Photokina starts tomorrow

So far I have not received any indication that Nikon will show something new at Photokina. I will be covering any Nikon related news for the next 24 hours. If you are going to Photokina, you can share your pictures/videos/commentary by contacting me or by uploading pictures to the flickr group I created: You can use also the [NR] forum.

Some Nikon/Photokina related links:

  • Nikon stand at Photokina.
  • This year Photokina is expecting 60,000 people from 49 countries, over 1,500 companies will part of the show.
  • From the Nikon blog: "Nikon has joined forces with six leading companies in the professional photography space, including Adobe, HP and Nik Software, to once again bring you the Photokina Creative Alliance."

Nikon's offcial press release for Photkina after the break:

Press Release:

Nikon Europe will be showcasing the latest trends and recently launched products at Photokina ‘World of Imaging’ 2010 at the Koeln Messe in Cologne, Germany from the 21st to 26th September 2010.

In addition to inviting visitors to get hands-on with the most recently launched products, the company has created its most spectacular booth and exhibition experience ever including an inspiring programme of movies and workshops, as well as presentations from some of the world’s top photographers. From the moment visitors arrive at entrance to the Koeln Messe and see a picture of themselves displayed on a giant screen, they’ll know that in 2010, Nikon is Photokina.

At the show this year, Nikon will also be revealing the high-profile celebrity behind its latest I AM NIKON advertising campaign.

Visionary talks, expert advice
Nikon’s largest and most engaging space ever at Photokina is located in Hall 2.2 of the Koeln Messe and will play host to a series of talks from the world’s leading photo visionaries including award-winning commercial photographer, Chase Jarvis, who will be making a keynote speech on the first day of the show.

Nikon’s team of product and technical experts will be available daily to discuss and demonstrate Nikon’s range of imaging products – from stunning, compact COOLPIX cameras to top kit for professionals.

The finest cameras
Of special interest to visitors will be the recently launched D3100 and D7000 cameras as well as Nikon’s famous FX-format D-SLR, the D3S. The D3100 is the most easy-to-use D-SLR, with full High Definition (HD) video, to date. The successor to Europe’s best selling D-SLR[1], the D3000, it offers 14.2 megapixels, full HD movie, Live View with new AF modes and improved ergonomics. It is the ideal camera for families who want to capture all the important moments in perfect quality, without worrying about settings. It also has the popular Guide Mode as seen on the D3000, which now shows you sample images of what you can achieve with certain settings, for example if you change the shutter speed or aperture.

The D7000 is a D-SLR that offers exceptional image quality, reliability and performance packed into a durable and portable body. It is the ideal next camera for D-SLR owners who want to further indulge their passion for photography with a camera that boasts more advanced features providing creative power. It has a new image sensor, EXPEED 2, AF system and metering sensor to ensure great performance in a highly durable body. In fact, it has everything you need in your next SLR but in a size you wouldn’t expect.

Nikon’s flagship FX-format D-SLR, the D3S will also be at the show. Renowned for fast response and high light sensitivity, the Nikon D3S has become famous for taking the potential of Nikon's proprietary FX-format to incredible new levels designed to exceed a professional's high standards. The D3S delivers ISO 200 to ISO 12800 as standard, with the excellent noise control and wide dynamic range providing photographers of any discipline with additional latitude to achieve quality images in most lighting situations.

Inspiring films
A daily programme of movies, stills and product films will be playing on the Nikon Video Wall, showcasing work by Nikon Pros from all over the world including Vincent Munier and Bill Frakes. The Nikon Video Wall programme will run from 10am to 6pm daily.

The Nikon Key Cube
Visitors to the show can experience the world of Nikon via the spectacular Nikon Key Cube. The Cube, at the heart of the Nikon stand, is a giant, interactive installation which enables people to get hands-on with Nikon’s latest products and innovations. The Nikon Key Cube symbolises the past, present and future of the company, allowing visitors to discover more about Nikon’s heritage with the History Cube; to experiment with shutter speeds with a specially created game – and even to become immortalised on the Nikon Video Wall with the Photobooth Cube.

For those who can’t make it to the show, Nikon will be reporting directly from the event via theNikon Blog and Microsite. It will be detailing all the news from the show with interesting blog posts, stunning movie content from the Nikon Video Wall, filmed interviews with top photographers and even a daily Nikon News programme.

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  • familyphoto

    first? This is the first I’ve heard of the creative alliance.

  • Vladi

    really hope Nikon will come up with something similar to FUJI X100, 70’s design rangefinder with big CMOS sensor.

    • jdsl

      Nikon P7000

      • jimmy

        Fuji x100 is a fad. I personally don’t care what my gear looks like.

  • Anonymous

    … and Fuji steals the show! Congratulations to Fuji. These morons at Nikon and Canon just cannot come up with something many has been asking for namely, a digital FM2

    • Vladi

      exactly, they say its impossible until someone else does it and makes them wrong! leica did it but pricey, now fuji, lets see who will join!

    • Discontinued


      what is a digital FM2 today supposed to be? Is it plain MF and AI or AIS lens only?

      If not, well, think again. A retro-style DSLR with todays plastic lenses would just look ridiculous. Leica’s M-system or all-in-one-solutions (like the new fuji) are an entirely different story. Lenses are either still old-school or not interchangeable. Either way their designs just suit the body.

      Retro DSLR ? ? ? Not for me ! ! !

      Gimme a D700 replacement please.

      Well, since the possible third announcement date (today) didn’t bring any news, I guess I must wait a bit longer.

      • Anonymous

        @ Discontinued

        I think there are people who would welcome the digital version of the FM2, a plain simple small size manual digital camera.

        And I agree with you that Nikon also owes us a D700 replacement. It has been long overdue but I am afraid we’ll get a bunch of crap at this Photokina and another round of promises from the new Nikon president. It is sad that not one Pro camera in the year of Photokina. What the heck are these people smoking at Nikon?

        • Richard

          Banana peels?

          Nikon is in need of so many (update/replacement) products that it is becoming increasingly clear, at least to me, that they simply are not capable of accomplishing that. That said, Nikon needs to be incredibly focused on the products they do release because they really can not afford any “duds” or products that simply do not find the intended market.

          It is said “When you come to a fork in the road, take it!”. I believe Nikon is at such a point. Between their apparent sensor sourcing transition and the need to keep the top-of-the-line camera development abreast the latest technology not only for the sales to professionals (and the resulting marketing cache), but for the benefits of the R&D expenditures to trickle down the product lineup.

          It remains to be seen how the D7000 stacks up when evaluated by independent reviewers, but, on paper at least, it should temporarily slow the apparent movement to the Canon platform by many consumers and enthusiasts. Although pre-orders look good, sales in six months will be more telling.

          Now, where’s the beef, Nikon?

          • Nikon Tandoori

            well, no beef either for Canon it seems….

          • Anonymous

            I am telling you, the big surprise from Nikon will be that the new Nikon President will around the Photokina building in a pink bikini. 🙂 Even the Pro camp will turn eyes after this stunt.

            • Anonymous

              I meant run around the around the Photokina building in a pink bikini.

            • Anonymous

              No this is getting out of control, I could not fix it. Ok here is the correct sentence:

              … the big surprise from Nikon will be that the new Nikon President will run around the Photokina building in a pink bikini.

              I need to fix my typos 🙂

            • LGO

              It must be all that “pink bikini” 🙂

            • Anonymous


              just try to visualize that scenery … 😛

            • LGO

              I absolutely and resolutely refuse to do so! 🙂

          • hah

            actually nikon surpased canon in japanese marketshare which is just signs of things to come. so they are doing something right.

            the D7000 blows the 60D out of the water, and the canon G12 failed to impress and crunchgear even made fun of how badly it stacks vs the P7000 after being considered the king.

            Nikon added 3 f/1.4 primes, 2 new f/4 VR canon coated zooms (including first in the world wide angle zoom with VR), and a more versatile 24-120, plus one canon has lacked for ages, 200-400 nano coat + vrII update. We also got a new 200 f/2 nano coated VRII. 1 modern FX super zoom.

            Total 9.

            updated 500 and 600 which they were good as they were.
            a special purpose fisheye that makes with a black image circle in FF nobody was asking for, a slow 70-300 lens nobody was asking for. So the only good lens out of that shop was the 70-200 which soared in price beyond belief and didn’t really need updating to begin with.
            total: 5. Canon really went nowhere this year lens wise.

            There as no 24-70 update, no f/1.4 prime update, no 17-40 update, no 16-35 update, no 100-400 update, no 35mm 1.8 EFS, no 200-400, no 14-24. etc. All predicted none realized.

            now tell me what company has lost focus of update needs?

            Now canon did better on cameras this year but that’s because nikon updates next year so naturally nikon lets canon go first then just bests them as they did with the 1d3, 1d3s, 1d4 and 60D. The D7000 is just the sight of things to come and likely the D400 will make the 7D look like the D700 makes the 60D look: old.

            • Anonymous

              Nikon is at least 2yrs behind canon and sony when it comes to a small high res FX.

            • Discontinued


              yes, Nikon-users can really be pleased with the release of lenses this year, but your comment still is pretty fine fanboyism.

              It is really kind of hard to release as many f/1.4 as Nikon did this year, if you already have them released.
              The same goes without saying for a f/4.0 midrange zoom, a 28-300 or …

              There are happy years ahead for you, because Nikon might be going to release a 17mm shift and tilt or a fisheye zoom or a f/4.0 70-200, whereas lazy Canon probably won’t do that (again). Just like the f/1.4 primes that where missing in Nikons lineup for quite some time.

              Don’t get me wrong, I still favor Nikon, but I can face the fact that Canon goes first not just with bodies – it is just the same with lenses too. You make it sound as if they couldn’t even compete with Nikon.

              That’s a bit over the top IMO, isn’t it?

            • Jabs

              At least someone here KNOWS the details and is not lost in the crap posted here by people devoid of FACTS.

              Yeah – give ’em a 60D and some new Sony mirrobox-less cameras.

              Yeah – Nikon is on a roll for sure and in time ALL manufacturers will bring better and more capable cameras BUT higher megapixels without BETTER picture quality is NOT the solution in PHOTOGRAPHY – maybe for you to BRAG about only, so far.
              Canon’s ONLY full frame pro camera is ancient and though it has 21 megapixels, it is slow and old, while Nikon has TWO full frame PRO models D3X and D3S (a high megapixel with 24 megapixels and a low light 12megapixel shooting ‘monster’) and since NO ONE has anything remotely like these two, then WHO IS behind in that area?
              Plus we won’t touch lenses – LOL!

          • Jabs

            The problem with your assessment is that you are perhaps CLUELESS!
            Nikon knows what IT sells and you are dealing with WHAT you want.
            Big difference!
            Canon and Sony got tripped up BY their own focus on megapixels and FORGOT about picture quality while steeped in the bragging rights of leading the megapixel race. Seen the newest Canon camera or the new Sony cameras???
            WRONG focus!
            Nikon takes their time and produces revolutionary products unmatched by anyone else.
            D7000 EATS the 7D and 1DMk4 and probably even the Sony A900 and A850 in picture quality.

            If you USE cameras as anything BUT or besides as neck adornment, then you will GET Nikon, if not, then go get another brand or quit dreaming.
            Nikon at 12 megapixels in a D3S is better than ANY DSLR out there in terms of picture quality and the D3X is in another league all together. The PROBLEM is people do NOT know how to shoot properly or effectively, so they talk crap to cover their own folly. Ever heard of polarizers, soft filters, ND filters, color filters for B+W, Tiffen filters, B+W (the German Company) filters, Nikon filters and Lee filters?
            THOSE who know – DO!
            Those who DON’T – talk and juxtapose things all day.
            To DREAM da Impossible dream – LOL!
            Nikon needs updates for sure BUT they are so far ahead of everyone Technically, that it is almost a joke. Just wait for the updates as the current gear is the best out there already – just need updates especially in video. I can’t wait for the update PRO cameras as in supposed D4 or whatever they call it.
            Some people look at SPECS and get lost in that, while others look at the IMAGES they just shot and then in amazement as their jaw drops to the floor.
            Go shoot some shots yourself as cameras and gear ENHANCE your capabilities BUT do not give you any that you did not have BEFORE. Study your craft FIRST!
            Learn that!

            • Richard


              You are both clueless and unable to read it would appear. I did not address my desires or preferences at all, simply Nikon’s ability to bring to market the many products in need of updating.

              Learn to read!!!

      • I for one would love a fullframe digital version of any of the all-metal MF bodies.

        my preference would be the FA or nikkormat, but the FM2 would do fine. leave out the AF motor, but allow AF-S and G type lens support. and stick in a huge 100% optical VF. the view will be extra bright as there ll be no need to direct light to the AF system.

        then give AI-S support and PSAM like in the FA. I know this won’t tick everyone’s boxes, but I’ve only got one autofocus lens, the other 8 or so are AIS so this would work great for me =)

        • Bart


        • Jabs

          You know what’s odd here – people make claims of what they want and NEVER used the gear that they want replicated in a digital camera.
          I OWNED and used an FA with the MD-15, as I hated the MD-12 that was used on the FM-2.
          I bought an FM-2n with a MD-12 for my brother the model shooter, as he was obsessed with manual everything and the high x-sync plus for then – higher shutter speed of 1/4000 sec. I used an F3HP and F3TC plus MD-4 and MN-2 Nicads and shot alongside him with my FA-MD15 ccombo.
          I loved the FA except for the small prism/lack of 100% VIEWFINDER and hated the FM-2 or FM-2n (ever looked at that match diode or swinging pointer YOU need an external meter dude!) and loved the F3 series best as it was faster in response and I got images my brother COULD NOT as the FM2 was slow to respond due to mechanical constraints, though with models, he was a better and more experienced shooter than me.
          My suggestions – leave the past to the past. Romantic notions by lost people???
          BUY a D3X or a D3S and leave the dreams to the past as I used them then and don’t MISS them. Electronics PRECLUDES a return to that era – ask them if they ever used an FM2n which DEPENDED on batteries also BUT had more manual speeds available when its’ button battery failed.
          I would agree on LOWER prices overall for gear but not such asinine simplicity as in the old days – GET a Point and Shoot camera, a REAL FM-2 or FM-2n or buy a cheap Leica – LOL (tongue in cheek) and then tell me here HOW it works for you.

  • Nikon Tandoori

    I just received a twitter claiming that the deal with NIK SOFTWARE is more serious than it seems : Nik Silver EFEX Pro will be bundled with future DSLRs in 2011 and …. they want Nik Software to write from scratch a replacement for Capture NX !!!

    • BornOptimist

      The first Capture NX was written by Nik Software, and if ppl are not satisfied with that, why ask them to write another one?

    • twoomy

      Don’t believe any of that. It’s still taking Nik Software about 2 years to come up with 64-bit versions of their existing software. make them write a new Capture NX… see you in 2014!

    • jdsl

      Nice, because Silver Efex is a plug-in 🙂
      maybe, Capture NXs.

  • Teresa

    What do you mean, nothing new? I’m champing at the bit to hear your impressions of the D7000!

  • Bart

    I would like to see Chase Jarvis , to bad i’m going Saturday. I will upload some pictures to the flikker. 🙂

  • Joe r.

    You’re right. They probably won’t show of the Q- that new mirrorless FX body.

  • The Fuji is ok, but, really, a fixed focal length lens at this point in time? I once had a nice Oly Pen EE, half-frame, but that was … 1967!

    We need a nice 24-120 f/2.8 equiv zoom in a large sensored compact (could be 17mm diagonal, enough for most applications). I’d buy one right away. Enough for Leica to keep it retro, I want a modern camera, a P7000 look-alike and like-featured camera with better lens and larger sensor.

    Those wanting Yashica compacts or Leica copies should go back into the time capsule and let technology advance.

  • Nikon Tandoori

    I received another twitter moments ago … it seems that some drunken Nikon reps CONFIRMED that a NEW camera will be shown friday !

    • amien

      Nikon Tandoori, you seem to know lot of stories about drunken reps…

    • Nikon Por Meung

      that’s Kuay for you man.

    • nobody

      I can confirm that this is true.

      Nikon will show a new less costly 24mp FX camera on friday.

      I just don’t know which friday it will be.

    • jdsl

      I heard that, too. On friday the 13th.
      And it’s Dracula holding the NEW Camera.

  • panfruit

    Hopefully they’ll Q us in on something nifty. 🙂

  • brave new world

    a digital FM-2 is pure non-sense. There is so much we’ve all been missing in a FM-2 or FE-2 … the handling was great, the noise HIGH, the lens were different … what’s such comparison all about?

    The simple answer is: use a D700 in MANUAL mode, turn OFF the AF, the metering to center-weighted, 200 ASA etc … that is as close as it can get. Finally: no VR …

    • Kevin

      but i gotta admit, the new fuji looks very very nice.

    • Vladi

      its all about handling and the looks, you cant stuff d700 with 24-70 into your coat pocket and carry it around all day. rangefinders are great for street photography and those precious moments which will never be captured on dslr because we dont carry dslr’s 24/7 with us (atleast i dont).

  • Fred

    darn, I hate Adobe.

  • Azmir

    C’mon…nikon retro DSLR…

  • Dan

    I would love to be there. They will be showing a video my brother and I made. It would be great to see it on the big screen. Here’s the link to the video

  • Jack Palance

    Nikon reps must get an aneurysm every time they read NR.

  • MrJimmy

    You know the d7000 pictures looks nice but they dont say much in most of them about the lens there using. A $2000 lens or a $300 kit lens that info would be nice Thanks I just might have to jumpship and sale my 50d

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