No other Nikon products expected to be released for Photokina, except…

Note that I said "released" in the title - Nikon may still show their EVIL solution at Photokina, but I do not expect it to be available in stores any time soon. They may also come out with another press release (like they did at PMA), but there will be no other products released as far as I know. There could be another announcement by the end of the year, but it is too yearly to make any speculations yet.

Nikon Q

Now, the reason why I was holding up from publishing this post are the two pictures I received anonymously - no explanation, not details, just "Nikon Q":

Nikon did produce Q lenses back in the 50's (see some Q lenses on eBay) but I doubt those pictures were taken 60 years ago.

The second picture appears to display a camera with the letter "Q" on the front - is "Q" going to be the new Nikon mount? For their EVIL system maybe? I already reported that Nikon started labeling their lens caps with "F" which could be an indication that another mount may be coming soon.

Again, those two pictures could be fake or maybe referring to a different Nikon product. I do not know. I hope that by posting this online, we will get some more information on what "Nikon Q" really is.

Let the speculations begin.

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  • foo

    I hear a lot of people saying they want the EVIL camera to be F-mount. It doesn’t make sense. The flange to focal plane distance of the F-mount is large, to accommodate the mirror box. EVIL doesn’t have a mirror box, so the distance to the sensor can be small, allowing real non-retrofocus wide angle lens designs, etc. You can bet there will be an adapter though, and it will be an inch long.

    • Zoetmb

      You’re correct in that it doesn’t make sense from a size standpoint, but it does make sense from a lens investment standpoint. If you give me the choice of buying all new lenses so I can shoot with a smaller body or using my current lenses, but it’s a little deeper or needs an adapter, I’ll go with the latter.

      It’s definitely possible to make a smaller body using SLR-type design. Look at what Olympus did with the OM-1 in the early 1970s as compared to what Nikon was doing at the time. They redefined the SLR. It didn’t fit in a shirt pocket, but it was smaller and lighter than Nikon and Canon SLRs, and IMO, got superior performance. Of course lenses were much smaller and lighter back then (no AF, etc.). Most mid-range lenses took 52mm filters. Today they take 72mm.

      On the other hand, if Nikon’s entry is otherwise great, superior to GF1 et al, and all I really need for it is just one zoom walkaround lens, then maybe I’d go for it anyway. But whatever that “Q” is, assuming it’s not all a great big fake, the dim outline of a camera body in that second photo looks like a standard sized DSLR body. So who knows what that’s really about, if anything.

  • jason

    what ever this Q is all about be it a camera of some sort its defo a pro style body maybe its a D3x-Q ?????
    or just the D800/900

  • CatSplat

    Clearly, it’s a Blues Traveler concert.


    • lolcatmaster FTW

      This year is ZZ top!

  • Dormant

    On that second image that purports to show a camera, the Q looks far too small to be the lens mount.

    The Nikonos-Q? (Doesn’t make much sense, does it?)

  • Lola

    It’s a fake image.
    I realise people are on a come down after all the D7000 and SB-700 excitement but lets move on to something real instead.

    • Billy

      Why do you say it’s fake?

  • Char

    What looks a little strange to me in the first image is that the display (projection plane) seems to be tilted, while the “Q” does not seem to be – it seems to be perfectly round while it should be of more elliptical shape if projected onto a tilted plane (long axis of the ellipse up-down, short axis left-right). This could in principle be a hint that the “Q” has been mounted into the image.

    The effect would be rather small though, I could be suffering an optical illusion, or all other kinds of stuff could be happening. However, I am excited to see (in a few days / weeks / months) what the Q is all about ;).

  • amien

    Round Pixels ?

    Squared evil sensor ?

    modulable system ?

    I hope each 3 !!!

  • Vincent

    Take a look at dpreview images of the D7000. Look at the picture of the top of the control knob. About three knotches to the right of Single shot mode, you’ll see a big letter Q.

    • steve

      that’s the quiet mode

  • John

    This is kind of a loooong shot, but.. someone said while making the switch from Canon to Nikon many months ago that Nikon would have something very, very surprising to the market soon. Make it’s a


  • David

    Nikon is running out of zeros. Q is the new zero.
    The D700 replacement in february would be D7QQ.

    Quack Quack.

    • lolcatmaster FTW


  • lolcatmaster FTW

    In reality this is a camera for Hipsters, you have seen them using weird clothing, they all play synth, they all say that they are original though they dress like the other 24,524,241 hipsters in the world, they all say they work in media though the only thing they do is a ragged lame blog…
    Since Nikon wants to be politically correct it can not be the Nikon H (hipster) or D (douchebag) so it will be the Nikon Q (quirky)

    • Anton

      What makes you think it’s fake? It looks pretty real.
      The description in the link is written by a person who is not an expert (he seems to not understand how to interpret such metric) in computer graphics!

      • Shedd

        Except, as I stated on the first page of comments, the area around the Q is completely bogus looking and doesn’t fit in with the rest of the image. The images could be from a different presentation, and they just pasted the Q in.

        • Anton

          What you are observing are the artifacts that occur under very very high image compression (very poor quality setting).
          The black screen does not have much detail, so it gets compressed more or less well (you can still see (if you have a good display) the blocking done by the JPEG algorithm), but when it gets to compress some details, it has no spare bits to compress the black screen well. That why thre is such a difference. BTW, notice that “bogus looking” part is only part of JPEG blocks that intersect with the Q. The compressor has a hard time compressing these blocks.

          Try this experiment. But something detailed (a pen) on a black surface and take a picture of it (under very low quality and light (we need some noise to make it harder for the JPEG compressor to code) settings), or you can try to do this in paintbrush 🙂 . You will see that the image around the pen “doesn’t fit in with the rest of the image”.

          • Shedd

            Now that they proved that it’s a hoax in the post about the the Lexus LFA with “Nikon Q” on the side, will you believe me that this was Photoshopped also? Or are you just going insist that JPEG artifacts would are the cause of it? I think you forgot that when you resize a JPEG and make it smaller (which is what was likely done with the photo posted here), the artifacts become less noticeable. In this case, they’re easily visible, and are clear evidence of a sloppy PS job.

      • Jpeg artifacts never lie.

        • anonymous

          Agree. This isn’t a hoax.

          • Gonads

            Funny, I came to a different conclusion, imo – it is a hoax. And quite a poor one too – looks like a blatant copy + paste. Open the image, zoom in to it – look at the QX logo and Nikon logo, the rectangular-shaped box of artifacts around these 2 logos are completely different to the surrounding artifacts. Screams fake to me

  • Richard

    Yes, why wouldn’t this be from 60 years ago? Come on. It’s not even a projected image/slide, it’s a printed backdrop. And look at the guys suit. Definitely some old crap.

  • bob

    is it true that nikon camera users get a free sensor clean at photokina !?!?!?!?!?!!
    If so i might just go there quickly to get mine cleaned!

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