Five new products for Nikon DLSRs

→ The previously rumored Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD lens with Nikon mount got released today: extremely small with a price tag of $649. See the full details over at photorumors.

→ RRS released a L-plate for Nikon D7000:

A new L-plate for Nikon P7000 is also now available.

Blueslr released a Bluetooth dongle that will allow remote trigger of Nikon DSLR via an iPhone, iPod or iPad. The basic app is free and can provide you control over the focus, shutter speed and release timer. The dongle will cost you $149. The solution works with 11 Nikon models up to 300 feet. GPS coordinates from the iPhone can be embedded to the picture. Android and Blackberry versions are under development.

→ New fancy Nikon Millet bags are available for sale on Nikon Direct (Japan):

→ Kowa released a hybrid spotting scope with manual focus that can be used as a tele-photo lens. The focal lengths are 350mm f/4, 500mm f/5.6 and 850mm f/9.6. Price: ¥273,000 (around $3200).

The last two stories are via, the blueslr link is via Electronista.

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  • I’m not quite sure about those Kowa lenses…

    • “Now made with only 22% recycled paper!”

  • GlobalGuy

    Does Bluetooth have “channels”? Or does it use a special code so that only one iPod could control one Nikon, rather than everyone’s that have the dongle?

    • ThomasBPunkt

      Bluetooth uses “pairing” , a code/password can be used to secure that pairing. You’ll find more info on that at Wikipedia.

  • ThomasBPunkt

    The blueSLR looks gigantic, compared to foolography’s Unleashed module, and completely blocks the other connection ports. But the use of an iPhone app with programmable trigger options and access to the iPhones GPS data make it interesting. I wonder if one can use the Unleashed with the blueSLR app?

    For now I have a Dawntech Mini Logger for my Nikons and a Synology DiskStation which translates the coordinates from the EXIFs into google maps. Great for people watching where the pictures were taken.

  • Manolito

    What’s with the new RRS web? It doesn’t work in any modern browser (I tried latest versions of Chrome and Firefox). It’s a shame a company will throw away so much money in a poor design work. Or maybe someone let the cousin design it…

    • ZoetMB

      Works fine on Safari

    • Chris Lilley

      Works fine for me (Firefox 4.0b7)

  • oh, RRS really surprised me. seemed to be well thinking company upto now, so how they could produce this terrible designed L-plate? splitted near the right angle and side-part-rail not turned to the end (corner),…
    where the world is walking…

    • Brett

      I’ve had mine for 2 weeks (pre-ordered it). Yes, the two-piece construction worried me and I had a long email exchange with RRS over that. They assured me that they’ve done this before and that all would be well. I’ve used it on my tripod and no problems – it really is solid, the screws don’t loosen and it’s like any other L-bracket I’ve used. No problems.

      • fork()

        I’ve had an L-plate for my D80 for a long time now and am very happy. The modular approach for th D7000 plate seems very interesting and I have full confidence in that RRS will produce a plate of the highest quality.
        Right now my D80 plate takes up a lot of room in the bag when it’s not used, this will be much better.
        I wonder if the “base” plate will be usable with the battery grip on the D7000.

        • enesunkie

          I’d be interested to know if it will fit the D7100, D7200, D7300 …
          not that I plan on buying a body every two years. Hopefully Nikon can keep the side of the camera the same for a couple generations so that you don’t need to get a new L plate all the time. With this modular approach, one might be able to at least keep the base plate from one body to the next.

    • Chris Lilley

      I guess a two-piece construction is cheaper to machine than cutting an L-plate from a solid block.

      Kirk has a (one piece) D700 L-plate.

  • venancio

    looking forward for a dongled dongle where i can check the quality of taken shots directly on the ipad…

  • Wow I just published a review on the D7000 I really wish I had added in that new tamron lens, might amend later. Also that Nikon bag in blue….so sexy. I’m not much for the iPhone dongle, it’s clever I suppose but I’m not entirely bent on spending that much money over novelty.

  • Anonymous

    This new Tamron 18-270mm VC lens seems to be a perfect fit for D7000 as a walkabout lens, better than Nikkor 18-105mm VR kit.

    They look equivalent in size, weight, build & probably image quality.

    I bet it will soon become a very popular lens among DX users.

  • Zoltar

    Yes, it has a huge advantage at the tele end over Nikkor 18-105mm, even the 18-200mm. And it has a compact & cool shape too.

    The question is whether Tamron’s will match Nikon’s image quality. Time will tell. Let’s expect to see reviews asap.

    • Arthur

      If they will improve the old version IQ-wise, it’s an awesome lens. Because the old one was very good, almost as good as Nikons 18-200mm

  • EricDH

    The blueSLR remote control looks very interesting. I only thought that the iPhone bluetooth function only lets you connect with headsets, carkits and the like. So I hope that the blueSLR developers have found a way around that….

    If it really works as explained, this will be on my wish list 🙂

  • jelmer ten hoeve

    off course it will work,
    but what is the use off a remote manual on your smartphone if you can’t see the pictures you just took with your 150$ expensive divice, thats wath blue tooth is for… even crop the pics but send them!

    no so smart

    • They are using the 10-pin connection which is mostly a one-way communication with the camera. All Blueslr’s device is really is a glorified cable release. If they wanted the image to go back to the iPhone (or whatever device), they would have to also connect to the video out from the camera (HDMI in modern cameras). Your idea would definitely be good though and I expect we’ll eventually see that built into future cameras.

      • Segura

        Incorrect on using the HDMI. They would need to use the USB connection. That is how the On One’s DSLR Remote works, and Nikon Capture, you can see what is in live view when connected to USB

  • 111

    Yikes those bags are ugly.

    That lens has me intrigued. By default I hate variable aperture lenses especially because I shoot manual all of the time.

    But that range looks like fun for a all purpose, not entirely pro serious but still very serious useful lens….

    • Mock Kenwell

      Fugly bags. Yipes.

  • Alex

    what’s a DLSR? 🙂

  • OffCamber


    Made in Canada Eh!

    • Oh great.

      So when I’m in the heat of battle (a wedding), it’s just going to throw its hands up in the air and say “I want nothing to do with this.”

      • OffCamber


        • You must be Canadian if you didn’t get the joke.

  • Nikon D7000 body only in stock now:

    • Ren Kockwell

      Maybe that’ll shut some people on here up…

  • Jimmy Lamont

    Go look at the supplied photo from Tamron…

    39mm, f/5.6, ISO 500, and 1/3200? How does this demonstrate any of the benefits of their VC system or the 270mm range? Really silly example photo if you ask me.

    A fairly competitive price if it’s worth it’s salt though for a superzoom. That being said… I think I’ll stick to my, 80-200 and a wide zoom.

  • Paul

    Can someone help me out here – what is an “L Plate” for? What does it do?

    • Paul

      Ok saw the video now I know.

  • Harold

    I think the KOWA dual use lenses are a good idea. Lots of people are doing digiscoping and that method is getting better but still is limited in practical use and image quality. It’s good that a big player in the field of spottingscopes is putting a system like this in the market.

    On that website there is a diagram of all possible combinations and pix of all different parts of the system.

  • Jabs

    Hey Administrator – look here and then also browse this web site on Nikons.

    Off topic, but how would you like this camera today?
    For those who like to say Nikon does not make anything revolutionary –

    • This website is a great resource for old camera models of every brand. I wonder if Nikon will ever bring a new digital version of the Nikonos camera. I say new because they already had a digital version:

      • Jabs

        @NR Admin.
        Glad that you like the web site.
        NOW, if Nikon introduced a new Nikonos digital camera with the D3S’s sensor, then we can talk and also rage about the cost -lol.
        Yeah, Kodak modified the film camera it seems.
        I would also like to see another 300mm F2.0 ED-IF but AF-VR2 and then not look at the price – lol.
        I once shot with the old 300mm F2.0 ED-IF at Nikon House in NYC and it was huge and heavy, but being tripod mounted, the images were startling to me. One monster of a lens that pictures do not bring justice to. I mean it was huge!!!

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