Weekly Nikon related news/links #96

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  • Spirit Crusher

    C’mon Nikon !

    • venancio

      he he he… you’re waiting for the D700 replacement’s announcement? here’s a spirit crusher: it will be announced together with the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. when it will happen, only the devil knows, but it will be one exciting outcome…

  • fakekenrockwell

    typo on first sentence, “drooped” should be “dropped”

  • fakekenrockwell

    Keno should be Kenko

  • Nam

    Woa! On Official Nikon’s store?! – “Overpriced”

    • Nam

      And I feel sorry for those who purchase from that store. However, their Outlet section is pretty decent!

  • Banned

    I can’t believe how useless that comparison video was. No 2 shots where the same and what can you compare at 25% zoom?

    • [Gm]

      If you can’t see any difference in IQ, but the prices are so much different… then the cheaper one win, right? 🙂

    • anonymule

      I saw a difference, but the thing I couldn’t figure out was the point. The difference was, the Nikkor has better contrast and bokeh, but is still flawed due to the adapter ring you need to mount it. But for film making, it doesn’t matter. So I fail to find a point.

  • I heard from somewhere that when Japanese companies sell their products directly, they over price them in order to avoid outselling their retailers like Best Buy and Wal Mart. Maybe that’s why it’s so damn expensive there: they serve the middle men.

    • iamlucky13

      The guy’s you want to avoid cannibalizing sales from are the real camera shops.

      Best Buy and Walmart have the market penetration and volume to handle low margins, but the shops many of the pros use don’t, and those shops are typically a subtly important part of your customer service structure. Plus, those are the places where the pros are more likely to go to look at the D300s, the D3, and the D700. Walmart doesn’t have those, and I think only a few of the Best Buy’s have the D300s or D700. Either way, a Best Buy isn’t the greatest place to bring your own card into to try one out.

  • heartyfisher

    Am I first ??

    Love my 60mm F1,4 AIS

    • heartyfisher

      Guess not first 🙂 and not the 60 but the 50mm AIS as in the video.

  • loved that lens comparison. Glad to see that more expensive gear isn’t always better (more money left to travel around and actually go see things rather then blow it all on equipment and then have to sit at home broke). … just a small correction, the text headline should be “($1500 vs. $150)” (the old nikkor lens is 150, not 500$).

  • ShaoLynx

    What surprises me is the difference in bokeh: The Canon lens bokeh is more angular, where the nikon lens bokeh is more evenly rounded – which I prefer.
    For the rest of it: a bit darker and less color intensity for the nikon lens: things you can easily tweek in post, but improving the bokeh is another thing.
    My vote goes to the Nikon Lens on this one…

    • because canon was stopped down (from f1.2)

      • anonymule

        But, the Nikkor’s bokeh is still better at the same aperture. Which was the point of the comment.

        • nikon bokeh stopped down would be down right ugly in this case 🙂

  • storsinner.


    Yeah but you do have to remember that the Canon isn’t wide open at 1.4 whereas the Nikon is.

    Dont get me wrong I’m a nikon man all the way but to compare a 1.4 to a 1.2 and not show exactly how good each one is wide open makes no sense to me (not that I think the extra 1/3 stop is worth $1000 min)

    • Segura

      FYI, lenses perform better stopped down, not wide open. So the Canon had the advantage in this comparison (and failed to deliver).

      • no, not really. sharpness maybe but once you stop down, your aperture comes into play and bokeh is never the same. except some really good designed glass (like 35/85L or 35/85G) and rounded apperture blades

  • Virtual Anomaly

    Alright Nikon, I have always considered your gear as “till death do we part”….. but you are starting to pi$$ me off!!!

  • SGN

    So only coolpixes? no DSLR or Lens tomorrow?

  • The Nikkor is also a dinosaur compared to the Canon. Not exactly sure when it was originally released but….

  • Ronan

    That Nikon lens is $150… not $500…

    • heartyfisher

      I got mine for $75 🙂

    • yes, I got the wrong link, the Nikkor is much cheaper on eBay

      • PiXLPeeper

        Is Nkikor a new manufacturer ???
        Admin, you should take an aspirin and a nap 😉

        • it sounds good actually 🙂 will fix it

  • Yes, the point of no return is closer and closer. I’ll give up Nikon sooner then I wish. I use Canon 5D (yes, the old one) in one year and I wait for Nikon to wake up… Wake up, please!

    • JustBro

      I’m changing for Canon.
      I’m tired of waiting for that D700 replacement.

      • Discontinued

        If Canon releases a 5D MKII replacement before there is Nikon’s D700 replacement I am definitely doing the same. Right know I feel already tempted
        to get a D7 to do video.

        • JustBro

          If your motivation are the same as mine, wich is doing video, your should buy the 60D. It’s the same thing in video(and less “jelly-sloppy”) than the 7D.

          I’m very tempted. And I think I will buy it in two weeks.

          • Discontinued

            Thanx for the hint.

            BTW, lots of new Canon gear officially announced (can be seen on dpreview). A 200-400 4.0 plus 1.4x converter and more …

  • Thank for sharing my video. I paid for this used Nikkor even less than $150 on allegro.pl (something like ebay but Polish one). Don’t tread this video so serous, this is just a curiosity, not a pro & technical comparison. I was curios how this two lenses behave with the same parameters.

  • Lee

    I am a DOP with the BBC here in London and I shoot B roll with the D3s when its needed. Using the older Nikon lenses creates such a buss on set as professional crew see that the quality of the image is more analogue in style & feel, and reminds us that its all about the composition and not the f stops. In the real world of film making we really dont care if the lens costs £150 or £1500 only will it do the job.
    Thanks for the post and as the person said its a curiosity not sterile laboratory test. Film makers and photographers should remember its whats in the composition not what glass they use, I actually cannot for the life of me remember anyone looking at a film or photograph and someone saying.. yes but that was shot using XXXX glass and its looks awful.

    • broxibear

      “I actually cannot for the life of me remember anyone looking at a film or photograph and someone saying.. yes but that was shot using XXXX glass and its looks awful.”
      You’re dead right Lee and the same thing goes for cameras… no one looks at an image in a magazine or a gallery wall and says, if only it had been shot on a D700 instead of a D200.
      The camera manufacturers do a great marketing job of convincing people they have to have the latest equipment or else there pictures won’t be good enough …I suppose they have to sell things or they go out of business ?

  • Gareth

    i think the manual focus nikkors win for video, that is why so many people use canon to nikon adapters with their 5d’s. being able to focus pull much more precisely is a big thing. plus the rounded bokeh is much nicer.

    but lets see it auto focus at f/1.2.

  • The Invisible Man

    I found an other interesting link:

  • Theo

    Cool video comparison between Canon 50mm f/1.2L USM and Nikkor
    – where’s the link? 🙂

    • click on “read more”

      • The Invisible Man

        Peter, still not use to my French humor ?
        I still love you

        • No, I am used to your sense of humor but not everyone else here is. Your comment was misleading – the video is here, one just have to click “read more” to get to it.

  • specs

    Nice link the BBGPS tool. The diagrams of the connectors and the hint of using NMEA is very helpfull. Also the scheme lists possibilities for using the focus and release using the 10-pin connector, perhaps it’s even possible to combine GPS+remote controll.

    I can only guess why the program won’t start if Adfree is installed and why after I deinstalled Adfree it stil won’t run because of “no network”. How much network do you need to connect to a BT-module?

    GPS+call back? Evil!

    • Oplya

      I’m afraid time synchronization with a GPS logger is a way more practical thing than that cr$p involving an Android phone.

  • Dweeb

    Wow old Nikons at the Nikon store! That Sigma was a real rip at the $1700 price point. Just like their 50 1.4 is.

    –> I expect something from Nikon (who knows something just to keep them from looking dead) in the late spring followed by an equipment war starting August leading up to the Christmas sale-a-thon. Fake Chuck is awful cocky at the moment meaning Canon has new bodies ready to go. Too bad pros are sucked into the Christmas consumer buying cycle for their new equipment.

  • ericnl

    am I reading too much in between the lines when I think that “Don’t expect new DSLR camera to be announced (I will have a separate post on that).” means that we will have a post on a more definite DSLR release schedule really soon?

    • The info I got is D5000 replacement in Spring (in the next 2 months) it will be between the D3100 and the D7000. The rest (D300s and D700) will be replaced later, but before September. No word on the D4, but all old DSLR models will be replaced by the end of the year.

      • ericnl


        I switched from Nikon (D90) to Canon (5DmkII) little more than a year ago, because I wanted to go full frame and needed video for small documentary-like movies.
        in the same week that I bought the camera I already regretted it. a list ranging from feeling like a brick in your hand, slow focus in low light, no proper spot metering (that follows your focus point), bad menu, etc, etc made me decide then that I would wait for the D700 replacement if it will have video.
        I need to sell my 5DmkII soon to be able to get a decent price, so I was hoping for a pre-summer release (well, I was hoping for a fall 2010, but that passed already), but it looks like that might be too hopeful now. I will sell it in april anyway (I have a buyer already), and need to make do until the D800 🙁

        • May I suggest selling the Canon 5D Mark II ASAP and buying a Nikon D7000 as a stop-gap camera until the D700 replacement becomes available?

      • MRPhotoau

        So did you receive any spec info with this and how much validity do you place on the source???
        Let us in on it. Please.

      • baked bananas

        Admin…percentage chance of d700 replacement this year?

        • 99% chance the D700 will be replaced by September (latest) for Cliq (former PMA show)

  • Elton

    The Nikon Store seems to only sell only discontinued or (hopefully) about to be discontinued bodies. The clearest official hint yet? My workshop-to-D800 fund is flush and waiting. And YOU, admin, will get the click, not some blowhard who wants to send us back to film rangefinders. (I assume your Amazon link in the sidebar is an Amazon Associates link.)

  • zzddrr

    Kubica got injured, I wish fast recovery for him!

    • broxibear

      Surgeons battling to save Kubica’s hand…
      “MILAN, Feb 6 (Reuters) – Surgeons are trying to re-establish the functionality of Formula One driver Robert Kubica’s right hand following an accident in a rally car, his manager said on Sunday.
      “Robert is very strong and he will do it,” Daniele Morelli added to reporters at the hospital.”
      Hopefully he’ll be ok…what was he doing rallying so close to start of the GP season anyway ?

      • zzddrr

        “…what was he doing rallying so close to start of the GP season anyway ?”

        I think he is a born racer and wanted sharpen his skills. But I think he went a bit far I agree with you.

        I hope he will recover soon and come back to do what he loves, formula one.

        It is said, but apparently the best shots of his accident were taken by Nikon.

  • From a manufacturing and marketing point of view, it makes no sense to lump all new product introductions at short intervals. If Nikon does that there will be big back logs. We still can’t get a D7000 about 4 months after its introduction. I just don’t get it why the company does not increase production. D3s, D7000 and super teles all in short supply. I mean its a chronic shortage on high end items.

    • zzddrr

      Because Nikon is run by idiots!

  • Anand

    Nikon doesn’t increase production cause they know people will wait anyways. Why incur additional costs of production? overtime pay, additional workers and so on.

    No one has commented here..but Really??? Sigma….Really??? you really thought someone is going to buy a Sigma 70-200/2.8 for $1600??? They must have been smoking something! And the new price…still too high in my opinion! For a Sigma?? Come on

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