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"The rolling shutter is quite a bit better than we had seen in the previous cameras. There is manual exposure for shooting video.

The ISO and shutter speed can be adjusted while shooting. You need to set the aperture before entering Live View.

The microphone input has three levels of audio or auto levels, available through the menu.

ISO is awesome to 3200 and very usable above for photojournalism, weddings, live events, art, etc.

Great low light performance. Holds up for commercial to 1600-3200. Very usable for other applications at 6400. Same league as the D3 line."

  • Nikon D7000 hands-on video

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  • Just out of interest, what happens to us poor saps now we’ve seen the new unit, put our pre-orders in and are waiting like dolts?!

    There I was thinking my NR days were over, but no! I need to come here for the next 6 weeks desperately looking for the drip feed of reviews & high ISO test shots whilst I wait for my new baby to be delivered.

    Still, at least if it turns out it’s actually rubbish, I can cancel my order ;P

    And start waiting for the new D700…

  • zrh

    No one here wants to buy a Sony Alpha SLT-A55? With its translucent mirror…and razor sharp focusing due to no mirror flip… and HD video?

    • Roger

      Read the reviews – it’s AF doesnt work well, every EVF is really bad, battery life too, image quality is worse than Sony DSLR using the same sensor….

      It’s a nice camera for those who want something different, even if it’s worse.

  • Max

    Is anyone else in awe of the Continuous AF Object Tracking that was shown off on Engadget. You pick an object and move the camera around but the camera keeps its focus on that object. Does anyone have a 3100 or a video of someone playing with this on a 3100?

    • Yeah man.. I saw that and blew my camera load all over my keyboard.
      I can’t wait to test that out, although shooting with the D90 for 2 years has given me almost super human like manual focus abilities.

      I already made my mind up about this camera and seeing that live 3D AF tracking just solidified my purchase.

      I am pretty pissed though, I’m leaving for a once in a life time safari in Kenya on Oct 12th. I was hoping to pick up the new body before then.

      • Manne

        3D-Tracking came with the D3 and D300 first (51-point AF), and it is awesome on these cameras.

        Surprisingly, Nikon barely advertised this feature at all, but for me it was the biggest and most positive surprise when I got my D3. Even over the speed, the finder and the high-ISO-capabilities. For me, today 3D-Tracking feels indispensable for team sports, dancing (weddings!), party or children photography.

        With my D90, it doesn’t work as well, as it has only 11 AF points, but not bad at all. On the D7000 it should be working as swell as on the D3/D300.

        Be aware: 3D-Tracking needs quite some practice to get the best results. But it is really worth while. You will never want to miss it again.

      • Eric Pepin

        I would rent a D700 in your situation, if its a once in a lifetime trip you want the best camera for the job now, although the d90 is awesome camera and many safari photogs use its big brother the d300s.

  • Andy

    Doesn’t seem like the d7k high iso is on par with the d3 … if you look closer you can see the same type of noise clusters as the d90 had (though a stop better). The FX has very uniform, pleasant noise…a bit of a disappointment but i’ll have to buy it and wait for D800 or whatever to get into full frame…

    The video is still behind Canon…

    • Manne

      How comes that you expected better high ISO performance with 16MP DX than with 12 MP FX?

    • d40-owner

      “The video is still behind Canon…”

      How do you conclude that?
      From what I’ve seen so far, the rolling shutter is much reduced over any other Nikon or Canon, and amazing high ISO video lives in Nikonland, not Canon.

      Is it the 60fps you are missing? That I agree, would’ve been quite useful for those fluid slo-mo captures.

      • Andy

        Sure I didn’t expect to get the same quality as D700 – it’s just reading the comments suggested it’s on par with the D3 and I really hate these splotches of colours instead of uniform noise .

        The video is hard to read from these compressed samples but still able to judge the skin tones , dynamic range , aliasing… right now it does look below canon…but I really hope i am wrong…

        Right now Nikon doesn’t have the ideal camera for me – top noise performance coupled with great video, this is life 🙂

  • The invisible store

    We are now taking pre-orders for the D700x, D800, D900, D400 & D4.

    You will be charge 80% when placing the order, the 20% left are due when the camera will actually be shipped.

    We expect the cameras to be available in December 2012 or late 2015.

    We appreciate your business and thank you for shopping at the Invisible Store.


  • Sept20 Announce

    okay the d7000 has launched but it seems we all forgot about the 3rd announcement due on the 20th.

    what’s the skinny on that? another camera? lenses? zip??

  • ukj

    I know this is off topic but does anyone know anyone that has pre-order the D3100 and has received the camera yet. I might be indication on how long it will take for the d7000.

  • sgts

    sony a55 looks good to me – quieter and with 10fps but nikons ergonomics are much better so far – thats without coming into contact with either body.

    I have no idea why they are releasing jpgs as samples – its fairly pointless.

    • Roger

      10 fps is unusable on A55, read the user reviews.

  • VJ

    Am I the only one that is surprised by the new 2016 pixel metering sensor? I mean, they have used the 1005 RGB pixel array since back in the F5. And that sensor did a great job in a huge number of cameras, detecting scenes etc.
    But apparently they saw room for improvement. Most likely the new sensor will finds its way through the whole Nikon range in time?

    • Chris

      I was surprised as well as I felt nikon’s metering has been by far the best in the business. I hope they didn’t mess up a great formula!

  • John

    A GPS connector but no headphone jack? We hear it repeated again and again that in documentaries, at least, the sound is more important than the pictures, yet this camera has no headphone jack.

  • Qapture

    Regarding sensor, Nikon Sweden says it’s sensor produced by Sony from a Nikon spec. It’s as simple as that. End of discussion.

  • Avadhoot

    i have been waiting too long for d7000. now it has released the situation has changed for me. earlier it was easy to chose enthusiast nikon d90 over any of canon rebel series as canon xxd was out of my budget. but specs of d7000 and canon 60d are very much similler. it is also true that canon has brought down quality of xxd series with no Mg alloy body. many are calling it just a super rebel. now i am confused should i go for canon 60d or d7000. my inclination is towards d7000 more of course. help please

    • smc

      See which one feels best to you. I shot Canon before D90 came out and liked them just fine (40D, A-1 35mm) and many of my frineds still shoot Canon. You normally get more features for the buck, faster AF and great resolution with Canon. With Nikon you normally get better AF accuracy, color and metering. It really comes down to which feels better in the hand. I switched to Nikon not because I thought the D90 takes better pictures but because it was easier to navigate the menus and just “felt better”. If I was making the choice today between the D7000 and any like priced Canon it would be an easy choice. BTW, I’ve already pre-ordered my D7000 so I’m biased having already sold all of my Canon lenses back in ’08.

      • avadhoot

        thanx. i have been using d80 earlier and i think i am more familier with nikon in terms of buttons and UI. so i ll go for d7000.

  • Andy

    the bit rate for video is twice as low as on sony and canon – WHY???????????????

    now i have to consider getting a dedicated body for video and the d700 – the pain 🙂

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