Nikon instant rebates will expire on October 2, P7000 ready to ship

In lack of other news:

Note that B&H will be closed from September 23th till October 1st.

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  • jdsl

    this is weird-looking camera while the Fuji x100 is awesome! 🙂
    but for 150K-yen, i’ll pass.

  • zzddrr

    If the rebates expire Nikon will renew them … it is getting boring though, why don’t they just cut the bloody price?

    • Zoetmb

      Because Nikon doesn’t have “(list) prices” – they only “report” what they perceive to be as the Estimated Selling Price. And I’m not so sure the rebates are getting renewed again anyway.

  • Mike

    According to Google, 150,000 Yen is $1800 Cdn$. Wow. X100 is beauitful, but I’ll wait.

  • Agony

    Fuji. Exquisite. But, at Leica prices… not happening. If they would have been realistic and priced it under 1k, they would have created a beach head for other new Fuji offering.

    Fuji announced what Nikon should have.

    It will be tough for Nikon and Canon to top this in design. We can only hope they’ll beat it in price.

  • The invisible man

    From Nikon France (09/21 4:30AM):

    “Cette année, la marque a également promis de révéler l’identité de la vedette de sa dernière campagne publicitaire JE SUIS NIKON pendant la foire.”

    I hope it’s not an other notcoolpix camera….

    • amien

      ce sera le D7000. ou un 2.5X ce qui me ferait grave suer. J’ose esperer un rangefinder FF a 18MP.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Fuji is high. I’m sure some will pay for this camera, but it’s outrageously priced. Who wouldn’t just pay more and get the Leica if you’re going down this road?

    • Hochzeitsfotograf

      Leica X1 does not have optical viewfinder. Sorry but little real photogs will want to compose on LCD.

  • Kenny Son

    Nikon D3100 Hands-on review by DigitalRev

    • Valadice


      regarding the P7000 link, are you saying it is ‘NOT’ available for pre-order or you are trying to say it is NOW available…

      And small spelling error on the same line, Nikon is Nikopn.

  • Nathan

    “indication that they will start ship in the next few days”

    So is it implied that the D7000 will ship soon, too? (as opposed to the rumored Oct.29 date)

    • Suprchunk

      That’s what I was going to ask. Consistency please.

  • sjms

    after all they did say shipping at the end of this month being september.

  • Nicky

    Do you guys think I should get the D7000 or D90? I already have the D7000 pre-ordered, but the photos that Chase Jarvis took don’t impress me. Makes me wonder if they tried to put too many pixels on the sensor and it is affecting the image quality. Or maybe that is just Chase Jarvis’ style of photos. I don’t know what to do…. What do you all think?

    • bimmerlovere39

      As a recent D90 buyer, the D7000 inspired a little bit of buyer’s remorse… which was quickly alleviated by a glance at the pricetag.

      If I were to go for something near the $1200 mark, I’d get a refurb’d D300s, not a D7000, honestly.

  • Tiname
  • deBaemm

    the P7000 is now in Stock @ Amazon via. Cameta Camera and others! Amazon itself claims to have it in stock for the 1st october

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