Nikon @ Photokina day 1

Four videos from Photokina (the first three are from the "I am Photokina" campaign):

Dpreview has a picture gallery from the Nikon booth at Photokina.

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  • Nikon Tandoori

    Sooooooo … still no D400 or D800 ???? 🙁

  • More samples from D7000 at Photokina, very impressive:

    Read also author comments comparing it to his D700:

    “I have made shots with my own D700 at the kina booth. The color balance is significantly different than the one on the D7000, and we would have people commenting on these differences, so I’m not uploading for the moment. (The D7000 has better color out of camera). If I get time to post-process to make them look like the D7000, I might post them. I looked at them for a few seconds last evening, and I don’t see a huge difference. Very comparable would be my first assessment. “

  • Landscape Photo

    Why is everybody obsessed with iso 6400 or 12800 performance & trying to compare with D700? I can see the point: “why pay twice to an FX body & lenses if this new DX can suffice” But do you really need or use these settings? Probably no.

    Plus, is high iso performance the most important parameter to look in a new camera? What about dynamic range, color reproduction, resolution, lenses, future upgrade pattern, etc?

    Instead of worrying about ultra-high iso noise, better use a tripod or fast lens or VR lens and low/med. iso for best results.

    • In the same way that you don’t necessarily buy an f1.4 lens to shoot at f1.4 all the time, you aren’t likewise going to use the 25600 ISO that often either.

      The fact remains though that the broader the useable ISO range gets, the more shooting options you have. That has to be a good thing, right?

      It’s like a sports car. You’ll probably never drive your Bugatti Veyron flat out at 200mph, but all that reserve power means it will do ‘normal’ driving with far more control & composure.

    • High ISO performance is tied to those: DR, color etc. Not only noise per se.

    • Jabs

      @Landscape Photo.
      Your name is the clue.
      For landscape photography, you usually need HIGH megapixels and HIGHER F-Stop numbers (sat F16-22) to get a better plane of focus and if you came from shooting slide film, then you would be looking at shooting close to your old range of Fujichrome 50D, 100D, 64T and/or Kodachrome 25, 64, 200 and Ektachrome.
      You used low ISO and shot mainly in daylight with polarizers, ND/graduated filters and such on tripods such as Gitzos or Manfrottos. You also used exposure compensation.
      You seldom ever shoot at night or indoors.
      WHEN indoors, people had to use very low F-stop lenses (F1.2 to F2.0) just to get an exposure, as they COULD not get usable results from anything above say Kodachrome 200 or Fujichrome 400D (even if they pushed it to ISO 800 and above) or they shot in black and white with Neopan 100, 400 or 1600 and the equivalents in T-Max at higher ISO’s or they even tried Agfapan 25 and various Ilford film for example.
      NOW, when you do indoor concerts, candle lit weddings or other dimly lit subjects they used negative film and pushed it to ISO 1600 or above, if they could.
      Now, in digital we have the equivalent of SLIDE film shooting at ISO 12,800 and thus you can shoot indoors with quality like slide and none of the crappy effects of print or negative film. THAT is why High ISO is so incredible, as you can shoot at higher shutter speeds indoors or outdoors and not worry about F-stop constraints as much PLUS get the higher depth of field and then action stopping speeds that you could not get before in slides or print film.
      What does EV mean?
      What are the equivalent exposure tables per each ISO rating?
      If you know this and are familiar with handheld meters or photographic metering in general. you will get it, if not – then learn this and then high ISO becomes a clear advantage as it allows you to get pictures previously IMPOSSIBLE.

      • +1,000

      • Broxibear

        The funny thing is photoshop plugins/filters which actually add grain to digital images to make give them film attributes…grain used to be a side effect you just put up with, now it’s a choice for effect lol ?

  • Landscape Photo

    I’d appreciate the smaller size of D7000 if most Nikkor lenses were in proportionately sized with the body.

    With D7000, I would be limited to lenses like 50mm 1.4, 18-55mm or 18-135 & 10-24mm at max. Even a moderately shaped 18-200mm will tip forward. Forget something like 24-70mm that will look as a telescope rather than a camera. I hate disproportionate body/lens combination, the lens should better be smaller than the camera.

    Not this D7000, but a hi-res D800 is what most people have been waiting for long.

  • Anonymous

    D700 pixel pitch is 8.5 µm, D7000’s is much tiny 4.7 µm. But D7000 performance is only one stop short of D700 as estimated. With this new technology, now it must be a breeze for Nikon to manufacture a 21mp D800 with 6.3 µm at least one stop better than D700. Plus, higher res sensor has an advantage when downsized to the other one.

    C’mon Nikon, D800 before 2011…

  • Gonads

    So far, Photokina has been a bit of a let-down for me, waiting for the D400/D800. I’d consider a Canon 5d mk3, but there’s no news from Canon either. I’d settle for a new EVIL too in the mean time, but there’s no news there. An extremely dull Photokina then, for me personally. Disappointed, even though it’s futile and someone will tell me i’m the ass of the universe for showing anything other than utter delight in response to everything that Nikon announces 🙂

    Come on, i’ve got the money, let me spend it!

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin, I do not want to be rude but the it is almost end of the 3rd day of Photokina so you may want to update the site.

    I am sorry but the coverage of this event so far is crap! Next time we will collect you money to actually go there.

    • No reason to repeat that – I read your first comment already. I just posted something and I do not want to be rushed. I agree, the Nikon related coverage of Photokina is crap and I will have my own next time.

  • Anonymous

    Admin, I’ve heard from a reliable source (I can’t tell for obvious reasons) that there are several new FX prototypes out being field tested, in different size & resolution, and none having any names or labels.

    Second, D700 successor was initially to be announced at Photokina, but the procedure has recently been postponed for an unknown (to us) reason.

    Could you find some info on these please…

    • Thanks, we will never know the truth but I think a new FF body will come up next year, if we are lucky it may be even in Q1.

    • Broxibear

      I think prototypes are always out being tested, I’m pretty sure they’re already testing components for the D5.
      It’s the first I’ve heard of the announcement of a D700 replacement being postponed…My info, for what it’s worth, was always 2nd quarter 2011…but my info could well be wrong ?
      I’m sure market conditions are playing a part with all manufacturers and release dates. A lot of photographers are going out of business and many are not willing to upgrade as quickly as before….the money just isn’t there.

  • Hey D700 upgrade freaks!
    Maybe… Just maybe… Nikon have held back on an extra special super secret pain-of-death embargo and will announce the new model before the show closes on Sunday.

    I would recommend that you start on the Red Bull right now and hit F5 once every 10 seconds between now and then. Remember – you snooze, you lose!

  • NK

    I saw on flickr the high iso images were actually edited to reduce noise.
    now i have to reconsider the ISO performance on the d7000

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