Nikon D7000, 35/1.4, 200/2 and SB-700 available for pre-order (*updated*)

This post will also be updated as more retailers start taking pre-orders.

Pre-order @ Amazon:

Pre-order @ B&H:

Pre-order @ Adorama:

Other options:

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  • mik


    kind of stuck in between buying a D7000 or a D300. i like to shoot videos aswell.
    what do you think?

    cheers and thanks 🙂

    • Stefan

      d7000 for sure. Higher iso (presumably better too), almost similar fps, more pixels, full hd video, Dust sealed Magnesium-alloy top and rear covers, moisture sealed.. it’s the absolute best product at its price even if the video is not more than 48 mbits or 70 or 80 mbits of the gh1.

      okay, there’s the amateur’ish wheel on the d7000 and not the pro one as on the d300s, but that’s more or less it.

    • Ken

      I’d go with the one that has autofocus in its video mode and is hundreds cheaper, and takes usable pix up to 6400 iso. The D7k. I like low intrusion photography indoors for weddings and special events. A fast lens with reach and a high iso camera that I can actually afford gives me chameleon status. Mine is on order. I was contemplating the D700, but I will happily buy the D7k as my primary for friends and family cam.

  • Erick
  • Ant

    Another link for the Germans:

    Never used them but it’s €90 less than Amazon at the moment.

  • Glenn

    Note that B&H website indicates they will charge your card immediately. Adorama says they will only charge when the item is ready to ship.

  • Is possible to know the stimated date for the camera turn avalaible to ship in amazon???

  • wow, too bad it will be at least oct or nov to get hold of this new body

  • mehmet

    Is SB-600 flash discontinued or not ?

  • DSLRMania

    I know some of you guys will want what this guy’s been smoking.
    Go down the page to the D7000 review and see. He says
    “The new Nikon D7000 is a whole new DSLR camera generation and falls between the Nikon D5000 and the D90, at least in terms of pricing.”

  • Andreas

    Any one know if there is any pre-order in norway ?

  • Ty

    Another, different pre-purchase option for the d7000:

    While I’m not a big fan of BestBuy (I’ll take Amazon anyday!) The d7000 kit appeared on their website a couple of days ago.
    The kit qualifies for their 36-month same-as-cash offer! Take 3 years to pay it off with zero interest. AS LONG AS YOU PLAY THEIR GAME TO THE LETTER. If you miss/are late on just one payment, the retroactive loan-shark rates of ~25% kick in.

    Still, as long as you are diligent with your 1% minimum monthly principal payment, it’s a hellov a deal even @ full retail w/ tax! (and the only way that I could justify getting the camera NOW while I weather these tough economic times!)

    Hope this helps someone else justify a little manic joy!

    (If anyone knows any problems w/ BestBuy, please inform)


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