This was it for 2010

A year ago today, Nikon announced the 300mm f/2.8 VRII lens. In the past, there was never a new product announcement past this date (in 2008, the Nikon D3x was introduced on November 30th, 2008). I think Nikon is done for this year - it is too late now to bring out anything new right before the holidays. CES 2011 (January 6-9th, 2011) is the next potential date to unveil a consumer product (maybe the Nikon mirrorless camera) - Nikon has only reserved meeting rooms at the show and will not have a real booth. The Coolpix line of cameras are usually refreshed in February.

Here are all Nikon products announced in 2010:

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  • Mock Kenwell

    Wow. That’s an awesome lens release graphic and a really sad body release graphic.

    • Love Myballs

      You are alarmingly right :-/

      • I think it’s interesting to see that the majority of the lenses released within that 1 year timespan are aimed towards the pro/enthusiast. Hopefully Nikon will continue like that. Maybe a new body or two, but lenses are what matters the most. Let’s just hope 2011 will be a new 2007.

        • Well I have to disagree. 2010 was the year of the FX pro primes (24, 35, 85) and other expensive lenses.

          Of course yet another 18-XX kit zoom does not make any sense. But
          a shorter version of the 35mm f/1.8 DX would make many people
          with anything from a D40 to a D300s (that’s a lot!) very happy.

          Please give us a 24mm f/2 DX , a 18mm f/2 or a 16mm f/2.5 next year!
          Primes for the rest of us, who cannot afford $1000+ lenses in addition to $2000 FX bodies. But want primes nevertheless.

          • padlockd

            Yes! I love my 35 1.8G but I would LOVE something a little wider (not as wide as my Tokina 11-16 though. I vote for 24mm DX.

          • boescha

            ooh, yes. I’d really like to see a 85 1.8 af-s next year. Right now you either have to be rich or willing to focus manually. I’m neiter.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Charming username!

    • another anonymous

      but the lenses are really the basis… I think we should be really thankful for this year results.

    • iamlucky13

      Meh…they had effectively 7 DSLR models at the moment (D3000, D5000, D90, D300, D700, D3s, D3x). We got roughly 1/3 of them, and both were major updates.

      There’s frequent complaining about the pace of updates on this site, but I was honestly surprised how many lenses there were. Sure, everybody has a lens they think Nikon should have released but didn’t, but overall there’s a lot of stuff coming out.

      I often wonder if Nikon really knows what their customers want, but at the same time, I really get the feeling much of the criticism is people typing to hear their own keyboards click.

      There’s a lot of, “Nikon had better come out with the D800. This is ridiculous,” but not much of the, “The D700 is really holding me back. If they don’t release an improvement immediately, I’m switching to Canon.” The fact is the existing cameras are quite competitive.

      Of course, my example does tread close to the genuine critiques of those who have a reasonable need for a high resolution camera but can’t justify a D3x pricetag, but in general, I’m not overly disappointed by the pace myself.

      I think the real issue to talk about is the relative unavailability of items that have been released.

      • Mock Kenwell

        I am A-OK with Nikon’s release pace for just about every DSLR except the D700. They surprised everyone when it came out—it was a heretofore unaddressed category (affordable full-frame). From a stills perspective, it won’t hold anyone back. Then they updated several DSLRs with an ‘s’ version, but not the D700. I still don’t understand the omission and I think this one product line should have been updated (not overhauled). It would have been an easy way to answer the Mk II question. And yes, that is still a question that deserves an answer.

        But I agree on the omnipresent availability issue.

      • jack

        Wohoo, how many of the items actually shipped?

    • Daf

      Yeah thought the same.
      Think they’re in a good position with the D3x/s though and didn’t need anything new in that range.
      Could do catering for us semi pros though – equivalent to 5d/7d

    • Catastrophile

      concerning only 2 bodies this year:

      1) only 2, but very nice upgrades compared to what other mfr’s did (me-to/minor upgrades eg Olympus E5, half-upgrade-half-downgrade eg Canon 60D)

      2) as a number of bodies per year it only needed to be 3 to be quite a normal number

      3) the main point i guess is that FX users wanted new bodies and there were none apparently because there was a secret agreement among C, N & S not to introduce any new FF in 2010.

    • Muppet Show

      Lenses should always be released during world economic recession times, that’s because lenses has a much longer lifetime than a camera.

      It’s no meaning waste R&D money and release a lot of new DSLRs that wont sell so well during recession times, and would anyway have a very short life time in comparison to lenses.

      Hence when there’s less cameras in the production line, it’s wise to use the production line for producing lenses.

  • twoomy

    It’s been a good lens year, giving us the f/4 zooms that we always bitch about Canon having and not Nikon. 🙂 I agree though, the camera list is very sad, especially if you consider the fact that you can’t even find a D7000 anywhere. So really, only one new SLR has truly made it to market this year. But next year is supposedly the D4/D400/(maybe D800) year, so it could be good.

    We can hardly stand to wait…
    please Nikon don’t be late! (stolen Chipmunks line)

    • Arthur

      Not “maybe D800”, that’s all we (I) need! 😛

  • Daniyar

    This was a Nikon lens year, maybe next year will be a Nikon body year. Unfortunately I was interested in only one of the released lenses, more or less affordable 24-120. If Nikon can deliver D400 with at least D700 level ISO and a new 80-400 or 300 F4 VR, I will be ecstatic.

    • PAG

      If Nikon can deliver D400 with at least D700 level ISO and a new 80-400 or 300 F4 VR, I will be ecstatic.

      Oooooh, talk dirty to me. That would be tasty. I better start saving now.

    • SGN

      Else I might just shift to SIGMA 😛

    • Well a “D400” is a no-brainer. All it would take is a D300s with the sensor from the D7000, which is bound to happen anyway. That sensor seems to be most of the way to D700 level of ISO performance.

      All that’s left for a D700 replacement to grow is either resolution or lower noise, and both of those sensors exist in the D3s and D3x. So which will it be? Maybe both? That would really be over the top.

      I suspect it will be resolution. Maybe a bump up in frame rate too, just to justify $3k price bracket at introduction.

      Pure speculation though…

  • D40-owner

    All in all, it was an excellent new lens year.
    The primes are steadily getting revised to N/AF-S, new zooms all around, exotics are all revised to N and VRII.

    The only thing I am missing is an affordable fast wide angle for DX… Something like a cheap 14mm f/2 would be nice.

    • SGN

      No, something sub-2K$ and longer than 300 (maybe with TCs) and with AF-S is missing too… Which is why most of my amateur birder friends go canon. or sigma.

  • The invisible man

    2010 was a great year, let’s hope that 2011 will be the same with many new lenses and FX cameras.

  • 111

    And the fact that people still complain is mind boggling.

    note: I want a D4 or D800 as much as the next guy but I am not dissatisfied with the current line up of cameras.

    • +1

      I think it’s amazing that a camera like the D700 is still incredibly relevant being well over two years old now. I’ve had mine for over two years, and as much as I’m excited for a refresh… I’m totally content… and on top of that, more than satisfied, even.

      • Banned

        Well, it will keep being relevant for decades, why would the amount of light suddenly decrease on Earth, requiring you to have even better ISO capabilities? As for pixels, wall are not suddenly going to grow either, requiring even more resolution.

        If it works for you now, it will always work.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Couldn’t agree more. Unless you want video.

  • Mike

    Hmmm. I have 3 of those lenses :-). It was a good year for lenses for sure! 2010: Year of the Lens. 2011: Year of the Camera Body! (fingers, toes, eyes crossed)

  • That’s a lot of lenses. More than most predicted. A little sad on the SLR body side. Was hoping for a new FX body of some kind…any kind. Maybe next year.

    Will wait and see how they upgrade the P7000 series. Not quite there yet in that department.

  • Well, Nikon has made a lot of money this year. 🙂

  • Dweeb

    Yeah but look carefully. A couple of VR motor updates in existing 6K lenese. 3 x 2K fast primes that are years late. An expensive distortion ridden plastic WA ƒ4 zoom. And a couple of superzooms one of which updates their worst lense on the market. Lucky you if you’re looking for overblown expensive fast primes. Otherwise basic lenses like the 300 ƒ4 image stabilized are still missing along with many others like a basic super wide architectural prime or a 70-200 ƒ4.

    The best thing this year is they have gotten all these lenses out of their system and may now start to work on lenses people want and leave the expensive fantasy stuff behind. And let’s not forget to give them credit for sweeping the 70-200 flakes and pixie dust scandal under the rug. Same old Nikon.

    • Banned

      My 16-35 is fine, distortion is not visible at 16mm and I don’t find it overly plasticky.

      At least the zoom ring works, not like my POS 24-70, which I’ve sold now.

    • Mike

      Re: 16-35 comments. Are you speaking from practical experience? Or merely regurgitating and exagerating what you have read on-line?

      • Dweeb

        After looking at one in the store the hideous distortion was very evident in the finder. And you know something? If you can see a lense problem in the finder it’s a REAL problem. This should be classed as a fisheye.

        I’ll wait for the 17-35 2.8 pro replacement thank you. And hey, my 24-70 zoom grinds as well.

  • ArthurH

    2010 was the year that these wonderful lenses were announced, hopefully 2011 will be the year that these lenses will actually become available in the stores!
    Seriously, I think Nikon did a wonderful job by announcing a couple of wonderful prime lenses, but of all these lenses the 24G is the only one that’s available right now. Thankfully, that’s one of the best lenses ever.

  • My proposes for 2011:

    – 135/1.8
    – 70-200/4 VR
    – 50/1.2
    – 70-400/4.5-5.6 VR
    – 85/1.8

    • Banned

      Super…….. ROCKET!

    • Roger

      I like your thinking. Add a 18/2.8 AF-S in there…..

    • NisseHult

      I believe 50/1,2 will be the mind blowing lens 2011 along with FX in D90/d7000 body

  • ZoetMB

    IMO, for the most part, announcements are irrelevant if you can’t buy the product. I don’t count the 35mm, 85mm or new 200mm as 2010 releases, because at least in the U.S., you can’t buy one. If I want to be strict about it, I wouldn’t even count the TC20E-III as a 2010 release, even though it was technically released last February. Just try to buy one.

    So even if Nikon did announce something today, it probably wouldn’t be in the dealer pipeline until March or April.

    If Nikon was honest about availability dates, early announcements would be welcomed as they would constitute a mini-roadmap. But Nikon seems incredibly incompetent at getting inventory into the marketplace. I can’t believe how much money they leave on the table and this has gone on for years.

    The fact that it’s the holiday season and you can’t find a D7000 borders on criminal. (I don’t personally care because I’m not in the market for that body, but from a business perspective, it’s absurd.) It would be one thing if they put millions of units out there and they quickly sold out, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. It’s no wonder that Nikon’s market share is constantly dropping.

    And by the way….I’m a fan of Nikon. Imagine how the haters feel.

    • Dweeb

      But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side either. Cannot announced a supply lag of several months on their 8-16 and other lense announcements. But at least they have the option of waiting. Hell will freeze over before Nikon even update the ancient 16mm let alone come out with a 8-16 equivalent.

      • Chris

        You should hear the Canonites crying about their 14-24 and 200-400 equivalent.
        Always crying and moaning.

        • Dweeb

          Like I moan about my 17mm TS lense, 100-400, and 300 ƒ4 VRII. The list is a LOT longer on this side.

          • Chris

            Yes, it is moaning.
            If you’re not satisfied with Nikon sell your stuff and try elsewhere.

            • Dweeb

              I very nearly did several times. I wish I could afford to sometimes. This plastic Jap camera gear is just a fill in until I can afford a Hasselblad digital back.

    • Hansel Adams

      If you were Nikon, which would rather have: oversupply or overdemand? It’s not like they have to sell the world on the concept of SLR cameras anymore.

    • Andre

      The announcements are entirely relevant if you live downunder, all the products that you list as being hard to obtain in the US are readily available here in Australia.
      The situation was that the global market was assessed on which countries were surviving the GFC the best and where they would get the best return on stock placement from the dollar to yen conversion.
      It is pretty simple, the sales of all those items in Australia have been very good with plenty of profit margin in a healthy economy and at the moment the USA is regarded as more of a third world country sales wise where large numbers at small margins have to be moved to keep doing business.

      • Rob

        Haven’t seen much of the supply problems in New Zealand either. D7000 has been available at camera and camera for over a month.

      • Mike

        I was at a small Nikon dealer just northwest of Toronto (Canada). They had 4 boxes of 85G’s and 6 35 1.4G’s. No problem in Canada it seems.

      • ZoetMB

        You’re correct about Nikon seemingly not giving the U.S. priority because of $/Yen conversion rates, but I believe you’re incorrect about margin. It’s not Nikon who gets the short margin, it’s the dealers. Nikon sells for whatever wholesale price it deems necessary. The only place where margins are really short for Nikon is on the P&S line. But that’s price you pay when you want to be in the low end of a consumer business.

        But having said that, the U.S. is still Nikon’s most important and largest market. While the $ is worth 30% less compared to the Yen as it was in 2007, it sure seems to me that Nikon has raised prices 30%, especially on new lens models.

      • SGN

        You can also get the D7000 here in India, your just have to ask your dealer nicely 🙂 (and pay the price! 😉

        • R3d

          Yeah but you are getting it for 1800$+ . Combine that with the fact that nobody will offer you a replacement/exchange in case you are one of the unlucky few who have pixel issues, it’s not as tempting as it should be..

          might as well wait it out till Q12011.. cmon D5100

          • SGN

            Yeah, as a current D5000 user, you’ll have little trouble sellling me a D5100, if it has D7k sensor, AF, and support for auto FP (high speed sync flash)… and an AFS 80 400 VR is around. well nikon is being generous with body specs, so no problem hoping…
            Hell, if the 80 400 gets an AFS upgrade, my D5000 works well enough for me now.

            PS we can always get it body only, dealers here have no problem breaking kits and separating lenses and bodies.

  • nuno

    Will you make a forecast for 2011? I certainly would like to read it.

    I hope they will release new FX bodies next year. Hopefully that will include a prosumer option.

    • I will, once I gather some “intelligence” – probably in early 2011, now everything is dead right before the holidays.

      • Dweeb

        Nikon has the ability to often blast thru 6 months without introducing anything of consequence. They’re pretty good at it by now.

  • TCD

    Im hoping for a Christmas miracle…. Get my D7000 body by the 23rd. Give me a few days to play with it before Christmas 🙂

  • Andy

    I had no problem walking into a London Drugs in BC and picking up my D7000 body only about a month ago. They seem to be relatively easy to come by around here.

    I suspect that Nikon spent the year upgrading it’s pro lenses because of the newer cameras arriving in 2011. You don’t sell high end camera’s without the lenses that are capable of matching the resolution.

    2011 brings out Nikon big guns (aka expensive cameras) – and they will have all the lenses that you ever wanted to tack onto your VISA at the same time.

    • ZoetMB

      I think the main reason Nikon is upgrading lenses is so they can disguise price raises. Look at the 70-200. The old version sold for as little as $1600; the new version sells for about $2170 and was as high as $2400.

      The old 200 2.0 sold for $4000 to $4600, the new one is selling for $6K.

      The old 200-400 sold for $5000 to $5670, the new one sells for $6800.

      • SGN

        You both are correct, it’s win win both ways for Nikon.
        1. you don’t have people whining about why their new super mpix body isn’t sharp enough.
        2. your coffers are getting filled.

  • Trevor

    I think it was a good year, especially considering one of those bodies got me to switch to Nikon. 🙂

    I’m curious though, does anyone have any opinions of why there are never any normal or wide VR primes? I would love if my 35 f/1.8 were also VRII, even if it cost a couple hundred more. Maybe the new 50 f/1.2 will get VR, but I won’t be able to afford to even rent that one.

  • Raff

    1 DX lens vs. 8 FX lenses…

    What about the idea of D7000 staying as top of the range for DX and new FX portfolio moving towards prosumer market introducing a new low cost body below the D800?

    Immagine D300s replaced by a more affordable FX body…

  • Mock Kenwell

    All in all a great year. But I am still pissed about Kimura’s lack of ability to walk the talk after making his now infamous statement. I assume he was talking of the mirrorless project and something held back the prototype. Never brag before you can deliver.

    Still, it was nice to hear some energy and enthusiasm from Nikon brass instead of the same old boring and conservative company line.

  • Kingyo

    well, I’m expecting an update to the D700 w/ video in 2011. It HAS to happen.

    • Hendog

      Truth is that if I knew the D700 wouldn’t have a replacement by now a year ago, I would have bought it a year ago. I’m sure I’d be very happy with it too. Now though I live in hope that some hint of the D800 will appear within the next few months. Is this at all feasible NR?

      What would be very nice is a D700 with 16-18mp with similar low light capabilities of a D3s as well as GOOD video (the D7000 video is pretty rubbish compared to the aging 5dmkII). I love Nikon and wouldn’t ever switch to Canon, I just need some hint right now of a replacement.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Agreed. I think Nikon shot themselves in the foot by leading everyone to believe a D700s would be released. Had I known, I likely would have bought a D700 to tide me over as well.

      • R R

        Hendog , I agree 100% with your thoughts..

        we need a D700 replacement! 16mp or more, with GOOD video! is Nikon listening! hello!

  • Phil

    Some of those lenses were real dogs, however. The 85mm F1.4 lost it’s wonderful bokeh, and that “me too” 28-300 is hideous.

    • R R

      I dont understand why people criticizes so much the new 85mm f1.4G , let me remind you that the old version its centered focused, and that prevented me from buying for about 4 years, (I rented it though a couple of times… IT SUCKS for portraits that you need the subject off center)

      so stop whinning and go rent a new one , and compare for yourself.

    • R R

      agree on the 28-300 being hideous though.

    • PHB

      It does not make you look clever or expert to denigrate the engineering like that. you may not like the choice of engineering tradeoffs in the 85 f/1.4 AFS, but that does not make it a ‘dog’.

      The bokeh of the new lens is not identical to the old. But the difference is well within the range of personal preference.

      The sagittal coma flare performance of the new lens is better than any other Nikon lens ever made. It is better than the 55mm Noctilux.

      I don’t plan to buy the 28-300 though. It is a lens for measurebators who have been told that FX is better than DX. So they go buy a D700 and are disappointed that there is no equivalent to the 18-200.

      The main argument I can see for the 28-300 is for the DX user who knows that they plan to go to FX in the future. On a DX body you have a great wide to ultra-tele range. But the results are going unimpressive.

  • camaman

    A bit slower and smaller “G” type primes is what I would like to see in 2011.
    And a quality glass 14-24 f/4, 24-70mm f/4, 70-200 f/4 for those of us who want sharp, smaller, and cheaper version of the trinity
    And of course a D700 replacement.

  • Anonymous

    Where is the new 28-200mm VR, the real compact walkabout lens for FX? (28-300mm VR was a joke considering its size & weight…)

    Where is the 24mp D800?

  • Todd

    NR Admin,

    What do you think the chances are that Nikon will release the “new” 80-400mm at CES?

    • Very low, CES is a consumer show. If Nikon announces something, it will probably be consumer oriented.

      • Dweeb

        There’s times they have nothing at PMA either. I believe they just operate on their own schedule and don’t see their business dependent or geared to the American trade show cycle. IMHO.

  • zzddrr

    I told you guys 6 months ago! Nikon is hanging out the butt of Sony. So, if sony does not have any new thing then Nikon will not have either. Look all the product releases this year and I am only talking about the camera bodies. Nikon is the mirror image of sony when it comes to new sensors. I guess it tells a lot…or perhaps a coinsidence or conspiracy theory.

    Or, maybe these ugly Japanese made a deal after couple of cups of sake and said fu** the customers we 3 of us (sony, canon, nikon) control over 90% of the market, so let’s save money and not to release something that would hurt any of us … you know, since we all are Japanese…. be nice with each other.

    So, Jan 6>>> meeting room? I guess these impotents need new hookers that’s why they book only “meeting rooms.”

    I bet, Nikon will not release any new DSLR before March 2011.

    In the meantime with all the good lenses, Merry Xmas for everyone and if you wanted to give something from Nikon to somebody for Xmas…well, just leave a the usual Nikon sign “out of stock” and if the person is really a Nikon, he/she will understand it.


    • ja

      what is a conspiracy theory 2 different words with 2 different meanings that said together sounds good in the movies

      • zzddrr


        I was referring to all the guessings that happened when Nikon released these two cameras this year. For some reason (still unexplained) they have the same resolution as the sony sensors. Now, you decide it was a coinsidence or something else…perhaps there is a little conspiracy….

        • Discontinued


          you must be right. This conspiracy has a very long history too. Nowadays it’s the sensors and in the past there most probably where sake soaked and geisha happy (con-) spiritual meetings to agree on films and formats. There is just no other explanation but conspiracy. How else could all of them have possibly managed to produce cameras for 24 by 36mm? This must be going on for decades. The simple truth is, all that camera brands exist for one reason only: to disguise the fact, that all visual equipment is produced by one group alone – the illuminati!

          • zzddrr


            That was a good one. (last sentence is excellent!) 🙂

  • Arthur

    Well, when the D800 is released I really won’t need anything else for the upcoming 4 years.

    But hey, why shouldn’t we dream:

    1) 50mm f/1.2 NOCT
    2) 105/135mm f/2.0 DC
    3) 200mm f/4 micro VR
    4) 80-400mm f/4-5.6 VRII
    5) 300mm f/4 VR

    I would actually love the 50/1.2 if it wasn’t too expensive. The 135DC is great too, but the new 85mm would be more of use. But I can’t afford any of those after the purchase of the D800 anyway, so who am I kidding!

  • Nau

    good year, few good products (not what I wanted from them but not tooooo baaaad over all)
    bring us d800 and some general zooms for FX
    2*-85mm or 2*-105! 2.8! give me give me give me !

  • Discontinued

    I have to disagree with some of these EVERYTHING-IS-PINK-comments from above.

    Lenses are more important?
    Yes lenses are important, but still I want to see the body (and sensor) first, before I consider new lenses for it.

    We have to/we should thank Nikon?
    Fuck no! I guess handing money over is being grateful enough unless you eagerly intend to turn your relationship to one or the other brand into some kind of religion.

    And yes, I didn’t show any gratitude this year (as in not spending any money on Nikon) since there was no camera released I would want.

    I still enjoyed NR.

    • Dweeb

      I bought a D700 at a very good price in the Spring figuring the slackers would keep playing the fanboys with their own self generated rumours of new bodies this year. And that’s exactly what’s happened.

      As for lenses this year’s crop is ridiculous. The only lenses Nikon has now that interest me are in the 5-10K range. Not gonna happen. No lenses = no $ for Nikon.

  • Torben

    As NR Admin have discovered, I’m a grumpy old man, but I’m very pleased with the lens lineup in 2010 and the D7000 was a bonus surprise for me too, that say a lot he he.

  • Ken

    You guys don’t know how lucky you are. Pentax owners would be jumping for joy with half that lineup ; p

    • R R


  • Thanks for a great year Admin! 🙂 You always amaze me with your rumours. Hope to see another great year ahead! Hope you don’t get too much stress from all the expectations from your fans 😮

  • R R

    thank you Nikon , good year, great new lenses, the D7000 is awesome, but..

    some of us are still waiting for the D700 upgrade and de D300s upgrade.. not to rain on your parade but lots of us are still not very happy.

    The 85mm 1.4G kept me going though.

    • PHB

      The sooner the updates come, the sooner they will start becoming obsolete.

      What I want is a 24MP FX with a pro focusing system at an affordable price. But that is not currently on the cards.

      This was always going to be a lens refresh year and the year when the professional technology from the D3/D300 generation finally reached the consumer lineup.

      Next year is going to be rather more interesting as there are far more unknowns. There is no way I can see the D400 using a sensor that has already been debuted in the D7000. So we can expect at least 18MP but it could be anywhere up to 24MP.

      FX lineup is even harder to guess. I tend to think the D4 will be 24MP and the D3s sensor will appear in a lower end body. But whether that would be a D800 or a D9000 is anyone’s guess. I tend to think the easiest thing for Nikon would be to produce a D9000 that combined the D700 focus system, the D3s sensor and the D7000 lighter-weight body. And that would fill the biggest hole in their lineup. The D700 would essentially become obsolete until the D800 arrived.

      At a minimum we can expect at least 2 new bodies next year, the D400 and D4. It is a pretty good bet that there will be a D5100 and I also think a D9000 is rather likely.

      If the carbon fiber rumor is correct, I could also see Nikon using that on the D400 and jacking up the price somewhat. Using it on the D4 might be a risk and you probably don’t want a camera that is too light with the big lenses people buy D3s to use with. Using it on the D400 would make a lot more sense and it would allow Nikon to differentiate their compact professional line (Dx00) from their prosumer line (D7000+). If it works they can use it on the D800, if it actually makes sense to do so.

      • R R

        Very interesting thoughts, still the The D700 users like my self are going to consider buying Sony or Pentax, Samsung, Lomo or something! ( never Canon ) if Nikon doesnt provide us with an update to this camera that has been out for years now.

        • Eric Pepin

          Theres still not much better then it out there……….. you can get a Sony A900 which isint as good in low light, or the 5dMII that has bad BAD autofocus and feels like a toy even compared to my d300s…. I can rent out 5d mIIs for free from my school and still prefer my d300s………. says something.

  • hi, i live in romania, and roughly two weeks ago i had the opportunity to participate at a nikon presentation. they brought all the new toys (24-120, 24, 35, 85, 28-300, D700, SB-7000, D3100) and we could all test them out (email me for raw samples with 35 and 85 at after everything was over i expressed my disconfort about the expected peeling rubber problem with my D700, and asked the host if he new of any new FF bodies being released, to wich he replied: pacience ’till next year :D.

    since next year my D700 will completely refund me for his purchase, i suppose 2012 (!!) will be the upgrade year, hewever, for all of you expecting a replacement, there is good news.

  • Void

    The 55-300 did not come out this year. I think you confused it with the 28-300.

  • Wojciech

    eh… i’d like to see nikon ~16 ~2.0/2.8 prime for DX

  • Eric Pepin

    Your missing the S8100 coolpix

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