Weekly Nikon related news/links #88

  • The Nikon rebates are extended till January 1st, 2011. B&H changed their website and now you can use multiple lens rebates with the purchase of one qualifying body.

  • In its latest review, PDNonline mentioned that Nikon D7000+MB-D11 battery grip can reach 7fps:

"Still shooting speed is virtually the same—the D7000 can shoot 6fps while the D300s fires at 7fps—and if you add the MB-D11 battery grip ($260) to the D7000 it’s exactly the same."

"If you add a battery grip ($250) to the Nikon D7000 you can shoot 7 frames per second, making this camera well suited for a range of assignments."

Nikon never publicly acknowledged that the D7000 has an increased fps when used with external battery grip.

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  • zzddrr

    I made it! 🙂

    • The flash diffuser?

      • zzddrr


      • I don’t know what it is with that Black fella, but to me it seems as if he is way too fixated on gear. I mean two thirds of the video are boring gear talk. How about talking about things that really matter in photography? Like composition, light, bringing in design elements etc. As my mentor back in the 60s always used to say “Once you are past the technicalities and you’ve familiarized yourself with your gear, forget about it and start worrying about the art.”

        • Manolito

          Are you kidding? ‘That Black fella’? Dave black is one of the best photographers in the world, specially when it comes to sports photography. Please browse his site and enjoy what most here, including myself of course, will never be able to come close.

          Dave Black Photography

          • preston

            Crappy website design but great photos. I hope he didn’t pay 2Doors design much for this stinker. Actually, interestingly enough, the designer of his site has a horribly designed (ugly colors, boring fonts, redundant links) website themselves so I guess Mr. Black wasn’t expecting much.

            Sorry that was kind of off topic. I guess I’m bored and grumpy. The point is – great photos Mr. Black! Love the light painting series!

            • GlobalGuy

              THAT WEBSITE IS HORRIBLE, haha.. that’s for sure. Its just awful. But the images are nice…. Too bad some of them don’t work (can’t be seen large), due to the poor website coding.

            • Mock Kenwell

              Horrible doesn’t do it justice. I just stopped waiting for it all to load. That’s just embarrassing.

  • Aaron

    My D7000 + MB-D11 doesn’t sound any faster with the grip, although I have yet to do a scientific test (record audio and check it). I will say though that it seems I get a little faster if I do continuous high in live view, albeit less practical.

    • Aaron

      And with a bit of science (aka microphone) I have determined the D7k does do a steady CH of just over 6 fps (barely over, like, 6.05 fps). With the battery grip and an EN-EL15, it still does 6 fps. With AAs, it still does 6 fps. In live view, it still does 6 fps. It doesn’t seem to matter, apart from the same factors that affect all other Nikons (focus vs release priority, shutter speed, etc)

    • Aaron

      Actually, it looks like I get an extra frame after six seconds. Instead of just 36 frames, I get 37, in time for another shot at the onset of the seventh second.

      In other words, 6.16 fps. If you ever get high enough to take advantage of that extra frame, then all power to you, but don’t count on it in RAW.

      • dave

        Yeah, I wonder if PDReview actually tested it, or how they tested it. If you check the timestamps of the images, you MIGHT see that seven images are within the same second, but you don’t get another seven images in the next second. I KNOW Nikon had some on-line description that said the MB-D11 would increase the framerate to 7 or 8 fps. They have since removed that bullet from their on-line description of the MB-D11.

        • I also do remember seeing that on Nikon’s website and then it was gone.

          • Paul

            very interesting hmm
            I might have to pickup the grip now.

  • JohnT

    Interesting! That tripod looks a little light for that 300 f/2, though. 🙂

  • Reis

    It’s very strange, a guy that sells hippie bags, now sell a nikon 300mm f/2???

  • C-Note

    that 300 f/2 looks in pretty bad shape for that price. there’s a UK store that has a nicer one for less, and it hasn’t sold in the ~3 years they’ve had it.

    that auction will end with 0 bids, be relisted with a lower starting price (maybe $13k) and still end with 0 bids. Frustrated, the seller will put it up for an open auction, where it’ll sell for $8-9K.

    • PHB

      It does seem rather over the odds for the condition.

      Its a stunning piece of engineering, but there is a reason Nikon stopped making them, there is not actually a lot of use for a lens that big.

      I am finding the 85 f/1.4 DOF rather too thin if anything. I like to have both eyes in focus, not just one. I like what I can do with the lens, but I really don’t think ‘hey I must have something even faster’. Like, perhaps, but certainly not $15K for a shabby manual focus copy need.

      • Kuv

        Try full length shots with a shallow DoF. You can pull it off with a 200mm @2.8, but 200@2 is better.

        • If the 70-200 f/2.8 and 200 f/2 were the same price, hell even if the 200 f/2 were $3k… I’d get rid of my 70-200 in a heartbeat for it.

  • Reis

    For me, it’s a fake auction.

  • Mike

    Re: video. That’s pretty powerful. $5000 camera, $4000 lens, $4000 worth of flashes!

    Where can one buy a four square?

  • Wow the 300 f/2 is just unbelievable! O_o;
    If they have that type of technology in the 80s, I’m sure they could do better now, for eg lesser weight and better image quality. Or maybe we’ll see a 300mm f/1.4 dream on lol.

  • MLWadester

    “Still shooting speed is virtually the same—the D7000 can shoot 6fps while the D300s fires at 7fps—and if you add the MB-D11 battery grip ($260) to the D7000 it’s exactly the same.”

    Don’t you think that they could have been referring to the fact that it doesn’t change at all? As in within the statement, “…it’s exactly the same.” They could have been stating that the D7000’s frame rate doesn’t change, not that it is the same as the D300s. Dumb post.

  • Steve

    At the top of the article they published this…

    “If you add a battery grip ($250) to the Nikon D7000 you can shoot 7 frames per second, making this camera well suited for a range of assignments.”

    • yes, maybe this is a better quote

    • mshi

      if they can enlarge the buffer size, increased shooting speed becomes more meaningful.

      • Paul

        true that, the buffer is the limit here

    • Ugh. There was another ‘tard at one point claiming faster memory cards could raise the d700 frame rate to 9fps. Simple analysis of the turd’s video showed an unchanged frame rate.

      What I really want to know is if somebody has tried jamming an EN-EL4 in one yet. Not that I expect a better frame rate, but it’s a nice long life battery which own a bunch of. How about system accessories that work across the line? Anybody? Anybody?

      • Paul

        It would appear that new bodies will utilize the EN-EL15 batteries instead of the old EN-EL3. There might also be a replacement for the EN-EL4 once the D4 rolls around.

  • Hansel Adams

    Sweet lord, there are some major a-holes posting in the AF-S 35mm f/1.4G thread.

    • LGO

      Just a clash of personality or writing style. Nothing to it so please don’t make an issue of it.

    • Ronan

      Now you know why a lot of people don’t post there.


    • Well, he had a valid point. He could have just said: hey, any other shots at this subject distance?

      I still haven’t seen an answer to his query, which I’m also interested in.

    • Gareth

      I had no idea what you were talking about until i joined the other site and read the thread.

      now i understand

      • 111

        kinda sucks there is a link to a page that you have to join to read.

  • f-stop

    I love how they say the D7000 with a grip can shoot 7fps but don’t add the fact that if you add the grip to the D300s it does 8fps lol..

  • The invisible man

    The 300mm f/2 looks cool, is it the VRI or VRII version ?

    • Jabs

      @The invisible man.
      Sorry, but you got your wires or era crossed up – lol.
      This is the 300mm F2.0 ED-IF (a rare and huge lens) and not the 300mm F2.8.
      The F2.0 version predates both AF and VR!

      • Ian

        Jabs, you need to improve your Joke Detection Skill to at least level 2 to participate in this forum.

        • Paul

          Haha, that was funny.

        • Jabs

          @Ian – yeah the YOLKS on me – poor moi.

          Yeah, it is a VR3 with an ugly person detector and it does not fire if it detects UGLY.
          Dreaming in 3D, eh bub!

          • The invisible man

            But that’s a point of being a good photographer, make ugly people look nice !

            • Jabs

              @The invisible man.
              Yeah – photoshop ’em and be the new digital ‘plastic surgeon’.
              Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder – no matter how weird!
              Sell ’em dreams.

        • iamlucky13

          He’s still doing better than most posters on internet discussion boards. It seems like almost no one picks up the Amulet of Perceiving Sarcasm until they’ve been doing multiplayer for a year or more.

  • Bjorn

    ‘The Nikon iphone sticker’ – What a great idea, hey I’m not really taking a candid of you!

  • 2cents

    I thought the Dave Black fill flash experiment video was pretty cool. Those were some great shots, right off the pier. I’m also amazed that, after adding it up, there is close to $15,000 (retail) in equipment that he’s using. I could sell my truck and car and still not have enough to cover that equipment! 🙂

    • Gareth

      that setup is majof geek, but it does get results

  • … I can’t access the Nikon Gear Forum to read what Bjorn has to say about the 35 f/1,4G – I’m hugely interested, could someone quote him here ?? Thanks !!

    • 111

      No, go create an account and then have yet another bunch of login info to remember…. I am being sarcastic in case you cant tell 😉

      I am curious too but couldn’t be bothered to sign up for since I have no interest in returning there again (or do I?)

      • Mock Kenwell


      • Those are cheap tricks they are playing – they changed it after I posted it online in order to get more members. The post was accesible before without registration. Not cool! I removed the link and I try to remember to never link to them again.

  • RMT

    When you use the battery in the MB-D11 grip primarily and always charge that one before using the battery in the Camera, does that have any negative effects on that battery?
    With more than 1500 shots per battery on the D7000, it could take more than a year before I actually drain the battery in the grip before a recharge is possible.
    Does anybody know if this may damage the battery in the camera that has not been used all that time, or does some kind of “trickle” charging occur? How often should you “maintenance” charge the (unused) battery in the camera?

    • Paul

      Just read up on proper battery care. It’s just like any lithium ion battery.

  • Eric

    Steve Gandy is wrong about the price of the 300 f/2. I remember playing with one at the Nikon booth at anshow once, and the price was $7,000. The Nikon rep told me that the lens was quite popular in Hollywood. And he said the L A Times has two for Lakers basketball.

    • Jabs

      The 300mm F2.0 was over $10,000 US dollars for quite a while and the reason for its’ popularity in Hollywood is the F2.0 f-stop and the incredible bokeh that cinematographers really love. The lens was cheaper once, but became ‘unreally’ expensive later on. The final new price was over $10K for sure as the 800mm and 600mm ED-IF manual lenses were almost $7K years ago.
      Did you ever look through a 300mm F2.0 lens or shoot with it wide open?
      Incredible glass for sure and BIG!

  • The invisible man

    OMG !!!!!
    Someone put a bid on that 300mm f/2 (manual focus) for $15.000 !!!
    You can get a brand new D3x + an AF-s 400mm f/2.8 VRII for less than that price !!!

    • Jabs

      @The invisible man.
      I’ve seen ads for 300mm F2.0 lenses for over $20K US dollars and in Hollywood, they will buy it in a heartbeat.
      You have no idea what a reputation that legendary piece of glass has, though you may be satirical – you should try and buy or use one yourself as it is the fastest 300mm ever produced and it was sharp too.
      Back in the day – this 300mm F2.0 and a 200 F2.0 were objects of extreme desire for the Fashion and Film Industries. Even sports shooters craved it, as the extra stop allowed them a faster shutter speed and was the difference between getting a shot or not.
      We did not have the crazy ISO speeds of today that people take for granted as film had limited speeds, especially slide film.

      • The invisible man

        Man you talk like an encyclopedia, you must be very old !

        • Jabs

          @The invisible man.
          I am about as old as you are invisible.
          Wisdom often comes from doing much in life while satire often is a cover for your own ignorance.
          Back at you – LOL!

      • C-Note

        still doesn’t make any sense. There’s another, better condition 300 f2 on ebay that’s already been PL converted for less than that. Anyone who wanted one for cinematography would buy that one.


        the last time an F mount version sold it was for $11,xxx dollars. And I think that was near mint with the TC.

        I think that bid is either funnybusiness (camera store buying from themselves to raise perceived value when people search completed auctions) or someone clueless about ebay’s “search” function.

  • So he doesn’t talk about it, but what is Black’s reason for using 8 SB-900s over, say, one high-powered portable light like something from Elinchrom, or hell even Alien Bees?

    • Is it because of output, the ability to use just AA batteries and no packs, his personal availability, etc?

      I can’t argue that it’s actually more portable once setup and put together…

    • Jabs

      @Sean Moiln.
      Probably called i-TTL and this ability to control all from one camera and get perfect results.

  • Ronan

    Some rich soul is going to be pretty happy haha 🙂

    I tend not to judge people of where they spent their money, since its everyone for different.

    I have been called nuts for spending $12,000 on a Panerai, while they are happy with their $50 Timex…

    If he/she isn’t hurting themselves spending +$15,000 on a old lens, then props to him/her.

    • Ronan

      *it’s different for everyone.

      It has been a long day 😛

  • true that, the buffer is the limit here

  • enero

    The iphone sticker is free here from the person that made it. http://www.nikonjin.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=855

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