Nikon announcement in 12 hours

In approximately 12 hours all Nikon websites should be updated with their latest products. Some other camera manufacturers already made their announcements for the CP+ show. Of interest for Nikon shooters are the new Sigma lenses.

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  • Rock Kenwell

    I hope and pray that D700 replacement, if not some tips/hints/info will emerge within 24 hours. (FIRST!!)

    • I think no chance of a D700 replacement being announced because the rhetoric is just soooooo quiet. However, a surprise in amongst the usual Coolpix announcements would be very nice indeed….

    • broxibear

      You’re better off hoping and praying for something else Rock, there’s nothing about a D700 replacement going to be announced in the next 12 hours… you might get something about the mirrorless though ?

      • WoutK89

        Admin said, it is usual if it happens to see it next week, after the coolpix announcements.

        • the only problem with my assumptions is that the CP+ show will end by next week, so I think it is safe to assume that this is all Nikon has to offer for now

    • inginerul

      I personally think we will see a D700x in a short while.

  • ericnl

    to further feed the rumour mill: I was just at my photo shop to pick up my new flash, where I was told they are getting a Nikon camera training tomorrow evening.
    when Canon had a similar training last week, it was about the DSLRs that were announced shortly after (but not the rumoured mkIII). I was told to call him thursday morning to ask him about which models the training was. I’m still hoping that the D800 will be released pre-summer because I will be FX-less from April on, when I finally will bring my 5DmkII to it’s new owner.

    also: the D700 is increasingly harder to get in the Netherlands: all the big players are sold out of both the body and the kits.

    • I will be surprised if they get training for the Coolpix line.

      • broxibear

        Some of those people need training on how to open the box lol…I’m not joking !

      • ericnl

        I reckon that if there will be a training, surely it must involve DSLRs?
        and to call a whole training session for a minor update? (D5000->D5100).
        any of the D4, D400, D800 make more sense to me (and the employee too).

        • WoutK89

          Or the MILC of Nikon.

        • ericnl

          well, that was a big disappointment, the guy from the store said they left the training rather freaked out because there was nothing there but the new coolpix cameras. nothing whatsoever about DSLRs or a mirrorless camera. they didn’t expect to be called in for something so simple.
          I guess we’ll have to wait till fall again.

  • I’m hoping for D400/D9000 information, but expecting nothing in relation to any new DSLR.


    D800!!!!!! Yeaaaaaa!!!! )))))

  • James W

    Here’s hoping for nothing.

    I’m not trolling just bought a load of new kit.

  • Everything is still possible at that point, just because I don’t know doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

    • ja

      well lets hope something happens in the pro class as iv been holding off on a D300s for months so the next 24hrs will settle it
      i’d far rather have a D400 0r D800 with 18+mp as that would have great crop features, nothing against the D7000 but it is just a bit to small in its actual bady size i just cant get away with that size camera body

  • Scott

    It will most undoubtedly be a D7000000.

  • cyril

    May D4th be with you…..

    • Discontinued

      God one ! ! !

  • xjrx

    on nikon marketing, p&s marketing, canon marketing – RANT!

    nikons P&S-marketing is in such a different world compared to their standing in the DSLR-market, it is almost schizophrenic.

    coolpix cameras are so NOT cool.really. they even look shitty compared to canon etc.

    the p7000 looks like a canon g-clone, it is hilarious. ofc i am glad, that the internets tell me it is a good camera, thx nikon and – bravo.

    been wondering for some time, whether any of those P&Ss are cool at all, personally: no idea.

    those good canon P&Ss are a little cool (s95), first of all because their names do not say “cool”

    the “I AM …” nikon campaign is quite ok, thx nikon, at least you did noch fxxk up the marketing that adresses DSLR & PSs.

    P & S marketing is shitty. ok, i am not your targeted customer, still i am exposed and aware of that stuff, the colors are an 80s loreál-nightmare on 200%. whatever kids they catch with THAT marketing, will not be DSLR-users in the future, even if, they will go to middle of the road canon

    canons consumer-slr campaign (germany) “every pic tells a story, tell us yours” is another piece of crap. but it fits the market i have to admit. so pls send in all those cat-pictures, and those sunsets from your all inclusive thailand-trips, beautifuul. funny: nothing came after that campaign, never saw any “stoories” and photographed heartbreaks-emo-shampoooo-thingz!

    now i finished, thx ppls, bb

  • Lola

    The next DSLR will replace both D300s and D700. Only one body.

    It will be a 18-22 MP in FX format and 9-11 MP in DX format. All that in a similar body to those of D300s and D700.

    The best of both worlds !

    • WoutK89

      24MP FX = 10MP DX…. I am curious how a 22MP FX can become 11MP DX.

    • ja

      i really hope so as the next 24hrs hangs in the balance on D300s

  • broxibear

    Amin, have you heard anything about the price increases being part of this announcement ?

    • I hope not….

    • as far as I know there will be no Nikon price increase this month

      • broxibear


  • Ready. Steady. GO!

  • kayaker 353

    What about the mythical 80 to 400 replacement? Will 2011 be another year of delay?

    • Don’t tease me. I’m still holding my breath for a 100-500 or even a 80-400 VRII. Please Nikon, Please!!!

      • Xanadu AW18

        Yes we arwe all waiting for that to happen but i don´t wait a year more thinking about the new Sigma 120-300 os with tc s

    • PAG

      +1. Also +1 for a 300mm f/4 with VR that’s just as sharp as the current 300mm I just bought.

  • Anyone know if the new Sigma 120-300 2.8 as APS-C? It doesn’t state on the link above.

    I’m interested in that coverage for sure but want something FX compatible. That is a SWEET range for a fixed ap lens.

    • Cold Hands Luke

      It’s a DG lens, that means it’s full frame. If it was APS-C it would be labelled DC.

    • preston

      Not to be nit-picky or anything, but reading “fixed ap lens” made me lol (should be constant ap). A fixed aperture lens means it couldn’t be stopped down!

  • Dweeb

    Looking forward to their 200-400 weatherproofed lense with built in teleconverter. LOLROTF.

  • kapr01

    Minutes ago I just ordered a D700 + the trinity to demote my D40 + its two kit lenses, so we can all expect a D700 replacement to be announced imminently… You’re welcome!

    • trinity = 14-24 + 24-70 + 70-200?

      • kapr01


  • Chris P

    The one lens of the four that Sigma have announced that is for DX is the one I would have loved to have seen as a FX lens, the 50-150 f2.8, in FX terms the portrait lens to kill for.

  • Rock Kenwell

    Admin do you think its good for me to buy a d700 now with 16-35 b.c there is a 300$ rebate and sell d700 to get the update when it releases, or should i just wait?

  • Anyone else notice that 120-300 is constant f/2.8 and for full-frame?

    • WoutK89

      Always has been. Only now it also features OS. They used to have 100-300/4.0 as well.

  • Any news?
    Where can we see the announcements?


  • New 100 – 400 or updated 80 – 400 please!!!

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