Nikon Q sign in Cologne? *busted*

Update: this rumor is busted, you can see the original picture here.

A reader just sent me this picture of a "Nikon Q" sign reportedly taken in Cologne Germany where Photokina 2010 is taking place. I am skeptical (red Nikon logo?). Has anyone seen something similar on the streets of Cologne or around Photokina?

Nikon Q in Cologne

click on image for larger view

Here is the error level analysis of this image for whatever is worth.

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  • Charles

    The Q is the new dial on top the D7000!

    • No, that Q is for quiet shutter sound. First introduced in D300s if I remember correctly. 🙂

  • benS

    No new news from Nikon @ Photokina … alright everyone, time to go to sleep … zzz

    • Anonymous

      I told you guys months ago that Nikon has nothing. Nikon cannot produce new cameras without sony.

      • Nikon Tandoori

        I haven’t heard of anything new from Sony as well…

  • zoetmb

    I think it’s time to label this as “busted”. There have been several posts with a link to the original, unretouched sign.

    And for the record, although many called it fake, if you look at the real sign, it was called fake for the wrong reasons. The frame was real. The reflection was real. Just the poster image was fake.

  • Shawn

    Obviously the poster is a fake… but was it an official “plant” by Nikon because they REALLY have something, or just some tweaker?

    I say tweaker… I’m surprised nobody pointed it out, but the Q logo is nowhere near round… even taking into consideration perspective (which everybody here should understand).

    If the fake poster was done by Nikon or one of their marketing agents, the logo would be better designed…

  • Broxibear

    Interesting video interview with the Fujifilm X100 designer, a bit difficult to follow because of translator and bacjground noise but interesting anyway:

  • Anonymous

    Well, congratulations Nikon, now we can officially can call Nikon as an impotent company that is unable to produce its own sensors. That is why we are not going to have and FX dslr products this year. I highly recommend Nikon to discontinue the D3x since Nikon has been trying to convince us since 2005 that 12mp is plenty. So the D3x was a mistake hence it has to be discontinued. Long live 12, 10, and 6MPs!

    • jason

      the D3x is a fine camera i myself would love to be able to obtain 1 but that was where nikon went wrong with the D3x the price of it , it should be the same price bracket as the D3 or just bit higher and they would have ruled the market

      • Anonymous

        Jason, I cannot agree with you more. And frankly, if Nikon priced the D3x as the D3 or D3s, I would not have hesitated for a second a bought one (and lived with the tank size and weight body). What really pisses me off is that we know it is possible to do it as Sony (A850, A900) and Canon’s 5DII are not priced to that level. I think Nikon was just plain greedy.

  • Anonymous

    Well, congratulations Nikon, now we can officially can call Nikon as an important company that will be able to produce its own sensors. That is why we are going to have and FX dslr products next year. I highly recommend Nikon to continue the D3x since Nikon doesn’t have to convince us since 2005 that 12mp is plenty. So the D3x was a success hence it has to be continued. Long live 12, 10, and 6MPs!

    • Anonymous

      What the heck are you smoking? It is clear that Nikon cannot produce its own sensors. Look, if you find it accidental that the resolution of the last Nikon cameras are the same as the sony’s then please give me some lottery numbers so I can with them.

      • Anonymous

        win with them

    • Nikon Tandoori

      For a lot less money you can get a Canon 5D mkII … 22MP.

      • Anonymous

        that will happen pretty soon. I just cannot believe that this year none of the manufacturers introduced a fuckin’ FX camera. Isn’t it odd a bit? I mean we have sony, canon, and nikon and none of them came out with 1 FX camera in 2010. I find this a bit more than coincidence… why would they compete when they can split the market and jack up the prices?

        So where are those exciting new products that asshole new Nikon president has been promising??

        • Nikon Tandoori

          Frankly speaking i’ve the impression many buyers feel more than OK shooting DX and are outraged at the idea of wasting 3-4000$ for an FX upgrade.

          How many people you see shooting around with a D3x or D3s ? Not many honestly … but plenty of Canon 5DmkII instead.

  • fake

    This is so fake and there are at least 100 reasons why….

    It is a terrible marketing strategy.. no big company would build suspense and give away information in such an amateurish, obvious way. The graphic design sucks, the image sucks and so on….

    • Anonymous

      this is rather crap. So where are those exciting new products that new Nikon president has been promising??

    • LGO

      Yeah … just read that myself there and was about to post it here.

      Whoever made this up deserves … (unprintable words here)!!!!! >:D

      • Anonymous

        This is really disppointing. At least i was smart I did not purchase any Nikon equipment this year. I am sick and tired with the speed of this company. I mean the day the 5DII was announced the D700 became outdated for many. I mean 2 yrs ago in the very same Photokina Sony announced the A900. 4 months later Nikon started to use that sensor.

        Once Nikon delivers I will buy their products in the meantime Fu_Q Nikon. See I think I figured out what the Q means. 😛

        • Anonymous

          NR Admin, I blanked out the F words … they really meant “F-Mount” 🙂

          Besides, you only delete the posts when I respond back but you are not fair to delete those that are bashing and call people names.

          NR Admin be fair with your delete button!

          • Personal attacks/insults will not be tolerated here. You can argue about MP as much as you want, but don’t call other readers names. Show me me which other comment is offensive.

          • Anonymous

            Why don’t you read the comments of Renato aka rhlpetrus? Look, he is calling others pathetic. NR Admin, I can change my style and write in a way that I would never call people names directly. So be fair and do the same with others.

          • fair enough – I did miss that one, deleted now (I go through few hundreds comments every day)

            • Anonymous

              and I will slow down a bit 🙂

            • S

              I actually LOVE anonymous’s sarcastic wit and ramblings ..mainly because what he says is painfully and inconveniently true..people like rhlpetrus can keep their d700 d3s d3 d300 12 mp family FOREVER. If 12mp is all they ever need…hey stick with it…ME? I’m going after the D4.
              When that baby comes out it will hopefully make the D3Xs dynamic range of 13.7 stops …more akin to an….un-dynamic range.
              I want approx 15 stops of dynamic range with the D4.

            • Anonymous

              Look, you can always crop from 24mp sensor and they would have more reach with their favourite 10mp resolution. At the current technology level it is possible to provide D3 iso performance at D3x resolution that is why I do not understand why people say no to it. But Nikon is stupid not the people! That is because if Nikon would provide a high res and a high iso cameras they could sell to both groups and we would not argue about it.

    • Suprchunk

      Oh, that’s sad. I wasn’t aware that photokina was already over with and nothing will be happening the next couple days. Thanks for wrapping it up for us. Now I can go to sleep.

      • Anonymous

        @ Suprchunk

        You’re welcome. I mean if something was coming we would know some rumors by now, right? This is too quiet. …and I hope I am wrong

  • lox

    Amazing how much this can be discussed after beeing busted already.
    Look at this and don’t waste your time speculating.

  • George Collins

    The whole Nikon Q thing is a hoax. Remember, admin? You already posted on this. 😐

  • Pepino

    It looks similar to Apple’s Quicktime symbol. So, if I was guessing, I would say it has something to do with video.

  • yomamacalled

    Q is for Question. Will everyone jump ship to canon after a poor performance by Nikon.
    Or will Canon users jump ship to Nikon because of all the goodies they will release at Photokonia 2010.

    And that photo isn’t fake. just the Q advert is fake.

  • S

    If Nikon doesn’t announce a pioneering FF DSLR at Photokina..I’m going to smash my D700 to pieces in disgust. I’m trying not to be fanatical, trying not to dance on the brink of lunacy..but I fear I’m failing.
    If we are all honest the majority of the D3S is 2007 technology..only really improving the sensor’s iso sensitivity and adding video. I’m not paying £3700 for a D3S…what did Nikon do to it’s base DYNAMIC RANGE over the D3 &D700..??? NOTHING. Get your act together Nikon cos I’ve just thrown my rattle out of the pram and at the Nikon president’s bollocks.
    I fear I will have to wait for the D4 to spend £3700 but at least I’d get much more bang for the buck.

    I love you Nikon but I also hate you.

    regards, S

    • Anonymous

      100% agree with you S.

      It is very sad that most of the people can’t see the forest for the trees and just because we see Nikon critically they think we are lunatic.

  • The invisible D900

    All of us should do something to deserve a new Nikon FX DSLR (well, a real one with more than 12MP)

    If Nikon release a D800/900 at the Photokina, I promise to go shopping with my wife at the mall at least twice a year.

    • Anonymous

      I guess now its too late so your wife can read that 🙂

  • Nikon Tandoori

    Hahaha you guys better go out and shoot and forget about megapixel-wars and marketing rubbish.

    I’m still shooting with a D90 and actually selling my photos too $$$, if i ever upgrade to a D400 or D800 it will be only and just when the f-uck i care, not when Nikon sticks us new models up our a.sss after yet another photokina or whatever other kermesse.

    Photographers were already shooting great images years ago in ISO200 with tripods … don’t tell me you can’t live without a super duper low-ISO handheld or the latest 3000$ VR lens.

    There’s plenty of people still using the first D300 and getting worldwide assignments .. instead you whine you need a D3x to shoot your dog or your girlfriend … you guys better get a life, seriously.

    • The invisible D800

      Take a deep breath and enjoy chating with others photo fans.

    • jason

      tandoori your so right , i made a massive mistake when i sold my D200 and iv regreted it ever since of course i did replace it with a D3 which i will never sell its the best camera i have ever had , but im still looking for a Dx model not sure whether to pluke for the D300s or wait it out for the D400

    • Mark Astle

      Pro, shooting the D300 quite happily. And before that, a D70, also quite happily. Not going to upgrade until they update the D700 with video AND I’ve upgraded all my lenses first.

  • Nikon Tandoori

    And with this i’m done trolling Nikon Rumours.
    Fun for a while, but it gets boring.


    • Mock Kenwell

      Thank God.

  • Barbie Rokwel

    Disturbing little news about Nikon from photokina…..

  • The invisible D800

    Nikon, here is the deal:
    No D700x, D800 or D900 this week, so all the money you save on design give it back to us in rebates.
    I’ll like the D700 at $1500 (I still wonder why I sold mine)
    Thank you Nikon, yellow is my favorite color.

  • LGO

    Whoever perpetrated this hoax on Nikon Rumors must be feeling some pain from NR’s accuracy and did this to undermine NR’s credibility.

    Whoever you are, you might have gained a short-term win but what you threw out here will inevitably come around and get back at you.

    We learned much from this and we will not fall into the same trap again. We will continue to be around and hope that NR nails down something good to hurt you where it counts someday.

  • Canon people are complaining about their sensors (50D, 60D and 7D) and AF (5D MK II) and Nikon people are complaining about MP and that they can’t buy a new body every single year!

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin – Here is some new stuff

    Gitzo seems to me releasing new tripods.

    This will be a perfect one for “airline” travel (and with a smaller body)

  • Mock Kenwell

    Really? Not even an EVIL under glass? Pretty sad show, Nikon.

    • Anonymous

      You can see evil under the glass when angry Nikon fans visit the nikon booth and put the new nikon president under the vitrine for his sluggish performance! 😛

      • Ren Kockwell

        ; )

  • Gonads

    Kinda disappointed with the lack of exciting news from Nikon @ photokina. I’m interested in a d300s/d700 replacement, or a nikon evil camera, just news of future plans would be good enough. Admin’s doing a good job though, just Nikon who’ve been rather dull so far.

    • Yes, nothing really to report. I seriously doubt that they will release something on the last day of the show – no way. That was it folks! We may have another product announcement before the end of the year. Let’s see. Otherwise, check for the latest from other manufacturers. For me Fuji stole the show, Leica has the most boring products.

      • Anonymous

        … and the bloody grinch will steal our Xmas again (since Nikon cannot come out with a decent FX)

  • Azmir

    No new updates from photokina? Weird.

  • Abhinav

    is that metal frame transparent ?not sure why but I feel this pic is fake 😐 no clue otherwise .hopping for some good news from nikon .

  • Gonads

    Oh, where’s all the exciting news then eh? Not your fault admin if there’s nothing to report, then there’s not much you can do about that. Fingers-crossed it might get a little more interesting later in the week.

    • Gonads

      Oops, thought my other similar post didn’t submit properly 😉

  • John

    OK, enough of the QX stuff. Let’s move on to discussing why Nikon has no more announcements – particularly in the EVIL area. Canon is absent as well.


  • injurytime

    busted = evil marketing campaign ><

  • Well I am choosing between Canon and Nikon now. Nikon has no cheap action/sports tele zooms/primes. The cheapest is the AF-S 70-200 F2.8 VR type II. It is around €2000. Canon has one for €700. I love the D7000 but I will probably go for a 7D. That is the biggest flaw of Nikon. I love the bodies.

    • Somehow the $1030 80-200mm f/2.8D AF doesn’t count?

      Or the 85mm f/1.8D AF? Or the 180mm f/2.8D AF?

      Buy used and save even more. And yes, B&H ships internationally.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Dude, not exactly the best reason to go to Canon I must say. Although I agree that Nikon has neglected the f4 area updates until recently. I’ve used this lull to build my lens arsenal. I bought the 80-200 f/2.8 AF-S for $785 on eBay. Great condition and with the $280 TC-17e I just bought, it’s a pro set-up with a lot of reach for very little money. Remember that Nikon’s old lenses were the professional standard at one time. The lens is incredibly fast, fast enough for me, accurate and sharp as hell. And gorgeous bokeh to boot. I don’t need the incremental speed and nano glass improvements. The lens is better than I am. Now I just need a D700 FF replacement so I can take advantage of its amazing light-gathering sensor to make this lens just about as good as the current model for most intents and purposes.

  • Anonymous

    Hi fotosniper, long time no see you. Good to see you back!

  • steve

    i’m pretty sure i’m missing something, but would it be so awfully complicated for nikon to put the D3X sensor in the D700 body, to give us a D700X??
    D700 is a fine camera, but we must admit that from a resolution point of view nikon doesn’t offer much (apart from the absurdly priced D3X…). and despite what somebody says, in some situation resolution DOES matter. in that area eos 5D easily wins…why not even try to compete with it?

  • Kevin

    errorlevel analysis = useless

    • Ren Kockwell

      +1 cookie monster.

  • nau

    some very creative ppl got way to much time in their hands…

  • canontroll

    Hi all,

    I live in Cologne and that picture is definately a FAKE. We actually have these ad screens in Cologne, but none on the street the picture was taken on. Busted.

  • Ernst

    Uh, guys, did you not see the link posted a hundred or so comments ago?

    It’s the ORIGINAL IMAGE BEFORE THE FABRICATED NIKON POSTER WAS INSERTED and noise was added to the entire image to make it all match. There’s no getting that noise back out again, so you know the original is authentic.

    You can stop the discussion now.

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