Watch out Leica, Nikon can also do limited editions

A Belgium store is advertising a Nikon limited edition box set that includes the latest Nikkor AF-S 24mm, 35mm and 85mm f/1.4 lenses. The price is €4,899 and only 100 pieces will be produced. Different from Leica limited editions, this Nikon set is actually selling for less than the individual items combined - the current Amazon France prices are as follow: 24mm costs €1,979, 35mm costs €2,018 and the 85mm costs €1,823 for a total of €5,820, almost a €1,000 saving. No word if this limited edition box will be available in other countries.

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  • D700guy

    Kind of interesting since one still cant get the 85mm 1.4G and the 35mm 1.4G from B&H. They both have been on my wish list since they were announced.

    • Segura

      You should have pre-ordered instead of putting on your wish list. I have been enjoying all three of my lenses since last year (24mm Aug, 85mm Sept, 35mm Dec). I pre-ordered the 35mm and 85mm the day they were announced 🙂

      • another anonymous

        dream with us…. 😉

  • Duiwee

    Wow.. they are like collector’s items. They are displaying the dream set. I think they will have have this for the US. Time to save up..

  • I wish I had known that last year when I bought all but the 35 when I moved back to primes. That’s a great idea for the full framer that may make the jump this year though.

    • and the 24 1.4 is the best lens I’ve ever used for events! I love it more than any lens.

      • Carlos R B

        do you use it on a FF body?

        • I use it on the d3, so yes

          • Global

            It really is great. I feel the 35 and 85 are almost cheap by comparison with their chromatic aberration. Honestly, the 24/1.4G was just done right.

            The 85 needs VR in my opinion. I don’t care that the 24-70/2.8 doesn’t have VR — I’m not one of those guys who are pushing for that. But the 85 needs VR. Or let me put it this way — an 85 needs VR. If Nikon comes out with a replacement 85/1.8 or 85/2, it should have VR built in.

            I don’t understand why the Nikon 85 has so much chromatic aberration even past f/2 and f/2.8. Buy the Sigma for half price, people. If it has any issues in 5 years, buy another one with the money you already saved!

            • Ronan

              85 1.4 needs VR? wow dude…

            • @Global: how do you feel the CA of the 85/1.4g compares to the 50/1.4g?

            • +1

            • PHB

              That is somewhat odd since I have found the CA on my sample to be virtually non existent. And other reviewers who have considered the two lenses side by side seem to think the Nikkor better on CA.

              Even more so, the sagittal coma flare performance is better than on the older Noctilux 55 f/1.2. CA can be corrected in Photoshop, coma flare cannot, so even if there was a tradeoff I would prefer the Nikon design.

              The older D lens had a big CA issue, but the reviews on the new one are pretty unanimous that those issues are gone.

            • R & R

              Nikon should have VR on DSLR bodies, not on lenses! Also, Nikon should put AF-motor on their lenses ONLY, not on DSLR bodies.

            • Man de Labrat

              +1 R & R

            • Mark

              What is happening here? I use to use a 105 full open under fairly night-time conditions (evening autumnal skies in Alberta) under a poor street lamp and the eyes of my subject were crystal clear. And I was using my Nikon FM and B&W film.

              So, learn to (1) relax when shooting, (2) hold your elbows in tight, and (3) press the trigger slowly.

              Else you might try a monopod.

              VR is no panacea except to those who rush to whom I say – drink less coffee.

              The same holds true for digital (including my D700).

            • Jason

              yes, that’s why i have both Nikon 24 and 35 and a Sigma 85!. the $ i have saved can get me a 105mm VR or the DC!

            • I have a 105 VR and wondering why this special-purpose lens have so much CAs even through 5.6! Of course, this issue can be corrected via RAW converter but hell… I wish much more accurate tool for the 900$.

              It still forces me to buy a legendary APO-Lanthar which is simply free of CAs.

  • Looks nice, but most people here in Holland and Belgium buy our stock elsewhere (we have our own B&H here, actually not one but four!! So a lot of competion is going around here). Compared to OUR normal prizes this set costs around 200 euro more. Well, that’s the price for the box I guess….

    • harry couvert

      B&H in holland??
      Can you tell me where please?

    • Sash

      would like to know that too, please. 🙂

    • xscream

      Sold separately, but in just one shop, I can get to €4797. Don’t know whether it is allowed to name the shop here though?

      • DolphLundgren

        Of corse it is; would you, please, be so kind?

        Thank you.

      • Yes, you can – it is related to the discussed topic. If the spam filter catches it, I will aprove it.

        • xscream

          Okay, thanks,

          At Fotobooms in Amsterdam ( €4797 is the price for the three lenses. I’m glad this place is approx. 5 minutes from my house!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, did nikon become leica? The prices are getting there and nikon is as slow as leica. Nikon also cannot do anything without sensor manufacturers. Gosh, Nikon is going down the route of Leica.

    I guess Nikon should have called the D7000 body only as limited edition because in most places it is still out of stock.

    • Ray

      Your words of wisdom has persuaded me to switch to Canon!

      • Anonymous

        haha 🙂

      • Chris Lilley

        Don’t feed the troll fanboi

        • Ray

          Your words of wisdom caused me to switch to Sony.

      • PAG

        I heard a rumor that neither Nikon or Canon own their own mines for raw material to make glass, therefore they “cannot do anything without mining companies.” Obviously, both companies are doomed.

        • Anonymous

          See PAG, you are so fantastic that NR Admin removed my response. Now, you can imagine what I said about your brainsize etc.

          Now you really smart PAG, go back and read really closely what i wrote. Perhaps you cannot comprehend what I meant so let me help you. I drew a parallel with Nikon and Leica. Both are expensive as hell and cannot do much alone unlike sony or canon. So go back to your cave and think about it! 🙂

          • Mock Kenwell

            You’re such a bore. Don’t you get tired of spewing this same rhetoric? I know I get tired reading it.

            • aetas

              they do have new avatars now though.

            • Anonymous

              Mock Kenwell
              Then don’t read it. It’s that simple. 🙂

  • D700guy

    They left out the 50mm 1.4G

    • yea…I wonder why?

      • Just because the forthcoming AF-S 50 mm f1.2 G N is still at the stage of development and existing AF-S 50 mm f1.4 G isn’t a ‘golden ring lens’. IMO we’ll see in the future such a LE-kits which will include full range of expensive primes. BUT NIKON, DO YOU LISTEN? Please, don’t make this limited edition-nonesense. Cameras and lenses are tools, not the fetish-consumption garbage.

    • PHB

      The 50mm is not in the gold band club. Hence it does not qualify for the limited edition.

      I suspect that this is rather less about looking to make a few bucks as advertising the set of exceptional primes. $200 extra per box for 100 copies is only $20K.

      Also having a set of magic three primes to go with the magic three zooms is a good fit.

      The 50mm f/1.4 G is OK but the 85mm f/1.4 is clearly superior. It is not a major hole in the Nikon lineup (the only ones that are really conspicuous is the lack of AFS on the 80-400 and possibly the lack of VR on the 300 f/4 zoom). But I think they could easily sell copies of a 50 f/1.2 if they made one.


        What about this one? I don’t own it, bit rather the other 1.4 but this is much better I’ve read.

        • Better than what? Its build and optics aren’t in the same ball park as the three primes in this box set.

          Nikon really needs to have a pro-level 50mm (probably an f/1.2 AF-S when they do it).

          • Mock Kenwell

            +1 The current one is a curiously lackluster offering from a company that knows how to make a 50.

        • D700guy

          That’s the one I have had my eye on lately. I own the 50mm 1.4D, but the darn thing frustrates me with its slow, noisey focus and lack of tack sharpness. I concur with the 24mm 1.4G, I own that one too, and while the price was a bit tough to swallow it does produce some very pretty images. That alone has me wondering if the 35mm, 50mm and 85mm 1.4G would be similar in quality.

          • If you’re like me and really don’t like 50mm because it’s a total compromise focal length and therefore don’t use it very often, you may want to consider picking up a 50mm f/1.2 AI-s. It’s a really fun lens with a beautiful cinematic character… and since I don’t rely on 50mm for anything, no harm or foul if I decide the manual focus won’t work for my current application.

  • Paul

    Interesting set, but here in Romania, you can have them, individually, for about the same price as the whole set in Belgium (approx. € 4,950) – of course, the 85mm f/1.4 is out of stock right now…

    • I’m heading to Bucharest in three weeks. I’m pretty excited, any great spots to visit in Romania?

    • John

      I am Cry Man, see this set, i cry i cry i cry….

      For me interested 85 and 24…

  • This looks like there is nothing different except these three wonderful primes come in one box with a bit of a discount.

    My birthday is coming up, hint, hint.

    • LGO

      Ron, what you need is the 200mm f/2.0 VR for your birthday.
      Advance happy birthday!

  • Gabriel

    In America there are better deals.

  • R R

    I want it !! minus the 85mm f1.4G which I found in MEXICO 😉

  • Dweeb

    Big profits in catering to the stupidity in the world. A trend in the camera industry. Is there a limited edition 70-200 VRII also available without all the crap in the barrel?

    • JorPet

      Yeah, there is. It’s called a coffee mug…

      • Mark

        Clever. 😉

  • The Invisible Man

    Great news !
    Buy the whole set and sale the “box only” on Ebay for $10.000 !
    That’s business !

  • FM-2 fan

    it shows, how little Nikon cares about the customers – why don’t they come up with a proper loyalty programme? For those having two out of three – you start to think “are they not able to identify their loyal customers” quite irritating isn’t it?

    • Rob

      The Cannon loyalty program is actually one of the reasons I’m seriously considering switching. The biggest reason is the absurdly more expensive super-telephoto primes, though.

  • jsa

    This could be construed as no more top notch primes to come.

    • broxibear

      You mean it’s a coffin not a prentation box and Nikon have been bought over by Canon ?
      The rumour has to start somewhere so it may as well be here lol.

  • FM-2 fan

    an updated wide angle 14, 16 or 18mm prime is welcome … these primes will be the standard for several years – no doubt.

  • Funduro

    This isn’t the latest giveaway from NR? Drats.. . . . .

    • no, but I have 3 other giveaways coming soon

      • Funduro

        A brick of Kodachrome 64?

        • Elton

          Be nice. You’re not giving anything away. OTOH, a brick of Kodachrome 64 with processing would be a very interesting item.

          • Funduro

            1991 was the last time I actually bought a brick of K64 with processing. I forgot what I paid. I believe it was at B&H’s original location, not the cool toy store.. . . er, store they have now.

  • Now THAT’s how a limited edition is done. Not raping customers for the privilege of selling them over priced stuff.

  • it seems that the saving is not so big if compared with lens prices in Belgium where Nikon equipment seems to be cheaper

  • Jim

    Tricky…Now you would be compelled to buy a New Camera.

  • mshi

    If one has AF accuracy issue, you have to return the whole set back?

    • Ray

      I would imagine you can send one of the three to nikon for repairs/adjustments since they DO have 5 year warranty… just package it well.

  • Anonymus Maximus

    well that is called a limited edition, but it is NOT!
    It is a bundle offer.

    The lenses are no different to any other bought.
    A “real” limited edition has a different logo, or a blotch of color somewhere.

    From a collectors point of view this is not worth more than the individual lenses.
    And it is therefore no surprise that is priced in that region.

  • kazeKami

    Seriously guys, I personally think it’s just an over-reaction, or somewhere alone the line of “lost in translation”, from my point of view it’s a “bundle set” in limited copies of 100, so the “limit-ness” about it is the “box set” as most have agreed there is not much different to buying all three individually, well except may be the box has automatic climate control built-in and made in solid titanium? Beats me, I didn’t designed it. Proper limited edition stuff will be like in a different colour, such as, the “hipo” 28-70 2.8G GREY and “little grey five” 70-200 2.8G VR GREY.
    I was lucky to have tried the 24 1.4G from a hire shop for two days, I mounted it on my D700, indeed it’s a superb piece of glass, I also got the 17-35 2.8D AFS and 70-200 2.8G VR-II which I alternate on a 2nd D700 which I “borrowed” it from a mate. They pretty much served well and does everything, for those “odd” shots I kept a third body in the format of 5D mkII and a 24-120 f/4. In this combo, if I couldn’t get the shot, it’s not the camera.

    • kazeKami

      oh almost forgot, +1 for return of 1.2 primes, time to bring back the NOCT 58 too : P

  • Ray

    I think this is a great idea, since the price is reasonable, and you get a nice box to display/store it when you arent using it. my lens just sit around and get dust all over it to which i have to clean twice a month.

    • put them in a bag

      • harry couvert


  • Mr Cayne

    The prices in Germany are different. If I bought the three lenses seperately at, I would only pay € 4800,- altogether.

  • A realy nice set. I ask myself when i see one with 5 lens kit: + AF-S 50mm f/1.2 N & AF-S 135mm f/1.8 N. 8->

  • Interesting. I was hoping to se 50mm F1.4G to the list as well. I know its not that expensve but its also preofessional grade. Isn’t it? Am I missing something else here?

    • Eh. If you’ve used any of the three lenses mentioned in this article you’d realize that the 50mm f/1.4G is definitely a step below. It’s definitely a plastic lens with merely decent optics and a fairly slow AF.

      The 24, 35, and 85 are metal internals, extremely high-end optics, snappy AF. They just feel and operate like lenses that are $1,000 more expensive.

  • qfwer wew

    the picture on top is looks like a cheap rendering – i don’t think this set exists for real so far

  • Anton

    Where does it say that this is a Nikon’s product? From what i see it seems to be a made by the store that sells these boxes. That is they buy the boxes from Coffret Prestige and then pack lenses in them. That’s how the store sells more lenses than usually.

  • I said we had 4 B&H over in Holland/Belgium. As you can see from my name (and website) I’m just a photographer like most of you! So I’m not trying to sell you the lenses for certain prize (I’m not calling names, dear xscream!!). In stead I just give you the links of somes Dutch shops with to my experience fair prices! Just have a look for yourself! If you want some futher (consumer!!) information about these shops, just drop me a line!
    Just have a look, most of them (I guess: all) will send items abroad for a minor fee.

  • zzddrr

    I ate my cat! 🙂

  • Allan

    …Hmmm, so when is Nikon going to offer an autofocus 50mm f/0.95 ASPH lens?

  • Artur

    Copy culture.

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