About next week Nikon announcements and beyond

There will be no new DSLR announcement during the Nikon press conferences scheduled for February 9th, 2011. At least five new Coolpix cameras will be introduced next week for the  CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show in Japan (February 9-12, 2011). One of them will be a new super-zoom (Nikon Coolpix P500), the second will be a 24-100mm compact with a f/1.8 aperture at 24mm, similar to new OIympus ZX-1.

The first new Nikon DSLR for 2011 will be announced in the next two months and it will be positioned between the D3100 and the D7000. Since the Nikon D5000 is already discontinued, this new camera should be its official replacement (think D5000 with a D7000 tune up). The announcement can happen as early as the end of February. In the past Nikon has announced DSLR products a week after the Coolpix press event.

Most of the activities in the FX line will happen during the Summer and I was told that by the end of 2011 all old Nikon DSLRs (D300s, D700, D3s) will be replaced.

On the lens front, I was told again that a new 80-400mm lens is very high up in Nikon's release schedule.

Nikon D90 will not be phased out yet and will probably be available all the way till the end of 2011 (similar to the D40).

Nikon will have a lot of new products this year, most of them are still listed only with code names. The word "surprise" was mentioned again to me, related to accessories and/or probably some new type of cameras. This "surprise" project is kept secret even to many people inside Nikon and only few know all the details. My assumption is a new Nikon mirrorless/hybrid camera system.

The above is not my personal opinion, it is based on several different tips I received lately.

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  • rince

    Thanks Admin for the great news update! I really appreciate all the work you put into this site and into connecting all the loose ends and threads on the web.
    I think I was not the only one hoping for the D800 announcement this week, but I guess I will then just use the Nikon rebates and finally buy the D700. I was holding off that purchase for about 6 months now, but since I can not take pictures with a camera I do not have and my D90 is giving me a hard time right now and needs service badly, I will pull the trigger on a D700 today. The scary part about that is, that it shows that as much as we complain for them being to slow in pushing out new cameras, the current ones still sell well enough…

  • Zim

    I think we will see a new DSLR this spring or early summer anyway.

  • Clark

    I’m going so I’ll keep you guys updated if I find something interesting in the Nikon booth:)

    • send some pictures from the show please

      • Clark

        will do:)

  • Sly Larive

    I personally have no interest in a D5000 replacement and as an enthusiast fail to see why companies continue to offer these intermediate products in so many models. The D5000 didn’t last long at all after the D3000/D3100 came along. Consumers are always looking for a cheap product and will only pay more if they get a specs increase, regardless if they need it or not. I would wish Nikon would make a stand and offer only the 3100, 7000 and a D300s upgrade, the saved R&D money could be well spent on a quicker DX body refresh cycle. However, there is a lot of money to be made on lower-end products so I can see the logic in trying to have as many different options in that segment (much like Canon does).

    OTOH, high end products also bring a lot from a marketing standpoint. I have a friend who worked for a few years at ATI, as a product engineer / marketing. He always said that high end video cards, although not viable as commercial products, gave the company a visibility no amount of press releases / ads could buy. If ATI had the BEST video card, they would sell lower end products more. This translates to the DSLR market even better as having the option of upgrading to higher end bodies is always an option, but switching after the fact is hard to do. If Nikon does not keep pushing the pro-level DSLR bodies, it will end up costing them some sales.

    • poo party

      the point of entry level products is to get a user hooked on a specific brand. once you get an entry level nikon, youll more than likely get new lenses and a flash before a new body. therefore, your next body can only be nikon… unless you want to lose a bunch of cash in a switch.

  • where_the_H_is_D800

    Admin, I wonder if we would see a simultaneous D4/D800 release this time. Or worst D4 this August and D800 december or even 2012.

    I begin to wonder if some folks were hired by Nikon to spread the D900/D800 rumors just to keep people from switching to 5D Mark II and stay Nikon.

    I would be getting a Panasonic GH2 to shoot my video and the 14-140 as a walk around. D700 exclusively for for high quality or high ISO stills. sick of waiting for nikon.

  • Brock Kentwell

    Admin — is there a reliability percentage for this info? Thanks.

    • I would say about 70% – any long term plans are subject to change

  • D700guy

    Just checked out those new Canon releases.
    They dont look all that fantastic.
    2 lenses that no one can afford and a bunch of entry level and Powershot shooters.

  • PaulRivers

    “the second will be a 24-100mm compact with a f/1.8 aperture at 24mm, similar to new OIympus ZX-1.

    Read more on NikonRumors.com: https://nikonrumors.com/2011/02/06/about-next-week-nikon-announcements-and-beyond.aspx#ixzz1DILon040

    That is sooooooo disappointing. There’s already – let’s see, Panasonic LX5, Samsung tl500, Olympus zx-1…not to mention the g12 and p7000. Now there’s going to be yet *another* camera in this size segment? booooh.

    Meanwhile, the Canon s95 continues to dominate sales with absolutely no competition in it’s size. Hell, it’s overpriced right now on amazon at $399 (usual price is $369 or so), and it still selling more than any of those other cameras (amazon lists it’s top selling cameras).

    Would love to see some s95-sized competition. Yet another mid-sized “compact” camera? Yaaaaaaaaaawn. Maybe it will do well, who knows, I’m just not excited about it.

    • JC

      Isn’t this what Nikon is aiming for? A compact s95 killer?

      • PaulRivers

        Like I said, if it’s zx-1 sized it’s not really even direct competition, it’s only direct competition if it’s the same size.

        • nobody

          The Olympus XZ-1 is 2 stops faster at the long end of its zoom, f2.5 vs. f4.9 with the S90/S95. How could it be equally compact?

          To me, the XZ-1 (and hopefully the Nikon counterpart) seems to be a much more interesting camera than the S95.

          • Kosta

            Exactly, very good point !

            • PaulRivers

              If there was anything in the last 2 posts that addressed what I was talking about, I missed it.

              Still wishing someone would come out with some direct competition to the s95, rather than yet another physically larger zx-1-sized camera.

              Of course, this is just a rumors site, it’s not impossible the camera will be smaller, just hoping it would be s95-sized.

  • Converted

    Okay you Nikon fanboys, I have converted from Canon to Nikon. Your forums have converted me. My list with 5k saved up: D700 replacement (probably around 3200), 16-35 Vr, 24-70, 70-200 vr ii, 50 1.4g, and perhaps 85 1.4g, depending on how much I save up over the summer. Selling my 7d, 70-200 2.8 is ii usm, 50mm 1.4 on ebay right now. only have 200 clicks and so far, not impressed. I need the full frame and the ergonomics that Nikon produces over Canon.

  • UA

    Last few years have been Nikon’s years of extra ordinary FX lenses. So why wait such long for new FX bodies?

    If they do not bring replacement for D700 on Wednesday, I’m going to buy D700 and skip as far as I can the replacement. D700 has everything you need from a camera. I just would like to see couple usability enhancements from D7000 to it.. maybe even bit more megapixuls, although one really does not need them. The ISO6400 is still cleaner on D700 than D7000, although D7000 can perform better on boosted ISO’s (mainly due to the newer NR algorithm).

    • WoutK89

      Last few years have been Nikon’s years of extra ordinary FX lenses. So why wait such long for new FX bodies?
      Because otherwise people would nag about where are the lenses for the bodies 😀

  • SZRimaging

    Bring back Nikon Rangefinders, please? Heck, give them an optional EVF and call it EVIL. Makes sense to me. Sell the body without the EVF and have it as an added accessory.

  • nobody

    Admin, don’t you have any hints regarding an f4 tele zoom?

    The f4 wide angle and standard zoom lenses arrived last year. Shouldn’t the corresponding tele zoom be due this year?

    • Roger

      Do you need one? 70-300VR not good enough?

      • Roger

        IMHO, Nikon should not even bother with 70-200/4 VR, because 70-300VR is the lens for the exact same purpose, it does the same thng.

        They should do a 100-300/4 VR instead.

  • Tonny

    C’mon D800 in August, how could we wait any longer.

    GF2 + D700 is the way out. Bye bye Nikon, see you in the next 3 years D900. I hope you do a better job next time.

  • OMR

    OK, The next step is: T3i…… To late to the D5000 Replacement.

  • If I didn’t purchase some of the high end Nikon lens, I would have shifted to Canon looong ago.

    Bored of waiting ..

  • I just switched from a 5D MKii and Canon’s awesome AF to the D700 and couldn’t be happier. It truly is an amazing camera. I laugh when I hear people “threaten” to switch! Have you used a Canon?! The 5d MKii is garbage. It makes wonderful images about 60% of the time, assuming you’re in focus. I can’t believe how much better the D700 is…

    • pxi

      Same experience here: Switched from a D2x to a 5D II… and starting to realize it’s garbage due to AF issues. What now? Switch back to Nikon? Huh….

    • I agree with you. I teach digital photography and have used most DSLRs. I was surprised by the unsophisticated focus system of top-of-the-range Canon cameras when compared to most Nikon cameras. Also, I find the double-use buttons on Canon cameras less user friendly. I also have to dip into menus more frequently, even on the 5D Mk II.

      Although Canon targets the 5DmkII as a professional camera it still has a full auto mode and creative auto, and the manual is aimed at beginners. The D700 has a convenient mode button that only has the four advanced shooting modes, allowing the left dial to be used for much more useful quick-to-access functions.

      The 5DmkII does not have a built-in flash, indicating it is a full-on pro model. However, the pop-up flash on the D700 is very useful for CLS control and even firing studio lights in an emergency.

      If I were interested in video I might be tempted by the Canon, but I think the D700 is a better camera and takes better high ISO pictures.

      I really don’t see a need for any photographer to swap between brands any time soon and have to give up all the fine glass they have invested in.

    • Roger

      No kidding. I have borrowed my friends 5D II, and the only good thing about it is the resolution. That and Canon lenses, especially those tasty 17,24 and 90 tilt shifts.

    • The diameter of the 120-300 f/2.8 is huge at 105mm 😮

      • WoutK89

        Do the math, 300 divided by 2.8 equals almost minimum front element size

    • WoutK89

      Finally a replacement for the discontinued 50-150. Will be twice as expensive since it left stores (€1200) and will be 5cm longer, but keeps the internal focus+zoom design.
      So how much lenses did Sigma announce now, without release? 12-24 II (May release), 50-150 OS, 105 OS, 150 OS (April release), 120-300 OS (March release); only 5?

  • Splinter

    This post reads like a press release. Especially the opening sentence.

    It should at least say, “My sources say” or “There is a high probability that ….”

    not “There will be no new DSLR announcement …”

    • Anton


    • Perhaps that’s because Admin is confident about this piece of rumour 🙂

  • oneguy

    great news , maybe when the old nikons are out of market , i will be able to afford
    a d3s , hope so 🙂

  • arturo17

    what about d3x replacement? by 2011 as well?

    • WoutK89

      If it means all cameras are replaced, the D3s and D3x line could be merged to 1 body of 24 MP. Where the D4x would be 36 or so pixels.

      • WoutK89


  • R R

    I bought my D700 back un June 2010, as my second body ( I have a D3x) , and I remember back then, I hesitated cause I wanted to wait for the D700 replacement , that I thought would come at any moment back then, since the D700 had already been out for more than 2 years.

    well.. I would love to have a second body that has more than 12 mp, since my clients are used to my 24.5 with my D3x and when ever I pull the D700 to do something, they simply ask me to go back to my D3x, I sincerely feel Nikon has to introduce a FF body in between 24.5 and 12 mp SOON. For us photographers that do print large, and are required by clients for large mp files. My D3x has 161,000 cycles now.. by the time Nikon decides to produce a new D800 or D4 my D3x is going to have 300,000 !! dammit.

    but hey.. I love the brand and I´ve been a Nikon shooter all my life, since 1992 with the N90s so I know the name of the game with Nikon.. and that is: ¨shut up and wait¨ .. I have been doing it, and I guess I we´ll keep on doing it.

    Meanwhile I´m saving, cause I know anything Nikon comes out with, is gonna be hella expensive.

    • Just A Thought

      “My D3x has 161,000 cycles now” “when ever I pull the D700 to do something, they simply ask me to go back to my D3x”

      I assume that you do not shoot for free. At over 160,000 shots I also assume that you run a business. That being the case then your camera gear is either depreciated yearly or written off if leased. And yet you seem unable to afford a 2nd d3X body and continue to try to use the d700 which is unacceptable to your clients.

      Lets assume you sell each shot for 50 cents. Your D3X should have produced over $80,000 in customer billings. Your overhead must be unreal to be unable to afford another d3x. Lets assume that you only get paid for 80,000 of the shots but this time that you charge $10 per shot. That is over $800,000 in customer billing and yet you still cannot afford a 2nd d3x body for backup.

      If you sell your shots for more than $10 each then you should be able to easily afford any medium format system out there. and drive top end leased Beemer in the winter and a leased Ferrari in the summer (leased of course so that you can write them off as a corporate expense ).

      Instead of worrying about better new D4X, which you claim you can’t afford anyways, might be better to spend some time and review your business model. Just a Thought.

      • zomg

        I believe your formula is a bit off–how many photographers do you know that make that kind of money. I wish it was only based on the number of pictures shot.

        • Just A Thought

          The op claimed to have shot with a D3X and spoke of clients. That implies that he is not a sport shooter machining gunning the camera to ensure that he got the play.

          Over 160,000 shots with a D3X. Since its a D3X lets assume a studio situation where photog has some control. Op spoke about clients saying no to using D700 because it is not good enough – therefore he is dealing with knowledgeable clients (Art Directors maybe for ex). Lets say that only 50% of the shots were money shots. Do most commercial photogs sell their photos at $1 ea??? At $1 each then his D3X brought in over $80,000 where only 50% of the shots taken were good enough.

          A D3X is say $10,000 with taxes. You visit your camera shop and arrange a lease at say $2,400 per year. That about $40 per week.

          If his D3X dies on him and at over 160,000 click that is coming sooner rather than later. He does not have a backup because he claims that he cannot afford it. I took in a 85mm lens for repair. A common lens, but took over 1 week for the repair and they did not have parts so they sold me a new one for standard repair charge. The D3X is not a common item – hopefully replacement parts will be on hand. Might be able to get a rental unit during the repair period, but can he afford the rental fees if he can;t afford $40 per week for a backup D3X?

          Getting a backup D3X on a lease at $200 per month is only $40 per week. The beauty is that you can write the whole amount from Profits made. Therefore there is NO cost.

          His present D3X should be sent in for clean and lube at least once per year. He claims to shoot a D3X for clients but can’t afford a backup body at a cost of say $40 per week. He should seriously look at his business model.

          Owning a D3X as a hobby and not being able to afford a backup body I can better understand.

          Some wedding photogs charge say $500 to shoot a wedding and deal with Bridezilla. Other photogs charge $40,000 to shoot a wedding and they are booked solid. The first type of photog has a hobby. The second example runs a business.

  • Rahul

    [quote]Nikon D90 will not be phased out yet and will probably be available all the way till the end of 2011 (similar to the D40). [/quote]

    I don’t know the life-cycle of the D40, but the D60 and D3000 had pretty short lives, around 1 year each , as also D5000 with a little over a year and half . D90 debuted in Aug 2008, end-2011 means this might be the first DX to have a longish product life-cycle of 3 years, as FX cameras seem to have ?

    Unlike most of the posters here, I think that is a good thing. Longer production runs should get you cheaper cost , and Nikon could use the time to improve/stabilize the next generation. Leaving gear acquisition syndrome and brag rights, I see no real gain in short product cycles, if anything it means lower availability of replacement parts/body specific accessories. We are consumers, but we shouldn’t take the “consumption” too literally.

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