Nikon SB-700 and Nikkor 35mm f/1.4G now shipping in the US

BorrowLenses and few NR readers informed me that Nikkor 35mm f/1.4 lens is finally shipping in the US:

Nikon SB-700 flash is also shipping in the US and here is the proof (unboxing video):

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  • 111

    I am glad nobody said first

  • Brook

    Had the 35 for about a week. Really nice, sharp and accurate. I now have the 24, 35,50 and 85 and none of them focus close to as fast as Nikon’s zooms, why is that? (Using on D3X’s)

    • danpe

      If the amount of focus error allowed was f/2.8 they’d be as quick.

  • Mandrake


  • Steve

    I usually like sophomoric and immature comedy. However, I didn’t think he was very funny.

    I am excited about the sb-700 though.

    • Banned

      Me neither, this fro guy is just a bore.

    • MrMoo

      Agreed. Kinda along the same lines as that Scott Kelby guy.

    • rttew

      Everyone’s a critic these days are we not? Just sit back, shut up and lighten up. The alternative? Visit the billions of other websites out there.

  • Banned

    SB-700 still NOT shipping. I don’t care I got tired and bought SB-600 after I realized the 700 was even less powerful. Pfff what a scam.

  • Dave

    I don’t know what this guy is getting paid, but he is getting overpaid.

    • Nau

      haters gonna hate

  • Dave

    Must make sure your white balance is tack sharp!

  • Great! So you don’t need these color balance gels cause you shoot in raw? What about balancing your Flash’s white balance with fluorescent lighting AFTER in Photoshop? You just can’t ajuts white balance when there’s mixed light temperatures in your photograph. I don’t really think your advices that “pro”…

    • erth

      Was just gonna say that. Does he know what he’s talking about?

  • zzddrr

    Nikon = Out of Stock

    • jdsl

      Nikon = Lack of Stock

      Never “On Stock” in the first place.

  • Gregory Peel

    I’m glad these are shipping. I also wish the 85 1.4G would ship and that they would only sell these products when there’s some chance of them shipping in a reasonable period of time. Over 2 months is not reasonable. Rant complete, now I’m just glad for the recipients of the 35mm and the 700.

  • Steve

    I will pitch in $10 towards a haircut.

  • f-stop

    Did he say the sb-700 puts out less power/light then the sb-600?… must of missed that in R&D.

  • Jailhouse Shuffle

    C’mon, he’s not that bad. At least he doesn’t act all tall and mighty like Thom Hogan while posting crappy pictures on his website homepage ;-p

    I just feel bad for whoever will be buying that thing after he slobbered and sniffed all over it. LOL

    Anyway, I’m not too excited about this SB 700 – I’m quite happy with my pair of 900’s and 800’s

  • Bruce

    SB-700 = $300++ and no PC sync socket..?!? WTF were Nikon thinking..???

  • CS

    Nikon has been making the crappiest flash carrying cases since the SB900. The SB800 carry case was awesome…small, well made and allowed you to put the diffuser together with the flash in one go. The SB900 carrying case was cheaply made…fell apart within 3 months of use. And now this stupid case…how the F&*% am I supposed to put that on my belt? Who the heck designs these carrying cases?!!?!!

    • Eric Pepin

      SB900 case is great, holds the flash, gels, stand, difusion dome, gel holder and 8 spare AA’s , including the 4 always in the flash its a ready to go kit.

  • broxibear

    “froknowsphoto”…I beg to differ ?
    Nikon aren’t going to sell many SB-700s in the UK considering the SB-900 is only £12 more expensive ?…That’s if it ever becomes in stock.

  • JMD

    C’mon dude! If you going to be all loud about the capabilities of the SB-800,…at least be correct about the Sb-800’s capabilities. The SB-800 is the original can do everything Nikon speedlight! You seem to have your facts mixed up about the SB-800 and SB-600.

    Pls,..since no PC input, why would I buy an SB-700 to replace my SB-800s? No way,…the SB-700 is for non-pros IMO!


    • mshi

      SB-700 can’t work with external power pack. I will pass.

  • Brian Davis

    That guy looks like a lion 🙂

  • Segura

    Well it seems that the 35mm is being well under-produced. It seems the camera shops I talked to got a “handful” . . . meaning 1-3 per store. At this rate, it may be mid-spring before all the current pre-orders get filled.

    I made a decision to buy one off eBay. Sure, I paid a premium of $150, but I got $39 in eBay Bucks, and Ebates is doing 3% right now, so another $58 back, making it about $1852 total for me, so a $50 premium to have it by Christmas was worth it for me.

    Buying local (if they had it in stock) I would have paid $1950 with tax, so still coming out okay . . . looking forward to next Tuesday

  • Ben

    Anyone care to comment over whether I should pick up one of these (when available) or just get a 600 at a good price? How big of a deal is the intereface? I know the 600 is slightly less powerful, but with longer recharge times and less zoom range. Any other considerations? I am using this on a D7000… almost always on camera, but occasionally as a slave.

    • Glenn

      If you want a 600 you better get one quick. According to the Nikon rep I talked to last week SB-600 production is over and there is less than 6 weeks’ supply in the chain. Once supply gets really low the price will probably shoot up like the 800 did.

      I think Nikon sees the 700 as the replacement for the 600 and not the 800…that was replaced by the 900.

    • broxibear

      Don’t know where you are in the World but here in the UK there are lots of new SB-600s kicking around, retailers have plenty in stock thay can’t get rid of.

  • Segura

    If you are interested in the SB-600, pick one up used. The prices are going to drop a little from people upgrading to the SB-700. Decide later if you want to upgrade to the SB-700.

    • jack

      Not to be negative, but how many of your guys think SB-600 users are the primary target for flash-upgrades? Most experienced photographers I know that have SB-600s use them as slaves–not really a concern in the whole upgrade lineup.

      I just don’t see the SB-600 maintaining its value (like the SB-800 did). Speaking of which, I’m ecstatic the SB-800 maintained its value. I bought four of em while I was an employee at a photo store, used em for the strobist thing for 2.5 years, and then sold them for a profit. Muhahahaha

  • Joho

    Ordered my sb700 today Let’s see what I get first. D7000 body that i ordered a month ago or the sb700

  • jeffery

    Where were you able to order it from? I couldn’t even pre-order it at BH! Thanks!

    • Joho

      Order from crutchfield on Friday they are shipping it out today. Damn got lens now flash sitting and collecting dust waiting for my d7000 body. Hope it gets here by Christmas

  • SojIrOu

    I got mine from Japan on release date (26/11). It’s been real easy to use even though I haven’t read the manual yet and have never owned a flash before.

  • I have the sb400 and sb900 , the 400 is perfect for when the 900 overheats 🙂

  • Gregory Peel

    I didn’t like the sb 600 due to the interface. The sb 900 type interface is much easier. It may sound easy when someone tell you how to work the sb 600, but in the field, maybe in low light and with people waiting, it becomes confusing for me personally. If the 700 has the 900 interface I would go with that…..or just get a 900 and never look back. How my opinion is helpful.

  • chris

    i guess this guy never shot in conditions where he needed to match his flash to the ambient light…you can’t fix that in raw. he flunked MY sniff test.

    • Olle

      I’d like to see him set the WB for both the flash and a fluorescent light with ambient light.. in PP, without masking the sh*t out if the pic.

    • Eric Pepin

      He probably hasent worked in any studio, even an outdoor one i guess ? how can someone not now these things….

  • I think if you can make me laugh talking about a speedlight you did a good job.. I’m a fan of the Fro..

  • Funduro

    Come on lets not get over critical of a salesman doing his schtick. So he does look kinda confused and childish, thats why most of us saw the video to the end, we were waiting for him to say something rather funny and stupid. Anyhow, the worldwide popularity of digital photography, social networking, easy home printing, digital frames and sites like Flicker guarantee new and better products will be in short supply at launch.

  • John

    Go back to 5th grade or QVC valley guy. You insult Nikon and the store you are in and photographers. Clicking the flash up 45 0r 90 degrees is not “rotating” it dufus. One of the cool important features of the 700 is that it does rotate 180 degrees left and 180 degrees right. Get a job. You are stuck on yourself.

  • I ordered the 35mm about 4 months ago. I am getting irritated that I still haven’t got it. It’s the time to take engagement photos and no lens. : ( It’s ok, I have plenty of other lenses, but it would be nice to play with another one.

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