What is “Nikon Q”? (part 2)

I just received another picture from the "Nikon Q" sequel:

As some readers have already noted, the letter "Q" resembles one of the Nikon patents for a new EVIL mount (with "x" being the location of the lens release button):

Nikon Q?

Is this the Nikon Q?

Here is a different EVIL camera drawing from another patent application:

Nikon EVIL

The viewfinder includes a small mirror inside:

Nikon EVIL

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  • It is surely that.. The camera in drawing is the same.. same buttons and same *pentaprism* (probably just a mirror for a digital viewfinder).

    • yes, I added another drawing that illustrates the mirror

      • S

        Guys..looking at the proportions, the mount in relation to the body/shape/flash. Does this not look like an SLR? Could it be the 3rd DSLR Nikon was ‘preparing’ from earlier this year? The FF model most of us have been waiting for?
        What are your thoughts..

        • The invisible wife

          It’s the 3 RBG sensors camera (my husband asked me to post this).

        • Its not an FF camera or DX, you can tell that buy the lack of dials on top and the flatter profile on the flash (I don’t think you could house a pentamirror in their effectively) so this “Q” may be Nikon’s Evil branding.

          That said there had better be an adapter between Q & F or I’ll look more at M3/4’s as they have more lens variety (and who knows, maybe, just maybe this Q thing is M3/4’s capable?).

          • Lolly

            Nikon going micro 4/3 is a double-edged sword. On one edge they can sell more lenses and on the other edge they lose camera body sales to other micro 4/3 brands.

      • The invisible wife

        The good thing about living in USA is that we won’t have to wait long Tuesday morning to find out !

        Here at 9AM it will be already 3PM in Germany !
        (or I may wake up at 3AM to check on NR…)

  • very exciting! hopefully we’ll know in a few days!

  • tzb

    Indeed, everything matches the patent drawing. The enhanced photo in this post also shows how thin the camera seems to be, supporting the EVIL suggestion and striking out the medium format idea. If Nikon will offer an F-mount adapter supporting autofocus, I’d stand in line for one :]

  • Looks like SLT camera with new mount.

  • John

    Wow, the diameter of that Q looks a bit small relative to the body to support an APS-C sensor. I certainly hope I’m wrong and it’s not a 2.5x crop sensor.


    • Twoomy

      I agree. I hope it’s DX format and not close to Coolpix size. But that image doesn’t look too promising. If the sensor is smaller, then it’s just a Coolpix with interchangeable lenses. Big deal! And I’ll be waiting to see what next year’s NEXj-7 looks like.

      • I assume the market Nikon is after with a mirrorless “EVIL” camera is not those who frequent this forum. It is for the people that currenly buy P&S and super-zoom variants of P&S cameras. Compared to those cameras, even a sensor with a 2.5x crop factor whould be huge compared to those used in P&S, and a great step up in quality. It would also allow for much smaller lenses than even DX. I could see getting one with a small set of lenses for traveling light!

        • Manne


        • +1

        • Broxibear

          Don’t really agree John Tangney, I use D3 and I’ve been thinking of buying a “evil” type camera to carry around with me.
          Nikon’s camera will be up against the likes of Panasonic’s GF1, Sony’s NEX and the Olympus PEN series…don’t know about the Sony but the GF1 and PENs are quality cameras that produce seriously good images.
          Nikon might be better off making it a four thirds mount like Panasonic and Olympus instead of yet another type of lens fit ?

          • LGO

            I do not agree that the m4/3 takes seriously good image. Take a look at the broder and the corner of the images taken with an m4/3 – its substandard and is probably worse than what you can take with the worst Nikkor lenses. The only reason why its acceptable is due to the software correction. But software correction also means that the acuity will never come close to what Nikon can take on DX. It would be a very bad mistake for Nikon to join the m4/3 group. Nikon can and should develop its own standard that would ensure above all else excellent image quality at the center and very good to good all the way to the corners.

            • Broxibear

              We’ll have to agree to disagree on image quality LGO, there are sample of GF1 raws and jpegs here to look at http://www.photographyblog.com/articles/panasonic_gf1_photos/
              If you’re taking images where the corners and borders have to be perfect then using a four thirds camera may not be the right tool to choose for that particular shoot.
              Four thirds cameras are not a replacement for dslrs, they fit in between a high end compact and low end dslr…what you might loose in quality you gain in practicality.
              I’m not going to replace my D3’s with a four thirds camera, but I do see situations where I’ll take a EPL-1 with a 17mm instead.

            • LGO

              Nikon should not join the m4/3 group given the penalty in image quality inherent due to the m4/3 design limitation.

              What Nikon can do is to develop a compact camera using its own standards that can better the m4/3 image quality.

              I am not suggesting that the smaller-sensor Nikon camera-lens system be equal to a FF camera. What I am suggesting is that Nikon develop a camera-lens system that yields better results than what is possible with the m4/3.

              Wouldn’t it be better if you bring an even more compact camera at approx. the size of an NEX5 or even smaller, with a prime lens that can take even better photos than the EPL-1? How about an even more compact lens than what Olympu and Panasonic offers but which yields better images?

              Nikon can do far better than adopt the m4/3 system.

        • FakeKenRockwell

          +1 zillion

          everyone else is getting the form factor wrong. It needs to be small or there won’t be any point to going ‘up’ to DX. D3100 is relatively puny compared to others in its class. The case for an m4/3 vs a D31000 is hard to make. DX class bodies will eventually go mirrorless when EVFs get much much faster, but for now, a Qx format makes complete sense. A 8-12 MP Qx format would rock.

          • PHB

            I think it needs to be small as well.

            EVIL viewfinder technology is not yet good enough to replace DSLR at the high end (except for video) and so it is premature to bring out an FX format.

            With photography you want to be at the extremes. The 2.5x sensor format will give up two stops over FX. But with the FX camera already at 12800 ISO, that puts a compact EVIL at 3200, the same ISO as the original D300 and TWICE what we ever had in the film days.

            Bigger sensor pads get you a bigger area to integrate light over and that is all.The D3 was much faster than the D300 due to having two DSPs instead of one. The D700 was faster because it came out with a next generation DSP.

            Smaller sensor gives you a huge portability advantage. But it also means longer video recording. The big sensor chip of the FX camera means bigger heat issues.

            Add an F mount adaptor to this camera and you will have the definitive long range camera The 80-400 becomes 200-1000. It should also be good for landscapes and wide.

            It won’t be an ideal wedding camera though, well so what? Some of us here have more interesting jobs than taking pictures for other people.

        • +1000000000000000

        • Richard

          Yes, but with all the 4/3 rds choices and the other recently announcements of DX size sensors Nikon is both late to the party and placed in the position where they would need something really compelling to set them apart from the crowd…and this does not sound like it is.

          The 4/3 rds crowd is several generations of development ahead and seems to be working out both the technology and what the purchasing public wants.

          Although it is fair to say that a “super P&S” would probably not draw the detailed technical scrutiny a DSLR would because of the needs of the consumer being somewhat less demanding and simply because they are not so technically inclined, the product still needs something to set it apart from the rest. I just do not see this as being such a product.

          Sony have chosen the larger sensor approach which should yield excellent IQ and zoom lenses which, although useful to a lot of people, are rather bulky compared to the camera body. I have to wonder if they will follow up with some compact primes to turn it into an M8 equivalent. No one yet seems to be focusing on such a camera which is a shame. I believe there is a market for a reasonably priced digital Leica interpretation. We have not heard from Canon about their EVIL intentions. perhaps they will offer such a camera.

          • Broxibear

            “The 4/3 rds crowd is several generations of development ahead and seems to be working out both the technology and what the purchasing public wants.”

            This is exactly why I think a Nikon Four Thirds would be perfect. People who may already have a GF1 or PEN with a few lenses would be able to change to a Nikon body and still keep all their lenses. It would mean far less expense for the user and Nikon would be able to sell more bodies because users wouldn’t have to change all their lenses and start over with a new system.
            It won’t happen , but hey…I think it’s a great idea.

            • LGO

              The m4/3 is several generation ahead of the mistakes it made … and it is still continuing with the mistake. What advantage is that?

  • Fullframe rangefinder Q mount =]

    • lol

    • Bob

      Oh let it be please!!!!!

    • Oplya

      It’s M mount, not Q mount :D.

    • BornOptimist

      If this is a new mount, and a new set of lenses, the sensor on this camera will be full frame.

  • foo

    I’m expecting that lens release button to be red 🙂

  • MG

    I hope it’s ASP-C..

    just dreaming.. is a ASP-H size option reasonable?

    • MG

      If it’s a 2,5 crop, I’m going NEX, even if the Q autofocuses with AF-s lenses.

    • LGO

      It should not be DX – it should be smaller otherwise it would not make sense. Have you seen how disproportionately unbalanced and ugly the NEX is with the Sony 18-200mm lens … all the time trying to shoot in a point and shoot stance?

      From APS-C Nikon to APS-C Sony in NEX. Some people will need to make a mistake I guess before learning not to repeat it.

  • alvix

    seems the canon sx30 …

  • S

    Full Frame 18 MP Nikon D900/D9000.

    • S

      I’m just kiddin’ but what a nice present that would be.

      • Anonymous

        and presentation at Photokina…

  • Stepper

    eww… so far aesthetics aren’t looking good. I was hoping for something a bit more stylish.

    • Stepper

      If this is it then Nikon had blown a chance at showing off some industrial design creativity. Looks like Olympus and Sony got us beat on this one (styling wise at least)

      • Jivee

        Nikon is not about style. They are all about form and function. Have you seen what the sony e 18 – 200 looks like with the nex3 mounted on it? Oh yes, thats right, you cant even see the camera, but its there. Somewhere. At least sony finaly got the ‘interchangable sensor’ system out there. That must be one uncomfortable setup to hold and use.

        • Stepper

          The NEX series has tons of style. Whether you like the styling or not is a different story. Nikon has a chance to show off some styling with a totally new line of cameras but instead it looks like they are just going to mimic the styling on the F-mount line. This approach will just make the Q line look like the cheap version of the F line. If they went with, let’s say, retro styling ala E-p1 then at least people could think of the Q line as the “cute” line rather than the “cheap” line.

          Gone are the days where form took a back seat to function. With todays competition you need both to be successful. Both, equally important – hand in hand.

          • foo

            Personally I’ll be happy for a Nikon that handles just like my F-mount, but thinner, lighter, much quieter, longer battery life, and more durable. This is the true long-term replacement for the SLR. Serious shooters choose Nikon for the handling. That’s why the pro line has hardly changed since the F5, and why people who already “know how to use a Nikon” will flock to the Q camera(s) and never have to open the manual.

            • Stepper

              I hear ya. But I don’t think the target market consists of people who already own and are already familiar with their Nikon. I think their target consists more of the point and shooter that wants to step it up a bit or the “D300 stuck in program mode” shooter that realizes that he’s over his head. But even with these two markets combined I feel that the “gotta have this totally awesome looking gadget” market trumps them both.

            • QZTRONIC

              @Stepper, I’m also 95% agree with all your comment above.
              Personally, I don’t think EVIL is just an upgrade for P&S-users, but a second camera for DSLR-user and also an alternative First-DSLR-quality-camera for many too.
              My friends use the Sony NEX and it make my D90 seem like Jurassic period-camera. The only thing that has been trade off from EVIL is the OVF (which OVF is why I buy a DSLR).
              What Nikon will have to do with its upcoming EVIL (if it will come) is to really outperform NEX in some selling point either Size, Design, Pic-quality/ISO performance, Speed or Function.

              If the “Q” has <10mp or <APS-c or <1080 video or no video-AF or Bigger than PEN or GF and doesn't have any new "WOW-Technology" that could really sell it self…..it's shame to build one of these. but in my feeling Nikon will make it right. 🙂

              ps.Truly, I love and cheer Nikon.

            • LGO

              @ QZTRONIC

              I suggest you visit the DxOMark website and compare the sensor of the Nikon D90 and the Sonny NEX 5. There, you will see how mistaken you are when you said: “My friends use the Sony NEX and it make my D90 seem like Jurassic period-camera.” Check out the low-light performance of the two sensors.

              Do you really like shooting your camera with your hands stretched out in a point and shoot stance rather than a camera in the eye position used in dSLRs?

          • FRE8

            Well said Stepper. The audience for these small cameras tend to be much more style conscious and often female. If this camera looks like a small DSLR I doubt it’s gonna have much of an impact. Samsung released a good camera with the NX10 and consumers could care less- it wasn’t sexy. They learned their lesson and have just announced the far more stylish NX100.

        • Ren Kockwell

          It handles just fine ergonomically. Try holding one before judging. They’re also sexy. It’s the g-d d-mn marketers that effed it up as usual. Clumsy, buried touch screen nonsense because they have to aim for the average newbie instead of the enthusiasts that have been clamoring for this camera since the birth of the GRD. So we do all the work & lobbying for the camera, and they make it for the wrong end user.

          2.5 is a missed boat. Holds no interest for me. I want a D700s and an APS-C sensor Contax G2 .

        • ed

          have you hold one? the nex with the 16 pancake and 18-55 is very nice, with tight and smooth barrel movement when zooming. definitely blows the kit lenses build quality.

          • Richard

            While the marketing crowd must bear a large portion of the blame (or is it shame?), there seems to be a lack vision which is even worse. I note that you comment about the Contax G2, which is simply a reinterpretation of the Leica form at a somewhat more reasonable price…which I think should be Nikon’s objective. If Nikon were to produce an M8 equivalent camera (M8 not M9 because of the sensor costs) which was at a mass market price point I would foresee a lot of enthusiasts lining up to purchase it in addition to their DSLR setup as well as those wanting to step up from the P&S gear they have. Even the 4/3 rds crowd would haveto take notice.

            • Ren Kockwell

              Yes, but the key difference is the G2 had AF, and some might argue even better lenses than the Leica. I think a digital MF RF is suicide for a company like Nikon. MF optional is another story. Leica is the only one who can pull that off that kind of retro obsession at this point.

              Problem is, the clock is ticking. Samsung just released the NX100, which is a small, sleek APS-C with a host of pancake primes. They’ve actually come a long way in a short time and are making some nice compact systems. If Sony gets its act together with the NEX system and stops making giant zooms, both of these systems will be well-underway and IMO will render M4/3 fairly useless. But Nikon’s rep for quality could trump them all if their EVIL is APS-C and aimed at enthusiasts first. But they better hurry.

            • Carolstee

              “If Nikon were to produce an M8 equivalent camera (M8 not M9 because of the sensor costs) which was at a mass market price point I would foresee a lot of enthusiasts lining up to purchase it in addition to their DSLR setup as well as those wanting to step up from the P&S gear they have. Even the 4/3 rds crowd would haveto take notice.”

              Exactly. I have two Nikon 35mm SLRs and four Nikkor lenses that I bought back then. Earlier this year when I went digital I considered the Nikon D90 because it has a built-in auto focus motor that would allow me to use my old lenses in auto focus. But I decided against it because it is even bigger and heavier than my SLRs that I was tired of lugging around. I couldn’t afford a Leica M8, even a used one, so I got a Panasonic G2, an M4/3rds camera, and got an adapter to use my Nikkor lenses with it in manual focus. If Nikon brings out a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with a APS-C or APS-H sensor I will be interested. I hope I’ll be able to use my Nikkor lenses with it, even if I need an adapter.

    • DFive

      Design by BVLGARI then ???

  • Carlos R B

    So…september 20th…Q…the third annoucement….?….


    – NATIVE SENSIVITY ISO 50 – 25600
    – VIDEO MODE: 3940 X 2160, 1920 X 1080, 60, 50, 30, 25, 24 FPS
    – KIT LENSES: NIKKOR 85MM 1.4G, 24MM 1.4G.

    PRICE: USD$2.500,00

    Pre-order here: http://bit.ly/9Q6gug

    • Kozłowski Artur

      nice way to attract attention to Your site… 8^)

      • Carlos R B

        I didnt bother clicking the link at all…

    • Iceman

      Are you yelling at me?

      • WoutK89

        Seems like it 8-|

    • WoutK89

      First, don’t like seeing all Caps posts on a thread, second, don’t put such nonsense here. Diamond alloy? Since when is Diamond a metal?
      Calculators are not your friends too, 1920 x 2 = 3840 not 3940.
      And as a final, “tiny urls” to send us to YOUR website, no thanks, I rather read if its a store in url, so I can check first its credibility.

    • Twoomy

      @Bernardo Vaghi: Lame attempt to draw attention to yourself. FAIL!

  • dragossani

    Does Nikon knows how many people are dreaming about full-frame mirrorless camera? Price tag of Leica is insane and there is no alternative product on the market. Sony is already eating the market with his APS-C sized NEX. Small full-frame camera with leica-like fast, wide-angle, fixed focal length lens – this would be a killer.

    • D40-owner

      I’ve looked at all these EVIL concepts as sub-par stuff, only matching DX sized SLRs, so nothing new. If I want portable quality, I take my D40 anytime.

      A full frame 35mm EVIL….. That would be awesome!

      • D40-owner

        Slap a D3s sensor in a rangefinder-sized body, and you’ve got me standing in line at the store with a bag of money!

    • Richard


  • Stan the Man

    NIKON Q2000

    Mount: Nikon Q mount
    Sensor size: Nikon QX format (19 x 15 mm)
    Resolution: 3968 x 3264 (13 Mp)
    Burst rate: 8 frames per second
    ISO range: 200-12800, plus LO1, HI1, and HI2
    Vibration Reduction: Nikon QVR, 3 stops equivalent
    F-mount compatible: Yes (Nikon AF-S lenses with RK-3 adapter)
    Slots: 1 CompactFlash card slot
    Ports: USB, HDMI

    Nikon Q400

    Mount: Nikon Q mount
    Sensor size: Nikon DX format (24 x 18 mm )
    Resolution: 4928 x 3264 (16 Mp)
    Burst rate: 6 frames per second
    ISO range: 100-6400, plus LO1, HI1, and HI2
    Vibration Reduction: No
    F-mount compatible: Yes (Nikon AF-S with RK-3 adapter, Nikon AF-D and AI lenses with RK-5 adapter)
    Slots: 1 CompactFlash card slot
    Ports: USB, HDMI, external DC power

    • It’s the NEX5 Qiller.

      • preston

        LOL. Nikon marketing should use that (would earn them back lots of respect after the IamNikon crap).

    • Highly doubtful that it would use a CF slot rather than SD

      • PHB

        CF would be stoopid.

        CF is too big and too fragile and it is not supported on MacBooks.

        SDXC exceeds the CF specifications by quite a bit and the cards are more than fast enough for stills shooting and AVCHD video at full HD frame rates.

        I would not be surprised to see a new generation of a CF sized form-factor appear, but it will be designed as storage modules for laptops and likely have an incompatible bus.

    • ed

      8 fps with contrast autofocus? seems that you like keeping blurry shot rather than sharp one.

  • Denko

    The lens connectors do not seem to be in the same spot in the patents (they don’t have to be though.) I believe the patents have very little do do with each other (first drawing against the other two.)

  • Denko

    The hint of a “mode” ring on the right indicates that it is a pro layout… I am still sticking with medium format.

    • Denko

      err. that would be to the LEFT…

      • Denko

        but maybe its not… notice that the shutter release button “looks” as if it is designed to be fired with the thumb.

    • Nobody Special

      Well if the drawing is to scale, then the sensor size looks a bit small for MF. I’d have to guess on the APS sensor-size, but then I think, why would they come out with a new design to compete with the newly released APS DSLR’s?

      It could be a 35mm sensor camera, but again, is the drawing to scale/proportional?

  • FakeKenRockwell

    Smaller sensor = smaller lens. m4/3 zooms are not that small, and Sony mirrorless is not that much smaller than DX after you put the lens on. The whole system needs to work and be in balance. I can’t wait for a smaller, high IQ package to bring fun back to photography.

    • Lolly

      “The whole system needs to … be in balance”

      Agreed, Sony’s NEX needs better form … it’s too unbalanced … at least it works.

      IMHO, smaller is the future for pro or amateur … work or fun

      • Nobody Special

        Thank you for the ‘form-factor comment’ as the NEX cameras are really lacking in that department and there’s nothing the matter with a little shape to fit in the hand better.

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        I would recommend you to go to a store where they have Panasonic´s and Olympu´s m4/3 and Sony Nex cameras for you to compare them..

        The sony NEX is the worst in terms of ergonomics, in terms of user interface (all functions hidden in menus instead of hard buttons or knobs) and to these day the reports keep saying the lenses are soft even stopped down… But really go and see it for yourself…

        I have big hands and I can´t hold it right, my wife has small hands and she thinks it is uncomfortable to hold, while we both agree that Panasonic´s and Olympu´s camera are much better to hold.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      If you aren´t having fun with the cameras available then the problem isn´t the gear you use, the problem is YOU.

      • FakeKenRockwell

        Lugging a dslr around your neck like it is cool doesn’t make it cool. Small is cool.

        • lolcatmaster FTW

          Lugging? my gosh do you have a neck made of broccoli? or are your hands and arms made of pasta????

  • Azmir

    Aww man, first the D3100, then the D7000 and 35mm f1.4. Now this! It reminds me of my Nikon FE. It’s all just too much to take in in such a short time.

    • Lolly

      Shoot film (I do) and wait for the dust to settle. 😉

  • Gary

    If this is not real, then someone went to the trouble of inventing a very creative marketing idea; Nikon should buy the idea if it is a fake.

    But the more evidence that comes out, the more it seems it could be true…

    • Lolly

      Nikon patents already speak volumes. Have faith and further evidence is unnecessary 😉

      • preston

        Spoken like a good Christian 😉

  • Digitalux

    The old (1986) Nikon QV mount ? (crop factor x4)

    Mount exists, lenses exist(ed) and F-adaptor too…

  • Jim

    I can’t help but think quicktime.

    I think the second image is a trick. That body and Q may be a transition between two slides.

  • zzddrr

    The letter “Q” represent quantity. Now in Nikon’s world if it is FX then we talk about the mighty high res 12mp, if it is DX then thanks for sony we can reach 16mp but considering other formats such as the innovative projector equiped coolpix, this Q or Quantity may result in 14mp.

    Come on start bashing me! 😛

    • Zatatat

      Just curious but would you be willing to link to your flickr or other photography website?

      • zzddrr


      • Anonymous

        Can’t sell his photos thus can’t afford a D3X or D3S. He is crying for a D700 replacement all day all night, no time to improve his shots!

        • zzddrr

          @ Anonymous

          No and No

        • lolcatmaster FTW


          • zzddrr

            @ lolcatmaster FTW


    • lolcatmaster FTW

      “Come on start bashing me!”
      Bashing you? OK
      you are one of the many armchair nerds who get to read a lot but never shoot a photo and you daydream about being a pro but never get to do anything to make that dream a goal because you think you need a 24 megapixel camera to do it, thus you waste your time here whining and whining about it…

      While Sony manufactures the sensors you seem to not know that the architecture of those sensors are from Nikon and this is the reason of the HUGE difference in image quality, color rendition, sharpness, noise handling in Nikon cameras versus the poor crap that Sony is offering to their costumers…

      But how could you know? As said before as a cat and wall shooter at DPreview and Photodotnet you haven´t print none of your photos from your camera yet you want a high megapixel count sensor because you feel the need to impress your friends saying: I have a 24 “megapickles” camera LOLOLOLMAO or to impress models in MM and OMP or even to think this will improve your photography because you have no clue that the megapixel count isn´t what makes a good photo a good photo…

      Also you haven´t shot with a D700 or D3s yet you repeat like a parrot what other armchair nerds say about those cameras.

      If you require more megapixels buy a D3X and if you can´t then RENT IT.
      So to end this I will say that you are dumb.

      Or get out of your chair and start doing something to get a worthy photo to keep in a hard drive.

      Bashing over.

      • Anonymous


  • Dermot Chafe

    Talking to a few people supposedly in the know……..here is what i can gather.

    Q is the EVIL system desigination like Q100 or D7000 or P2100

    The camera mount has been designated E or “E mount”

    The system is not Micro 4/3rds but “Micro APS-C”

    • Mike

      Micro 3:2? I dunno. I’ve been marchng up the sensor size path to get true 35mm FOV/DOF. When I feel the need to take a smaller camera out i take the battery grip off my D700, and throw on my old 28-105. For how I shoot, this combo is my light load. I once owned a D40x and my hand would cramp after a while due to it’s small size. The D#00 series suits me just fine. So far, micro anything has held no interest for me. This is fun to watch though!

    • andres

      sony already owns the “e” mount.this may be just a “q” mount compact.period.

      • Dermot

        I’ve heard rumors that Sony has l0ng been interested in acquiring Nikon. The two companies certainly have a strong working relationship. Maybe Q is the spawn of a more intimate a relationship.

        • for the sake of photography .I hope that never happens .

          • Nikon Tandoori

            No way.

            Last i’ve heard from my reps was that Nikon is planning to debut some consumer camcorders and eventually launch some more expensive stuff with DX and FX lenses targeting semipros.

          • Denko


    • Richard

      The sensor almost has to be APS-C (or smaller) for cost reasons. The current generation of APS-C sensors offer sufficiently good performance that almost anyone should be satisfied with the performance in a product which is properly positioned price wise.

  • This sounds like another yummy rumour!

  • bens

    3 days to photokina… NIKON any more surprises ?

    • PR

      Rather asking NIKON for surprises, NR Admin do you hv any more suprises ? awesome site.

  • Nikons Poors man Leica :D.Just like Sony Nex is somewhat to sony lol

  • Carlos R

    I made some calculation using the new 16.3 Megapixels sensor. I cropped it to a size of 14.4 mm X 9.6mm with a 0.0048 mm length density. This size corresponds to a 2.5x factor.

    The results is an almost 5.85 megapixels sensor with all the raw characteristics of the D7000 except the size (2.5 factor instead of 1.5).

    I think this camera will be very small with a sensor of 5.85 megapixels (2.5x factor) and small interchangeable lenses. It would be a very interesting camera.

    • BornOptimist

      I agree, but unfortunately marketing forces demands higher pixelcount. It will be at least 12MP. I would have prefered they stayed in the range 8 – 10MP.

  • Very interesting stuff. I see the mirror in the viewfinder but how is the light directed there from the lens?
    The missing viewfinder is the biggest disadvantage with these kind od cameras. Hope Nikon finds a solution.

  • PR

    Nikon evils are devils to competitors :)… welcome nikon evil

  • Art

    EVIL ????

    Not just one product announcement …..

    If Nikon is going to be releasing an EVIL camera anytime soon, they will have their hands full. If, as reported, it has a new mount that means that not only the camera would have to be announced but a whole line of lenses and more than likely a slew of other accessories. That would be more than likely not just one press announcement but a whole slew of them more than likely packed together or if nothing else a slew of press releases (and one press event).

    One question I have is where will an EVIL camera be on the Amateur Professional scale.


    • jason

      i totally agree Art, me thinks its the D800 maybe D400

    • BornOptimist

      An EVIL cam will form a new segment. P&S is one, SLR is another, and EVIL (they will not use that name) a third.
      Like there are different segments of P&S from cheap auto-everything to P7000 on the upper class, and from D3000 (D3100) to D3X on SLR, there will be different segments in EVIL-class. Just like Olympus E-PL1 to E-P2.
      If you think cost, EVIL-cam will be D3100-territory. With prices in the 4-digit$ area for the highest quality lenses.

  • Nikon Tandoori

    I work for a big nikon reseller in Thailand and talking with out reps i overheard about new models to be presented at Photokina :

    – a new EVIL camera with 32MP sensor and FX mount.
    – new D400 and D800, both with 24MP sensor and ISO sensibility on par with D3s.

    • Discontinued

      Oh yes,

      that makes perfect sense.

      1. The camera with the best RES (32MP) will have the worst (elctronic) viewfinder

      2. While Nikon does not leak anything and even D7000 pics where not around until 24 hours before officially announced, reps visit resellers for a nice chat, spilling the beans next to you scrubbing the shop’s floor. This is how marketing is done the smart way.

      3. The announcement is even scheduled by now. Press’ events schedule has been updated 17.09.2010. There is a Tandoori feast in your honour.

      Here is the Link if you want to check for yourself:


      4. The new D400 will be DX and is surely going to have 24MP. What else could they do?

      Thanks a lot for the info.

      • Nikon Tandoori

        On top of this i overheard Nikon wants to buy Tokina.

        • Lola

          I overheard this is a rumour site ?

        • Discontinued

          Alright, alright.
          Got you now.

          On 2nd thought I already realized that your other comment must have been more or less subtle sarcasm/fun. 32MP EVIL really is a good one. Then again, you never know on NR, do you?

          • Nikon Tandoori

            It’s the new Sony 32MP sensor.

      • whatever they will not name D400.they will something D9000 or D500.

        • rogger

          Why not…?

      • Nikon Tandoori

        D400 and D800 will have the same 24MP sensor of the D3x.

        • Discontinued


    • Karl

      if thats true it’s fucking insane

    • Lolly

      @Nikon Tandoori: You forgot the date – Photokina 2014

      • Nikon Tandoori

        Remember my words, look at Tokina…

  • Barbie Rokwel

    The logo is superimposed where not only the mount sits…..but also the sensor….the camera body looks too much as a regular dslr….no clear view of body, no single bit of a lens seen…is that because it is not about evil but maybe just about new sensor design from nikon themselves. So to say the next gen D3 …..

    Barbie “shutter slut” Rokwel has spoken

  • Mark Astle


    All I want is a D700 with video so I can move to full frame. Come on the D800!

  • Madias

    Why is everyone waiting for this EVIL thing… About 60 % cant even afford for this camera. So why even wait it…

  • zeissgit

    Isn’t this patent the magnetic mount? or is that another company?

  • Blargh

    Hello, have you guys noticed that only a few Nikon DSLR bodies have that kind of design in “the head”? That arch/rounded alien type in front of the flash slot and also rounded “forehead”. D3s, D3, D3x, D5000, D3100, D3000. From these ones, only the D3’s bodies have the on/off – shoot button on such a steep plane as the Q image camera.

    That being said, and taking into account that roundish design that seems more consumer oriented, it could just be a Coolpix P100 evolution with a new lens/sensor system. It’s the only coolpix with slr body resemblance.

    • S

      I’ve got a ‘funny’ feeling that this thing is a Full Frame DSLR, that incorporates some new design features..I hope it’s just not my bad judgement.

  • Huggs

    IMHO, it’s Nikon’s spin of NEX tech-which is a good thing. If it is FF, I will have to whip out the CC for it.

  • FRE8

    Looks like Nikon is making the same mistake that Samsung did with the NX10. It simply looks like a slightly smaller SLR. Boring design. People like that the cameras are smaller but they prefer a cool design as well- like the EP1 or Nex.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      I don´t care about the exterior of the camera, if it is comfortable to hold (whatever the shape it has) and has good image quality then I don´t care.

      The GH1 and GH2 from Panasonic have DSLR shape and they sell like hot bread… But being that I am polite I won´t tell you are dumb… I will say you response is dumb :D.

  • design.matters

    Why should we bother? We probably all have cameras and lens – this is about a new system. The same happened at Leica with the S2 … take three days to take as many pictures as you can with your current equipment. Then check for the news and check, if the last three days have been really such bad experience i.e. do you need something different? (why have you bought it…)

    Seriously – design is important, by user experience including image quality is ruling everything here – or should …

  • camaman

    IMO this is the Samsung NX contender.
    Anything less from Nikon at this stage is silly. 2.5xcrop OMG NOOOOO! 2x is almost as bad!
    Q mount… probably correct.
    From those “patents” and small VF hump I surely hope that its got a EVF and not some half baked version of OVF. or Sonys SLT… 🙁
    Sensor? Going anything lower than DX is also stupid since lenses are not that much smaller and Nikon should provide us with a better IQ than NX or 4/3 EVILS

    One thing I hope they will do is IBIS!!!
    That way we can actually get smaller lenses and use old ones to!
    FX? well that’s to much to hope for, at least for a first release.

    What sensor could it be? D3100/D7000? Hopefully the one from D7k!
    0.5% of it being new sensor that sony plans to put in A77… rumored to be 18MP.. formfactor unknown…


    • Lolly

      “IBIS” … is that in-body image stabilization you’re talking about ?

  • John

    What this new Nikon offering looks like comes down to who the targeted customer is.
    If it’s targeted at the current serious DSLR user who wants great IQ in a smaller package then it’s probably an APS-C sized sensor. These folks would also like the option of using some of their existing lenses (AF or MF)
    If it’s targeted at the top end P&S crowd who want a sexier camera with interchangeable lenses, then it may have that 2.5x crop sensor. These folks won’t mind buying into a new lens system.

    Since I fall into the former category – I would not bother with a 2.5x crop sensor camera as I don’t believe the IQ would be good enough and I’d have to buy into a completely new lens system where my current lenses would not make any sense on a 2.5x crop sensor body.

    Maybe Nikon will have a more P&S version as well as a high end version of this new camera system to empty the wallets out of both categories of customers. If, on the way, way, way outside chance that it’s a FX mirror0-less body, then obviously we know who this new camera is intended for.


  • John

    Or maybe, just maybe they are not going to do a small EVIL camera, but a full body mirror-less camera first, be it DX or FX. It will have the same body sizes, but will have a super high resolution EVF and be much more video centric.

    Just a thought since the image looks like a DSLR body.

    • Sahaja

      The image – what little you can make out of it – looks shaped kind of like a Samsung Samsung NX10 EVIL

  • Q may be Quiet, and quiet for mirrorless… From D7000 features:

    <blockquote cite="Quiet shutter-release mode
    You can reduce the sound of mirror-up and mirror-down during shooting by selecting “Q” on the release mode dial. This improved quiet shutter-release mode is a convenient function for scenes such as a school play or when shooting wildlife insects and sleeping child.”>

  • Ren Kockwell

    Everyone keeps calling this an EVIL camera, but based on the diagrams & patents, it may have a mirror and OVF, which would create a whole new category.

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