.

  • Nikon will NOT abandon the idea of pro DX because they’d be throwing cash out the window. If they replace the D300s with an FX model, myself and countless others will retreat to the D7000. Fact.

    • EAJ

      Fact indeed.

      The D300s/D7000 is Nikon’s best teleconverter.

      • Benjamin

        Agree. I haven’t gone up to FX for just that reason. Shooting wildlife and sports on DX is exactly 1.5x easier.

        • Worminator

          A 12 MP DX sensor and a 24 MP FX sensor cropped to 12 MP will produce the exact same result.

          • EAJ

            …for a mere ~$6500 more !

          • dgm

            wrong, just on pure pixel density you’ll get far more motion blur

          • 24 cropped to DX produces 10MP to be precise.
            I vote for 24 mp DX FTW!!!

            • If you’ve shot the D7000, you’ll know that 24mp DX isn’t very practical right now, unless Sony recently got into the CMOS business—

              Crazy Miracles Outperforming Science. 🙂

              Guess we’ll see.

        • +1 (I keep a DX body just for Macro and Tele work)
          I haven’t played with the D300s camera, thus no comments from me here. Where as the D7000 is the cat’s meow for higher ISO settings; in fact, it is very close to the performance of the D700/D3 in terms of IQ at higher ISOs, despite having 30% more pixels on a significantly smaller sensor. The D7000 should be a good indicator as to what is to come in the next pro DSLR from Nikon. Just think, the D3 sensor is 234% larger than the D7000 sensor, which equates to enough real estate to accomodate 37.9 million of the D7000’s photosites, while maintaining its current IQ. As a big fan of low-light photography and someone who crops alot in post processing, I welcome the next generation PRO-DSLR from Nikon, with +16MP and great ISO qualities when pushed into the 6400-25600 ranges. I am sure sports photographers couldn’t agree more!

          • another anonymous

            +1 for me as wildlife photographer (primarily) with D300 at the time, but as I want to get better iso and dynamic range more than resolution (even if strongly needed) and have FF lens, I’m somewhere in between whether to go with D800 or D400. I think I get it solved when they will be here from nikon with all details.

    • BartyL

      If they replace the D300s with an FX model, at the same price-point and build quality as the D300s, myself and countless others will buy them by the cartload. Fact.

      • I agree, but only because I don’t shoot sports or wildlife.

      • Harry

        And if Porsche made a car priced like a Kia, you’d buy it, eh?

        • tint

          I don’t think that is his point. To me, It would be a pain if Nikon want D300 users pay extra for FX.

          I think they could release D4 & D800 at first just so they could get customers with the most money first. Then release D400 afterward.

        • ShaoLynx

          @Harry: as a matter of fact: they did and they called it Volkswagen.
          That was the origin of the Beatle.
          It was sold in masses and for many years.
          And yes, Ferdinant designed it.

          • Jabs

            You might have gotten it backwards or sideways!
            The Beetle was first designed by the people who later became Porsche (A Design House), but the Beetle came before and then they made a version of the basic Beetle that now sold to a ‘higher class’ with the same basic design and better materials/shape/power.

            Beetle to Porsche – upscale use of same basic technology and still in use even today even though they moved from the air cooled engine to now water cooled in the Porsche line.
            Beetle = simplicity for ‘common folks’ = the people’s car
            Porsche = simplicity then with confusing names aimed at the ‘elite’ = re-branding and reshaping the people’s car for the upscale crowd and dazzle them with names and esoteric ideals.

            Like Toyota to Lexus in America mostly, but of course with exceptions.

            • ShaoLynx

              Straight from wiki:
              “Ferdinand Porsche[2] (3 September 1875 – 30 January 1951) was an Austrian automotive engineer and honorary Doctor of Engineering. He is best known for creating the first hybrid vehicle (gasoline-electric), the Volkswagen Beetle, and the Mercedes-Benz SS/SSK, as well as the first of many Porsche automobiles.”

              N.B.: sorry for mis-spelling the names.

            • Sibylle

              Well, Wiki Germany says that is was Bela Barenyi, another guy from Austria, who constructed something very close to the orignial Beetle first, in 1925. A court decided in 1951 that the rights for the very first Beetle belong to Barenyi and not to Ferdinand Porsche. VW also had to pay about 3 Mio. DM (app. 1,53 Mio. Euro) to Tatra (a czech automobile firm) due to the similarities in the construction of the motor and the general design.


            • Jabs
    • Worminator

      What if the D400 is FX but with 36 MP? i.e. matches the D7000 in pixel density. Still going to retreat?

      • nobody

        Then it would be called a D4x 🙂

    • Brian

      I will head for the Canon Mark IV if they don’t release a pro DX.

      • ja

        24mp sounds about right across the range of the up and coming dslr cameras that nikon are preparing to release , and maintaining that great iso performance
        come on nikon the best of the rest

        • tint

          Lately, Canon has done a very good job in ISO and AF on their cameras. Try it and you will see just make sure that the light is very dim.

          • Jesus_sti

            when they did this ?

      • Jabs

        The Canon MK4 (cropped sensor body) has a better body as in better made construction-wise and more expensive, but the D7000 (cropped sensor body or DX) outperforms it in ‘picture quality’.
        Nikon needs a better built DX (cropped) body, as in Pro caliber to compete in that category, but they already have a superior camera to that Canon.
        Canon needs an updated sensor in their whole line of cameras, especially those based upon their 18megapixel series (they have Red channel problems = bad response to Reds) – they have the video part right as far as features and some say performance (framing rates and such) but in color purity and low light plus ISO response, Nikon is generations ahead of them, in my opinion.

    • jake337

      Exactly, they sell less top end gear. Of course they want to sell more d7000′ s silly goose.

  • Drew

    I have had a D700 now for almost 2 years. I do not get why so many people are so keen for a replacement. Since giving up film 8 years ago I had been searching for a camera that handled and produced images the same as my F801 with fuji nph film. the d700 surpasses with an awesome mix of resolution and low light ability.

    If you have not used one do yourself a favour. Don’t wish away such an awesome camera.

    • nau

      Im in the same boat… only one good reason I can think of
      if you about to buy a new camera you might as well wait for a month and get newer model (assuming price is right)

      I really dont think Im gone be jumping on d800 for atleast a year… but still VERY KEEN to see what its gone be !

    • rs

      I agree. I love my D700. 12mp is plenty. I’ll spend my money on lenses. Gear heads abound in this forum. In a couple years when the D3X is $2000 or less maybe I’ll pick one up.

      • Brian

        Considering the D3X is at $10K now might be awhile.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Cough, cough… VIDEO …cough, cough.

      • Cough, cough… I AGREE… Cough, cough… I NEED FULL FRAME VIDEO…Cough, cough…

    • Geoff

      I bet each generation said the same thing starting at 4MP. More MP … Better ISO … Better DR. If they can pull those off, then why not wish away the D700 ?

  • DaveyJ

    @ Drew: The D700 is one of the best cameras ever made, considering all film and digital. However many of us that own BOTH DX and FX see some huge advantages in DX. I use my DX cameras way more than my single FX. They are lighter and better at telephoto in my opinion as I will not use a Nikkor 200-400 when my 70-300VR can be used on D300, D90 and D700. I do agree with Drew that the D700 will be hard to “replace”. One of the reasons I myself hope the D400 (?) comes in DX rather than FX is that it seems to be what I should add. Truth is despite having video cameras, I myself always find myself using the D90 and hoping for the best video wise and despite having those other two wonderful Nikons, the D90 is still getting my use. If the D400 is FX and there is NO DX introduction, then as one other poster reasoned, I guess I may have to get a D7000 despite the fact that I know certain attributes can be way bettered.

  • Assuming we see a D4 & a D800, what are we expecting for price points?

    • lolly

      It depends on the technology in a D4 and D800 … your guess is as good as anyone else.

      • I was thinking about market placement alone.

        $3999 D800
        $6999 D4

        I guess time will tell.

        • Jan

          since we’re guessing prices for imaginary models with made up specs, I’ll go all in for black.

        • Worminator

          The D800 will be $2999. Much more and Canon will make you an offer you can’t refuse.
          A D4 harder to guess, $5999 feels about right.

          • Zim

            D800 $2499
            D400 $1899
            D4 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

            • Oh this is fun…let’s see….my guess is all the bodies will be +10% more expensive than their predacessors, and it isn’t because Nikon is price gouging, it is because of the weak ass US dollar.
              I expect stores to be fetching full MSRP for first 3-6 months with prices dropping after New Years.

              D4 MSRP $5999 (6 months later, STREET $5399)
              D800 MSRP $2799 (6 months later, STREET $2419)
              D400 MSRP $1999 (6 months later, STREET $1799)

              Maybe @Admin could have a give-away competition. You guess the models that will be released, MP Count, and the MSRP price points they will come in at. The poster with the best answers wins some cool prize. He could even do 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for each category! If there is a tie, then the first poster wins.


        I´d say you both guys above are half right, I´d expect the D800 (or whatever name it will have) at approx. 3500 USD considering every new product comes at higher price just for the purpose (outside explanation) … ehmmm just for higher income (fact ) – though be it, I am afraid they´ve got a tough job to do to solve the after-earthquake complications …
        atm, have my d300s – once would think about going to FX (as I do not use more then some 200mm … & even this quite rarely … so assume 70-200 shall be enough for me even on FX), but those prices are like from another world considering I do not take photos for living (& considering still quite low quality of my fotos, it would have been a long time (if even) to go for me to do so … not to mention that I am not that much interrested to do so (!) . but yes, maybe once. But, still much more interrested of up coming lenses – no matter how I would like to have 24mm or 35mm f/1,4 & first of all 85mm f/1,4, it is out of reach due to the sky-high prices (there where I live, add good 25+% to US prices!!!), so would be interrested more in smthg like new 24/35/85 f /1,8 or even f/2,0 … Time will tell, all for now, rgards, Jet

  • Sam V

    So if two FX cameras are coming, we have to assume that one will be of the “D” lineage. A D4 for sure, but maybe they’ll give it an S or H or X; Nikon’s done all that before so in my mind nothing’s off the table yet.

    The other body, if we are to believe the pro/expert delineation, some type of D700 successor, would be it. It’s name frankly, at this point, is academic. Will it be a D800? D700x? D750? D9000? D-anyothernumber? Whatever it is, we probably have a good idea what it’s going to be – generally speaking.

    In my mind, what are they going to do with the next pro body is the question of the time. They have wicked speed in the S, and resolution in the X. If those two bodies are to remain current models for some time, and I expect them to be so, what will the D4 offer that differentiates it from the D3 series?

    If I were to venture a guess, it would be this:

    -Vastly improved, perhaps revolutionary AF system.
    -Slight MP bump (18-20MP?) with same ISO performance as the D3S
    -New improved battery system. (Much to the chagrin of D3 battery owners, but that’s how it goes. Remember that the current EN-EL4 design is 8 years old!)
    -Slightly higher continuous frame rate and dramatically higher buffer.
    -Significantly better video capabilities. ( I still think they’ll fall short of what it could be though. If they offer 1080p60, I’ll be both amazed and thrilled!)
    -Improvements to DR and JPG engine.
    -Tweaks to the UI; new features, perhaps customization controls.

    It is hard to say exactly what it will be, but I’m eager to see it.

    • While we are talking wishful thinking… What I’d love to see is RAW video. That is where RED shines. The RED sensor is smaller than FX (though not by much). As far as I’ve been able to determine what makes RED as good as it is is the RAW video capability.

      • Sergio

        It’s more than just RED’s RAW format. It’s an extensive list of other things that a real video camera is suppose to have or in the case of moire and rolling shutter not have.

    • Can you explain to me what the H stands for? Like in the D2H. I’ve always wondered this.

      • pgs

        H is for High (Speed). The D1H had 5 frames /sec and 40 frames in line. The predecessor, the D1 had 3,5 frames /sec. The resolution from the D1 to the D1H did not change: It remained 3 MP.

        The D1X again had a higher resolution than the D1, namely 6 MP, but kept the framerate of the D1.

        So there was a bisection of the D1: Higher framerate for news fotogaphers and higher resolution for the rest.

    • “Remember that the current EN-EL4 design is 8 years old”
      The EN-EL4 is a 1900 mAh, where as the newer EN-EL4a battery is 2500 mAh.
      The life of the EN-EL4a is phenominal, and improving it will be difficult, but I suppose still feasible. I doubt we will see an improved battery, as the existing battery provides D3 shooters 4000+ shots. Improving the battery would mean that less extra batteries would be sold by Nikon. Unless the camera comes with built-in WiFi and GPS, I don’t see the need for a beefier battery.

      • sam V

        The EN-EL3e battery is pretty good too but they didn’t put it in the D7000. I kinda hope they don’t change the battery because I still have two EN-EL4a batts sitting around.

        But, technology being what it is, and batteries are not exempt, I somewhat expect a new design.

        • Those exposed contacts are a thing of the past. New regs on air shipment.

          • Unless you are talking about the EN-EL3e, the EN-EL4a battery doesn’t have exposed contacts.

  • Malaysian

    Cool, I can aim for the D700 replacement, but hold on!!! Made in Malaysia? That doesn’t sound good.

    Honda was Solid until they were assemble in Malaysia (for South East Asia), the quality turns 180 degree.

    Malaysia is famous for building quality product in poor quality fashion. Will I get a Nikon with a shutter button jammed up or a loose View Finder? That would be my question.

    • You know, some of the Nikon products are made in Thailand.

      • ob1ne

        you know, thailand isn’t malaysia…

        and I agree, malaysia still has to prove that it can make quality products. Why didn’t they just build more nikon factories in thailand.

        and if what they say about honda is true, i’d be worried.

    • Jimmy

      Well what do you want as an alternative? Wait for a complete factory rebuild in Japan to ease your prejudice fears? Surely then you’d be crying because you’ve be waiting so long for your D700 replacement.

      Some advice: dry them and grown up.

    • another malaysian

      totally agree with you.. i am malaysian too.. now i am using nikon dx camera and wish to jump to fx.. but i dont’s wish my pro camera made in malaysia…. might also consider the coming 5d markIII..

    • MalaysianToo

      If that’s the case, I hope you don’t fly on Boeing, because their ailerons are made in Malaysia, FYI.

      Also, based on your idea, I hope you are not made in Malaysia too.

  • sb

    I havent’ read all three pages of comments (only the last one), but I’ll guess that if it is two FX cameras, that it will be the D4 (new sensor) and a D700s (sensor from D3s) since the end of the rumor suggests different specs and form factors. Here’s hoping (for a 700s) – place bated breath here 🙂

  • Magnus

    *If* this rumor (“two FX cameras”) turns out to be true we are obviously looking at a combined D4 and D800 release (with the D400 arriving later this year, when Sony releases their new DX chip) – which on one hand is somewhat strange – and on the other hand makes perfect sense – but never the less this is very exiting news.

    Quote:”Technical spec … will be significantly different…”
    I believe the D4 will have higher specs (including resolution and fps) – but will have *less* features – i.e. not have video, lack in camera HDR etc.

    The big question (apart from actual specs) is how much the D4 will differ from the D800 (apart from “form factor”) in order to justify the, obviously large, price difference?

    • My guess the plan (at least before the tsunami) was no new 12mp bodies, DX or FX. They may deviate from that, but I doubt it. I bet we’ll see 16mp or higher across the board for all new cameras.

      There is no way Nikon will release the D4 without video. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. Mark my words.

      • Geoff

        probably 16MP, which to me would be disappointing.

        • If you believe that MP alone are the gold standard of quality, then 16mp might be disappointing. But if you look at actual image quality, the lower MP Nikons perform on par or outperform the higher MP competition in pretty much every way, even sharpness.

  • kapkaplui

    I never felt so proud to have something labelled as “Made in Malaysia” before. Hope we can get cheaper equipment since being locally made.

    • I’m from the US so things that are locally made here cost more than things that are outsourced. Haha bad joke…

    • Eng Seng

      Dude! Don’t forget that Intel Core i7 processors are made in Malaysia!!

  • pethunia

    THIS rumour is the one that I (..and many others obviously) have been waiting for. Please let it materialise in time! I’ll be off for a long journey by the end of September, so please all of you: start dumping your D700’s and D300’s at attractive bargain prices! I’ll probably be on my way and (too) far away to actually have the newcomer in my hands, so I will have to contend myself with the second-hand 12Mpx ‘left-overs’.

  • NikonRep257

    Didn’t Nikon take the sensor from the D3 and stick it in the D700??

    They will release a D4
    It will have new tech, a FX sensor > 24MP & video

    The D800’s FX sensor will be >12MP but <24MP (hopefully the D3x sensor)
    It will have some of the same new tech which is in the D4 (AF, ISO blah blah)
    With an dpdated body and it will do video

    BOOM! D800 baby ($3200 to $3600 usd)

  • DX2FX

    If I guessed Nikon’s strategy correctly, they will never release 2 FX bodies (D4 & D800) at the the same time, as the D800 will immediately cannibalize the sales of D4. So I think the other body should be the DX D400. Just like the way they released the D3/D300 of which both have speparate & distinct groups of buyers. D800 should be out at a much later date.

  • Ian

    Re-using of the D3x sensor is possible, but how likely? What would happen to the sales of 6000€ D3x if new smaller Fx-camera does everything that D3x does for price of about 3000€. I don´t think Nikon has any 24+MP sensors that could raise D4 over D3x in terms of resolution so 24MP D800 isn´t very likely this time.

    • nobody

      “What would happen to the sales of 6000€ D3x?”

      Maybe just what happened to the D2x sales when the D300 appeared which delivered better image quality for less than half the money…

      I think it’s called progress.

    • D3x to be discontinued, d800 takes the lead in studios and on video rigs

    • lolly

      “I don´t think Nikon has any 24+MP sensors that could raise D4 over D3x … ”

      D3x is going on 3 years old. High megapixel sensors (24mp APS-C) are rumored to be coming out from Sony. As well Canon is rumored to be moving beyond 21 megapixels (fullframe) soon too (later 2011 or early 2012). Do you think Nikon wants to be late to the party ?

      D800 … what’s that ? The rumor is 2 FX bodies whether it’s called D400 or D9000 it’s Nikon’s call 😉

  • broxibear

    Hi Peter/admin,
    The email read “The new facility is already producing cameras and lenses”…any idea which lenses they might be talking about ?
    If they shift production of lenses from Tochigi to Malaysia, rightly or wrongly, people will think the Japan lenses will be better.
    If you walked into a retailer to buy a 24mm f/1.4 G and one was made in Japan while the other made in Malaysia, which one are you going to buy…same lens, same price, made by most of the same people ?
    A few posters have asked about price, personally I think the new bodies will be more expensive than the current models. I also expect a price rise across the Nikon range, on top of that if you’re moving production and staff to another country that has to be paid for…you’ll see that in the price too.

    • If you walked into a retailer to buy a 24mm f/1.4 G and one was made in Japan while the other made in Malaysia, which one are you going to buy…same lens, same price, made by most of the same people ?

      It depends on how much do you care about the radiation.

    • Tony

      I think that they likely to only produce industrial equipments in Japan and everything else in Malaysia, so in next 5-10 years you wouldn’t have a choice to choose where your lens come from.

      As for the price I think it will be more expensive at first but just so that they can adjust it later according to their competitor. Nikon has to really watch out their pricing policy if they want to bring in new customers.

    • No idea, I don’t think Nikon provided this type of information on this meeting.

  • Garni

    this is the best rumor for the year

    • I_still_want_a_D800

      and above all, it sounds real. It also fits the various bits and pieces of the latest FX rumors around the globe. The no show of new D700 and D3S at all the major retailers is another good sign that this rumor is true.

      relocating the Sendai staff and machinary to Malaysia make perfect sense. I can’t see how Nikon can resume regular production with all the rolling blackouts in Eastern Honshu.

  • Let’s hope the rumor is true

  • sp8ced21

    @ admin, do we have a rough expected date for these new possible FX announcements, seems previous rumours indicated end of august, where it was rumoured that staff were not allowed to take holiday will this be expected announcement date?

    • For now, it is 99.99% sure that Nikon will have new product announcements at the end of August. I do not know exact dates. If they decide to schedule press events around the world, this usually happens 2-3 weeks before the actual date. Nikon will most probably have multiple announcements, one for the Coolpix line and one for the serious stuff.

      • broxibear

        They’ve got their first quarter financial results coming out on Wed 10th of August…it’ll be after that.

        • broxibear

          P.S. someone mentioned Tuesday 23rd August.

          • broxibear, I also received some info about a possible August 23rd announcement

  • Hung Low

    Great, Nikon announces the 5DmII killer, only to be killed by the 5DmIII announcing in the fall 🙂

    • Now, that’s hilarious. In the still photography dept, the 5DII is a joke. Don’t even get me started. The Nikon D7000 has better video too, troll. The only think Nikon lacks is more video options. Other than that, Canon’s bodies are a total joke.

      • Joel

        Seriously? The 5D mk2 kills the D7000 on video quality.

        • The Zacuto shootout says it all. The D7000 has a better signal to noise ratio, better actual dynamic range, better red channel representation….etc. all from a camera that is only $1200 and an APS-C crop body as well. The Canon offerings looked pretty pathetic, especially for the money. So tell me, how does the 5d II kill the D7000? Oh that’s right, you’re just spouting Canon fanbois bullshit…. kinda like the camera with more MP wins, right?

          Let’s not even talk about still photography comparisons.

          • Jabs

            LOL and True!
            Ah – marketing plus cheaper new generation cameras clobber the older established models but it takes time for the word to get out or people to realize this and by that time, Canon will probably release an update and on and on between Nikon and Canon.
            The D7000 is an amazing camera to me, but caught between DX and FX, so waiting to see what Nikon does.

          • Joel

            Dude, I own a D7000 and I love the camera. What I can tell you is that when I shoot the very same scene with my camera (35mm f1.8) versus my friends 5DMK2 (50mm f1.8) the video is visually sharper and has far better DOF due to the sensor format than the D7000 does. I’m by no means I Canon fan boy, trust me on that one 🙂

            • DOF from a APS full-frame sensor to any APS-C crop sensor is going to be different, no matter who makes it. Obviously, the crop sensor will have a less shallow DOF. It has nothing to do with Canon. You can achieve the same DOF with faster/wider aperture lenses. Beyond that, the D7000’s video is ultra sharp and to my eyes, even sharper than the 5DII’s. Could be your depth of field differences making the in focus areas appear sharper due to more area being out of focus in the 5DII.

              I totally and completely stand by my comments.

  • Joel

    My prediction:

    D400 – DX 24mp (up to 12k ISO), with GPS
    D800 – FX 24mp (up to 25k ISO)
    D4 – FX 24mp (up to 102k ISO), with GPS
    D4X – FX 36-40MP (up to 25k ISO)

    • Joel

      ^^^^ NR5 🙂

    • Where’s my…

      …D700 replacement. The problem with this rather credible looking list to me is that if there are going to be two just two bodies, then Nikon style those would be the D400 and D4 from your list. D400 for an upgrade path from D300s to something D7000’ish without having to go three zeroes, and D4 to redefine the digital photography standard. The D700 replacing D800 would then only follow a couple of months later when most of the corporation backed/-equipped pros will have upgraded their D3/D3s/D3x/D700 and the occasional Canons to D4.

      • Joel

        Surely they’d replace the D300S with a body of the same size? Theres no way they’re going to expect a pro crop shooter (think game shooters) to handle a body the size of the D7000.

    • Anonymous

      Why no GPS on D800? Space? Even tiniest smartphones have got one now, so it shouldn’t be an issue imo.

  • Gerald August Naus

    I hope it’s true! I’ve been a Canon shooter (1D4, 1Ds3’s) but recently expanded to Nikon. Since I needed a Nikon with video I got the d7000. I got the 14-24 2.8 which I can’t wait to use on a D4. I like the Nikon way and the Canon way, both have advantages so I’m a bigamist now 🙂 would be nice if canon included a level, I love that function ! I hope the D4 will have built-in GPS, P&S for 1/10th have that now.

  • Oh please be a D800 or D700x with HD video. Please, please, I’ve been waiting forever.

    • ericnl

      I’m in the same boat, although I fear that the “two FX body’s” will be a D4x and a D4s.

      the only thing that is keeping my hopes alive is the line: “Technical spec and form factors will be significantly different as well.” different form factor would surely mean not an S and an X version of the same camera???

      nevertheless, I did go to my local shop today and put myself on the waitinglist for the D800

  • If it’s truly 2 FX sensor bodies, then my guess would be a D4/D4x release. They would cannibalize a lot of D4 sales by releasing the D800 at the same time. And since it’s an FX sensor, it won’t be a D400 which would be DX.

    The wildcard is the “…Technical spec and form factors will be significantly different as well…” which would seemingly point to the D4/D800 type of release.

    • Joel

      In my opinion they dont actually need to refresh the D3X until Canon have announced a worthy adversary with a far greater res than they current have. I’d presume that they’ll refresh the D700 as its currently the oldest in the lineup, followed by a replacement of the D3S.

  • broxibear

    Nikon has taken over from Canon the sponsorship of the Getty Images Gallery in London

    • Looks to me like Nikon is ramping up PR for something big, soon. #GoTime

  • Ronan

    What about… D4 and D4x…. to pour salt on injury 😀

    One 24MP, the other 32MP…

    I’ll let you guys play with prices 🙂

    • Magnus

      To quote te rumor:
      “… form factors will be significantly different…”
      i.e. not two D4 variants.

    • D700guy

      From a marketing perspective; this doesn’t make sense.
      A D4 with 6 megapixels less than a D4x?
      It makes a lot more sense to have a D4 that comes out replacing the D3s with speed, ISO, agility. Hence, by feelings are that they will have a body that probably boasts 16mp with increased D3s capabilities.
      My guess is that the second body will be a D800 that sports the D3x sensor.
      The D4x will emerge later, in a year with 32-40 mp and encroach upon medium format territory.

      • very likely D3x sensor to live another two years in a more affordable body.

  • Nikon will NOT launch a d800 at the same time than d4 if they share sensor or they have similar sensor.

    So we have two choices

    Nikon d9000 or whatever, with d3s sensor.
    Nikon d800 but with a sensor clearly inferior to that on the d4

  • madera

    Well, if there is any truth in this rumor and 2 FX bodies for “pro” and “expert” photographers, I think its more ore less clear the 3Ds and the D700 will be replaced. The high pixel density version of the D-x(the D3x) series was launched after the the lower pixel density model. And this makes sense specially with the “need” of a fast new camera for the Olympic Games next year.

    I don’t think a D800 would cannibalize D4 sales, two very different cameras for different purposes. I would say the majority of D3s users (except amateurs or “serious photgraphers” that have one) wouldn’t even consider buying a D700. Count the number of D700s used by pro photographers (payed for their pics) in a ProTour tennis tournament and you will see what I mean.

    Now, a D800 could, in some instances, compete against a D4x (studio use). That is why I think the D700 replacement will not have a very high resolution, or at least a resolution that will be meaningfully less than the future D4x.

    I guess 16-18 MP for the D800. For most of us “experts” and not “pros” this would be enough, specially if we gain about a stop (or even a little more) in high iso behavior compared to the D700 and HD video, plus all niceties we’ve seen on the D7000 sensor. As a “serious” photographer, I would order one right away.

    I hope Nikon adds some little things as well, such as in-viewfinder horizon, better auto-iso (lens coupled settings, special manual mode and shutter priority settings), and perhaps improved AF.

    I hope the price tag remains below $3000.

    • Joel

      Heres the trouble with that logic, Sony are reported to be producing two new FF sensors. One at 24mp and the other at 36mp or more. Provided the ISO was excellent for the pixel density (and the D7000 has shown that Sony kick ass with this right now) then it’d make a great deal of sense for Nikon to incorporate these sensors into the D4 and D800. The D4X may get the 36MP sensor and the D4 and the D800 may *gasp* share the same 24MP sensor. The differentiation between the D4 and D8000 may be things like buffer size, frame rate, AF points, bigger grip etc.

      Now that would make sense.

      • Joel

        “The differentiation between the D4 and D800” rather.

        • madera


          in that case it the D800 and the D4 could really be too similar to launch them at the same time. I still think they are quite different cameras for quite different applications, but if they both share the sensor it would not make much sense to announce them at the same time. I don’t have a clue if Sony (in collaboration with nikon) has ant other FF sensors under its sleeve.

          Or… maybe Nikon will have a new SLR segmentation.

          maybe only two FF (serious (D800) + pr0 (D4)) and a really pro DX (Eos1 equiv)?

          I think a PJ, wildlife and sports cameras should really be a crop camera: there you need speed, reach, and new sensors have excellent low light behaviour.

          Anyway, If I worked for Nikon I would really push on always having a model competing directly with the 5D (that means, about same price and relatively similar characteristics (very good video). I bet Nikon would sell 3 of those D800 for each D4x.

          That would also mean one production model less which helps to keep production costs down.

          its all speculation, but it is fun trying to guess how Nikon will sort out a very critical year (earthquake, yen, “post-crisis”, and the “need” (timewise) to replace all top models: D300s, D700, D3s).

  • How about D400 24MP DX that bins down to 12 MP for great D3s low light performance and D4 24 MP that also bins down to 12 Mp for D3s or better low light ?


    • I don’t think the technology allows them to get D3s SNR performance into a DX. Yet.

    • Magnus

      To quote te rumor:
      “… the two FX cameras…”
      i.e. no D400 DX (yet).

    • Jabs

      @Son of FE (nice name)
      Still a DX sensor and still physically smaller, so no point to it.
      DX = smaller sensor to begin with
      FX = larger sensor to begin with and then they reduce the OUTPUT of this same larger FX sensor to DX sensor ‘dimensions’.

    • Doesn’t seem likely with the pixel pitch of a 24mp DX sensor. Not sure if they have reached that kind of Signal-to-Noise ratio in such a small sensor.

  • selling my old printer, another 150 bucks in the piggy bank

    • KnightPhoto

      “selling my old printer, another 150 bucks in the piggy bank

      Sold my 135mm f2 DC AF-D yesterday ($1000) and Canon 500D close-up filter ($100), another $1100 in the piggy bank!

      I’m pretty sure I’ll go pro-body D4 this time to add to my D700. Not so much for the pro body and features but I need the best ISO performance out there and it seems like Nikon is reserving that for the D4 line. I’m looking forward to the D4. Only two things could go awry with my plan at this point:
      – D4 does not have at least D3S ISO capability (unlikely I should think?); or
      – D800 actually has as good ISO performance as the D4 (this also seems unlikely?).

      I was also expecting to buy the D400 at the same time, but if the D400 is not coming yet I am thinking things over, I might get the D800 also but for me that would depend entirely on whether the D800 ISO at least matches my D700? If so I could swing selling my D700 and replacing it with a D800.

      Regardless I am selling my D300 to contribute to my savings. Probably sell my grip too, I am guessing the MB-D10 is not going to maintain compatibility with the D400/800 (given the battery contacts safety laws these days).

      Woohoo – Keep any and all info coming Admin! And man if the D4 manages to exceed the D3S ISO performance well then that would be icing on the cake!!!!

      • You might regret your 135mm f2 DC AF-D in the future. This lens is a pure classic keeper !

        • KnightPhoto

          “You might regret your 135mm f2 DC AF-D in the future. This lens is a pure classic keeper !

          I know I know 😉 It was painful to sell the 135, but I’ll make do with the 70-200 II and that in truth is getting more usage. Gotta get ready for all these new cams and some things had to go!

  • Henri

    On the pro vs. expert debate: my specific case might add to the debate. I’m right on the boundary. I’m a text journalist, paid for reporting and writing, who carries a DSLR in his bag for back up, in case one of my pro shooter mates is not with me, not available, or otherwise engaged when stuff happens. In real life, the vast majority of the shots I take are in my off hours — holiday snaps or my kid playing in the park — and my second-hand D300 and scrounged pouch of D-series primes is more than fine — almost too much to bother lugging about. Every once in a while, though, I might find myself trying to take a low light action picture at short notice (there is usually dust and gunfire at these moments). I’m not a pro photographer. I’m paid to write not shoot. So I couldn’t justify the expense, nor frankly the weight, of a pair of D3s plus fast zooms. That said, from time to time I need a fast frame rate, high ISO performance and a body and lens combo that can take some physical abuse. I don’t know how many people are in this pro-am gap, but I for one hope there are enough of us for Nikon to maintain a line of tough-bodied, relatively cheap, semi-pro bodies like the D200/300. We don’t need pixels (I got a double spread from Iraq in the UK Guardian with a 6mp D50 — and I’m not even sure I had it set to ‘fine’), and we don’t need to match the pros if it means paying 10,00o dollars and carrying 5 kilos round our scrawny scribbler necks. But six or more fps, usable shots above 6400 ISO and a bomb proof chassis? Bring it on.

    • Bob

      Someone with actual use need/experience, not the usual desk jockey wet-dreamer. And not a gear whore to top it off.

      6MP, D50 good enough–are you sure you’re not KR? Merci Henri!

  • Rob

    For all the people with all the pessimistic comments over the last 4 months about how the tsunami would slow everything down and they’d be set so far back and we should forget about any new products this year:

    I told you so.

  • Can we pleeeeeeeeeeease get 1/500th sync speed again??? What happened to CCDs anyways?

    • I don’t think so. It’s an inferior technology (of course I can’t remember why at the moment).

    • 1/500 and ccd?

      Yeah, i miss my d40 too ;(

    • Ke

      CCD cost more to produce.

  • Jabs

    I have noticed statistically, that Nikon has increased their megapixel count in DX and now maybe FX (not sure, as we are in the first generation basically of 12meg FX cameras) from generation to generation by about 1.3 to 1.5 TIMES (multiplied by) the count of the previous generation’s megapixel count!

    Any thoughts?

    • nobody

      1.5x makes perfect sense.

      D4 with best high ISO capabilities: 18mp
      D4x with best resolution: 36mp

      The D800 should sit in between as a good compromise: 24mp

      The D400 should have a new 18mp DX sensor, but if that new Sony sensor turns out to be so good as rumour has it, it may be 24mp also.

      • Jabs

        @nobody – lol

        I was wondering if Nikon actually increases their megapixel resolution by their own CROP FACTOR (1.5 or one and a half times) to make it linear or a lineal improvement to maintain compatibility and maybe other manufacturer’s do this too – GOT IT?

        12 x 1.5 = 12 + 6 = 18


  • eric braun

    My guess is D400 and D4… D800 to follow

  • One More Thought

    If you are in the US, you better stockpile your money for any new camera, because the Tea Party Republicans are going to force the US into a default and create a worldwide financial crisis.

    • Go away, please.

    • Tony

      Sometime I got confuse whether the tea party has a conservative thinking or just pure racist, but who cares nothing is going to change much when these new cameras are released.

  • Ben Hipple

    24 megapixels minimum for d800 and d4, d4x when it comes will have a lot more
    cameras will be great!
    i just hope for some good lenses too

  • Per

    Market wise I believe that an fx camera in a d7000 body with one or two stops of improvement in DR would be a real killer. The major weaknesses of current digital cameras are not resolution or inadequate autofocus, but size and dynamic range. And the strength of fx lies mostly on the wide angle side and the joy of the view finder. You want to use a full format camera in the streets among people and you dont want to carry a monster gun in polite company. Paradoxically, many sports shooters and birders prefer dx for the crop factor, so there might actually be a greater demand for a high megapixel/d300 style body for the dx format than there is for fx. But will Nikon be wise?

  • MRPhotoau

    Far out admin, what the record count for a thread on here. This one’s getting up there.
    I just say bring it on, Nik-on!
    Two FX’s, D4 and D800.
    D4 may turn out to be a D3s and D3x killer
    Nobody knows.
    Please just give the D800 a 100%vf, its the only thing I don’t like about my awesome D700

  • I guess it’s going to be a 18 mp d4 and a 24 mp d800. Most pros needing high mp bought allready a d3x so a 24 mp d800 will not eat its sales, it will just make it obsolete. If nikon would release a d4x straight away, the market would have more used d3x bodies which would eat d800 sales.

  • gd

    Announced in August .. that the D4 will be availabile in Jan 2012 and the D800 in Jan 2013.

    Seriously – does anyone believe that Nikon can build 2 new FX cameras from scratch and deliver them (in quantity) at the same time?

    Best I think you can hope for is a D4 and a D700s (a mini D3s) … still not a bad double launch, depending on price and availability.

  • AK

    Just had a call to an authorised Nikon Dealer who owns a camera store. It seems he has had some inside information before like last summer when we talked about possible release of the new 24-120mm lens. The lens came exactly as he said and he got two of them very early, earlier than the big online stores. So now I asked if he knows anything about the upcoming cameras and he said that it´s likely that the models to be replaced are the D300s and D700 based on the information he has gained. So, we´ll have to wait at least one month before we know..

  • MJr

    Oh yes this news obviously means a D9000, full-frame version of the D7000. 😉

    • Q

      This puppy I’d get on opening day! Bring it, Nikon!

  • Per

    Yes, a new full frame d9000 and then we can die happily 🙂
    Taking into account the size difference between d300 and d700, the new d9000 will have the following dimensions:
    Size: (mm) 132x114x77, weight: 920 g.

  • Linda Hogan

    geeez, 2 FX? really? D400 FX? so maybe the D7000 was after all the new D300? Or maybe no D300 successor at all (or D7000), but D300, D700, D3s, D3x amalgated into 2 new camera’s as D700/D3 was already close siblings functionally and D300/D700 were close siblings from a $$ perpective. D3x was maybe price wise a tad too far out? Maybe they try to compensate lower margin by higher volume? Rationalize R&D and manufacturing by having 2 models instead of 4? Maybe after the quake that’s what they are just capable of (2 bodies).

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    TheInconvenientRuth predicts:

    Regardless of what will be announced, 86% of people on this site will complain that it is the wrong product. Not just for them – for everyone. And furthermore they will categorically state that due to Nikons ineptitude, they can not ever take a single half decent picture again. Ever. With any camera.

    It will either be too big, too small, too light, too heavy, sensor too small, sensor too big, price too high, price too low, not enough mp or too many mp. Or just smell funny.

    It will be wrong.
    (unless it’s a Canon – which they’ll switch to exactly 9 hours before the announcement)

    The Ruth

    • “unless it’s a Canon – which they’ll switch to exactly 9 hours before the announcement”

      Which will be followed by a heartfelt, violin accompanied wrenching story about how they love Nikon, loved Nikon so faithfully and dutifully for 20+ years, but just couldn’t wait anymore. The last straw was when they read a story on DPReviews forum about a rumor that Canon is preparing to offer a brand new 88mp p+s and Nikon was still stuck with the 16mp sensors, as if it were 1870.

      They’re broken-hearted to have to leave, but actually they went into a camera store a week ago and picked up a 5dMII and were really impressed with how nice the packaging looked. And the salesman said he personally heard straight from the neighbor of his Canon rep that Canon was going to eat Nikon’s lunch with a new, yet unreleased body that is being dubbed the “Nikon killer” in Japan’s manufacturing district.

      Nikon has so many great qualities, they’ll say, but they just needed more resolution as their work demands it. You know, home-based beadmaker who sells his (and his common-law wife’s) work on Etsy and Ebay. In their line of work, cropping is just a reality that low resolution cannot afford.

      Maybe one day they can cross paths with Nikon again, they’ll say—once Nikon starts selling cameras for the 21st century (built with technology from the 23rd century just like Canon, of course).

      • Joel

        Followed by the new Canon’s owners perpetual ranting in Canon forums as to how their new Canon’s AF is hopeless inadequate compared to the Nikon system they’ve just come from.

  • sp8ced21

    seems to me people think nikon are only just starting to produce these new models, and cant possibly release two FX DSLR’s together, there is no doubt in my mind nikon started making these new camera’s a long time ago and the earthquake merely delayed launch, i cant see a major corporation trying to announce and build in such a short timescale.

  • I have some interesting info. In Romania, Nikon started recalling the D3s and D300s to HQ. It might have something to do with the new releases.

    And something even more interesting is that they said the D3x might come next.

    Why recall them though?!

    • They might just be repositioning them to a different area that will sell them faster. I’m sure they would rather sell remaining inventory before a new set of pro bodies is announced/released.

    • Did they recalled the D3s and D300s from the stores? All of them?

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