Nikon at Photokina coverage (or lack thereof)

The latest buzz on the Net is the high ISO image samples from the D7000 taken at the Nikon booth at Photokina: the Italian website hwupgrade has a few, including downloadable NEF files. More samples available here, here, here and here. Besides that, the Nikon related coverage from Photokina is almost non-existing. Next time I will make sure I have my own coverage.

There are also four new "I am Photokina" videos:

The story behind the Nikon key cube

Interview with sports photographer Dave Black:

An interview with Robert Bösch:

Some frames from the Nikon booth (in German):

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  • John

    I just tried out a D3100 at BestBuy.

    The continuous autofocus (AF-F) is really quite good. Very quick, sensitive, and accurate.

    The jello in the video is really awful–horrible–and the bitrate is only 19527kbps (shooting at 1080p/24fps).

    • Yes the jello is awful an we can see it right out in the official video provided by Nikon, but with the D7000 its not the case…. The sample video looks different….

      • John

        I hope you’re right.

        The bitrate is still disappointing on the D3100, and by the looks of things, the bitrate is going to be low on the D7000 as well. A point-and-shoot like the Canon S95 can do 20Mbps.

        Also, both the D3100 and D7000 can’t do 25fps/30fps in 1080p.

        And all of the restrictions shooting video in manual mode…

        • Andy

          Well it seems Canon is till much better in the video department with a 2 year old camera, so since video is important for me I just went ahead and bought the 5Dmk2 until Nikon releases the d700 replacement…

        • It looks like the video bitrate of the D7000 is 25 Mbps, thats decent…..
          But not compared with a Canon.

          How much was the video bitrate of the D3s??? This camera has wonderful video….

          • John

            Yeah, the T2i/60D/7D can achieve 50Mbps. Jello on the Canons is not bad.

            I’d really like to get the D7000, so I’m hoping the deficiencies in the video won’t hold me back.

          • Andy

            Unfortunatley 2900 mb per 20 minutes file ends up being around 20 mbps not 25 :/. Did you read anywhere it’s 25?
            Canon is around 40….

            • Well, I`m gonna sound ignorant but in the samples I looked so far video seems to me ok, and i like it. It has that indie film look type and organic that Canon does not have.

              If it doesn`t have jello its ok with me, I`m not an engineer to tell the differences beetween one bitrate or another, I am a videographer who wants to film with a Nikon camera and is tired of the Canon system… I have plenty of Nikon glass that i use with an adaptor with the 5D but I do photography too and I dont want to do it with a crappy brand like Canon…. So if Nikon gives me decent video is welcome whatever the bitrate is…

            • John

              Well, all other things being equal, a higher bitrate means more available colors, dynamic range, etc. Whether or not the camera(s) make full use of the available bits is another matter. Personally, I think that the video on Canons is excellent, even with the entry-level T2i.

              As far as I can tell from the video that I shot in the store, the D3100 still has the same graininess that the D90 suffered from. Perhaps the D7000 will be better in that regard.

  • Broxibear

    Some posters have talked about how the D7000 is now better than the D300s and consequently would there be a D400, and what type of spec would it have ?.
    I posted a while ago that my info suggested one of the differences between the D7000 and D400 would be an in built drive (like the D3 series), but it hasn’t been mentioned anywhere else…it has now…somebody called Thom Hogan hints at it on his website.
    Maybe Nikon liked the D3 and D700 concept (ie similar but one is more of a pro workhorse with more features) and have decided to do the same with the D7000 and D400.
    Still don’t think it’ll be out until 3rd quarter 2011 though.

  • Ant

    Was at Photokina today. Surprised at how many people were lugging all their kit around to be honest, because I much prefer to travel light, seeing as you always end up picking up loads of crap anyway. I can echo the previous comments about Nikon’s stand. It wasn’t that impressive and they really could have done with more demos to play with.

    D7000 feels nice to me. It handles really well, as you’d expect. The AF is great, and held focus despite my jerking it around. It feels more solid than D90, but still doesn’t approach D300(s) for tank-likeness.

    • Broxibear

      Hi Ant could I ask you a question about Photokina?…You said the Nikon stand wasn’t that impressive, did you get that feeling about the whole event or was it just the Nikon stand in particular ?

      Thanks !

      • Ant

        I was impressed by the scale of Canon’s stand and Leica’s as well, but neither really had much to show. Canon had loads of space dedicated to consumer photo printers and the like, but there was nothing really interesting on show there. Hands on the D7000 feels much nicer than the 60D, but I am used to the Nikon system, so maybe a Canon user would feel differently.

        The big names were all disappointing in some way, but I have to say that the Zeiss stand was pretty good, not huge but some interesting stuff and it was manned by experts not promo girls. The show itself was ok, they laid on some interesting things for people to photograph, there was a family of Eagles for example.

        In general there wasn’t anything that really jumped out at me as being exciting, but my main reason for visiting was to get a hands on with the D7000, so for me it was a success.

        • Broxibear

          Thanks for the reply Ant…I bet that’s why Fujifilm announced a camera that wouldn’t go on sale for another 6 months, they knew there was nothing special at the show and they would get all the publicity with the X100 ?

          • Ant

            To be honest I didn’t pay much attention to the X100.

  • Bart

    Been to Photokina to today. Looked nice , the cube thing. Very good photo’s on the walls but a bit small. And you couldn’t try out other lenses… But the best thing at Photokina was the Zeiss department. Damn , those CP.2’s where sharp and the bokeh is unbelievable. Better than what Nikon and Canon can do. To bad they are so expensive.

    • Broxibear

      Hey Bart anything you could add to the question I asked Ant above would be interesting, thanks !

  • David

    I am always amazed at these “Wow look at that ISO performance” threads. Can someone tell me whats so fantastic about an ISO6400 image when its done with F10 and 1/200 second? That tells me there is lots of light there. How about a ISO6400 with F2.8 and 1/60th. Now your talking. That’s almost 6 stops of light difference.

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