First pictures from Photokina

The first pictures from Photokina on the flickr group:

Add your Nikon related pictures today (or actually tomorrow).

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  • first wooo hoooo

    ohhh and… it has begun?

    • S

      The prelude to the EVIL camera system has begun..(not what I care for..but never-mind ..I’m only an amateur.

      • Yeah, I am really looking forward to get some information about the EVIL system of Nikon.

  • great

  • great ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The invisible family

    My brother in law is German, maybe I’ll see him in the pictures !
    (but I’d prefer to see the D900….)

    • Anonymous

      obviously he is not from the “invisible” side of the family ….

  • Nikodoby

    What?! Just stairs? No Toyota concept cars parked outside with Nikon logos on them ๐Ÿ™‚

    • steve

      Ah, but look at those stairs, they are much improved over last year with greater range and blah blah blah, and that just means that the stairs in the future will have the latest moving feature called escalation….oh no wait, they did that already…erm…

  • preston

    In the big picture on the side of the building it looks like the sign says “I AM: . . OKINA”. Being a Tokina lens owner I naturally filled this in as “I AM: TOKINA”. Needless to say, this seemed a little strange, then realized that tokina is the end of photokina! Since I don’t think it’s likely this is coincidental, I’ll pose it as a question the Japanese folk out there – what does tokina mean in Japanese?

    • Hamuga

      Okina is like “old man” (sometimes “wise old man”)

      As for Tokina, sorry other than the name of the company I am not sure.

      • preston


  • The invisible D900

    I bet I won’t get much sleep tonight.
    At 3AM (eastern time) it will be 9AM in Germany, Peter, will you post something on NR ? (I can schedule my “go to the bathroom wake up” for that time)

    • if there is something, I will post it, will stay up late tonight

  • alvix

    …let the fireworks begin…

    • jdsl

      no fireworks yet.
      just enjoy first some yakisoba and yakitori
      with Asahi or Kirin beer ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Twoomy

    So is it just me or does Nikon appear to be going a little overboard with the ad campaign? Does any other camera company have its own colored stairwell? Aside from the D7000, is there really much to get excited about? Is the Nikon EVIL or D700x/D900 going to run up the stairs or fall from all of the boxes hanging from the ceiling?

    • Zoetmb

      This is very common at trade shows. There’s all kinds of signage and other sponsorships (like the hotel bus shuttles) one can buy. I suspect the idea came from the show sponsors, not from Nikon. The idea is to flood each person’s mind with impressions of a particular brand. That’s why everyone gives away carry bags — they want you to constantly see their brand. I don’t attend Photokina, but at the smaller photo trade shows that I have attended, in spite of many companies giving away plastic bags, you see more Nikon bags than any other brand, for reasons I can’t quite explain.

      I’ve been responsible for participation in trade shows for the companies I’ve worked or consulted for and I don’t believe that all of the advertising actually works, but some of it definitely does. By taking the advertising on the steps, it gives the impression, whether consciously or subconsciously, that this is Nikon’s show.

      But as companies move away from trade shows such as this one, it will be interesting to see what companies decide to do in terms of participation by the time Photokina 2012 rolls around. Apple was originally criticized, for example, for pulling out of MacWorld, but Apple now sees more people in their stores on a daily basis then they saw during the entire MacWorld convention, so Jobs proved himself correct yet again.

      • PHB

        That signage on the stairs costs $50,000 all by itself at one trade show I have exhibited at. that is just for the banners on the main stair in the Moscone.

    • Gary

      Nikon not only has the D7000, which is already a hot seller, but the D3100, which is a great entry level model.

      Aside from that they will show the D3s, and we know how amazing that it.

      But then there are the lenses; Nikon has been very generous with its lens releases this year…those alone have been incredible.

      So Nikon has a lot to be proud of…

      • zzddrr

        Yes, the entire Pro-line is 12mp crippled.

        • nikkor_2

          Oh, Chuck (Westfall), we missed you so! Great to have you back!

          • zzddrr

            good to see you nikkor_2 but I guess you mixed me with somebody because Luke, I am your father! ๐Ÿ™‚

            • aetas

              Im glad to see your back also. Its just not the same without you.

    • SBGrad

      The advertising is pretty restrained compared to what I saw a few months ago at Comic-Con. There were at least 4 hotels wrapped with movie advertising, the city of San Diego redid all the signs at a trolley stop in the Klingon langauge, and there were countless mobile billboards. When the Nikon logo is 12 stories high then they’ll be getting to Comic-Con levels.

  • C’mon Nikon! Surprise us with something unexpected!

  • Joe Goozey

    I find it ironic, that a posting on Nikon Rumours, and the subsequent link to Nikon @ Photokina 2010 on FlickR… has pictures taken with a Panasonic camera.

    • jdsl

      nice observation.

    • The invisible kids

      @Joe Goozey
      True but don’t forget the Panasonic cameras sensors are made by Sony who get them from Nikon after Fuji sold it to Kodak.
      So it’s kind of a Nikon camrea’s picture anyway.

      • jdsl

        Flickr should add these info on the EXIF data

  • GIVE ME D700_ or give me death! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Twoomy

      OK, have a D7000! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yep, I know that’s not what you meant; I’m still waiting for that D700_ as well.

  • SBGrad

    …oh yeah, I would like to see pictures of the 80-400 replacement, or, failing that an AF-S 300 f4 with VR. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

    • PAG

      You and me both. There’s an entire wildlife photography market out there being poorly served. If you look at the rising popularity of birding and see the number of DSLRs that show up at any decent birding location, you can see that Nikon is missing a pretty good sized market. I’m a long-time birder who has just gotten into photography and I see a LOT more gear today than 5 years ago.

      They need to push the consumer level cameras (D3100, D5???, D7000) with the 70-300mm to get people started. Think of this as a gateway drug. Then they need to have an upgraded 80-400mm and 300mm f4 w/ VR to keep them buying. If they do the lenses well, the more upscale cameras will sell themselves to those who get more serious.

  • The invisible man

    5 more hours before photokina open to public.
    When I was a photographer in France I always received free tickets from the cameras manufacturers but never had time to go in Germany for the event.
    Now, I live in USA, I have plenty time….but no money to go in Germany !
    At least we have NR !

  • Kenny Son

    Nikon D3100 Hands-on review by DigitalRev

  • bob

    is it true that nikon camera users get a free sensor clean at photokina !?!?!?!?!?!!
    If so i might just go there quickly to get mine cleaned!

    • zzddrr

      yes Bob, Nikon will individually clean all pixels of the 12mp Pro-lineup free of charge. But I am really curious weather Nikon can clean the sensors of the coolpix line. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • … so the d3s won’t be cleaned at photokina. sad. sad. sad….

        • to early in the morning… meant d3x, of course…

          • bob

            good question .. will they clean cameras such as the d3s or d3x ??
            if so i will go there tomorrow ! Can anyone confirm this ?

            • bob

              seriously… Will they clean my camera?

  • Jabs

    Sort of nice and refreshing to see Nikon bounce back from a self-induced drought to an apparent flood of new introductions. Makes everyone else look like they are asleep or parked somewhere – LOL!.
    The Industry is waking up as new Research and Developments amaze us in positive ways and the hype machines are in full swing. I see equipment aimed at sybarites and at the technorati, but now more capable than in the past. We always have curmudgeons or incessant complainers/fools here who no matter what is released, they always find a way to offer a negative view of progress as they may be unhappy and unfulfilled zealots who perhaps complain to be the center of attention or they are just plain miserable wretches without accomplishments in life, so they try and kill your buzz over new and improved equipment and even Trade Show exctement.
    I would hate to be either the wife or the family of an incessant complainer, as they have their heads on backwards perhaps and instead of positive encouragement, they revel in slime and crap, just like how a hog takes to filth. Low life bums with a hatred of much and then they often look at others who see in positive glances, as either looking through ‘rose colored glasses’ or drinking illicit ‘Kool-Aid’. Maybe they are negative because that is all they know or are able to fathom.
    Perhaps they revel in smirks and hate much. Reality bites, so they crawl in their own shells and hiss at those who seek hope and light at the end of the tunnel while they peek out of their caves every now and then only now to have a pigeon poop on them. Poor pigeon – wasted their efforts on a schmuck!

    • D700sPlease

      What are you talking about? Where is D700s? Where is Nikon’s answer to X100?

      • jdsl

        i think, the Nikon P7000 was,
        but that’s one ugly looking camera.
        apparently, it wasn’t.

  • I Am Nikon

    I Am Nikon!

    • So Am I!

      So Am I!

  • BenS

    No new announcements from Nikon at Photokina ? No Q ? No Evil ? Nothing that has not been announced ?

    Oh Ok, I guess i wont have to stay up late …. that is if i could resist not visiting NR !

    Grrr , Nikon Virus !

  • Manuel

    I live in Germany and will be there from Wednesday till Thursday… mabye I post something.

  • DSLRMania

    For people who could not sleep, there is some info from photokina at
    But nothing new from Nikon though. Sigma has 48Mp DX camera for people whining about Nikon’s low Mps ๐Ÿ™‚

    • PAG

      48MP? Is this designed for people who get a feeling of accomplishment when they fill up their hard drives?

    • Kwartjuh

      That camera is not actually 48MP. It is 3 layers (RGB) of 16MP. The final JPG/RAW wil also translate to 16MP.
      Sigma calls this Foveon sensors and they are quite interesting.

      Anyway, 16mp. Not 48 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Edward RNLMC retired

    Where is the replace of the 80-400 or do i have to go to a nice new Sigma 120-300 f2:8 apo os hsm alter tell me shall i wait or what nikon come on

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